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Demonic Siblings and Hallow's Night

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Brone Heavyaxe
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The Hallow's Night festival that came to Orchidia was booming with excitement. The evening sky was dark, giving way to the many lanterns that floated all about the city streets. Many people donned masks of various monsters, yokais, and creatures, adding excitement to the festivities. The air was filled with the scent of food that were cooked and baked at the many stands and stalls that were scattered. Benimaru could hardly believe he was able to take in the wonderful scent now that he was able to move freely and even feel the air of the cold night.

He sat upon the railing high up on the clock tower that overlooked the market district, waiting for his dear friend to arrive. He had left her a message, asking her to meet him in Orchidia, specifically at the top of the clocktower after the sun had fallen. Though it was redundant, Benimaru wore his mask that he had been forced to wear and speak through for centuries. When the seal was broken, the mask had fallen from the shield and his body was able to manifest. For some reason, even he wasn't sure, he couldn't truly part with the thing as of yet, and he needed a mask for the festival, so it was a benefit.

His stomach growled, something he hadn't heard in so long. The scent of the food pulled him, but he didn't want to start the festivities as of yet, not until she arrived so they could finally spend time together and act like fools.



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Lumikki looked over the note she found slipped under her door once more as she was getting ready. This was her first time attending an event like this. She heard about it among the people within the Orchidia markets. People building the hype and anticipation for their stalls and festivities. There was much mention that the event this year would be even bigger than any held before. It was also becoming a celebration of the end of the Joyan war. So the Joyan people within the city were proudly preparing.

Many of the stalls Lumi would frequent in her visits, whether in between quests or bar hopping, would gleefully fill her in. Telling her about their customs and activities. Lumi, ever since meeting Benimaru and then visiting Joyan land, admittedly developing a fondness for the culture and its customs. So the Daemon ate every bit of it up. Buying all the accessories and pieces in anticipation for the day to come. And after much time and work with an elder lady of a shop, she was even fitted for a kimono she got to pick up three days later. The last thing she heard she would need was a mask. Now that took a while to acquire, must hidden in storage until it was time to display for the festival. But Lumi in her excitement wanted the perfect mask and she worried that if she waited, someone else would buy it before her. In her grumbling, she was lucky to be overheard. Just a day before the festival, one of her favorite stalls showed her their collection and among them was a feathered mask with bird like features and interesting markings. Lumi was instantly drawn to it as she felt she had an affinity for it, and so that was the one she chooses to wear for the day.

Fast forward back to the preset and Lumi is fixing her hair. She already adorned her deep blue kimono with a motif of pin wheels on its fabric. Her obi had purple clouds. She put her hair up in a style like one she saw in pictures the best she could. Adding a few braids so that she added a taste of her home. Her hair combs were crests of wisteria and she add some black feathers she crafted from her ice. When she was done, she lined her eyes in red liner and figured she was ready.

Lumikki slowly and gracefully walked over to her window. She was getting used to her new sandals. She made steps for her to climb out her window and shifted to a raven the moment she made it to the top so she would not disturb her work. Swiftly flying to the clock tower as the note had told her.

Her companion, big brother Beni, was oddly the one to invite her. A shield and sword that contained the spirit of a fallen oni. She did question the invitation, but not by much. She didn’t particularly care about the semantics. She just wanted to spend time with her brother. And so she happily flew.

Once she made it to the tower, well her keen eyes reveled a masked man. But nothing like her brother was around. She perched just around the man. “Don’t mind me,” she spoke just before shifting back gracefully. She didn’t want to startle him as she shifted and waited.

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Brone Heavyaxe
How beautiful everything was. Such excitement and entertainment were some of the things he missed when he was sealed. Now he will experience it all. Even though he had learned patience through his centuries, the temptation was very strong within him.

Something had caught the corner of his eye and when he turned, he had watched a beautiful young maiden in mid-shapeshift. The oni had wondered how he didn't hear her approach, but taking another look and realizing it was Lumikki, he remembered she had developed some form of magic that prevented her movements from making a sound, or was it purely skill?

She hadn't realized who he was which made him smiled wide. He took a moment to appreciate her attire, feeling he wasn't properly dressed himself, though he did don a black montsuki, he left the sash barely secured, exposing the red magatama on his chest, "Do you not recognize the mask?" he asked as he tapped a black finger against the familiar oni mask. He wanted to reveal his true face, temptation pushing him to surprise the daemon. Playfully, he was recline, his body spread out onto the railing as he leaned his head onto his propped up arm.


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Black feathers were still falling all around her, softly dancing in the air. The lights from the festivities below and the full moon above painted her in a lovely light. There was life and sparkle in those two colored eyes.

Lumikki tapped her sandal’s tip on the floor to help it slide properly back in place, and still she made no sound. She was getting used to wearing her new pair of geta, she never wore wooden sandals before. And so she was managing her balance. Though was almost truly tripped her was hearing a familiar voice just beside her. The man…yea the man that had spoke to her reclined back as he got overly comfortable. She good feel the mischief off him, almost feed off of it herself.

She could see every detail of him clearly, no darkness could hide a thing from her. Her eyes studied him as she was still so confused but he was not wrong. She did recognize his mask indeed and his voice too was undeniable. His white hair was a new sight for her, as well as the red that flashed on his chest. From what she could see, his skin nearly as dark as her ice.

Lumikki soft and slowly walked over the rest of the way toward him. The shock was clear on her face, it was a wonder she kept her jaw from falling. ”Couldn’t be brother in the flesh is it?” She bent down to meet him face to face. A large grin creeping along her face as the mischief overwhelmed her.

She took a bit more time to take it in and make sure. Process the reality of things. But just as sudden as his words were her embrace. Lumikki leaned forward and gave her one of the biggest hugs she had to offer. And for one of the rare moments, her touch was not so cold.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Her curiosity was peaked and she moved closer. She leaned in close, closer than Benimaru had expected, but he kept himself from moving, allowing Lumikki to act as a cat, as she normally is. He would then move away his mask, though partially to allow her to see half his face and a smile to greet her, "Hello Frostbite" he said with a low tone one would give a family member when they return home.

The embrace was surprising but not unlike her. Beni laughed joyfully as he returned the hug. What threw him off was the warmth of her. From what he heard, she was always cold to the touch and he wasn't able to experience it due to his imprisonment... until now. "I'm glad you're here, now we can enjoy the festivities" he said as he quickly got to his feet. He looked down at the nearby street that had several stands lined up which he was eying for a bit. The first one would be the takoyaki balls, but before he made his way, he looked back at Lumikki and smiled at her, "Always on the top of your game when it comes to the attire, you look great" then he put his mask back on and leaped from the railing, descending in a free fall. The air felt so cool to him, all these things he could experience weren't close to make up for the centuries of absence, so he intended to feel it all.

He would fall into an alleyway, landing lightly on his feet. Then walked to the end and poked his head out from around the corner, hoping no one had saw. Then Beni's eye fell upon the stand that was serving takoyaki balls, "First meal" his mouth watered, but he didn't want to go until Lumikki was with him.


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A voice she had heard many time before but never quite like this. He always had a cheeky and mischievous tone in his voice but this was that and more. It was so much more lively now and Lumikki was resonating to it. She was feeling energize by his vitality.

His comment on her appearance caught her off guard but not as much as seeing the little of his features he allowed her. She found herself chuckling, ”I look lovely tonight, that is true, but ye have me beat by far brother.” She watched him look down and she followed his gaze to the stand just nearby. Benimaru shortly dropped down after but he did it so smoothly that she was taken aback. A huge grin crept along her face before she began tying on her mask. Now that she met with him, she could freely hide away.

The raven walked over to the edge and let herself drop down too, usually she would bring out her wings to lighten her fall but she flicked her hand to make frost talons instead that held her and slowed her descent. She dropped right behind him and walked passed him through the ally and toward the stall.

”Can I get…”, she had to give it some thought. ”Four orders of that?” She would finally settle, pulling out her pouch from her void to pay the man. He made quick work on finishing them up and she took them quickly into her hands. Walking back to Beni to pass him alone his. ”If they’re too hot, let me know an I’ll cool ‘em for ye. I highly double yer in the mood to wait it out.” She blew on her’s so that they were instantly cooled to her liking and began to poke at them with her stick to eat.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The smell was entrancing, so much so that he didn't notice Lumikki had appeared behind him until passed right by him. And as simple as that, she walked up to the stand and made the order. Benimaru laughed, so use to hiding himself away from the civilians that he would find himself hiding in the shadows so often. He kept the mask upon his face as he stepped out into the street. Several people in kimonos had passed by him, some wearing masks like him, so no one paid him any mind. It was a refreshing feeling, that he wasn't treated as a tool, or looked upon like something wicked. Though he knew himself to have the potential to act demonic, the unwarranted glares had caused the back of his neck to itch, such an irritation that never left him all these centuries.

Just in case, beneath his mask and outfit, his body shifted; a trick he learned in order to hide himself better in plain sight. The scent of the takoyaki balls seemed stronger. He turned to see that Lumikki had returned with the food, splitting it with him, "Aren't you generous" he smirked. He was about to take a bite when the daemoness had warned him of the temperature. So when she blew on hers, causing a chill to escape her breath, he moved his portion by hers to get them cooled a bit as well.

The moment he plopped one into his mouth, excitement and pleasure filled him. It has been too long since he's tasted food. Nostalgia of taste finally came to him, memories of his last takoyaki meal flooded back to him, albeit it was during a cold lonely night, it was but a small moment of happiness.


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Lumi studied his reaction the best she could when he took his first bite. She was absoluted enamored that he wanted to spend time with her of all people. And a piece of her was hoping that his was even his first meal spent with just her.

Lumi nibbled slowly at her own food. More amused to watch him enjoy his so enthusiastically. It took a bit but she finally noticed…”Ya shifted? I wouldn’t say ye have to hide away brother. I hardly do.” As if to prove her point and emphasize the desire she had for him to feel comfortable, she will her upper most wings to be formed from the night around her. She added another pair to adorn her head and hair.

”I know it’s not the same as ye. Nor I will ever ignore why ye’d wanna hide. But I’ll just be sure to steal all the attention.” She winked at him with all her cheekiness before stuff her mouth with an entire ball. Lumi looked around real quick to find something for the two to drink. She nearly skipped her way to the stall as she could barely hold her excitment back. Practically flying back to Beni to hand him a drink with his food and stuffing her face with another takoyaki ball.

”How does it feel eatin again? Is it how ye expected?” She was finally finishing up her share of the meal and looking onto the next. ”Take the lead broth…how do they say brother in Joyan?” She was curious to learn more about his culture since it fasinated her. It had ever since she visited. But more so knowing him and the oni hail from Joya. The closest to demon she figured she’d ever meet. And it only made her more and more excited.

She grabbed his sleeve as soon as he was mostly done with his snack. Pulling him toward more stalls to see what he would want next or what more he would be kind to show her. A chill would pour from her from all her excitment. Cooling the already airy night. The Daemon was a livewire now.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Lost in the taste for a moment, Benimaru nearly forgotten where he was until Lumikki pointed out he had shifted. He chuckled, admiring her perceptive skills though he was mostly covered up, he figured his skin showed at places, "Sometimes I just don't like the attention" he said, though for a moment he considered admitting more, for the moment he said those words, he remembered the actual reason why he tends to hide away from eyes. The beautiful wings of the night unfurled from the darkness and he was in awe, then he figured he could openly admit his reason, "I didn't want to be a soldier during the war, so I did what I could avoid being noticed by the commanders; other onis would scale the ranks for power and recognition, but I just wanted to be gluttonous" he gave a smile, but a faded a bit when he thought about every time an oni would confront him, it was usually about another attack or something to do with the war.

The two of them were enjoying their drinks. The coolness of the drink and Lumikki's aura gave a wonderful chill that Benimaru had missed. He took a peek up at the lights of the lanterns above and the stars in the sky, "Everything feels amazing; I intend to keep my body, never to be sealed again" He then spotted a gaming area where several prizes were being displayed, so he ushered Lumikki there, "The word is 'Oni-chan'" he laughed.


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” Ha! Didn’t think Oni of all types would be so rigid. Honestly expect that kinda things from humans, not like I know. I just figured most dark kin to do as they please. But that’s the pass and they aren’t a bother for ya now. I tend to spoil me other brothers with treats and meals and ye’d be no exception.”

The two were exploring the festival. There were too many things catching Lumi’s keen eyes and she was overwhelmed with all the options. Simply dazzled at how pretty it all was. She enjoyed the parties and festivals of home but this harbored a different magic she never knew before and it was enchanting.

And then what he said took her out of it again. ” Hmpt sealed?! Ye’d never be sealed again on me watch and even then, I’d live long enough to sort it out. I’m daftly ignorant of yer life before and I know that, but ye’d never part from us for centuries to come. And when I too become a Demon, ye’d have me company till the end of time mate. ” Lumi was passionate about this but then again she always was. Ever since meeting him in the beginning and laughing at his charming names for her. She enjoyed his insistent teasing and playful nature and how when the moment came, she knew he would be there for her Uncle. When she heard of his fate, the first thing she wanted was for him to be freed, and before even meeting her Guild master, she cursed his clan. Not like the folk needed more torment, but it was what she felt all the same.

Finally, once they were able to get past all the food, the pair stopped just before the games. ” Oni….chan?. Brother has the word oni in it? But yer an oni too right?” Lumi took a while to think about it, her confusion was clear on her face. ” Well that’s yer language I suppose, who am I to argue? It’s kinda funny and cute anyways! Now let's play….hmm this one or that one. Heh, they don’t know how good me aim is…let’s play that one oni-chan.”

She pulled him to the game where he aimed and shot with a toy gun. There was a large array of toys on the shelves, from plushies one would normally expect to intricately designed balls and dolls. honestly, Lumi wanted most things, so she walked up to the man.

“100 jewel for three pellets!” Exclaimed the man behind the counter. There was a decently long line but all those that participated tried their shots rather quickly. Most were young boys trying to show off to their siblings or girls, but they all lacked patience. Lumi observed as they all wasted jewel and time, only one walking off with a small doll as their triumphant reward and handing it to their little sister to enjoy.

Lumi couldn’t even hold back her giggles after sometime and soon enough it was becoming hard for the crowd to ignore. “Don’t know why you’re laughing runt! I don’t see you’re taking shots!”

”That’s cause yer hogging the damn thing but i don’t know what for. None of ye are good.” She walked up and put 300 jewels down on the counter. The man managing the stall handed her the toy gun. He himself was quite amused at the girl who spoke a fair big game but put the most jewel down at once.

” I’m taking the big prizes but ya’ll could choose who gets the small ones…” She would say before zoning out and looking forward.

“Oh yea sure, as if you’ll get a small one at all let alone the big prizes!” One of the bigger boys would egg on and all the others would chime in and laugh. They’d continue to talk about her and how she’d no better, she’ll just end up looking dumb, but she wasn’t listening anymore. Lumi didn’t even need her newer eye to mark her targets. As the small moving target swayed back and forth, she too entered a trance of ebb and flow. She took just a moment to get the motions down, but the kids behide just figured she was scared to look bad.

And with a deep inhale and exhale, Lumi took her shots. She napped the small moving target on her first try and the next teir shortly after. The crowd went silent and the man behind the conter went pale. But Lumi wouldn’t care, she hardly looked at him. All she would do is hand the gun and demand more pellets silently. It took him a while to comply, he took his time putting in the next set as if to delay what was to come.

“It was just a fluke!” Anothere young one said. “I don’t why you’ll keep going, you can’t do it again!” His breath was wasted, Lumi didn’t even perceive him. ” Fill it faster next time…” was all she could say as she leaned forward and tried again. This time taking over a fraction of the time and once she hit the smallest first. And sure enough, she’d even do it a third time.

At this point the man behind was stunned an speechless. He lost out in so much money now that the Daemon cleared him of all his best prizes. But he knew better than to withhold her winnings, he could feel the danger pouring out from her as she glared at the targets.

Lumi walked off barely being able to hold her three new big plushies. One was a black rabbit with red embroidery detail and Joyan inspired outfit. One was cat with two tails and a calico pattern. The last was a big fox with nine tails and a pretty beaded necklass attatched. As she walked away everyone had stayed quite at first until it was time to fight for who got what prizes. The girls who were expecting their boyfriends to win them those prizes would pout and glare before looking back to their date and complaining. They all looked like fools sae for the kids whom you’d expect to act in that manner.

The Daemon had a nasty grin as she got to show off her triumph to her brother. ” The idiots doubted me!”

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Brone Heavyaxe
"We're not normally like that; my kind don't even care to be near one another for too long, but the strongest oni wanted to war, so they rallied all of us; most of the strong willingly joined the ranks due to promises of reward, and for the rest of us, we were forced or threatened to join" Benimaru's voice got serious, the joyful nature escaped him for that moment as his anger nearly got the best of him. The lights and the displays of the festival managed to pull him from the past as well as Lumikki pulling him along here and there. He couldn't help but smile; it was all amazing.

"Don't worry, I don't plan on getting sealed again" he winked at her as he quickly snatched a few snacks like corndogs and onion rings while dropping jewels for payments. He wasn't use to properly paying for things, even before he was sealed, but given this was his first outing with Lumikki, he wanted to make sure there were no issues that spoil the moment.

"Eh, it's coincidence; you refer to your older brother as onii-san, or ani-san, but it's usually little sisters that say 'onii-chan'" Beni laughed as he gently patted Lumikki's head, careful of not disturbing her hair which seemed like she spent a lot of time tending to. From what he could tell, both Lumikki and Brone tended to their hair a lot, probably a family trait.

He got tugged by the daemoness and the next thing he knew, he was at a game stall where others were trying to showboat and win prizes, however they bit-off more than they could chew; neither of them could win a damn thing. The kids were irritating, trying to intimidate Lumikki. Beni didn't enjoy this; it reminded him of whenever any of the other oni tried to interact with him; a major reason to why he preferred to be alone, especially during the war. There was a moment he wanted to interfere and threatened the kids, but he took notice of Lumikki's demeanor. She wasn't trying, she wasn't shouting, but she was calm and went about her turn normally.

Seeing her knock down the targets without missing a shot put a smirk on the oni's face. She ended up winning three of the largest prizes and putting the boys in their place, "Every time I see someone doubt you, it's always entertaining watching you wipe the smile off of their faces" he chuckled as he walked away with the daemoness. He would then look back at one of the boys who was glaring angrily at Lumikki. Benimaru removed his mask for a moment and allowed his eyes to change back to it's true form, with the sclera becoming entirely black and his iris burning red. The boy caught his gaze and tumbled back in fear before the oni put his mask back and faced forward again.
Beni's Human guise:


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" Huuuh, whose doubting me mate?....Ooooh ye mean those cacan dolts are ya? They mean nothing and ye know it. Anyone who chooses to be on at the spear's blade side of that bod ceann Angel knows what death is, and those runts only know their peace. Runts pledged with the desire to discern who they are and what they could do. I don't 'em or care for 'em. But Just Look How Cuuuuute These Are!!!!" For how put together the little Daemon was for her thoughts on the kids, it all was wiped away when she got to show off her prizes. She jumped in place to better show her excitement while squeezing her newly won plushies to oblivion.

" Ye won't mind the name Oni-chan I take it? I think it's funny!" The Daemon began to giggle as she thought about it. What were the chances she thought, " I was an only child thought I never hated it and I was never left wanting. But as it stands, yer the most normal brother I have...people would look at me odd when I tell them Huginn and Muninn are me, brothers." She leaned toward the Oni, " Not like I care. Heeheheh, I'll still say it proudly." She gave the plushies one more squish before letting them sink into her void for later. There was still much to do and many games to play.

" Ye know. I can't say it enough but I'm surprised to see ya like this. Whenever ya could, I'd love to hear the tale. We hardly got to pass the time before but I hope I could hang lots with ye Oni-chan." She was short but was no child, yet at this moment all her childlike hope and sweetness poured from out of her. She was enamored by the kinship and his freedom. " Aye, now that yer free, let us have endless fun and mischief." Lumi smiled at him sweetly before giving him a grin that revealed her small fangs. In the grand scheme, to the Oni's many plentiful years in this world. She really was a child. If she were to be reborn as a Demon, her years would reset to that very moment as all she was would be gone.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Benimaru laughed, agreeing with Lumikki and her views of the childish boys. He then patted her head, "I don't mind at all, sis" The idea of having a sister wasn't new to him, but foreign. There were moments of weakness when he craved kinship, especially during the early days of his imprisonment in the shield and sword. There were moments he became close to young men and women who had taken a liking to him, but after the first time he decided to befriend someone, he suffered after out-living them, but seeing Lumikki pull her stuffed animals into her own darkness, he was reminded that she wasn't a normal human with a normal human lifespan.

"Family is what you make of it, and when it comes to those ravens, they're able to accomplish more than most humans" Beni slipped his hands into the pockets of his kimono, mentally thanking himself for looking for an attire with pockets, and began to walk backwards as he looked about the area and enjoying the sight.

He looked down at the smiling Lumikki, her fangs so small compared to the monstrosities he's seen in life, but knowing full well of how capable she was, "Alright, imouto-chan, lead the way" he smiled right back.


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Lumi gave Benimaru an eager salute before kicking off into the air real quick so that she could fly high. She wanted to scan all the possibilities of the festivals in one go so that she knew the best direction to walk in. From the corner of her eye, the Daemon saw a stage. For the moment, the crew was still setting up but she was sure that the show would begin soon enough. She tucked her two wings inward to allow her to drop down, only pulling them back out to just barely cut into her momentum and slow he fall. She did it all so fast and gracefully that one would assume she was simply born with wings. Though that may not entirely be the case, they wouldn't be wrong in that thinking.

" Target locked on, boss, but first we should acquire more snacks!" She grabbed his hand and walked him toward multiple stalls that served food. Getting a little bit of everything with each one. Lumikki felt that since it had been practical eons since the Oni had eaten, he'd want to make up for it and honestly, the Daemon did not mind it one bit. And so she obliged, purchasing Yakitori which was grilled chicken on a stick, Ikayaki which was grilled squid on a stick and something one rarely eats, Jaja Batas which was grilled potatoes with butter, and deserts like Taiyaki the fish-shaped pastry with tasty fillings, Dango with sweet sauces, and Ichigo Ame the candied strawberries. The Daemon slipped each addition into her void so it was easy for her to carry and the pair would make their way to the stage she spied before.

They made it just in time too, the crew were testing the mic and it would seem the show would start soon. After a bit of shifting, musicians would sit themselves in the back on top of pillows. Lightly tuning their instruments one last time before beginning the music. Lumi, who was shorter than most, took to the air at first before creating ice pillars for the two to sit atop. As an older man walked on stage and the lighting shifted, Lumi was pulling out the meals from her void and handing her brother his share.

This was a tale of two brothers. Raised in the countryside, their parents were nothing more than mere farmers. Yet one of the brothers always felt there was more for him in this world. And he would do anything to do it.

His younger brother was a more docile and modest boy. He was content with helping his family with the farm. As the older brother ran off to chase his dream, he would stay back home and cover all the excess work left behind.

Two young boys were presented on stage. One posing and looking to the stars, while the other one was hunched over silently hard at work. The taller boy would run off stage while the younger one would keep to his task.

The mother would weep at the loss of her child, while the father would console her. Telling her that any son of theirs willing to run off was no son to them at all. The younger brother, hearing his mother's woes, would hold onto her pain. He worked all that much harder in the fields to make up for what his brother had done.

One day, a friend of the family would appear again. A man that the father had known since they were a child. He too longed to be great and so he trained to do just that. He clawed his way into schools until he found a mentor who would teach him the ways of the sword. With the skill he'd garnered in his learning, he took to work rather quickly in fighting off the monsters in the world. It was through such hard work, that he had garnered a name of his own.

Upon a visit to his old friend, he would hear the woes of his old friend. How his son ran off and left the farm behind.

An older man dressed in fine garm and a sheathed sword had walked upon the stage. The scene was set up to be within the house of the farmers and the mother prepared their guest tea as the father would speak to his old friend. One could make out the expressions of the actors as they portrayed what the narrator had said. The younger boy would still be seen outside, working in the fields as he intended to do.

The old friend, now a master of his craft, would be touched by the dedication of the younger son. Glancing at him through the open door of the house. He would assure the family that they need not worry about their other boy, but he requested permission to mentor the one who stayed home. The father could not turn down such an opportunity to benefit his son, and so he would solemnly agree. The old friend would thank them and arrange the matters all within the day. He even sent a note for one of his own to come to replace the boy in the fields so that the family would not suffer further for it.

The stage would change rapidly as many things were moved constantly to represent the passing of time. Even the child would be switched out to show him growing.

Many years would pass as the mentor tutored the child. It was like he thought, there was much talent and potential to be had in him. He figured as much, seeing the boy's disciple as he worked the field and his dedication to his family. The mentor could never wish for a better student. One who he could truly trust with the secrets of his techniques and the well of his knowledge.

The child too, took so well to the lessons. Progressing faster than either of the two would have ever imagined. And soon the day would come when the mentor would take the young man along with him to his work, so that he may continue to attain the experience he needed.

The mentor and the young man would be depicted fighting battles. Facing off many kinds of Yokai on stage. One of them even had horns much like Benimaru, and Lumi would look in awe at the performance. Often glancing back to Onii-chan to see how he was enjoying it all.

After many years of dedication and work, the pair would travel many lands in the other's company. It was less like a teacher and student, and more like a father and son. Eventually, though, the young man would find a troubling occurrence. One capable of shaking his peace.

In one of the many towns, the pair would frequent. The man would notice a figure that he found to be vexingly familiar. He thought nothing of it at first, content to go on with his day. But when he happened to see him again, that was when the harrowing event came to be.

You see the familiar figure was the elder son who ran off all those years ago. And now the younger brother would happen upon him, like a common bandit, trying to rob an innocent woman. The young man would step between them, demanding that the older brother explain himself. At first, the bandit did not recognize him, but soon he came to understand who was before him. Looking the young man up and down would quickly raise his temper as he could not stand to see the younger man so finely dressed.

The scene was of the two brothers at two ends. A woman was tucked to the side on the floor terrified to be caught in the clash.

" How did you afford those clothes when I left you behind on the farm?! And where did you get that sword?!

The older brother would demand on him but the younger brother would not entertain a single of his inquiries. He was still disgusted by the older brother's attempt to attack the woman. "I thought you left for greatness brother. I believed in you, and that is why I rendered myself into two shares of work on the farm. Yet here I find you, not better than a bandit. What has befallen you that you've sunk this low?"

The older brother did not take kindly to his words. Anger, evny, and shame would overtake him. He beseeched the young man to unsheath his sword, for they must now fight to the death.

Yet the younger brother did not want to entertain such a ridiculous notion. Pleading with him instead to turn himself in and salvage his honor. This would only work to send the older brother further into a frenzy and he would take his sword and begin slashing. But the younger brother would make quick work of his attack. Easily dodging or deflecting his blows without even pulling out his sword.

The older brother, in full fury of his shame, would throw down a bead of smoke and try again. In the cloud of soot, he had hoped to win. But the tide did not change and his humiliation only grew from there.

"I was supposed to be the great one! Me. I ran away to make it happen, only to be met with no jobs and no mentors. Forced to steal to survive. And yet....and yet you had the life I've always wanted to lead. I will not be burdened with this any longer brother. Either you kill me or you die!"

A clash would unfold on stage. The two brothers would fight viciously. The younger brother would also be forced to bring out his blade as the fury of his older brother was becoming akin to a berserk beast. The two would clash in a medley of swings. While the younger brother looked more like an elegant dance, the older brother's swings looked like they deteriorated skill with every swing. Eventually, the younger brother would have to deliver the finishing blow.

As the brother stood over the body of his older brother, he would weep for what he had done. What he was forced to do. And the older man who mentored him would enter the stage.

"I heard that he resided here for some time...but I could not simply bring you here to meet him until I knew you were ready. I am sorry my child, this was not a lesson I enjoyed teaching. But there are times in one's path that you will soon discover, require making the hardest decisions and taking the hardest commitments. Yet the world also could not suffer his acts any longer. As you could very well witness for yourself...."

The younger man was at a loss for words but the lesson was not wasted on him. He kept it close to his heart as he walked forward. Soon he returns to his old home to bury his brother's body.

Every step he took from them was with the added weight of the burden he acquired that day. Yet his blade would swing only swifter and his actions always with the people around him in mind. He would live on as the man his brother was meant to be and he would uphold it immaculately for the two of them.

All the actors would bow on stage. Proud of the performance they had done and the crowd would clap to cheer them all on.

Lumikki herself was in awe of such a performance and story. Never figuring this would be a tale she'd acquire that day.

" What did ye think of those brothers, Onii-chan? I...I suppose I too am conflicted. If I set out to be the best only to bring me own ruin. What a pitiful life, aye..."


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As Lumikki took off into the sky, Beni examined her flight and her wings. He was amazed how well she taken to her raven wings in such a short amount of time. In his time he has met people of different kinds and of different magics, though Joya wasn't a country known for their mages, what magic users Benimaru had indeed seen were skilled enough to control flight, such as one named Simon that he come to enjoy to accompany. Even though the mage was well known for his flight, the young daemoness moved in the air like that of an owl, who were known to be able to move in the air more agile than most avians.

"No argument here" the oni rushed along side Lumikki as they quickly visited several stalls. The yakitori made his mouth water, but as he moved his mask and opened his mouth to take a bite, the delicious meal vanished into the dark void of Lumikki's control. Whatever she noticed up in the air, it had to have been very interesting to not even allow a moment to spare for consumption, "Where are we-" he was about to ask before they reached the open area where people were gathering, though most had already arrived. A stage up in front, surely a show of some kind. Benimaru was excited to see, though the amount of people trouble his line-of-sight, but that was quickly dealt with as Lumikki summoned forth two pillars of black ice to which the oni was gratefully for; he gave her a toothy smile as he placed his mask upon his lap. He sat upon the pillar, his legs dangling over the edge. The height was normal for him. For centuries, he had observed many things, natural or man-made from a distance, usually from high up, for humans don't tend to look above their heads as often, so he was safe to enjoy his view.

At the first the story didn't catch him, but he kept his focus. Being a sword and shield for so long, he learned patience the hard way, watching the world around him as he remained fixed to places; he still recalls the ten years he was lost, watching grass grow for so long.

The story ended up drawing him in, becoming real. He had felt the pain and the sorrow as well as the triumph from the characters. He had nearly forgotten where he was until Lumikki had called out to him. When he snapped out of him, he worried of his own expression, so he quickly put his mask back on, "It was complicated for them, and overall, it is a difficult journey; we don't know what cards we are dealt along the way, so I sympathize with the older brother" His voice lost his earlier cheerful nature, replaced with a more serious but somber tone, like when they spoke during the war in Joya. He then turned to face Lumikki, hiding his expression behind mask, "You set out on your journey too, but the difference is that you have what the younger brother had..." he was happy for her, because she had a better hand dealt from when her mother met her dad and his clan. Because of that, when she stepped out the door, she had her uncle and the guild to help her until she was able to sprout her wings and fly from the nest properly... but for Beni... "I have no brothers, barely allies, so my cards weren't so beneficial" He shrugged before jumping to his feet with energy, trying to lighten the mood. For him, his life was similar to the older brother's, but not by choice, "But, what differs between the older brother and me is that my sibling came to save me in time" and that is when he removed his mask again to reveal his wide grin.


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She would meet his grin with a wide one of her own as her shadows pulled her up to her feet. Approaching the Oni in a loving embrace as he just returned her sentiment in his statement. She hugged him tightly with all the warmth she could muster. Her body still very human had ample heat in the veins to keep her preference of chill in the moment. She wanted the moment to sink in for him after all. More and more then the life he had before, for better or worse, was long gone. It was a time for new things now and new adventures.

” Good, and here I worried ye were stuck in that past of yers. No, there’s nothing fun there. Unlike now where we have all the time in the world to create new mischief and come and go as we please.” She pulled back revealing a cheeky, smug grin on her face as she looked up to him. He really felt like an older brother to her at this moment. Looking down at her as she plotted to chase all the fun she could as she dragged him along.

” Now tell me Oni-Chan, I’ve led the charge so selfishly. What do ye want to do with yer new found freedoms now?” Her small wings twitched in eager playfulness as she wanted to know more and more about him. His interests? How he thought? What he liked? She wanted to know it all and hoped in time they would solidify as the siblings she always hoped they could be.

And maybe with another time, she too would hold the wisdom his years granted them? Maybe she could rewrite all the memories to weigh him down? Maybe they would just become a terrifying duo? It was all a possibility, one that she craved hungrily.

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Beni was taken by surprise when Lumikki drew him into an embrace. She was warm, surprising and comforting. His arms wrapped around her her small frame. As he looked down at her, he remembered how small she was, despite the fact she's a power mage that could probably level the entire festival; here she was, in her small frame, holding the oni and showing how much she cared about him. He couldn't help but wrap his arms around her, his chin lightly rested on her head. At this moment, he couldn't remember if he had ever held someone in such a way.

The moment was brief and she pulled away from him, but not without her pulling him along, he laughed and thought about what he may want to do as they made their way out of the courtyard now that the show had completed. Then came an idea as he spotted a large stand. "There" he said to her as he pointed to the stand. It sold jewelry and expensive trinkets behind glass. The stand was elevated on a higher section of the area. "The owner must have bought out the entire section" he said as he noticed the size of the stand could have provided five to eight other shop owners to have their own stands set up.

Benimaru gave Lumikki a grin before he slid his mask back on fully before making his way through the crowd. He would get to a spot behind the stand, running his fingers along the curtain until he found a slit. "Mind if you can give me a bit of cover?" he would ask Lumikki in whisper before he would sneak in through the slit. He would crouch low as he avoided staff members who were moving about. It wouldn't be long before he found the safe which was placed under a table filled with boxed merchandise. For the moment, Beni slid underneath the table, opposing the safe and waited for the right moment.


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The embrace felt as natural, like two siblings who’s been far away, finally coming together once more. Yet touching him in the flesh was still something for the Daemon to get used to. She was too used to his cold steel and smooth surface. His glowing dark flame that adorned the crest of his mask like a crown. This shift felt unreal like some vibrant dream. Those odd lucid moments when you find you can read the words off a page and shortly after breathing fine underwater. A mish-mash of odd possibility in an already magical world where the only miracle was one’s power of will and passions.

But touching him granted warmth now, his newly discovered distinct sent would carry to her nose and thoughts. She could feel the beating of his heart and the rise and fall of his chest. His arms pulling her in to their mutual affections with sincerity and gentle application. It overwhelmed her with a childlike joy. A little sister eager to please and cause mischief with the sibling she admired.

And how could she not, he had lived many lifetimes and seen many perspectives. Becoming an observer to many worlds and experiences. Building his own sense of self in the chaos of the world and becoming resolute on who he wanted to be. What he wanted. What he would never again let go.

He was eons ahead of her in the grasp of life and existence.

And yet sorrow wore on him as deep as any other. A man marred by his past but not lost to the present and future quite yet, even when he’s only known timelessness. The passing of years were a blink to him, but never loss on him entirely.

But her excitement would take her and she would need to move. She was too energetic to stay in one place now. And Benimaru would humor her. Letting her drag him along as she wander aimlessly. But his sudden interest in something halted her in place and rooted her in curiosity.

The moment he asked for cover, her shadows would wrap around him. Whether the Oni noticed it or not, he was now hidden to the eye, and as he crouched, she would walk beside him also hidden in her shadows and silent with every step. And though her brother sought the safe, her gaze would remain on the glimmering jewels before her. Her eyes glowing from her new found sheer desire.

And so she would manipulate the shadows within the glass cases to pluck the ones she desired most. Meanwhile as she was working her magic, she would observe the staff. Noting the tones and shift of their voices. And with this knowledge, she would sprinkle a little chaos.

” Wait, this is wrong right? I could have sworn there was another box of merchandise for tonight, but it’s not here. Can someone look around to see where it was left, quickly now before someone notices?”

” Speaking of, aren’t we short one?! Can someone find him now please!” some of the staff ran out to scramble for the things mentioned. Leaving only one left to manage the stand for the moment, and another to stand watch outside for visitors approaching.

The stall itself was already quite empty. Some costumers walked around to note what they like, but considering the grandeur of the stall, many simplistic folk would entertain other attractions instead.

What Lumi manage to slide toward her were dropped into her void, lost to all but her and entirely out of sight. She not just waited for Beni to be done with his task.

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The darkness enveloped him, feeling like a brand new cloak fresh off the rack, a comforting chill caressed him as if the first breeze greeted him after Summer ran it's course. Beni was quick and quiet. He looked over to see Lumi was already pulling things into nothingness; he smiled as he checked the safe. Fortunate for him, because the festival was so busy, the safe was cracked open so the staff can move the money constantly, which meant that he would need to act fast before they returned. He reached his hand into the safe after slowly cracking it further, just enough for his arm to reach in. He drew forth a stack of jewels, nothing more, nothing less, before he moved away. The oni tapped Lumikki lightly on her shoulder before slipping out from the stand.

He would start walking as normal and let his human form return. When Lumikki joins him, he would slip her the stack of jewels so she can drop it into her nothingness, "Good, evil, doesn't matter if a booming business loses a fraction they won't miss" Beni chuckled. His heart warmed. The concern he had about his limited time with whatever friendship he had was melting away. These concerns plagued him only because he was abandoned before, but he didn't want to trouble a true friend of such things.

Something caught his eye. He would stop and look ahead, seeing a crude make of a torii gate. "Curious" he muttered as he gave Lumikki a look before heading in that direction as he could hear the distant argument coming from the stand they had just robbed.

Once they reached the torii gate, he could observe it properly. It was short where Beni's head nearly touched the top, and it was made of plastic and painted red. He sighed, "Joya's torii gates are more well built and with respect" he would walk up the short steps that proceeded it and reached a small square where a small quickly built shrine was waiting at the other end. Each side of the square were a few stands that were selling charm bags and katashiros, "I'm guessing this is all just for show, since nothing here looks authentic or permanent" Benimaru looked uncomfortable. Though he's an oni, he appreciated the shinto shrines and the practices Joyans had, "You know, way back, I use to relax on the top of torii gates and watch as Joyans and spirits gather at the shrines" he finally smiled, remembering a fond memory. He led Lumikki over to one of the stands and purchased a katashiro, a small paper doll of a priestess from a teen girl; seeing how detailed her work was, her paid her double the price and walked away before she realized.

"These little ones are used to exorcise impurities and sometimes spirits and lock them inside them; one of my comrades were sealed in one" he laughed thinking back to when he witnessed the event. He cared not for the oni for that spirit deserved his punishment.


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” Good and evil are boring and too restrictive. I only value honor and loyalties.” Lumi would say as she eyed her new shiny things. With her free hand she carved out a circle with her finger to toss the treasure into the void. The rest of her spell was fading away as they were less floating heads but tangible beings once more. All the while a fight sounded as if it were breaking out from just behind them in the tent they just exited.

The landmark didn’t catch her eye before his reaction did. His curiosity became hers as she looked forward to inspect the structure. Lumi could walk just fine underneath it, but it was hardly to Beni’s preference. Though Lumikki was still ignorant about a lot of Joyan’s customs, she would agree with her whole heart the disappointment this arrangement was. The Daemon could hardly hold back her desire to destroy the set all together, but as the Oni continued to entertain the shops. So would she.

” I would see these Torii gates ye mention as I flew by to scout ahead. Impressive monuments that though incredibly simple, were very fascinating in their beauty. Sadly I never got to see any shrines, and I never got to see a spirit. I think it’s time we started making plans to visit Joya for pleasure Oni-chan. Removed from war and conflict, let us simply explore. There is much I’d like to learn, and I could begin learning the language.” Lumi in all her small cuteness, was brimming with joy and excitement. It was like she was set ablaze with the thought of this plan. ” An Oni that is his own once more. It must be exciting for ye to finally travel where ever ya please again.” The was a hop in her step as she followed him into a little shop. The girl selling paper with symbols she did not yet know. Not until he explained more at least.

” Would it hurt me if I were to touch it?” Lumi was genuine in her inquiry. This magic was quite foreign to her.” As a Daemon, I feel like there is a lot of me considered an impurity….Oh but sealed ya said? In something so small? A flimsy piece of paper could do all that? I feel telling a Dwarf back home such a thing would make ‘em figure me mad. In metal and stone sure, but in a page hardly bigger than me palm? Maybe we should test it out in our travels?”

Lumi eyed the rest of the stalls, not familiar with their spiritual worth she had to settle for their appeal. Eventually she stopped at one with pretty pouches with knots reminiscent of four leaf clovers. She pointed to them as she looked back to Beni,” What are these for?”

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"The Torii gates are said to bridge the material plane and the spirit world, so a lot of magical energy tends to channel through the gates, the thing is, when it comes to the spirit world, it's more complicated and cannot be measured, so mages tend to avoid spiritual structures such as this" Benimaru explained as he took another look back at the badly constructed Torii gate, knowing no spiritual energy was passing through it, for it was made for looks. He had rested upon Torii gates for so long, he could sense if it held some spiritual essence.

He handed the katashiro to Lumikki and smirked, "Demonic, angelic, to me it's like how you view good and evil, it's too restrictive, there's much more to it than how people tend to perceive it; anyone can produce miasma, demon or not" Though he wasn't sure whether or not the katashiro was an authentic one, but he was indeed sure that Lumikki wouldn't be harmed by one, given she wasn't like the corruptible beings he had encountered in his life.

Benimaru looked over to where Lumikki was pointing and noticed she was asking of the charm pouches, "Those are onamori, they are good luck charms, or talismans, they can provide protection, and can even ward off misfortune" he walked over to the stand but ended up halting immediately. He began to struggle trying to get closer to the stand. The teenage boy who was running the stand flinched, concerned about whether or not the onamori were working. Beni then laughed, dropping his act before walking up to the rows of charms.


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” Spirit world….” Lumi mumbled to herself. There were spirits from the land she was from, but they were not handled like this. So she was taking her time letting the new knowledge sink in as she listened to her brother. Hoping that she could witness one of these very gates sometime soon. ” Have ye ever passed on toward the other lands? Would someone like me be able to peek the spirits among them?” The Daemon was bubbling with questions as these new factors tickled her curiosity. It was all so sweet that it made her body ache.

And the comforting words Benimaru gifted her would only further put her at ease. That even a creature like her was never as black and white as she made herself out to be. At least, she wondered, if there was a way to trust in the worlds of the many when she was all they knew. The only demonic-ridden being that many had come across. Yet the knowledge of her brother being somewhat of a demon of his own is what swayed her, though a Yokai in name there were branches there that intertwined. And these would be enough to put her at ease. For only a creature of darkness could comfort one of their own. And with the katashiro in hand, there was a warmth that reached deeper than the norm.

Beni would take notice of her interest as Lumi would direct his attention. Informing her further on the intricacies of Joya’s ways. But as she looked over to the trinkets, Beni would tear her eyes away as it seemed he was barred entry of his own. Lumi in a panic would rush toward him, only to feel a slight heaviness in the air. Like it was solidifying against her, but not strong enough to keep her entirely away. Yet it filled her with a fear that washed away from her panic, only to be forgotten completely when Beni admitted to his gist. Still, the air did not lighten, but a weight about her did. The closer she got to the charms, the lighter she felt. But there was a sensation of something tugging at her skin she could hardly ignore.

Lumi reached a hand into her void and pulled the jewels she figured would pay the price. Dropping it into the boy’s hand she scooped up the two charms she favored and held one up to her brother. ” Well then brother, may we only find good times from here on.” A smirk that showed her fangs would spread along her face as the Daemon’s happiness was a genuine one.

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"Passed on to the other lands?" Benimaru didn't expect that question to be brought up, but he did understand the curiosity, given what Beni is and his knowledge, "I've been to the spirit world twice; the first was when I was first sealed into the shield and sword, the sealing spell somehow placed me in the spirit world for a moment before I awoken in my new form" Beni shivered, remembering that experience to be very unsettling, "The second was when one of my wielders had found a way to enter through a portal that was opened at a torii gate; it was the only way to defeat the malicious spirit that plagued the village" He thought back to that moment, the experience was odd, like he was still part of the world, but the sky, atmosphere and colors were just... different.

He grabbed the charm that Lumikki gave him and smiled, "Indeed, good times from here on" he looked down at the charm in his hand; he wasn't sure, but there was a feeling, as if the spiritual power of the charm shifted, or strengthened, or it could possibly be the feeling of enjoyment he was having. He had watched the children of one of his wielders developing and sibling bond over the years as he watched from his perch on one of the walls. It was something he wished he had with his own kin... He never would have thought he would develop it with a human.


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