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Winters Kisses never Misses

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Lumikki awaited in a clearing within the forest. One that she had plotted on for a bit of time to practice a new spell. The grass was, damp from the recent rain from the night before, and would stir but the chilling passing breeze. It was a grey winter afternoon. The clouded sky would block out the little available sun and Lumikki would sit atop a branch from the tallest tree. This was the type of weather Lumi loved most, and she soaked it all in with pleasure and enthusiasm. Her hair was drawn in braids reminiscent of when she first joined the Dawn, and she would wear an oversized grey shirt as a dress.

The Demoness was all alone, none of her usual companions accompanied her. This was with reason, she did not want them caught in the magic today. So to entertain herself in her lonesome, she was thumbing through a new book. It contained stories and art from Sin, a country she was researching for the monsters and demons associated within.  All while she waited for her Uncle and his men to arrive.

Brone had been delivered a message two days prior of Lumi’s desire. Huginn would know the way there. All of the notes that he would be privy to were that this spell would be an offensive one and that she wanted to wear all his equipment suited for such an attack. Bringing a man or two from patrol would also be of a kind, as she wanted to test their ability for escape.

When her Uncle finally shows up, Lumi is still lost deep within the pages. But a simple call of her name would stir her attention and bring her toward him. Huginn like all her other ravens would be advised to leave swiftly as well, though if he chose to heed such suggestions would be his right to tell.


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#2Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe donned his armor entirely, including his blue helm. He had announced to the day patrol he needed two volunteers to accompany him to the Deep Green woods for training. The majority of the patrol knew well this involved training with Lumikki, so they kept from stepping forward, but prompted the two new recruits, John and Peter to volunteer to prove themselves, which they happily did.

Soon enough, the three of them were off, the two human men on horse back while Brone was riding Noctus, his black pegasus. Time passed during their travel and the dwarf got to understand who these new recruits were, or at least their surface personality. They were both sure of themselves, and though they both seem to be friends, they bickered with one another and at times try to outshine the other.

Eventually, the three would arrive at the given sight. Brone was initially confused to why his ravens would lead him here until Huginn and Muninn flew up to perch upon Lumikki's shoulders, greeting her before flying off to safety. Noticing their quick retreat, Brone understood that the training would begin soon, "Oy, Lass! We're here!" He called to his niece from the ground floor. He then looked back to the two men, "Prepare yerselves, and make sure ye don't die" he laughed before turning to face Lumikki.

John and Petter looked up but could barely see, for their eyes weren't as good as the dwarf, so they assumed they would be fighting a monster for their training, so they drew their swords and shields.


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It would be a greeting from her smaller brothers that would wake her from her trance. Lumikki lost in the pages of her tome would immediately look to welcome them. She pelted them with as many kisses as possible while pulling them into her embrace before sending them off. She did love them all too much, but it would be reasoning for why she let them go. She made them both privy to her plans before when she requested that they bring Brone her way for training.

" Greetings Uncle! Are those new recruits with ye? There is a bounce in their step and I'm not sure I've seen the fear on their faces as of yet...." A tooth grin would spread along her face as she pulled all the darkness from around her. Warping it in a moment so that the spot she perched for a moment seemed bright. Her fushia and dark violet eyes would glow bright, piercing what was left could obscure the sight of her eyes. " They look like they are ready to slay as monsters~" She spoke with an airy gasp in her voice, feigning a tone of surprise.

" Suppose I should get to work so that they feel involved shouldn't I." The already howling tundra sound in her voice would fall apart, sound like the whipping of snow echoing. " But since they never tasted Iceberg, I'd warn them to begin running now..."

Lumikki dropped down in a soft glide. Her feet would hardly make a sound as they touched the ground. " Ready to test yer grit Uncle? On the most bitter cold of yer life?" Her form before was that of a human but the dark that pulled away would instantly claim her, spreading along her skin and warping her form to something very otherworldly. The air around all of them would also begin to chill. Nothing alarming at first but the temperature would keep dropping from there. " Run boys, unlike me Uncle who could brace himself, ye'd drop fast...."

Lumikki pulled both arms back and a lavender magic circle flashed behind her. The floors and the trees around her would rapidly be encased in jagged ice. Morphing the land around her like an obsidian mine.


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#4Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The sound of a young woman referring to their general as 'uncle' had brought them a sense of peace. John and Peter were worried they were going to be facing a dangerous monster, unfortunately, they were partially correct. Their sense of peace had slowly faded as the young woman's voice began to somehow warp as if the voice was fading and echoing at the time, "I'm getting a bad feeling about this" John whispered as his hand went to the hilt of his blade. Peter tried to hold back his panic as he noticed his breath became visible.

"Try not to kill them, they're greenhorns" Brone called to his niece who was descending from the spreading darkness as if whatever daylight that was left was quickly vanishing; the dwarf then looked over his shoulder to tell his two men, "Focus on surviving, favor yer shields" he gave them a smirk and thumbs-up gesture.

"He's mad" Peter whispered, his tone was in panic. The vegetation was freezing over as if they were entering another dimension. They suddenly remembered a rumor that was told to them upon arrival. An ice monster is held within the walls of the guild, hiding in the shadows and that can swallow victims whole if they weren't paying attention. Some of the patrol refer to the monster as a Yuki-ona, or a shade, an she-oni, but most refer to it as... a demon from the frozen hell.

"The demon" John's voice was breaking, his teething clattering from fear and from the cold. Both of them readied their shields. They then were able to see clearly who this being was; no longer that of a young woman, but a demoness clothed in the essence of darkness. She told them to run, and as they looked to Brone, the dwarf shrugged and nodded. They didn't waste another second and turned about, running the way they came.


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” Ye mention shields Uncle, but they won’t aid ya in this spell. Nor would any of yer armor. I decided to forge something to deal with ya pesky warriors even if I could only do it once for a battle.” Her voice held together more so that it resonated clearly. She wanted Brone to understand what she said before channeling the spell and giving them men a little time to get far.

When the men were nearing the edge of her spell, the Demoness would clasp her hands together. It took hardly any concentration on her part to summon the tundra from within. And with a sweet smile, she would unleash her most frigid spell. The air that already carried a chill, would become even more painful in an instant. Breathing it in was like inviting the cold to cut you from the inside. It penetrated even Brone’s armor, forcing the Dwarf to face the tundra as if he was left naked in a storm.

Even the nature around them was not spared from the intensity. Many leaves of the trees would shed suddenly and rapidly. The grass were like daggers lining the ground. Whatever animals unfortunate to stay within her spell became brittle like glass. Birds flying just about them would freeze in an instant and drop onto the ground shattering like glass. I would be because of this that she refused the company of her ravens and companion.

The men who were running at top speed would halt in a moment. Their bodies stood still as if they turned to statues. And they might as well have been since the dark frost of her magic rapidly encased their skin. The ice was so cold, it burned. Nearly searing into the flesh as far as their bones; but the Demoness would ease her spell just a bit so that it waned along the fringed. Heeding her Uncle’s former request to save from perishing them too soon. And with a whisk of her hand, black flowers would creep and sprout atop her ice and heal them from afar. Reversing some of the cruel damage she inflicted on them just because she could.

When they were no longer a worry, her gaze shifted back to Brone. Almost as cold as the air around them but she managed to soften the glare to something more warm and loving. It was easy to get lost in her nature, it always was. But she did her best to maintain the shred of humanity in her for a bit longer.

” It’s a good thing I’ll always be on yer side, aye Uncle? The cold would never taste as bitter as this. No matter where Nargbark has happened to lead ye, it would be me that reaches deeper.” She stopped to observe him and how he handled her spell. Black frost would already encase his ashen skin and fragments of her ice would sit in between all the crevices of his armor. Threatening to reach deeper.

If it were not her Uncle taking the brunt of her spell, she would have aimed to kill the first it touched. But her bloodthirsty would never entirely over shadow the love she had for her family, and so it too would wane when its course was done.

” I prepared this…” Lumi began to mutter as she threw a hand up in the air sending a crackle of frost to break into the sky. It was high enough to be seen from afar.” As I did not need ya suffering more than need be to entertain me whims.” Lumi walked over to Brone and laid a hand on his shoulders. The frost the crept around him was much more soothing than the air had been, healing the wounds her cold had given him. And in a few minutes time, her servants would arrive. Setting up a table and the hot meal prepared prior. It was a mix of hearty stews and potatoes to warm him and those that ventured to her aid. The men that got snagged were also escorted back so that they may eat as well.

” Hope this helps with the chill, and perhaps hold off a cold.” She giggled while taking a seat. The servants were just about finished serving the dishes and placing them forward. Ginger tea with honey was also provided, but ale was handed to her Uncle instead as she knew how much he didn’t care for it.

Sweet Entropy learned (1455/4000 wc 75% wcr due to int and items)

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#6Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The temperature dropped so quickly it seemed impossible. The cold had spread all about rapidly and the dwarf could see the claw of winter reach out, but he braced for it nevertheless, for it wasn't the first time he braved against a blizzard. But this was different; there was no wind, but a complete absence of warmth, so cold Brone felt as if his skin was burning. He wanted to grunt, but couldn't; it was difficult to breath as well difficult to move. He thought about reaching for Spellcleaver, but by the time he even considered it, it was too late, he could barely move his arm as the forest fell deathly silent.

John and Peter kept running as fast as they could. It was Peter who ended up looking back, just in time for the frost of the spell to catch up to them. They froze in their tracks, though luckily for them, they were able to breath, albeit still difficult as they shivered, unable to move their bodies.

The demonstration was over and the cold was receding. Brone was able to move again, shards of ice fell away as he stretched his body. He looked back to see that the two patrolmen were being tended to by the black flowers, a spell the dwarf was familiar with, so he was sure they'll be alright. He turned to face Lumikki who seemed normal again. Though that moment her visage was that of a demon entirely, her voice carried along with her winter's grasp and what she said confirmed his thoughts, "Aye, glad ye be on our side" he chuckled, though a hint of worry still on his tongue. He was sure he could have died at any moment and was surely glad he was no enemy to Lumikki... but he was more glad that she had not lost her way or herself. He had had stories of people losing themselves to dark powers, becoming engulfed in heavy emotions and loneliness.

It was the ale that took him out of his thoughts, though John and Peter were hesitant when they came to the table, wondering what was going on.


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Lumi would glance them over and go back to her food. ” If I wanted to kill ya, ye’d be dead. Eat or freeze…I’m trying to be nice and welcoming to the new faces, but besides that. How’s the meal Uncle, I gave them the recipe to something from Iceberg to try. To give us something hearty. I’d say they did a good job but they pick up on things fast—-Oh, ye never met them have ya. I don’t pull them out when I’m with others often, but I managed to snatch a key much like the one Yuurei had to summon his servants at me skating party.” She pointed to them in order.” See there’s, Alvis, Kare, and Eyvor. I’ve named them meself. There’s more to meet, but that’s for another time.”

Upon proper observation, one could note that they dawned clothes akin to those worn in Iceberge. Colorful linens with hints of leathers and furs and small flourishes in style depending on their preferences. The men before Brone weren’t humans but Humonculi, still they had personalities of their own and operated as such. Despite their personal differences, servicing Lumi and her needs were a commonality and though Iceberg culture would see them like tools, Lumi took a liking to them as caring companions. After all, they could do more for her than an average human would. As they with often die in a blink of an eye, her servants would never leave her nor harbor ill will towards her and her standing. This was simply what they were made for and they find their own particular peace in that. As Lumi does when she learns more from them in her company. Inversely the Demoness lectures them in ways of her home and adorns them as such.

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#8Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The meals were brought to the table. At first, Peter and John were hesitant to eat the food,. but began to dig in the moment Lumikki prompted them to do so. They were terrified by the demoness, which made the dwarf chuckle. When his niece asked of the meal, Brone could barely talk but muttered his delight as he was tearing into the meat, barely giving himself a chance to breath let alone talk. The spices, meat, the taste overall reminded him of the meals some of his family members would prepare, claiming they were old recipes from home. It warmed Brone's heart, knowing despite Lumikki growing and living in North Fiore, that she was still connected to Iceberg, and through her, the dwarf was able to experience his parent's home.

As for the two patrolmen, they taken a liking to the meal, though they found the meat too tough for them to easily cut. They eyed the servants, wondering if they were illusions of some kind; by what Lumikki had said, it seemed as if these 'people' were possibly dolls or fakes of some kind, but they seem to move just like humans nevertheless. It was Brone that gave them a look, telling them to focus on their meal instead of the servants, and they followed the order quickly.


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Lumi observed them all as they ate. She was pleased to see the vigor of her Uncle but more pleased to the the intimidated patrolmen struggle through their food. Sometimes she forgot how hard it was to tear the meat at times at home. Even if one cooks it slow and long, enough to make it melt off the bone. There were still some beasts whose flesh would always prove tougher than the others.

And as their eyes trailed onto her servants, her eyes would follow and circle back while giggling. " Do they spoke ye?" She began to utter in jest. But by then Brone already ordered them back to their meals. Her eyes locked on the one furthest from Brone and the shadows all around her would warp and curve while another chill would up his leg and thigh. " Should I snatch up yer souls and and make more?" Her voice splintered and shifted as she spoke, only adding to the tension the pair felt.

" Surprised the other patrolmen didn't warn them enough to scare 'em before they met me." She now spoke to Brone again as she faced him and voiced her words normally." I miss getting new members." She spoke almost remorsefully. it has almost been as if no one joined the Guild of Paradise Dawn anymore and it saddens her. She would even go as far as to say that all the remembers now always seemed to be away or busy. The Guild hall wasn't silent, but it was not lively either. And the Demoness would sigh deeply from her revolution.

" Its too quite around here," she pouted.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone would be lost in his meal, though he would look over to Lumikki here and there and notice she was taking a liking to tormenting Peter and john, which wasn’t a surprise to him. ”Introduce yerselves, you two” the dwarf told the men in between bites.

‘I’m John, and this is Peter” the furthest of the two was the only one brave enough to speak up, the expression Lumikki had sent a chill up his spine, but he suddenly felt a strong cold run up his leg, nearly making him jump. Then she suddenly spoke like a demon, causing Peter to suddenly jump out of his seat and for John to stumble onto the floor.

”She’s just joking, relax” Brone assured them as he took a swig of his drink. Though the two men took their seats again, their nervousness remained, ”Aye, I miss seeing new blood and show their prowess” he nodded as he slammed his mug onto the table.

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