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A Cold Brew At Nightfall (The slayers crossing paths)

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Lumikki was wandering the streets of Orchidia, wearing a short purple backless dress and some sandals. Her hair tied back in a ponytail and across her shoulder dangled a small bag. She was not too far from the merchants and vendors. The night was cold and it was late. Yet here she was, finding herself walking around the streets in hopes to find a fun and rowdy bar to entertain herself in.

Lumikki would visit the bars of Orchidia often alone and at random. Choosing to walk the way there once she entered the city as opposed to flying the whole way. She felt it invited danger and trouble, the worst of the worst usually roamed around this kind of time, and it would entertain Lumikki to watch as they tried to challenge her. Lumikki was quite the short woman, though she grew up feeling tall. Her appearance would give the impression she was young and vulnerable. This didn't bother her so much as when it invited trouble, she very much enjoyed stomping out the idiot to try her. Seeing no need to pity a beast that had no decency in him.

She finally stopped just in front of a bar that happened to play music. The tones of the songs reminiscent to the ones she'd hear back home. A rowdy bunch were already sitting inside and causing a storm. Every second that passed by she would hear a roar of laughter coming from a different direction. Since she was alone she waltzed up to the counter. Took a seat at an empty stool and waited. A well kept and middle aged man approached her. "Wha can I do for ya lass?" he asked as she thought it over for a moment. Indecisive she finally answered back, "I'll take the sweetest drink ye have." He nodded to her answer, "I think I got one in mind." And just as soon as he came, he left. Leaving her in the stool alone. She spun around to watch the room and read the crowd, pegging in her thoughts future fights brewing or listening in to the build up of jokes and stories. All while tapping her foot in the air to the melody of the song playing in the background.


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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon was wearing one of his regular kimonos. It had a dragon design on the back of it. He did not wear a shirt under this, so what bare skin one could see, would be bombarded with various tattoos on him. He moved through the area as he was drinking some of the alcohol that was in his jug. This was something that he had carried at all times and it always had alcohol in it. Still, this time around he would finish it up.

He would stop walking as he would look at the jug. He would turn it upside down and he would shake it a few times and only one drop would come out of it. Luci stood within Drakkon as he knew this was going to be an interesting night.

“Huh, no more.” He said as he looked for the other jug, but remember Alexandre still had it.

“Well an excuse to go to a bar and enjoy myself.” He said to himself as he start walking to the nearest bar he could find.

When he entered people would look at him as they saw a man with a scar on his face, carrying a katana on his waist. He would look at everyone with a huge grin on his face as he walked to the bar. There he would see a woman sitting alone. He would approach her and take a seat next to her.

“I’m surprised nobody has tried to speak to a beautiful woman like you in this place, well until now.” He said to her with a smile on his face as he would look over to the bartender real quick.

“Give me your strongest!” He shouted to him as he acknowledge another newcomer to the establishment.


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Lumikki was zoning out as she enjoyed the atmosphere. Not noticing the man who sat beside her until he started speaking. She blinked rapidly to help her eyes refocus as she was dragged back into reality. Taking another sip from her drink as she glanced at him before responding.

These grey beards are so lost in their drinks and retelling the same three stories that they can't be bothered to notice me. Kinda like that bout 'em. That robe..., Lumikki took the moment to pause, pinching the bridge of her nose as she thought,"That kimono, and that uuuuh katana aye. Ye from the lands of Joya? Visited myself not too long ago and there sure was some beauty there. A friend of mine would tell me lots of the stories."

Lumikki would finish off the last of her drink, slamming down her cup and ordering another. Plucking the shadows nearby and making a snack of the darkness as she waited. When she glanced back at the man for a time much longer than the first, tracing over the tattoos visible with her eyes, her curiosity would only bubble over harder.

"The tats you have there are quite the art, whoever did those really know their craft. I'm at a loss, save to say, I'm quite impressed. Ye the most interesting character to chance these parts. Most bucks round here are a blur in perspective, not worth a glance so bad my eyes don't even see 'em. A lot of folk round here lack anything interesting about 'em. Honestly this as colorful it gets."


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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would hear what she had said. The way she spoke made it seem like she didn’t want to be bothered, yet here he was. Still, what he wore had brought her attention to notice that he was originally from Joya due to his outfit.

“Yeah, my mother is from Joya, but my father I’ve never met him. Mom always going on how he’s a God, but I don’t know.” He said to Lumikki as he had not introduced himself to her yet.

He would give her a smirk when she basically complimented him and commented about his tattoos. She didn’t ask, but he would remove the top part of his kimono. It was then she would see a bunch of different art, his chest to his shoulder being that of a yakuza-style tattoo. He had various things to do, but the one that would be visible to her was the Green Paradise Dawn insignia on the middle of his back.

“These are all the tats I have, the one in the middle of my back being the one I had gotten recently.” He told her this, so she could see it all.

It wasn’t just that, but he also did it so she could see his physique and how well put he was. It was a bit after he did this that the old man would bring Drakkon his drink, and he would have already prepared Lumikki a second drink.

“My boi, please put ye clothes back on.” He said to Drakkon.

The Demi-God would look at him with a smile as he would shake his head before putting back the upper of his kimono. The people there would look away but were now aware someone here was a member of Paradise Dawn.

“What did you do in Joya when you were there? And if I’m the most colorful it gets, what can I do to make it better?” He asked wondering what she would say.


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Lumikki chuckled at his comment of being a son to a god, though she didn't doubt him. "I'm a spawn to a demon myself and honestly I wish I never heard from him. Did your Ma ever mention the name of yours? Would be nice to hear more about the Joyan gods."

Though before she finished speaking her words he would slightly disrobe himself and show her his tattoos more clearly. Lumikki was quite drawn in at the art, leaning in and tracing over every detail with her eyes and finger. Breaking down all the images before her as she let them sink in. She never saw tattoos like this before, the ones from home were simplistic and bland compared to these. Maybe she would look into another trip in Joya to find an artist for herself. Though as he turned to show her a tattoo on her back Lumikki halted her thoughts. She even stopped mid-breathing to take in the sight of her guild insignia on his back.

She pulled back quickly when she returned to her senses, clapping her hands so hard they could be heard throughout the bar. Not like the others weren't already watching at this point as they also were eyeing the foreign man. Lumikki crossed her legs in a way to show off her insignia on her upper thigh. She didn't mind showing off hers either. Pointing to her belly just below her belly button. "I'd show ya there if I could but I have a ram there myself. Nothing as pretty as any of yours though."

She laughed once more as the old man said his peace and her new friend got dressed and proper. Grabbing her drink and gulping it to around half.

"It's really cool meeting someone of your ilk and finding ye joined Dawn too. Names Lumikki Omena, I'm from the city of Fjallgard in the country Iceberg. Ye can call me Lumi. Hic*" She leaned in forward enjoying the warmth her drink was giving her as the effects were finally hitting her. "The only one I got from Joya is my brother Beni! So I wanna hear whatever stories ye got too!" She giggled as she calmed down some of her hyper energy. Gripping her glass for a bit before taking another sip, gulping down the rest and finishing it off before slamming her cup down again and letting the feeling settle in.

She looked over to her friend again to peek into his eyes as she spoke again. "There was a conflict in Joya, I'm sure even you would have heard it. There was a whole war fought for it. Something bout a crack pot Shogun running her people to the ground for the sheer enjoyment in it. Though I didn't care much for the details when I set out since all I wanted was to see more of the world. Especially where Benimaru was from, though most of these stories were old. I wanted to see the land of Joya now. A bunch of guilds got involved to help the fight, for the best, I heard a lot of it was personal too. Aaaaaah aye now that I think of it, our Guild Master yields from there. Prob had a stake in himself, though I wouldn't see much of him. Wasn't the strongest then see, so I was accompanying my Uncle in the efforts instead."

Lumikki waved at the bartender, signaling she wanted another glass before returning her attention to the man in her company. "Long story short, I fought in the war to liberate Joya. Turns out my skills in that kinda field aren't so bad, and ya know, I kinda liked it. A spell or two in a fight is always handy." She shrugged as she finished speaking, thinking that was the best to express. Lumikki had fought akin to a scout in the war, sneaking past a lot of the enemy's noses as a raven and slaying them accordingly. Though no assassin could ever be worth their salt if they give away that their skills were such things. A regular mage fit her just fine.


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Go D. Drakkon

Drakkon would hear her, and it would seem like she had a demon as a father. That was interesting, and for some reason, a part of him was a bit jealous of that. He didn’t know why, and he couldn’t put his finger on it, but he was indeed jealous. Still, it would seem like she wanted nothing to do with him, and he was curious as to why.

He would hear her clap and he figured the entire place could with how it resonated. He looked at her and she would show him her thigh. He couldn’t help but lick his lip when he saw her bare skin, but it would seem like she was showing him the insignia on her thigh.

That was interesting they were both from the same guild. That was good to know, which meant he would be able to see her more often. It would seem like she would point somewhere else, and she would tell him that she had another tattoo underneath her belly. When he heard how she said it and where it was, he could only smile at her as he was wondering if he could actually see it in a private session.

Drakkon would hear her words and it would seem like she was from Iceberg. He would hear her name and he would rub the back of his head as he had forgotten to introduce himself. He didn’t have any stories for her as he had left Joya and moved to Hosenka as a kid. He didn’t answer her but drank the alcohol that was served to him. She didn’t finish speaking, so he waited for it to be all done.

It would seem like there was a war being fought in Joya, which made him happy that his mother no longer lived there. It would seem like she had fought in the war, and he would nod as he found it all interesting.

“That’s interesting to hear. But let’s start from the top.” He said to her pausing for just a second.

“My name is Go D. Drakkon, it is nice to meet you Lumi. You can call me Drak, or Drake.” He said to her as he would look into her eyes.

“I don’t have many stories from Joya. All I can tell you is that my mother was a Joyan Geisha, but we were in a lot of debt. This brought my mother to being sold to the Crimson Market within Hosenka where I grew up most of my life. I became a gangster and started my own gang. I met a lot of cool people there and they even follow me to this day.” He said that he could tell her all the bad things he had done there if she wanted.

“That’s good that you fought in a war, that would give you a lot of experience on the battlefield. Especially since you came out of it alive. I wish I was there, it would have been nice to see all the chaos around there, and join in on it too.” He said to her.

It was then he would move closer to her as he looked into her eyes and wondered how she would react to this.

“If you want I can tell you more about my history as a thug, but that would have to be private. That way you can show me your ram tattoo as well.” He said to her as he wonder what she would say.

He figured they would be fine since they were in the same guild.



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"Drake, that's cute." Lumikki nodded as she spot, "Makes me think of the dragon ye have on the back of your Kimono. Suppose we all have our things. Mine would be Ravens." She would point at the feathers she'd adorn her hair with.

The bartender returned with her drink and she would sip at it the more Drake would tell her his past. Slowly turning the slow sip into a chug as she would finish by slamming her cup. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand before jumping off her stool. She was thoroughly entertained and curious about his stories. With her darker nature as it is, the Obscura tainting her goodwill further, who to say she wouldn't have become a tug herself? At least she could live through him, she thought. Uncle is valiant and heroic, but even that could miss out on some of the charms. Lumikki was in the mood for darker stories, and if Drake was her guild mate, should be fun enough.

"Oh I'd love to hear 'em. Got me so many questions aye. Like what a geisha, where's Hosenka, and so on. I got the time to kill if ya do." Lumikki rustled in her bag to get the jewels for the drinks, covering her own and her mate's. "I don't mind showing you my ram, bothers me not to show it off. Just happen to usually be in dresses out of convenience." She traces her ram with her finger as she leads the way out the door, the gray beards taking notice of going. Their eyes followed the two on their way out, though their voices didn't let on what their focus was as they were still talking the same nonsense they had when she entered.

"If ye stick with Paradise Dawn, they'd more likely be more wars and more battles. We are a mercenary guild first and foremost, so there's plenty of work to your liking to be had. Annoying climbing the ranks to just get there though." Lumikki sighed deeply as she began walking toward the direction of the guild. "When did ye join anyways? Honestly, a new member is nice, I haven't seen one of my mates around in a while and I worry he took one bad hit out there. New blood least means I don't gotta think of those lost."


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#8Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would hear her and he would smile; the dragon on his back was one thing, but he was also a Dragon Slayer as well. It was like his name, had given him the route he would go growing up. It would seem like Lumikki associated herself with the Ravens. That was interesting, and he saw the feathers on her hair as she showed him.

He found her pretty and was impressed with how she drank the newly fresh beverage that she had obtained. It was then she would ask him to entertain her more. That also meant that she was accepting his invitation to be in a more private location. That was good to hear and he would get up from his seat as well. Drakkon would finish the entire drink he was given. He was about to pay for his drink, but she would beat him to it.

He would give her a smirk as he had drinks where they were going, so he could return the favor that way.

Drakkon would follow behind her as he would have to explain a lot of things to her as she didn’t know some of the things that he had mentioned. He was a man who enjoyed seeing things become a mess, but he was lacking the motivation to do anything until recently. They were now outside though as he would look around before moving.

“This way.” He said as he had rented a nice room for the night.

He was not expecting to go back to the guild tonight.

“I’ve been in the guild for a few weeks. I just didn’t do anything until recently. That’s why you haven’t seen me around. As for ranking up, I guess I can climb them, I hope it isn’t too hard.” He chuckled a bit.

“Hosenka is in East Fiore. It has a bit of my home in it. The place looks like a piece of Joya had been transported into Fiore. The place is beautiful until you reach the Crimson District, which is where all the shady things happen.” He said to her.

“As for the Geisha. It is a woman who is an entertainer. They usually play music, dance, chat, and host for the people who paid for one.” He said, so she kind of had an idea what his mother had to do.

“Also, to answer your earlier question. My mother has mentioned my father. She said he’s a God name Chaos, but I never looked him up or anything.” He said to Lumikki as he never truly found interest in finding out about his father.

They were making their way to the Inn that he was staying in and he wondered if she was okay with this.



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Lumikki perked up at Drake leading the way elsewhere. She was happy to be spared the long walk back to the guild. She much prefer flying since it was faster and way more entertaining to get around.

She bounced in her step as she followed, happy to crash somewhere new. Listening to every word he said and taking it all in. "I'd like to make my way over to Hosenka one day and see the Joya on my doorstep. I wonder if it's just as pretty and just as cruel. Bet ye mum looked lovely as she performed. Did she have a favorite song?" Lumikki in her excitement was eager to eat at the conversation, taking every word and churning what he said in her mind. Even now she was painting pictures from all the things he's said. Of how geisha would dress in their kimono and perform and what their instruments sounded like. Down to the kind of buildings she thought were there and the way she envisioned nature to flourish nearby.

"Chaos sounds tasty, wonder if ripping him from the heavens would prove fun." She pondered where in the nine realms did he reside, though it would hardly matter if he didn't play a role in any of their lives. "Can't say I like my "father" either enough to even glance his way, let alone look for him. Not like it brings our like joy. The powers make a lack lutser trade-off, but its something over nothing at all and I take wha I can."

They were now turning into what she assumed to be his room. He opened up the door and let her in, she ran in kicking off her sandals and tossing her bag to the side. Opening windows to let out the stuffy air of the inn. The night was, like most nights, too warm for her. So when she finally found a spot to settle in and get comfortable in, she let her excitement bleed into her magic, pulsing a chill into the room and cooling it down. She was nearly too settled that she almost forgot. "Aye ye showed me yours so I owe ya mine." She raised her dress to show off her ram tattooed in red ink. The horns were in bold and thick lining while the head was in softer and more intricate details. She bent over slightly to see it for herself, it had been some time since she actively looked at it. "The ram is a piece of me fam I carry with me, least on my Pa's side. Different bloke to the demon mind ya, he's me Pa." She let him look the ram over until he had his fill, before popping back down and getting comfortable once more. Grabbing the only pillow nearby and crushing it in her embrace and munching on the darkness nearby.

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#10Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon

Drakkon would make it inside of the Inn, and she would follow him. That was good, which meant she understood the assignment. He would listen to her words as it would seem like she wanted to travel to these places. They were beautiful in their own right. Of course, some of them had their own cruelty to them. He wasn’t sure what Joya was like, since they just had a war within them. It would be interesting to see how the new Shogun would run Joya.

He would think about what song she usually played a lot when he was younger. It was then she would mention ripping his father from the heavens. He wasn’t sure they would be able to do that. If he remembered correctly chaos was a primordial god, the first one to exist before everything. They would need some massive firepower to be able to do something like that.

It was then she would talk about the powers her father had given her as they entered his room. When they did this, she would run into his room without wasting time. He would close the door behind her, but wouldn’t look in from the inside in case she wanted to leave. It was then that she would make herself comfortable before looking at him.

What she did next would make Drakkon smile; he found that she saw beauty in every way. He would see the ram tattoo but found other things more interesting.

“I see, so this is a part of your identity. It’s a beautiful piece along with many other things I see from you Lumi.” He said licking his lips.

It was then she would make herself comfortable.

“Would you like me to make a sweet drink for you?” He asked waiting for an answer before making anything for her.

He would just pour his alcohol into his jug for himself as he was fine drinking it like that.

“My dad is probably just an entity if he really exists. He is said to be the first Primordial god to exist. We would need a lot to beat them, but I am their child so it could happen. And as for my mother’s favorite song, I know it, but it would be horrible coming from me.” He said to Lumikki as he was not a singer.

“If you want a taste of chaos I can give you some.” He said as she was probably referring to killing his father, but he used it to turn on himself.



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“Will I be ever the strength to fell a god. Hard to say. Let alone one with the like of a primordial. But a girl’s got her ambitions aye, and I love to dream” She smirked at him in a mischievous way. Rolling around in her comfort as she held the pillow tightly.  

Lumikki was hardly phased from his comment or reaction from showing herself. Not for lack of guile or piercing at her desires, but because she could be a sheer force at times. Phased from the expected reactions and implications. She had the sense to read through people and their intentions. The drinking didn’t dull this of her on the slightest. It was simply the matter she was enjoying the time and moment with her guild mate in a way that had unfolded differently from all the others. She didn’t mind the uncertainty or the implications of her actions. She wasn’t a child and her magic strong. Though even so it was not this in which she rested her comforts. It was the simple fact her was a member of Dawn that put her at full ease. No one within them would dare bother to hurt another. Least in an ill intended way. And so she played with the moment before her. Her eyes gleaming with curiosity and playfulness.

As for her ram, it was never a bother to her to show it off. As a child of frost, she was raised to endure the frigid temperatures so that she may even wield her power. It had her accustomed to showing skin often and she never gave it any thought. There was never a reason to. As she showed him her tattoo, she truly only noted the act of showing off the art of her own. No desire to be meek or flustered. Only to dip into the chaos of the moment. How odd that Drake’s presence reminded her of another. One that made her sink deep into her darkness on a similar sensation. She didn’t think much of it for the moment though.

The offer of something sweet on the other hand garnered a full reaction out of her. Causing her to roll back upright and lose her hold on the pillow. More interested in crawling out of her comfort for the enjoyment of her new drink. Lumikki never got her dwarven fill at the bar and so it was a fine surprise she could still drink in more.

She slowly got up and sauntered forward, eagerly awaking her promised drink and frosting it to her preference.

”Ah yes yes, I remember him now. I follow the primordial frost and darkness. The “empty” void in which all came. But chaos sat somewhere alongside it and all the rest we know ta come slipped out from within.” As she spoke her muttering of the old lore she knew, she painted pictures of the telling with the darkness. The silhouettes hanging in the air before she let go of her hold ”If ye wanna entertain a girl in her dreams I won’t stop ya. Not like he solely owns chaos anymore nor do I care to fight me nature forever. Could be fun, least to get a face for the madness of it all. I wonder if it looks like yours?”

She walked backwards to fall back into a seat. Enjoying the sensation of the fall before propping herself in a way she half sat and half laid down. Her eyes shining slightly as she gazed at him, like a cat locking in on a bird. Her eyes didn’t lose an ounce of playfulness, they only gave way to inner darkness. The shadows and dark edges around them pulled slightly toward her. Small black tendrils curled and swirled at the hard likes where the shadows would end, and the room chilled a bit further becoming noticeable in its dip.

“Cheeky one ya are Demi-God. Though I usually hunger more than any taste can fix, I am curious to know how chaos feels on my teeth. I wonder, could ya fare the cold or do ye need someone to keep ye warm. Don’t think I got the warmth to offer ya if ye still wanna show me some chaos.” Lumikki pulled back her lips on a smile, her fangs shown as she did. Before she finally broke her gaze and sank into a soft expression that softened her features. Her sweeter smile that rivaled the innocent notion of “angels”. She took more sipped from her drink curious as to what the son of chaos would do. Rolling back from her position so that she now laid back fully. Humming a tune she learned years ago. ”I’m curious to hear ya sing son of chaos.” The darkness that crept along the room in Lumikki’s presence caused the lights to flicker. Dimming at first and blacking it out for moments. Before returning to its vigor as she turned away from it all together. Half hanging from where she laid, her eyes as piercing as before and her hunger and darkness on full display.

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would look at her as she was on his bed. He would see that she was enjoying herself, and he was glad that she had ambition. There was nothing better than that because it meant that she had goals and with goals meant she would get stronger. She seemed to want the alcoholic beverage, so he would work on those for her. He would move things around and get her what she wanted. He would take his pills for himself away from the drinks and then he would return to make her the drink. It would take a little longer to make it since it was not just something he poured. He had to be precise with it and soon enough he would be done with it.

When he was done with her drink, he would hear what she said, and it would seem like she was enjoying how he flirted with her. He would see that she was no longer on the bed but on the chair. He would see how she was on his chair. He would walk over to the woman who was leaning on his chair. He would lean over and he would have his face close to hers. He did hear everything she had said to him, and he would smile, bearing his fangs.

“I do want to entertain you Lumi. I think it would be nice to hear your screams and feel your sense of pleasure. As for the cold, you have nothing to worry about, I’m a Demi-God, a Ghoul, my body is truly strong to resist a lot of things.” He said to her as he would hand her the drink and gave her some space to adjust herself.

He would take his jug and he would drink some of the alcohol within it. This would help the other drugs work quicker and have special added effects as well.

“Yeah, that would be my father, but I heard he’s an entity over everything. If you want, I can show pleasure that would have you craving for more as days go by without seeing me after. Of course, I will always be around all you would have to do is find me.” He said as he grinned at her as he bared his fangs.

He shook his head to think of singing. It would remind him too much of his mother, and this was not a place for that. Still, if he did sing she would find it attractive that he was able to do something like that around her.

“Fine, I will sing what I used to hear my mother sing, but you cannot laugh. You asked even though I warned you.” He said to her.

He would close his eyes and after a few seconds, he would start humming as he was playing the tune of Nasuno Yoichi. While doing this, he would open his eyes to see her reaction to what he was doing.


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Lumikki would laugh as his boastfulness fully amused by his quick switch to be more direct. She grabbed her drink that she left to a tendril to hold for her, sitting up as she did to gulp more down. Some escaped her lips as she was still chuckling at his brash response. She wanted to savor the sweetness of her drink, but her desire to consume and feel drunk took over as she was more than halfway done. When her merriment settled the room only chilled further, she could even start to see Drake's breathe. Leaning back in her seat again and meeting his eyes. "Cheeky, cheeky aren't ya! I think I'll take ya on that Demi-God. I'm curious ta see how ye could fare. "

Darkness coiled around her as she leaned into it and let it hoist her up so that she could be closer to Drake's eye level. As she made her way up, his new comment shook Lumi to her core again. Letting out another guttural laugh. Though his confidence indeed make her curious to see if he could truly match his claims. She didn't mind getting a new hunger, long as he was true to maintaining his notion. She could sense the chaos from him, the Obscura within her reacted to it. It only laced the longing for the needless clash of the two. Though it was longing for the darker things and nothing more. It was a nice change to the more wholesome encounters she's had. For the first time she felt she could let her composure go, unbothered by worries he'd judge or misunderstand her. That Lumi was a let down to the perceptions of those who saw her as small, hyper, and valiant. She was all those things, just more. She boasts of ripping gods and demons but that was just an outlet to her darker desires. The need for chaos and destruction made her soul hum. Though she could fight her worst natures fine and without much effort, they flood out of her in ways she felt suiting to her ideals and desires. The want to be strong was one of the things she values. Destroying things along the way that posed a threat was an excuse to validate it. Yet there were no need for excuse here, there was no need for reason. There was nothing to maintain for him and he didn't even care for it. All he wanted was simple things, and to enjoy his fill of carnal desires. This eased her mind as she let more and more of herself slip in his presence. Yet the idea she would see him more and more was an odd one, almost surreal. It felt near impossible to believe someone like him in her guild exists. Everyone she's met so far were either quite heroic at best or self contained murders if they cared not to hold a valiant image over their actions.

"There ain't a need to try your silver tongue on me, I'm not a lass swooning for yere hand. Would ye even be easy to find Demi-God, or will ya make a small lass like me have ya hunt for ye. Least make it easy on me, I may scout but I hate to chase." She laughed at her own words. It felt ridiculous to play along, but she was far to entertained to cut the moment short. "Aye, don't think I will. A shifter like ya can come find me. Trouble like ye wouldn't hold company for long anyway I feel, ye smell of someone who slips into the night. But if a poor soul like ye needs a Daemon to console ya, feel free to send a raven my way "Ghoul"." Her eyes narrowed as she spoke and a large grin grew no her face. She was just having too much fun. A she spoke, she'd brush her had along his chest, spreading her black frost across his skin. Curious of his resistance and reaction. Wondering if her cold would scare him off. In moments of intense emotion, she could help but let her frigid energy leak out from her. So she couldn't be bothered with those that could not casual take her cold.

He humored her an began to hum. Closing his eyes as he did so. She let her dark snuff out the light to add more comfort for him, though the change made no difference to her. She saw just the same. Though now when he'd open his eyes, her shining purple eyes would greet him. Swaying herself to his iteration of his mothers song and enjoying the foreign tune for the first time, drinking it in while also finishing the last of her cup. When he finished, she just gulped her last bit down. She felt the liquor refresh the warmth within her, at last the shifting feeling of becoming drunk washed over her. Pleased with her current sensations she rocked herself more to the pulses it brought her. Waiting curiously for the chaos he spoke so found of and enjoying the state of the room she created. "Lovely..."

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would hear her comments about what he said as she had gotten closer to him. He would look at her as if he was fine with this. It would seem like she had used her magic or power of darkness to do so. He would invite the darkness in as the power of Chaos started to leak out. His power to want to devour things, brought hunger to his body as he looked at her. He wasn’t sure if she was ready for him, but he would show her what he was capable of doing. While she spoke back to him he would hear her as if she was enticing him to see what his next words would be.

He stared into her eyes as she finished everything she had said. Her hands touched his chest; it was then he would feel the cold air on his chest as the woman was using her abilities to see how he would fair against her. He would allow her to feel his body as he sang his song to her. When he was finished, his eyes opened, the darkness all over the room. This was it, and he would do what she wanted him to do for the night. It was his way of indulging himself as well.

“Glad you enjoyed it, but we will see.” He would push closer to her as he would go in for a kiss, which if happened would lead to other things in the room of darkness.


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Drake didn't even react let alone flinch to her cold touch. He didn't even falter as he hummed his song for her, but she knows for sure he felt her. Lumi was quite impressed. Maybe a Demi-God would have to be her new standard for fun playmates, she would not even have to worry about her talons here. Least that's what she hoped, he promised a strong body after all. Hell he promised he could make her scream. She was eager to test his words and see if they were true. She could almost taste the essence of chaos leaving him. Feeding into her innate darkness and stirring something deep and cold. Her usual hunger unbearable and annoying. What little bit of control she had was on a thread.

And sure enough when he was done with his song, her playmate wasted little time. Leaning close toward her, maintaining just enough grace to leave space for her to meet him half way. She let out another chuckle, smirking within the darkness. She wondered just how much of her he could even see. Lumi pulled him in to meet the kiss, letting her long nails press into him. Let's she how strong he is, was all she could think. Sure he would hate if she held anything back.

Lumi kissed into him hungrily, but it only annoyed her. Made her want to exert more as the intense hunger was not flooding in and hitting her at full force. She glanced for the bed and eye the path, forming her wings for the moment and dropping her tendril so she could pull Drake along with her as she flew back. Slamming into the bed as she did, the weight of him pushing her down soon after. Frost would creep along the sheet as she still kissed him. Clawing at his arms as she waited to see how exactly did he plan to make her scream. She would let up her clawing to grab his face and nibble on his features. Eyes shining full purple that they glowed in the dark, looking as playful as ever. "Ever hungry aren't ye son of Chaos. Now I'm almost curious to see how you break the other poor lasses you charmed on your war path. Sure ye broke hearts left nd right."

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon’s body would heal and due to being touched by the void her magic would soften on his body. He looked at her as she welcomed his touch; the talons he felt digging into him would pierce into him and he would flinch slightly so. He felt the pain from her action, but it was not enough to stop him from continuing with what he was doing. When she removed the talons, from where she broke his skin, she would see that his body would heal soon after.

The young man was about to pick her up and bring her to the bed, but she had beaten him to it. He, instead, would do something differently. He would take off the top part of his kimono he pushed himself on top of her as she slammed into the bed. Drakkon felt the scratching of her talons against his arms, and he would make sure those had healed as well.

He would hear her words as he felt the cold air surrounding and freezing the sheets around them. Of course, he couldn’t see anything as it was dark in here, but he assumed she could see everything.

“Yes, I am. It’s something I cannot contain. I cannot break the hearts of those that know of our agreement and if I did, I wouldn’t know. I’m not theirs forever, but temporarily. I charmed many, but you’d be the first I work with, live next to, and will see more often than any.” He said to her as things would go from there.

Drakkon would push closer to Lumikki she would be able to feel all of him, kissing her, and then moving elsewhere.

Fades into Black

The next morning would come, and Drakkon would be lying on the bed that he was on. His clothes were off, his wounds were all healed, the bedsheets no longer frozen and he would shake his head as he could feel the hangover from last night. He would get up from the bed and he would stretch his arms into the air.


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As Lumikki kept digging her talons in to him, his skin would only give more a moment. With every swipe it was like tearing flesh anew. When she finally could notice, she threw her head back and gave out a loud laugh. She was more than impressed now, she was invested. She wanted to see how far he'd let her take it and what head force her way in return. Yes perhaps Demi-gods really were a marvel the Daemon noted. When she finally could step into being her own Demon, she'd have to note her only prospects.

"Ye can save yere charm for yourself and the rabbits who might fawn ye. I agree just fine to the lack of ties, less to think on. I'm more interested in what it'll be like havin you round, It'll a first for me too. Least the ravens can't see in the dark, I could enjoy the exchange in peace."

She held still for a moment to imagine her future. Never thinking her night would go like this let alone with someone she'll grow to know. Least of all crossing hairs before a day of knowing him. She couldn't think about it for that much longer, Drake pushed into her and her mind would go as dark as the room she was in.

Her darkness gave way to the light of morning

Lumi was curled in her section of the bed. She didn't need warmth let alone that of another but she did have the pillow locked in her embrace again. She was a Daemon for comfort and she liked to be smothered in soft things as she slept. Her long hair was down and loose, it draped and obscured her. Thankfully shielding her eyes from the light of a new day but the stirring of Drake as he got up had woke her. She wasn't sure why anyone was moving beside her and in her half awake state she say him.

After a moment of blinking the sleep out of her eyes and registering the new day in the new room, her memories from last night finally hit her. She started to laugh as she though over what she had done. A sloppy last minute choice yea, but you could only hold back for so long. She was hardly bothered by it, more annoyed about getting carried away. She sighed deeply as she fell back in to laying down in the bed.

"I know ye drink, but I doubt you cook. Wanna hit a spot I know or are ye content here?"

She would roll in the bed until she finally met the edge. Stopping just before she'd fall before extending her arm and leg to the floor and hoisting herself up. The movement wasn't graceful but that was cause she hated mornings. She didn't feel hungover, already used to drinking her fill along with her kin. Though she was starving.

She looked over for her little dress and sighed heavily when she found a massive tear. She should of known this would happen, but she didn't account for a single thing in the moment. Not like she was attached to the outfit anyway and she just so happened finished trained a spell of hers that took a form of a veil.

The darkness that was around where she stood pulled towards her, laying over her skin to fashion another dress. It was another short dress with small slits on the side, the area of her chest was sheer. She tinkered it until it bore a nice floral detail, pulled at her cold, dark fabric to see how well it would hold. After spending literal hours and days figuring out how to merge her elements, she found that the fabric came out very sound and strong, soft and light. She was pleased with her work and finally looked over to Drake.

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon was finally done stretching and in the midst of it all, he would look over to Lumikki. She was beautiful alright and having her in that state in his bed gave him ideas of more. Still, he would put his hands to his side as he heard her laugh. He would turn to look at her as she had asked him where they should go and eat.

He had a smirk on his face as it would seem like she definitely didn’t regret the choice with him, which was a good thing.

“We can go to the spot you know.” He said to her as he would make his way to the bathroom.

He would freshen up a bit and he would walk back into the room as he would see that she had a different dress on than the previous night. He would smile at her as he was pleased to see that. He would walk over to his stuff and he would start putting on his clothes as well. He couldn’t go out like he was currently.

Once he was done getting dressed, he would put his katanas on his sash and he would look over to her.

“Alright, lead the way.” He said to her.

He would approach the door in front of him, and he would open it without a problem. He was letting her out first, and he would follow her soon after. Drakkon wasn’t as talkative as the night before, but it was because of one thing. He wasn’t drinking right now, and he was a different person when he was sober versus when he wasn’t.


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As Drake went to get dress, she would enter the bathroom. Washing off the evidence of the night before and looking herself over. Ha, she thought, minimal bruising. Her hand would trace over the marks as she would ice them over to help them fade away. She looked the dress she put together over in the mirror, thoroughly impressed with her work. She opted to keep her hair down for once, quite the change to her normal preferences. And she would line her eyes and paint her lips in darkness.

Lumi stared at the mirror studying her new look, she was surprised how much she liked it. Blushing as she eyed herself over and quelling it best she could before leaving the bathroom least Drake would be an idiot enough to tease it.

She sighed as she left, deciding to not think more of it. He would be equipping his katanas by the time she walked back out, looking over at her ready to go. She grabbed her bag and walkout the front door as he was kind enough to hold it open for her. Waiting him to be done locking it up before she started leading the way. The morning had made her quiet and tired, but she was slowly walking up more and more as they walked over to her spot.

She led to the more darker areas of the shopping area before turning a corning and walking down a cluttered alley. Doors to shops and restaurants were open and on full display, even early in the day they were loud with all the rustling and bustling inside. Lumikki inhaled deeply as the food already smelled so good.

"Quiet one ye are, no where near as cheeky as the night before. Can't blame ya, ain't a morning person myself, but I listen to my gut when I'm hungry enough to wake me self at all. Nothing like the morning to drain all the color away though." Lumikki stopped before one of the doors before getting a good stretch in and walking inside. Shouting on the top of her lungs as she walked over to her favorite seat. "Ay Carla, make it two dwarven brews this morning!"

A well aged women of stout stature poked her head out the window to the kitchen, looking right at Lumi as if she knew just where she'd be."What's this now lass, bringing company with ye for once. And here I thought a pretty girl like ye would only know how to be alone. I'll whip ye up sometin special, givit a moment!" Lumikki sighed deeply as she rolled her head back in annoyance. "Please don't start, least not this early before I get my brew in!" She wouldn't hear a response in return as she finally took her seat at her table. Playing with the flame of the candle just on top. "Don't mind her, she thinks she's my Ma or something." But just as she let that slip from her lips she smiled lovingly. Her body and emotions betraying her desire to show off nothing at all. Lumikki grew quite fond of Carla the moment she took her in and made her breakfast the first time they met. She began coming quite often with stories and trinkets for Carla since. Keeping the old dwarven women company on slow days and the kitchen cool on hot ones.

After a moment of silence she finally mustered the resolve to look back at Drake."She's the best cook in this city, no question. One of the few treasure this mess a place could muster." She looked at Drake head on with a huge grin on her face."Bet ye never had yourself a dwarven brew, amd I right? It's a nice Icebergian blend mixed with some dwarven liquor! Gets a kick out of me every morning I tell ye. Really helps me find the steam to quest round these parts early in the day. Oh, but that's not touching how good her eggs and pancakes come!"

As Lumikki was gushing over her second mum's work, Carla came rushing from the back. Two massive mugs were in her hand and when she arrived she slammed them down the table before them. Eager to get the details of the man in her company. "Ye an interesting lad to look over, don't see blokes dressed like ye around here. Did ye meet me girl while questing? Taking care to watch her back I hope." She eyed him over thoroughly once she got pass his attire. Her face was only getting more giddy as she processed what she saw. "Quite the handsome one ye found out dere lass and look a chu looking so dolled up today. Wish ye luck taking him home. If ye don't, well I just might." Carla half whispered whiling leaning over toward Lumikki. Her eyes would widen in embarrassment and her face redden. "Ye could leave now or I will!" She retorted exasperatedly. She got up and started pushing Carla away as the old woman would giggle. "But lass, I ain't even get a name!"

"Don't worry bout it, if ye act nice you'll get it later. Now pleeeease, he's just a new member of the guild I'm showing round. Don't make me regret showing him the best spot to get his fill." This calmed the woman enough to comply, happy to tease the girl and see more of her friend."Get Murlo to pass this food this time, I can't with ye." Lumikki returned to her see and rolled her eyes. "That woman is so lucky she has me heart, it's just annoying that she knows it." She took a moment to gather her breath and settle down before chilling he brew to a temperature more to her liking and throwing back her drink. She would usually enjoy it slow but not after all of that. She didn't bother looking back to him till she was done, and yelling out to the kitchen to bring her another.

Aye, sorry bout that. Not like it matters all that much anyways. I doubt I'd be dragging ye that many mornings, but feel free to come by without me. It would prob make her day to see yere face once and a while anyway."

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would close the door and when he was done with that he would walk with Lumikki. He was following her around as he was quiet. His jugs were filled with alcohol, and he felt like he needed a drink. Still, he had slept with this woman and they were part of the same guild, so speaking to her wouldn’t be too hard for him to do.

While they moved through the area, they had gone through an alley. He knew she was going to try her luck and see how much pain he could take. Who was going to attack him here? His mind had gone off the rail for no reason. He had followed her anyways, and nothing had happened. They were fine, and soon enough he could smell food.

He would look around to see where it was coming from and his stomach would rumble. He was excited, but he decided to hold back from showing that. His eyes looking at her as she had spoken to him. He would chuckle when he heard those words because she wasn’t wrong.

“Yeah, right now isn’t the same as who I am throughout the day. I am hungry though. I’m really hungry right now.” He had to say it twice.

It wouldn’t take long, but she would take a seat at a spot nearby, and he would follow her and sit next to her. He would remain quiet when an older lady approached them. Lumikki had ordered them some brews, and he would remain silent. He would hear their exchange, and he would nod at Lumikki when she told him not to pay attention to anything that was going on.

It wouldn’t take long for her to speak and she would boast how good Carla was at cooking. He would nod as he couldn’t wait to try it out then.

“That’s good to hear. I’m a big eater; I never had a dwarven brew, so it will be a first.” He said to her as he looked at his stomach.

He would rub it a bit as the owner of the shop would come back with their drinks. He looked at the drink and then at the woman who was interrogating him. He stood quiet as she spoke and then looked over to Lumikki as it would seem like she was getting embarrassed by what she had been saying. He would hear Lumikki talk and soon apologize to him.

“No need to apologize. Things like this happen all the time. And I will if the food is good. And who says I can’t be your midnight pleasure and wake-up enjoyment.” He said to her as he would take the dwarven brew.

He would take a sip of it and soon after he would start chugging it. It was actually really good and he had smiled at her and gave her a thumbs up. He hoped the food would taste just as good if not better, but with Drakkon a lot of things were good.


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Lumikki scoffed at his comment as it took her by surprise. After the annoyance she just had, she answered his comment back with an eye roll. “Suppose if ye could win me over then. Long as ye know I’ll never be the one knocking.” As she spoke he was chugging his drink. She smile as she guessed he really liked it. Figured he would since the man could drink, he wouldn’t be the kind to turn down a nice drink in the morning. At least she knew she wouldn’t, the kick felt good especially when she was dragging herself around.

She rested her elbow on the table, hand propping up her head. Why Paradise Dawn of all places?” She asked as soon as the thought came to mind that she’ll be seeing him more. A son of chaos would be waltzing in her guild and fighting along side of her. He’ll continue to talk and see her. He’ll stir the annoying darkness within her. She didn’t know what that would bring to her but as they walked over to this spot, he was like someone else. For all that she could read into him, she could see it’ll be pointless to be hung up on any of them. He’s simply a force of his own that’ll do as he pleases with or without her. Though that also brought her peace as she knew he could just as easily disregard her existence. There was no reason for him to ever care for her, so she should just have as much fun and peace as she could regardless.

I’m curious what you think of me mate? Aren’t ye curious what yer guild mate’s like? Doesn’t finally working with someone ye crossed annoy ya?” Though his carefree expression and demeanor already told her enough. She just wanted to hear what he would word for her. Curious to see what and how he would translate himself in relation to another. She wanted to know as much before she continued along him further. If she should let herself slip from the cracks and continue in her ways. Though her thoughts didn’t last for that much longer.

Murlo, and employee to Carla, was walking over with their drinks and food. He held both mugs in one hand, both plates along his hand and arm. Lumi’s face sparked in excitement. Part cause her food is ready but also because it never failed to dazzle her that they could do that. Here ye are lass, hope ye enjoy it. Carla was cooking up a storm in there, guess ya got her goin.” Lumi nodded as he left them and gestured Drake to eat his fill. Carla cooked them a massive entree. Sunny side eggs stacked over a medium rare steak stacked over pancakes that would absorbed the juices. To the side of the dish were home fries with gravy.

Lumi teared up as she took her meal in, measuring everything with her eyes so she knew just how full she would get. She chilled her second cup of brew and gulped down to half, wanting to feel the kick of the liquor before she gorged her breakfast. Stuffing her face happily, rotating around all the food on her plate. She was content to eat silently until around halfway through, when she started filling up. She sipped at her brew from time to time and even that was almost done.

“What did I tell ye, woman’s magic. If I ever needed a pick me up, you’d find me here stuffing my face and drinkin.” And the meal really did just that, Lumi’s mood and annoyances were gone. She didn’t care about what bothered her so much before, she didn’t even remember what it was. Ultimately, probably wasn't even important. She would polish of her dish refreshed and food. Wondering how her mate enjoyed the meal she spoke so highly of.

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Go D. Drakkon

Drakkon would wipe those his lips as he would hear her and he would shake his head. That wasn’t good, she should also be the one knocking. If he was the one doing the knocking all the time, then it meant she didn’t enjoy it.

“If you don’t knock every so often, then it would mean you aren’t enjoying yourself.” He chuckled a bit at his comment.

He would crack his neck because he joined the guild because of Toge.

“I joined Paradise Dawn because Toge recruited me to join. We were in the same gang, well he was my right-hand man. He always told me things how it was and now how I wanted to hear them. After he left, it wasn’t the same, and we followed him here. That was basically it, but now it seems like something happened to him, and his demon latched onto me.” He said as he was speaking about Luci.

He didn’t know that Toge had been used as a sacrifice to awaken his powers. Well, he was used for something else, but things had gone wrong and it awakened Drakkon’s powers and these new habits of his. His ears would twitch to what she said next.

“You’re a beautiful woman. You are intriguing, someone who welcomes darkness. It’s enjoyable to see this coming from someone within Paradise Dawn. You let your darkness out around me, and I guess I would like to see how chaotic it can get.” He said to her, pausing for a second.

The food was arriving, but he wasn’t done talking just yet. Still, when the food arrived he would look at everything that was on his plate and he wouldn’t hesitate. Drakkon would start eating his food as he was hungry. He didn’t know what it was, but he had a bottomless pit. It was not something that was always a thing but recently became a thing. He would enjoy the flavor that pressed against his tongue and how well-cooked everything was.

He would hear her words and he would look at her as he nodded. She enjoyed food as well, and if she was ever down she would be here stuffing her face. He would swallow his food and he would look at her as he figured he could talk a bit.

“The food is amazing indeed.” He said as he would drink a bit more and placed it down while looking at her.

“What are you like? Where did you get this darkness that is hovering over you? You seem like you want to become stronger, but what if becoming stronger changes you and you’re devoured by your darkness? How did you join the guild?” He asked her these questions


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Lumikki gave what he said some thought. Knocking it around in her mind. When she was ready to respond she shrugged as she spoke. “Suppose yer right about that. So ye can expect hearing from a raven every once and a while.”

Lumi heard the crack of his neck and wondered if it was how he had slept. But then he said a name she never figured he’d say. Toge has been gone a long while. Though she only met him once, she didn’t take family missing lightly. Whether he was around often or not, he was a member of the guild. And now he’s just gone.

Lumi didn’t talk about it with anyone. Who could she mention it to. No one else seemed to care, probably thinking he’d be back eventually. And he probably would, there was still time to see him pop up again. But if Drake is in Dawn now and there was still not word, it’s hard to stay optimistic. Still, it was interesting to know more about them and how they had crossed paths. Lumi leaned forward onto the table, resting her head in her arms as she listened and thought things over. “Wha wait, demon‽” Lumi was taken off guard. “Ye pledged with a demon too‽. Are ya gonna get rid of it?”

Her reaction got her thinking, when she eventually turns to a demon herself, would she want her love ones to get rid of her? There was still much she didn’t know. For that she decided to refrain from pushing her thoughts on the matter anymore. Best to say less when you have nothing to go on. She didn’t know if this demon was an actual problem anyways.

She let the matter go entirely only to be struck with something else. This man only continued to surprise it and it was beginning to show on her face. The guarded edges of her waned just enough so that she didn’t keep him arms reach, but saw past his trickiness. She was worried to let such a chaotic being to close. Wouldn’t do her any favors she thought, she already could barely contain her own. But that was just cowardice, and she could at least be above that.

Still his words had made her flustered. She let go of her frost and let it show on her features. “I could say the same son of chaos. I’m curious what storm you’d brew in yer  path. It’s almost refreshing having ya as a member. Means I can look forward to more trouble. What’s yer style in things anyway? Ye already tasted my dark frost, you’ve seen my preference.”

Between eating her meal, Lumi had looked over Drake with his. He seemed like he very much enjoyed the food on his plate. She was relieved. She never doubted Carla but it was nice to see someone else enjoy something she did. Especially someone as odd as he.

When his meal was reaching the end he would plaster her with questions. Not that she minded to answer, it always entertained her when someone showed interest. It was just she never thought he wound care. Lumi fingered she’d just abandon her notions on him, pointless to pretend you know what you actually don’t. It was more interesting to see what would pave forward in time regardless.

“What am I like, you ask? A tall question to answer. I’m a Daemon so we lean toward destruction, but I find mindless carnage boring. When the pact was force on me by the Demon that aided my father, it was at least a pact of honor. Something I could live by comfortably, it’s something I was forged with. Loyalty goes a long way, as you’d know. And at times it keeps me from being the monster the Obscura makes me out to be.”

Lumi takes a sip from her drink as she let the other questions ruminate in her mind before answering. They were complex and hard to answer easily or convey with words. Yet this like of thinking intrigued her. She never spoke about these kinds of things with people like this. At times she would slip and pay her woes on another but no one has ever willingly asked her. So this was new to her and from the son of chaos himself of all people to express curiosity for her. It make her care for her words all that much more.

”Darkness is an interesting thing because it’s more complex than people would realize. I for one didn’t understand it well until I joined the guild myself and did my own research. I suppose I’ll try to answer the rest of yer questions in one.”

Lumikki got comfortable again, resting her head on her hand. Looking at Drake proper in the eye and smiling. ”My Nan was a fine women, taught me everything I know of the frost and the primordial that rules it. I didn’t find out till she passed that she severed my inner darkness as a lass to stave off the Demon who claims to be a father of mine. What ever he needs me for, I don’t likely care. I severed ties not long after stepping through guild doors.  The dark and frost are sisters that preceded all, my magic and therefore my darkness comes from them as my darkness was severed it was there it resided. Yet a part of my power is still akin to the Demon’s. They use darkness aye but it’s a perversion. Where the primordial seeks stillness and a return to the beginning, the abyss seeks destruction and chaos. I don’t mind the mix myself but I don’t like being controlled. When the time comes I must take the leap in the abyss, a risk I’m willing for as I don’t want to be like this forever, then I’ll have to hope my will could  beat that of the abyss. I’m in Paradise Dawn because my mother feared for me after the passing, but truly it’s help me figure out what I’ve wanted. Or at least it’s giving me company to enjoy before I lose to the madness. Whose to say?”

She leaned back in her seat once she finished. Tilting her head up to look up at the ceiling. It felt weird to her saying all of that, but it was nice getting it off her chest to at least one other person. And perhaps who would be better than he to understand. She could at least let it all go for now.

”So what of ye Drake? Who are ya? And what have ye though of my tale?” she spoke with glee and curiosity. Energized by the idea of furthering the exchange. Getting to know the other was more fun than she would of thought.


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Lumikki sees a raven fly toward the window and perch in the sill. Croaking softly and sweetly to her. It was Muninn, a raven of her Uncle Brone. Probably out here to fetch me for a quest or errand. Who is to know for the moment.

Three Croaks would pass through his beak and she knew from then a lot it was a matter to attend. Not like she would mind anyway. For she was already done with the meal.

She pushed her plate forward and slowly slid her chair back before rising to get up. A bit sluggish from all that she had ate. She left a pouch of jewels on the table, enough to cover the meal and a bit more. "Thank for entertaining me son of Chaos," she would say as be started to walk away from him. "Gotta head the raven's call so I'll see ye in the guild I suppose."

She walked toward her bother perched and patient. Gently scratching his head and brushing the side of his face with her finger. She turned back to look toward the kitchen. "Thanks me love for the meal as always. Seems a raven calls so I most go, hope ye don't mind but my guest still here if ye wanna entertain him."

"Alright lass, just stay safe." Carla peeked her head from her window and glanced at the table, "And that better not be too much! I told ye girl its best to get ta saving. Not spending it all here."

"What can I say," she replied as she shifted into a proper raven. Feathers swirling her until she could not be seen, dispersing to reveal to ravens a top the sill. One nuzzling the other and the latter Croaking happily. "The meal and drank were worth the cost. They really hit the spot, Aye." One bird would respond before the two would take of and leave the Silver Cleaver together.

Leaving Drakkon to enjoy his peace of the morning however he would please.


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