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Summoning of the Hrútr Clan (Brone/Lumikki)

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#1Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
As the sun dipped into the afternoon, an unfamiliar raven had entered the region, darting towards Paradise Dawn and catching the eye of all the ravens that watched over the home. Huginn and Muninn flanked the newcomer and soon discovered she was a messenger from the Hrútr clan. They guided her to the nearest of Lumikki's personal ravens and asked them to take the newcomer to the young maiden before they parted and immediately went to find Brone Heavyaxe.

The dwarf was on his way to his forge on his day off. Hearing from Huginn and Muninn, he had assumed the messenger raven was simply passing on a personal letter, for Lumikki wrote to her parents often, but when he was informed by Lumikki that this was a summons for all of the clans to gather at the Old Hall for the family reunion, he made haste to make preparations.

* * *

Days passed, and now the time came where they would take off. Though it would take less time by flight to reach Iceberg, Brone was reluctant, so Lumikki and Brone left home three days prior and traveled by land upon the back of Noctus his black pegasus. Reaching the borders of Iceberg filled the dwarf with excitement, the cold frigid air blanketed them, welcoming them to the home of their kin.

"Sorry we couldn't bring the other two, but this time is strictly for family" Brone mentioned to Lumikki as he held onto the reigns, Noctus making his way through the snow upon the main road. Gnicholas wasn't bothered and actually preferred to stay home instead of heading off to another country where barely anything could properly live within the deep cold; as for Benimaru, given he was no longer a mask and sword, but obtained his body again, he had to remain behind. The oni waved it off as if he wasn't interested regardless, but it was obvious that he was irrigatable that he had to wait possibly an entire fortnight before Lumikki returned so they could begin to officially start their adventures together.

Luckily for the ravens, they didn't need to stay behind, for many of the clans found ravens very useful for scouting and messaging. Huginn and Muninn flew several yards above the dwarf and the daemon's heads, helping to guide the other ravens so they wouldn't be caught in any cold weather gusts.

Then something caught Huginn's eye. Something large was flying in the sky and little too close to their area. He wanted to go forth and scout, but figured he would take this time to give the others a chance to prove themselves, "Something above, possibly a hawk or something bigger, I will go to have a look, so who will lead?" he then looked back at several of Lumikki's personal flock.

Muninn was concerned about this. Huginn and Muninn were more skilled with scouting from decent distancing, but to take this chance to train the others was questionable. He caught sight of Huginn's gaze and they understood one another. Muninn nodded, indicating he will remain with the rest of the flock while Huginn waited for whichever who was bravest to take charge.



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”Revna!” Trygve yelled out, announcing his arrival before slipping through a cracked open window high above the library, he was tailed by another bird and Lonu.

Lumikki had been reading in the library for the moment. Doing further studies on the nature of Demons and the kinds out there. Some information was documented of Daemons as well and their exploits in pushing the Demon’s agenda but most were noted to be long dead. Lumikki a Daemon herself and tangled along with the mess of Demons was just trying to do what she had seen Yuurei do long, long ago just after she joined the guild. And that was look into their kind to plot just how they would kill them.

Trygve’s cry defiantly proceeded him, and it took Lumikki out of her thoughts entirely. She looked up to see him enter and glide down to perch on her table. The other two following his lead and setting just on top of a pile of her books.

”What brings ya love?” Lumikki spoke softly. She placed a marker on the page before closing the book and putting it to the side. ” The Hrútr clan calls for thee Miss Omena. It is time for the reunion of clans and all attendance is mandatory. Yer father sends his best regards an to let ye know he is over joyed to have ya.” Lumikki caressed the raven’s head, and she took the affection hungrily. ”Thanks for the message lil one. Now come, ye should rest.”

Lumikki held out her arm so that the raven could climb it and grabbed the book she wanted to finish back in her room. She carried the visitor back to the dorms so she could get fed and rest.

Lonu who was mostly quiet up to this point finally spoke. ” Hrútr clan reunion?” He inquired. Trygve who pride himself in knowing a lot about the Revna stayed silent. It was clear that there was still more to know.

”Aye the Hrútr clan, the head of seven clans, calls the family together. Word is that the Dwarven clans meet once every fifty years. This’ll be me first of seeing it so tis all I could say on that. But its a known honor to be chosen to send the call and not having to carry a note only made the trip easier. Oh, Bo sends her greetings. Lass was assigned to another family since she’s one of the few to know how to get there but ye’ll see her back in Fjallgard.”

”It’s nice seeing her come in with letters yes. Fells like its been a while since she’s come with another.”

”Aye, things have been hellish back at home. Much to prepare and so there hasn’t;t been the time nor the ravens to get things sorted. The Omena have been kind to lend more ravens to the cause but so many of the kin are scattered. Yer the one of two I’ve been assigned. A Brone Heavyaxe also needs to be informed.”

”I could tell him that simple enough.” They were at her room now and Lumikki let the raven hop off to a pole she added into her room for the ravens to occupy and walked off to the side to gather the snacked to kept in her drawer.

”I’m afraid we never got your name. Tell me, what is it like in Fjallgard.” Lonu only now started to see more of the world and so he was quite curious.

”It’s Dagmar,” and from there she explained everything about her home.


Lumikki already knew and figured that a Dwarf of the stone would prefer the way of the earth. And usually it annoyed her most times but this time it didn’t upset her too much. She was not in a rush to enjoy this day and see home. She wanted to savor this journey and the travels. This is the first time the two were making this trip and she was enjoying herself.

”Ye know, Geri could use a walk or two himself from time to time? Leaving him behind broke me heart.

Packing for her had became easy ever since she obtained that void of hers. She stored all the she figured she would need for the trip and her Uncle’s things as well. Was a load off of Noctus’ back and she was sure he was happier for it.

”I wonder what she should bring back for the two we had to leave home? I still can’t believe Brother Beni got legs of his own.”

Meanwhile above where the unkindness flew.

”Hawk you say? You could see that from here?” Trygve spoke with veiled fear in his voice.

”But it won’t come here would it?” Alune whimpered.

”Heh, if you fear them, it’ll make it easier for them to snatch you from the skies. I say the best advice to is stay cool and collected so you could bait them into making the wrong moves. But don’t worry Alune, no hawk will be snatching you!” Gunvald, the newest addition to the flock but the oldest among her regular birds. He had more time to live and therefore more time to become wise of the world. He could be a bit brash, blunt, and brutish, but he is as loyal as it comes to the Revna he now follows.

”Still…this may be my first time but I think I will take the lead. You are free to fly ahead Huginn, I’ll watch over the flock now.” Lonu who didn’t spend as much time as a raven as the others have yet he would be the oldest among them by far. His previous existence as a forest spirit granted him that and the wisdom he bear. And though Trygve wishes to be the most capable of all of Lumi’s ravens, he was still young and a bit anxious to take it on.

Lonu took the spot Huginn would leave behind, looking at both the brothers in a sense of agreement and understanding. Lumikki from below would take notice of the raven breaking off. She was curious as to why but silent of it for the moment. Opting to just watch Huginn as he flew ahead and scanning the skies the best she could to find out why.


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Brone Heavyaxe
It did indeed bother him that he had to leave Geri home. For a moment Brone thought about possibly turning about to retrieve the artic wolf, but dismissed the idea, such a task would cause lateness, for they had already traveled for far too long. But he began to debate it within his mind.

"This is his home, where you two have met" Minori's voice echoed within his mind.

"Your niece needs to see her family, you don't have time to go all the way back" Ranulf's voice was stern; he didn't have the patience. This was a mistake on Brone's part and the dwarf realized that and began to groan, irritable for the argument that was brewing in his mind.

"Lass, could ye send at least three ravens back with Muninn to get Geri? The ravens will find a safe route for the big wolf" Brone sighed, admitting defeat. He then noticed Huginn had parted from the flock, possibly to scout from a higher position, so he didn't pay much mind to him.

Huginn took his path higher up, though none of the other ravens chose to take the higher winds with him, he was still glad that the flock were strong enough to handle such cold winds and hold together as a unit. The low clouds hid away the avian he had spotted before; his sight scanning the skyline, trying to even find the silhouette of the bird.

Muninn was glad that the flock decided not to stray away too far, finding his brother mad for making such idiotic risks, for the vast majority of them were still learning the way of being winged retainers. He watched his brother fly higher and higher towards the low clouds, wondering if the mysterious avian was still around; no bird would be able to spot prey while flying higher then the clouds.

Huginn halted his ascension, now gliding just some meters below the clouds, a risk taker, but not foolish. It was a odd that he wasn't able to see any sign of the mystery bird. Shrugging it off, he decided to start making his way back, but just when he began to descend, something large burst from the clouds; it wasn't a bird of feathers, "A wyvern!?" the raven cawed in surprise as he closed his wings and fell into a nose dive to escape the talons of the beast that nearly grasped him.

Muninn seeing this began to caw loudly as he flew off to meet his brother, "Take care of one another, don't break off into groups smaller than two!" he called to the flock before he was out of earshot.

Brone looked up in a start as he heard his ravens cry out in excitement, "What the hell is that thing!?" he said as he pointed to the sky, seeing some large beast with wings chasing Huginn. A shudder ran through his body as he whipped the reins and pulled, guiding Noctus to leave the ground and take to the sky, but so long as he kept his eyesight on the target, he could stave his fear long enough, "Lass, you're gonna have te take care of that beast while I keep the reins" he told her as Noctus was closing the distance quickly.

As for Muninn, as he and Huginn reached one another, they broke away, each going in a separate direction, causing the winged beast to miss both of them in the slight confusion. This was an old tactic the two brothers learn long ago when it came to facing off against large enemies of the sky even though they couldn't fight themselves, they could work together to evade even the most dexterous of enemies.

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As Huginn climbed in altitude, Lumikki kept her eyes locked on him. For good measure, she even marked all the ravens with the power of her eye. Should they scatter, she would still know exactly where they were.

Despite how far Huginn was flying off, she could still see him as clear as if he was flying just beside her. And that was when she finally noticed a serpentine creature threading through the clouds. Lumikki held her breathe trying to figure out what to do. If the beast did not notice the raven just yet, her flying up beside Huginn could then draw on too much attention. But before she could settle on what she would prefer to do, Huginn let out a cry when he finally realized there was something more than perhaps he would bargain for. She could see from the corner of her eye an X, his brother, moving up within the sky to meet him.

Lumikki pulled her fingers to her lips, blowing out a whistle that her ravens could hear even though they were as high up as they were. They knew all to well the sound she made and began to pull back and heed her call. Flying for where she was Brone was now.

”Telling from the features Unlce, it’s looking like a Leviat. But I didn’t know ye could see one here.” He was already pulling the reigns back at this point, Noctus was leaving the ground and entertains the sky. Lumi knew how hard that was for him and that even though he was taking the measures to, it would more than likely be up to her to intervene. Fine with her she thought, this spiked the adrenaline in her blood. The Daemon was fully excited to take this all on.

Her wings would form and she took on a full transformation. And as the words from her Uncle to face the beast left his mouth, she already kicked off. ”Ahead of ye Uncle, ya could leave this to me but watch the birds!” Her flock was nearing and she already told them to stay by Brone. Most didn’t compain except Gunvald. ”Stay with him for what my Revna. He could manage himself fine, and at least I should be with you!” Lumikki didn’t linger in the air for that long when her brothers were in danger of being attacked. All she could after his was a look in her eyes that convey exactly what she meant to say. Do as you were told… And so he did, flying with the rest to where Brone was. Though the look sent chills down his feathers, it only made him love her more all the same.

The two birds had met over to break off in two directions. Lumikki chuckled at how cleaver the two really were, and pleased to see how well their strategy had worked. So as the beast stood still, stunned by their tactic. Lumikki came darting in at full force. Hungry to clash with the beast and maybe like Brone had Geri all that time ago, make this one her’s. A grin crept her face as her fangs poked out. She was quite content to clash indeed.

The Leviat shaking off its confusion began to fly in the direction Muninn went. He was flying toward his brother so that they may cross paths again one more time before heading straight back to Brone. The creature had not yet picked up on Lumi due to its attention already being occupied with the smaller birds. So when Lumikki crossed her arms quickly, sending to frost talons his way, he did not notice it in time. One crashed wish his face, the other held its body in place. The Leviat shook violently to free himself and recover from the blow. No longer occupied with chasing the ravens as much as it was rearing to attack Lumi now instead. When the two ravens descended enough that she not longer had to worry for them, she curled her fingers and tilted her head. A massive grin was planted on her face as all the air around her was struck with a deep and strong chill. Even the water from with in the clouds were beginning to crystallize, bits and pieces of hail started to fall from her tampering.

The beast was also feeling the brunt of her chill, its movements slowing to a near halt for it. Black frost was spreading along its scales and flowers were starting to even bloom. Lumikki flew right for it again and though it was struggling to stay in the air let alone move, it tried to swat the Daemon with it’s tail before trying to climb even higher in the sky.

It was not hard for Lumi to evade the attack, the speed of the creature was minimal now. And just as it tried to recoil its tail, she sunk her talons into its flesh so that she could easily cling on. Climbing up in the sky along with the creature, testing just as far high up as it could go.

Slow as the creature was at first, it did begin to rocket forward. Far passing the point above the clouds, to heights Lumi herself had not bother to reach. The world below her was foreign to her now, nothing but a sea of clouds remained as she enjoyed the sights and the ride up. But when the air was becoming to thin for even her to breath easily anymore, she knew it was time to finish this encounter now. She swiped her free hand once more to make another talon, this one descending toward the Leviat’s face so that it would knock them back down some with the blow. The creature let out a scream and Lumi thought short of breath let out one of her own to match them. She finally released her grip on its tail setting herself loose. And as the creature was falling just pass her from the blow, she grabbed on to its head.

She allowed the beast and herself to drop for some time, shooting passed the clouds left her and the creature drenched. And the further her and the beast dropped, the more speed they took on until they had reached max velocity. Lumi enjoyed the drop, giggling as the two fell before she figure it was time to set them back once more. She didn’t want to kill this beast but instead make it her own. She gave the being a kiss just above it’s eye, ”Figure Asger would make a fine name, what cha think of it mate?” The beast was mostly silent now, but it was also docile by this point. As Lumi would hope for, he didn’t see a point to fighting her anymore.

She laid both palms on Asger‘s scales, black flowers blooming once more but for benevolent reasons this time as the wounds inflicted in the fight were healing. She gave him another kiss as her frost talons would form once more but caress him this time. Holding him back from falling any longer and cutting into the speed from which they dropped. With some of the strength of his returned, he managed to hold himself up in the sky once more. Circling in the air for a moment to recover from his previous shocks before adhering her direction to fly toward her Uncle. Lumi content with her conquest sat back, wings and form disappearing as she waved back to Brone, ”His name is Asger, What cha think of it?!” She shouted on her return. The beast would circle around the flock and Brone, also stupefied from all that just happened. Meanwhile Lumi was hugging her new pet in complete satisfaction.

”Does that mean he’s on our side now?….” Alune was at a loss for words.

”I guess so…” Lonu answered.

”…..” Trygve flew in silence as he tried to make out what just happened.

Meanwhile, ”As expected of our Revna, right mates?!” Gunvald displaying must gusto at the show of strength and triumph. He loved to see it, and so while everyone else was just taking it all his, he was celebrating.

”I guess maybe it was for the best Geri stayed home after all?” She was laying on top of Asger at this point swinging her legs casually and quite comfortably.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone wasn't sure what a 'Leviat' was, but if Lumikki knew, then he had all the more faith in her to handle the situation. Though when she asked him to watch the birds, he assumed he could handle such a simple task, but when his eyes went from the beast in the sky to searching for ravens about him, he took notice of how high he was flying, so he pulled himself closer to Noctus, pressing his body against the black pegasus.

As soon as Lumikki struck the leviat, the beast, though shook from the attack, lost interest in the ravens and turned its focus on the daemoness who revealed her demonic form. As for Huginn and Muninn, they slowed in their flight, taking a good distance so they could watch the altercation, but Muninn pointed out Brone's struggle. He pointed it out to Huginn, "We need to keep his focus".

"We'll be fine, it's not like he'll be in the fight anyway" Huginn was more worried about Lumikki who was actually confronting the beast, though it did seem like she was enjoying herself. He then caught his brother's eye, the sternness in his sight, something he rarely shown, was enough to get Huginn to fly back down to Brone. He then realized it wasn't just the dwarf they needed to tend to, but also Lumikki's flock. They needed structure and a lead, at least for the moment so they could easily handle the worry within them.

Huginn and Muinn flew along side Noctus, keeping leveled. They cawed to get the dwarf's attention. When Brone opened his eyes, he noticed the raven brothers flying at his left and right side; the sight of them was enough to help him handle his anxiety better, "Aye, I thank ye greatly" he sighed with relief. He then took a moment, though carefully searching the sky and eventually spotted Lumikki's demonic form handling the leviat. Seeing that she was handling the situation well, Brone sighed relief, figuring this will end pretty soon.

Then his heart beat started to raise again as he watch Lumikki and leviat soar higher and higher; he clung onto Noctus again, hoping  his niece wouldn't go as high as touching the clouds, but the daemoness was a rebellious one as she always had been, so she and the leviat pierced through the clouds, "Damn it, lass!" Brone's body shook, fearful and waiting for her to return.

Then she was visible again... but falling this time. Brone began to alternate between cursing and praying, for both being pissed she was doing something so dangerous and hoping she would stop the descent. For a moment, it felt as if he was holding his breath the entire time as Lumikki and the beast fell faster and faster, but they eventually stopped, the beast steadying his flight. Another big sigh came from the dwarf as his niece waved at him.

"She named the damn thing... I guess she's keeping it" He smiled and waved back.

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Brone looked at her with an exasperated expression and it only made her break out into a burst of giddy laughter. The Daemon threw her head back, nearly falling off her new mount. Her laughter was like the chiming of many bells but her sadistic tendencies would tinge her her chuckle.

” Let’s head over to the fam lad. We got to get ya playing nice.” The beast groaned and hummed, not yet used to being commanded but the talons of the girl were threatening to pierce his scales and flesh once more. ” No use in running either love…once I’ve seen ya, I’ll always be able to find ye…” The Daemon would utter to the beast, her cold shadow wrapping around it and tugging at his scales. It tensed for a bit before relaxing itself and drifting toward the Dwarf and flock. The beast gave in to the girl's wishes, not in the mood to cease anytime soon.

Meanwhile the Daemon was stroking and petting it, not like the beast would take any notice of it at the moment. It was still registering what had happened. Despite all the damage taken, Lumi was able to heal all the wounds. This put Asger in a better state then to be left hurting along with the change.

”Aye Uncle, I’m keeping him. Isn’t he cute? Think we could fit him nicely in the stalls?” Lumi by this point had made herself beyond comfy. She used shadows to form reigns and cling to Asger. As far as she was concerned, she was ready to continue the journey once again. But first things first and that was get her Unlce back to the ground.

”Back to the earth with ye Uncle. Do ya need help in yer focus?” Asger would circle around him as she spoke.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone watched as Lumikki guided the beast over to him while using reigns made by her own magic. He was surely impressed and glad she can handle herself against such a creature while in the air. "I'm sure the stalls will be enough, for dwarven made structures are built for creatures and beings of all sizes" he laughed; when it came to the halls of the dwarven cities, the ceilings were built high, as well as the doors, so even giants could enter without struggling to bend down. This was mainly to express pride in their creation.

"The ravens will get me to the ground, lass, just lead the way by air since ye pretty much a Queen of the Frozen Sky now" Brone joked, but the title fitted Lumikki well. Brone couldn't handle dangers in the air, but his niece was a natural when it came to flying and even combat without the need to touch the ground. His battle with her recently showed him her prowess while in the air, such a difficult fight he found himself in, and he couldn't be any prouder.

Brone nudged Noctus, and the pegasus flew downward with the help of Huginn and Muninn guiding them, though the dwarf closed his eyes and held himself tight against the back of Noctus; the feeling of descending felt too close to falling. Once they were on the ground, Brone took in a deep breath, feeling the world beneath him again. He took a look to the sky to see his niece and her new friend. He had began closing his eyes the moment she and Asger were circling him, sending a chill up his spine. But with him on the ground and his trust in Lumikki's strength, he was sure the young lady could take care of herself, for she was practically a bird of prey herself. The echoes of her laughter filled his mind, coming from his memory from when he was running away from during their battle. He didn't realize how nightmarish she could be, for he had always saw her as the sweet little frostling from when he first saw her. He laughed out loud, causing Huginn and Muninn to look back at him in question. The dwarf wasn't foolish, he remembered his conversation with Lumikki back at the Silver Cleaver; no matter what, how she presents, what power she wields, she will always be that Frost Flower sitting at the feet of her Nana.

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The peaks and troughs Asger made in all his moments as he circled Brone in the sky was enough to make the little Daemon giggle. She enjoyed the pleasures of his flight and the feeling of being carried by her very own flying beast.

Brone insisted on taking to the ground without her and that was fair, her Leviat looked skilled for flight and even the sea, but the creature had no bearings for the ground. This suited her fine but now she was met with the entertaining challenge of convincing her Uncle to ever join her for a ride on her own creature.

She held onto that thought for later though as there was still a journey to make. Huginn and Muninn kept by Brone’s side on the ground but her flock joined her in the flight over to her old home within the skies.

” Way to show the best whose master!” Gunvald croaked so happily as if the victory was his own.

” But of course that’s my Revna for you.” Trygve followed suit in his inflated sense of pride as if he too did anything to earn this.

” You two make quite the pair…” Lonu sighed,” But I agree, very well done for conquering the monster that swam the skies little miss.”

The Daemon had the goofiest grin as she prepared to show off her new friend to her parents.

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