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Removing the Drunk in an uneventful night

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Lumikki wasn’t all that fond of Enil’s bar nor the one across the street. Favoring the ones that would play live music instead so that there was something to amuse herself with. She would come to these bars every once and a while though, only because she had come to know the people. Often would she just start drinking here and then just move on to another location she would favor to spend the remainder of her night in.

Emil had happen to catch her few days ago as she walked the streets headed to the markets after a nearby mission. Complaining to her about his relationship with the dolt across the street an how he would spend his nights over at Enil’s to complain and put the customers off. Enil, a kind fellow, only had so much patience to spare and at this point the man was reaching his limits. Fed up he came to Lumi hoping that since she knew them both, she could help him resolve this problem. The Demon scoffed but she had nothing better to do really and the man promised to pay her for her time.

And so she sent a raven to find her fox friend so that they may suffer this together. Her birds would often note the man was still around within the city.


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Takao was happily siting in a tea shop, simply enjoying this time here in the new country. He was getting better and better at the language but he still wasn't the best even though everyone around him wouldn't really know he was not from here if it wasn't for the accent, and the cloths, and that katana, and the ears.... Anyway, Takao was enjoying his time until he saw a large raven appear where he was. This could only mean one thing. Lumikki needed him, or at the very least wanted for him to suffer with her.

As Takao stood up, leaving money to pay his bill, he began to follow the raven back to where ever he needed to be. Takao had learned that this women had more then meets the eyes, but wasn't all bad from what he could gather about her. Either way, eventually Takao reached Lumikki's location and eventually heard about what the mission was. This seemed... easy enough. Takao simply waited and past the time with Lumikki making small talk before he saw he person he was looking for come in. Mitya Noran.

"Let me get him out of the bar before we.. talked to him. I would rather this not involve people who it doesn't need to in case he decides to make this a problem"
It didn't take long before Mitya was good and drunk and started to become a problem, and that is when Takao walked calmly up behind him, and knocked both his feet out from under him using his sheathed sword. Mitya, being so drunk, wasn't able to stop himself from falling onto his ass. At which point Takao grabbed him by the back of his shirt and coat and dragged him outside of the bar in order to Lumikki and himself to have a talk with him.



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It wasn’t long until her friend would come, following the raven as she had intended. The mischievous mage would grin at the sight of him. ” Aye, ye knew to follow the bird I’m glad. It’s nice to see Joyans heed Yata’s guidance as they mind to follow a raven.” Yata was a Kami of Joya favored by ravens and crows. He was known for helping to show others the way, often marking the trail with his birds.

From there the two would talk, he’d tell her of his learnings in this new country and customs of his own. She would help to clarify what ever confuses him while adding more things to perplex him with. Playfully explaining and exchanging banter. The two at this point were quite comfortable with the other enough to meet up like this unbothered.

Then sure enough, their quest would arrive. Lumi watched him with piercing eyes but Takao insisted he would be the one to pull him out. She did not protest, more like, she was excited. It did not take the fool long to become a brother, and true his word Takao had stepped forward. She did not figure the fox would take the drunken man so swiftly, or do it in such an entertaining manner, but she giggle as the three stepped out. Steeling herself when it was time to deal with the fool in hand.

” listen mate, I don’t hate ya but ye sure are annoying. A lot of folk would agree with me, so much so they need a break. Figure ya could use one too considering how yer always looking haggard. So how about ya change the plans for the night and head home instead?” She grabbed his arm and started walking him over to his apartment. The drunken man couldn’t fight her off even if he wanted too, he was still trying to process how he was sent on his ass. All he would do was mutter to himself as he looked at the fox until finally he was home and shoved inside.


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As Takao dragged the man out, he could see acouple of people sigh in relief as he was escorted out. Throwing him onto the ground, he allowed Lumikki to talk to him for a moment and he just simply stayed quiet for a moment before Lumikki grabbed him by the arm and carried him off down the street. Lumikki didn't seem all that strong, but even if she wasn't this guy was in no shape to fight back as he was barely capable of standing much less fighting. Takao could only hear muttering coming from the drunk but as they got to his apartment and shoved him in.

Once the door shut, Takao stood there for a moment and waited " He might be too drunk to listen to reason so lets hang out for acouple of minutes to see if he comes out. If he does.. one of us kicks him in. If he doesn't, then he has most likely passed out on the floor or has fallen and isn't going to be able to get up. "

It took less than a minute before the door opened again and the man attempted to step out. At this point, Takao stepped forward and placed a hand on the middle of the man's chest, and just gave him a push. Takao knew the man wasn't going to be able to keep his balance, as he fell backwards landing on his back with a loud thud. Takao looked at the man to see if he was still capable of moving, and didn't break his neck and once he found out that the drunk could still move. Takao simply closed the door again and began to walk off. " He isn't going to be able to stand up from that, and even if he tries to leave his apartment he will have to worm his way around. He isn't making it back to the bar. "

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