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The Shinigami Convocation

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The Shinigami Convocation

Formerly known as Utopian Demise, after the defeat of the Shogun, their leader replaced the Shogun and is now in need of creating a faction to protect the people of Joya. The Shinigami Convocation is a large governing organization that is charged with overseeing policies and ensuring order in the creation and law in Joya. Within the Convocation, the higher-ups from Highest to lowest are; Ascians, Pre-Ascians, and Captains who will listen to their member's pleas, opinions, and goals. Which many times, can be voted on whether or not to concentrate on that and help. The main goal, other than to maintain order in all things in Joya, is to help and protect all innocent people no matter what race or ethnicity. To bring prosperity to all and make sure life is forever striving. All things that cause harm to their ideal of perfection and the above such as their own laws are seen as something that should be destroyed or ignored altogether if something cannot be done yet.  

Due to their nature, they are seen as neutral, sometimes lawful evil as they believe specific things are good things that other countries may see as bad. Saving a child from starvation, even if they steal is considered a good deed, even if we'd prefer you to buy for them. Murdering someone who horribly lied and harmed others is also considered okay. Yet, murdering people who have done no wrong is against all laws. The Shinigami Convocation sometimes ignores the problems of other Countries, that is unless the problem will someday come to them. Overall, they stand high to their beliefs and goals, using teamwork, power, and their minds to complete and help each other or just their own. The Convocation has different Divisions, each one known for their specialties other than the Main Division, which is the Shogun's Division who judges, executes commands and


  • Users may not receive infamy within Joya, but can within other Countries that we don't have an alliance with.

  • The user may not take any Bad Quests that do not have approval from the Main Division Leader or that go against the laws of Convocation.

  • The guild is known as neutral to the world, but good to Joya.

  • The user is not allowed to break the Laws of the Convocation which can be found once joining. Doing so means treason.

  • The user must never reveal sensitive information about the Shinigami Convocation to others for as long as they live. If they do, they'll be punished according to their laws. Doing so will allow their whereabouts automatically and an invasion.


  • Users can join the Shinigami Convocation during the Character application process but must have approval and a reason to join it. No matter what rank you start you'll always start at the bottom.

  • The Shinigami Convocation will accept all races and non-Joyans, as long as they swear their loyalty to the Convocation Laws.

  • If a member leaves, all memory of the Faction and the other members will be erased. If a member rejoins, they won't regain the memory back from being here before and will start at the bottom once again.

  • All members receive a communicator that is in the shape of their choosing. It will always be hand-sized and is a pouch item.

  • Switch Banners do not get you right to 'Soul Reaper' or above nor can you use that item to use your Guild/Faction Rank to move to another Guild/Faction.

  • When the user picks a division, it must fit with the character's personality, hobbies, magic, or way of fighting. Cannot be chosen just because.


The guild is a part of the main City that Mishiko owns. From the golden shining stone, wood of reds, greens, and beige or white with the streams of large long ribbons that are also gold that flag in the wind. Randomly will you find symbols of the Divisions and the gemstones of Jade or other stones that define the division. It is beautifully gleaming with light on the outside, smells of blossoms, lilies, lotus within the water steam of life, and the carefree nature that makes anyone feel easier to breathe.

Each division has its own section of the Palace. One division has plenty of technology, a large lab, and a library. Another Division has plenty of rooms to care for people with healing, a space that many go to so they can free their minds and relax. It's also used as a small park. Then you have the great training room, teaching space to learn new abilities, spells and to fight each other for a better future. These are just a few examples of the greatness of this area that is filled with beauty, and peace yet also judgment and law.

Leader of the Faction

She is the leader of The Shinigami Convocation and the Shogun of Joya. Mishiko was first known as Quillareine, a woman who was first an innocent and pure priestess, to a warrior, and then to a slave that ran away before they could be captured. Running away to Fiore, she witnessed what it was like to find friends and warmth, but was soon hit with the reality that her past will always find her. Quickly, she gained power, and allies/friends and destroyed her enemies one by one till she ended up getting too comfortable and was killed.

Being killed gave her the ability to become who she really was, a demigod of Death and war, and one who collects the souls of the dead. Daughter of Izanagi, sibling of Amaterasu and her other brothers, she had a lot of filling to do. Many things happened but with her memories and realization of who she was, who the shogun that harmed and killed many, she knew she had to free the people of Joya. One by one, she killed Daimyo's and many others that worshipped the Shogun, allowed severe slavery, harmed innocent lives, and starved their people. Gathering her guildmates of Utopian Demise, they've killed more, and with allies? They made an army that marched through Joya and fought Shogun Ayame's Army to finally end up defeating them. She then became the Shogun and as much of a god, as a demigod could.

Leaving Fiore, Mishiko now creates a faction to protect all of Joya as she wants to protect and make it lawful. Want to know more about her? Read her personality on the sheet. Things constantly change, including personality, but war? War never changes.


Main Division

Details: The main division is the lead division that watches over all other divisions. They visit other divisions and report to the Leader of the Faction, the Shogun. This is the main command center and is in charge of punishments, creation, and preservation annihilation as well as other things. Usually, if this division is brought out to do something, those who know, know to fear if they are in the wrong or feel relief if they are in the right. If something needs to be done though they usually send out another division that fits the needs of the mission or problem.

Name: Soul Restore
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 1000
Requirements: Main Division
Type: -
Element: -
Range: 25 Meters
Cooldown: Once per month
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user has the ability to snap their fingers and create a barrier around an ally's or companion's body. Once the barrier surrounds the body, it'll restore their soul anew for half their mana, Constitution, and Endurance. This also teleports the ally or companion away within 25 meters. This cannot be used on themselves and does not stack with Defy Defeat if the ally has it.

Creation & Preservation

Details: This division is about creating creatures, unique beings, and things alongside nature. The difference between this division and the division of intelligence is the fact they do not experiment on them after the creation part is done, but they only study and nurture them. They work together with the Science division most of the time. Those who are in this division know most about summons, companions, and creature-like enemies. They also are good in herbology, poison making and Agriculture as a whole.

Name: Creature Summoning
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Division of Creation
Type: OFF
Element: Your main element
Range: 50 Meters
Cooldown: Once per Two weeks
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user is able to summon a small or large creature up to 16m Diameter. When they create this creature, they must distribute 360 statistics among its Strength and Speed. Their durability is 4xS rank and it must follow exactly the summoning regulations in terms of everything, including what you can create. This summon uses your spells and can be used as such.

Tech and Human Intelligence & Interrogation

Details: This division concentrates on the knowledge of artifacts, history, and experimenting to figure out the scientific facts of every answer. They have their own section of the Faction that is filled with labs, a large library, and a museum where they can fill their discoveries. Their job is to find, discover, and answer. When other divisions find out things, this is the division that receives that information and will write it down.

Resourceful: You have the ability to seek out the weaknesses of your enemies and your ally's enemies. All of your enemies take damage as if they have a minor weakness as if your allies understand your instructions. This does not stack with Shinigami Eye. This does however ignore any resistance to weakness.

Medical & Defense

Details: The Medical and Defense Division is for emergencies. Usually, at least one Soul Reaper goes with a division for caution so they can heal or help defend. Their faction side has all the medical supplies, and rooms with beds and is in charge of taking care of anyone sick, hurt, in danger, and in need of mental attention as well. These Shinigamis are important and don't let their division hide their true nature. They can be quite ruthless and dangerous.

Name: A Soul's Embrace
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Division of Defense
Type: Defensive
Element: Earth
Range: N/A
Cooldown: Once per two weeks
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user exhales deeply to create a body defense. This spell can protect the user's allies and themselves. It is able to protect against more than one person as long as they're within range. The defense will protect against all damage up to x4 S rank. While in that defense, this also heals the defended for 1 A per turn.

Direct Combat & Glory

Details: The direct combat Division is all for the long battles, the glory, and welcome impurities to their flesh. The longer the battle, the better as they crave the experience. These Shinigami are very buff-worthy if they're not pretty buff already as they'll take hits from even truck Kun and live to tell the tale. They live closest to the training grounds and their faction part is in the middle of the assassins and medical group for obvious reasons.

Name: Defy Defeat
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 1000
Requirements: Division of Glory
Type: N/A
Element: -
Range: Self
Cooldown: Once per month
Duration: Instant
Effect: When the user becomes knocked out, the aura of death surrounds them. If the user has enough mana, they are able to decide to use this spell. This makes their body intangible, preventing any further damage. Their mana refuels them, bringing them back to consciousness. All parts of their body that have taken damage recover half their durability while the user's constitution and mana are reduced by half. The user cannot attack while they are intangible, and intangibility disappears after they've healed. The user will be placed in a position 10m away from the nearest enemy, fully aware of their surroundings.

Assassination & Execution

Details: The Assassin and Execution group is just that. You won't even know what hit you as they are great at hiding in the shadows and killing their target. Swift death would be a mercy though as they sometimes are keen in taking you in for interrogation and torture if you become a true target.

Name: Silent Death
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 1000
Requirements: Division of Execution
Type: -
Element: -
Range: 50 Meters
Cooldown: Once per Two Weeks
Duration: -
Effect: The user can trigger this by touching their mask/face with the palm of their hand. They become 100% invisible, unable to be tracked by all types of senses. It cannot be nulled nor tracked unless they are from the Faction itself. Once the user attacks with a hit, they will be revealed.


Testers are those who go into the testing phase of the Shinigami Convocation. This is to see if someone is loyal and is able to follow the laws and order of the faction. Can never be too careful, both with allies and unknown enemies alike.


After finally passing the testing phase, they become recruits. They are able to receive a communicator and do grunt work. They do not get to know important business as it requires a higher rank level. This is also where usually they shadow over a superior to figure out which division they'll want to go to once they move up in ranks.

  • Apprentices may freely claim the communicator in the Relic section of the shop to be added to their pouch.

  • The user must be Lvl. 1 in The Shinigami Convocation

Shinigami Apprentice

Shinigami apprentices are recruits that have completed their requirements and proved their worth and loyalty, enough to where they can join in on important events where their assistance is needed.

They may pick which division they wish to belong to and must choose while claiming this Faction Rank.

  • Shinigami Apprentice receives a 10% boost in either Jewels, Word Count, or Experience. They may only claim one of those per quest turn-in. This also can be used towards Social Interactions.

  • The user must be at least Lvl. 2 in the Shinigami Convocation.
  • The user must be at least C-rank.

Soul Reaper

When a Shinigami Apprentice climbs up, they'll be known as the ones who get to work with the higher-ups of their Division. Soul Reapers start to develop their weapon, if they have one, by then. This is when the user really starts to get known. They receive their free Uniform and will be sent on an adventure to seek out their weapon's soul partner.

  • They may go on an adventure to seek and receive their soul partnership that will attach itself to the person's weapon, once you find your true self that is formed as a living being, this gives them a living being that can be a creature or an existing humanoid. They cannot fight or defend, they are just there as a free cheerleader and company.
  • The user receives shihakusho attire to wear as a uniform. Must wear it for further perks.
  • Soul Reapers may bring along lower-ranked Shinigami Convocation members on requests of their own rank as long as the lower-ranked Shinigami Convocation members are within two ranks of the request. This also can be used for Social Interactions.

  • The user must be at least Lvl. 3 in the Shinigami Convocation.
  • The user must be at least A-rank.
  • They may claim the spell of their Division.
  • The user must have done a quest with someone of an A rank quest.

Soul Reaper Lieutenant

Lieutenants are those who have achieved enough fame and power to move up. You now have the right to go with the Captain on important missions when they appear even if they say no. Usually, the lieutenants are people that the Captain gets along with. With your mask, people will only know you by your nickname and forget your real identity, but they'll give a little respect and trust as if they knew you.

  • Members receive 20% more word reduction, jewels, or experience on completing quests. You may only choose one to use per quest, not all combined. This also can be used for Social Interactions.

  • The user must be at least Lvl. 4 in the Shinigami Convocation.
  • The user must be at least S-rank.
  • The user must have been on 2 S-rank quests alongside another member of the Shinigami Convocation.
  • Banner from Shop cannot be used to achieve this.

Soul Reaper Captains

The Soul Reaper Captains of the Shinigami Convocation are famous and loved by the Joyan people. They aren't as respected as the Ascians, nor loved as much, but they'll listen to you. In other Countries, they will call you Captain as well. You get your own quarters and room without having to share with anyone. Along with the Ascians, you will get to join the meetings where voting assembles. Your lieutenants and lower-ranked members will come to you about problems, requests, and goal ideas that they'll want you to bring up during meetings. It is the main captain's judgment on whether or not to bring it up.  

  • Captains are respected by Joya as they are seen as someone who is willing to sacrifice for their Division, or for what they specialize in. The first 5 Captains of each division or co-division that is not taken will get a mask that hovers over their face. The design is the Gylph/symbol they chose as their tattoo pattern, which will glow when in use. This will hide your true identity and you will be known as the nickname chosen out of the nicknames given. This ability is immune to passives from things like the World and others that know someone's identity. The Gylph mask is a pouch item that must be claimed in Forge using the template at the bottom of this page. Example
  • Captains develop an ability with their weapon as their spirit reveals themselves, their true selves. For this, the user develops Bankai and must claim it here.

  • The user must be at least Lvl. 5 in the Shinigami Convocation.
  • The user must have at least 10,000 Fame.
  • The user must be at least S-rank.

  • There can only be five Captains, all others are Co-Captains or seen as next in line once a Captain becomes inactive.
  • Banner from Shop cannot be used to achieve this.


The Ascians are the left and right hand of the Shogun. The Ascians have the allowance to put in words what goals and missions the Faction should work towards. Their vote means more due to their dedication, power, and abilities to the Faction and the people. All people in Joya respect and even give discounts to the Ascians in hopes that they give a word of their good faith and deeds to the Shogun and the Faction as a whole. You rule over your division and obviously for good reason as you know more than anyone about the division's specialty.  

  • Ascians are highly respected, due to this, their vote counts as x2 instead of the usual when it comes to decision-making.
  • Ascians receive a 50% discount on the purchase of their land, which can consist of a palace or holding. Once used or sacrificed, the perk will turn into 30% off Shop purchases, excluding MISC and Mysterious merchants.
  • Each Ascian and Pre-Ascian will get a shaped stone with star-like designs and a specific color to it. It is a symbol or badge of what and who they are. Revealing this to people out of the Country will not start things with you out of fear of war or punishment of their Country and Joya - only if they have a treaty that is unbreakable. If this is used in a topic, the user cannot attack the people in the topic nor can they be attacked till the user attempts to attack, which will be reported to the Faction. The Shogun herself gives this stone to the user in the topic as a celebration of their promotion. Claimed here, choosing the stone by color or constellation.

  • The user must have reached the Captain rank.
  • The user must fight and defeat all other captains in an approvable fashion by the Shogun.
  • The user must have a minimum of 20,000 Fame.
  • The user's Fame must be at least two times their Infamy if they have any.
  • Must have shown why you should be the Ascian Leader of the Division within a topic.

  • There can only be a specific amount of Ascians, one for each Sub-division. One can try for one once a member becomes inactive in the division.
  • This cannot be automatically accomplished by using the Flag Item and then fighting, unless the leader wills it.

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