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The Raven and the Beanstalk

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The Raven and the Beanstalk Empty Sat Oct 07, 2023 12:44 pm


Lumikki spent enough time frequenting Orchidia City to know that the plant touching the clouds was an absurd addition. Personally she enjoyed the touch of green but it wasn’t as harmless as she seemed.

Carla, an older Dwarven woman who ran a restaurant called the Sliver Cleaver within the markets, would tell her all the rumors that came her way about the stalk that was growing. Seemed it was almost like you could watch it grow in real time, the thing kept stretching up. There were folk who tried to cut it down but all their work would be undid in an hour. ”Personally I don’t care much for it either way lass, but if the rumors of the thing making people sick keep spreading. Then I might suffer for it down the road. Would do ye well to seek this Nilan lad. Word is, he’s seeking a mage to help him trim the hedge.”

And that was what she did. She went looking for the man who lead the case. Wasn’t hard to find him either, him and a few other of the Rune Knights made a station just a few meters around the growth. Due to teh nature of the plant, a lot of the citizens were long gone.

Lumikki would approach the one who looked like he was making the calls. “Shame, this would make a decent tourist spot if the damn thing didn’t make anyone who touched it wanna puke…” One of the Knights listening to him complain pointed Nilan to her direction. He was flusstered at first when he turned around but was quick to play it off.

“You came for the request to knock the thing down did you? Well good, the reward is humble but the work shouldn’t be too hard for a mage like you right? I just request to pass a sample of sap to one of my Knights by the guild so they can look over the specifics. We’ll clear out just in case we get in the way.”

Him and his men left leaving her behind to do the work. He really wasn’t wrong though as for her, it was not to hard to manage. She place her frigid hand at the base sending up a massive wave of her frost magic. The plant frost in no time becoming quite brittle to the strike of her frost talon. She was even mindful as to where she let the stalk fall. Avoiding much of the damage if she could help it. Her talons struggling to hold it as she guided it down carefully.

As easy as all this had sounded, it was still around three hours of work for her. Spreading her ice though quick, took much, much time. She had to be sure it ran deep, all the way though to make the task clean when she finally when for the strike.

Trygve one of her man bird companions flew over at her beckoning. She placed a sizable frozen in a small pouch and handed it to him to hold in his beak. She let him take it back while she went to find Nilan To collect her reward.


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