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Beachside Manner [Lumikki]

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Luluhawa island.

He had heard the whispers of this place from several different sources; from other recruits to people that he passed by on the streets. This place was all the talk for as long as he could remember. It was a gorgeous stunning locale that saturn inevitably traveled to. Having to barter his way onto a ship, then get to the island itself after several stops… Hell he even had to figure out the local dialect which was… a little challenging. He spoke a very rudimentary fiorian and it wasn’t even the good type of rudimentary. It was basic, like ‘I’m good’ and ‘where’s your bathroom’ kind of basic.

Heavy accent with that too made communicating with the behemoth a little strange. But the people here were friendly, kind, sweet. THe sort of people that had so much love in their hearts to give to everyone else. He found it endearing. The sort of people he could get along with long term. That gentle and kind nature of his own resonated something easy with them.

He was able to explain what he wanted, where he wanted to go and what sort of goods he’d like. Finding a map was easy, finding some sweets were easier and… well. The beach was practically everywhere. But he was told about some place called ‘My Halo’ beach. Was certainly a strange name but he wasn’t going to argue. Sitting down on one of the benches that dotted the area he’d open the map, look at it. Then look back at the beach several times.

Under one arm was tucked a container of candy, a rather large container of candy. Some apples dangling from his waistband with the use of some twine. He was loaded up on some of the good stuff for sure. Picking one of his apples from that band he’d take a bite, staring out towards the water.

It was… gorgeous in a way. The waves were dancing, singing, the music that they chose to show him earned a soft little hum from the behemoth. He could see some people come and go, a few waved to him. He’d wave back with his ever present smile. It almost made him wonder what it would have been like to be born here, raised here. To spend your days here from beginning to end. Maybe he could find someone that was close to either to tell him?

The sort of love that they had for this place must have been amazing…


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"Thanks for clearing that critter gal. With winter around the corner, we can have the big ones scarin all the good catch away." A local fisherman was exclaiming to her as she just finished helping them get the big sea monster to shore. "And with this big boy alone? We probably don't need to fish all that much now for the rest of the fall. Someone call Aheahe to get the cutwork started! We gonna have to work fast to get this ready to preserve!" He was counting the jewel at this point to hand over to Lumikki as she was also calling the orders. They had a lot of work cut out for them, but the kinda work they wanted to do.

Lumi slid the jewels away into her void, "Was a pleasure mate. Anyone other than Kekoa, then I don't mind helping." She was not a big fan of how he worked, always at the expense of the crew. Fighting big sea monsters is abhorrently dangerous when you don't have strong magic backing you or a pair of wings or fins to help you forgo a boat altogether.

"He means well ya know, it's just he feels he has a lot to prove being the only one to watch his little brother and all." The fisherman was turning away to attend to supervising their operations and Lumi would just sigh and walk off. Didn't matter to her the reasoning in that idiot's head, he was still a fool for it all.

Trygve and Lonu descend from their perch above to sit on her shoulders. The two of them seemed excited about something and just brimmed to tell her about it. "Well Revna, we know just how much you love dogs..." Trygve began but was abruptly cut off. He was the self-proclaimed right-wing of Lumikki, feeding her the information gathered and oftentimes being by her side. He had a disdain for wolves and anything reminiscent ever since Lumikki developed feelings for one. But even he could not deny that this was an interesting find to report back.

"The form of this being is not what's important Trygve. I would appreciate you don't start." Lonu, her other raven perched on her left, was for a time a spirit of the Worth Woodsea. Before a massive forest fire brought him to bitter ruin and Lumikki, one which helped quell it, brought him the comfort to try and move on. It is because of this trait he derived the ability to know that the being was no mere beast nor demi of the sort, well beyond demi-god perhaps. But even he could not figure out the specifics. He was the cooler head to Trygve's boastful and prideful one but they both meant well. These were the only two of her flock that she had accompanied her to the islands. "I think you'll wanna see him my Revna, he is like me. Not the usual being."

"Is he now Lonu. Piecing what ya two gave me, he's some kinda spirit dog?"

"Yes!" Trygve happily chimes before Lonu bapped him.

"Maybe it's just best you see for yourself little miss...."

A wicked but playful grin would creep on Lumikki's face. She didn't figure she'd find something so entertaining after work and now she took off in the direction toward it. Though she was in the form of a mere raven. She did not yet want the form of her entertainment to know that she was there.


Ravens would surround the one sitting enjoying his snack if he was aware enough to take notice of them. It would seem he was lost in his view just as much as his treats. They proceeded the Revna by means of their own curiosity and the knowledge that they were well aware she was on her way. Just observing the odd being as he enjoyed himself. By the time Lumikki joined, they would all Croak at once speak of what they saw. In language, only she and they seemed to know.

"It's tail just floats there!"

"I swear that smile never leaves its face!"

"Is it like some magic....animal?"

Lumikki would laugh to herself at all their tangents. Those were the only ones she could make out in the cluster of words all at once. She finally gave him a good look for herself, studying the being just before her and letting her eyes work their magic. "Aye, he's magic alright. Lad's a Demi-god. It's starting to feel like their ilk is falling from the sky, or I wonder, is the world finally becoming all that interesting?" She chuckled before gliding from her perch to go and pull the tail of the Demi-god. All her other ravens flew until they were a bit closer themselves. To be curious but cautious to close the complete gap.

She circled around him in flight, her eyes never leaving him as she did. "I was curious if ya could feel that, with it floating out like that. It's hard to make sense of a weird-looking dog like ya. Tell me pup." She finally stopped before him to speak with him more properly. "Wha cha doing in our turf so casually~" She would tease him heavily. Curious to see the nature of the one before him and how he would react to a raven speaking with him.

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An earflick, then maybe two. It wasn’t very long before he noticed tha the had company. Blinking slowly saturn found himself eyeing some ravens of some kind. They were definitely intelligent to say the least. Looking at him and cawing to one another. No doubt curious and probably wondering what he was. He was mid chomp of an apple as another set seemed to join, maybe a trio? It was kind of hard to keep track of all of them. But he’d make a friendly lil wave with his free hand.

He was clearly enjoying himself on the beach or at least close to the beach itself. They all seemed friendly; he didn’t get the vibe that he should be in fear of his life or anything like that. Heck there were a lot of wild animals that found him strange so it wasn’t strange to him that birds would be a little more… whats the term? Friendly? Curious? Did birds eat apples? He wasn’t sure that was the case.

But one such raven, one with a sense of purpose circled him, he was still munching away at his apple, one bite, then two, then the core. Nothing went to waste. The taste was exquisite to him. He never quite tasted something so sweet yet so bitter? But when his tail was pulled he’d look back at it, looking not annoyed so much but surprised that one such bird would pull at his tail.

It’s still a part of me. Ah… Music connects me to all my parts. Much in this world doesn’t make sense already.

He’d turn his head to follow the raven that was speaking to him. He had never seen them before he figured but hearing that next question? He’d rub at his neck. A group of musical ravens would have territory right? That made sense? He looked somewhat apologetic but didn’t seem to mean ill of them. Almost sheepishly he'd speak.

Enjoying the sights, the beach, the sun? I ah… didn’t know this was anyone’s turf?

He wasn’t even sure what that meant; there was a heavy accent and his confusion was palatable. It was quite clear that fiorian was a new language to him. In fact it was difficult to really put any proper language or location from his accent. Just that it was otherworldly.

Do Ravens eat apples? Would you like one?

He’d carefully snap one of the apples off of his waistband; the twine easily coming apart and he’d hold it up to the raven that spoke to him. There was no ill will what so ever in his voice and while he seemed confused, in a naive sort of way there was no hostility in his voice or grin. Hell he exuded this sort of relaxed and friendly nature.


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Lumikki would laugh at his remark and she was curious of the accent that he had, but not particularly confused as to how he got it. ”If I could divine that nature of yer’s, beyond the simple fact yer prob new to these lands. Are ye a new soul of sorts? It is getting quite interesting seeing the variations if yer kind, I’m curious of how ye’d fair in a few more decades.” The glee in her voice was clear and though she was mischievous, whether he had the sense to tell or not, she was indeed not malicious.

Lumikki looked at the apple he offered and then back to him, tilting her head for a short moment before flying around him one last time to perch on the back of the bench next to him. “Ravens eat a number of things dove, and if ye keep feeding us, we might even reward ye for it.”

Feathers would appear around her, dancing in a vortex that obscured her form. It grew in size until finally, they would fall away, dissipating into the air to revel a woman of short stature and brown skin. Lumikki chose to be seen in her human form, not so interested in scaring away her company just yet. It already isn’t that normal to see a raven turning into a girl. But this being would probably accept it better and sooner than most.

She reached out for the apple he offer, careful not to touch him with her ice cold hands, though a bit of it brushed past his finger all the same. She took a bit from her offering as two of her ravens, the one who had join her, came to perch nearby themselves.

She was looking forward this whole time, and as far as he could of seen she only had blue eyes. But when she finally turned to face him, he could see her yellow eye clearly. Lumi took another bite of her apple and although she was chewing, a grin still managed to creep along her face. Once she finished, she started talking again.

”Held by music ye say? An interesting state of being. Though I suppose dark and frost are interesting too….” She spoke to him at first, but as she was thinking over her own being it was more like she was talking to herself. Zoning out as she spoke the last bit, but coming right back.

”Aren’t ye afraid of this world, considering much doesn’t make sense to ya? Ya don’t even know what goes bump in the night lad. There’s critters out hear that are pure malice….and then there’s some like me that are charming and valiant~” She teased. Lonu was looking at the creature intently.

Lumikki glanced at him for a moment before being jolted by a realization and chuckling for her forgetfulness. ”What’s cha name wanderer?”

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Saturn found himself staring at the other as they laughed; an odd sound to say the least. At least to him; he had heard others laugh and they were different too. It was something that he himself didn’t do very often if at all. Maybe it was because he didn’t know the social connotations? He’d rub at his chin thoughtfully. Her guesses and questions made him consider briefly. Was he considered a new soul? He certainly felt new…

Very new. A few weeks maybe? I uh… I can’t really explain too well how I came to be. Or how I’ll be decades from now.

It was something outside of his expertise to be sure, he remembered everything up to now very clearly and very matter of factly. He stumbled a little bit on the longer words even if his tone was fairly confused and he seemed kind of uncertain what to make of the raven talking to him like this. Were all birds wise like this? Or curious? Or strange? Well he couldn’t say they were strange. Just look at him!

He would have said something but… the raven went from being a raven to a shorter stature, brown skin and purple hair. It stole whatever he was going to say away and he’d slowly blink, mouth slightly opening before closing again. The offered apple was taken and he’d note that she had striking blue eyes… until she turned. In which it seemed she had one of each color. A yellow eye and a blue eye. Were they both natural? Was one magical? Was there a reason for there to be two different colors?

I’ve never seen someone with two different eye colors before. Or purple hair.

He found himself blurting out and rubbing at his neck; he had seen a lot of different people sure but she stood out, just like kon stood out. Where he covered everything, she certainly was showing more than saturn would ever see of kon he figured. He’d flick an ear and then nod his head slowly.

Music is what lets everyone do what they do, if dark and frost is what your music has it makes sense.

Wait was he confusing magic for music? Or was there a deeper link in there? He’d blink after a moment as she asked him if he was afraid of the world. He’d rub at his chin. Was he afraid? No. Things were confusing but he never felt like he was threatened.

I find it… charming? Curious? A bit confusing. Ah… Bump in the night? Like the wind? Or…? Oh. There’s things that go bump in the night?

He’d cock his head to one side; he seemed to actually be getting a little more confused. Was she from the night? Is that why she was like she was? No harm in asking he felt! The teasing seemed to only confuse him a little more though.

Like you? What do you mean?

Ah yes, then came the question he was eventually expecting. Many people seemed to ask him that. There was a lot he still didn’t get and he didn’t know how to do much other than parrot and try to answer using the information given in front of him. But this was easy. He’d also have to ask in return, the chuckling she did made him tilt his head again. His ears flicking, tail swishing and eventually he’d lean forward slightly.

Saturn. What’s yours?


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As Lumi went to take another bite of her apple, she halted mid-bite. She held that pose for a moment before forsaking the apple altogether and pulling it away from her mouth. "Weeks lad? This form of mine may be new, but I've been here for at least two decades...." She sighed deeply, taking small nibbles before she would speak again. "Well most folks don't know who they came to be a pup, but most have someone with them in their early years, let alone weeks." She crossed her arms over her chest and tilted her head. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she took his overall existence in. At this point in her being, he no longer seemed out of place, but the newest of him was still unsettling to her. "Ye god-like are an odd kind," she sighed once more.

As she thought over the implications of him being not even a child but an entire baby, he'd note her hair and eyes. She forgot if any of her ever seemed out of the norm anymore. Or maybe it was just that he was still fascinated with the world at all. Childhood wonder takes someone quite far really. "The hair I've had for as long as I could remember. Got it from me father's side ya see. The eye on the other hand well, one day the sky was too big to be contained within the line there." She pointed just before her with her free hand, tracing out the line of the horizon. "It was brimming to the core and nearly spilling out. Being the Raven Queen, I flew high into the sky and I let the blue up above and the yellow from the sun pour into me instead. But just to make sure the night would not do the same, I drank from of it too." She looked directly at him and let her eyes shine a bright purple. As he looked over at her she snatched the darkness right beside him, pulling at them as if they were ribbons that hung in the air. She waved them in his face for a moment before slurping them up. As if to prove her story true in that she could eat the night if she so chose. "Been able to taste the night since..."

He spoke of music like magic, but she didn't feel him to be wrong. There's some kinda synergy and harmony in that thought that she enjoyed. So she let what he said stay in her mind for a moment before commenting. She managed two more bites of her apple before tearing the rest apart to toss toward her birds who happily caught the pieces. She licked her fingers before going on. "Music seems just as fine as any name or perception of it. Well if ye ask me that is. I read somewhere, that someone thinking it all like math and if I had me choice, I rather it was music. I still hold a few songs near and dear to me heart from the one who taught me the music I use."

Though as she was thinking and talking, he wondered if she was what bumps in the night. "I used to be pup, but I'm more like the night itself now..." This was not fib like her last jest. When she was reborn as a Demon, she took from the Primordial Dark and Frost to create her new form. Forgoing the Abyss in her birth, though it still echoed in her being.

Lumi watched the swish of his tail and his excitement to proclaim who he was, it was very cute of him. And seeing his tail wag reminded her of a friend of hers she missed so dearly. When was the last time she saw him...she could not figure. Though he's yet to see her like this.

"Saturn is a fine name....one maybe I've read of before. Suppose it's an incentive to dive in stories once more...." She looked back at him and smiled, "A pup like ya could call me Lumi," she winked at him to pass that point on, not mindful he was ignorant of that gesture. "But if anyone else asked of me, I'm just Revna." That name was an old folk name from her homelands and people. One that denotes Raven in the oldest sense. It was the name her flock took to calling her and one that she did hold dear. But best of all, it did not trace to her more vulnerable sense of being or her mess of an identity. If they were to get her name, she would rather tell them herself.

As they had been speaking, her ravens moved closer. No longer cautious of the strange being. Lonu, the closest to the pair, climbed up the Demon's arm as she stretched it out toward him. Caressing him for a little bit before bringing him toward Saturn. The raven hopped onto his lap, pleased to meet something akin to divinity. Though he was a spirit himself once upon a time, gods still hold a higher standing.

"What an odd encounter indeed. He is not quite as I expected them to be, but still fascinating all the same." Lonu spoke in a tongue only Lumi presumed to know. She understood ravens while most don't.

Trygve in his jealousy, flew to Lumi's lap as well. Hoping to get affection himself. She caressed him quite gently as well.

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At that initial question regarding how long he had been around he gave a small nod; though realistically his age was something that couldn’t be properly scribed. He was fundamentally made out of magical energy that was forced into a host body, the host body forsaking it’s identity down to its very soul and memories. He didn’t know how to explain that though; or even knew that was the case other than smidgens of memory not his own.

...Well. I was brought here by some group. They were bad. I didn’t trust them so I left. They couldn’t stop me.

He recalled the flow of music at the time was very powerful and he was able to fling them away from him with such force that he could no longer sense their beings anywhere near where he was. He’d flick his ears as he noted that she had stopped eating the apple.

I’ve been mostly alone. Some farmers. Some fishers. There was a helpful merchant that pointed me towards the Rune Knights. They’ve been kind.

He’d look down at the remaining treats that he had, reflecting on the shortness of his existence compared to the body that he had taken over. Well. It was his body. Music was weird. He’d exhale softly and then look to her; hearing that she had the hair as long as she could remember and then she explained the eye. He’d ponder after a moment and then slowly nod.

The hair I get but…

He didn’t understand what she meant until she showed him that bright purple; startling him for a moment. His eyes stood straight up and his tail froze in place. Seeing that darkness being yanked from him and she could eat darkness? He’d ponder for a moment and then look at where she had yanked the darkness from. Reaching down he’d run a finger along where it looked… strange without the darkness.

...Fascinating… What does it taste like? I’ve never seen someone use music like that.

With her explaining that someone else had thought of magic like math rather than music and that she would prefer it if it was music… Well saturn could agree but he could understand that someone somewhere else might find that application easier to get along with. He’d pluck an apple from his waistband, leaving just two there now. Seeing her finish her own he’d offer one of those remaining two.

Math is just another music to someone else. But if there are songs you hold dear and you’d rather see it that way there’s nothing wrong with it. Who sang or played the music you use?

She used to be one that went bump in the night; but she was more like the night itself? That was… interesting to say the least. He’d ponder for a moment and then slowly nod his head. He didn’t have a music he didn’t think. If he did it was unknown to him.

That’s… interesting to say the least. I don’t have a music. Not yet. A lot of people spend years to find theirs I’ve been told. Maybe in time I can find out what songs I can sing. I hope it’s something that can help others. That’d be nice.

There was such a warmth to those words, such an intense amount of love for others that couldn’t simply be described as anything other than passion. An unbiased utterance of love as though a mother to their children, an unbiased interpretation that would without question help those that he would end up caring for. The strangeness of his form was one thing, but the strangeness of his kindness was certainly another.

The librarian told me that it was of a body out of the world; I don’t know what he means by that but if I can go there sometime I’d like to.

He’d hum softly and hearing that it was a good reason to dive into stories he’d agree with a few nods; his smile widened slightly and with her telling him her name he’d repeat it. The wink was certainly lost on him and he’d cock his head to one side. Was there something in her eye?

Is your eye all right? Oh! Those are good names! Thank you for telling me Lumi.

With the ravens approaching one after another he’d inspect them; they looked very interesting to say the least. The birds that he had interacted with were nothing like this. Usual plumage of browns or greys. Not black. With the raven hopping onto his lap and seeming pleased being there he’d reach down slowly to offer a part of the apple he hadn’t yet touched. Figuring that they’d enjoy it.

Some people have two names, some have three. Some people have titles and some people have self proclaimed names. Nicknames I think? Last names too. It’s weird. Like the Rune Knight leader. He has such a long name but so much sadness there too I think. Then I have a short life and short name. Then you have two names. Do you have one of those nicknames? One of those last names? A title that you maybe have or wanted?

He asked with a somewhat giddy look on his face, his eyes cracking open slightly to show the black screla and the golden rings of his pupils and iris. A glimmering curiosity to say the least; but his curiosity of her names and the names he had been interacting with stood up and presented themselves easily.


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"Rune Knight ya say? What a boring bunch if ye ask me, but perhaps the perfect guild for the likes of ya. A mercenary guild wouldn't do ye any wonders though the freedoms nice. Suppose the structure these Knights could hand ya would help ye adapt to this world...." Lumi gave it much thought, and though it was not to her preference, the outcome was to her liking. "Me second young Demi-god and from similar backings. Aye, yer kind are an odd like. Boring compared to say, Demons or Werewolves but at least sensible."

She snatched the darkness at this point and was contently chewing her snack. Not many would think to ever ask her how it tasted tho, but it always amused her when they did. "This time it tastes like sea salt and sea greens. Though there is a lil sweetness to it as if there was honey mixed in. It's one of the more warmer shadows I've enjoyed." Lumi twirled her hand around a bit more darkness, pulling it as though it was like fabric. She took the being's hand and placed the shadow onto his palm, freezing it just right so that he may slightly understand the sensation she had come to know.

As he went about songs he could sing, Lumi found herself a bit curious about it too. Wondering just what a being like him would learn to reflect of the world. "Tell ye what pup, if we ever meet again, I'll teach ye some of the songs I know."

She played around with a little bit of darkness of her own as he told her more about where his name had come from. She thought over all the things she read until she could figure out what he meant. Though it took her a moment, seems these things escaped her usual studies and she made note of it for later. Hoping to read more about the namesake when she returns home.

When the thought finally hit her she clapped suddenly and pretty hard. Her excitement got the best form her and the song resonated loudly. "Bloke was probably speaking of heavenly bodies! No wonder it took me a while to remember the name. I hardly mind the planets beyond reading the stars but the names me people use aren't entirely the same as those of Fiore. If ye wish to go, a god probably could. But ye don't look like the type to even fly. Curious, curious Demi-god. Yer an ambitious one."

Saturn showed genuine worry for her and this was surprising. Not because she didn't find kindness in people, but because of the depth of his despite just meeting her. It agitated the Demon in her but not enough to make her malicious. Just more playful and mischievous. What's to say what she'll be like if he was ever to grow on her?

"How boring, no one's given ye a nickname? Yet I had given ya one already, though I think I could do better than that as much as I like pup...." Lumi gave it a moment to think it over. She raked her brain of old names until one that was to her liking finally came to mind. "Osmond, friend. It'll be a name only I could use for ya. Take it as me form of endearment, I pass names to all whom I've befriended." She turned to face him once more and gave him one of her more sweetest smiles as well. Though she may be a Demon in nature, even as Daemon there were times she'd smile like an angel.

And in a soft voice nearly a whisper. As if uttering who she was felt foreign. She spoke to him about her name and her titles."I'm Lumikki Hurtr, though I was known as Lumikki Omena just before. Only one person could ever call me lil birdie....since I care not for the name, but not all nicknames we are gifted are of our choosing. Me titles are Revna, Raven Queen, and if ye were me night patrol back home, then Ice Demoness." She chuckled at the last bit like it was a cute and light-hearted joke, but they would really call her that considering all the spells she practiced on them among other things. "Take yer pick on any of me names child, but Lumi is the simplest I have to offer. May ye collect many to yer liking in the decades to come. But I hope I'm the first in the long line yet to be."

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Mhm! Though they helped me figure out the fiorian language a little better than before. I only really knew a few words when I signed up. And yeah! That’s what the merchant said too. I owe them a lot. Mhm Mhm.

The demi-god gave a nod of his head; if he ever ran into that merchant he’d have to thank them but he had long since lost track of him and no one seemed to know who he was talking about. Hearing that there was another demi-god that had similar background to him was a surprise. Prompting his eyebrows to shoot up.

I’ve only really met humans, Never really met a Demon or werewolf. Not yet. I don’t think at least?

There was honest confusion to his face and with her explaining what it tasted like he rolled the idea in his head. He didn’t want to drink the water of the sea; he had been told that’d make him very sick. He knew what sea salt and honey tasted like though. He’d nod his head a few times in understanding and seeing her pull more darkness only to give it to him? Well he’d inspect it and feeling that coldness of the ice didn’t seem to bother him too much.

...So very fascinating. It’s cool to the touch but I can sort of see what you’re talking about. I’d like to learn some of the songs you know, I bet they’re lovely.

When her excitement suddenly came to light saturn felt his tail shift a little bit and he’d perk up a bit. When explaining what the librarian was talking about saturn looked positively surprised to say the least. He’d look down with a somewhat… well not quite defeated but uncertain look.

I don’t think I could manage flying that high, I can’t even fly yet now. Eheheh. I’m not very familiar with the stuff in this realm. Maybe when I’m a little more capable I’ll go and visit others though. I can’t help it! There’s so much I want to see.

He’d look down at his hands, there was so much he wanted to do. So so so very much. He’d look to lumi as she seemed to take what he had brought up in stride.

I don’t think recruit is much of a nickname Lumi. Oh! Pup, I thought that was- okay!

Hearing her explanation and the fact that she considered him a friend made the demi-god brighten up considerably. He liked the sound of Osmond. He’d nod his head a few times, his tail swishing this way and that. His ears were even standing up fairly tall. The smile that she gave him was reflected by his own and he’d set his hands on his lap.

Thank you Lumi! I like that a lot! Osmond. Heh.

Then she started to list off names, titles and nicknames. He’d listen to each of them; more curious of each and every one of them. He’d rub his chin thoughtfully and eventually would nod as though he was absorbing every single one.

So many different ways of calling you you. Do you have a favorite? Don’t worry I won’t call you that. I might collect some! It might take a while. Oh I hope so, I like it a lot. It’s very thoughtful I’d think.

He’d nod his head several times; he was almost like a ten foot tall child. Except for the fact that he was… well certainly far more mature than one. He’d ponder for a moment and then open up the bag of sweets he had; offering it to lumi. She was free to to take some.

I’ve never had a friend before, and while you’re the first I hope that you’re not the last either. It's nice to just... well. Talk. Get to know people. I like this a lot.


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Lumi giggled softly at the sight of all his enthusiasm, it was the sound of chiming bells. Not even a hint of mischievousness this time, only the sounds of joy. She liked this, it was a nice change of pace to the unruly world. It was a simple joy of being. His enthusiam and gusto were pleasing in a confusing world.

Osmond, though she was not sure she’d tell him. It would me god-protection in her culture. She hoped that in granting him this name before all others, would allow him to have more defenses against all he would encounter and those who would precieve him. Though Lumi is of dark race, she always had the love of her family around her. The Demon was never left wanting in that regard but this being was not so lucky. If recruit was all he was being called by his peers, then she hoped he would find more beings that he’d see as family.

”I’m curious lad, I gave ye me gift of a name. So with that regard, if ya wish to name me than it would be fair. A name only ye could have.” She smiled wide enough to show her fangs but they were more poking than menacing. Though her smile was soon cut short into frustration.

”No friends mate? Not even of yer guild?” She walked off the bench out of frustration. Her outfit more noticable now that she was pacing around. She had a black two piece bathingsuit with white detail and sheer flowers. A clothe was tided around her waist to make a skirt. Her many tattoos would poke out and shine as well. Her hands were black up to the elbows and her nails sharp and black as well.

She sighed deeply to help her clam down before she spoke again. ”I won’t be yer last Osmond, and I’m honored ta be yer first.” She walked back over to him to see his selction of candy. Her sweet tooth was geting the best of her because she would pluck out all the chocolates she could find. Chilling all the candy in her hands and his for good measure so that the hot island sun wouldn’t melt all the treats. ”Aye, that should hold ‘em for a while but mind the teeth. Hate ta hear ya cry if ya chip a tooth on one of the harder ones. Now Osmond. Are ye afraid of hights?” She ran one of her talons gently down his arm, enchanting him with her magic. Black frost would creep along his back before building into a pair of wings for him to manage for himself.

Lumi steped back to obserbe her work pleased. Opening one of her candies to jam it in her maw. ”Admittably, having wings is a hand trait to have. Wouldn’t hurt to get ya used to taking to the skies from time to time so ya could travel as far as ya claim ye would.”

She willed the shadows from beneath him to bump him off the bench. Her way of cheekily getting him started in her idea of play time. ”Come now Osmond, tis time to learn an interesting music now.”

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The giggle that came from Lumi caught him a bit off guard; he’d pause in his speaking and motions. Tilting his head to one side; his smile somewhat widening a bit. It was a pleasing sound to say the least; happy right? That’s what that sound entailed? He was glad that she could be happy regarding this sort of thing.

He had no idea what the name meant, though he certainly seemed to like it. But were he to know what it meant he would have been very thankful for it. But for now? He would mull over the name a few different ways; maybe musically at some point or another! When given the opportunity to name the other he’d ponder, crossing his arms and letting out a long hum.

A name hmmm… there’s so many fitting ones I feel I could give…

Saturn let out another hum, his ears flicking and he seemed to be in deep thought. The demi-god was definitely giving it a good bit of thought. But honestly he didn’t know many words that would describe her well. The vibes he got from her, the friendly nature he was feeling.

I’ll admit I’m not that creative when it comes to names… Or have much to draw off of. But I quite like the idea of calling you Aurora.

He’d return the smile that she gave him, noticing the fangs that she had. They weren’t that big in comparison to some of the others he’s seen from wild animals but for a person they definitely would be impressive right? The short cut to her smile was saddening to say the least.

Well I’ve spent much of my time learning languages and trying to understand laws in the library. Of the new recruits I came to the knights with I was the only one the Leader picked. I still don’t understand his reasoning completely. I think once i’m there for a little longer I’ll find some!

He took note of her outfit now that she was more visibly walking about; both of their outfits were fairly simple. Hell the demi-god wasn’t even wearing a shirt. Just some kind of upper collar that draped over his shoulders, a large set of baggy pants held up by a sash and some metal bracers that seemed to do very little. The tattoos certainly caught his interest and he’d lean slightly; motioning with his hand to the shining tattoos. He had to wonder about the hands and forearms; was that painful or something just naturally part of her? He figured the latter.

What’s that?

Hearing that she wasn’t going to be his last friend made saturn smile softly, there were quite a few bits of chocolate in there next to other various kinds of fruity sweets. He liked sucking on candy and various other treats so it was fine with him.

I’m glad you think so. And don’t worry, I like sucking on them. Makes them last longer.

Was he afraid of heights? The demi-god blinked a bit before looking up. Then back down at the other as she ran a talon along his arms. Prompting him to adjust slightly. Feeling that black frost creep along his back he wasn’t sure what to say regarding that till the wings came out.

Never really thought about heights before… I don’t think I’m afraid of them?

He’d watch her take some of the candy into her mouth before she started to speak. She made sense in that regards and wouldn’t mind learning as much as he could. It was certainly something that he felt he could enjoy… But when the shadows bumped him off of the bench the demi-god blinked rapidly. Standing up and showing off that… he was practically double the height of the shorter demon. Sure sitting down he was still very tall but this showed off just truly how big he was.

I’ve never thought about having wings, this feels interesting. Music? Ooo~?

Hearing his lil nickname from her and the offer of music earned a very interested sound from the demi god. Shifting to put the lil baggy of treats on his waistband the demi-god adjusted again. With these wings it felt… strange. Like a set of different instruments being handed to him that he never had played before; so he’d spend a few moments testing out the wings.

Chilly… but feels nice?


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”Aurora….That’s prettier than I’d figure.” Lumi was taken aback by the name. Pulling on her hair as she thought it over and got used to it. ”I’ll accept it.” She said it almost begrudgingly with a pout. But she genuinly liked it.

”Hmmm, I wonder what stories could possibily held there? Though if I remember correctly, that guild merged with one that was more Knowgledge oriantated. Suppose since were friends now then I’ll see ye again. If that’s the case then I’d love to compare Libraries one day.” This excited her greatly, enough to turn her mood around completely once more.

”What’s, what?” She was genuinly confused. Tilting her head as she too had the habit to do so. She spun around real quick just to see if she could see what he was asking for, though nothing was very much apparent.

Lumi granted him the wings and caoxed him to try them. Curious as to how he’d go about the magic she offered him. But of course…he’s tall. And not just tall, massively tall. She rolled her eyes toward him.

Lumi was only four feet and eleven inches. In the city from which she hails, Fjallgard the Dwarven city, she was one of the taller ones. Ever since she left home she would face that not only was she not tall, but she was also not even averge. For some time she had disdan for those taller but seeing as most of her guild is tall and all the time she had to spend getting used to it. She was able to get over it. Didn’t mean she wouldn’t get annoyed of it sometimes but she would just have to find solace that this was no longer her real form.

She let her six wings out at last. They were black as night with hints of blue and purple. The ends of her feathers were nearly translusant as looking through ice. She pulled all her wings back in one go, beating them forward at once to kick of the ground, from there she hovered in place as all her wings melodically flapped in rtythm.

“It’s easy Osmond. Now ye.”

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I think it’s fitting for you!

He’d nod his head a few times, he didn’t entirely know the meaning behind the word. Dawn or something? Like a dawn of a new friendship! Hearing that she’d accept it even though she was playing with her hair and pouting it seemed like she was okay with it. The fact that she knew more about the rune knights and their merger than he did said something. That he didn’t know very much about the group if at all. Rubbing at the back of his neck he almost smiled in a sheepish sort of way.

Then you know more than me than I do of my own guild it seems. I didn’t even know they had merged with another guild at any point. But that’d be interesting to see them compared. I don’t think they’d mind?

Seeing her confusion regarding what he was talking about he’d give a more direct motion pointing at the markings on her body. He was largely curious in regards to what they meant or if that was just a natural effect much like her forearms and hands.

Seeing her let out her own wings saturn couldn’t help but gawk a little bit. Hers were very nice; he wondered how they felt to have naturally. Were they natural? Or magical? The demi-god looked back at his wings and with her giving him the go ahead he’d give one a testing flap, feeling strange he’d do the same to the other and then cycle trying to get himself to lift off the ground.

Giving it a little bit too much juice he wouldn’t so much lift off the ground as he’d shoot upwards with a startled yelp. Maybe a good ten twenty feet before landing on his feet with a surprising amount of grace. Being as large as he was it wasn’t a surprise he’d have an easier time with heights, but it was clear he hadn’t the slightest idea how to use the wings.

Oh these are… strange but.. How do you stay in place like that Aurora?


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"A good friend of mine had a dream to become a Guild Master of his own. He wanted to create a haven for the outcastes but also help point them to the way of improvement. During his studies, he would keep up to date on many guilds and simple affairs. Things that were rumored were easy to make note of, the merge being one of them. Nice to see it wasn't as barren as he thought. He noted that there weren't many sightings back when he told me of yer kin. But yer the second I've ever crossed so maybe it's the sign yer on the rise." She spoke quite matter-factly as there was hardly anything to feel over the affair. This matter would usually be far removed from her but in the case of meeting a member from within their ranks, it brought it to mind.

"Can't say I care for ye Knights if I say so meself. I've had me share of quests with a few of ye back home. Investigating a beanstalk for one, staging a murder for another. Wouldn't care to work with yer lot beyond the means of getting paid. But so is the nature of any mercenary I suppose." Lumi swayed her head back and forth as she was giving it more thought. She couldn't remember the name of the other guild, yet it was in this guild that she met the member previously stated. In the end, she found she didn't care anymore. It was the stories that motivated her on this prompt, to begin with.

He made it clear he meant her markings and it finally dawned on her. She slides her hand over the tattoos to dim the glow, as she was not yet used to maintaining this form it was doomed to have imperfections. The axe and ram tattoo she had just under her chest and navel was the most egregious. But now she wondered if the ones on her face were showing too. She rubbed her visage to better adjust her form and gave herself another look over.

"Ya dunces could of told me I was peaking out ya know?!" She grumbled to her birds. "Sorry about that lil miss, figured you knew." Lonu answered back.

Lumi threw her head back in a frustrated sigh and looked back to Saturn. She held up her hand before speaking up again. "If the horizon can't hold the sky, can't say I always can either. Least not perfectly. As for the hands well, I did mention I'm the Raven Queen. So I have talons clearly."
She was half joking. The dark magic she used early on as being a Daemon derived from the Abyss. Said magic began to stain her fingers and then her hands. She had long since stopped tapping into that power when she found that of the Primordial Dark but a staff she was granted within her dreams pushed the black stain further up and added detailing of scales upon her skin. It was the effect of her frigid staff to do so, and for that, not many could hold it. Yet she always took a liking to this quirk she'd gained as it made her feel more like a raven. She hardly inherited traits of raven Demi-humans from her mother so this had serficed. And even now when she could have built a whole new form, she enjoyed these things enough to dawn them again. She loved her talons.

Lumi hung in the air for a while now, watching the pup try out his own pair of wings. She was amused by watching him, popping chocolates into her mouth as he made sense of the movements. When he darted up, she broke into a laugh. Clapping her hands from her amusement. "I've been flying since I was a wee lass, pup. Ye get used to the gist of things after a while. Usually taking off's the hard part and ya start high. But I wanted ya got get a feel for the wings before I drop ya." Lumi had a ring that was passed down within her family to grant the wearer a raven's form. So as she said, when she was young she did indeed practice flying. It was the way of her family, a tribe of prominent raven Demi-humans that made a name for themselves scouting, spying, and delivering messages and information. It was through them that man tribes could come together and fight off outside forces. So it is a work and pride that runs deep her her music one could say.

She clapped one last time before parting her hands and lowering them in a cycle-like motion, joining them again briefly before pushing them forward palm up. A pillar of black frost-like obsidian formed just beneath his feet, shooting him up four meters. The sun would hit her ice and the light would fracture into beautiful colors, not unlike her wings. She darted up to meet him face to face, a huge grin on her face. Now it could get more fun, Osmond. But I'll keep ye from falling too low else it wouldn't be fun." She circled around him much like she had when she first met him, curious about what he would do now.

"Always over zelous she is." Trygve commented. "Aye.."
Lonu agreed.

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Sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders. Has he become a guild master now or? Oh. I haven’t met another of my kin I don’t think. I’m not sure what the leader of the rune knights are. Might have to ask him next time I see him.

Saturn’s ears flicked a few times; he was grateful of the information she was giving him but couldn’t help but wonder who this other demi-god she met was. She certainly referred to them a few times. Maybe it was a person she had befriended? Hearing that she didn’t care for the knights surprised him a little bit. Though when she explained her reasoning he’d nod a few times.

I haven’t had much experience with them past getting recruited and using their library. Sounds like an interesting time but I don’t blame you if it wasn’t your style of work. I don’t even know my style yet.

He’d rub at his neck slowly; the other seemed to be reflecting thoughtfully on something and he wasn’t sure what to make of her opinion regarding the knights. He felt they were a good group; maybe they weren’t? He’d have to look into it later when he had the chance. But they felt like a good group of people.

He’d tilt his head to one side as she addressed her birds and then seemed a bit curious at her frustration. But with her explaining to him regarding them he could only nod. He had been curious after all.

That makes sense. Also makes sense that you can talk to your friends here with a title like that. Does that mean you’re royalty of some type?

He knew that there was a king of fiore, was she a queen of somewhere else that he wasn’t aware of? Raven queen might mean that she was just a queen of birds to a degree, or at the very least was the queen of ravens. Which you know. Made sense. He’d let out a soft breath of air; he liked hearing about things from Lumi; she made a lot of sense and gave him a lot to think about.

Feeling the wings work with his body was strange to him; it was something he felt like that he would never get used to unless he gained a natural set of wings himself. Maybe something to look into. His music was still unknown to him after all. So maybe he could figure something out. The laughter that came from her made him pause midflap and with her being amused he’d manage a somewhat sheepish smile, rubbing at his neck obviously a little out of sorts.

It’s a sensation I’ve never had before… so it’s. Strange? But a good strange.

With him landing and then being pushed up by that pillar of ice he’d let out a soft yet surprised sound. Close to a gasp; but not quite. The ice was very cold to his feet and he’d have to adjust slightly; claws clacking and shifting oddly. With her darting up to him he could easily see that she was a natural compared to him; not to mention she had more experience regarding it than he did. It made him want to smile a lot too. Well. More so than he already did. He was having a good time still and she seemed to think that he’d have more with this.

Well I appreciate it Aurora, Hmm…

He’d watch her for a moment, inspecting how she was moving around him. So that was how they could use their wings to move like that? Looking to his ‘own’ he’d try it himself, though it felt a little wobbly compared to her he’d manage to do a much wider circle after stepping off of the ice. He seemed to also be having issues keeping himself aloft. Maybe it was his weight? Or he just didn’t know how to keep himself airborne too well…

Might have to look into getting my own set of wings to practice with…


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Lumikki gave that thought. "Suppose it would mean that but it feels absurd saying it. Though considering the alternative, it would be the easiest for folks to accept. What would ye be the god of ya figure? If I were a god, of ravens, ice and dark would suffice." Queen is easier to use than Demoness. As proud of her nature as she is, she needn't let people know more than they should of her. Since Saturn never felt he'd be a threat, she didn't mind telling him all her names. But to any other, she would be quite decisive. None needed to know freely that a Demon had freely returned to the Earthlands.

The Demi-god got the hint and took the step. Leaving the pillar and managing his wings much better than before albeit still sloppily. She lowered herself to his level and flew alongside him. "Perhaps ya would, but if dragons could fly then so could ye. As a matter of fact! To prove me point..." She pulled her fingers to her lips and let out a piercing whistle that reverberated quite a ways away.

It took a while as a large serpentine creature appeared descending from the clouds and towards them.
"No need to come the full way down!" She shouted toward him. The creature heeded her words and only circled the sky from there on. Lumikki looked back at Saturn and pointed her way up. "Doesn't have wings like mine, but flies all the same. Is to say, ye'd find yer way, I was only starting ya off on the possibility. The stronger ya get the less flying becomes impressive cause anyone could find their way into the skies."

She flew inward in her cycle around the pillar and touched the base, allowing it to break and fall away into black snow blowing in the wind.

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]Saturn seemed to be having a good time with the wings, enjoying the sensation of flight however awkward. When Lumi started talking again his ears would swivel and his head would turn to her. What would he be the god of? The large demi-god gave it a little bit of thought. If had to pick…

I mean nothings wrong with saying that you are. What would I be the god of?

She gave some good examples and he’d fold his arms, thinking quite deep about it. He liked the idea of being the god of peace and healing. There were a couple other things he liked too but those seemed most relevant. After a moment he’d hold up a hand and look at it thoughtfully.

I’d think… peace and healing. If I had to pick? I like the idea of helping people.

He didn’t know that she’d never consider him a threat; but he knew deep down that he never would hurt his friends. No matter the instance and he could never consider lumi anything less than that. She was after all his only friend at this point too. His awkward flight at least rotated to him managing to bring himself slightly higher up in terms of things. He’d give her a happy smile seeing her fly alongside him. Though when she put her fingers to her lips and gave that whistle…

That’s true I suppose… Hmm?

Seeing the serpentine creature descending from the clouds saturn looked up in awe. Hearing Lumi address them so casually… She made several good points and slowly following after her; he was pretty good at mimicking the movements she made when it came to flight; though he was certainly far sloppier than she was.

Well I’ll have to practice. Find my way like you said. I do like the feel of the wings, but maybe there might be something more natural for me too.

He’d smile brightly and take a moment to inspect himself; slowly turning about in air to sort of get that sensation down to a pat. This was something he could focus on later. Knowing to others that flying was less impressive later on… well he’d find a way to keep it like that!

Well if dragons could do it, maybe i can too. This feels too nice not to try in the future Aurora. Impressive or not. It feels nice.

He'd sigh sweetly, folding his arms and somewhat stalling his flight to somewhat glide along before starting up again. He was figuring things out quickly. He was even talking a little better now too. Like spending longer periods interacting was just simply good for him.


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Lumikki watched on as he was getting the hang of it. Sometimes she would follow along, other times she would just stop for a bit to eat more sweets. She couldn't help herself with chocolates.

"Aye, too nice indeed. Soaring high above is as pleasing as it comes. To me at least. I know a share afraid of heights and I figure those of water would prefer swimming to the air above. Though I'd hardly count the two as all that different. Swimming feels like flying to me."

To demonstrate her point, she'd take to flying again but much faster. With the grace of her experience and skill, she'd twirl and flip in the sky. Random things at first before settling on an aerial dance. If one were familiar with ice skating, one could notice the similarities in her movements. It was just something she's done enough that she hardly had to give the movement thought. Only from feeling her flow and the air would she surmise the next move in her dance.

When she felt the point made, she slowed her flight and glided right back to him."Didn't occur to me to ask if ye've swam before. Least ye picked up to flight fine enough, I wouldn't swim alone if ya don't know how though."

As she flew to show him the gist of what she could do, she had been giving what he said some thought. But it was still an odd answer for her. "Of all the things to reign over as a god, peace, and healing? Not like I scoff at those things as vague as they are. I guess if I really think about it, ye'd have to become one of the more stronger gods to make that true. Takes massive strength to enforce peace ya know, and it takes great will to heal all. Things like lightning or fire are easy. Suppose all the destructive ones are."

She twirled in flight while thinking if she wanted to say more on the matter or not. Biting her lip as she gave it some more thought and ultimately gave in. "I've given these things thought meself. See I have the capacity to destroy, one could argue I was made for it. But I want to be strong, and so I want to display me power accordingly. A fool could argue destroying a city in one spell is power but I only see weakness. That power is hardly impressive if ye ask me 'cause anyone could do it. Even ye Osmond if ya chose to in this moment could destroy. So how could I truly show off any of me power doing that." She scoffed at the idea of it, the disgust was clear on her face.

"No, I concluded real power was the power to keep anyone from trying at ye at all. A terror so grand no one would ever cross what's yers. Least it's what I learned of the Angel of Paradise Dawn. Doesn't have to move a finger anymore and the North maintains a peace. See that's power. Mending takes skill, power and time. It's hard work. So as boring as yer choice is, it's a fine one and less boring than most."

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Saturn was clearly enjoying himself, while he wasn’t doing anything excessive he certainly was making the most with the time that he had with this ability. He’d flick an ear when she started speaking again and would slow his rate of speed so that he wasn’t getting too far away from Lumi. Swimming? He’d ponder and glance down towards the water.

never been swimming before, saw people doing it when I came here but. Didn’t really think to try.

He’d watch her show off how graceful that she was in the air, pausing a bit in awe that she was very talented with her wings. He felt like he had barely even started to tap the surface of it. Same with the music too. He’d consider what he could do regarding either and would nod his head a few times.

So swimming can kind of be dangerous?

She seemed to take what he said in stride, he could tell she was thinking it over. He’d nod when she asked about his choices; it felt right to say those things. It felt like the things he wanted. He’d adjust slightly in the air and slowly glide along after a few flaps.

Suppose I have a lot of growing to do to make it so I can help people. But that’s okay. I’m glad that I can at least grow to help folks.

Hearing that destruction was easier than peace saddened him a bit but he’d nod his head slowly. He’d listen to her and watch her curiously. She didn’t want to waste her effort doing that sort of thing though, there was no charm in it he felt. Destroying a whole city seemed like a waste to him.

Mmm. I wouldn’t want to show off that way either. I think you’re right Aurora. I’ll have to see what else others can do too…

She’d explain further the sort of strength needed to stop other people from doing anything. Being so strong that he could just simply stop folks. He’d smile a little bit as she found his choice boring; or at least it seemed that way and he’d rub the back of his head.

Well, I think it suits me Aurora. Just like how flying suits you; this is…exhilirating. I think you have the right idea though. I just don’t think I have the ability to do that sort of thing yet, even.. Mentally. I don’t think I’d want to destroy like that.

He’d shake his head and flap the wings to keep him in place, he’d glide a little closer to inspect her. Watching how she flew so gracefully and moved so well. He wanted to do the same thing someday. He’d have to practice so he could show her down the line.

I think… the destructive ones just haven’t learned what peace or love is yet. That they destroy because they haven’t seen it yet. I think they could find their own peace and way of living that doesn’t hurt others. But that takes time. I think I'd want to stop them without hurting them.


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"Yer adorable Osmond but that be a waste of yer time. Help those who want to be helped or could do well for it. There are both beings and creatures that care not for peace and love." She spoke the last bit quite mockingly. Not per se to say those things were dumb but to drive the point that there really some out there that didn't care at all and they never would.

"Sure ya could ignore what I say and do it all the same, but it wouldn't change how valid me point stands. Some things must be destroyed, some beings must be killed, and certain things must end. I suppose if ye remember only one thing I teach ye, let it be that. It'll fall on ya one day to learn when the time comes to resolve things. And even if ya don't slay 'em with yer own hands, to let them pass as they are meant to. If a whole being's existence was a poison, ya could say, then well ya can't heal the poison could ya? It would be like ridding 'em 'cause that's all they ever were. A poison to the world..."

She part spoke from experience and part of knowing full well what her nature and being were. She had seen the Abyss and she had plunged into it. There was no need to lie to him as to how things were, he would be around long enough to let the world warp him in time. And though she liked his cheerful naivety, she would be darned if that's what he hurt.

"Ye have much to learn on yer own, and centuries I'm sure to carve who ye'd be. Just don't learn it all the hard way. Every being has the capacity for kindness or cruelty. Some like I can shift seamlessly between the two. This is to say Osmond, a Seraphim could usher disaster as much as a Demon could shield and heal. It'll be on ya to learn natures of others quickly, but to spare ya the trouble, assume all of 'em troublesome. Especially the Seraphims, Demons, and their lesser."

She glided down toward the shore and waves, only letting her feet touch places washed over by the water. She was hardly a fan of the heat, more so as she took on her new form.

She kept walking until her shins submerged and out she would look, letting herself get mesmerized by the sea. "That's never to say, lose yer curious nature. Tis only a point toward becoming wise. This world is boring when ya look at it in shades, ya lose all the color. Stay playful pup, yer godly status affords ya the luxury."

She bent forward and swished her hand in the water. Then she would be mindful of her moments and when she was done she pulled out a small ice sculpture of him with wings. If she only used her own magic, it would be blackened by her darkness but freezing the water spared her art that. She glanced it over making sure she was pleased and handed it to him. Next, she cupped her hands and expanded them a tad, opening them to reveal a little raven as well. She passed him this one as well. Whether he kept them or not didn't bother her but if he had chosen to then they would exist as long as she does.

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Saturn wasn’t the most experienced individual, to say that he had any experience in anything was anything other than laughable. But he could see the value of wanting to help others and was willing to admit that she was probably right in regards to helping those that wanted to be helped. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever meet someone that would turn him down either.

I don’t know how long it would be before I’d meet someone like that but you make a really good point. So far the people that I’ve met have been very kind and the sort of folks I’d like to help along. But…

He’d look down at his hands, seeming a little out of sorts. His tail drooped and his flapping grew a little slower. He was taking what she had to say with a seriousness that he wasn’t sure exactly what he would do in that moment. Flicking his ears a few times he’d eventually nod.

Well, I’ll try to be careful and uh. I don’t know how to avoid the ‘hard’ way. Not yet. I suppose that’s something I’ll learn eventually too. I just hope that i can help everyone that I can help Aurora.

He’d watch her glide down to the shore and waves before following her. He was taking what she had to say to heart. Considering it and thinking that he could hopefully help even those that wanted to push others away. He had to try right? But he needed to see how far he could reasonably do that he figured. He’d rub at the back of his neck as she spoke, doing something with the water.

I have a lot to learn but I can take my time, don’t worry Aurora! I don’t think I’m going to lose that anytime soon.

He’d smile cheerfully, not really knowing what she meant in that regard. He felt that he wouldn’t lose that sort of thing for a while; at least he felt like he wouldn’t. Watching her freeze something and slowly hand it to him. He was rather taken by surprise and he’d hold it gently in one hand. Another gift? Followed by a little raven to his other hand. He’d look between the two of them, perking up a little bit before gently putting the both of them into separate little bags. He had an idea of where he could put these.

Thank you Aurora.

He’d smile brightly down at her, adjusting slightly to feel more than just the water at his ankles. He wanted to feel more of the ocean, the water felt strange against his fur and he’d exhale softly.

...I don’t really have much to give but my time right now, but how about the next time we meet proper I can show you some of the music I have in mind? If that sounds okay to you Aurora?


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She loved over to him and smiled warmly. Wondering if the pup would always feel the need to give. Maybe give all that he had. She didn’t particularly mind. It was his choice to make and lesson to learn. Part of her even wanted to see what her could even offer her in time, but not enough to care about pursuing it. Still her desire to consume was not one to easily ignore.

”Ye know, time isn’t a bad thing to give. But the music makes for an entertaining offer. I’ll hold ye to it till the time comes that ya make good on it. But till then, let’s part. I want to see what ye become with a bit more time, I mean ya picked up flying quick enough. I wonder what more ye’d entertain. But for now, I shall head home. Remember to feed the ravens even when I’m not around.” She smiled cheekily. He would hope that he’d come to spoil her birds.

”It was a pleasure Osmond…” She would say as she walked backwards for a moment. Black feathers swirled around her as they did before. Swallowing her up until you could not see a bit of her anymore. A raven would pierce through, she had shifted and now she was gone.

”Till next time pup…“ Her two other ravens would join her in flight.

Curtain Call

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Pokedex Entry

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Seeing that smile on her face made saturn pretty happy; he was glad that she could have a good time here. He was glad to have met her and glad that they could be friends. His lessons that he could learn were small at the moment but she had given him some good food for thought. He was one of those types that didn’t mind giving either.

I don’t see why I couldn’t give both? But all right! I’ll remember to give them plenty! It’ll be good to see you again. I’ll have to do some thinking about it. But you’ll likely be the first to see.

Seeing her step backwards and those black feathers surround her; he was gifted with her raven form for a brief moment before she flew off. Leaving him mostly on his own. He’d stare upwards as she flew away and then back to the now setting sun. Stepping over to the bench he had been sitting on earlier he’d take a seat again.

Till next time Aurora…

Digging out those sculptures he’d inspect them again; he had to admit he looked good with wings and that the raven was somewhat reminiscent of her. He’d give a soft sigh before putting them back into their pouches. He’d have to be really careful with them, they felt cool to the touch and made him wonder just how strong her music was. Scratching at his chin before leaning back in his seat.

He would spend the next few hours here before the sun finally set in earnest; leaving him in the dark before the towering demi-god decided to leave the beach in favor of the nearby town. He had a few ideas of what he could do…

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