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Luluhawa Island

Aloha. The oldest of Luluhawan chants describes the Luluhawa Island, the spirits that inhabit them, the forces of nature that shaped them, and all the living things upon them as inextricably connected. This sense of connection is the foundation of Luluhawan culture: understanding that they all have a mandate to care, to care for their environment and for one another. The spirit is expressed through chant, music, hula, arts, cultural practices, and the warm, genuine greetings that are a hallmark of Luluhawan hospitality.

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    Hellsea Bastille

    Hellsea Bastille, also known as the underwater prison, is the Council's maximum-security prison for the most dangerous criminals. It is located underwater in the middle of the ocean. Hellsea Bastille is a large submerged tower-like structure whose foundation is at the very bottom of the sea bed. Due to it being built at a dangerous location, the entire structure is constantly surrounded by gigantic sea beasts swimming below the water. Along with these beasts, the prison is guarded by a force of Rune Knights. The prison is made out of multiple levels in which the prisoner's assigned level is determined by their threat level.

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      Other Islands

      Explore the open seas and find more islands than the ones listed above. The islands in this section are owned by other users. They are in charge of their island and are often considered its ruler. Each island may vary based on its ruler. Some may be populated while others could be practically uninhabited. Not all of the islands listed in this section are welcoming though. It is therefore recommended to read the descriptions carefully to ensure that you will not be considered a trespasser when exploring the island.

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