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In The Shadows of Sovereignty [Erebus]

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Ever since the Queenpin had returned to the stronghold, it had been one crisis after another. The grand fortress, usually bustling with a dark, vibrant energy, now felt eerily quiet. With nearly every member of the council missing, the once-steady flow of money had slowed. Nana had vanished to gods know where, Knuckles Shi had revealed himself as a traitor, and Erebus had been locked up in prison... for six months. Six...fucking...months. The vampire’s eyelid twitched at the thought of how quickly everything had unraveled. Of course, Zari had no doubt she could patch it all back together, but at the idea of doing so who could blame her for being annoyed? Still, every problem she now faced was fixable. If The Queenpin really wanted to, she could spend the time to hunt Nana down and drag her back, track Knuckles and kill him, and break Erebus out of that shithole. Almost none of it made sense. She had been so confident in the loyalty of those who had helped her build this kingdom, and their collective abandonment felt like an unforgivable betrayal.

She had become the Queen.

Hellsea Bastille itself was a sprawling labyrinth of stone and steel, a testament to the power and influence of the criminals here once wielded with ease. The high ceilings and dim lighting created an oppressive atmosphere, shadows dancing on the walls as she moved. The air was thick with a sense of yearning, the usual buzz of activity replaced by a tense silence.

Erebus was the most wanted man in the world, his bounty attracted many hunters, none of whom had succeeded before. Death was too fast, too cunning, and too strong. Who could possibly have managed to imprison him? And worse, why the hell was he still there? The Jedi balled her fists as she silently strolled through the echoing halls of Hellsea, flanked by a group of four Knights. They pretended to be dutiful soldiers on the surface, a charade that served the Vampire well. The prison was a maze of cold, grey concrete and iron bars, the harsh fluorescent lights flickering intermittently. None of the inmates knew her identity, as evidenced by their lewd catcalls, treating her like fresh meat. A few months ago, Zariya might have been flattered. At this moment, however, she wanted Asimov to blow their heads off.

The robot Asimov floated beside her, ready to execute her slightest command. The only reason she could bring Asimov inside was because, unlike her colleague, she had no reputation—at least not in Fiore. To the government, she was a nobody. The sound of her heeled leather boots clacked rhythmically against the concrete floors as she navigated a series of lefts and rights, the Knights ensuring no one interfered. The air grew colder as they descended deeper into the prison, the walls seeming to close in around them.

Finally, they arrived at the cell that held the only living man Zariya trusted: the Don of Death himself. The cell was stark, the iron bars casting long shadows across the floor. "Erebus..." she called out in an almost demanding tone as the faux Knights stepped aside. Her voice echoed in the confined space, carrying a mix of frustration, authority, and perhaps genuine concern. As she stood there, the weight of her responsibilities and the enormity of the betrayal she had faced pressed down on her. But in this moment, standing before Erebus, the Icebergan felt a flicker of the old fire, the resolve that had built an empire.

"Why the fuck aren’t you home?"

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The fumes of smoke escaped the man, donned in an orange uniform, of the furthest containment chamber— locks detaching and mechanical noises were heard as the hinges were released. Two knights pushed Erebus forward. Great rooms and holdings were passed on the way to an elevator. Erebus couldn’t tap into strength now and he could feel it coming off the chains. Magical equipment fastened tight across his ankles and wrists. The sound of heels biting the floor could be heard, however with one revolving door going up, Erebus entered a confined space. Six chairs, with glass encasing, rather than a telephone operating mechanism— the prison seemed to work with magic, revealing a speaker box with a button implanted along the metal frame; it flowed an eerie blue light. Erebus figured that perhaps lacrima were pushing the electricity down here, which made sense to the adventurer. He studied the room and then walked until he was sat before a familiar face.

The two knights back up, moving out of the confined space, one stayed within the room with the Don, whereas the other exited and assumed his position to watch the exit/entrance from the other side. Placing himself in a metal chair, Erebus moved his wrists to the table, and pushed in against the buzzer.

Now his voice was being projected through a radio on the side. “Good to see you again, Doctor.” Erebus opened up forthcoming. “I’ve just been here— upgrading the software— without damaging the hardware.” Erebus said placing a finger to his temple, leaning back into his chair as comfortably as he could rest himself. He breathed in the fresher air, which was nicer on this level, and spoke again after a short pause. “I decided this place had a lot of potential after I was arrested,”  The shadow of the room was left dim, and the brown stone walls gave one the feeling that they were deep in a bunker— albeit, this wasn’t even the lowest depths of the prison itself.

“I was needed in Joya, I suppose that’s where it all started.” Erebus leaned forward, aggravated that he was caught to begin with— as he was now going to face a lot more diplomatic issues. “I really do hate snitches— but that’s the least of my concerns. I was attacked a day before I left on my mission.” He decided without a second thought. “Knuckles has defected, betrayed us for the good graces of the Warden and the new Guildmaster of the North; or rather, I suppose she became it after defeating me as a public disgrace to the Magic Council… I think they had referred her to me as Lumikki.” He sighed. “He has chosen the fate many men lose too— enamored by adoration of a female, what a blatant weakness of character.” Erebus said annoyed by the expression of being betrayed over something as simple love, or whatever it was suppose to be between those two. Leaning forward Erebus looked both ways before speaking again, tapping the window softly for Zariya. “I’m almost done here, but there are a few mages here prolonging my visit. They don’t yet know that I have gained this~.” Erebus said, pointing back to his right eye, where as he moved out of the veil of darkness— a golden iris could be seen. A new tool, which has served him over the course of six months— slowly manipulating and binding lesser criminals to his whims. A reward he had ripped from the clutches of another here, and an asset he would soon use to provoke an even more terrifying version of himself— as soon as he might escape.

So far, only one mage in all of Fiore outside of these walls had fallen beneath its command, and that Lumikki— even so, he doubted she realized what damaged her during that fight.

Another tool acquired here, was apart of his punishment. A surgical infusion with a weapon of the Void. Yet, since after the surgery, his body was not fully ready to make use of the weapon; the rogue had pushed himself already to draw it forth against the Harpy in Seven.

He hadn’t told this part to Zariya, as he was fairly certain she might cut him up to see how such a robotic creature worked. Imbued by the darkness, and fully apart of his spine— he simply could not run a risk and let the cat out of the bag just yet.

That bastard Konstantin was just as much of a mad scientist as Zariya, only he used his position to hide his true entity. One Erebus had never since forgotten about, ever since that fateful day on the bridge. He was incredibly pained even right now by the confinement, sore… aching, like an irritant in the lumbar area of his back.

Even if the tendrils had started to speak and interact with his thought processes… and the true feeling he despised, was when they’d slither around in his flesh. The sudden movement of one at that very moment— would make Erebus rub his lower left side. Closer inspection and one would see the sweat on his skin— never truly going away. As his body was in constant overtime, fighting off infections from the wounds in his shoulders.

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Knuckles Shi

The news had reached him faster than Erebus would have liked. Knuckles had looked forward to Erebus and the other Dons to come hunting him, the promise of death for those who abandoned the Organization, but was it him who had abandoned them or the woman who had gathered them all and made promises?  Should she not be the one Erebus hunted instead of him? Matter of opinion he thought as he reflected on the path that led to this night.  In the end, however, the issue was supposed to be dealt with by seeking him, he wagered his life when he swore to them and he knew what he was doing when he stepped away and beat down Erebus all those months ago.

Knuckles was called a coward then, but the actions of Erebus showed who the true coward was. Something was confusing for the Red-haired Daemon though, he and Erebus had been locked up at the same time by Kon, the leader of the Rune Knights.  Yet, when Knuckles got out there was no Erebus there with him, Knuckles thought it had to be that the man had more crimes under his belt being a stronger and more renowned Criminal.

Though when Knuckles had returned to the Paradise Dawn Guild and met back with his Patron, Now Guild Master, and beloved he had found out that the very same man had threatened to kill her.  Yet, this did not add up as Knuckles had not seen any mention in the news of the release of Erebus, nor had he been set free when Knuckles was nor had he come for Knuckles. So to put his mind at ease Knuckles was going to come to the prison and use his newfound status as a Member of Paradise Dawn to simply do a wellness check on an old friend.  If Erebus was here, then it would be a clown running around using the name and appearance which would of course lead to another time-consuming investigation into who this was.

The Daemon closed his eyes as he held his clown helm in his arms, opening them he looked up at the sky and sighed.  If it was Erebus then it would only further confuse Knuckles on how he was able to be in two places at once.  For Erebus' sake, he had better not have been the one who threatened Lumikki for even if he had grown in strength to beat Knuckles in a fight he was likely still not strong enough to face the others of the Dawn, those such as Brone the Uncles of the Demoness.

Whoever it was that had done it, would soon learn that threats to the Guild Master would not be taken lightly. It was why Knuckles was going to do more than just check in on Erebus here but also he would check into the Guild Hall of the organization and see what had been going on in the absence of all the Mob bosses.  

Despite if it was Erebus or someone else it did not matter Knuckles would find out just who to lay the punishment out to.   Looking down not that he could no longer see the sky Knuckles checked his gear as Murder landed on his shoulder, a Raven from Lumikki's Unkindness.   Damon placed the helmet of a Demon Clown on his head and secured it.

He had figured that they would likely not care that he had seemed to have a change of heart and refuse him to see an old friend who was such a famous criminal. So Knuckles had brought something to ensure he would get his face-to-face.  Something so powerful Knuckles himself even knew that with all his power he could not face and survive.  

"We are almost there, are you ready?"

It was all he could do to keep the malice he felt from slipping out, still his blood lust was likely pouring out around him. The Daemon was being fueled with negative emotions of hate and revenge. Emotions that would fuel the darkness that was ready to be unleashed, however at the core of all this anger was a feeling of love, and a want to protect. Something he had not felt in a very long time.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Yuurei was no longer the Guild Master, but his sense to protect those within the guild had never left. His inner thoughts were in turmoil, but his love for the North, and his guild would never go away. That was something he did his best to hold onto himself. The Oni and the Demon picked at everything else and the doubts that they placed into his mind, and the regrets he thought he was over with would appear in his mind at random times of the year.

It was the reason why he left, his existence could prove dangerous to his people, and he didn’t want to be in the guild halls and somehow lose control of himself. While he moved around, the Seraphim had done what he always did, and it was to keep tabs on his people. It would seem like they had been doing a lot of and it would seem like one in particular was hungry for battle. Yuurei knew this all too well since the first time they clashed he screamed for him when arrived at the guild.

Still, where his sources had told him he was heading, brought Yuurei to make his presence known. The person Knuckles was heading to see was the man who had threatened to drag him back for leaving this Akuma Syndicate. He wasn’t sure what was going to transpire here, this prison was well guarded, and it would seem like there wasn’t anything happening.

Still, how Yuurei got here with Knuckles was simple. He appeared to Knuckles asking why he was leaving the guild and the man explained the situation. This caused Yuurei to be interested in what could transpire. He also didn’t like the words Erebus spoke that day after all the fighting had finished in Joya.

Renji was on his shoulder, and he was a bit worried about what was going to happen. This wasn’t going to be good, and he could tell with everything that had been going on with Yuurei as of lately. He couldn’t do anything but fight by his side and make sure that nothing bad would happen to the man.

Why are you helping him? He clearly wants to just be destroyed. You should just let him Yuurei. Shuten spoke. I mean he might make things interesting here. It doesn’t seem like there is anything happening right now anyway. Levithan added.

Yuurei would shake his head hearing all of this as he didn’t care what these two had to say. Still, they might have been right. While thinking about all of this, he would hear Knuckles speak and he would look over to him, but he didn’t nod or anything. He just kept walking.

“Me ready? Never, but it doesn’t seem like there is anything happening from the outside. I want to say don’t cause trouble if there isn’t anything happening now. I guess antagonizing the man doesn’t count to me, but don’t throw the first punch?” He said to Knuckles as he moved.

Renji, on the other hand, would just look at the two; Yuurei was here to help him fight or to help make sure nothing had gone the wrong way. He wasn’t too sure, but he knew they were about to find out soon enough.


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There was a certain allure to the man known as Erebus, one that Zariya couldn't quite comprehend. He was twisted, dark, and almost malevolent, yet undeniably beautiful in a way that made his imperfections seem almost artistic. Though they stood in each other's presence, they were separated by technology that was just a bit too primitive for Zariya's liking. The world was evolving rapidly, yet it seemed as though the Magic Council was unable to keep up. The Akudama Syndicate had long surpassed such outdated designs. If the Don of Death truly wished, he could break out of this wretched place right now. Clearly, he had other plans. The Queenpin’s eyes darted around, taking in the positions of the Knights surrounding the Akudama. One stood at the exit, likely staying outside the room, while another remained inside with her colleague.

Shadows danced along the cold, stone walls, illuminated by flickering lacrima that cast a haunting glow. The air was thick with a sense of pending danger, the buzz of activity replaced by a tense silence that gnawed at her nerves. She fucking hated this place. She hated the idea of being chained and oppressed.

The Queenpin trusted few, especially not the agents of Fiorian supremacy, even if they were merely her pawns in disguise. What she couldn’t see, Asimov could, serving as the eyes in the back of her head. The robot's sensors scanned the area meticulously, ensuring no hidden threats lurked in the shadows. The chained Don greeted his Queen first, his voice a gravelly whisper. For a moment, she remained silent, her gaze piercing and thoughtful. Her aura had changed; she was no longer visibly excited and vibrant. Rage and violence now consumed her very essence in a more collected manner.

"Likewise, assassin...though I had hoped it'd be under different circumstances," she sighed. Erebus was different than before she left, as if too many things had happened to him simultaneously. He was more powerful, more... broken. The Jedi listened, her brows raising as Erebus briefly touched on the Joya situation. What truly piqued her interest, however, was the treachery of Knuckles Shi. Her serpents were everywhere, so she wasn’t entirely out of the loop. Hearing about Knuckles’ departure wasn’t surprising, but the manner and reason for it were.

"Mmm..." Zariya blinked. Few understood the power of love, and Erebus was not among them. Still, she let him continue. Soon after, the Don revealed an eye he had acquired, prompting Zariya to lean forward for a better look. The golden eye seemed to pulse with an eerie, otherworldly energy, and Zariya could sense its latent power. Interesting, she thought, naturally curious about the abilities it had granted the assassin. Little by little, Erebus had been growing in power, amassing strength so great that soon even the mightiest fighters would bend to his will. Many feared the Don, and for good reason. Zariya did not. Instead, she was motivated by the extent of security measures the government had taken to contain Erebus. In this moment, she was encouraged. She desired to taste his blood... his power.

"A lot has happened since I left, I see. Can't say I'm surprised that Knuckles abandoned what we’ve built; he was always the weaker link. Honor this, honor that... only to join the very guild that destroyed his home. You should've ripped his skull out of his stupid ass head." the Vampiress remarked, flipping her bangs out of her face and clenching her jaws. Her voice was laced with a mixture of disdain and disappointment. "If this Lumikki person was capable of defeating you, then we have a much bigger problem on our hands. Paradise Dawn is arguably the strongest guild in Fiore, and we lack the manpower to beat them, especially if Yuurei and that fucking Dwarf are still there." Zariya paused, letting her thoughts surface.

"I've unlocked a new power myself, but I have a ways to go before mastering it. My vampirism has my body in a state of adjustment as well, so it’s in our best interest to continue to strengthen ourselves and build allies. While we’ve been away, our kingdom has become susceptible to danger. You've got the biggest target on your back, and our underlings are struggling to maintain. Erebus, I need you back home... with me," her tone left no room for negotiation,  "and I’m not asking." her eyes burning with a fierce determination. Asimov watched from a distance, its sensors attuned to any potential threats, ready to unleash its deadly force should any Knights or others wish to test their luck. "Even if I have to drag your ass back my damn self."

Hellsea's cold, damp air clung to her skin, mixing with the tension that seemed to vibrate through the very walls. Zariya's mind raced with plans and contingencies, her desire for power and control driving her forward. She needed Erebus by her side, not just as an ally and friend, but as a symbol of her unyielding dominion. Now knowing she was surrounded by enemies disguised as allies, she felt the weight of her responsibilities more acutely than ever.

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Erebus pondered her words in silence. Recessing to thoughts of betrayal, murder and abandon. His time in the world was a scorned life, war after war— deity after diety. Defending and slaying, while running from the reputation partly cast on him from the beginning. As if it were all meant to happen, just like that.

Here he stood, in deep with worlds his mortality shouldn’t have allowed; though Fate remained knocking, he could not seem to find the door to his own peace. Something so simple, should have come natural to him. The only nature he was able to understand, seemed the opposite.

“Knuckles chases glory.” Erebus answered, his voice escaping the digital compartment. His expression trained against her. “He will come to me, time and again; he will not live with the feeling of me over his shoulder— all in which he cares for, is a hair away from annihilation, chased by a mortal, this pride won’t let him realize is his monster— He’ll come right back to me, over and over. Peace can only be afforded to those who are willing to fight for it. I will show him to new emotions that he has forgotten with Demonhood, he will pay the fine in blood— and he will dine in hell with me and the rest of them.” Erebus evoked, as if speaking to a realm Knuckles had yet to see or know. In another universe, another sea of escalating events that could not be described— except that everything was also going on at once; sands of time ripped and repeated against one force and the next.

“In this world, no excuses are left to my consideration.” Erebus leaned into his hand, as he rolled his eyes back and decided over her statement. “I cannot accost him of their treachery, I will destroy what he loves first— then I will decide if he should live forever without it, or if he will fall on the same sword.”

The sound of the room vibrated, an invisible sensory dome around the Hellsea had been crossed into— normally, the location of the Hellsea was invisible, moving below the surface of the ocean, that clearly turned out to be no issue for Paradise Dawn.

In that moment, a sensation of power was felt by the Adventurer, he looked back at Zariya— as if he had summoned the very demons whose names he muttered out loud. Where seriousness, or rather— worry should have taken over Erebus. A cold calm smile spread across his lips. His eyes drifting down to the tattoo etched into his wrist. It warmed, smoking off of his skin— for at that very time, he knew forces beyond the veil were at play. His predictions had come true, no earlier than expected.

A communication was radio’d in; to the guard’s who pulled his radio off of his vest, in the same room as Erebus: A clear and direct message from the center-command of the prison, promptly informed the guard from the other end of the channel. Two individuals were spotted flying in route towards the prison. The message was a gift in the form of an audio playback.

One thing remained— Erebus needed to make sure he was not being set up, after all— he knew what could and could be rose
If there is a reason to stand against me, you will not find it.” — (Submission) — with those words escaping his lips, Erebus ensured himself of the Queen’s loyalty— or at least, a layer of security. He had been betrayed by two other horsemen, Ayaka, Knuckles, whereas Nana had completely disappeared too… Which left only one pillar remaining of Akudama Syndicate.

”I want us to be together through it all Zariya.” his hands slowly left the center of the table, cradling his wrists, and dangling the chain cuffs over his head loosely. In that moment— Erebus regretted what he had done to an ally, but not the reason for why he had done it.

In fact… He could not be where he was, taking the same risks he had when he was younger. As an old friend of Zariya’s brother, he hoped she’d understand, but not before he dominated the Hellsea. The last criminal outside of his self, was the princess sitting before him, her tact, and skill alone, both something Erebus required— and could not let sink away like everything else in his life.

The guard at the door made no hesitations there at that moment, as the moment Erebus raised his hands— already pre-probed, the C.O. moved in to unchain the Rogue. The guard did not need orders— This prison was a giant fabrication— a trap of his own design.

Pressing the key into the magical shackles, the cuffs break open to free the adventurer’s bloodied wrists. The same guard then squabbled onto his knees and into the floor to free the rogue’s ankles.

“In time, but first, let’s welcome our friend.” He bent his knees, and pushed the chair backwards softly — scooting the steel against the stone flooring, and exited the room.

Erebus made his way up to the rooftops, sliding a glowing red ring across his middle finger. A draping black cloak is thrown over over his body— resting fitting over the top of his person, and concealing the man beneath, the rest of his items appeared at varying steps, conjuring over his body with each additional forward take, in flashes of scarlet light as they are equipped.


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Breakout Roll as per rulings.

Rolling for gear or escape.


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