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The return of Calamity? [Open to PD]

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#1Knuckles Shi 

The return of Calamity? [Open to PD] Empty Thu Nov 16, 2023 7:02 am

Knuckles Shi

The air ship had landed back where Sleeping calamity's halls had once been. Knuckles looked out at them with a longing for the past. How did he go from being apart of a guild of strong willed people to a Crime Syndicate?  He did not care for jewels to the point that he needed to profit off the lives of others.  That being said some jobs required just that, but for Knuckles Shi, the Clout Chaser. His dreams did not require that, they required for him to fight the best of the best and learn from them.

There were only to people whom he could put in his minds eye that even with all his growth he had not caught up with, Kon the Guild Mast of Infinity Wolves who he did not know where he was or what had happened to the guild, and Yuurei the Guild master Of Paradise Dawn.  

What a fool he had been to trust Khalfani that day. He had turned out to be the person who had led the attack that day when all of Sleeping Calamity had been gone.  When they had returned to gain revenge, Knuckles had faced  Yuurei, that was not a fight but a statement from the now Guild master.  Knuckles was nothing, not even an ant to the man.  So, here Knuckles was, five times stronger than he was that day, two hammers from the god of Thunder, and enough rage to bring his Daemon aura out to the surface.  

Why was he here though? To test hi strength or bring his rage back down upon those like Blue, Yuurei, and Brone?

As if the Gods of Knuckles were watching over him, lighting struck across the clear sky as thunder soon boomed there after.  The skies began to darken as the smell of rain was apparent to those who lived in the country areas or traveled often.

With purpose Knuckles Shi stood outside of the man building as he gripped both hammers, one in each a hand and lifted his right hand towards the sky.  


The name boomed almost as loud as the thunder had. One had to wonder just what was this red haired pink eye fool up to now, what he truly trying to live up to his name or did he just have a death wish.

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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The ravens perched all around the guild of Paradise Dawn were long aware of his presence. They watched him as he walked his way over and through the ridge and valley. A few flew back quite a bit ago to alert the Demoness within the halls. She was buried under a pile of books in the library. Her curiously and eagerness to learn more about the countries around her. Once she got it in her mind to investigate how they perceived Demons, she was curious to see how she would line up with their stories and expectations.

It was all a personal project. Personal fancy. She wanted to visit all the lands for the sake of mischief and to remind them that their Demons still existed. But for now, that was merely an entertaining thought for a lass with too much time on her hands. She was flipping the pages of a book about Sin at the moment. A place she remembered someone saying they had hailed from in a previous interaction, and a place she knew close to nothing about.

Halfway into the first chapter of some particularly dry text. Gunvald, one of her more prominent and rambunctious would arrive. Jittering with excitement, he would instantly betray the reason for his disturbance. ” As riveting as I’m sure that brick is. I bet I could offer you something more fascinating. A man approaches as we speak with an energy you somewhat held. Lad is holding onto hammers as he does it and he even bothered to called out Yuurei of all people’s name. Personally, it looks like he wants to pick a fight and I hardly would want you to miss the entertainment.”

As he spoke, her book faded from her attention. Mid-mention of his challenge and she shot out her chair. She was dashing to the edge of the library, forming wings just as quick to slip through the window. Gunvald was never more than a meter behind her as she flew off to the scene of mention.

She was in her truer form. Hair white as snow, skin the likeness of night. Her wings were natural to her and unlike the shadow copies she’s made before. Eyes of purple and pink, tattoos a glowing blue. She wore only an oversized black tee shirt with a raven printed on top. Her hair pulled back in a messy bun with feathers sticking out.

She circled the man before descending enough to bother him. ” Do me eyes betray me? Another Daemon crosses the North? And one so daf- brave enough to challenge the heartless Angle? Consider me excited to watch yer clashing.” In her excitement, she hardly noticed the start of rain. The thunder faded into the back of her thoughts considering she was used to Emil’s ramblings. All she could focus on was the entertainment below.

” Peace? Gods? Do ya figure they’re the only reasons for the mortals misery?” She cackled giddily as she leaned back on her wings. Shadow finally forming to deter the pouring rain that fell upon her.

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Pokedex Entry
#3Brone Heavyaxe 

The return of Calamity? [Open to PD] Empty Thu Nov 16, 2023 9:46 am

Brone Heavyaxe
The air changed and the clouds gathered. Huginn and Muninn wondered of the strange change. As they scouted from the sky, they noticed a red haired person making his way toward the main building of the guild. The clouds darkened the and the smell of rain filled the area. The ravens haven't felt this in such a long time; assumptions came to mind, but as they flew close enough to recognize Knuckles and the hammers he wielded, they croaked loudly, then flew off, darting towards the forge.

"You got company" Huginn said as he flew in through the doorway and perched himself onto the doorframe. Brone Heavyaxe was finishing the last touches on a long sword. Hearing the serious tone from the raven who was normally sarcastic, told him it may be a concerning visitor, so he dipped the heated metal into the basin of oil, causing steam to shoot up as the sword cooled.

"Who is it?" the dwarf asked, his voice as serious as his companion.

"Knuckles" Muninn answered as he perched beside his brother. When Brone raised a confused eyebrow, unaware of the name, the raven elaborated, "Member of Sleeping Calamity" that is when Brone's expression changed. He pulled the sword out from the oil and placed it safely on the table and wiped his hands clean before gripping his chest armor piece from it's stand along with his axes before heading out the doorway.

"Lumikki's flock is already on their way to inform her" Huginn added, which gave the dwarf reason to rush his pace, not taking the time to put on neither his shirt nor his armor, leaving his chest bare from working in the forge all day.

"You're worried for Lumikki's safety though she's proven to you how capable she is by herself?" Muninn questioned as both ravens flew along side the dwarf.

"No, I'm worried for the guild; This Knuckles is a Sleeping Calamity, Lumikki that demon girl is an Awake Calamity" he chuckled, though he wasn't lying, for when he decided to spar with his niece in a true fight, she destroyed one of the towers entirely and nearly the Boy's Dorm.

Brone heard the thunder of both lightning striking as well as the thunder of the visitor calling for Yuurei. "Watch ye on abou'!!" the dwarf shouted as he finally reached the front of the building. His eyes fixed upon Knuckles for a moment, then moved to look about, wondering if there were others wanting another rematch for what happened last time. He was so focused on trying to keep on guard, he didn't bother to put his arm, nor his helmet on, but held them in his left main hand; his axes held in both his right hands. With no armor or a shirt, it was clear to any onlooker that Brone had four arms, a new feature since the last time he laid eyes on a Sleeping Calamity member.

Lumikki hovered above the visitor, as per the demoness raven greets anyone. Huginn and Muninn landed upon the dwarf's bare shoulders, peering at Knuckles and eyeing both his weapons. "Careful of hammers; Mjolnir is powerful" Huginn whispered into the dwarf ear.

"Ye learned of it fast?" Brone asked, knowing his ravens had magical abilities to gain knowledge of things, just not aware of how quickly.

"We've known Mjolnir like old friends" Muninn added in whisper; the dwarf sighed, causing frozen breath to trail out his nose as he kept his eyes on Knuckles.

The ravens were cautious, nervous, and the dwarf can feel it, they not only knew of the hammers' power, but seen it first hand. But unbeknownst to him, the ravens were also confused. There was only one Mjolnir to their memory, but they were looking at two of them, one in each of Knuckles hands. One fully intact and the other shattered by Yuurei, but obviously forged back together.

Why was Knuckles here and what was his move?


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She was at the guild hall, while she had a long way to master her newfound powers, she still knew how to relax every once in a while. Whether her powers were a blessing or a curse or a blurse was up for debate. All she knew she was in this guild because of her own safety as well as other peoples should things go awry. While she does feel the call of the animal, she does resist it. They say music soothes even the savage beast, so she had her guitar and played a tune to pass the time. While she doesnt show it, the music does express the mood. Melancholic or even dark. Perhaps fitting.

Her eyes would go to the newcomer she saw approaching from a distance. A red headed man that looked like he was out for battle, challenging the guild master of all people. She wondered what was their story as there was an obvious and deep past behind them. As she played her tune she would also spot ravens and smile softly upon seeing them. She loved those birds, something about them felt home-ly. Perhaps thats the inner wolf in her affecting her because prior to that she was pretty indifferent to the birds.
Speaking of, Lumikki would make her appearance as she'd speak to the man. Megan would merely just change the tune to follow the conversation, playfully being their background soundtrack.

#5Knuckles Shi 

The return of Calamity? [Open to PD] Empty Fri Nov 24, 2023 5:00 pm

Knuckles Shi

He had not noticed them before, the flapping of the wings in the background. During his hike here the only thing he had heard was the blood within his ears pumping, the calls of Beezlebubs in his head.   "That boy who broke your hammer is in those walls, do you let them stop you? Is that why you amassed such power?  To be stopped by the help of the one who defeated you with such ease? Are you still that weak boy? Perhaps you are a waste of my gifts, I was wrong..." The voice drifted away, the mocking fading yet the presence still so loud!  How could he think clearly with two of them in his head?  Knuckles' mind raced to the teachings of the Norse ways.


Then it all caught up to him, the aura he felt here. Looking at the sounds of flapping a vile woman he could taste it in the air.  She was NOT like him, she was what he had goals of becoming. She had evolved into a demon. Yet she did not simply speak down upon him as a lesser.  Instincts shouted at him to do just that but he was in awe of seeing one in the flesh. A Demon, that is what she was.   That demanded his response and his attention.  Yet, for him, his reply came out for his pact Demon...

"No!" he shouted once more, now his throat was starting to feel the effects of his rage, yet like the storm brooding in the clouds above, there was no release yet.  Another set of wings caught his ears now that he was cued into his surroundings.   Brone,  but not the same as he had recalled him. The face and build matched but this man now had four arms.  He did not seem as if he was coming to answer for Yuurei, help his presence was also felt the same as the Demon woman.  He was no longer mortal?  Perhaps. Knuckles was not one to really tell but this was not the same man that had been here to hold off Sleeping Calamity.   Knuckles with pink hues scanned the man's area as his ears heard the faintness of music in the area.  

So, that was how they received him not even a threat?  His pink Eyes began to glow red as he began to chuckle.  At first, it seemed as if he was going to allow his Daemon Transformations to take root.  A faint flow of mana covered him as he equipped his clown mask and armor out from his fold of magic.  His laughter now fit the clown helm he now wore, and his hammers seemed more in style with his now chest armor.

"If it is a test that I must pass then allow me to greet it.  Allow me to make my intentions clear. I am here to Challenge Yuurei and will do so until either I am killed and my soul is dragged into the nine hells, or until I have awakened into the demon I am meant to become.  By Odin's beard, I will call lighting to my aid as I rise from the ashes as many times as it takes. "

There were too many to watch at once, but now that there was something hiding his face he could switch his focus among them within the mask without really alerting them too much where he was looking.     "If you lot are Paradise Dawn, then I will be the Perdition Dusk until I have risen to your ranks, till I have achieved the power I crave.  I can see that the presence of me being here is not taken much as a threat but more as a jester of the court, I figured this attire would be fitting.   "

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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His shout felt as if it came from nowhere but it was no worry to her. She was seething in her enjoyment of the new encounter and could faintly taste his darkness. Brone, her Uncle, would come in running abruptly with so much vigor he forgot to properly dress. The Shield of Dawn bearing no armor, how fun. The Demoness would giggle more as she saw him, figuring his prompt entry and the ravens on his shoulders must of recognize this man as a threat.

Her World’s eyes would not fail her as she looked him over carefully. Music began to play in the background as she pieced what there was to know of him. Hmmm Knuckles of…so many guilds already. Including one long gone. One her Uncle has already told her stories of….Was the cheeky bastard here to take his shot? She could hardly hold herself back as she broke into a fit of laughter. Gasping for air as she fought to say proper words.” If its…Yuurei’s name ye…ca-call to, hehehe yer wasting yere time. He’s cheeky mate. More than ye probably remember him being.”

Yet Knuckles Pressed on and quite foolishly too. Insisting to fight her Guild Master regardless of her little warnings. ” Till death ye say? Or the nine hells? I’ve seen the ninth meself and I’d be so bold as ta say its me favorite. Perhaps I could be yer guide along the descent? But if ye plot to rip the wings off a Seraphim, ye should of considered to aim, or even look for that matter, a bit higher. The All Father won’t be able to assist ye in these mountains love and most of the ravens here are speaking in me ears alone~” Her lipped pulled back in a grin that would flash her fangs. The dark of the scene would warp and pull toward her. Clinging to her skin and becoming her flesh. All one could see clearly still were her grin and her glowing eyes.

His shift in attire and his words would pull her further into her merriment.” True, true foreign Daemon. It would only be fair if we get to play first!” She licked her lips as the dark that became her was solidifying her form. She was a hybrid of a raven and the human she pretended to be. Feathers affixed to her like an outfit made of plumage. Talons adorned her hands and feet. Four massive wings with talons on their peak would all pull back. And in the fading of the excess darkness, her deep purple and blues of her feathers would show.

The storm was already pouring down to heed his call and connection to Odin, but the air would grow frigid as her aura would push at his own. The rain would last a moment longer before becoming falling snow. While the Demoness would slowly circle the jester below.” But I am curious ta see who ye want to play with first, lad. Between me Uncle or I…” She pulled a harp from her void to entertain the playing of her guild mate. Adding to the melody meant to paint the mood. She sang songs of old from Iceberg as she had, her cheeky way of saying his gods and lands were not his alone.

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#7Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone watched as the visitor expressed himself, and as he did, the clouds darkened and the wind whipped. The sky would rumble as the tension would rise. "Nine hells? demon?" the dwarf questioned as he narrowed his eyes, trying to figure out what this situation was all about.

"He's a daemon, just like how Lumikki was" Muninn whispered into his ear. The dwarf now understood a bit, for he had learned from his niece of what it was to be a daemon desiring to become a demon, for Lumikki succeeded in her goal. But from what he learned was that not all daemons nor demons were good, but varied in their nature. So for all he knew, this Knuckles could be a wild card.

Lumikki entertained the visitor, and though Knuckles requested to face Yuurei, the demoness taunted him playfully as she gathered the darkness around her and transformed into a demon visage. With that being said, his niece had provided an air of honor; implying the newcomer wouldn't be attacked outright, but given a choice of who he shall face.

"Anyone else with him?" Brone asked. The raven whispered he was alone. The dwarf nodded and placed his weapons upon the ground, the tension in his muscles lessened a bit, knowing his niece would handle any stray attacks if anything while he calmly pulled his shirt over his head. The music coming from a lute helped lightened his mood as well as the weather change. Lumikki's demeanor was so fierce, the rain changed to snow. Huginn and Muninn flew off to circle the perimeter to make sure that there were no other enemies in the area.

"Don't think we see ye as a joke, lad" Brone called to knuckles as he began to don his chestpiece made of pure never-melting ice, "Ye came to our front door by yerself and called out a challenge like a warrior, so we'll treat ye like a warrior, no more, no less" he said as he was fastening the straps while looking at Knuckles. He remembered the raid from Sleeping Calamity, attacking outright without notice; but this red haired man didn't approach them as his guild did, but with honor. Because of that, Brone gained respect for him, "Oy! Lumi! If he still wants to still face Yuurei, don't pressure him to change his mind!" he called to his niece, seeing the playful nature her eyes. Though those eyes showed child-like wonder, those were still eyes of a demon that can cause a Calamity of her own.

Muninn would quickly return and report that Megan was nearby playing the lute, which gave Brone a sense of relief. Though there was only one possible enemy in the area as far as he could tell, he needed to be on his toes just in case. Lumikki, as her true form shows, is no longer mortal, and as for Brone himself; ever since he gained he power of the shard of the Mallim, he lost his dwarven mortality, his skin no longer tanned, but covered in bluish gray ash as if he was spending too much time in the mines.


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While the red headed male was handsome, he was also just as fearsome. Megan considered leaving for she feared things might get ugly and she was too ill equipped to fend for herself as she could tell that the former Sleeping Calamity member was someone far beyond her power.

She quietly played her music as she observed the situation and tried to fit the mood. She played the music not to downplay the situation but to match it. She even considered stopping. But truth be told, at this point if things were tense, she didnt want to be noticed by the man, so didnt want to make him look at her if she stopped
"I wish I could contribute to the situation in a more meaningful way or at least help in some manner" she thought to herself as she did feel a bit of her uselessness in this scenario

#9Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

In the quiet expanse of the mountainous battleground, an undercurrent of truth resonated in the words of the Demon woman. Her demeanor, a calculated dance between provocation and anticipation, suggested a desire to witness the unleashing of Knuckles' darker emotions. Yet, it wasn't her with whom he bore a history or viewed as a towering force. Only those associated with the annihilation of Sleeping Calamity and the shattering of its walls held a place in the crucible of his unleashed fury.

Knuckles, with a deliberate turn of his head, surveyed the landscape, noting an eerie connection to crows—a new element since his last venture into this domain. Was it an extension of the Demon's influence or the handiwork of another, perhaps Blu? Such details were secondary; what mattered was the revelation by the demon that she stood as an obstacle on his path to Yuurei.

His attention shifted to Brone, a fellow warrior, who spoke with a resonance of respect in his voice. Crows, too, accompanied Brone, leaving Knuckles to ponder if this was a manifestation of guild power. The Demon's attempt to redirect Knuckles' rage did not escape Brone's notice, prompting him to caution against such manipulations.

As a haunting melody grew louder, Knuckles found himself momentarily distracted by the arrival of a stunning blonde-haired woman, a reminder of the web of connections that bound him to this place.


A call from his patron pierced through the air, resonating with both command and pain. Gripping Shattered Mjolnir, Knuckles raised the hammer skyward, invoking the forces of Void Storm and Tempest Rage. Lightning crackled, infusing the weapon with an ethereal blue glow, a tangible representation of the elemental might he summoned.

“I thank you, Brone. I see you as a fellow man of honor. May Odin bless you. That being said, if your master Yuurei is not open to appointments, I will take one with you since you are here.”

His gaze shifted toward Lumi, the Frost Demon, as he questioned her role in the impending conflict.

“Will you be sitting this one out, or can I even trust the words from a Frost Demon?”

Aware of his outnumbered and outgunned predicament, Knuckles, no stranger to caution, navigated the terrain of uncertainty. The absence of the Demon's influence tempered his rage, focusing it like the storm above. Clad in accumulating snow on his armor, he awaited the God of War's response, prepared for the shock that would reverberate through the mountainous expanse. The terraforming effects of his spell began to take root, transforming the ground beneath him into a mirror of the void world, where the powers of his second hammer originated.


"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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" Aye Uncle, I don't beg ye know. I only wanted to play but I won't bother on someone who'd run from facing me!" The lofting Demon would pluck her harp leisurely as if there were no conflict at all. Her eyes just looked at the vibrating strings as she enjoyed them blurring from her sight for just a moment.

It took her a bit to actually realize that the music that preceded her didn't come from her own thoughts but from a person to the side. Glancing with the corner of her vision, Megan appeared panicked to be there. The girl's meek interjection would bring Lumi out of her budding bloodlust and ground her back into her setting. Brone holding his own often made her forget the implications of danger, but Megan was their new precious member. It would make sense that the lass was fritzed for the moment Lumi thought, this Daemon man was brash and loud with his demands. Her poor receptionist was not used to such visitors but all would be fine. Her ravens keep watch for a reason, and her presence wouldn't be for naught. So she slowly glided to the girl while casually continuing her song, subtly closing the gap.

As she made it near Megan, the visitor would call out to her. He intended to fight Brone as offered, but his jest at her would make her laugh. " Kukuku, it's for ye to believe but I was the last Daemon of honor. Besides, I don't need to steal a rabbit from me Uncle's month. Demons are chaos aye, but not pathetic. So I'll gladly watch yer show Jester, I just hope the performance won't get cut too short." She fell back as she giggled. Her merriment was as prominent as her wings.

She flipped over to land proper by Megan's side. Petting the lass for a moment before her talons touched the ground. Her feathers and form would diminish like black snow falling away, returning her to something more human. And with a flick of her wrist, two seats of black ice would manifest. " Hi lass, would ye join me for the show? I didn't plan for a lion eating a clown but I keep snacks if ye'd like to join me." She plopped down onto her makeshift seat and leaned all the way to the backrest. Pulling a bag of cookies from her void and holding it out to her fellow member. " Oh and don't worry dove, ye'd be safe with me so lean back and enjoy." The cheeky Demoness would stick out her tongue playfully before looking back at the battle. Her winter's embrace pulled back but did not cut altogether. If she had a choice, she would rather the snow than the rain.

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#11Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone had finished fastening his breastplate when the sound of rolling thunder filled the sky. He smirked as a reply to Knuckles' statement. It isn't often that he meets an honorable warrior. At the name of 'Odin', the ravens, Huginn and Muninn, left the dwarf's shoulders and flew to a safe perch on one of the high windows of the main building. He had heard the name of the mighty Odin, a god of war and wisdom, sometimes referred to as the 'All Father'; this only confirmed further the man before him must be a warrior of high respect and honor... which was excitement.

Brone smiled wide as Knuckles raised his hammer, causing lightning to strike it. The aura of magic emanated from the hammer, sending a chill up the dwarf's neck as the entire terrain changed. Black and purple, as if he had fallen into a nightmare. "I thank ye, Knuckles of Sleeping Calamity, for honoring me with a fair battle; just that action alone has given me respect for you and for your guild if ye speak on behalf of them" He called out as he brought his blue helmet about his head. As he slid it down upon his head and over his face, the helm's magical aura expanded, filling the area with a deep chill; freezing everyone's breath instantly.

The dwarf looked over to Lumikki who took Megan's side; he gave her a nod of appreciation, "Ms. Megan, keep yer fingers on yer strings, the music gets my blood going" he laughed, joyful of the battle. He stowed away his axes, remembering that he needed to better his skills with his spears. Though this may be a slight disadvantage, he intended to give it his best and try not to reach for any of his axes. From his bag, he pulled out three spears; his golden Assagai spear which he held in his main right hand, his giant fork that he held in his right secondary hand, and lastly his blue spear, Jotun's Fang, which he held in his left main hand, leaving his left secondary hand free.

Brone was going to let Knuckles make the first move, but something within the dwarf made him rethink his decision. A felt something, small, but he felt it, it pulled at him. He wasn't sure what it was, but he was sure it had something to do with the nightmarish terrain. Which meant that Knuckles made his first move. So it was the dwarf's turn.

Brone rushed forward, making his way towards the red-haired young man. His spears began to surge with purple electricity. If he successfully closes the distance between the two, he would strike at Knuckles with the golden spear and the blue spear at the young man's torso.

Battle Word Count: 465

Battle Log:

Brone’s Spread:


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Lumikki joined her side nd lightly patted her and swiftly changed back to a more human like form.
"Uh, sure why not. Snacks are good" she then sat beside Lumikki as the gal pulled out a bag of delicious cookies and offered some. Meg smiled and took some "Thank you very much" soon Lumikki would assure her that she was safe. Meg nodded "I know, I trust you and Brone"

She then looked at Brone and the newcomer "The new person seems to have had quite the history with the guild" Knuckles of Sleeping Calamity as Brone calls him. Sleeping Calamity. Hmm, she was not familiar with fiorian guilds, but she was sure that was another guild up in the north. Some bad blood between those guilds? She was curious about their history for sure. Perhaps someone can tell her about it. Maybe get two points of views. That is if Knuckles even speaks to her, the guy didnt really seen keen on liking people here.

She heard Brone then speak to her, with a slight blush and a warm smile, she oblidged to then continue her melody, feeling more calmer and safer and in peace as she would underscore the mens battle. Meg was not a combatant herself, but she wondered if she found her true calling as a spellsinger. A more supportive role that took a back seat in combat. But she was sure her new werewolf blood would hinder her as sadly werewolves were magically inept.

#13Knuckles Shi 

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles grinned, the words of Brone brought much honor and respect with them, though he could not share that honor with Sleeping Calamity as the guild had long since been disbanded, Knuckles had left it after his defeat to Yuurei.  Last he had heard Jikan was still doing her thing, but their family had been broken.  Mostly the time for talk was done, Knuckles watched as Brone called spears into his arms, it was odd to see the man with four arms. The oddest thing was seeing the Dwarf use spears when he was rumored to be a man of Axes. Was that information wrong or did Brone not see Knuckles as a threat to use his primary weapons?

Pushing the thoughts to the back of his mind he needed to focus on what was going on in front of him, which currently was the two spears heading towards him with lighting coursing around them, were both items lighting weapons as well? He could not say, but he could say that he could not allow these to hit him. He needed to prove a point here, though as he exhaled he noticed he could see his breath coming out of his helm.  Was this a tribute of the demoness?  It did not matter who it came from, the fact was it was getting cold and he could feel the effects slowing the blood in his legs. Sucking his teeth, Knuckles had to change his plans.  

Well, there was one thing he had not tried yet, Knuckles threw his Shattered Miolnir in the air, casting two spells from it.  The first would be the throw, which allowed his hammer to focus and home on its target, due to the arc of the throw this would allow the Hammer to come down at Brone's head from above.   However, the Shattered Mjolnir was not like the normal one, this one had the unique ability to split into 8 parts and each would benefit from his Void Storm spell. Which was still terraforming the environment around them.   The bits of his hammer would be wrapped in lighting and arcane magic each dealing B Rank damage.

This was not going to prevent the spear attacks though, so Knux did what he did best, and charged forward.  He was met with both spears to his chest as he felt the electric pulse of the weapons.  Knuckles would cough up blood but now that he had a free hand he would reach for the armor of Brone while he would also swing the hammer in his right hand into the Helm of Brone.  

Battle info:

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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He tossed his hammer into the air, which she always found interesting. The mage flung spells, but the idea of confidently throwing weapons was quite odd. She would usually think they'd never return, but her eyes told her that they would soon enough. It was an odd sensation seeing a battle before her just a few meters from the guild, but she was happy for the show all the same.

But it was the fact that the idiot not only ran right toward Brone but also pierced himself on the Dhain Dwarf's spears he sent her entirely. She almost dropped the pouch of cookies, tossing them into Megan's lap as she broke into a fit of laughter. " I give it to the lad, he knows how to go all out for the the heat of the battle. Doesn't even want to waste time running about, does he? Suppose I can't blame him as his strides have already been slowing. Oh! But that reminds me...sorry lass, I forget we aren't all built for colds like this. Though it's not turned toward us, there is still a chill in the air, aye." She leaned forward and began to rummage into her dark void, sinking her whole arm deep into it before pulling it out with a fuzzy blanket in hand. Though Demoness did not get cold, she did enjoy her comforts, and so she kept blankets like this at hand. Dropping her offering around Megan's shoulders as the girl continued to play her song.

At this rate, the Demoness was beginning to feel like an outlier. She contributed nothing to the battle she watched, but it would have to do she suppose. And so she sat back down and continued watching as she consumed the shadows right beside her.

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Pokedex Entry
#15Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
As the dwarf was closing the distance, he witnessed Knuckles throw his cracked hammer into the air. For normal frontline fighters, such a move would be odd, losing your weapon intentionally, but Brone was sure the red-haired man was possibly using some form of magic, but the suspicion didn't stop his assault as he continued to run forward. Having his eyes off the weapon didn't leave him open, on the contrary, the dwarf had mastered a tactic from gaining the essence of the God of War, to be able to sense what is immediately around him without using his five other senses, so he was aware of the hammer that was somehow being guided to come crashing downward towards him. Easy, he would simple side step the attack and surprise Knuckles of his awareness... but it was the dwarf who was surprised.

The hammer shattered into several pieces, all aiming at him. The sudden surprise caught him off guard, so he wasn't able to sidestep, especially with the pieces of the hammer coming at him from several different ends, so he had no choice but to defend against it while still striking at Knuckles. He shouted a warcry, activating the magic within his breastplate armor; the nevermelting ice that made up the armor quickly spread, causing a layer of rime to coat the warrior in a protective second skin.

Just as the shards slammed into him, his spears struck Knuckles, making a connection. As for the defensive armor of ice, it was completely shattered by the power of the shattered hammer, and upon collision, thunder rang so loudly, all other sound had fallen to the dwarf. Though this 'Mjolnir' was in pieces, it didn't lack power, he understood the fraction of the power that the ravens hinted at.

Brone expected a counter from the remaining hammer, so he was planning on taking a step back, but a hand quickly grabbed onto the cold collar of the armor of ice. Knuckles' strength was immense, holding the dwarf in place, keeping him from leaving their engagement. And as expected, the hammer that still remained in the red-haired man's hand had come swinging. Mjolnir slammed into the dwarf's helmet, cracking it and just like the other Mjolnir, the strike summoned the sound of thunder, deafening Brone.

The force from the attack jerked the dwarf, despite how durable he was known to be. His eyesight blurred for just a split second before the vision of the young man came back to him. He wasn't able to escape the man's grasp, so he figured he will meet him head-on and take a page out of his book; his remaining hand that was left empty had reached out to grab onto base of Knuckles' armor so he too can hold him in place; He blurted out a joyful laughter as he jutted both his blue and gold spears at Knuckles' torso again; such an intense battle against another warrior who didn't fear taking on the edge of warrior in such a close combat, it filled the dwarf with passionate fury; though he laughed with excitement, it was all silent to him, for Brone could only hear the constant ringing that filled his ears.

Battle Word Count: 537 | 1,002

Battle Log:
Spells / Abilities Used:
Brone’s Spread:


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Both Knuckles and Brone showed an impressive display of power. Lumikki gave her the cookies. She then noticed a blanket, which she wrapped around herself. With the drop of excitement and adrenaline from her end, she was starting to feel the unpleasant chill.
"Thank you Lumikki" she replied to the demoness, before turning her gaze back to the battle
"Im not much of a gambler. But if I had anything I'd make a wager" a game. Like betting on which one would win. Who'd she bet on? Well its obvious Lumikki would be Team Brone. And maybe she is too. But it would suck if no one chose the other person. So maybe she'd choose Team mr Sleeping Calamity fella. That is again, if she had something to wager in a winner and loser scenario. Granted Megan knew by now that Lumi was a mischevious original prankster sort of person. So she thought maybe the idea of a bet would be a fun idea. Or some competition, something they had for the sidelines. Some stakes


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Yuurei was sleeping on the couch with Renji on his stomach. The two of them had been overworked and honestly, things couldn’t be any more real than that. It was a weird time for someone to be calling him out, but he didn’t hear it. The aware Seraphim had been knocked out on the couch this entire time. The guild members that had not approached Knux had tried to find Yuurei. Of course, they were moving around the guild until they decided to check his office.

When they tried to open the door, it was locked. It brought confusion to the group there. The office was never locked. What could be going on right now? They weren’t sure and they were looking at each other. The group would pace back and forth, trying to figure out what they should do. The brave people who would meet with this person were out there, but he had specifically called out to Yuurei. That was when someone out of the group decided to bang on the door. The group froze wondering if the person would perish for what he had done.

The door was locked for a reason, but they didn’t know why. Renji would be the first to wake out of the two. The cat opened one eye and jumped off the couch as he rubbed his eyes. While doing that, he would transform into his human door, so he could reach the doorknob. He would open the door and he would see a bunch of people waiting outside. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but it must have been important if there were all these members outside of the door.

“What’s wrong?” He asked as he yawned and stretched his arms into the air.

“Someone is outside demanding for Yuurei. It also seems like Brone is fighting him from what one of the scouts had relayed.” He said to Renji.

Renji understood what that meant and he would wave for them to leave. He would walk over to Yuurei and he would push his head to the side. It would cause Yuurei to move to the side as if he was trying to stay sleeping this whole time. That was when Renji slapped him and it would wake him up without a problem.

The Seraphim would jump off the couch and he would look around to see what was going on. He would see that Renji and he were the only ones in the office, and Migi was still sleeping.

“What happen?” He asked Renji.

“It seems like someone is calling you out, and Brone is fighting him right now.” He said to him.

Yuurei would crack his neck and he would just hop out of the window and make his way to his destination. Renji would transform back into his true form and he would grab onto Yuurei’s cape as they were soaring through the air. The young man wouldn’t take long to find where all this commotion was coming from. He would land on a rooftop and he would see Brone taking hits from a bunch of shards, but being untouched. It would bring Yuurei to smile because that armor of his was a wonderful tool.

“Looks like it’s not over.” He said to Renji.

Renji would hop next to Yuurei and he would transform to his human form.

“Do you want me to assist Brone?” He asked Yuurei.

Yuurei would look at the person who attacked Brone, and he would rub his chin as he was trying to figure out who he was. He stared at him vigorously and he would clap his hands together when he remembered who he was.

“That’s the guy from Sleeping Calamity. Rux? Or Tux?” No, it was Knuxs right?” He asked Renji to confirm.

Renji nodded as he wasn’t there for the battle, but Yuurei did mention him back then.

“I guess I can bring out my real form, so Knux isn’t confused about who I am.” He said as his wings would come out from his back and his appearance would change to how he really looked.

“You can help Brone if he needs it and we will make our appearance soon.” He said to Renji as they weren’t too far from everyone, and they could see him if they looked up.

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Knuckles Shi

Knuckles' eyes widened in surprise, his fiery red hair seeming to ignite further with his newfound admiration. The dwarf's resilience was beyond anything he had anticipated. Despite the thunderous strikes from his mighty Mjolnir, Brone had not only stood his ground but had also managed to retaliate with a fervor that matched his own. The dwarf's helmet, now cracked from the force of his hammer, had managed to shield him, proving the toughness of his armor. Knuckles could feel the slight tremor in his hand from the impact of his attack against the solid helmet and the ringing of the metal echoed in his ears. The sight of Brone, still standing with undeterred resolve in his eyes, filled Knuckles with a newfound respect. This was not just a battle, it was an encounter with a warrior as formidable as himself, a thrilling experience that left a smirk of appreciation on his face.
Knuckles' smirk was short-lived as Brone lunged forward, his spears glinting with deadly intent in the dim light. The dwarf's remaining energy was funneled into this final, desperate attack, the force of his strike causing the ground beneath them to shudder. The spearheads met Knuckles' chest armor with a resounding crack, the sound echoing in the silent battleground. Knuckles' eyes widened in shock as he felt the sharp sting of the spearhead piercing through his once impenetrable armor. His flaming hair seemed to flicker in response to his pain as if arcs were being snuffed out. The once unyielding chest plate now bore a gaping hole, a testament to the dwarf's relentless spirit and brute strength. The sight of his own broken armor, coupled with the growing pain, brought a grimace to the proud warrior's face.

Knuckles' body glowed red as a new set of armor covered his body and the holes made, blood flowed out of his mouth, signs that he had taken some serious damage with those last two strikes. Though hurt he would not yield to the Dwarf. Knuckles would be pulled down on Brone's armor with his overwhelming strength as his Mjolnir hammer came in for another strike onto Brone's Helmet. As his attack made its way to Brone's head he would let go of the armor and extended his left hand upwards into the air where Shatter Mjilnor would once again meet his hand. Once the Hammer's handle met his hand Knuckles instantly fed mana into it calling down mana into it calling Tempest Revenge to strike down onto Brone's head. Following the instant casting Knuckles brought his shattered Mjilnoir down in a gruesome overhead strike, the lightning bolt from the sky and his hammer coming down at the same time.

As the battle raged on, an eerie frost began to creep upon Knuckles' limbs. It was not the ordinary chill of the wind, but a frost born from his own dwindling vitality and the icy aura surrounding him. Tiny ice crystals, glinting menacingly under the sparse moonlight, began to harden over his muscles, every contraction and flex making a soft crunching sound in the otherwise deadly silence. The frost spread, growing denser and more pronounced, transforming the fiery red warrior into a figure of frozen stone. Despite being locked in mortal combat, an ethereal beauty was etched into the spectacle of a warrior being consumed by frost, each icy pattern a testament to his relentless spirit and the harsh reality of his battlefield.

Reacting to Knuckles' call, the storm above rattled with a primal fury. The normally serene celestial dome now pulsed with livid hues, as though it shared the warrior's rage and passion. Thick, sinister clouds rolled and boiled above, as if alive, their depthless underbellies flickering with the fiery dance of entrapped lightning. The wind howled, carrying with it the electric charge of the tempest, as the atmosphere tightened with anticipation. Suddenly, with a resounding crack that echoed across the battlefield, a fierce bolt of lightning answered Knuckles' call, tearing through the tumultuous sky and illuminating the icy figure in a harsh, glaring light.

Knuckles may have lost his blessed chest armor, but he had another trick up his sleeve, Knuckles would begin to unleash the power of his pact. Black Obscura would begin to seep out from his body taking shape over his limbs and chest and covering half his face. His pink hues now glowing red with Demonic power. Winging arched out from his back and flapped as they reached their full length. His entire strength, speed, constitution, and endurance would grow with his Daemon form now out in the battle. Lightning still coursed over him as the black obscura reflected the dancing lights.

Battle info:

"There shall never be peace as long as there are Gods in a Man's world"

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Lumikki would lean in her seat as she watched the battle rage further. It was not often that she could see her Uncle entertain more than a sparring match and though he would still fight with Yuurei from time to time, she was never around to observe. So seeing the grit and attacks from her Uncle on a am opponent well within his reach was fascinating. She hardly cared for her snacks anymore as she was lost in the moment of it all. The snacks she pulled out prior were not resting in Megan's lap as the wide-eyed Demoness enjoyed the clashing of the warriors before her.

And their battle must of been enough to shake the guild if the Angel of all people would make his arrival. Or perhaps the Daemon's calls and pleas would pierce the walls of his office or wherever he hid away and summon him. Or better yet, perhaps the gods themselves intervened to grant the wish of the raging warrior as he avenged something dear but long gone. She would never know if she didn't ask, but she didn't quite care enough to be informed of the answer just yet. Not while the invader was beginning to return the blows despite the hit he took for a second time.

Lumikki could see the holes that pierced his armor and the blood that spurted from the wounds with clarity. The color would suit him, but it was clear it garnered his favor already. But the sight of the all too familiar Obscura would take her focus just as quickly as it began to spread along his newly switched armor.

Lumikki clapped at the display as she eagerly watched on. She was curious of just how much longer this stranger could last, or even survive the Dawn for that matter.

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Pokedex Entry
#20Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
"He graces us with his presence" Huginn whispered to his brother. They both took notice of an angelic form perched himself atop of a building.

"Wouldn't that be Uriel's grace?" Muninn laughed, his brother soon joined them. They contemplated letting Brone know that Yuurei had arrived, but then decided against it, figuring Brone's head was being treated like a drum, he wouldn't be able to hear them either way.

The tip of the spear broke through the armor, striking true. In the dwarf's experience, he had rarely met fighters who would take on a weapon's strike head-on. As the seconds ticked on, Brone understood more of who Knuckles was as a fighter, head-strong and determined, hints of nordic prowess. The hole where the spear had broke through showed the red-haired man's chest, with a patch of blue ice left behind. Within another passing second, another set of armor was replaced magically. The dwarf wanted to voice a compliment to Knuckles' resourcefulness, but there was no time to even speak as the dwarf's collar was pulled, jerking him downward slightly, positioning his head as Mjolnir came swinging again. As the hammer hit the helm once more, the metallic ringing mixed with the sound of thunder, but to Brone, it was all just ringing to him, as he couldn't hear anything else. He acknowledged with how the man was able to change the environment's look and feel, being able to conjure stormclouds above and even deliver thunderous blows, he was practically another natural disaster.
Thunder Atmosphere:

Though Brone's head was positioned downward and his helm was knocked forward, blocking his sight, he was still able to perceive about him, thanks to the God of War. Knuckles released his grip on the dwarf's armor to raise his hand. The moment the shattered Mjolnir reappeared into his free hand, light flickered, blinding the entire area as a lightning bolt linked the sky and the ground, or specifically, the dwarf. Another ringing noise filled filled his ears as the lightning strike slams into the blue helmet of the dwarf. The Thunder-caller was focusing on just one area, the head, and Brone took notice of this, but he couldn't dodge the lighting strike, but the movement of the other Mjolnir was different. As that hammer was being brought down, Brone was getting ready for a specific action, as the hammer hit his blue helmet, the helm shattered into pieces and just as Knuckles did, Brone summoned forth a new piece of armor to replace the previous one. A new helm appeared upon the dwarf's head in a split second, protecting him from the blow, but still sent a ringing into his ear.
Hand of the Sky:

Brone, though finally free from Knuckles' grasp, didn't pull back, or even lift his head from when Knuckles pulled him down... for a reason. Blood dropped from the dwarf's brow, falling from beneath his new helm and splattered onto the cracked and altered ground. Though with his size and how he was positioned, Knuckles wouldn't be able to see the smile on Brone's face, the excitement of a wonderous battle was pumping the blood within him so rapidly, though he didn't raise his eyes to him, his senses told him that the darkness was gathering about the red haired man, transforming him. 'He's like Lumikki!' he thought, another daemon entering the field, his niece was right, not all who wield demon power are wicked, but they tend to show immense power, and this was proof enough and Brone couldn't deny the excitement in his voice as his war cry was more of a bellow of laughter!
Warcry of Joy:

The golden spear within his hand surge with wind magic, causing his body to bulk and change, the wind whipped around him as his body grew and produced white hair about him. As the wind settled just as fast as it appeared, before Knuckles was a large whtie werebear, or polarbear to be more specific, standing in a three point stance, his head still lowered as before, the helm's horns pointing right at knuckles. The ground beneath Brone cracked as he pressed his feet against it; within a split second, the werebear bulleted from his position right at Knuckles' body all the while he pointed not only the horns of the helm, but also his golden spear and blue spear and even his giant fork for a full on attack.
The Werebear of the North!:
BullBear Rush:

664 | 1,666

Battle Log:
Spells / Abilities Used:
Brone’s Spread:


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She felt like she was out of her depth. She watched the two men battle on in an incredible display of power. And her newfound werewolf senses allowed her to sense via scent that someone else arrived. Perhaps the guild master that the others talked about. The angel? She didnt know why the idea was scary.

Lumikki seemed very excited to watch this battle and Meg couldnt help but feel at the edge of her seat as well. She was very well much speechless. She tried to fathom the abilities both Brone and Knuckles showed with their prowness in combat. And couldnt even imagine what the guild master of Paradise Dawn was like. What was the guy like personality wise too? Would he really want someone like her around this guild. The idea scared her, to think she would be too weak to be part of the guild. If she was, she wouldnt know what to do. She had to conquer this inner wolf she had now


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Yuurei was watching the two fight it off. It was an interesting fight, and it made him forget that this might be an intruder. They were fighting so freely that he had the urge to join them. Still, he couldn’t, he wanted to let Brone handle this and that was just how it was. The Dwarf had gotten to the battlefield before he did, and now things were becoming interesting.

He watched as they lost their gear but replaced them with new gear. It was something he wasn’t surprised about. They were warriors with no magic, so having to stock up on armor and helmets was something he expected. Of course, Yuurei was a mage, so he had done something similar, but if anything, a higher potency than these two.

He would see Knuckles form change and it would seem like he was a Daemon. That was interesting, but with the transformation making its appearance from him, would it happen with Brone? The Seraphim had a smile on his face as he looked at Brone and he saw the man had also transformed, but before that, he was wearing a new helmet. Yuurei would just nod as he wondered how things were going to go now.

Renji was watching this as well and he found it interesting as well; it seemed like Knuckles got stronger from the last time they saw him, but it was the same for everyone else around him.

“Do you want to join the others?” He asked him as he figured they were wondering where Yuurei was this entire time.

Yuurei would scratch his head and he would sigh as he figured he could.

“Fine, let’s gracefully join them.” He said this as he would see Brone was charging at Knuckles.

While that was happening, he would glide down to where Megan and Lumikki were located. He would take an empty seat as he would continue to watch.

“Is this your first time watching your uncle fight someone other than you?” Yuurei asked as if he was always next to her.

Renji would transform back into a human when they landed, and he would just watch the fight happen. He would be on the battlefield a lot, so watching Brone and Knuckles fights were things he could learn and then use amid battle.

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