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Brazen Bull [FPP – Forest Fires]

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#1Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
He has done quite a lot recently at Paradise Dawn. But now as he had heard the next task at hand, he did not expect to see what would await him. A blazing inferno of a forest fire. He never visited Worth Woodsea, but this is not how he expected his first visit to be

It was clear what had to be done. The fire needed to be put out. But the question was how. He did not have the adequate magic to do so. He could probably help the locals, but he was very ill equiped for these kinds of emergencies. He was a warrior, not a support officer. He was clad in armour to combat foes. Not to extinguish flames. He isnt even that close to the action and yet he could still feel the heatwaves washing over him. It was clear he needed to ditch his armour. But even if he did that, what could he do. At least on the bright side, no one could see his perplexed and slightly concerned expression behind his helm. Sometimes the armour would help sell the idea that he was always calm and always knew what to do and such. But this was no such scenario. This was something where he had to begrudgingly stay back. He hated this because he felt useless. How can he assist this if he couldnt get even close?
The flames needed to be stopped



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Lumikki woke up from her rest quite sore. The mercenaries had watched over her in her slump as she had passed out from exhaustion at Rush Valley. She was pouring all her magic into slowing the spread of fires and knocking out debris. She hardly took the time to rest and it caught up to her. Knocking her out of the sky and forcing the men to catch her. She's been sleeping as a raven since, hard at rest. Before she knew it, an intense heat washed over her, waking her up from the massive discomfort. She was forged for cold and this heat was disgusting. Looking up from her comfortable basket-turned bed, the rocking of the horse so soothing, she was unsettled by the raging fire before her. Leaving fire behind only to be met with a more gargantuan blaze. Her frustrations started to grow, but her eagerness to overcome the fire weakness of her magic grew more so.

"Don't overdo it Lumikki. At least find another to assist you this time. No need to carry the burden as you had before, you barely survived it the last time. Who's to say someone would find you in those raging flames." The voice in her head had chimed in, still worried from yesterday it seems. Lumikki sighed but nodded. She almost forgot what she promised Gnicolas and she couldn't keep going on like this.

Looking over to the mercenary she gave her thanks and he responded quite flustered, just happy the Little Miss was fine else that would of been their heads. She flew to his shoulder and nuzzled him before heading for the flames. Not particularly eager but no less full of resolve.

Not too long after she flew toward the blaze, flying became near unbearable. The heat was singeing her feathers. She could hardly maintain her form let alone flight and she had to land soon. At least in her Daemon form, she could maintain a cold. An iron golem caught her eye, and she croaked in glee to see someone familiar once more. Gliding low behind them and quickly changing back form. A flourish of feathers swirling around her before giving way to the woman she was, feathers dissipating into the air soon after. She pushed the magic out of her to cool the immediate air tremendously, allowing her to breathe more easily. Creeping towards her friend so as to not let her presence known.

She charged a lot of mana into her hand and slapped the armor's back. Infusing the metal temporarily with her cold. Black frost encased the shell, frost flowers blooming in the streaks. She did not stop until most of it was frosted over. Even then she held out for more, her ice melting at first until the steam chilled it enough her chill could maintain.

"Bit too hot to be covered in iron isn't Titan? You really are hardy and brave to try it though. No worries, no need to change now, I can keep you chilled long as you stick with me. This is going to be a long day after all."


#3Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
As he was thinking and contemplating about his next course of action, a sudden jolt of cold washed over him. If you could describe that in a non magical way. It would be like you are at the beach and your body is superheated. You go for a swim, but as soon as you step in, the sea seems freezing cold that its a shock to your system. Its because of the sudden change of the temperature, not because the sea was cold per say. But because your body hasnt accostumed to it.
And so this was much like that. A sudden jolt of freezing cold came over him and it was a surprise to his system. A welcomed one, but a surprise nontheless. So that would only mean...

He looked at saw her, the icy daemoness herself in the frozen flesh
If it werent such a dire situation, he'd probably pat her on the head or give her a bit of a hug. But now was not the time to be sentimental

As she said it might be too hot for him to handle, he replied "Truth be told, I came here as soon as I could. I was just finishing another quest and I diverted here. So I did not really have time to change or adjust. But then again, I did not expect this to be waiting me"
He was actually done with a prior quest and went on the tackle this quest as well. So he was not as well rested as her. It kind of showed the person he was. A mercenary and perhaps a workaholic. He really needed to learn to rest

But that was for another topic. Now with Lumikki by his side, he was sure he can find a way to deal with this fire. Infact, if Lumikki could do what he thinks she can do. Then he already has an idea how to deal with the fire.

Once his armour was cool enough. He grabbed the icy daemoness and plopped her on his shoulder so she can sit there and pretty much be him all the time. Rest risk of seperation.
"Ok, Lumikki. Listen to me. I must ask you. Can you make constructs with your ice?" he asked her
Because if she could do what he thinks she can. He was certain they had a way to douse this fire.

He had to admit, this was rare. He was trained to be a tactician in his youth, but he rarely got to use that skill. Usually mercenary work required brute force with only a little bit of strategy. And if you were a skilled combatant, strategy would be replaced with instinct. So this was now a uniquely welcomed challenge.

Tamas observed the inferno and inspected it as he was awaiting Lumikki's answer.
While there were the locals helping out, he was sure that with their combined efforts they could do this. As long as she can make that ice construct he has in mind and in a way he imagined it. He was going to make ice beat fire.
Although hopefully her magic allowed such a feat. Because if it couldnt, then he needed to start thinking of Plan B



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Lumikki looked at him puzzled and tilted her head. Thinking over what construct he could have in mind. She waved her hand and conjured a seat, black shards growing from the ground and branching into the form of a chair. As she gave it more thought she snacked on nearby shadows cast by the raging blaze. Black ribbons stuck out her mouth as she munched and thought before she attempted to look up at her friend. Deciding to focus on a point on his helmet instead.

She was eager to help put out the fire with her frost magic. Though frost usually loses to fire she had hoped she could at least conquer the stray flames. If Tamas had something in mind to help her plan her strategy in the future, she was eager to hear it. The hopelessness of Rush Valley wasn't something she wanted to repeat over and over. Plus it was interesting to get someone's suggestion for once. I was becoming tiring trying to form her magic and solve things alone.

"What do you have in mind Titan, I grew up making things of ice for fun. What do you think would come in handy now, promise I'll put my back into making it. I'm getting really sick of losing to flames. If I have to learn to frost volcanos I will." Lumikki was becoming hot from her own anger, slowly beating out the heat of the flames. She was determined to change this.

Lumikki held tightly to Tamas, allowing her chair to melt in the absence of her attention. Tieing up her hair to put it all behind her. She didn't want anything in her way or add to the discomfort.


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#5Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
He was glad he saw Lumikki or rather that Lumikki saw him, for he feared he might have been boiled like a brazen bull, cooked inside out. Luckily she came to his rescue and completely changed the situation.

Now he had an idea in mind. He asked her if she can form constructs of ice and to his delight, she very well could
"Alright. So I need you to construct a huge slab of ice just above the flames. Make sure to cover as much as the fiery surface. The fire can melt the ice. And in its place the water can come down over the fire to douse it"
If she cant make water, we improvise. Turn the weakness into a strength. Fire melts ice. But what happens when ice melts? It turns into a liquid, ie water.

If she makes a construct, like a vertical slab of ice, juuust above the flames. The flames from beneath could cause the ice slab to melt and turn to water. Then gravity kicks in and pulls that water down on the fire.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
Thats what he thought. Now while he was at most an idea guy here. It was up to Lumikki to actually be the center of action with her magic. Otherwise he needed a plan B, which he was starting to think of now. Perhaps a way to stop the fire from spreading?
Question was how?
Well a wall of ice could perhaps stop it. Ice isnt flammable per say. It is meltable. But perhaps a wall of ice could actually help and stop it if its being kept up. Again, the melted ice turning to water can douse the edge flames and stop it from spreading. Fire wont spread over scorched earth that was doused.



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Lumikki was too busy thinking long and hard about the problem at hand that she never realized she sat on his shoulders. When did he even do that she thought.....Utterly at a loss for words. Does she even bring it up now she asks. Not important she concluded, it's time for the plan.

Lumikki saw where Tamas was going, this was very similar to the strategy she attempted before. She supposed it was worth a try but this fire was too strong to do this as she was. She simply did not have the power to snuff this monstrosity.

Lumikki sighed deeply, cocking her head back and gripping the bridge of her nose. Hard in thought how to make this plan work even better. If it is a manner of lack of mana, after all, she is still just a fledgling for the moment. She supposes there is something only she could do that could help her around this weakness. This will all be crazy but it is worth a shot. She may not be able to kill the fire completely be she can help cripple it so that others could finish it further.

"Listen Tamas, you believe too much in what I can do. I can't beat this kinda heat yet, but your plan maybe could work. Look, this air is really dry, my magic would work better if we could add water to the air. It'll help me have to fight the heat less but it could also cool this area down enough to help form your idea."

She looked around from her high vantage, enjoying the change in view. Usually, she could only enjoy with while flying. The mercenaries were entering the scene themselves, directing some of the men to look for residents caught in the blaze, and others to find water and means to quell the flames. That's a start she thought.

"I think if we wait a bit longer, they'll do just what I need actually. Hopefully, they toss the water high up. We need to find a good vantage now to create the ice, I'm not sure my ice would spread far from here." She patted Tamas on his helmet. Maybe we really could make this work she thought.

"Till I need to get to work Titan, Ima have to eat up as much dark as I can. Get the mana ready for the spell. Tell the others the plan and see if you can find me a spot to start." Wasting no time Lumikki inhaled the shadows nearby. The bright side of great flames is all the shadows they could cast.


#7Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
He listens to Lumikki for a bit. He soon grabs her so he can look at her eye to eye. Or at least from her perspective eye to helm.
"Listen. Some men are born great, others have greatness thrust upon them. Do not undervalue your capabilities. I believe you can do this" he told her and plopped her back on his shoulder.

He looked towards her as she then spoke of a solution and nodded. She said they needed a vantage point "Very well. Let us look for one" he said and started with her observing for a good vantage point. Perhaps he can climb up somewhere with her. But he didnt really see a good place. Perhaps Lumikki is luckier there considering she is sitting on his shoulder and has a bit better view than him, since she's on higher ground.

He noticed her patting his helm, which was a bit of a surprise. She was a good person. For a second he almost thought she was a sweet kid, but he was reminded that she was an adult.

Lumikki spoke to him and he nodded
"As you wish" he said and let her down so she can eat the darkness and he went on to explore for a vantage point and as well as inform the others of the plan they had.
Eventually he would find a decent vantage point for her. Now all he needed was to go back and find her. And hurry quickly. Time was of the essence



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Tamas swiftly and smoothly brought Lumikki to her eyes, well actually his helm. This already flustered her greatly but his words of encouragement sent her further. Her face reddened tremendously, she was relieved when he plopped her back onto his shoulders. The cold in the air grew from her reactions.

He accepted her plan and went off to find the perfect spot. Before he left she refreshed her magic so that he would still feel her cold. While he was gone she went to where the mercenaries were. They brought in barrels of water from a nearby river. She chilled them all so that they would take more heat when dousing the flames. Gorging on darkness as she worked. The mercenaries only brought more and more water as she waited for Tamas' return. By the time he would make his way back, she was almost sure she would be round.

So far, everything was going according to her plan.


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Pokedex Entry
#9Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
The fire was so intense that he had not even notice Lumikki turn a shade of red. But even if he did, he would not understand what made her feel that way. Tamas saw that as an opportunity to practice his leadership and motivational skills. After all, he joined this guild to learn how a guild operates, for one day he would form his own guild with himself as Guildmaster.

As much he liked Paradise Dawn, he does not see himself staying there forever. Or at least not if he was successful in his endevaours. And even if he did somehow became guildmaster of this guild, he would rebrand it and slightly change it. But he prefered not to do that and leave this guild as it is, should such a crazy and unlikely scenario occured.

When he went to search for a decent vantage point, the icy daemoness once again sent a jolt of cold to keep him refreshed. It was much appreciated. Still a bit of a shock to the system. He doubts he could ever get used to that. But sure enough he would go on and find a vantage point

He would eventually come back and see Lumikki in all her rounded glory
".... I have found a vantage point" he said in an absurdly calm way considering the situation



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Lumikki whipped her head around to see him. Cheeks and stomach bloated in her glory to stockpile mana. "Good job Titian, everything is ready on this end. I got the water frigid so that it'll grab much of the heat, and not evaporate till we are ready." She waddled to Tamas and refreshed her cold once again.

"Alright men, in five minutes toss the water in. Try doing them all at once, want as much steam in the air and heat relieved once."

Lumikki was so full walking felt cumbersome. Took her some effort but she was able to turn into a raven once more. Flying at the moment beyond her, she let Tamas pick her up from the floor and lead her to where they needed to be. Humming and singing old songs of her people as they traveled to keep her from taking an after-meal nap.

The journey back to the vantage was smooth enough, but only for the moment. The fire was encroaching and if Lumikki didn't get to work fast, her ice wouldn't keep them alive much longer. She already saw the steam rising all around. The air was getting a lot more moist. Tamas allowed her to the floor and in a flourish of feathers, Lumikki was back in her Daemon form.

Lumikki took a moment to inhale deeply before getting started on her spell. This would be on the biggest scale she's done so far, and who knows when she would be able to pull this off again, but the trust Tamas had in her really helped her get motivated again.

"You never needed the golem to tell you that you are great, I have told you that and I always will" The other voice within her spoke with such frustration. Lumikki suppose she didn't care for others. Though that wasn't important at the moment. There is something about someone outside of you believing in the great things you could do. "I see...I see now I must be outside of you to truly regard me. Understood." The voice said before going quiet once more. Hardly any stirrings of her left.

Lumikki rose her arms to the air. Her lavender aura surged and wrapped around her. Pulsing a strong cold into the air where she stood. Her black fingertips were frosted over and the black traveled how her elbows.

Freeze!" Lumikki yelled, a shard of black ice forming in the air above the blaze. "Freeze over!" She said once more but quite coldly, she focused as hard as she could on frosting the moisture in the air. It took a moment of stillness for her frost above the flame before it began to rupture with more jagged shards. Each petal jutted rapidly, overly laying the last before a massive black ice blossom hovered in the sky. Its size nearly matches the blaze below. Lumikki held it with all the mana she had left. Freezing her construct over and over before the last drop of mana left her. Her flower fell to the ground as she dropped herself. Drained of whatever energy she had left.

The fire hissed loudly once the obsidian blossom made contact. Steam rises above once more from the tremendous heat of the fire only to take the heat along with it. The power of the blaze waned with the water smothering it before shifting to steam quickly after. Dark clouds began to form above, the reaction inviting the rain to fall as well. After a few minutes that passed, the rain fell to douse what was left. The pour heavy from all the water needed mixing with all the burned away as the fires started. Soon enough the flames were no more.

Cheers roared below as their triumphant was made clear. The damage of the flames may have been done, but it was no more. Mercenaries and residents alike ran into what was left of the woods scouting for any in need of aid. Some observe the damages to plan ways to revert them in the future. Scouting what was left of seeds so that a new wood would one day grow.


#11Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
He observed as Lumikki had turned into a raven, he understood what he needed to do. So he picked her up and took her to the vantage point that he had found.

Once he arrived there, he placed her on the ground. And thats when she would change back into her normal form. He stood back and allowed her to do her spell.

He would merely stay out of her way and observe what would happen. She had raised her hands up to the air. A sudden lavender coloured aura appeared and surged over her, around her and wrapped her up. He could feel the pulsing of a cold air from where she stood

There was nothing he could do at this point but hope for the best. He knew she was giving it her all to do this. Not even just a 100%, but beyond that.

He would stay silent and let her do her spell. He watched as she would use up all her mana for her construct, her spell. She gave her everything to do this. . Her flower fell to the ground, and so did she, drained of whatever energy she had left. Thats when he'd hurry to grab her so she wouldnt just fall to the ground. He lifted her up and carried her in his arms so she could rest. Perhaps just even standing on your feet would be exhausting. Same for the shoulder sitting. He knew the girl just needed to rest

He would turn his attention from Lumikki and his gaze would go to the flower that dropped when he heard the fires hiss. There was an onslaught of steam, then there was heat. But he soon realized that the fires intensity definitely waned as the icy thing melted and the water would wash over the glames. Dousing it. He observed the dark clouds that he noticed that were forming.

He was no weather expert, but something here definitely caused a chain reaction about this cloud formation. That it would rain soon. After a few minutes that passed, the rain fell and it doused any leftover embers of the flame. Permanitely stopping it from relighting into the catastrophe that was. And with that, she had done it

Soon he heard the people cheer. They cheered the flame was stopped, that it was doused. But he considered those cheers were for her
"Are you alright?" he asked. "I think they may be cheering your success. You did it."
Then again he knew she would. She had the skill. It wasnt just 'Brone this, Brone that'. He was sure that in time she would build her own reputation and image and garner respect from people. She wont be just the Paradise Dawn gremlin mascot cutie thing. But a well respected and powerful mage.
Before going anywhere, he wanted to make sure that the exhausted daemoness was doing alright. She definitely needed rest and she needed to re-energize. Maybe not go and get a copious amount of darkness food, but just enough to get her bearings so she can stand on her own two feet. But until then
"Do you need me to do anything?" he asked



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Lumikki was knocked out for a bit but not for long. Waking to Tamas being the first she saw. He already had her by the dark and shadows, and she began to slurp away at her quick meal.

The remnants of celebrations and activity in the background filled her with satisfaction. Lumikki now proving to herself with with enough mana and strength she could cancel a massive wildfire. This made her the most pleased as she slowly blinked her eyes open at last and sat up.

Tamas must have been watching over her as she dozed and was kind enough to offer his leg for support as she slept. When she fully came to he asked her how she was and what did she need. She gave his question some thought.

"Suppose what I need is more power. I wanna match a blaze like that head on and no time needed to prep. Though that is for later I suppose, what I would need now is a partner."
A smile crept on her face that softened her features and showed her affection. Though she wouldn't realize that herself, assuming to have a face of a hardy warrior instead. She looked up towards her Titan. "Sure enough this mess isn't over and the day still long. Want to continue huntin Chaos men with me?"

This was only her second encounter with the tragedies the dark guild has caused and yet this is the second time she's drained herself of all she's had. Clearly, it would not be wise to go on like this any longer. Won't be able to meet her family if she was sloppy enough to let herself get hurt. With Tamas with her, she felt secure enough to keep going. Be what the guild and the people need as she kept facing the dangers. At the very least, it comforted her more to have another to watch over so that she may not drown in her own thoughts in being alone. Being nothing like her Uncle and Guild Master, but an utterly weak mess.

She shook her head of those last thoughts as she looked over the other mercenaries, trying to overhear where they were needed next. All she could make out was that they needed to go even deeper into the Worth Woodsea. Fine enough she thought as she got up from her place of rest. Stretching her hand out to Tamas. He was clearly in no need to have any help getting up, especially from one her size, but it was more of her gesture and resolve to support and look after him. He was one of her own, family now, and those she's come to see like that she would look over instinctively.



#13Tamás Horvath 

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Tamás Horvath
He was a bit worried that she had lost her conciousness. He did not know what to do since he was not a medic by any means. He hoped this was just exhaustion setting in and that she would be alright later. Still even if they were out of danger, he would stand by and be by her side until she wakes up.

When she was awake, he had asked her about her status, how was she. She replied that she might need more power if she was to take on challenges of that scale in the future. He did not reply to that. Though he tilted his head to the side, curious when she said she might need a partner right now.
A smile that softened her features and showed affection. He was sure thats what the expression was. But he was not sure did she mean like a combat partner or a ... romantic partner?
He was certainly confusing the facial expression and her statement. Before he said anything, she said or rather asked if he was gonna hunt the Chaos men with her.
Thats when he understood what she meant and nodded.
"I do." a short and simple answer

He was glad he would get a partner. While he was dealing with most things alone, it would be nice to have someone to count on every once in a while. There were certainly moments where he'd appreciate some company even while travelling to Rush Valley. Or right now where he was certain he wouldnt be able to do much if it werent for her.

He wondered does this officially make them a team? He'll let her decide on that one. Right now he allowed her to gather her strength because soon, they would go on another adventure of dealing with those Chaos people.
He didnt know what would await them, but he was certain things would be easier. Which was somewhat odd for him. He usually did everything the hard way. It was strange to have life being easy for once. Those were perhaps thoughts for later. He should focus on the task at hand. He was sure that the dark guild was on the ropes. Paradise Dawn was doing well in dealing with this threat. He was sure that in no time this would be over soon


The End

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