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He Who Pulls the Strings [Open Horror Thread]

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Zerutod sits in his office as he reads another report of a string of strange disappearances in a remote part of the Isshond FJords mountain Zerutod would normally dismiss it as people getting lost in the mountain which is all to Ho-Hum for Zerutod's personal Interest and it being outside of the Rune Knights Jurisdiction meant that it held no weight to his professional career. With that being said something about the Nature of the first few reports seemed "odd" to Zerutod. They were all of Young Children from Particularly well-known villages in remote parts of the Range and testimonials from other Children say that the missing children were all Lured away by a "Funny Man who Walked in circles and talked stutters" After news of the 20th disappearance Zerutod finally let his Curiosity and Made the trip to the town of Quickquarr

The chill wind howled through the rugged peaks of the Isshond Fjords, carrying whispers of an unsettling mystery that gripped the secluded region in fear. Zerutod, a young man with strikingly pupil-less pale lavender eyes and silver hair cascading messily over his shoulders, stood at the edge of the village of Quickquarr, his trench coat billowing around him. Behind him, A Rune Knight recruit shifted uneasily, her expressions a mix of apprehension and curiosity. "So, Zerutod, what exactly are we doing here?" one of the recruits asked, her voice tinged with uncertainty as they navigated the cobbled streets of Quickquarr. The village seemed frozen in time, quaint cottages lining the narrow lanes, the Villages full of life as the villagers went on with their day Zerutod's faint smile was almost imperceptible as he tilted his head, listening keenly to the pulse of the village around them. "We're here to uncover a mystery, my friend," he replied, his tone soft yet resolute.  "There have been strange disappearances, of people vanishing into thin air." The recruits exchanged uneasy glances, the weight of the unknown settling upon them like a heavy shroud. Zerutod's blind eyes, however, gleamed with a fierce determination that belied his seemingly hapless demeanor.  As they approached the village square, it seemed some sort of festivities were beginning

Zerutod walked with measured steps, his hand lightly grazing the wall as he navigated the bustling town square of Iceberg. The air was filled with the scent of roasting chestnuts and the excited chatter of the townspeople. As they approached the center of the square, a gathering crowd piqued Zerutod's curiosity. "What's happening over there?"  the recruit, her eyes gleaming with interest. Zerutod paused, turning his head toward the source of the commotion. In the heart of the square stood a stage, and atop it was an elderly man with a twinkle in his eye, welcoming the onlookers. "That's Sivle Jewell," the recruit volunteered, her voice tinged with nostalgia. "He's a famous puppeteer known for his magical shows all over Fiore." Zerutod's ears perked up at the mention of magic. He silently observed as the elderly man, Sivle, welcomed the crowd with a gentle smile, his presence commanding attention.

"I remember seeing his show as a child," the recruit continued, her tone filled with fond memories. "I had no idea he was still performing." Excitement buzzed in the air as children and adults alike gathered around the stage, eager to witness the renowned puppeteer in action. The colorful banners flapped in the breeze, adding to the festive atmosphere. As Sivle began his performance, the recruits were mesmerized by the unique puppets crafted from bright cloth instead of the traditional wooden figures. Zerutod noted the intricate movements of the puppets, each gesture brought to life by Sivle's mastery of magic. Laughter and gasps of amazement filled the square as the puppets danced and sang, weaving a spellbinding tale that held the audience captive. Among the array of puppets, a figure emerged, drawing cheers and applause from the crowd—the famous puppet, Temoe.  A Bright Blue puppet standing at around 4 feet high. The recruit's eyes widened in delight as Temoe took center stage, his fluid movements captivating the audience. Zerutod found himself intrigued by the connection between Sivle and his puppet, a bond that transcended mere strings and fabric.

As the performance reached its climax, Sivle and Temoe took their final bow, eliciting thunderous applause from the spectators. The stage was bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun, casting long shadows that danced with the joyous crowd. After the show, Sivle and Temoe graciously thanked the audience, their voices filled with gratitude. Children swarmed around them, showering the puppeteer with compliments and adoration. Zerutod watched as the recruit's eager expression remained fixed on Sivle and Temoe. With a playful smile, he nudged her gently. "Go on, don't miss your chance to meet them," he encouraged his voice kind. The recruit's gasp of excitement was music to Zerutod's ears as she hurried toward Sivle and Temoe. His blind eyes scanned the crowd, noting the presence of other mages scattered among the spectators, a curious detail he filed away in the recesses of his mind.  As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden hue over the square, Zerutod's keen senses remained vigilant, his mind alerted to every detail in the gathering dusk.


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Lumi sat atop the highest structure within the village that she could find, though it would not matter much as it was hardly remarkable. Towns like this within Iceberg did not bother to craft more than what was needed. So a massive towering structure hardly suited them. Still, for the moment she only wanted the height so that she could survey the town below. Her ravens as of late would constantly feed her stories of the odd happenings. There were tales of children disappearing into the night.

Lumikki Hrútr was a being from Iceberg. Originally a raven demi-human mix raised by Dwarves, she had fallen into a new identity. All the same, the Demoness could not help but be a bit overprotective of her country. After all, if anyone were to impose mischief, it would be her. So when she caught wind of the case from her ravens as she spent time in her home city, Lumi plotted to pay the towns of Isshond Fjords.

Killing monsters was a constant occurrence for her and Paradise Dawn. It was one of their better-known occupations and they were paid handsomely in exchange for more difficult work. So the Demoness was not out of her element as she prowled around in search of her target. For the moment trying to remain out of sight.

Though Lumi was in her more demonic form, skin as dark as the night with hair like fresh snow. Hands that appeared as if made of ice and live shadows coiling her legs in wafts and feathers. Bright blue tattoos that would contrast her bright violet and fuchsia eyes. Lumi hid under a black hood and cowl. Tucked in a ball as she watched the performance that was underway.

” Those things are hideous. Figures the children would love them….” Uttered her harpy that sat right beside her. Tenevi would hardly hold back the look of disgust on her face. ” Still I have the urge to tear them to shreds.”

” I hope she’s still talking about the puppets….” Lonu, one of Lumi’s closer ravens would chime. He was mostly humorous though that did not make him sure. He sat on Lumi’s left shoulder as he also looked over the show.

Lumikki on his remark would laugh, almost loud enough to garner attention, but the show was her saving grace as it stole most of the attention. ” Yes, yes, she knows better than to spread the children here.”

” Of course my Revna is more protective of these huma—” Trygve, another of her wing advisers uttered before getting rudely interjected by Gunvald, ” Oh yea, protective meaning carnage ensues…” He was a more bloodthirsty raven while Trygve aimed to be more presentable and amicable.

As Trygve flew to Gunvald with puffed-up feathers, Lonu would glide down himself to peck at them both. Hoping to cut the conflict before it even started.

Lumi who was already sitting with her legs pulled to her chest, would now rest her head on her knees. She wanted to be amused but really, she was seething. She was infuriated that of all humans, it would be the children who were hunted.

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Zerutod stood in the midst of the bustling town square, a faint smile playing on his lips as he awaited the recruit's return. Yet, as moments stretched into an uneasy silence, a prickling sensation crept up his spine, a subtle shift in the air that set his senses on edge. With a fluid grace born of years of navigating the world through sound and touch, Zerutod followed the inexplicable pull tugging at his consciousness. There, perched on the highest ledge, their presence a mere whisper against the backdrop of the village below. Zerutod's brows furrowed in mild curiosity as he extended a hand in their direction, a mocking wave dancing in the air.

Meanwhile, the recruit returned to Zerutod's side, a figure trailing behind her, his steps measured and deliberate. Sivle Jewell, the renowned puppeteer, approached with a warm smile, his gaze filled with a twinkle of mirth."Ah, Zerutod, was it?" Sivle's voice, weathered with time, held a warm tone as he extended a gnarled hand in greeting. Zerutod inclined his head in acknowledgment, his silver hair catching the last rays of the setting sun. "Yes, that's me," Zerutod replied, his voice soft but assured. The recruit watched with wide eyes as the two men exchanged pleasantries. Sivle's gaze held a wisdom that belied his jovial appearance, a depth that spoke of untold stories.

"I hear you're investigating the disappearances in our humble village," Sivle continued, his tone thoughtful. "I may have a bit of information that could shed some light on the matter." Zerutod's interest was piqued at the mention of new information. He nodded encouragingly, prompting Sivle to lead them to a secluded corner of the square, away from the lingering crowd. The recruit hovered close, her curiosity palpable. With a somber expression, Sivle leaned in, his words hushed yet weighted with significance. "You see, young Zerutod, the shadows of my past may hold the key to the mysteries that plague this village," Sivle's gaze held a complexity that Zerutod could not decipher. The puppeteer's confession hung heavy in the air, casting a pall over the vibrant square. Zerutod's mind raced, connecting the dots between Sivle's admission and the disappearances that haunted Quickquarr.


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As the well-received performance concluded, something odd would occur. A foreigner from below would turn around and awkwardly wave in her direction. She was not sure about his intention or his focus, was it she whom he aimed to greet or another? And with most people enamored with the man on stage, what possessed him to look her way? With a gleam of her World’s eye, she would fill in some of the gaps in her inquiry. The notion of his sight is the most intriguing. What curiosity is was to witness him perceiving anything this far away, but if the gesture was towards her, Lumi would still now know. All she did know was that it was dangerous for him and his associates here. Iceberg was not kind to foreigners, often leaving them to die in the cruel landscape of their homes. And though Lumi was not inclined to care one bit, she was compelled by curiosity. That and the reason for a Rune Knight to find his destination all the way here.

” It would be best if he concludes his business here,” Lumi would think to herself. This land was the most welcoming compared to the rest from their pursuit of trade. ” And if he happens to be sniffing out the same trail I am….less work for me.” The Demoness would mull over as she let her body tumble forward. Gravity would pull her down but only for a moment. A cluster of plumage would encircle her before swiftly obscuring her form. Leaving only a ball of feathers to be noted before a raven would dart out from within them.

Lumi and her flock would fly over to the man as he was led by the performer. ” Did you notice something?” Trygve would ask, all the rest would wonder the same. ” Aye, a knight from back home is among us. Note the one in the silver hair. One of ye asked the other ravens that were close if they caught what it was they spoke of. For now, I want some of yer focus on that man below and those in his flock.”

” Understood.” Trygve would utter. ” I will check with the others.” Lonu would volunteer and he veered off their flight path and glided to the other ravens. ” And the fun begins~” Gunvald would start giddy but follow with apprehension, ” But I got a deep feeling in my feathers that something’s off. I just can’t put my talon on what it is…”

” Agreed, we should be cautious. If for any reason at all, so I don’t lose me prey. Vee, stay out of sight for the time being.“ and with that command, Tenevi too would veer away to hide with the shadows watching.

” Spread,” was the last of what the Demoness would say before descending onto a nearby rooftop and perching. She had a clear line of sight to the men below and was not listening in curiously to what the old one had to say. Her other ravens would heed her request and perch elsewhere but all nearby. Feigning their interest in other things as they observed the gathering themselves.

It was then Sivle began talking, and what he said would pique Lumi’s interest further. She never doubted her ravens, but she hated that they were right. And with this humble confirmation, there was indeed a monster to render dead.

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The cool evening air wrapped around Zerutod and the recruit as they listened intently to Sivle's revelation. The puppeteer's eyes held a haunted look as he began his tale, his tone laced with regret. "I... I fear one of my older creations may be behind the disappearances,[/color]" Sivle's voice quivered, the weight of the confession evident in his words. Zerutod's eyebrows furrowed in concern as he exchanged a glance with the recruit. "What do you mean, Sivle? How could a puppet be responsible for such acts?" Zerutod's voice was calm, a soothing presence amidst the rising tension. Sivle drew a shaky breath, his gaze distant as he delved into the heart of his past. "You see, my mastery of puppets was not entirely natural," Sivle confessed, his hands trembling slightly. "I... I performed a ritual to bring them to life, to infuse them with a spark of magic." The recruit gasped, her eyes widening in disbelief. "[color:3077=#6666ffYou... you brought your puppets to life?[/color]" she whispered, her voice filled with awe and apprehension.

Zerutod placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder, silently urging her to listen. Sivle nodded solemnly, his expression etched with remorse. "Yes, and my first creation, Marbles, was... was a result of this ritual," he admitted, his voice barely above a whisper. The shadows of the past seemed to loom over the trio, casting a somber veil over their conversation. "What went wrong with Marbles, Sivle?" Zerutod's question hung in the air, the gravity of the situation palpable. Sivle hesitated, his gaze focused on a distant point beyond the square. With a heavy sigh, Sivle finally spoke, his words laden with sorrow. "I... I don't know if it was my inexperience with the ritual or... or something else, but Marbles... Marbles came out wrong," he confessed, a shiver running down his spine.

The memories of his failed creation haunted him, the echo of a mistake that could not be undone. Zerutod's brows furrowed in deep concentration as Sivle's confession hung heavy in the air, the weight of past mistakes echoing in the silent corner of the square. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Zerutod's keen senses honed in on every word Sivle uttered. "So you believe that Marbles, your first puppet, might be connected to the disappearances?" Zerutod's question was measured, his blind eyes unseeing yet piercing, as he sought to unravel the mystery shrouding the village of Quickquarr. Sivle's weathered face was etched with lines of remorse as he nodded solemnly. "Yes, young Zerutod, Marbles was more than just a puppet to me. He became like a son, a creation borne out of my own folly and ambition." The puppeteer's voice wavered with a mix of regret and longing, the tale of Marbles unfolding like a tragic melody in the twilight. Sivle's gaze flickered with a shadow of fear as he recounted the events that followed Marbles' newfound restlessness. "Marbles began to wander off on his own, drawn to the laughter of children and the innocence of their play," Sivle's words carried a tinge of sorrow as he painted a picture of Marbles' yearning for companionship. "He would disappear for days at a time, only to return with a mischievous gleam in his eyes, as if he had found new friends in the depths of the forest."

The puppeteer's story unfolded like a tapestry of regrets, each thread woven with the echoes of an unfulfilled bond. Zerutod's mind raced with possibilities, his thoughts a whirlwind of strategies and deductions. "Do you think Marbles could be responsible for luring the children away?" Zerutod's inquiry was sharp, cutting through the veil of uncertainty that cloaked the mystery. Sivle's eyes held a flicker of dread as he nodded gravely in response. "I fear that Marbles' innocence may have been twisted by his unfulfilled desire for friendship," Sivle's voice quivered with apprehension. "He may have unknowingly led the children astray, a puppet caught in the tangled web of his own misplaced affection." The weight of Sivle's revelation settled upon Zerutod and the recruit, casting a shadow of doubt over their next course of action. The chill wind carried a haunting whisper through the cobblestone streets of Quickquarr, the tendrils of the unknown wrapping around the trio like a shroud of uncertainty. Zerutod's hand tightened around the hilt of his katana, a silent promise of vigilance in the face of danger.


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Lumikki listened with ruffled feathers and made note of the man as he confessed his mistakes. The tampering of such magics didn't bother her in the slightest, but she didn't care for the lines crossed by his beast. A mage who could not control their magic, to the constructs they've made, were hardly mages worth their salt. But if he could be this dangerous, it would damage her homeland pointlessly.

In a sequence of croaks, Lumi alerted the ravens of her intentions. There needed to be eyes on this man so he could be done away with later. But for now, she had to be patient. The hunt for this puppet only started and with the meddling of the Rune Knights, she might as well observe how far they'd go for a land that was not theirs. She was also curious about their methods. Zerutod stood out the moment he waved in her direction and from what her World's eyes could lend to her, the man was blind. She did not fully understand his magic as her perception would tell her, nor did she think it was simple to grasp from insight alone. So she figured it best to observe him so that she may learn more in time. But the assistant would entirely slip her mind as nothing was interesting about her to note.

Lonu would return to her side, mulling what he heard and speaking into her ear. " Could magic really achieve that?" He inquired. Lumi would respond by just nodding her head.

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