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Dancing Waves (Deadliest Catch)

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The sun rose to its highest point and it was scorching the lands below. The Demon walked around with a parasol made of her dark and frost, doing her best to shield herself from the troublesome rays. Her cold aura was permeating heavily as she really disliked the heat. Though for all the things that she did not care for, she did indeed love this island. It’ s people and their culture we very enticing to her. The work to be hand even more so.

Lumikki sauntered down to her favorite bar as her ravens got to work gathering intel. She never was quite sure what the beast she would be hunting was, or if there was even one at all. She just happened to come from time to time when she was in the mood for work in a different area.

“ It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?” Spoke the bartender as the girl entered the bar. Her cold aura gave her away before anything. She became known for keeping the space cool, among other things. She made a name for herself on the island for helping out protect and save foolish fishermen who don’t know when not to challenge the sea and her monsters. But seeing as Lumi was a monster of her own, it was a fitting fight.

Her parasol fell away as she entered, turning into what looked like smoke but was shadow. “ Aye, it has. Has much changed since I last visited?” She took a seat at the counter as she preferred. Pushing her hair back from her face and taking a moment to settle. Lumi indeed made things cooler, but to her it was not nearly cold enough.

Eleu, the bartender, fixed her drink as he was telling her of the happenings while she was gone. Sliding it over to Lumi as soon as he was done. “ Things have been mostly nice but I know you’re a gal that likes to work. There's something churning in the sea alright, but it’s still too soon for us to tell. For the moment the fishermen continue their work but we don’t know for how long. Sides the fish are swimming off, scare by the thing. So I don’t have much to fill you in, on that”

After a few sips from her cold drink, she had it in her to speak once more. ” Suppose I could ask around on the docks if me birds don’t find something. Ugh Eleu, yer drinks are life savers…” She finally turned to inspect the bar.” It’s oddly empty today?’ This was a well worn fishermen’s bar. Most would come here to get their fill of drink after a long day of work, but she was the only one here. She found this quite odd.

“ With the beast in the waves, getting a decent catch has been kinda hard. There’s word of a big storm brewing and it could probably last days. Anyone worth their salts trying their chance since it’ll be their catch for days.”

Lumi nodded along, still lost in her cold drink. For good measure, she even asked for a bowl of ice.

Lonu flying through the sky to chat with the other ravens, one of three of whom she brought along. Tenevi, her harpy companion, was at the docks observing the activity.

As Lonu made his rounds, he saw a man with bright pink hair. Something entirely out of the norm and easy to spot. His curiosity got him looking the man’s way but his memory was what got him approaching. He remembered that Lumi mentioned something as they were in Stella, so he was curious that the man would know of him.

Lonu flew toward him, stopping just in front of him to get his attention. ” Lumi…” He managed to croak before flying off to the bar. If the man chose to follow him from there, that would be on him. As the bird was not sure he was the man of note his Revna formerly mentioned.


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The sandy shores of Luluhawa Island beckoned the Dragon Slayer like an old friend welcoming him home. Tōga had found solace in this tropical paradise during his rapid rise through the ranks of the Rune Knights. In just a few short months, his prodigious talents had earned him the esteemed title of Captain, a meteoric feat even among the order's most gifted mages.

Though his duties often took him far across the lands of Stella, Tōga always returned to Luluhawa when he could. He had just completed a week-long mission on the mainland, and was eager to enjoy the island's tranquil bounty. As he breathed in the scent of plumerias drifting on the breeze, Tōga felt the tensions of battle and command melt away. Here, he was free to let his guard down and savor the island's simple comforts. Under the shade of palms, he would hone his magic and martial skills on the beach until sunset stained the waves crimson. At night, he would build a fire and cook fish caught fresh from the cove, dining beneath a canopy of stars mirrored on the dark tide. This island was his sanctuary, far from the politics and strife of the Knights. On Luluhawa, Tōga was at peace.

The magical realm of Stella overwhelmed Tōga's senses, overflowing with enchantments beyond imagination. Each spell sprang from unique origins, manifesting in myriad forms with varying impacts. In this world brimming with occult diversity, Tōga encountered a force that transcended all bounds. The Jaguar God Tezcatlipoca, pleased by Tōga's fierce battle with the shadowy minotaur, bestowed upon the battered dragon slayer a dark ember of unfathomable power. Though nearly claimed by death's grasp, Tōga now held an obsidian shard, pulsing with otherworldly energy. Its sinister purpose remained unclear, but one thing was certain - this mystical gift would unlock new realms of possibility.

Still reeling from the Jaguar God's ominous gift, Tōga sought respite on the distant shores of Luluhawa. He journeyed across tumultuous seas to the island's Mahalo Beach, hoping the tranquil setting would quiet his chaotic thoughts. But the voyage proved unexpectedly arduous, the undulating waves tormenting Tōga's stomach with unfamiliar nausea. Each rolling crest and trough tilted his world off-kilter, threatening to plunge him into seasickness. Through stubborn will alone, Tōga persevered until finally glimpsing the island's verdant silhouette. While the gift's dark purpose still eluded him, the turquoise waters and swaying palms beckoned with promise of clarity. On this pristine beach, Tōga could collect himself and make sense of the mysteries swirling within.

Disembarking on wobbly legs, Tōga inhaled the island's fresh sea air, steadying himself after the arduous voyage. As he regained his land legs, a small bird's trill drew his gaze skyward. The creature had appeared as if conjured from the ether, yet its call stirred a flash of recognition within Tōga. Intrigued, he tracked the bird's flight as it flitted down the beach, seeming to guide him onward. Tōga followed the impromptu escort deeper into Luluhawa's lush interior. Each faltering step away from the ship allowed his strength to return, along with a sense of foreboding purpose.

The bar's doors burst open, sunlight slicing into the empty tavern. "Lumikki-chan!" Tōga called out, his shock of pink hair preceding him as he strode inside. His gaze scoured the shadowed interior before landing on the new friend he sought.

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“ Well isn’t this a stretch Dreki, I figured ye’d never leave that precious Stella of yers. And here ya are also a long way from home...Actually, maybe ye came at a good time. Would ye like the prospect of taking down a sea beast with me? Though…now that I really think of it...Could ye? Yer flames are nothing to the currents right?” She simmered on the thought for the moment. It was not entirely like she wanted to doubt the man, she just didn’t want to endanger him. “ Hmmmm maybe I’m too ambitious….” She sucked her teeth before returning to her drinking and thinking further.

Eleu approached the man, “ Dreki was it, what can I get for ya?” He leaned on the counter as he awaited the man’s order. Moving to it just as soon as the man could answer him.

Wings flapping could somewhat be heard from the outside before a harpy pushed the door aside to enter. She stood at a shorter stature than Lumi, who herself was only around four-feet-eleven, her harpy stood at around three feet tall. It did not take from her imposing demeanor in the slightest as she strutted for her master. Her dark blue feathers with specks of blues and mints in its colorations, became more illuminated in the light. Her pair of lower wings were folded in around her waist while her upper most would pull back to reveal her talon-like hands.

” I think it’s finally making it’s presence known my Lumi, I saw it peaking out in the distance. As to what it is just yet? It’s hard to say, but I’m sure you’ll fair fine enough. We should act now before it swims off, the sooner you can get your sights one it the more time we have to play catch.” She walked over to the bar as she spoke, leaning on an empty stool just beside Lumikki as she reported back.

Lonu flew by himself and landed on her shoulder, speaking in the raven’s tongue only she would know. ” I can confirm what she said to Revna, it’s out and about. The ravens all around said that its been around these waters for three weeks now. It just didn’t get close enough for the humans to notice until now. We should at least have you catch sight of it but perhaps it’s to save the slaying until later. There are too many boats in the water to chance the fishermen getting caught in the frenzy.” He looked over to see Tōga beside them. ” Aaah so I was right in thinking this was your friend from Stella. Will you be taking him along?”

Lumikki just about done with her drink right now pushed it toward Eleu, ” Hard to say love. He’s of the flame so I’m not sure it’s best to drag him along.” She was sliding off the stool by then, meanwhile Tenevi was circling around.

” Him? You know him? Aaaah it doesn't matter I guess if we’re not taking him.” Lonu who was perched on Lumi’s shoulder, flew off to be the first one out. Tenevi was eyeing the man she’s never met before. Quite confused as to how they came to know Lumi but not curious enough to waste more time.


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As Tōga stepped into the dimly lit tavern, his gaze darted around the room, alight with eager curiosity. The empty tables and vacant chairs offered no sign of his friend. But as his eyes adjusted to the low light, a glimmer of blue caught his attention - cascades of azure hair spilling over bronze skin at the bar. Lumikki. Relief washed over Tōga as he realized he had found who he was looking for. Weaving between the scattered furniture, he made his way to the bar, a smile spreading across his face at the sight of his friend amidst the shadows.

I could say the same for ya,” he smiles, stepping forward deeper into the tavern as he crossed enough space to meet the halfway point between himself and Lumikki at the bar. “Seems a little to warm for your liking, I’d assume,” he’d jest, stopping in place as he let Lumikki continue, the words of the Raven Queen piquing his interest as his smile grew grander.

Tōga chuckled as he recalled his own encounter with the sea several weeks ago upon first arriving in Luluhawa. The local fishermen had been alarmed by tales of a monstrous disturbance jeopardizing their catch. Ever eager for adventure, Tōga had readily accepted their request to investigate. He set sail with a crew of anxious fishermen, not knowing what awaited them on the open waters. To their shock, not one but two hulking beasts erupted from the depths! Though fierce, the battle was short-lived, and Tōga and the men emerged victorious. As he returned to the present moment, Tōga smiled wistfully at the memory, before a voice interrupted his reminiscing - the bartender was waiting.

"I'll take an ale, please," Tōga requested. The bartender nodded and turned to prepare the drink.

As he waited, Tōga leaned against a nearby table, relaxing into the moment. "But truly, if you need company at sea, I'm your man," he added with a grin, eager at the prospect of joining Lumikki on another adventure. His own miserable bout of seasickness on the journey here was already a distant memory. Before Lumikki could respond, the tavern door swung open again. Another harpy hurried in, likely one of Lumikki's own flock bearing news. Tōga raised an eyebrow, intrigued by the timely interruption. It seemed their quiet day at the tavern was about to become more eventful.

Tōga watched with fascination as Lumikki conversed with her feathered companions in lyrical chirps and trills. Their avian language was foreign to him, but the urgency was clear. Lumikki, or Kōri as he affectionately knew her, never ceased to intrigue him. The Raven Queen embodied mysteries and wonders just waiting to be uncovered. Powerful, alluring, and now revealing a talent for the tongues of beasts and birds - his friend was a gift that kept on giving. Tōga studied her graceful features as she communed with her flock, eager to learn what news had arrived that could lure them away from their quiet reverie in the tavern. Lumikki was an endless font of surprises, and he was already anticipating their next adventure together.

So when do we go?” he implanted himself into her plans. She wouldn’t have a chance to say no.

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The Demon turned back and smirked. Although she was hoping to sit this one out, she was not surprised he was so gung-ho to join. She liked that brashness about him and his desire to push on despite the chances against his favor. She suppose if worst things were to occur, she actually had the power to correct him. After all, she’s helped the fishermen here time and time again. Hardly much changes now.

” Are you daft…” Tenevi stepped toward him to cut him off. She was hardly his height yes, but she did not really care all that much.” Did she say she was taking you?” Tenevi spoke in a sing song voice that feigned politeness but her words were clearly cold and rude. Lumikki opened the door and didn’t bother looking back when a large frost talon clutched the harpy and pulled her out of the bar. ” He’s a big boy ain’t he. He could come along if he could handle it~” Where Tenevi was cold, Lumikki was playful.

The harpy sighed at a loss for words, what Revna says was as good as law. And so she let the matter be for the moment but did still give off an annoyed air to the surprise companion. Her eyes, usually closed, were slipping open just enough to pour out her disdain.

” She’s practically ice itself, so don’t mind her pouting. It takes a while for anyone to get the lass to warm up to them.” Meanwhile Tenevi mouthed the word never Tōga’s way.

The group made it to the docks but all the ships were far off the shore. Not like the Demon cared, she no longer needed to rely on them as she used to. She brought her fingers to her lips and blew a whistle as loud as she could muster. It took a moment but a large serpentine creature descended from the clouds. If one didn’t know better, they’d think it a beast of the waters but that wasn’t too far off. The creature had what appeared like fins and scales along its body. It was a Leviat she found along her adventures.

” This is me dear Asger, he’ll be keeping ye from falling to the depths as we lack a ship. Hope ye don’t mind riding on top of him for the moment. Now Tenevi, go ahead of us and tell me where the beast is.” The harpy nodded, both happy to be of use and away from the new “friend”. She flew off promptly, only stopping and circling once the catch was made known once more.

Meanwhile, by the shore Lumikki helped Tōga settle on Asger before sprouting her wings and darting off for the spot Tenevi was highlighting. ” Hold on tight!” She mustered before being gone.

The clouds the Eleu said threatened the seas were already coming in, though they hardly showered as of yet. This would not be her first storm, but the waves were picking up indeed. She did not pay them mind when by the shore but it was becoming more alarming as the minutes passed by. Lumi would switch her view constantly and rapidly from where the beast was sunken and the ships nearby. Every once and a while checking on Tōga as well, but seeing as he had Asger with him, she was not all too worried for him. It was the sailors she worried for.

As she flew past the boats on the water, many would stop and point her way. Spreading the notice that Revna was amongst them. It only made them more boisterous in their work, fearing less of the wild waves slamming on their ships but it didn’t slow them either. They were just as fast if not faster to be cleared of the clouds above before she heaved and dropped her load. Pouring onto them a weight they could not handle. Lumi finally got a look of the beast, locking it in her sights. Even if it were to leave her, an x would mark it until she said otherwise.

She wanted to wait for Tōga to approach before she acted, it was not hard to do all the same. A ship a bit away was struck by a crashing wave knocking most aboard. Lumikki sighed deeply as she prepared to fly over there herself.” Lead the lad when he comes, I’ll be but a moment handling this.” She flew right for the ship as Tenevi glanced for the boy. ” Understood.” She said sweetly, but that was only for her Revna. She didn’t care much for the random addition nor would she try her hardest to help him. The most she settled for was keeping him from drowning to death.


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Tōga's gaze remained locked on the demoness, but the scraping talons and rustling feathers before him did not go unnoticed. The harpy strode closer, his claws gouging furrows in the tavern's wooden floor with each step. It’s wings flared out aggressively, then folded in, telegraphing his contentious mood. Tōga turned with a toothy grin, extending his hand in greeting. His sharp canines glinted in the low light as he hoped to make a new ally of this feathered fiend. Though his eyes never left the demoness, Tōga was no fool - he knew an enemy could prove dangerous. Better to make a friend of the harpy if he could.

Are you daft?

Tōga's eyes blinked slowly as he parsed Tenevi's words. "Me?" he echoed, pointing a clawed finger at his own chest in surprise. He gazed down at the diminutive harpy, head cocked as he tried to discern the meaning behind this unprompted hostility.

Though Tenevi's tone was calm, almost polite, the aggression in his word choice told another story. Tōga felt no offense at the creature's blunt language, but curiosity compelled him - what had he done to earn such contempt? As far as he knew, their paths had never crossed in Stella. Surely Lumikki had not spoken ill of him in his absence? No, deceit was not in her gentle nature. Tōga furrowed his brow, searching his memory for any slight that might explain the harpy's unexpected animosity. Finding none, he folded his arms and waited for Tenevi to elucidate further.

Though Tōga could have spent all day puzzling over Tenevi's motives, he simply grinned and gave the harpy a patronizing pat on the head. Turning on his heel, he fell in behind Lumikki as she glided past them and out of the tavern. Eager not to be the last one out, Tōga timed his exit to closely follow Lumikki's, leaving Tenevi in his wake. The harpy would now be the final one to depart, forced to sit and marinate in his own acrid words once the tavern emptied of its revelers.

As they approached the docks, Tōga sighed; all the ships had fled, either to escape the island entirely or give chase to the monstrous threat that had stirred these rumors in the first place. He pondered their next move, searching in vain for a means to sail. His thoughts were interrupted by Lumikki’s sharp cry splitting the air. Her call summoned a sinuous shape from the clouds above, which plunged into the sea before them.

"Oooooui!" Tōga exclaimed cheerfully as he beheld the leviathan. Its scales glimmered like mirrors, reflecting dazzling patterns of sunlight across the water's surface. The serpentine creature was a living echo of the ocean itself.

"Nice to meet ya, Asger!" Tōga shouted, leaping eagerly onto the sea serpent's back without hesitation. The smooth, slick scales proved tricky to grip as Asger undulated beneath him. Heeding Lumikki's advice, Tōga clung tightly but gently to avoid harming the creature.

Before he could call out for Lumikki to wait, she had already flown off ahead of them. An unsettling pulse rippled through the water around Asger. The great serpent reoriented itself, curling away from the docks to face the open ocean. With startling speed it erupted forward, propelling them through the sea in pursuit of Lumikki. Asger's powerful undulations sent spray flying as they raced over the swelling waves. Tōga's excited shouts were lost in the roar of the surf as he rode the majestic creature's back. Lumikki's magic had gifted them extraordinary transport - this would be no mundane sea voyage.

"Oooooh!" Tōga cried out, his stomach lurching as the world seemed to shrink and swell around him. Despite his many voyages, motion sickness was new to the dragon slayer. Asger's breakneck pace left his senses reeling, vision blurring even after the serpent slowed to a gentle glide at Lumikki's command.

Tōga struggled to keep his balance atop the undulating scales. Each roll of the ocean threatened to tug him loose. He clenched his jaws to force down the nausea, but his head continued to spin in spirals. Lumikki guided them steadily onward through strangely docile waters. But to Tōga each languid wave felt like a fresh assault on his equilibrium. This was no epic battle for the chronicles - merely a pitiful grapple between man and malady.

Tōga quickly realized he would play no role in defeating the sea monsters, consumed as he was by the sudden onset of motion sickness. It took all his focus simply to remain upright atop Asger, clenching his muscles tight to avoid tumbling into the churning sea.

While Lumikki set off alone to complete their quest, Tōga's own private battle raged on. His body revolted against the rolling waves and the serpent's winding movements. Nausea overwhelmed his senses until the mission itself faded into the background. Staying conscious and afloat became his singular goal.

Good luck, Lumikki~

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The Demoness swiftly went for the fallen, tensing her hands like claws, she worked her magic. Willing the easy to find darkened from beneath to grab the men gently and hoist them back on board. Most were beyond thankful, trying to tell their praise as heaving the excess water from their lungs. They were all strong swimmer but the waters were far stronger. See saw to them heading back for sure before swiftly returning to the beast at hand. Tōga finally made it toward her harpy.

Tenevi though was mostly ignoring the lad on the cusp of vomiting as she kept an eye on the monster. She was sure to keep following it from over head as Lumikki handled this extra task. More than happy with her help, Lumi showered her with her praise. Tenevi was beyond content to hear it, as she was reading an attack of her own for the beast down under.

” Asger, drop him back on land.” The Demoness would sigh, she worried he would not be fit for the task and luckily it did not hurt her for doing it anyway. She pulled her hand back as she locked onto the beast once more, assuring her attack would not miss. A massive frozen harpoon would form above her before shooting down the beast and seizing the creature. She willed her frost talons to clutch the corpse and drag it from the waters. Dropping it down on the nearest shit while she went back to tend to her friend.

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