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The Eyes we Seek

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The Eyes we Seek Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 8:58 am


One of Lumikki's ravens came back from the Erwyr Settlement of the Worth Woodsea. The area that Druids were known to reside. It bared an odd message, almost cryptic sounding in nature. Lumi would look it over five times before asking Rana, the raven who brought it, what was it all about.

Message read:
The means in which you peek
It's the eyes I find I seek
Beyond the rivers and creek
Lies a serpent not so weak

"What the bloody hell is this Rana? Could I get something more conclusive than this? Bad enough their lot messages me so freely, do I really need to decode riddles too?"

Lumikki shook the note just before Rana's face but the bird was undisturbed. "Yes, yes, yes. The lady is mad but the message is clear. She wants you to bring her eeeeyeeees. Easy enough for you Revna, yes?" The raven spoke like it was all obvious and Lumi's patience was waning.

"I'm beginning to believe their whole lot is mad over there, but now you see my particular displeasure with this raven." Trygve was observing the interaction and also found himself un-amused to see Rana here.

"Stuffy birds likes no one, Rana isn't phased. "

One of her ravens broke into a laugh,"Well she isn't wrong is she brother? Still, the woman to send this could be more clear with what she wants if she wants us to respond to it. Rana my dear, did the client mention more when she was drafting the letter?"

"Oh, yes, yes. She was grumbling about some serpent in Luluhawa, where ever that is. Something about a Slipscale. This is all I know, and now I must make my leave. Wasted enough time here, have work to do for David still." She flew out just as fast as she said that.

"What a weird raven, and here I thought white feathers were the oddest we got." Alune, Lumikki's white raven that was saved from bandits who wanted to sell her, would comment. It truly was an odd exchange.

"Ye'll find there are lots of odd sorts around. Still, this gives me something to do and far from here. I think if I remembered, Michael mentioned he wanted to quest with me, so what better one than this. Better than killing rats, aye..." Lumikki quickly hashed out a note and handed it to Lonu. A raven that's already seen him before and took a liking to the man. He took it in his beak and set off for more of the well known places for sighting the werewolf.

The note reads:
Hey Ùlfr!

Lets get a head start on the beach plans. Seems a client wants their hands on some eyes but after the quests, we can enjoy the day at Luluhawa island. Meet me in out spot and I'll pick you up.


Meanwhile, as Lumikki found herself frequenting this island often enough, she already had a swim suit and white summer dress prepared and she was putting them on. Tying her hair into a tight braid and coiling it into a bun, and putting on her black sun hat too. When she was done, she would look at herself in the mirror. For once, she cared how she looked as she was heading out for Luluhawa island.

"No need to make such a fuss for him my Revna. A dog is usually happy with what ever they get."

"Dog? Were meetin a dog? Not sure I want to make friends with one, don't they have sharp teeth?"

"Don't listen to him, Michael isn't a dog. He's a werewolf and ye two should get along fine."

"Aaaah a woooolf, are they nice?"

"Usually, depending on who ye are." Lumikki would wink at Alune before shifting to a raven and setting off to the stables so she could snatch Noctus for a ride. "Guess today is as good as any to see how he fairs with heights. Isn't it booooy?" Lumikki was petting Noctus through out his sides. The horse hasn't spread his wings as often as she'd like.

She took off and arrived to their spot first so she would wait for him. Reading a book on the mythology of Desierto she still had to finish up and resting on Noctus as they wait.



Bathing suit to be cute:

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#2Michael Winters 

The Eyes we Seek Empty Wed Sep 13, 2023 10:33 am

Michael Winters
Michael was tending to himself. It may have been september but things were still warm if you ask him. So he was shirtless, on the Cristina, in his own area of the ship. He figured he should take a nap. Just rest and have an easy day. Thats what he thought though

As soon a messenger would come to him with a letter. He'd yawn and stretch as he'd look at it and read it. He'd smile. Being happy it was birdie. She even signed herself that. It was so sweet his heart would melt into mush.

He found some paper and a pencil and wrote a reply

Dear Birdie,
you really went all out havent you. Im impressed. Ok, I'll see ya there. Cant wait to see you
Your truly

He then let the raven have his reply and fly it over to Lumikki. He'd yawn more as he wasnt quite fully himself. But he figured he should get ready for the new adventure.
He figured a summer outfit and his gear was enough stuff for the quest. So once the wolf was set. All he needed to do was go there and meet her at the time and place.

Michael would arrive there and see Lumikki reading a book. He spoke "Fancy meeting you here~" he was playful but also alluring a bit. Soon he would approach and give her a lil hug and kiss
"So are we ready to go for an adventure?"


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Lonu returned with note in beak. He landed on the ground near her, walking up to hand her the note. She took it from him and read it over, grinning as she did before tucking it into her void for safe keeping and caressing her bird as thanks for the errand.

”He was fairly easy to find, and more so, he was fairly happy to read your note. I caught him while half asleep though, so give or take the time before he gets here.”

”Thanks dear~” She pulled out some snacks that she tucked away and shared them with her trio of birds. Nomming on her crackers and cheese while she read more of her book.

When Michael was nearing, Alune would be the first to spot him. Jumping in please as she would repeat, ”Someone comes, someone comes.”

”Yes, that’s him good girl. You could relax now, that’s the Revna’s company.” Alune would look onto Michael further, observing the happy wolf as he approached and taking him in. Wondering how well she could get along with this one.

Lumikki would continue to read her book, wanting to finish in a better spot than she was when Alune started croaking. She didn’t stop reading until she heard the man’s voice. She found a pleasing enough spot to leave off that she could close the book without too much thought and looked up to him. Grinning her gleeful smile as he would approach her for a hug and kiss. Kissing him back quite sweetly and tucking her book away.

”I’m glad me sleepy wolf could make it. Ready to test how well ya could take to the skies?” She got up while patting Noctus to rise with her. The winged horse threw himself up and got one good shake before flexing his wings and looking over to her. Nudging her head while she went back tot petting him.

She gave the horse a peck of a kiss and got one toward the front, beckoning for her wolf to join so they could take off. ”If ye fall, I have talons to catch ya. And if ye could manage a flying ship, this should be easy enough.”


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#4Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He was surprised to hear from her about his former sleepiness. One of the birds must have tattled on him and what he did. Nevertheless he hugged and kissed her. He was ready for his action. So Lumi offered him a ride on her mount creature. He wasnt sure what he was looking at. But said
"as long as I get to hold onto you. I am a happy man"

He would hop onto the ride so they can take off. He was not keen on heights personally. So best thing he could do is not look. There were situation where one had to embrace their fears and be justified in them. Heights were certainly one for him. He was no avian bird. He was no cat that lands on their feet with their 9 lives. No. He was a wolf and the sky was not his domain. Michael figured its best to just look up. Not on the ground. Closing eyes wasnt an option either. So best bet was to look up. If he had his way, he would like to not fall and be caught by a talon.


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She could see and sense the fear off him. Part of it pleased her as she naturally enjoyed the fear of others. Part of it worried her as she was in the mindset to baby him. Still the Wolf humored her and got on, trusting enough that he’ll survive the flight. Good, good she thought as this would get there faster than any other means would.

Still she was sure her being short made her a bit harder to hold onto. She was so small in comparison as she sat on Noctus. So she moved his hands to her chest to keep him distracted and grant him something easier to grab and had Noctus make a running start before taking off.

The take off was a little rough, not for either of the ones used to flying but the one who was usually earthbound. He was tense, that was for sure, but he didn’t try to put more of a fuss than needed. Lumi giggled, she was proud if him.

The trip was smooth enough, there isn’t that many disturbances in the sky. Lumi would hum her sounds and keep talking so Michael has more things to focus on. Before the two knew it, they were there. ”We should prob find a spot to sleep the night so ya don’t have to make another trip today. I could fly us back in the night sky but I’m not convinced ye’d like it.”  The two got of the mount and Lumi would caress their sides. Nuzzling Noctus and singing his praises. ”Find a spot to rest boy, I’ll whistle or send a raven yer way when it’s time to head back home.”

Noctus would comply, finding a spot nearby to walk over to and rest. When they catch their strength back, they’ll find a better spot to be. ”Trygve, I trust ya with keeping an eye on Noctus, as me most observant raven.” The bird fluffed his feathers from the praise, pleased to be both important and needed. Of course, she just figured he’d be the best to accept the job and follow through. It also would keep him away from the couple in case he wanted to be annoying again.

She landed them by fresh water so Noctus could drink in peace. A new spot she never ventured while around here. Honestly, she hopes not to be bothered from any of the fishermen around, but then again she supposed, the two would need a boat?

”Ya ever been here?”


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#6Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He was immensly glad she was with him, cuz that meant he could hug and hold her. Tight preferably. But not crushingly tight. He noticed she moved his hands to her chest and he blushed. But sometimes, when it comes to life and death, Michael thinks with the right head. So he lowers his hands to just below the chest area and holds dearly onto her.

The take off was a little rough, which did frighten him as he shut his eyes and held onto Lumikki. Being pressed against her back. Holding onto her as if she's a foundation pillar or something. Thats how he belives she is sturdy and he needed something sturdy to hold. He heard Lumi giggle, but he didnt react much to it. Instead focusing on just holding her. His heart pounding as his fear overtook him. It was like a child clinging to their mother for protection.

As they flew, Lumi would talk to him to distract him and keep him at ease, but his replies were usually brief and most commonly a 'mhm' kind of sounds for a yes or no or im listening. He didnt really talk much as he felt his heart in his throat. Though the humming from her was usually the most relaxing thing where he'd whimper out a thank you.

They arrived on ground and Michael jumped off and was glad to be on the ground. But because his nerves and body were shaky, he was like even as a human on his all fours standing on the ground to regain his composure. Not really manly of him, but fear does things to your system and your body. So once the shock passed, he was recovered to stand on his two feet once more.

As Lumi spoke, he agreed to find a place for the night. Although when flight was mentioned "Please dont" it wasnt even energetic. The fear and anxiety just sapped his energy and he was exhausted

Lumi asked him has he ever been here
"I dont think so. I just stayed on the mainland. Last I used a boat it was to travel from Caelum to Fiore."


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”Why did I figure ye traveled more?” She’d ask mostly to herself as she walked over to him and start icing him down with her frost and hands. Part because of the heat and part because she hoped it would help calm his nerves. She pulled out one of the water bottles she packed and chilled it so it was ice cold and handed it over to him.

”I’d hope to be as brave as ye when I face me fears. Ye ‘nd me Uncle suffer from fear of heights. Not like I can’t understand. He’s of the earth and ye lack the wings.” when he looked fine enough to walk around, she grabbed his hand and started walking.

She lead him to the beach side town she saw from above and scouted for an inn. Lumikki wanted to be sure two were set for when the night would come. Her ravens spent the moment flying around and exploring, save for Trygve that stayed by Noctus to keep an eye like he’d promise. Ravens she didn’t yet pact with began to gather around her. Lonu and Aline would chat up with them and gather the intel for the couple.

Sure enough there were only two rooms left, and even so, they wouldn’t be cleared for another three hours. She booked one and asked for directions to the markets.

“If a smell sways that nose of yers, let a lass know. I want ya to pick what we eat here since I don’t eat here much. They’re drink I could attest, are tasty though.” Said the Daemon as they walked toward the beaches.

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#8Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He chuckled "Maybe because I traveled over all of Fiore" he answered her question. Sure it must have been metaphorical. But yeah, he just wanted to answer it. It helped him to focus on anything other then heights

She spoke how she hopes she can be as brave as him but he shook his head "I am of the earth as well. I am as grounded as I can be. But I aint brave. Nothing about the way I behaved was brave. I didnt face my fears, I shut em out and clung onto you with my dear life. If I really was brave, I'd actually face my fears and look at everything around me and not be scared" his heart was pumping like mad when they were flying. He swears she could've probably felt his heart pounding when he pressed against her back and clung her. He was scared and he wasnt any less scared from that fear exposure. He likes the sea. He likes swimming and diving. He likes running and nature. But flight and air? Eh thats not his element, not in the slightest

The two walked as they held hands. He tenderly held her hand. Feeling calmer and overall happier when he was now on land, they headed to the town and searched for an inn. He noticed the abundance of ravens. "I didnt know ravens are in this climate." he looked up some info on ravens and they tended to be in temperate or cooler climates. To see them in a warmer area like Luluhawa was shocking to him. He figured they didnt like the heat since y'know ... black feather, too much sun. Then again, he wasnt a raven expert

Lumi spoke to him and nodded "Red meat" sure fish could be good, but they have the annoying bones. Red meat is meatier and easier to consume.


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"Ravens prefer areas like forests aye, but they reside just about anywhere ya could imagine. Some even live in deserts and mountains if they see fit to, though they aren't as common. Back in the mountains of me home, there were plenty since they stayed near me family. The ones here I brush along as I visit, but I'm new to this side of the island. They're here cause the food is in plenty with all the fishing and all. Heat nor frigid cold won't deter me sweet kin, they're a hardy lot albeit tricky."

She looked at the ravens that would appear, waving in their direction and being sure to pass them all her greeting. She loved meeting new birds of different lands and adding to her flock, but her focus was on Michael and her work. She leaned in cheekily, "Easy to overlook the birds huh, people don't often notice 'em really. Makes me work easy really when they don't bother to look me way or register I'm there. All that to say, there were more than likely many ravens around ya when ye traveled all of Fiore. Though, I'm sure ye'll pay 'em some more mind now." She winked at him with a mischievous smile.

They walked for a bit until the smells were even beginning to hit her. The wolf wanted red meat and now she had a hankering for it herself. Looking at all the shops that happened the two happened to pass by. That was until there was a smell even Lumikki could pick up. It was the sweet and salty smell of barbecue....

Looking over, there was a humble restaurant. A pig was roasting outside and a cook was tending to it. Another roasting vegetables and meat in an outdoor pit just beside. Lumikki was the one to tug the wolf inside, already drooling. She picked a spot just outside and waited for some one to tend to them.

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#10Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
"Oh I already have birdie. Since day 1 we met." ever since he learned that birds or rather ravens are her thing, he knew he had to keep an eye on them. He cant see ravens the same way again.

They walked for a bit until the smells were getting to the point where even she can pick it up. She asked him what he wanted to eat. He answered it simply. Red meat. Which was a wide variety of meat. But still narrowed it down that he didnt want fish for example.

Because Michael had a stronger sense of smell, he had a bunch of scents come to his nose and mix up. So he didnt focus on one smell in particular, but Lumikki had one scent, the smell of barbeque

When he felt Lumi gently and cutely tug on him, he'd look where she was leading him and he nodded and oblidged, so the two would go. She picked a spot just outside and waited for some one to tend to them. Until someone did though, Michael wanted to start some small talk

"Y'know. You have a nice outfit" i mean he cant always be caveman big booba guy. He had some finesse to him too. He knew how to compliment a girl. He may not understand fashion nor he may not know how to start small talk. But he knew enough that people liked to feel good and be treated good


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Lumikki blushed giddily when he complemented her outfit. Michael did not point out his thoughts on the things she's worn often, so the praise took her by surprise. Still, she was so happy for it all the same. "Aren't ye charming Ùlfr, I adore ya greatly.”

The server came by with glasses of water, placing the menu before the two and leaving to tend another table. Lumikki looked over the options quickly, she settle on a dish that was pork chops glazed and roasted with pineapples on top, over caramelized onions and rice. She also decided to get a drink or two.

”What do ye think of a place like this? Well, suppose ya already have beaches in the south so not as interesting. Still, I’m so glad to enjoy a beach with ya long before I make me way down.” She gave another cheeky grin before looking down to her iced water. Using her spoon to scoop the ice out for a quick snack. Ice was particularly tasty in this heat. It was much to hot for her liking, but the setting and culture captivated her enough to tolerate it. Her cold aura wafting of her to keep the area around her cool. It would have to do. If there was one thing she surely hated, it was sweating.

”Do ye think ye’d ever visit a place like Iceberg?” Lumikki knew the wolf like beaches, but she was curious of how cold he would go. There wasn’t anything interesting to visit within her homeland, but there were still wonders she thought were worth seeing. Her home city being one. She mental noted that she’d want to meet his old homeland too, curious of what it was like there too.

The server returned to take their order, Lumi told him what she wanted. When he left, she popped another ice cube into her mouth. ”I almost forgot, I didn’t tell ye the full of the day did I. Truthfully the client didn’t tell me much but one of me ravens passed more of the information I needed. Seems were hunting a beast called a Slipscale. How well are ye in the water? I usually hitch a right with a crew, but I’m not in the mood to see ‘em, so maybe we should rent a boat but, hmmmmm? Maybe we should ask around first I suppose….”

Lumikki glanced around the sky, ”Lonu, could ye do me the favor of asking the other ravens if they know of the beast we’re after? Not sure I want to ask the folk around here considering their customs.”

Lonu was perched just to the left of them. He glanced at Lumikki before flying off. ”Very well.”

”That should make things easier.”


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#12Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
He smiled as she blushed as it looked really cute. She complimented him back and he replied with a chuckle "Well I try" yeah little known fact, wolves are actually a lot more caring that popular culture lets on. One begins to wonder if werewolves are the same and does their bloodlust and hyperaggresiveness is a nature vs nurture situation, where people just demonized them to the point that they became monsters.

Meanwhile the server came by with glasses of water, placing the menu before the two and leaving to tend another table. The two looked over their options and as he looked at the menu, he rubbed his left shoulder with his right hand. He does quickly stop tho and focused on Lumikki's words as she asked him what did he think of this place.
"Its a nice place. Very different then Hargeon. It feels more erm how to say... down to earth? Less industrial. Hargeon is like a fishery fishy harbor town. Luluhawa seems more tribal with villages. Beaches are nice too." he may have been a lot in Hargeon, but he could still differetiate Luluhawa and Hargeon and not just lump then in because they have beaches.

He rubbed his chin as she asked him if he'd ever visit Iceberg. "Well, if its snowy, I dont see why not. If its cold and lives up to its name, Im game. Do you go there often?" he'd ask her back, if she'd visit Iceberg or was it just her staying in Fiore

The server returned to take their order, Lumi told him what she wanted and Michael agreed to the server with that order, both would have that. When he left, she popped another ice cube into her mouth. It was so interesting for her to do that. He was sure ice had some form of a flavour and taste to her, while to him it was something bland.

She spoke then about their quest and he nodded and listened to what he had to say
"Hmm, I mean, we could rent a boat and I could lure the creature to the surface. Like I dont know the animals habitat and how deep it usually resides. But as long as I bring it up to the surface Im sure we can dispatch it"

Lumikki asked her birdy friend to get some intel, he assumed the bird flew off as it obeyed the order, so it was back to them
"Well, while we wait. How about I smother you with more compliments~" he was lighthearted but also a bit alluring in his voice. He liked to take some quests at his leisure and mix work and pleasure. Doesnt have to be naughty kind of pleasure. But hey, it always brings him joy to see a birbie blush red, a bit of wholesome fun


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Lumikki grinned,"Oh it's a lovely cold out there. That's me motherland after all and where I learned me frost magic of all things. I can assure ye it's a breathtaking sight. I haven't been there for a few months sure, but that's only cause I've been settling in the Dawn. But Brone and I have plans to visit the family so I'll be back soon enough. If ye ever want a guide or to see the city I hail from. Then by all means I'd love to take ye. I'm sure ye'd be a blessing in keeping me warm. And if we could make it before the summer, ye could see the frozen waterfalls of Fjallgard." Lumikki grinned so wide that her teeth would show and her fangs would poke out.

"When Lonu returns with more information, we'll know enough about how to bait the beast. But we'll deal with that when the time comes." She popped the last of her ice in her mouth. She munched on it slowly to savor her snack, but when Michael spoke, she nearly choked on the cube. You would think that she would be used to his charm by now. Or at least able to regain her usual sardonic nature. But Lumi simply adored him. Enough to blush at all the things he said.

"Smother me ya say?" Lumikki matched the playfulness of his voice. "What is it that ye adore so much about me Ùlfr?" She cheekily stuck out her tongue playfully as she teased him back. Curious about what the wolf had in that mind of his. She leaned forward on the table, resting her head on her hand."Tell me Ùlfr what ye had in mind." As she said this, she still maintained some of her playful nature, but she soaked the words in her alluring tone back. She felt it wasn't fair just how much this man made her blush, hoping she could find her own ways to jab at him too.

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#14Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
If he had a tail now, he'd be wagging it, because listening to a happy Lumikki was always a treat to his ears and eyes. "I'd love to see it" though makes sense why she uses ice magic. He should've connected the two. Makes sense a frigid place would produce frigid magic.

In terms of their quest, they need to wait for Lonu the bird to give them more info on how to proceed, so now they were playing the waiting game. And while they did so, they might as well make the most of their stay here. He wanted to compliment her more and she cheekily played along. He chuckled and spoke "Oh where do I begin? From that infectious happiness, to that goofy but charming smile, your beautiful wings, your cute bird form Im addicted to pet, the features of a goddess or better yet a true demon. The singing that drew me to you. I could list you so much more. And if I could, I'd grab you right here and now so I can sit you in my lap and smother you with some hugs. I want to hold you, thats how much I gush over you, you cutie. My birbie" he spoke and maintained his tone, mixing the lightheartedness with allure. He didnt go full seduction mode, but didnt sound as if he was kidding and being insincere with his compliments. They were true to the heart, but he wasnt the type to go full casanova. Even now, he felt he went too much with the compliments and figured he'd stay on one compliment and really dig it in. But the way she matched his energy was infectuous. He really did just want to hold her now


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Lumikki knew that she teased along but nothing still prepared her for it. She would pulled her hair to cover her face but they were tied up in tight braids. All she really could do now was blush and pout for it.

Lumikki wasn’t the type who was used to getting pelted in compliments, and though she passed many herself, none were ever to this multitude. The air was chilling a bit from her bashfulness and in contrast to the heat of the nearby flames, it was noticeable.

”Aye Ùlfr!” She answered back feistily. Well there was not muc she could say honestly. But she tired to think up the words anyway. ”Ugh, what could a say back to a loveable wolf like ya? Ye got me beat.” Her playfulness was returning to her voice as she spoke and her vitality returning. She did not want to stay read in the face forever. She slid of her sandal and brushed her foot along the side of his shin. ”If I could sit on yer lap I could, though it’s not to late to take the food to go~” She stuck her tongue out quite cheekily at the wolf who started it all. Who teased her first. Like a small child who now wanted to play.

”Play time aside. I never met anyone like ya. It’s addicting almost. The sensation I figure a moth would have to a flame. I hope we get to play for ages Ùlfr. We need to cause more mishchif~”

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#16Michael Winters 

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Michael Winters
She was adorable and he wished he could smother her with love more, using cuddles and hugs. Wolves were touchy feely animals. They like physical contact and were very affectionate animals. Such a shame people gave them a bad rep. Even the notion of how one is an alpha. It got so warped and distorted that even now some werewolves believe that an alpha is the biggest and baddest wolf, while in actuality the alpha and the beta are just the mama and papa bear of the pack. Or in this case mama and papa wolf. The oldest ones. Not necessarily the strongest ones. Which also puts it in perspective why alphas and betas are the leaders and protective of others in their pack. Because the pack is either children or the ones that look up to them.

Michael looked at Lumikki as she was being bashful which made him smile. He felt the chill in the air, which in this case was actually a good thing as opposed to being a bad thing. Michael softly chuckled when he heard her words "For an ice person, you have a warm personality. Heh. Promise to stay safe birdie." he said as he didnt want to compliment her TOO much so she doesnt melt from the compliments. But also expressed his worry and adoration of her that in cases when he is not around, that he wants her safe and not in too big of a danger. Though he knew she was with the Dawn, so she was safe mostly

She slid of her sandal and brushed her foot along the side of his shin. Which he felt and blushed a bit "Oh rawr" and playfully 'clawed' towards her. Though when she mentioned food to go. The offer was tempting, but he chose not to "As enticing as that is my birdie. Im gonna woefully decline. I do wanna spend time with you with at least a bit of whats the word... erm... inhibition, reserve. I dont wanna be a slave to my urges always." he clears his throat "Besides... I gotta show ya that theres more to be then just lust. Y'know~"
He really did want to be a better guy or at least try. Not always give in to his urges and be about the carnal and bodily pleasure. While by all gods and divinity he wanted to jump her and be like that. He needed to have self control and show affection in a better way, if he wanted to have longevity in this. Though he shook his head as he thought about all of this.
Despite all of this what he does. He still thinks he's the guy thats doomed for hell


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”No worries Ùlfr, most things have to watch out from me~ but I’ll keep it in mind ye want me to stay in one piece. As reckless as I like to be, I often try to pull back, see.” She gave the sentiment a moment to sink in for her as she took a good sip from her water. Glancing to him as she did. ”I don’t usually melt ya see. Usually I try to maintain me inner frost, me frozen walls. Ye just got a way of getting past ‘em and fighting ya is much more tiring and painful than letting ya raid the castle. I like melting for ya…” She smiled sweetly before taking another sip of her water and leaning back into her mischief.

Lumikki pulled the glass away from her lips as she listened to Ùlfr’s gripes on self control. Boy could she relate though she didn’t have a tough time fighting her desires to jump his bones, more she has a tough time fighting all her fleeting fancies.

”Oh don’t worry love, I just love being cheeky is all. Though on me list of being a slave to, I’d say urges would be found on top. Maybe if yer lucky, I’ll even let ye be master~” She broke out into a laugh fit, enough to have to put her glass down completely. When she was mostly done with her merriment she leaned forward as mischievous as ever. ”But I’d love to get to see all those other sides that ye wanna show me. Jokes aside, I love seeing what ye could do.” She leaned all the way back in her chair, head tilted back as well so she could look up at the sky and peer at the clouds. ”Theres an interesting feeling I get when I watch other the ones that I love as they do something. It’s curious really but it’s fascinating studying the way they do it or how they execute the technique. It’s like peeling back another level on who and how they are. Like..” She leaned back forward, looking him in the eyes for a moment before grabbing her knife form her side of the table and held it up. ”Much like how ye handle a knife~ It is much different to those I’ve seen thus far, and different in reasoning and preferences in doing so.”

She looked down to her hand as she sloppily played with her knife, but this was not her forte. She had a dexterous way with her spells, and she would twirl her staffs playfully as she used them, but she lacked much experience here. But because of Michael, she took more of an appreciation and interest in them. Maybe hoping to learn to use them more smooth one day and show him.

The waiter came back carrying their food along with him. He placed the plates down on their table and insisted that they enjoyed their food. Though that wouldn’t be a hard feat. The meal was indeed delicious and rich. Lumikki enjoyed digging in, she’s been on the island a few times but she never really sat down to enjoy a meal. So this was an amazing treat to share with Michael.

Near the end of the two enjoying their food, Lonu would return back with all the news he managed to find.

”I’ve returned, and it seems the beast we speak is not a rarity around these parts. It’s not as big as most of the creatures you fight or catch but it is hard to sink your talons into. The ravens suggested with fix up some bait to draw it out and strike fast when it rises to get a bite.”

Lumikki would nod along as he spoke, breaking up pieces of her meat and placing it to the side for him to enjoy as well. ”Eat love, and thanks for the report.” The raven flew down and happily gorged himself on the meal appreciatively. He did not expect the reward.

”Ùlfr, its looking like this won’t be all too hard.”

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Michael Winters
She said she was being cheeky, which he should've known. But he doesnt put walls up when she's here, so he lets her mess with him and throw him for a loop. Even a sentence later when she said that maybe she will let him be her master. It made him blink and have this awestruck priceless facial reaction. Once he got a hold of himself, he smiled a more suave or mischevious kind of smile and expression and said "Hey hey, dont tempt me or else I'll find some handcuffs" she may be cheeky, but honestly her cheekyness was like a temptation that he couldnt say no to. Or at least not twice.

One she relented with the mischeviousness and such, she did say she wanted to see the other sides of him and not just his urges and lust. He relaxed and nodded. After all, he wanted to show her that he was not one dimensional, that he was more that just fornication and genitals and all that stuff. And show her that she was above that as well, that she was more then just a walking set of boobs.

She leaned all the way back in her chair, head tilted back as well so she could look up at the sky and peer at the clouds. And she spoke how she'd study the people or watch them how they execute things. Much like how he and the knife thing.
Michael was a man of impulse, he always did before he thought things over.

Anywho the waiter eventually came over to give them their delicious food and of course he dug in. After all it was yummy. It was a beautiful and tranquil meal, and then near the end of the two enjoying their food, Birdie's birdie would return back with all the news he managed to find. It spoke in bird language and Michael told Lumikki "Translate?"
He didnt know what was said, but Lumikki said it wouldnt be hard, which was good on him.


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Lumikki chuckled at his impatience and his desire to know that Lonu said. She licked off some of the sauce on her fingers, nibbling them a bit before she could get back to talking. ”Seems the things a regular round these parts but hard to catch. The ravens suggest we prepare it a snack and go fish.” She immediately began to stuff her face once more. Lonu too was pigging out just to the side.

When the group finally finished their meal, Lumi ran to the bathroom to wash her hands and face. She made a complete mess of herself, not that she really cared. She just didn’t enjoy being sticky. Lonu stayed by Michael to wait for her return. At first the bird would just stare at him but he decided to try something new. As a raven, he would be able to do this much right? ”Hiiii!” Lonu managed to utter, a word he was sure the man could understand of him. He was not used to exerting the muscles in his throat to mimic yet. Still fairly new with this form and all.

Lonu held no ill will toward Michael and took a general liking to him. Lumi always seemed happy in his company and that was fine for the bird.

Meanwhile Lumikki was quickly washing her face and looking herself over in the mirror. All was fine she thought, as she was satisfied to leave the wash room. She looked around for the server to hand him the jewels before heading back to see the two she left behind.

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Michael Winters
Michael nodded and joined in on the dining with the birds. Seems the creature is a common thing but a hard catch. He'd challenge that. And after they finished Lumi excused herself to wash herself

So that left him with Lonu the bird. He tilted his head as he waited for Lumi. He shrugged and pretended to hold a conversation with the bird "So like...you birds talk to her?"
And to his shock the bird spoke HIiiii to him, which stunned him and made him blink
"Holy shit I speak bird!" of course he came to the wrong conclusion. Then he spoke to the bird "Quick! Tell me your hobbies and life story" he wanted to see if he truly was a bird lord and if he can understand bird speak too. And if he was, he wanted to see what Lumikkis birds were like and get to know them, after all they were part of her flock. He did also offer his hand or finger to the bird if it wanted to perch on him, if they were gonna like talk and bond during Lumikkis absense, although it wouldnt be long until the icy daemoness did return


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Lonu matched the wolf’s intrigue and curiosity. He could understand the man just fine. Most of the birds got the gist of what the people around them said. If he worked hard at it, maybe he could even utter some words back. Lumikki just happened to be the most easy to speak too since she could touch on one of the tongues of animals. An essence more tied to nature than that in which the normal people spoke.

”Holy shit!” Lonu tired to mimic the mans excitement as he took the invitation to climb up Michaels arm. But from there he did not know what else to say. This was a first for him too for sure.

Lumikki just finished handing over the jewels and walking back over to the table when she caught a bit of Michaels excitement. Lonu looked back at her, ”He seems to be beside himself from my attempt to speak with him. He seems to want to know my life’s story.”

Lumikki breaks into laughter. ”Life story ay?”

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Michael Winters
"Lumikki you wont believe what just happened. But I suddenly got the ability to speak to birds! I wanted to use this chance to get to know your buddy here" he really was excited when speaking to Lumikki because he really was sincerely convinced that he could speak to Lonu, unaware that the bird was just able to understand him and vaguely reply

As he happily spoke to Lumikki, he then started gently patting Lonu on the head, trying to be as gentle to bird as he was to Lumikki when he first met her in bird form. After all, she called him to her flock and he wanted to be good to her birds. But he didnt want his enthusiasm to distract them from their main mission
"Oh yeah right, we have a job to do. Lead the way. I'll follow you"
he said as he got up from his seat and offered Lonu a place on his shoulder. They needed to do their quest first. After that he can get to know Lonu and spend time with Lumikki, hopefully at a beach. The thought made him smile


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Lumikki could not help but giggle at his enthusiasm and desire. It was very honorable. "Aye, could hardly make sense of 'em meself till I could. So maybe we'll find a way to make it more clear me wolf."

Lonu very much enjoyed the caresses and when invited to the man's shoulder, he indeed took it. Lumi made note of their kinship as she was happy her bird and love could get along. It was like watching her "boys" bonding.

"The mission indeed Ùlfr. We'll be using that nose of yers. Gotta fide bait for the catch and I think a wild pig would do nicely. Ready to prove me just how much that nose of yers knows? She began to lead the way through the town and into the wild just outside. It wasn't quite like the forests they were used to but it was dense all the same. A different array of trees and foliage sprung from the ground and the shade they provided was heavenly.

She looked back to her beloved. "Bout time we finished the work so we could start playing, aye?" From here she let Michael take the lead.

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Michael Winters
As much as he wanted to be a goofball and chill with Lonu, whom truth be told thought was a lady crow, he had to get down to business and focus on their quest before actually chilling. So he asked Lumikki about their mission. And she told him that they will need that nose of his. Michael blinked and spoke "Oh really?" he was curious what Lumikki had in store for him.

She then explained and he listened to it intently. Basically he needed to find bait, like a wild pig. Michael eagerly nodded, still feeling that infectious enthusiasm he felt from Lonu.
Lumikki then began to lead the way through the town and into the wild just outside. It wasn't quite like the forests they were used to but it was dense enough. With different climate there was different flora and foliage of course. More tropical which was more aligned with where Luluhawa stood, as opposed to Orchidia which was north.
Once she spoke, Michael nodded and gave her a kiss, a nice thicc kiss on the lips and one the cheek, before focusing on the mission and using his sniffer.

He walked and sniffed and eventually took off his shirt and handed it to her, so he wouldnt quite get dirty as he was getting closer to the ground, much like when he was sniffing for the Mysterious Merchant in Hargeon. He needed to get closer to the scent to get the direction. But he was getting it.
"This way" he said in a serious tone even if he was in a ridiculous situation like being on all fours on the ground as a human. He even out of habbit pointed like a canine, before remembering he was a human and no doggy wolfy snout. So he just pointed with his hand where their bait was.
And it wouldnt be long before they spotted their hog. Michael reached to his blade around the waist and spoke to Lumikki "Who gets dibs on the bait?"
It was an animal they could both easily overpower and fetch. But knowing him, he'd want to eat the boar himself. It was such delicious prey. But he needed to keep his head in the game. Get the mission finished sooner


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” We could flip a coin to see who could get it ye hungry wolf, but ya just ate plenty yet ya want more!” Lumi began to giggle at his antics, understanding the existence of having a great hunger but even this still felt so silly.

Seeing him on all fours as he took his task seriously, didn’t strike her as odd nor did it bother her a smidge. She loved seeing him work in a way most comfortable to him but most of all she found all his quirks so cute. The little Daemon would walk to his side, grabbing his arm and nuzzling him affectionately.

'' If ye do end up eatin some of the boar, I doubt ye’d leave nothing left to bait the beast with. So have yer second fill Ùlfr. I’ll take to the skies so I don’t slow ye down from here.” She unfurled one set of her wings and kicked off to the sky.” Lonu, did ya find out where the beast usually stalks?”

She wanted to be prepared to head over just as soon as the bait was acquired. ” I’ll go check to be sure, I’ll find you on my way back.” He flew off toward the shore to inquire further.

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