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How to Train a Dragon [Deadliest Catch Quest, ft. Lumikki]

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The morning sun cast a warm golden glow over the rugged landscape of Rahu Rock. Though it was fall, Luluhawa's tropical climate bathed the island in endless summer. On this crisp November morning, the sky was a sweeping expanse of azure, unbroken by even a wisp of cloud. The sun's rays set the stage for adventures and stories waiting to unfold under the island's perfect weather. The daybreak light infused the island with a sense of optimism and possibility, inviting its inhabitants to bask in the beauty of the new day.

Tōga sat pensively on the sandy isthmus, his gaze fixed on the endless horizon where ocean met sky. He was dressed simply in a long white tee and fiery red swim trunks that stood out against his tan skin. A passing breeze ruffled his pink, spiky hair as his auburn eyes silently searched the seascape before him, as if the rolling waves and cloudless expanse held the answers he sought. Though it was bright, the morning held a pleasant warmth. Tōga paid no mind to the sun's intensifying rays, lost in thought as he sat between the rugged landscape of Kahu Rock and the crystal waters stretching toward Luluhawa. He was an island unto himself, disconnected from the paradise around him, focused inward as the tide gently lapped the shore. The breeze and hypnotic rhythm of the waves were his only companions as he contemplated the horizon, waiting for a sign among the sun-sparkled sea.

"I hope Lumi-chan comes," Tōga murmured, wiggling his bare toes in the golden sand. An uneasy feeling had taken hold after their adventure apprehending poachers. Lumikki had tortured those men, likely ending some lives - Tōga didn't have time to check as he rescued the animals. Though their cruelty was undebatable, was death the right punishment? The moral ambiguity gnawed at Tōga. He sighed, gazing out at the azure ocean under the cloudless sky. The idyllic scene was at odds with the turmoil in his mind. Lumikki's ruthless methods gave him pause, despite the poachers' misdeeds. Her zealous sense of justice seemed to override mercy. Tōga longed to talk through his concerns with her. He hoped she would join him here, where the sound of lapping waves and warm breeze might soften the sharpened edges of their ideological differences. They came from disparate worlds, but perhaps this tranquil beach could be neutral ground for a thoughtful discussion between friends. Tōga awaited her, toes curled in the sand, holding onto hope.

Tōga knew he must ask Lumikki exactly what had transpired with the poachers. He wouldn't judge her actions - how could he, when she'd accomplished what was likely a necessary task, albeit through lethal means. His curiosity was not borne of condemnation, but a desire to understand if her ruthless justice was truly the only way to secure the animals' safety.

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The Demoness enjoyed her slumber, far removed from the world. The fun she recently got to partake in, kept her in a good mood. By the time she rose from her bed, it hardly felt like an ordeal. She barely even needed to drag her body up and out. The most work she put, was preparing herself once she stood before the mirror.

Tenevi flew out just a bit before, eager to tend to errands on the Demons request. She probably would be away for most the day, but this sat just fine with Lumi. She was hardly in the mood to mediate between her or the birds or the Dragon Slayer today.

As Lumi sat down to tend the nest that was her hair, she carelessly forgot to tend to it well after playing within the waters of the sea. She knew better but she was being rash and impulsive, enjoying the havoc and the unruliness of her nature. Though begrudgingly she slipped into the shower to finish her task, combing out the rest of the knots and setting oil in her white locks.

By the time she felt presentable again, she slipped into an over sized back tee shirt and stepped out. Her his was still drying but she had no interest in the fun touching more of her than need be. So she crafted a parasol of frost and made her way over.

She hardly remembers, but she was nearly sure Tōga made a point to see her, and so as she casual walked, she made note to look out for him as she was passing the town. Yet it wouldn’t be until she reached the beached that she would notice his bright pink hair. She hardly need her keen eyes to see him in the distance, but from what she could see from where she was, he seemed almost troubled.

The Demoness approached , not quite in the mood for mischief. She wanted to be a bit more relaxed today, and that would include her nature. So not tricks or pranks as she made her way over, only her words to signal her approach instead.

” Quite the long face ye got there Dreki, and I forgot to pack the candy. Didn’t think a guy like ye could look so somber and in a place like this. Did someone bully ye while I was away?” Yesterdays events were but a feather in her plumage. Wasn’t worth her ever thinking that her actions would seem brash or wrong. She often forgot how she could be seen, feeling so far removed from the mortals around her. That she was utterly at a lost as to what was plaguing her friend.


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As Tōga sat on the beach, still peering out towards the ocean, his nose twitched just slightly.

The salty ocean breeze carried hints of seaweed and fish, mixing with the coconut sunscreen and concessions from the nearby boardwalk. But above it all, Tōga caught a familiar, delicate scent - frost flowers after a winter storm. Lumikki was near. Casually scanning the beach, Tōga's gaze settled on a woman with moon-white hair. She strolled barefoot through the sand, wearing an oversized shirt that billowed in the wind. In one hand she carried a magical umbrella, its icy surface scattering the sunlight into a thousand rainbow refractions. Tōga smiled to himself. Even in this sunny seaside spot, Lumikki brought the calm beauty of snowfall. Her presence soothed his dragon slayer instincts. Tōga breathed deep the cold crispness of her scent as she approached through the salt-tinged air.

"Lumi-Chan..." Tōga's voice trailed off as he gazed up at the woman before him. How to explain their complicated situation? He searched for the right words, his usual charm muted. "Nah, nothing like that," he finally said, forcing a bit of brightness into his smile. He couldn't bring himself to admit the bullying outright, not wanting to trouble her. But the spark in his eyes had dimmed in a way they both noticed. Tōga yearned to shine as brilliantly as the sun for her, to live up to his name as her excited friend. Yet he found himself uncharacteristically subdued. Shadows clouded the radiance he normally exuded. Still, he maintained the smile, pushing back the darkness for her sake. Some things were better left unsaid.

Tōga's gaze drifted from Lumikki to the endless blue ocean before them. He hesitated, uncertainty swirling beneath the surface. Finally he spoke.

"About yesterday - those poachers," he began, his words measured. "Did you...kill any of them?" The question tore itself from him, giving voice to anxieties he'd rather leave unspoken. But he had to know. Visions of bloodstained snow flashed through his mind, memories of violence stirring the dragon within. Lumikki was capable of great tenderness, but also fearsome power when provoked. He held his body still, every muscle tensed, afraid to stir the deep waters between them. But his heart raced like a riptide. Her answer could soothe his doubts or summon a storm. He kept his eyes trained on the horizon, fearing all she might read in them as he awaited her reply.

As Tōga and Lumikki conversed, a wispy blue form emerged from the frothing ocean waves. It glided across the wet sand with serpentine grace, scales glinting in the sunlight. Unnoticed by the pair, the creature approached on shimmering fins. It was one of the rare sea beasts they had rescued from the poachers just yesterday. Having escaped the clutches of cruel captivity, the grateful being now returned to greet its saviors. Lumikki's and the dragon slayer’s power had freed it from an ominous fate. Silent as a curl of mist, the aquatic creature wove between them, tracing glistening tracks around their feet. Its passage raised no alarm, only a fleeting coolness, a breath of ocean spray. Their words continued uninterrupted, unaware of the visitor leaving its mark upon the beach. A temporary tribute circled them like ripples on the tide - here, then vanished. But the boundless sea remembers.

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His words looked as though they clung to his throat. She would lean to study him further but he wouldn't let her in. It was so unlike him and that was what bothered her. The Demoness wondered if someone within the island stole his fire. Even his smile was hollow and it someone irked her. Though she would not fully understand why.

As she tried to glean what his deal could be, she happened to notice the color of her skin. Embarrassed, she shook off all the shadows like a dog would a wet coat. Shifting her form like drifting snow falling from her skin until she was satisfied and back in her human form. Her hair stayed white but her skin was now brown.

Lumikki, upon getting up and ready, was too comfortable. So as she finally left the walls of her inn she did not realize the final task of getting ready. She did not mind her more Demonous form but it was not the norm anywhere, and the less she bothered for it the better. Between her forgetfulness and his temperament, Lumi was getting annoyed. But the sounds of the crashing waves soothed her as she passively kept the tempo. Matching her breath to the sound lulled her back into a calm which would serve her well when he finally asked her, his question.

" Kill? Yea...what of it? Do ye pity the fools that crossed me path? They would hardly pity ye or the creatures they nabbed. But it's not for me to explain. If yer biting yer words then it would mean yer conflicted? I didn't kill 'em all, as I needed one or two ta hand over. But after me dip into the waters I returned to read all their notes and records. They've been at this for a while and ya seen what they would've done to Haji had we not come. Spare me yer morals human, they do not serve a Demon and only benefit the monsters of yer kind. But I'll entertain yer conversation. What would ye have preferred Slayer?"

The creature of the sea would already rise amidst her words. She was too passionate to let her eyes focus on anything other than Tōga before her. All the movement on the corners of her vision she figured was of the sea alone. Even after her fervor waned, she was hardly any more perceptive. All she wanted to do was read into him, with every word she spoke.

Foolish was the Dragon Slayer to assume her gentle and kind. Though she could be tender, it would be a lie to her own existence to become nothing more than docile. After her rebirth, much had changed.

It was with a deep sigh that Lumi stepped back and looked toward the ocean instead. Another force she had so much respect for alongside the tundra. She spun her parasol around as she was trying to pull back. The specks of scattered light would dance along everything, shimmering a deep blue more than any other color. With a wave of her hand, a frigid seat would form. Held by frost and shadows and powdered with black snow to add comfort. It was much like a comfortable love seat, simple and built for resting snuggly. To which she did as she promptly dell inter her seat.


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Tōga kept his gaze fixed on the tumultuous sea, unable to meet Lumikki's earnest eyes as she sat beside him. Though her magic continued to morph her features, returning her to the captivating beauty he had first encountered in Stella, even that mystical glamor could not distract him from the turmoil churning within. As her mellifluous voice wove explanations and entreaties, his frustration only mounted, threatening to crest like the waves breaking below them. The crashing surf echoed his inner turmoil, drowning out Lumikki's words as Tōga's uncertainty deepened. Her magical unveiling was a marvel, but the mysteries of his own heart eclipsed even her fantastical transformation.

"I understand that..." Tōga's words trailed off, the finality in them ringing hollow as he struggled to accept Lumikki's explanation. She had only meant to save the captive sea creatures from the poachers, yet her magic's frigid embrace had frozen the lifeblood within all but two. The dichotomy of savior and executioner wrapped around her like armor. "But Haji still lives, as do I," Tōga countered, his voice tightening with strained patience. "No one had to die." Though his words remained soft, an undercurrent of turmoil churned beneath their gentle tone. Lumikki's good intentions counted for little against the icy brutality of their consequences. The two survivors were but a sliver of life saved, overwhelmed by the silent bodies left in the magic's wake. Tōga understood her reasons, yet the needless loss of life threatened to expose unheralded mistrust between the two.

"I d-don't know," Tōga stammered, unable to conjure an alternative to Lumikki's lethal actions. She had chosen to kill, a decision that sat like a stone in his stomach. And now she asked how he might have acted differently in her place. "Maybe...turned them in," he managed, though even his own solution rang hollow. If the goal had been to save lives, surely there must have been another way. Lumikki called it morals, but to Tōga it was simply respect - for life in all its forms, be they human or otherwise. The poachers were evil, perhaps beyond redemption, yet who were they to render such judgement? Tōga struggled to voice his turmoil, to convey how the needless loss of life pierced something deep within him. Lumikki spoke of right and wrong, but all he could focus on was the chilling finality of her actions. She had crossed a line, and though her motives were pure, the way back now seemed shrouded in doubt.

Oblivious to the ethical debate raging above, the translucent sea serpent continued gliding along the sand. It circled Tōga's seated form, then began coiling itself up his body with fluid grace. He barely felt the delicate creature's weight as it ascended, wrapping around his torso before perching atop his pink locks. There it sat, peering at Lumikki through wide, dark eyes that reflected no judgment, only innocent curiosity. Tōga had not noticed the serpent's climbing until it rested upon his head, so gentle and nimble was its movement. Its smooth scales shone like molded glass as it peered down from its new vantage. Tōga froze, unwilling to disturb the creature's explorations as it watched the impassioned argument, blissfully unaware of the deadly consequences that had befallen its kin. For now, the serpent seemed content to simply observe, cradled in Tōga's hair like a mythical crown come to life.


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Lumikki stared him down, somewhat tired of his “moral” high ground. His lofty ideals presented useless to her, but they were not without merit. Nor were they things she, herself entirely overlooked. ” Yer a Joyan, aye? Never left home til now, am I right? Where were ye I wonder during that Joyan war of yers. The conflict that plagued yer people with misery and strife.” Lumi slumped in her chair and let her parasol rest beside it. Dipping her hand into her void and pulling out a small charm. It was a soft delicate looking flower made of resin, tided carefully with a string in an intricate know of Joyan origin. She carefully played with it between her fingers, lost as she gaze upon it.

” I was what ye’d consider a Daemon then, though I suppose ye could say human. It was me first major conflict and I was nervous yet excited. I could finally fight alongside me Uncle Brone, the shield of Dawn.” Her eyes would light up for the moment as she briefly relived that excitement. ” And as ye’d expect from war, I’d kill. Eager to finally act upon me nature. The darkness already stirring in me, finally put to use. I reasoned that I was being a monster toward other monsters. If I could not be as righteous as me Uncle, I could be a Demon to me enemies instead.”

She looked right toward him with glowing and piercing eyes. Her true Demon colors were showing. She locked onto him like a bird would his prey, her anger and regret boiling over from within and she meant to pour some of it out.

” Hanibara…..That was her name…. A shinobi among two, who I’ve fought alongside me Uncle. They were a formidable pair honestly. Even gave the shield a tough time for a bit. I showed up to find him wounded and the hankering to sate me thirst of their deaths. But the more I fought this Hanabira…..the more I realized she was like me….I could of been her in another life. And if it were not for the war…we could of been friends…I killed her in the end aye, but not as cruel as I did the others before her. I brought her out the storm and to the sky to see the moon for her last time. Let her make her peace. And when the battle was done….I buried her along with her partner and left a marker of black flowers in her wake. Kept this charm to remember her by, how fighting makes it easy to think of the other side as monsters….” She held up the charm as she spoke to make her point and show off the memento.

Finally breaking her gaze only to notice the creature nuzzled on top of his head. It’s presence almost breaking her focus as she had to blink back into her awareness. Finally looking him back in the eyes once more. ” I know of the point ye make all to well. And I struggled with it meself for a time. But I would not be bothered to think all needs me careful considerations and those who choose to emulate monsters deserve their chance to meet one. Yer plea ta save their lives will never return the ones they’ve slaughtered. I can sympathize with the harmed, but I will not pity the abusers. The gentle touch of snow could turn to the harsh grasp of a blizzard and I am no different.”


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Where had the rage gone? Just moments ago, Tōga was ready to abandon Lumikki on the beach, leaving her to revel in her own madness. It would have been so easy; she had said everything to push him away. Yet now, as she opened up about her past, vulnerability crept into her voice. She spoke of the Joyan war, when Tōga was powerless to intervene, and confessed her own vulnerability and conviction. As her story unfolded, Tōga's anger melted away. For an instant, sympathy flickered within him, even for this merciless killer. In that moment, two lost souls found common ground, and compromise became possible.

"What should we do with it?" Tōga rose to his full height, taking care not to dislodge the serpent nestled in his pink hair. Its dark, circular eyes blinked curiously as it peered around, as though searching for something. Tōga and the snake would have to decipher what it wanted.

The creature wound itself deeper into Tōga's locks, seemingly content with its new, unexpected home. Tōga sighed, resigned to his role as an accidental host. For now, the serpent was harmless, even harmless. Perhaps it merely sought shelter and companionship.

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Lumi vented her point and slouched into her chair. She sank into the snow and took a moment to regain her breath. She did not yell, not even raise her voice. It was the impact of what was said. The vulnerability she allowed him. She never spoke much about Hanabira. Nor did she speak that much about the war. Part because she leaned toward the path of an assassin in her work, and any of the sorts would hardly worth their salt if they blabbered of such. But more than anything, no one needed to know of one of her biggest regrets. Her largest failures. When she first almost lost herself and leaned toward the road of becoming a monster of her story. The moment would trigger many fears and self-doubt ever since.

And yet, as that may all be true. She did keep her word of becoming a Demon. She was reborn into a proper monster in her own right. Just like she always wanted. And now, sitting in her lofty position. One more far removed from humanity than she ever could be before as a Daemon.

Did she feel better for it? More superior now that she's shed the vestige of humanity? Did such a transformation grant her a newfound wisdom that one would not usually attain in their naive and youthful views of the world?

Honesty she would not know. She was a new creature now, an entirely new being. Filled with the feelings and memories of the girl that burned and melted into the Abyss to make her. The frost and dark that churned into her physical being.

There were times that she too did not know if she was who she thought she was. If all that went into that poor Daemon girl was lost in her death as she took the plunge and all this being was now, is the memories stolen, copied, and imprinted into a new form.

She did not entirely feel how she once did. Her empathy was not as it was, and her kindness was not as eager. Sure she bubbled up to show these bits of herself even now, but she was also that much quicker to strip them all away and claim the life before her. The hunger she felt before was never sated, only heightened and honed. The Lumikki of the Hrutr clan still wanted to consume the world, and now she was only that much closer to the power required to do it.

The Demoness sighed as she was now burdened by her thoughts. She did not like thinking about these things quite yet, as her being was still all too new.

Maybe she was foolish, trying to favor herself as a god. Think herself in their likeness as she thought a God slayer would. What really was a Demon? Were they only pointless monsters of chaos and misery? Although those things were pleasing, she was still bored with such a fixed nature. Why should a Demon fit any mold, even that of one made by all the other of her kin? But all the same, she would not stave her need to hunt and kill. Not for any naive mortal's comfort and peace of mind. There were some that needed to die, and she would seek the pleasure of granting them such a fate.

" We should eat it." She joked as she was finally returning to reality. " The things looked cute. though I've never seen it before. Figure it was one of the critters ye were kind in saving?"


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How to Train a Dragon [Deadliest Catch Quest, ft. Lumikki] Img_8011

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