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Every adventure begins with a training camp!

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#1Fei Yu 

Every adventure begins with a training camp! Empty Thu Apr 11, 2024 6:52 pm

Fei Yu
How long had it been since she had been able to take a break and enjoy a little vacation? To the young fairy it felt like an eternity, and then some more! However, with the recent emergence of these mysterious portals in Earthland it was clear their business with the void was far from over. Already adventurers were flocking to the portals in an opportunity to gain the powers lurking within by conquering the dungeons the portals led to. Even in Hargeon a portal had emerged! However, despite the eager efforts of some people to help the Clock Tower in investigating these portals there had to be some manner of caution to be held. Nobody knew just how dangerous these dungeons could be, and as a result an agreement was made with the local authorities that only these of a certain rank of proficiency were authorized to participate in these dungeon raids.

Fortunately, even if one didn't possess the experience to meet these demands there was still an opportunity for them to join. After all training camps were organized by various individuals in the hope of honing the less experienced, and this was one such occasion.

Most linked the Arena of Champions with a place of dueling, but Seven was also a country known for producing many legendary heroes, and for this event the arena had been quite literally transformed into a training camp to accommodate these younglings.

Yu was happy that the owners of the Arena were willing to comply with her requests. She had to admit she was a bit curious how many people would be joining the training camp. Not to mention, there was a bit of excitement at the thought of watching all sorts of unfamiliar magic being used. Even if she was the leader of an organization that investigated and handled otherworldly phenomena, Yu had a fondness for the unknown.

It was for that very reason she had brought along the relic she had recently discovered: A beautiful tome she was holding in her hands, clutching it close to her chest as she observed the various fields the arena had been transformed into.

"I hope this will help them prepare for the upcoming dungeon..."

The girl muttered softly, her gaze softening for a moment as she heard footsteps approach: Could it be that one of the first dungeon raid participants had arrived? It seemed that she would find her answers soon!

(This topic is open for anyone who will be joining the Void Dungeon SL)

#2Briar Caidh 

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Briar Caidh
"M-Miss Yu?", came the familiar soft tenor of a boy just under her height and tempered by the staff he held in tight-laced hands before him. He peeked from behind it, his hair shifted to spill down his cheeks and lightly cover the tops of both eyes. The gentle pale of his purple haze blinks once, twice, on approach, and then alights. Sparks trip and fly up brighter shades until they're stars in how he looks at Fei Yu, his face melting from bashful curiosity to a joyful shine. He sucks in a little breath with a sheepish giggle, letting his staff fall to hang from his hands at his waist while he scampers that much closer. 

He stops in a cloud of dust next to her, swaying from both momentum and excitement. "Miss Yu! Well, golly, I wasn't expectin' to catch you here! Are you hosting the training camp, madame Director?" He slipped in a tease in the hope she wasn't taking too much on her plate, which was a habit of hers he had decided and equally chosen to fret over on her behalf. This recent business - these portals, were they? Dungeons? - that he hadn't yet been able to wrap his head around seemed up the alley of her Clock Tower work. He chewed the inside of his cheek. "I heard about - uhm - well, somethin' happenin' abouts, and by george I knew I had to help out!" 

His shoulders lost their tension as he exhaled a smile. It was really that simple for him. People had asked for help - his people, the locals of Hargeon and the equally young members of his guild in Blue Pegasus - and he had sprung to action and taken the first airship over to this call to arms. Someone had to be prepared, didn't they? Why not him! "Y-you know me, miss Yu. Can't resist the call of ... uhm ... adventure. Ahahaha.." 

He was going to make sure he was both informed and capable in handling this new threat, whatever it may actually be. He didn't need to understand or not be scared to take action. He'd just put himself in the way and do what he was told. "It's real nice to see you, miss'm. Honest." His relief was tangible. He would have made do with whoever and however was directing this instruction, but to have a friend ... oh, gee, at least he considered her a friend ... it made it easier to stand over his nerves.


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Perhaps it was the idea of being needed that strengthened the boy's resolve when an invitation for a grand adventure had made its way into his trembling hands. The jittering he was afflicted with came not from fear or anxiety, as he would have thought. No, Vesper was trembling in anticipation. His body could hardly quell the urge to shout and cheer. Unbridled excitement for the adventure that awaits him on the other side of all this. He craves the attention. He wants to be a hero.

Vesper made his way to the arena, tightening the laces on his gauntlet and securing his pouch of sweets to his belt. There was to be a training camp before the voyage into the Void that all the hopeful trailblazers were invited to participate in, far away from the little hamlet he had made his home. He paces along the lavish corridors, every step a rumbly clang that echoes and reverberates with the thumping of his heart. There are voices ahead and he hopes he isn't particularly late as he tidies himself up, straightening his tie with a click of his tongue. Wobbly hands to pry open the gate, tearing it asunder with all his might and excitement.

His face can't help but light up, the butterflies in his stomach riding the current to his heart as he lays eyes on two fond, familiar face. Two members of his guild - his family. The first was Briar, a boy around the same age that he's becomes rather acquainted with as of late. The second was Fei Yu, a whimsical fairy that had stopped by his makeshift bakery. "Miss Yu! Briar! Yay! I'm so glad to see you both here!" Vesper shouts, as he barges through the doors, probably a little too noisy for his own good. He remembers his manners and promptly bows. "Ah! Sorry If I interrupted.. I'm just gonna go over there and leave out some chocolates if anybody wants some. Hehe~" He points to a nearby table, and tiptoes over to display his treats. "Uhmm... Thank you for having me.... I can't express just how grateful I am for this opportunity! I won't let you down - I promise!"


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OOC: This is after a certain series of events for Zendreyu

A grizzled older man with a soft smile and a stern outlook arrived to participate in the dungeon training camp. Every time he almost died as a soldier of the Sinese Clans was due to ambushes in A DUNGEON by enemies whom knew the terrain and how dungeons worked far better than any of his military trainers. So, with his opportunities on the rise Zendreyu took up the training camp listing left by an enigmatic being. She had left hints that training in the arena of champions could prepare select individuals for dungeons. Intrigued, Zendreyu checked his family farm and left it to his siblings to manage with funding he provided while he took up this training and secured a couple more jobs along the way. Cook and Safety Officer were always part of his traditional resume and it looked like he would get to demonstrate his skills in other things besides war quite readily here. With his health improving and his resurgence into a semiprofessional life as an adventurer Zendreyu expected good yet somewhat disastrous things. Zendreyu was no stranger to hard, life-threatening labor so he was mentally prepared for the best and the worst.

"Zendreyu reporting for training. I hope I am not too late for this event."

Those whom could see him would notice a stout well-built older man. It almost looked like his muscles and scars worked together as if he was scarred that way on purpose as a form of training his body. For some people their scars made them look scary or disfigured. Zendreyu's scars looked almost like seals from ancient times and gave him a dignified warrior's appearance as someone whom placed their life and therefore their body on the line for their beliefs at all time. He carried a large backpack with miscellaneous items and gear. He wore traditional military surplus reinforced combat boots, some well maintained and reinforced black training pants and a stylish support vest that equally served as a shirt and a support system for clips and straps from his backpack. This was a veteran who looked ready for just about anything.


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With the timid arrival of Briar, the little fairy turned toward the lad, a bright smile emerging on her lips. While she had not had the opportunity to meet Briar too often, she had grown quite fond of the youngling, as such her response was a warm and energetic one for sure. "Bri-chan! Welcome~ Welcome~ As you can imagine the emergence of these portals into the void has given me and my colleagues a lot of work to tend to. However, since not everyone might be prepared to deal with the risks that come with exploring these realms we gave the term 'dungeons', we chose to hold training camps like this for the sake of preparing the participants."

However, surprisingly enough the next person to enter was also a familiar face! "Ah~ Ves-chan! And even with delicious snacks, if I didn't know better you're trying to charm your way into becoming my personal baker."

A playful wink was made by the fairy as she greet the fellow blue pegasus mage, but soon the third and final participant for today's camp arrived: The trained veteran Zendreyu.

"Perfectly timed, you're right on time Zendreyu-kun."

She waved with a smile at the stout warrior when she finally gazed at the gathering.

"As you all might have been told already: The recent emergence of some portals in Earthland has led to a lot of confusion and speculation among scholars. From our initial investigations we came to the conclusion that these portals lead to enclosed parts within the void. While unlike the majority of the realm, the people who enter those enclosed parts are not at risk of being affected or influenced by the void itself, although we presume the same can't be said of the creatures that inhabit these areas. Aside from the fact there are a lot of valuable resources within these areas, each area is known to lead into a spacious chamber housing some sort of powerful entity. It is for that reason we came to call these areas 'dungeons', and the spacious chamber at the end a 'boss room'. Sort of like these stories you read about in books!"

The girl exclaimed excitedly as she clapped her hands together. "But if you're wondering, I won't be attending the raid. Unfortunately my presence is required to maintain the stability of the portals, but it seems quite a trained adventurer is going to join you three on your trip, she will also be the mentor for the training camp but I wonder where she is---"

However, it was at the moment the fairy chimed these words that a powerful gust of wind blew from above and a feminine voice could be heard erupting in hearty laughter.

"It is alright~"

The fairy clearly could hear the voice as well, although her smaller size made it she had to impale the bottom of her staff into the ground to not be knocked away by the wind.

"Why you might ask?"

A sudden shadow came crashing from the open ceiling above the arena, kicking up a cloud of dust and as the silhouette among it became visible the figure exclaimed proudly:


There she stood, hands on her hips, her dragonic tail swaying back and forth behind her and a confident smirk on her lips.

"You stole that line from that manga you been reading! You're not *** Might!"

The fairy scolded the newly arrived dragon girl who merely shook her head. "Indeed! I'm DRAGON MIGHT!"

She turned toward Yu and whispered softly. "So, was that introduction good? I didn't frighten the little ones right?"

To which Yu wagged a hand lightly to her. "Right, right~ This lady here is Ryuko, and disregarding her fondness of Joyan comics, will be your combat instructor for today."

Ryuko grinned at the trio that had gathered and raised a hand in a playful wave. "Greetings and meetings fellow adventurers~ Like ya heard, the name is Ryuko. Before we go over your training program and individual exercises, I'd like to make a round of introductions~ How about each of you tell me your name, something you like a lot, a dream or ambition you're pursuing that you like to share, and then what you would consider your 'ideal' role in a group when it comes to an adventure. Ignore the thoughts of combat for now... Focus on what you think you might be able to contribute to a party, whether it is through one of your skills or talents, we can discover your strong points and weaknesses later~"

The dragon girl swayed her tail in excitement while her wings stretched lightly behind her. Meanwhile Yu hovered up and waited to see who of the group would speak up first.

#6Briar Caidh 

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Briar Caidh
"Mm," Briar recounted, following along with Fei Yu's explanation despite the obvious dizziness that overtook the lights in his little eyes. It was a process. He was getting better at it, but all the stuff the Fairy dealt with left him a bit on earthland while she settles amongst the clouds. It almost made him smile - and then it did. She was so diligent; and he reached out, patting her shoulder with a big, goofy grin and a little shuffle between his feet. "You're workin' real hard too, then, Miss Yu! I'll hafta work just as hard to do my part!! Many thanks for havin' --"

And it was like the ears on a rabbit being alerted to another animal in its vicinity, flagging up and twitching at one end the way Briar went suddenly alert and froze in the second after Vesper's entrance. There was a current in his feet, kicking them off the dirt, and he spun wholesale to scamper up to the other boy. His smile overwhelmed his face, bashfulness forgotten in the face of joy at seeing his friend again. His heart didn't fit anywhere else but his sleeve - how could he possibly contain that? "Ves! You came along too? Oh, geez, we could've come together! I should've asked." Palmed his forehead, though this didn't seem to slow him. "I was thinkin' I might be able to get myself to handle this before it bothered anyone else in Blue Pegasus ... eheh. Might have been a little too big of an idea for my britches, I guess'n. Bweee." What odd little sounds, but Ves had handled his fair share of Briar's general eccentricity in their prior interactions.

"And you two already know each other? Golly! You know, I don't actually think I've had the chance to taste one of Ves' treats yet m'self. You holdin' out on me for Miss Yu's graces, big brother Vesper?" He teased, cheeky, with his hands locked behind his back and swaying in the excitable little tirade. He was overjoyed on multiple counts - his friends here, Vesper and Yu's apparent own friendship, and the intoxicating environment of growth and camaraderie.

Another man joined them in their jovial little sphere, having Briar switch gears to clasp his hands instead at his front and offer a bow to the hardier adult. He was used to being dwarfed by those around him - a full head shorter than Ves, still a mite under Fei Yu - but he hadn't had many actions with full grown veteran-like figures. "I-It's a real pleasure to meet you, Mr. Zendreyu, it is, sir!" Could he be a little soldier for this one? He was close to saluting. Briar's natural respect to authority bled through in every little movement and the adoration in his look up Zendreyu. "I'd think you're just on time, considered, so please know you can rely on me as well! I'm Briar ... Briar Caidh, sir, m-mage of Blue Pegasus!" He'd glance over, almost like he was taking stock, but the brightness in his eyes betrayed no scrutiny. "I don't know much about how Ves fights, but doesn't he just look reliable? Eheh. He's Blue Pegasus too! And, and, Miss Yu's gonna be a great teacher, I know it, 'cause she knows so m --"

This time, a rabbit's instincts did not warn it from the predator. Briar goes stumbling back as a new figure crashes in. Briar doesn't have the forethought Yu does - he's thrown, rolling, tripping over himself (a usual experience for him, but rarely by the cause of someone else) and lands on his bum with his limbs tangled and his head bobbling. He looses the tiniest "uweeeh?" and blinks rapidly until the chicks circling him dissipate, pawing himself off the ground with noodles for legs and waving arms. "Golly," was all he could offer those first few moments, stunned and reeling to catch up with the dynamic entrance, and he simply watches the two leaders banter until he settles back on his feet.

It's day breaking through the clouds and dust. He grins, brightening his cheeks with a dust of excited red and the divet of dimples, and claps his hands together. "You're so cool!" He yips, shoulders hunched forward as more stars are born in his sparkling violet. "R-ryuko ... san?" He wasn't familiar with Joyan particularities as much as he should be, but he knew enough from his own comic interests to try proper respects. It was important to make an effort.

"I-I'm ... Briar! Briar Caidh, miss'm! Golly goodness gracious, it's nice to meet you. You're - uhm - you're the one leadin' the charge into these 'dungeons,' Ryuko-san? Oh, wow. Wow! Gee willikers!" He did a little hop, beaming. "I like gardenin', magic, my friends, my family, doin' my best & my guild Blue Pegasus --" Was he only supposed to list one? --"and I wanna keep doin' my best, to help other people! Honest, I don't have many big old grand ambitions, but it's important to me that I can be reliable enough so that - uhm - other people can also worry about themselves, y'know?"

A sheepish little chitter, poking out his tongue. "I think I serve a supportive role the best, Sensei? (?) I don't cast offensive magics, but I'm happy to do everythin' I can to protect everyone and tend to their wounds! P-please: rely on me! I'll be worthy of the time, I will!"


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An expanse filled with the warmth and jolly clamor of friendly faces - an arena of comrades that would push each other to greater heights. Vesper was glad that it was them and gladder still for the entrance of another unfamiliar to him thus far. Ves is always a little timid on a first meeting, desperate to leave a meaningful impression, a craving to come back for more - A satisfied smile that he would see time and time again. Friends are not the same as customers, but he can't quite kick that anxiety. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Zendreyu! My name is Vesper Lovera, but you can call me Ves~ It's a pleasure to meet you." He twirls into a bow, arms folded into his stomach and back as if to welcome in a new patron. Felt natural to be as formal and polite to a man such as him. Respect to his elders as he was taught unless told to behave otherwise.

A hand raises to conceal his smirk, a creased knuckle brushing against his lips as he paces away from the table and closer to Briar with chocolate treat in hand. "Now, now, Miss Yu~ I am more than happy to indulge you and the guild whenever I am requested." The finely prepared packaging comes apart rather easily, pawing at it carefully as a giggle escapes his lips. The thumping in his heart is filled with the serene pitter-patter of a spring shower, but there are no clouds here. Only the vivid warmth of sunshine that embraces these four corners. "Thank you.. for calling me reliable.. I really hope I can grow to be someone deserving of that on this adventure." Ves stands before Briar with ruddy cheeks, smiling keenly to return even a fraction of that generosity. "Say 'Ahh'~" A reward for his pure-hearted passion and kindness. "Now you have~ Don't worry I brought plenty for everyone."

The aura shifts like a changing of seasons, or perhaps this was simply the calm before the storm? Not enough time to process the slight disappointment swelling up from Miss Yu's revelation that she would be staying behind before the tempest came marching in with a lion's roar. His eyes widen and he braces for the impact of her dynamic entry, clinging to a table as if by reflex. It's a bit startling to see your ideals so perfectly replicated in the flesh. Ves is speechless - swept up in the rhythm of a loud, unruly dragon that made him feel so safe. "Waaaaah.." A little sound escapes his lips as he crouches down to help the clumsy boy back to his feet, a little pat on his head for good measure. "Up, up, Brii~ You're so clumsy." A blep of his tongue to tease as he reminisces on their first encounter.

How do you even escape the confines of this admiration? She was clearly being silly, but Ves couldn't help but believe her words, a reassuring aegis shrouding him so fully. Should he salute? What's the proper procedure here? There's no skip to her beat, immediately firing off a series of questions that leave the reverent pup a bit thunderstruck. "Yes ma'am! My name is Vesper Lovera! I like baking and making people happy! Uhmm..." He trails off, fingers running down the length of his arm to comfort his bashfulness. "I w-wanna be a hero that everyone can look up to..."

"I use my candy magic to give me a little boost in a fight, so I think I'd be best on the frontlines - protecting people. They can also work on others too if needed." His hands burst out in front of himself, trying to look as dependable as possible. "So please rely on me, Ryuko-san!"


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Ryuko:  Dragon Might

"Greetings and meetings fellow adventurers~ Like ya heard, the name is Ryuko. Before we go over your training program and individual exercises, I'd like to make a round of introductions~ How about each of you tell me your name, something you like a lot, a dream or ambition you're pursuing that you like to share, and then what you would consider your 'ideal' role in a group when it comes to an adventure. Ignore the thoughts of combat for now... Focus on what you think you might be able to contribute to a party, whether it is through one of your skills or talents, we can discover your strong points and weaknesses later~"

Briar:  Blue Pegasus Magi Healing & Support

"I-I'm ... Briar! Briar Caidh, miss'm! Golly goodness gracious, it's nice to meet you. You're - uhm - you're the one leadin' the charge into these 'dungeons,' Ryuko-san? Oh, wow. Wow! Gee willikers!" He did a little hop, beaming. "I like gardenin', magic, my friends, my family, doin' my best & my guild Blue Pegasus --" Was he only supposed to list one? --"and I wanna keep doin' my best, to help other people! Honest, I don't have many big old grand ambitions, but it's important to me that I can be reliable enough so that - uhm - other people can also worry about themselves, y'know?"

"I think I serve a supportive role the best, Sensei? (?) I don't cast offensive magics, but I'm happy to do everythin' I can to protect everyone and tend to their wounds! P-please: rely on me! I'll be worthy of the time, I will!"

Vesper: The Blue Pegasus Candy Man

"Yes ma'am! My name is Vesper Lovera! I like baking and making people happy! Uhmm..."
"I w-wanna be a hero that everyone can look up to..."

"I use my candy magic to give me a little boost in a fight, so I think I'd be best on the frontlines - protecting people. They can also work on others too if needed."
"So please rely on me, Ryuko-san!"

Zendreyu listened to everyone as Lady Fei Yu introduced Ryuko. Ryuko then made herself known with a request for everyone to introduce themselves.

Zendreyu carefully listened and picked out the key words in everyone's introductions as he analyzed their body types out of habit. With his military habits still in effect as it had not been long since he left the military Zendreyu adjusted his clothing and placed his hand behind his back in a smart and genteel manner to try to look non-threatening in posture before speaking in a clear yet deep baritone voice...

”Lady Feiyu, Mistress Dragon Might, Magi Briar, and Magister Vesper. It is my honor to meet up with you all for training. I am Zendreyu, formerly of the Sinese Special Forces under House Tilon. I am currently an adventurer and recovering from injuries from prior service. I am capable of wielding almost any weapon and a trained armorer. My ideal role is lead combatant. I have no magic of my own outside of the enchanted gear I use. I specialize in direct combat, and I am also trained in service, support, and combat medicine. I have a companion of mine that cannot come with me at the moment, but should he show up he is also capable of everything I am and more outside of weapons as his paws and claws don’t suit regular gear. My goal is to exceed my recovery and become stronger than I once was prior to military service. I won’t allow my capacity to be a problem to anyone here. Thank you for your time.”

After Zendreyu introduced himself he slowly and deliberately brought his hands to the front of his body and lightly interlaced his hands at his waist so as to be ready for just about anything. His demeanor directly shifted from scholarly to the distinct feeling of a warrior. Despite being incapable of direct spell casting something about Zendreyu’s body gave off an elemental aura.    

WC: 330


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Ryuko couldn't help but chuckle heartily at the initial reactions from the group. "Just Ryuko is fine Briar~"

A momentary pause followed as she nodded her head in affirmation to the lad's inquiry about whether she would lead the investigation into the 'dungeon' that the fairy had been talking about. "That would be correct, if we were to qualify my experiences as a guild mage, I would be somewhere around an X-rank mage."

The energetic response to her earlier instructions earned a brief smile from the dragon girl. "A good set of things to like. Caring about your friends and loved ones is natural, and while some might describe it as a weakness, I like to consider it as a source of motivation for you. Caring about your friends means you're willing to grow stronger to protect them, right? In that regard your love for your loved ones can become a source of strength in your time of need."

When her attention turned toward Vesper a glint of mischief emerged in her eyes as she took a step closer toward the lad. "Ah~ the one who was flirting with little Briar earlier~ I hope you two won't be going too strongly at it during our adventure, lest I'd start missing my wife~"

A playful wink followed as she lightly rested a hand on his shoulder. "Not to mention, until you're strong enough to protect Briar with your own two hands it is wise to keep your affection hidden in battle, lest an enemy exploits it."

And then she took a step toward Zendereyu, a nod of approval following. "Ah, I heard much about the Sinese elite corps, it is good to have a veteran with us today, but don't expect me to go easy on you because of your experience."

A brief grin lingered as she took a few steps toward the center of the arena. "Oh, and don't repeat that name please... I tried to make myself less threatening for the younglings here, being called Dragon Might is slightly embarrasing~"

A chuckle followed as she turned to face the group. "In case you're curious, I am a combatant who specializes in summoning magic, which is why today's exercises will be a bit easier to carry out."

She glimpses at Yu who nodded her head lightly in affirmation, after which she raised a hand into the air and snapped her fingers. At the same time she carried out this motion a collection of portals swirled into existence around her. In front of her were five portals, and from the three at the center a humanoid clad in a medieval armor came marching outward, carrying a longsword as their weapon of choice, but more curiously were the two summons that emerged at the outer portals. On the left was a shadowy figure, wearing a mage's robe and holding a staff, while at the other side was a humanoid clad in leather armor, brandishing two daggers.

"There~ For your first practice round I want to see you overcome this group. I will provide you all with at least a few hints~ The knights are roughly the same as a D-rank monster, but don't underestimate them for they possess the ability to inflict some nasty injuries if they get too close. The mage is equivalent to a C-rank guild mage, he will be the tricky one for you all to keep an eye on, he prefers ranged combat and if you leave him unattended will start to strengthen his allies."

She gestured at the leather-clad summon and winked playfully at the group. "This one has a few surprises in store, but if you aren't careful Vesper... he might snatch away Briar from you~"

With most of her explanation given Ryuko rested her hands on her hips. "The training exercise will be considered completed once you all have successfully beaten them. While I will allow my summons to injure you, if at any point I perceive an attack would have been dangerous for your wellbeing I will have Yu dispel the attack and give you a warning, if you get three warnings before the end of the day I will personally give you some extra lessons to ensure you won't slow down the group."

A light clap of her hands followed, making the summons brandish their weapons. "Make ready everyone, once you're all set up we will begin. Or maybe it's better to say: Class is in session~"

After everyone posted I will provide the details for the summons and such. When it comes to combat you will want to do the following:

First you post a summary of your gear, for example:


basically this is like a papertrailing for your opponent, and should at the very least be posted at the start of combat. During battle you will also want to post the details of any spell you use, I will post an example of this once the duel against the summons begins~

#10Briar Caidh 

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Briar Caidh
Briar's lips open around the gift of Vesper's candied treat, the tiniest sound - a mewl, almost - from the boy once he accepts it, humming blissfully. You don't turn down someone's kindness, and Briar rarely had an issue doing what he was told besides. He brings a hand up to his own cheek, squeezing in to hollow around his dimple in pure joy, and flutters his eyelashes to accentuate the way he lifts up on his toes and settles back down. "Uwaa ... Golly, Ves, that's real good! Oh, boy! You weren't kiddin'! Your candy really is magic." He beams back at his friend, giggling between his teeth while the stars in his eyes only expand. Claps his little hands together, sending his body a'wigglin'. "See, Ves. Reliably ... delicious!"

They continue. Briar is all the more proper with Zendreyu and his introductions, especially during Ryuko's entrance once Ves helps the dazed creature back to his wobbled feet and he can do more than fall over himself in awe. "I-if'n you ever feel hurt, mister Zendreyu, sir, please let me know. I understand it's real important to stay on your feet and keep active, an' I know this is a serious matter 'n all, but I r-reckon you don't wanna push yourself too hard. You're pretty dependable too, aren't you? So you can depend on us -- too!" His hands balled at his collar, leaning slightly forward to underline his intentions to the older man; he wasn't going to let any of the people in this little band struggle while he had a hand in their efforts.

Ryuko's praise flushed his pointed ears red, earning even a twitch like a bashful rabbit unable to look too close at her lest it blind his eyes in pride and respect. He glanced at the floor, a pleased smile bit down with blushing cheeks, and he hums in acknowledgement. "Th-thank you ... Ryuko-san -- miss Ryuko," he corrected himself. "I jus' wanna do my best, an' I will, so thank you for working with us today. You're right, you are. They're my motivation." His smile turned sweet, quiet, and his eyes roamed over Fei Yu and Vesper, then Zendreyu as a new charge of sorts.

... Eh? The meaning of her following words to Vesper were more or less lost on the little mage, blinking once, twice out of his stupor to find Vesper's face again -- and laugh it off, the innocent peal of his voice ringing away the awkwardness. "Awh, miss Ryuko, d-don't tease! Ves is gonna go all red." He says this, adding to the teasing while he prances around to take his place just behind the other boy. He grips his staff tight, poking his tongue between his teeth in a cheeky smile. "We're best friends, we are. Ain't so, Ves?" A hand on Vesper's shoulder from Ryuko and the head of Briar's oak staff at his back, nudging ever so slightly. "That's why I know I can count on you!" A bigger, brighter grin.

Besides, Ryuko had her own playing point, here - Briar peered sheepishly at the Dragon Might, but it was easy to see her entrance and personality had worked on him. It wasn't hard for a child to look up to a superhero. Briar stalls for the moment as she goes about her explanation and calls forth a number of portals; something Briar watches with keen, startled eyes and a gasp from his lips. "W-wowie," he mumbles, hushing himself to get a better look. Three knight-types, some sorta' mage, and a slinkier sort. Briar had little experience with weaponry himself, resolving to position a little further behind Ves and lift his stick higher. "Awh, gee, Ves, please don't let him snatch me," he echoed Ryuko, waving his staff to begin stirring his mana. "I'll be countin' on you, pally!"

It was Briar's responsibility to be someone worth protecting in this exercise.

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A sheepish paw clasps at the dangling fringes of his hair as if it would halt the pink in his cheeks. Ves was beside himself to hear such glowing praise from someone he's grown exceptionally fond of. A silent smile in the display of gratitude that cracks into a giggle, with star-struck eyes. He can only stand in place, tilting his head to the side to avoid showing his true color, stealing glances from the periphery at the dazzling boy.

He shuffles in place after assisting Briar, losing intently on the man properly introducing himself to the rest of the group. "Mhm! Don't worry- I'll be right there on the frontlines, too! And even though I'm not a soldier- You can count on me! Though I'll be counting on you just as much. Hehe~" He pumps his fist in a tiny display of courage, or perhaps bravado has taken to the boy surrounded by such reliable company.

If there was a way to describe Yu's playfulness and teasing in a way, Ves would probably compare it to the gentle hop and skip of a stone tossed across the water's surface. Ryuko was a boulder. There was no subtlety, a spectacle in the splash she creates as she crashes in without a trace of subtlety. The little dash of pink in his cheeks blossoms fully to crimson and he frantically turns away. "F-f-f-flirting!? Don't be silly ma'am! We're friends! Yes, that's right!" A frantic binding cross of his arms, tapping away at his exposed wrist with ember-touched fingers. A little livewire sending shockwaves in his heart as she gives sound advice. "But you're right... I should make sure I'm strong enough to protect what's valuable to me first..." He mumbles with a little pout, looking away, painted still in the shade of roses when he feels a little tap on his back. He really is too precious. "Mhm! Best friends, forever, right, Brii~? I'm relying on you to cover my many weaknesses~" A renewed resolve in a reassuring smile as he turns to face the group, paw raising up to ruffle Briar's hair and a nod to the tumultuous dragon.  

Miss Ryuko was the opposite to himself in a lot of ways, but Vesper found comfort in those differences. She is in a lot of ways the idealized version of himself - his entire motivation for becoming a guild mage in the first place. It was easy to look up to her - idolize her unrestrained intensity. Vesper listened carefully with a look of astonishment as she opened and five entities stepped forth. Three knights that would serve as the bulwark supported by a mage and another, clad in leather, that Ryuko was a bit more secretive about. Though she made sure to get plenty of teasing in! "Like hell I'd let that little freak snatch my Briar away! Uhm, respectfully, miss Ryuko~!" He sticks out his tongue and fastens the belts on his gauntlet and reaches around his pouch for one of his signature Rumble Candies.

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Zendreyu smirked at the young magelings antics, it was wonderful to see youth be so engaged yet simultaneously be carefree with their emotions. For a brief millisecond Zendreyu wondered if he had ever been that way. A brief introspection told him NO... Zendreyu still smiled it was good to see exuberance in the youth of today. After looking over the summoned opposition Zendreyu became stoic, downright grim. He had never failed in a team event, and he wasn't about to start now.

"Ves, Lady Briar please line up behind me in a staggered manner so that if a large area attack is unleashed only I can be hit. Ves you will guard Lady Briar. Lady Briar will keep us alive. As soon as the summoned opposition move, I will engage the Mage to eliminate the biggest threat and draw the attention of the warrior s that should protect the mage leaving you two to pick off the dagger wielder. The second largest threat is the dagger wielder. I KNOW you both can handle it. IF these words are acceptable you, say nothing just take a reasonably safe position behind me. If not point out where you need me, and I will assist. I only make my initial priority the removal of the opposing Mage."

Zendreyu was quickly submerged in his element. routine combat engagement tactics surfaced from his words as his body seemed to get a little lower to the ground for movement and defensive posture. Zendreyu's muscles seemed to shimmer briefly like armor as well.

WC: 256

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Ryuko's lips curved into a smile upon the innocent reactions from Briar and Vesper, there was something refreshing about the way they conducted themselves. An innocence and nativity she had not seen often among mortals, and perhaps that was what made them so endearing to her. Ryuko observed the group's exchange, as expected it seemed the older warrior had chosen to take the lead in the form of offering a strategy, one that Ryuko chose not to comment on just yet.

Instead, once they were seemingly ready for combat Ryuko snapped her fingers, a signal that the battle had begun! The first to react were the knights that formed the vanguard of the summoned creatures. The one in the center who was wielding a greataxe took a step forward, magic coursing through its being when suddenly its armor started to become surrounded by a collection of runes and glyphs, perhaps some sort of defensive spell? Yet that was not all, for he soon charged straight toward Zendreyu, swinging the massive weapon in a horizontal sweep at the man!

The two remaining knights who were wielding the typical sword and shield combination one would imagine a traditional knight to have positioned themselves in front of the mage who had already started to raise both his hands toward the group.

"Lokr, dahtr, aero"

As the chant completed itself a torrent of wind started to kick up around the group, forming what one could presume to be akin to a tornado where the group was stuck in the eye of the storm! Leaving the storm would clearly be a difficult task, for the winds churned violently and likely would leave some cuts and scars if one tried to break through it!

But more worrying was the fact a shadow moved along the wind, trailing around the ring of wind magic, its features obscured but after a momentary delay the leather-wearing summon emerged at the back of the group! Brandishing his knifes as he attempted to use the distraction to sneak up behind Briar!

Yet amidst the chaos a pleasant warmth started to course through the bodies of the group, suggesting that each of them had received some sort of beneficial effect! Briar would find that his body reacted faster than normally, Vesper would find that even without having consumed a candy yet the warmth had made him feel stronger, and Zenderyu would find himself able to endure harsher attacks!

Meanwhile Ryuko's voice chimed out from nearby. "Well~ I agree that Bri-chan is cute, but calling a boy a lady might hurt their pride Zendreyu."

The group has been blessed!

Briar received a A-rank speed buff
Vesper received a A-rank strength buff
Zenderyu received a B-rank constitution and endurance buff!

The knights possess the following attributes:

61 Strength, 1 Speed, A-rank durability
The Mage has 121 Speed and 1 Strength, S-rank durability
The rogue has 61 Speed and 61 Strength, S-rank durability.

The knight attacking Zenderyu is currently under a 'Minor Defensive shield' spell, granting it a protective coating that can intercept C-rank damage before breaking.

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Briar Caidh
A cheery smile beneath the boughs of his hair, ruffled over his bright expression to add shade to the illumination his eyes cast. They didn't so much as waver as they fell into their positions, hardening to a point of violet that'd stare straight ahead at their quarry - encompassing both Vesper and Zendreyu, while Briar made mind for his own faculties. "We can do this!" It didn't need to be said, but it felt right to. Their efforts here mattered if they'd be any indication of how they'd fare in the upcoming dungeons. I can do this, came silently, chomping his teeth together and breathing tight between them.

His little eyebrows furrowed - the glare of an innocent creature - and he waved his staff over Vesper's head. "You give host to the name of Rose," he sang, his voice trilling in a soft, watery tone that settled atop Vesper and formed from the magic seals he cast as a small jeweled rose on his lapel. It shimmered, half-real, under the light, translucent and phantasmal to the sun and touch. Another blossomed in Briar's hair, smaller but just as red beneath its coruscating transparency, and he steadied his hands around his staff. That would do them good for the start of this brawl, but --

He wasn't alone in his mage work, and the gales that whipped around them earned a slightly nervous wobble to his feet that he had to plant firmer in the ground. He focused on Zendreyu's words, ready to provide his support to the two boys, and took a moment to oversee the tides of battle within the new tempest. The veteran would be going after the enemy's mage; but he was being bored down upon by a shining knight that Briar could only guess would be a real fiend to fight, and the ideal target was further defended by a duo of knights that looked just as formidable - at least from Briar's perspective, with pirates the height of his prior combat experience. He had to work not to lose himself in his nerves, shifting his foot, and running his eyes to catch a figure that had displaced from the group. Ryuko had warned them about ...

Briar barely managed to turn in time, sweeping across the battlefield to confirm suspicions, to find the leather-glad entity with his knives trained on the little mage. He'd tut, hit an "oh geez," as he ran a quick risk/reward on attempting to fend off the assailant on his own - but he knew better. He had to know better. He hopped back a step with the blessings of a stellar warmth at his feet, passing Vesper's right shoulder & backing towards where Zendreyu would engage in combat, and palmed his hand at his friend's chest in the passing long enough to say - "You wear the name of Sunflower! Ves; one'a them's fiendin'!" A shimmer overtook Vesper to bloom another ornamental flower at his collar, this one a bright yellow, and his body would feel additionally comforted in its embrace.

"I'll back up mister Zendreyu!" Utmost trust placed in their sugar-hyped fighter to watch their backs, which Briar had to accept himself as unqualified to defending with his skillset alone. He'd just have to handle the ebb of this fight from its center and keep both of his allies from buckling while they managed the attackers. He wasn't sure if he could keep track of this many localized events at once, praying he'd be skilled enough to track at least Zendreyu and Vesper, but there wasn't a choice given except to adapt as necessary and catch up fast.

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Vesper's eyes dilate, focus intent on the leather-clad marionette he determines is the most dangerous of the threats. Not to himself, but the blossoming branch he recognized as the party's backbone. He was determined, regardless of the boisterous dragon lady that teased him ever so gently. He would not allow any harm to come of his little Bri. The thought lingers even as the invigorating warmth courses through his body. A blessing - a helping hand for the trials and tribulations they must endure if they wish to become stronger.

A gust of wind from the construct of a tempestuous barrier - akin to the dragon's dynamic entrance, causes his hair to blot his vision for a moment, and that moment was all the puppet needed to shake the dog's watchful gaze. The candy in his hand vibrates with his magical energy, his power to boost himself in this combat scenario almost entirely superfluous. Was this intentional, perhaps? It's not like it really mattered, but a twinge of panic took hold in his heart. A thought in passing. An idea that takes root. What if he could shoot them? He shakes the flash of inspiration for now, instead turning to the beautiful rose that now adorned his coat, in such shimmering splendor.  

Vesper whips like a flicker of fire with renewed courage, iron creaking under the strain of his clenched fist as he searches for his designated target. One of the knights took a step forward, swinging its blade at Mr. Zendreyu and almost instinctual - his body screams to move. To stand before any foe with an unbreakable spirit, always smiling. Like a hero. But, it's not like the stories. Real combat is different. He can't be in two places at once - protecting both Briar, the supportive backline and Zendreyu, the frontline soldier that was holding the line against the armored knights. He realizes this now and instead revisits his little thought. He's channeling the little candy more and more, but it won't explode. A recipe missing a crucial, key ingredient. His magic has never been used for anything besides enhancing his own body.

Out of the periphery came the ring of clashing steel bursting through the barrier's gale and his body reacted, head turning abruptly towards the source of the sound.  The rogue from earlier had finally resurfaced, targeting Briar just like Ryuko had warned - like an omen. Was this also intentional? A test to push his ability to react to a chaotic situation with a blaring inadequacy in his skillset so prominently illuminated. The candy clenched so tight in his fist evaporates with a bang. A sudden pulse of energy that melts the candy under the strain of his fingers digging into his palm leaving nothing but ash. Ves' emotions are getting the better of him and he shuffles through his pouch with jittery fingers to pluck another piece of candy. A sudden burst and perhaps; a release? An ignition of sorts to send the candy flying like a bullet.

His head is swirling, theorizing about the possibilities and practicality of releasing a transient, high amount of energy into a single point to transform his candies into projectiles. An idea blossoms , a budding eureka that takes root as Briar blesses him once again, this time with a flower that so distinctly personified the little rabbit. A sunflower, so warm and so dazzling, you can't help but smile. That's exactly what Vesper does when left with such a heavy blessing to shoulder - proof of their bond and trust in one another. "Thank you, Bri. Don't worry.. I'll keep you safe no matter what."

Electric humming focuses to the tips of his fingers as he balances the candy atop his two most stable and prominent ones - resting ever so silently as he exhales. The idea is simple actually. He feels silly at himself for never considering the possibility before. A magic circle manifests itself in the space between the candy and his resting fingers. A galvanizing aura cloaks the tiny confectionery, spiraling down in serpentine movements until his fingers, too, were coated in resonant lightning. His eyes dim, half-lidded with the intent to blow away the rogue with a single heroic strike. A wild charge with a crack of soft thunder as he releases the magic circle, flicking the powered up candy bullet at the slinky rogue. It's direction is unclear even to Vesper, but it worked and that's all that mattered to the boy now in his minute triumph.

He rushes to catch the rogue now in close quarters combat, squeaky iron that connects with the metallic marionette to hopefully distract its attention away from Briar and Zendreyu. A simplification of the board state seemed the most logical action. Every piece had its part to play and Vesper was dedicated fully to his.

[823 | Learning: Spark Bang]


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Zendreyu's body was still recovering from his actions during the Sinese skirmishes. His internal suffering had fortunately reignited his bloodline and broke some of the curse upon his lineage. With this Zendreyu could not fight as well as he had at his peak as a young adult but he could unleash defensive strengths through his battered body all the same. Since Vesper had engaged the dagger wielder, Zendreyu intercepted both knights to keep the young Briar safe. Zendreyu had mistaken Briar for a girl due to Briar's looks. Apparently young men could be cute in the manner that they could be mistaken for young ladies.

Zendreyu decided he would apologize later as he kept the two knights to himself with body positioning that allowed a posture that would keep them away from Briar and solely focused on him. The main necessity though was to take down the summoned magi. Still it seemed that since Vesper had decided to take down the dagger wielder without support then Zendreyu could only slowly make his way to the summoned magi instead of rushing him as tactics would dictate. Either method suited Zendreyu just fine because either way Zendreyu knew he would have to fight. Once Zendreyu was within range of a knight while staying close enough to block the second knight Zendreyu would attack with a quick punch with his steel fist.

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And so the fight had properly begun. Thanks to Briar's timely interference in the form of enhancement magic and  Vesper's brave attempt to experiment with a spell in the heat of combat. The effort would soon pay of, as the candy was propelled straight past Briar and toward the rogue that had been chasing him. The blast hit the creature straight in the face, upon which it recoiled slightly in a display of minor pain. Unfortunately, it was not enough to render it more than temporarily delayed!

"Excellent! To take the courage to try finding new ways to use your magic efficiently in the heat of battle is one of the best ways to improve Vesper! I'm impressed~"

Ryuko's voice ringed out from behind the tempest barrier as the rogue steadied himself. The creature turned its attention toward Vesper, seeing it as the largest threat to deal with currently. Lunging straight at him the rogue thrust his knife forwards at the same time Vesper's fist punched into the body of the rogue! The knife initially seemed to be struggling for a moment to break through Briar's defensive spell, but after that moment the spell shattered, and while weakened the knife did continue toward Vesper's shoulder! However, his dagger only barely succeeded in slicing through through Vesper's shirt, leaving the boy unharmed!

"Aha~ Armor really helps at times like this, doesn't it Vesper? You might be wondering why you weren't turned into a kebab just now. You see~ Briar's defensive spell helped dampen the damage from the summon, which thanks to your clothes helped intercept the remaining damage. But you're not out of the woods yet!"

The rogue staggered backwards, collapsing onto the ground with a hard thud.

Vesper's attack inflicted 1 S-rank damage (because you had +20 Damage from your weapon, alongside 11 Strength and a 80 Strength buff, add to that your racial perks and you're in the S-rank tier of damage. Rogue got pulverized due to taking C-rank damage first and then also S-rank.

The three knights however were proving to be more problematic. When Zenderyu attempted to punch the knight approaching him, the defensive barrier around his being caused the warrior's fist to rebound, and the broad-axe wielding knight slashed right into Zenderyu's Shishi-Yoroi!

Fortunately the natural fortitude of his armor made it so the attack left less of an impact, but due to all attention being directed his way it would clearly be a difficult role to fulfill! The two remaining knights started to approach the duo, one charging at Briar, while the remaining one dashed toward Zenderyu, this time swinging his sword at the tall man! Certainly, his armor could intercept it but being hit again would surely cause his armor to break!

"Hmm, the rogue is already defeated... perhaps I been going too easy on you all~" Ryuko chimed softly as she nodded at the mage who started to channel another spell. This time a collection of three glowing lights became visible among the wind barrier, when without any warning a fireball came flying straight toward Briar, Vesper and Zenderyu!


Rogue is defeated
Knights are unharmed so far due to the one knight who got hit having a defensive spell active
Mage is casting Fire Volley and is shooting 3 projectiles that are 1 diameter in size at each of you, being hit by the attack will inflict 1 C-rank fire damage!

When calculating your damage you got to take into consideration the damage stat of your weapon, for example Vesper's fists have a +20, meaning you count +20 Strength when you punch with them on top of your usual attributes and buffs.

Any questions? send them my way~

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Briar Caidh
"Nice! Ves!!" Briar was beside himself with giddiness despite his back being turned to his friend and the sounds of the fight behind him - it was Ryuko's declaration that caught him up, earning a little hop with his staff in the air while his attentions otherwise remained on the fiends him and Zendreyu took on. "I-I knew we could count on you," he exclaimed, though the palpable relief on his breath and the nervous burn of his face would be unseen by Vesper in the moment - he had felt his defensive magic shatter and had almost turned away from the fight he joined to run back to him. Thank goodness. Thank goodness.

They were, as their 'sensei' put it, not out of the woods yet regardless of this first victory. He'd clench white knuckles around the gnarled oak of his staff, leaning slightly forward to shift his weight in the dirt and make ready to close or make distance as needed. Zendreyu was a sight in the heat of his combat - truly a veteran by all intents, and this gave the young mage more solid ground to stand on. Here came the hard part; and how he managed himself with opponents that out-numbered them and a team that had to rely on his supportive magics to weather through their assault. The hit Zendreyu would land wouldn't be enough to break the defensive spell on his primary knight, and this appeared to earn time for the specter in the back to capitalize on its nefarious schemes. A tiny, uncharacteristic 'tsk' of chagrin as his heart pounded heavier with the beat of combat.

Bri, old boy, focus. Three notes:

Zendreyu is locked in combat with one knight; his armor had already sustained one hit and the man was in trouble with a second.
Another knight has broken off to charge down Briar himself; he did not have the momentum or time to break away himself again.
The mage had begun and finished casting, loosing a fiery projectile at all three boys; Zendreyu and Briar himself were in a stickier situation when expected to maneuver away from it, but Vesper should be fine to dodge. This, Briar believed. I do, I do.

He had time for these surface considerations, but not the time to analyze them further. Not that he was terribly combat-minded to begin with -- but he was putting himself out there in trying to do more than scamper around with the squeaks he kept buried in his throat. Don't be scared. Just act. Do something.

"Poppy!" He declared, spinning his staff forward as a seal appeared at his feet. This would take him out of line of fire of the projectile, at least, whether or not the knight charging at him could intercept: but his safety was not his primary concern. He kicked the dirt, rocketing off the bloom of a flower that shot from the circle to propel him toward Zendreyu, closing the distance alarmingly fast - faster than even he expected, thanks to the winds of blessing that guided his feet now - and skirted up behind him with his arm already outstretched. He curled his fingers into the small of the older man's back, raising his staff to support the urgency, his head thrown with his little shout. "Sunflower!"

Alike to what he had done with Vesper, a shimmer passed over the large, seasoned adventurer and collected as a magical shield marked by the sunflower bloom on his collar. Briar would be lost in dealing with any of these fighters alone - this was certain - but beyond that he couldn't think of anything else but coming to Zendreyu's aid under the threat faced. He'd handle the consequences if they were to come at his cost.

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Vesper's eyes sparkled in awe, beside himself with his triumph and wagging his imaginary tail with such glee. Even more so upon hearing Briar's flowery applause. "Didja see that, Bri!? Thank you!" A shaky fist raises to the sky - a hop with closed fist pumping down with exuberance. He has a tiny moment to bask in this victory before reality creeps back in. The battle wasn't over and his clothing held the scars that otherwise could have been ingrained in his flesh. He was saved by Briar's aid and he's eternally gracious. There's something strangely liberating about the acknowledgement that you can't do everything on your own - to have comrades watching your back. Like how Mister Zendreyu was holding his ground against the knights. Ves felt a strange sensation swell up inside, in the deepest part of his core. It was so; intensely warm.

Ves is hyped on adrenaline, short hops off the ground to wind himself up. A quick survey of the battlefield and he finds himself a fair distance away from the rest of his team. He fumbles through his pouch, pawing for another candy in his unarmored left hand. The board state had indeed been simplified, but the mage was proving to be an aggravating foe and before he was able to finish his thought, it had already finished casting its first volley. Glowing stars burning bright against the tempest had simplified his decision further. A magic circle of his own appears at his fingertips, a spark that skitters around the tiny orb as he pops it into his mouth - crunch. A momentary lapse as his metabolism pushes the energy to coalesce to the bottom of his feet. He does one final hop - this time, forward, to evade the incoming fire.

A burst of lightning in the shape of a young man, howling with a ferocious battle-cry. Three pawns protecting the king like a stalwart fortress. The solution? The same thing that's worked out for him thus far. Protect his friends and punch a hole straight through. A short pause after the surge as the magic dissipates that leads into a full run towards the knight shambling towards Briar. A leap through the air winding his body back with clenched teeth, a strike of lightning clad in iron. It was his duty to take the hit. To protect that innocence like a true hero, albeit slightly tarnished with a greedy desire. To be adorned with another name - another flower.

"If we can just get past one... we should be able to take out that annoying mage!"



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Zendreyu had failed to notice the 3rd Knight which allowed it to get passed him or so it may have thought.  With a speed defying his injuries and some of his age Zendreyu lunged to the flank of the knight rushing Briar. No words were spoken as Zendreyu did his best to keep the THREE Knights occupied. A defensive spell landed and some buffs that Zendreyu did not understand or notice as he moved at his top speed the two knights he originally tried to keep to himself with body positioning would now need to keep up with his speed as he motioned to keep the attacking Knight away from Briar and used his speed to flank him.

All the while his mind was still thinking how he would deal with the magi as it unleashed a fireball. Zendreyu's body armor was near its limit so it retreated inside his body leaving him to tank the attacks that could reach him. Luckily he was still physically tough but this was going to hurt. Regardless Zendreyu would not suffer the loss of his life-bound armor as he had yet to learn how to repair it. Vesper had managed to take down the dagger wielder with Briar's magic and his own attacks bring a simple smile to Zendreyu's face. At this moment however despite the sword about to slash into him and the fireball that was exploding upon him Zendreyu could only make a swift attack upon the knight chasing Briar.

Zendreyu hoped Vesper and Briar could make a combined attack to take the mage down so they could then work on the Knights together. Once Zendreyu was within range of the knight attacking Briar Zendreyu would attack with a fierce, flanking punch with his steel fist. Zendreyu was hoping to catch the summoned Knight off guard.

WC: 300

OOC: I don't know the numbers for the buffs I received, if you can msg me what they are I can add them to my temporary status for gear and stats review.

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It was a risky decision of Zenderyu to try to occupy the three knights at the same time. Even with the protective blessings of Briar's magic, his gear had already taken some damage after his earlier battle against them. While it was brave that he wanted to try to intercept the knight charging at Briar, one could consider it overconfidence to take on all three at once.

After all he had allies at his side, to let them deal with one of the knights could had been a gesture of trust as well. The knight wielding the giant axe suddenly had his eyes give a faint red glow from underneath his helmet as Zenderyu started moving away from him.

"Ara~ Ara~ To turn your back onto a foe is dangerous... Focus on the enemies you can deal with Zenderyu, nobody asked you to take the burden all by yourself."

Indeed, as the fireball reached Zenderyu and exploded into his torso, Briar had barely been fast enough to shield his ally to deal with the first attack, but the knight that rushed at Zenderyu with his axe would be harder to deal with.

A violent swing happened, but in the same moment the axe collided against the man's armor something unexpected happened. Indeed, the armor shattered, the axe slicing into Zenderyu's back and inflicting some damage. (1 A-rank, leaving Zenderyu with 2 S-rank and 1 A-rank health) but worse was the side-effect that the attack would have.

"RAAAAAGH!" The knight suddenly let out a monstrous howl as his axe collided into Zenderyu's back, the axe pulsing with energy and knocking the veteran warrior roughly 15 meters away from his spot, straight toward where Vesper was rushing toward Briar!"

Zenderyu got hit by a knock-back effect and is heading right into Vesper, Vesper has a chance to dodge him but his rush will slow down as a result.


Meanwhile the other two had done well in avoiding the mage's attacks, but they now had their own problems to deal with. The knight that was approaching Briar could now do so without any opposition, his sword swung high as it came bearing down onto the child, but the moment it would connect due to being so close the slice rebounded and to Briar it might feel more like he got a karate-chop instead on the head as Yu's voice resounded through the air.

"Zenderyu and Briar~ One strike. If that was a real fight you would have been seriously injured, especially you Briar. Always keep in mind your role, as a supportive caster you shouldn't allow yourself so close to an enemy. Zenderyu, keep in mind your capacities when it comes to your opponents. There is no shame in relying on an ally in battle."

Meanwhile the broadaxe wielding knight had continued to charge after Zenderyu and Vesper, accompanied by the second knight while the one standing in front of Briar took a few steps backwards and brandished his sword once more.

Like their mentor said, they weren't out of the woods yet! And this time the mage was scheming something else, for he started chanting a spell, but judging from first looks this spell would take a while to complete!

Mage is casting a Spell that will activate over 2 turns

Zenderyu's armor broke due to being hit, on your earlier question Vesper, your armor is also broken due to the earlier attack from the rogue. Briar took 1 A-rank damage from the knight this round.

The knights their durability is currently still at full, primarily due to the fact Zenderyu's earlier attempt to hit the one chasing Briar got interrupted by his previous foe.

#22Briar Caidh 

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Briar Caidh
His cheeks flushed; it could be caused by embarrassment or shame from the rightful chiding he received and/or the mark from his teacher, or it could be from exertion and the discombobulation of the pain from the attack. It was likely a combination of all of the above. He recognized it didn't hurt as bad as it could have, at least. He shuddered to think of the state it would have left him in in a real fight, and he already felt pretty startled to his core from the mock attack alone. Miss Ryuko was right. Of course she was right; the problem being that he knew from the start he was making the wrong call, but couldn't stop himself from throwing himself into harm's way for the chance of helping Zendreyu.

He tutted, holding his head for the precious few seconds he was allotted before he had to focus back in on the current situation. "Owwwie," he let himself mumble beneath his breath, crossing his eyes for the moment it took to chew his tongue. Play catch-up again - you can do this, Bri. We have:

The knight in front of him, making enough space to express the intent to attack again - as far as Briar read it.
Both remaining knights chasing after Zendreyu who had been thrown into Vesper's path, waylaying both.
The mage in the distance preparing some sort of magic Briar did not want to see the completion of; he felt strongly he could do something about that, but not with the the current state of affairs.

"Oh gosh..." He took his own stance with his staff outstretched and reaffirmed between his small hands, having no option but to believe his allies would be able to manage themselves - there was no tool in his arsenal to reposition them, and he had to accept Ryuko's tutoring to maintain distance from his enemies. He stood firmer on his feet despite the wobble that crossed his legs, glancing between the sword knight keeping him at bay and the mage casting his spell in the distance. He'd do a hop back, holding his chest with his staff clenched tight and another call passing his lips. "Sunflower," came his careful breath, taking the first chance to coat himself in his shield and somewhat stopper the flow of damage he had taken.

Then, he checked again for the strange warmth that pooled in his legs - flexing them, shoulders tense - and he booked it, running from the knight to make as much distance as possible while closing his distance to the enemy mage in a circular fashion. He'd run with a curve, making sure to stay further back if the knight advanced on him, counting on his burst of speed to carry a gulf in its ability to catch up. "I'm countin' on you two!" He yelled in motion, his voice cracking from the volume and pitch. "P-please get me an openin' and I'll stop that spell! Uwehh!" He tried to be more sure than he was, his eyes occasionally squeezing shut in his sprint from his nerves.

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Blunders that were capitalized on in rapid succession by the metallic pawns. A miscalculation in positioning or maybe an underestimation in the knight's strength. HIs body was crying out like shrieking lightning, begging to find its mark and prevent Briar from getting hurt. Things did not go as Vesper imagined - a cataclysm of epic proportions if the boy were to quantify his frustration at himself.

A giant boulder of a man is sent flying towards Vesper by the shockwave bursting from the iron puppet's axe. He can't catch him. An impossible task, but he has to push through to rescue Briar, a beckoning call - a chain around his neck pulling him ever so slowly forward and yet; he cannot. A hard lesson and simple truth of the battlefield laid at his feet so transparent. Vesper grits his teeth and stalls - a change of direction. A quick, snap decision to forsake the man flying his way for the inevitable crash that would surely be their end. He decides to have faith in his comrade to use his plethora of experience to find a way to recover.

The plan changed, but only slightly. A quick survey of the board state; Briar had made his way past the knight in an attempt to suppress the mage beginning to channel another devastating spell. Wait for me! A silent cry to drive him forward. "Sorry, Mr. Zendreyu! I'm not strong enough to catch you! Here! Catch!" Vesper shuffles through his bag, palming a tiny candy with twitchy fingers as a knight shambles forward to meet his advance. A magic circle appears around the candy, whirring hum of lightning wrapping around the tiny orb as he tosses it to the old soldier. A meager boon to hopefully make a difference in their coming battle.

Eyes sharpen and his face contorts into a vicious visage - a broken mirror ready to gnash with broken glass. It doesn't matter how many cuts he takes, or how many times he gets knocked down. Vesper will always move forward in service of another, piling on the punishment until whatever barrier crumbles under his purely simple ambition. He charges forward, reckless maybe, into a headlong crash with a steel wall. Metal can bend and that's all he needs right now. A tiny voice rings out and Vesper's ears perk up reacting to them like a sacred decree. The mirror restores itself, reflecting a poised expression before howling out his answer. "You can count on us, Bri!"

Vesper winds back, shrill shrieks of iron straining as flesh bends to propel himself forward for just one more strike to punch a hole in the wall.




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Zendreyu had failed  to stop Briar's attacker and even got bashed into Vesper's path. This was not the way he should fight. Zendreyu's armor retreated into his body after being damaged Zendreyu readied himself as his healing ability primed itself. ((ATTACK, HEAL, DEFEND!!)) the basic mantra of his soldierly duties repeated in his mind over and over as he stood up with a steely gaze. "I apologize young magi Vesper, I can't let getting older allow me to be sloppy or inattentive of basic details. This was my fault not either of yours. I thank you for this lesson and reminder Ryuko Sensei. I know what I must do. Magi Briar, I apologize for calling you a lady, it is again my inattentiveness I am not used to men being handsome enough to be considered cute. I will clear a path for you to get to the summoned mage. Magi Vesper thank you for the thunder candy I will aid you in just a moment as I get rid of the knight attacking Briar. Magi Briar, Magi Vesper I have a companion that will introduce himself shortly and help protect Briar. Prepare for a large ally."

Zendreyu stood up from his embarrassing beating that had flung him away into the dirt. Summons or not these knights had awakened the instincts in Zendreyu in a way that only Ryuko and Fei Yu could appreciate.

"Axe Knight, Sword Knight I will challenge you BOTH to personal combat!!"

With a distinct fighting stance Zendreyu rushed the axe knight. HE WOULD ATTACK!

After this attack Zendreyu would release his healing energy.

The sequence would ensue and once Zendreyu followed through it would lead to victory.

WC: 280

OOC: My apologies everyone, messing up on details will not happen again.

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Ryuko couldn't help but smile. Yes, to see these young whelpling having having experienced a hardship had been an interesting occasion to her. Not only did hardships among a group often inspire dread, but at times it could even cause one's unity to break as people could start blaming others for their own shortcomings. It was a delight to see them overcoming it. To accept one's mistakes and shortcomings was the best way for one to overcome them and improve them in the end.

Three knights remained between them and the mage who was preparing to chant a dangerous incantation of some sort. This was something Briar had clearly taken notice of as he attempted to circle around the knights, although as he moved the winds churning from the barrier that surrounded the battlefield did seem to make the space to maneuver a bit risky, but fortunately there was still enough room.

Zenderyu who had been empowered by the candy Vesper had provided him rushed toward his foe, the large axe-wielding knight bracing himself for battle. The axe swung high through the air, but considering the sudden lunge that Zenderyu used to accelerate his body with the large fist of the man pummeled straight through the armored chest of the knight that collapsed onto the ground with a heavy thud.

Meanwhile the knight who had been approaching Briar heard the bellowing taunt of the veteran warrior, slowly grinding its feet to a halt as he turned around and dashed toward Zenderyu, sword thrust straight toward the man akin to a fencer's motion.

However, fortune favors the brave, and even with his armor destroyed the remaining warrior attempted to raise his weapon to swing at the werewolf but instead found himself with the smaller lycan charging head-on into him! The knight staggered, attempting to slam the pummel of his sword into Vesper's shoulder but the hardiness of his people seemingly made it seem like barely anything but a bruise might remain, and with sheer determination and a pair of steel fists Vesper as well succeeded in tearing through that wall that separated him from his precious friend!

And Briar? With the knight chasing him having turned tail to face Zenderyu was now face to face with the mage! The mage had stopped his chant, a hand raising toward the young mage as a dark sphere of energy started to pulse through it, an attack that came in vain as it evaporated against Briar's defensive protection!

Almost... they had almost succeeded! Only one knight and the mage remained before victory would be theirs. Yet at the same time that Zenderyu's loyal companion would arrive the wind barrier disappeared in a gust of wind as standing before Ryuko was....

Every adventure begins with a training camp! 966c25bc-5bf7-4e86-8b97-4472ee34d1d0
Arawn: The Crimson Knight-Commander

A proud chivalrous knight stood ceremoniously before her, his sword impaled into the ground as a red gleam focused onto the battlefield in front of him.

"What is your opinion on their performance so far?"

Ryuko's words made the knight's gaze drift along the three figures that were still in the midst of combat. "Raw... And unrefined, but like a blade given time to polish their skills they could grow into splendid champions, Monarch Ryuko..."

Hearing these words earned a smile from the dragon girl. "It's not often you come out to spectate mortals their training, let stand praise them... They must had done a good job then."


Almost there! Only the Knight and the Mage are left to oppose you!

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