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From the Ashes [Event]

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#1Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe

The hammer fell upon the shield, again and again as the dwarf did his best to focus on fixing it. He had already patched up the matching sword, but without the shield being fully repaired, the oni spirit within wouldn't awaken. Though he has become a great smith in his time, Brone Heavyaxe was finding it difficult to focus with how worried he was about... her.

Gnicholas, though had used his magic to heal himself and Brone, was bandaged up, there was an extent to how far his magic can heal. The gnome sat to the side as he watched the dwarf use an abandoned forge to fix Benimaru's shield and sword. He knew Brone was worried heavily for his niece, and he wanted to assure him that Lumikki would be fine, but he wasn't sure of that. Muninn, one of his ravens had arrived to whisper into his ear. Because of some odd reason, the dwarf could never speak about what the ravens and him share, but with how clever and perceptive Gnicholas is, he was able to determine generally what the situation may be just by reading the interactions he could see between Brone and the ravens. The dwarf had initially paced back and forth, possibly waiting for Huginn to return with news of Lumikki, eventually he got tired of pacing and chose to put his focus on fixing Benimaru. Because Brone wasn't running after the one person he cared about more than anything, the gnome could assume that Huginn went to guide the young lady back to them.

The gnome was right about his assumption, though partially; Huginn was with Lumikki, but not to guide her back but to retrieve her. During the war when it reached it's peak, Brone and Lumikki were fighting their own respective daimyos, the shogun's most trusted, and the ravens were keeping an eye on both battles. When Lumikki was transformed and entrapped into a card, Muninn was there, flying back and forth, left his brother's side to inform Brone that Huginn will be bringing Lumikki to him, though Huginn purposely told Muninn to leave out the detail of her being changed into a card to prevent him from rampaging.

Just as the battle was ending, Huginn had quickly swooped in and snatched up Lumikki's card before anyone was wise enough to noticed. He flew off and made a bee-line to where Brone was.

Muninn cawed the moment he spotted his brother which drew Brone's attention. He dropped the hammer and rushed over to where Huginn was perched on a low tree branch. "Where is she!?" He demanded as he looked around, upset that the raven didn't lead his niece back. He worried the raven would bring back bad news, all he wanted to hear come from Huginn's mouth was his niece's location.

The raven didn't say a word, but released his grip on the card that he clutched in his claw. The card floated in the passing breeze right into the dwarf's hand. Brone would look at the card, then quickly at Huginn; he was about to yell at the bird and demand he speak but something on the card caught his eye and as his sight fell upon the card again, he noticed the woman on the card was Lumikki herself. His eyes widen as he looked up at Huginn and looking into the raven's eye that peered at him, he understood. He said nothing else as he drew forth Spellcleaver. Though he carefully tapped the card with the blade of the axe, a bead of sweat ran down his face, hoping the card was durable. The magic was then broken and the card dissolved. Another sudden breeze came to bring forth cherry blossoms that clouded the dwarf's vision. He swatted the petals away to see his niece on the grass, waking from a magical slumber.



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Emil tried to strike the lord of the North and at last his attack would land. The storm clouds he summoned to the sky would swirl above their enemies, lighting ripping through the air and whipping at toward the foes. Tamas had looked after her for a moment, Lumikki freshly struck by the butterfly woman’s attack. He dashed for the lord soon after being sure she would be ok, making sure to block line sight on her as to not let her draw more attention and defend what may try to strike her.

Emil’s lighting struck the woman, and just before it could strike the lord, he would only pull out a card and chuckle. Tamas more than halfway towards him was oblivious as to what will happen. As was the rest of them until the lord spilled the magic of the card. Emil’s lightning had a new master for the moment, striking all on her side instead. Lumikki looked toward the sky aware of what was to come. Attempting to ice herself to help tolerate the pain to come.

She wasn’t aware of the face Tamas was making, hidden behind his help. That of both helplessness and anger. Feeling betrayed by a member of his guild and team as he blamed the fool for unleashing such an attack in the first place. He began to run frantically for Lumikki, knowing full well they’d both be struck but he’d rather. Be with her. But the man was stuck long before he could make it, walking forward a few more steps before falling onto the floor. Cursing Emil for even doing this to them, "What an... idiot"

Lumikki would watch on helpless. Dreading being struck herself and too weak to even meet her friend. She sighed deeply just before the lighting would hit her too. Coursing through her body like a live wire, it shook her to her core. It felt like she was burning from the inside out, and then it would all fade to black just before her body hit the ground.

Yet still the Daemon would find no rest. "Maybe once I'm done with you, you meat head, I'll enjoy feeling that woman of yours,~" proclaimed the lord as he wiggled his fingers with a perverted smile and blush. The lord was happy with the new addition to his deck as Lumikki’s body would fade away like smoke in a breeze. Black snow would ebb to him as he held out his hand to receive two new cards. The lord would cackle in his glee as he brought a baby Godzilla to the field. Though Lumikki was far out of the battle now. She was just a reward for him to claim and in time, play with. All beings he crafts into his cards were only but slaves for him to joyously sacrifice and use.

All was dark as Lumikki was hardly an existence. Her consciousness fading into nothing. It almost felt like she was ever shifting, her being was being rewritten. She now had to suit her new master and so it was all a blur. Echos would call out in the distance. A cacophony of voice but a whisper at first soon becoming a loud roar. The greeted her pitifully, the others creatures entrapped in this space. This was where the last embers of their beings resigned before the lord would call for them. Perverting their forms and powers as he throw them before himself like valiant dolls. For a moment, she drowned. This nothingness, this darkness. It felt like water in which she floats and with it and her shifting, the voices. It all washed over her, and she felt the pushing and pulling of the tides dragging her. All her screams fell silent. The Daemon was almost sure for the moment that that all was lost, that she was lost….and for a moment what made her Lumikki began to fade away…..

Hah, she felt a laugh within herself. Haaaaaahaaahahaha, she recoiled within herself as she broke into a cackle. Her eyes shining purple. Like I’d lose meself to this, she thought. Her spite and anger sustained her essence. Pouring form her like a muck poisoning the river that carries her carelessly.

Yeeeesss, it was careless to ensnare her…..

This is nothing to the Abyss she would soon face….nothing to the true oblivions and rebirth she will endure.  The Daemon was fully iced over from within. Waiting and bidding her time until she would be released. No doubts in her mind that the putrid lord would be slain. May it be as morbid as he deserves.

But then she would feel a breeze….the smell of the air would tickle her nose as the wind glided along er skin. She would look over just before her to see a man she loves more than most. Shook as if he’s seen her in as a full Daemon once more, a wretched angel that haunted him. Tears would stream down her eyes as she was grateful to be met with the splendid gift of seeing him first. Brone was far removed from her battle, fighting his own and that of greater danger. Yet his still found a way to seek and reclaim her and it moved her to her core. This is what I TRULY LIVE FOR. She would think to herself as she rose to embrace him. The bonds in this life are what I truly cherish most, even when its spite that sustains me….The Daemon would sob in his arms as the only words she’d manage to utter were “Thank ye”

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#3Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone held his breath as he looked Lumikki over, her robes had scorched marks indicating she was in battle, but it wasn't until she stirred that allowed the dwarf to sigh in relief... she's alive. He tried to be slow and calm for her sake, trying not to startled her. But when she had awoken, she was quick to embrace Brone, allowed him to close his arms around her, "Ye welcome, lass" his voice was little more than a whisper as he felt the warmth of her body through the cold aura she usually emits.

Within that moment of quiet, the sound of distant cheers reach them, replacing the sound of battle. Once Brone pulled away from Lumikki, he pulled a loose bang out from her face and tucked it behind her ear, "Come wait with me here while we wait for word of the status of the war" he said as he walked back over to the forge where he left Benimaru. Though he heard the cheering, he needed to wait for confirmation whether or not they had won. This his niece just being released from being entrapped within a card, he didn't want to make a move and endanger her, "Tell me what happened and who put ye in that card, then we'll hunt 'em down" he said as he picked up the hammer and the shield he left unfinished.

Huginn and Muninn could have told them the answer to his questions, but this would allow conversation between the two, so they decided to fly off and do some scouting of their own. As for Gnicholas, he walked up to Lumikki and patted her knee, "Glad you're alright" he gave her a wide smile as he would walk with her to the forge. Brone would keep himself hiding in the shadows since he felt a tear welling up within him. He heated up Benimaru's shield and continued to hammer it down. "Sit here while I tend to you" the gnome would guide the young lady to a seat and would begin pulled at the shadows in order to sooth the wound upon Lumikki.

"We can assume judging by the shouts and cheers, the war is over" Gnicholas said as he continued to tend to the young lady.

"But we don't know if we're the winners or not, so let's just wait and hide by this forge until word gets te us" The dwarf was close to finishing up on patching the shield. Gnicholas agreed with him without issue.

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When Lumikki gathered all her wits about her to answer her Uncle’s question, she whipped her tears and cleared her throat. ”Was some brute calling himself the Lord of the North, was distasteful to heat considering our very own Warden nearly sharing a title with the bod ceann.” She spat on the floor for her disgust and disdain. Annoyed to ever be in the creeps presence let alone capture by him.

”The blaigeard used cards to summon his victims to fight for him. First and only I really got to see was some butterfly woman who zapped me. But right after Emil let his lightning drop and the bod ceann uses a card to send it back. I felt like one of yer heated blades before ya cool it. Really if I could rip his throat out would, but beyond that I don’t know what happened. I was in the world that card magic tossed me. Was like the pits of Helheim but not as soothing.”

Lumikki was fuming just recanting it, darkness would whiff off her like smoke as she walked over to the forge. By the time she sat where Gnicholas instructed, her darkness was taking over her side of the room. She was happy to be freed and so soon too, but she was livid by how weak she was. I almost cost her life.

As the gnome was tending to her wounds, she was absentmindedly bitting her thumb and drawing blood. Absolutely distraught for her recent events, she didn’t even hear the cheers. Nor did she care. When the gnome would pull away from healing her, she would anxiously shake her leg as she say back. Still piercing her thumbs with her fangs, at least until she looked over to her Uncle at last. She dashed up and toward him, knocking over her chair in the process. ”What happened to him?! Will he be ok?” She pulled back from getting too close when she realized her chill could get in the way of repair. Falling back to the far other side of the room so as not to bother the process.”He can be fixed right?” Tears would drip from her eyes like steady streams. She balled up her fists so tight that her nails would cut into her palms.


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Brone Heavyaxe
As the hammer fell upon the heated shield, Brone listened to Lumikki's story, the daimyo, whoever this "Lord of the North" was, seemed to be creepy in all sense of the word, but hearing that Emil was there, the dwarf was hesitant to assist the 'God of Lightning', "If Emil's there, then he can handle it" he scoffed. Though he was still irritated by their initial interaction with one another, he didn't hate the young lad, but he figured with how powerful he seem to be, then he would be able to hold off that daimyo long enough for back up to arrive. Brone couldn't just leave his niece by herself or bring her back to a dangerous fight without first catching their breath and planning their next move.

Brone was nearly startled as Lumikki rushed to the forge, her emotional state caused a breeze of cold air to waft over the area, the fire to the forge flickered. She pulled back realizing her mistake. Her eyes showed her concern for the oni, taking Brone a bit by surprise, but he knew well how close his niece and the oni have been getting. He was initially concern about that, but eventually gained trust in Beni.

He halted his hammer and brought the heated shield over to the water bason and dipped it in, causing steam to rise up. "He'll be fine, Frost Flower, this isn't the first time I patched him up" Brone gave a chuckle and a smile, trying to calm his niece.

"Breaking the shield and sword doesn't destroy Benimaru's soul, but seems to put him in a temporary state of sleep" Gnicholas said as continued to manipulate the shadows that were tending Lumikki's wounds from a distance.

Brone gave the shield one look over before placing it beside it's matching sword he had already patched up. Within seconds, the bluish flame above the oni mask on the shield rekindled, though it was not as bright as it normally is, "Well that wasn't fun... what happened?" Benimaru sounded more annoyed and tired than worried. Though he was talking, he wasn't strong enough to levitate yet.

"Ye got shattered by that puppet kid, but don't worry, we knocked him on his ars and shattered his toys" Brone laughed as he began to turn his new ring on his finger, taken from Raijin himself, but for some odd reason, as he tries to remove it from his finger, it wouldn't slide off. Some kind of magic, but he wasn't fearful, for he could always use a clamp.

"Luckily Brone and the other two mages were strong enough to take down Raijin, even though Brone wasn't all there" Gnicholas gave the dwarf a look to which Brone turned away from him, slightly embarrassed. Truth be told, he could barely remember the fight since one of the other two personalities had taken over his body during that fight.

"Never mind that, we won, that's what's important, now we just need to wait for word from a messenger" Brone said as he closed the hatch to the forge so the fire could die out.

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Lumikki slowly walked up to her weakened brother and looked him over. Sure to someone who doesn’t smith themselves, nothing would be different. He was the same shield he always was. But to Lumi who was raised by a master blacksmith, she could see the slight alterations. Brone did a good job reforging him, that was for sure. His details were maintain despite being shattered. Putting him back to near perfection is a long shot for most, more so if you want to maintain the original integrity. Lumikki was in awe.

”Are ya ok brother? Seems we were both battered in our fights. Ye had me going there for a moment, though I’m sure me Uncle felt the same when he got hold of me card.” The act of Brone playing with a ring on his finger did not go unnoticed by Lumikki. She saw it was a new addition to his treasures, figuring it picked up from his battle. Though what really peaked her interest was hearing her Uncle now himself.

”Teacher, wha cha mean he wasn’t himself? Was he not there fighting like ya said? Or did this Raijun make him a puppet for a moment? I just don’t understand.”

She looked to her Uncle and teacher as she inquired, trying to read their expressions at first before going back to look over Benimaru. Her fingers running over his mended bits to see if she’d notice different textures. ”First time back in a while and ye get this. Yer homelands just as cruel and mine I suppose. Though me folk fight the elements while here, well, there a lot of mad people around isn’t there? Was it always this chaotic?”


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Brone Heavyaxe
"I'm fine, kid" Benimaru gave a comforting chuckle as he laid there, "Though I could be better" he indirectly jabbed at Brone's craftsmanship, but the dwarf scoffed, not focused on putting full focus on patching up the details. Though he asks as if he doesn't care, when he does have free time when safely at home, Brone would take extra time to smooth out the shield and sword, though he and Beni never speak of it as a silent agreement between one another. As for the comment about being turned into a card, the dwarf shrugged and gave his niece a smile, letting her know he had all the confidence in her as a warrior, but truthfully he was indeed highly worried; he had never dealt with such a situation, being entrapped into such an odd item, not knowing if she was breathing or whether or not his Spellcleaver could even free her.

"Well, Lumikki, Brone has two inner personalities, as far as I could tell by studying him" Gnicholas explained as he continued to manipulate the shadows that were like tendrils bandaging up Lumikki, hoping she doesn't decide to devour them too soon, "And at times these said personalities take over, though randomly and against anyone's better judgement, even Brone's" it was an upsetting realization and because Brone was embarrassed about it and unable to say anything against it, he scoffed and walked out onto the grass, looking to the night sky, hoping to see a signal from the army.

"Joya was pretty tamed, though this was after the oni attack; we caused a big ruckus, but fortunate for the civilians, the Starlight clan put an end to that and brought 'peace'" Beni ended the sentence with sarcasm; he was indifferent about both sides, even though he was part of the oni invasion. But such a life was too long ago for him.

Eventually Huginn and Muninn returned, leading three soldiers, "Sir Brone, Lady Lumikki, the battle has won and the war has ended!" one of the soldiers was excited to the point he broke his salute.

Brone didn't react until his ravens landed on his shoulder and whispered confirmation into his ears. "Then we did it! How does it feel te be a hero, lass!?" he bellowed to his niece as he walked over and patted her on the back.

"What now?" another soldier asked.

"Get back te yer general and if ye see my group, let them know they are te patrol and see where help is needed" This wasn't Brone's first end-of-war situation; the battle was done, now it was time for the clean up.

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"Suppose I have me fair share of personalities in me head. Though thank the Frost non take over. Haven't heard the annoying one in ages either..." Brone had went off to the outside. Understandable so, she thought. Knowing there things within you that could take over is unsettling. Even beside the boastful pride of a Dwarf.

Benemaru began to speak about the times before and she would lower herself down to hear him. "Looks to me like the peace didn't last very long did it. Can't say an attack from Oni's are a better reality to this, but there sure is a lot of madness to be had. Least too much for the Starlight clan to even manage either."

The soldiers would confirm what the Gnome predicted and Brone had wanted to hear. Everyone rejoiced in their victory, though Lumikki would just note all the things she's lost.

"Hardly feel like a hero Uncle. I know war isn't just nor kind. But killing Hanabara to be reminded of where me humanity ends and being useless in a fight that matters only to be trapped in a card....I feel more useless than I do a hero....."

She took Benimaru into her hands and walked alone side her Uncle. It was now time to clean the mess the created in the cause to gain this country back. At least with that, even this Daemon could be useful. "I just want some peace within meself I suppose. I want to be able to help with what matters, like ye do Uncle. I hope I won't be this useless forever."


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Brone Heavyaxe
"Those voices in anyone's head are like people of their own, they have desires and can have motives too; they can be friends or obstacles, just anyone else" Benimaru mentioned to Lumikki, making sure no one else was listening. The oni knew well what it meant to have another voice so close to someone, for he himself had taken possession of a number of people, invading their mind and trying to gain control of their body, but this was so long ago, long before the invasion of the oni upon Joya. But refused to mention this, concerned he would worry the young daemon, though he wondered if she was one, given her capabilities and what she indicated at times concerning voices within her mind.

"Peace is only temporary, even though I seek it, there will always be problems, hate, and evil, because that is what intelligent beings crave deep inside, especially humans" Benimaru made sure to whisper this Lumikki, quickly ending the statement before they made their way outside the forge area before Brone was in earshot. The oni has seen much of the evil in the world, both from malevolent spirits and from living people, and in his time, he has learned enough to understand that being too selfless was just as destructive as being too selfish.

Brone heard Lumikki's concern, her self-doubt which made him drop his smile. He noticed the soldiers were standing there awkwardly; he shooed them away before he turned back to his niece. He knew she's smart, and as she said, he was sure she understood what war meant, so he didn't try to say anything concerning that, afraid she might feel as if he's patronizing her.

"Killing is part of humanity, goes all the way back to survival, whether to eat or protect what's yours" Benimaru was very forward, too forward, to the point Brone lightly jabbed the mask to keep him from talking further, even though he knew the oni was correct, it was simply how he worded it was the problem.

"Sometimes we get trip, sometimes we lose, and that's alright, what's important is that we keep fighting; merit is not on just wins over defeats" Brone rested a hand on Lumikki's shoulder as he gave her a warm smile, "Losing at times strengthens us, each fall gives us a chance to smelt the steel in our hearts, and I already see so much progress from ye, lass, just look behind ye and see how far ye come". Brone would turn towards the road and begin to make his way to the closest intersection. The ravens had told him about roadblocks that were set up in order to prevent in the invaders from advancing. With the roadblocks gone, the civilians can better travel and transport needed supplies to begin to rebuild, "When it comes te yer peace, ye will have te find that within yerself, lass, but with helping... ye been doing that since ye got te the guild, ye brought us back together again, some members I noticed even returned" Brone laughed as he thought about the activity in the guild had drastically increased.

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Lumikki scrunched her face and at the thought of what Benimaru said. The agency the voices had on her Uncle annoyed her. Friend or foe, she wanted them gone. She glanced at Brone for a moment before thinking more on the voices of her own. They don’t rule her, she thought. They just yammer annoyingly, but nothing more.

”I feel the evil sensations deep within me churning and bubbling. This war brought it somewhat to the surface. And if I don’t mind it meself, I feel like nothing would stop me from burying all of ‘em under ice.” Lumikki would whisper back her input to what Benimaru was saying. She was appreciative of his willingness to convey things as true as he saw them. Not particularly watering it for her because her naive youth was still apparent and rampant. It add to the kinship and bonding she had for him, as she felt he didn’t see her as a child to dismiss.

Lumikki hugged Benimaru after Brone gave him the light jab, giggling in their interaction. ”I only worry for a time I do it ceaseless with no pretty reason to validate it anymore.” Brone added his context and wisdom to her woes and she listened to it all sincerely. Taking in the idea that she was really not as useless as she felt, the addition of all the activity to the guild even made her smile.

”Suppose its hard not to run meself into the ground. It’s hard not wanting to reach for the starts when yer surrounding by those that have a few like gems on their belt.”

The roads were clearing now that the war has settled. The need to choose sides were over. Lumikki wondered just what compelled those Shinobi to take the Shogun’s cause. Just what were they promised that was worth costing them their lives.

The group kept walking on the road, making their way to the nearest village. Brone already noted it was time to help the people resettle, and honestly, she was too tired to care in the helping of things. But she was curious if there were services that only she could offer.

She held Beni close to her chest as she walked, looking around every which way. ”When ya did live here, where were the places worth venturing? When this all is sorted out, I want to return as a traveler and just enjoy the place for what it is.”


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Brone Heavyaxe
The mention of 'evil sensations' within Lumikki didn't catch Brone's attention, for it seem the ravens were in his ear, but Beni didn't let that comment go, "Tch, be mindful to know the difference between evil and good, humans can be too narrow minded" Being held in such a way gave comfort to the oni, in the decades, maybe even centuries he had been sealed, he didn't recall when last he was held in a way other than as a weapon. Memories came back to him from when he was hanging on the wall of a warrior's home, watching children play in the living room; he remembered the innocents, and the sweetness of them, how they looked up at him with amazement, and how sometimes they spoke to him as if he was their friend, despite that was a time Benimaru hid his secret, remaining silent so the lord of the house wouldn't rid of him.

"Some of them shine too bright, sometimes is better to be like the beautiful blackness of the night sky between the stars" Benimaru replied to Lumikki's desire to become like those said gems on the belt.

When they reached the border of the nearby town, the young lady put the oni on the spot; he tried to remember the places that brought him the most peace and joy, even during the war times, "The best places are areas you normally can't reach unless you fly, for the scenery has true beauty" While he managed to slip away from his commander, Beni had sat upon the top of a tower overlooking an entertainment district of one of the main cities. The cherry blossoms that blown in the wind reminded him of those from back in his memory.

The town was active with movement, citizens either working to rebuild, some where moving deliveries and supplies about and some who were armed were escorting prisoners of war. What caught Brone's attention was a group of people crowding outside of a building, when the dwarf asked what was going on, one of the armed men told him that there was an enemy mage who was residing within the tavern, but even though it was just him, the barrier spell he cast was too powerful for them to overcome and enter the vicinity. Brone shrugged and walked up to the translucent barrier. With one tap from his Spellcleaver, the barrier was gone. The dwarf asked the crowd to remain outside to prevent any further casualties as he entered.

When Brone stepped into the tap room, he noticed the only man who was at the bar was wearing black robes bearing the enemy's kanji symbol on his back. The mage was muttering to himself pathetically, his words slurred. Brone sighed, knowing there was no fight here, so he stowed his weapons away, wondering how to approach this defeated man.

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Lumikki sucked her teeth. "Suppose I don't struggle with the concept all too much. I only want to cull the weak bastards that think they could impose on others just cause they have a bit of strength in 'em. The tricky part for me is just not giving in to the frenzy of it." Lumikki rested her chin on the top of Benimaru as she hugged him close. Thinking over what it truly meant to be good or evil. "I don't think, now that I finally gave it all thought, but I don't think I want to be good nor evil. Morality is beginning to feel like a poor attempt at understanding the complexities of man. I think I want to be more like a force of nature. Bountiful in the abundance I could give, but just as cruel when needed of me to clear the way forward. Even if it'll mean returning much of the world to a peaceful still and silence, so that it may slumber once more until born anew."

Lumikki's voice hummed as she spoke, as if even her body was utterly pleased with her revelation. Purring to the thoughts of her new found purpose. Of course accepting what you want to be does not rid you of the fear you may hold as to how others see you. Nature is cruel but at times the forces are even seen as monsters taken form. Would she too just be a monster to man? Would they band together to slay her when she meddles in their affairs more than they would like? The irony to a Daemon who too wants to slay the beings that loom over those of Earthland with intentions and plans of their own. What would it be like when she becomes the thing she sought to destroy. Though none of these thoughts entered the mind of Lumi just yet. She is only caught on the idea of becoming like nature itself.

"Aye, wise ye are indeed. I could see the years on ya now. But I like yer point more than anything I've ever considered meself. I do want to be the darkness that wraps and embraces the world. The calming and subtle dark that accepts ya when all of those of the light casts ya away. I want to become the night itself...."

The party entered the town, riddled with all the remnants of the war and in total disarray. The residents sound at work sorting through all the debris or relocating their food. It all looked like busy ants to Lumikki, the ceaseless movement and the uniformity to their movements. It was all fascinating but what captivated her attention more was the crowd around a mostly intact structure. The people were gawking at, Lumikki settled on, was probably a barrier. Her Uncle stepped before them, inquiring about the commotion. Lumi leaned in to make sure she heard the matter clearly the first time, tipping Benimaru with her.

Enemy mage? Lumikki would ponder on the words of the armed man, hoping the mage would be as strong as he had made it out to be.

Almost anticlimactically, but a sensible solution all the same, Brone tapped the barrier with his axe so the he may cleave the spell away. Sure enough, it dissipated like all other spells before it. Opening a pathway to the once closed of tavern. Just as the answer to gaining entry was a blow to the epic potential, the sight of the forgone mage was but another strike of what could be The man sat slumped over and defeated, not like the frost mage could blame him. War takes its toll on all, regardless of the form in which they manifested.

Really, there weren't as many winners in this war that one could make out. Even the liberated people had to fix all that was broken from the years of chaos that had known, and as tired as they may be, there was no rest for them, for time to come.

Lumikki walked passed her Uncle completely sympathetic of the man before her. His wounds were deep even if they were not visible. And though she walked among the winning side, she too did not feel a winner in this war.

Lumikki took a seat just beside the man, using her wings to boast her up as she carefully placed Benimaru down and propped him up so he would be comfortable and with view. Her tendril of darkness latching on the nearest liquor bottle she could find and passed to toward her. She too a heavy swig, throwing her head back to do it. Letting the burn of the drink scorch her throat on its way down and exhaling deeply before gasping for a fresh breath. She topped off his drink that he loosely held in his hand, clanking the bottle before taking her next sip and patting his back in support.

"Try ta think of it as the worst of it all's passed mate. Though I meself know that does nothing for comfort. Still ye can't lick yer wounds forever. Life for ya's gonna be starting anew soon."

The man hung in his pose for a moment, lost in his drunken stupor. It took him some time to realize the girl sat right beside him, and he hardly noticed his drink was near empty at all.

"Ugggghhh, who are you girl? How'd you get in here?" He looked around frantically around him as if the answer would be made obvious, but settled on not knowing at all. Only looking back to his full glass and drinking from it some more.

"The drink here has an odd taste, the the sensation strong enough all the same though." She looked around for a spare cup to hand her Uncle, but couldn't find any. So she just crafted one with ice and handed it over, he eyes falling onto Benimaru. "Do ya even find yerself missing the drink brother? Yer cursed being sober in that form aye?" She would of poured some for Gnicolas too but figured he would much prefer tea.

"Ye should rid yerself of those robes mate," She tugged at his sleeve with her free hand. "They won't serve ya now, only help ya find more trouble really."

"Trouble?" The man asked, "Aaaall I seeeeem to find is trouble in my wake giiirl. I am beginning to think it's what I know best." He finally looked at her directly and properly. His eyes entirely glazed over in his stupor. He studied her features for quite some time before he found it in himself to speak again. "I have nothing to lose anymore child. This war took all I loved and cared from me.....and all I was. Even if the town takes me now, there is nothing left to have...." He finished what was left in his glass, the cup almost slipping from his hand but Lumi quickly reached over to steady it. Guiding the cup safely back down before topping it off once more.

"Ye speak like ye have no life left in ya mate. Perhaps there isn't. Someone strong as ya could find a new purpose though, if that's something that matters to ya?" She shrugged, it was on him to figure out if life was worth living for. The Daemon was tapped in the optimistic energy to convince him otherwise. All she would do is pull a flower charm from her pocket and study the design.

"What was yer drink of choice brother?" She would say, somewhat zoned out herself. She didn't want for silence right now. Preferring to entertain what ever small talk that could be mustered. "When ye were an oni, could ya fly?

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone watched as Lumikki walked over to the defeated mage and took a seat beside him. Gnicholas gave a look to the dwarf, but it was obvious to them both that there was no danger here, just a drunkard who was drinking his sorrows away. They walked over to join them. As Brone took a seat beside his niece, he accepted the black ice-made cup and took a swig. As for Gnicholas, he walked behind the counter and took the time to get the heater ready along with a kettle he managed to find.

"Sake has always been my drink" Benimaru answered his companion as he watched them from his propped up position, "I don't need to drink or eat... but I do miss those moments of pleasure".

"I built what I had here... now it's all gone... what purpose is there...?" The mage looked off into nothingness as he swayed before taking another swig from his drink. His voice showed defeat of the heaviest kind.

"Terrible ye lost it all" Brone finally spoke up, he leaned onto the counter and looked at the mage, "But ye two choices are, do nothing and wallow until ye lower than the floor, or find something and get yer feet moving" Simple and straight to the point, he didn't intend to lighten the situation; it is what it is and they all understood that.

"After you serve whatever sentence the officials have for you, maybe you can find a new passion or work; your barriers seem strong enough to be put to use" Gnicholas said as he waited for the kettle.

"I could fly only because I borrowed power from my commander" Benimaru answered Lumikki's question, not caring about the defeated mage. He was indifferent about the stranger, for everyone else was trying to assist him, but for him, it was none of his concern. He thought about what Lumikki said, about how she wanted to be apart of the darkness in it's natural form. He had never saw the darkness in such a way, so this perspective was intriguing. He decided he would like to see Lumikki reach her dream before he ends up being passed to the next home as his life usually treated him.

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Lumikki looked onto the Oni as he mentioned his drink of preference. Wondering to herself what life would be like if she no longer needed to indulge in those things herself. Or what the fate of becoming an item would be like. She thought long and hard on that fact, and it agitated her. She could only imagine the life that she would of had in the hands of others. Yet here she was making plans to kill her father for just that. At least in this form she had the agency to do so, but if she were but like a staff in a mages hands. She would never know any pleasure or satisfaction.

She read the bottles on the shelf real quick, most of the selection composed of various Sake of different kinds. She willed a tendril to pass her one, hoping the one she choose was sweeter than the drink in her hands. She slid the near finished bottle to the drunken man to taking the new one and opening it up before forming another glass of black ice. She poured her hefty glass to the tippy top, Sake running down the sides, and slide it over to Benimaru.

"Sorry ta hear it brother, and I know this ain't much. It's a pity ye can't enjoy this. Still, he's yer share all the same. To the day ye get unsealed!" She clanged the bottle to her make shift glass and took a big swing, taking in the flavors of the liquor she has chosen. "Hope I get a chance to have a hand in it, but if I don't, I'll never stop bothering the bod ceann Angel for ya!"

Brone was talking to the man himself trying to pass on his wisdom. Gnicolas chimed in with a point she agreed on. "Magic the strong would be pointless to waste, aye. Ye'd never be left wanting for purpose if ye so choose so." She giggled, "Being a shield yerself mate, it would be nice if ya could use barriers of yer own. Would be nice to have ye holding be down in a fight when I get reckless." She took another massive swig and the sensation of becoming tipsy was raining over her from inside out. She began to sway in her enjoyment of the feeling.

"Do ye miss flying brother? I could take ya in to the skies higher than I normally see ya hover if ye'd like. I know it's not to Uncle's fancy to be parted from the ground, but seeing as how I live in the clouds. Me home's yers." She clanged her bottle once more in a gesture of endearment and sentimentality. Practically inviting him to her domain, her home. She was gleeful about it. The alcohol making her giddy and truthful. Her heavier feelings all lifted from the drink in hand.

"I never thought I'd met an Oni. From the little I've read, yer kind seem much like Demons but not. Tis why its partly easier to see ya as kin, as the ravens of Uncle's also feel like brothers of mine. Creatures of the dark in all tend to gravitate to the others in a way." She glanced at his flame for a moment, it was quite deceptive, but her eyes told her their nature. I was darkness in fires form, like the dark in her hands were like fabric or in that of Gnicolas was the absence of light. It pleased her to see the element in so many different forms, to see how it would take in others perceptions. It even made it tastier.

"I wanna nibble that dark flame of yers, I wanna gather what taste is has...." Lumikki swiped the air around her in one quick motion, her palm brimming with darkness in the form of ribbon ripped from thin air. She stuffed it in her mouth to satisfy her desires. "Hey Beni, if ye were still an Oni, do ye think we'd still get along? If I was a Demon meself, would ye fight me if ya crossed me? Or would we find fun in the other's company as we enjoyed the mischief to be had? Lumikki was pondering the concept of her inevitable transformation and how it would of been if she were of Joyan and not Iceberg. Would she be like an Oni if she came here. She knew not of the Demons of this realm. Perhaps she should look into the matter more. Most of the myth and lore she consumed were of other areas, but Joya had not been one she gathers. Hopefully more was in the library back home. If not, she could bother her brother for all the wisdom he held. She smirked giddily and looked over to him. Her mischievous nature pouring out to the view of Beni alone.

After all, no one here really knew the nature of her being quite yet, and so the Daemon would enjoy dancing around the obscurity of it.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The water within the kettle began to bubble while the gnome managed to successfully find tea bags in one of the cupboards. The oni was surprised when he was offered a glass of sake for himself, "Thank you, Lumikki, then here's to my future release" he chuckled as the young lady clang her glass against his.

Brone didn't say anything about the conversation between them. He wasn't opposed to the idea of breaking Benimaru's seal, for he got to know him enough to be sure that the oni wouldn't be a threat, but he didn't want to get their hopes up when they have yet found a way to break the seal; Gnicholas had done what he could to try and find a way, but even the clever gnome was having difficulty.

"No one realizes how important defense is, how important barriers and wards are" The mage said as his head bobbled, trying to properly nod at Lumikki in thanks for refilling his cup, "I would be able to cover all of you on the field and off the field" he was already comfortable with speaking so openly after Lumikki encouraged him.

"Well if ye serve yer sentence, maybe we can get ye a job at our guild" Brone offered as he raised his glass as a toast. The drunkard mage cracked a smile, though he made a slight scoff sound as if he had little doubt in the matter, but he was appreciative of the offer either way.

"Alright... I'll take you up on that then" the mage said before taking another swig from his drink.

"Sounds like fun, let's go for a flight then" Benimaru was excited to be able to fly through the sky; Brone had always been reluctant in doing so due to his fear as Lumikki had stated. Brone scoffed when he heard this and returned to his discussion with the drunk mage. "Demons range are wide, though we onis differ to a degree, it doesn't diminish our power and sure, take a nibble" he was surprised to hear of the request, but he wasn't fearful, knowing Lumikki was a trustworthy soul. He's known a number of good souls who were misunderstood.

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Lumikki’s eyes gleamed at his acceptance of her request. Surprised he would even bother to humor her. Although he seems to humor her a lot. She found it to be quite endearing. She brought he hand to his flame and pulled a portion from the top. Pulling her hand back and opening her fist to revel the little bit of his dark flame she had in her hand. She studied the curious thing, watching how it flickered and tickled her in it’s insistent crackling. She found it so charming and pleasing but sure enough her curiosity would overwhelm her enough that she would slurp the flame.

Lumikki took a pause to really make out just how the thing tastes. Studying the flavor on her tongue before lipping her lips. ”That was dark and rich. Kinda hardy. Full well tasty. Thank for that.”

The drunken mage took his Uncle’s offer and Lumikki happened to hear it. Tuning back to face him again in her excitement to get a new member. Especially one with barriers like his.

”Ye should come! New change of pace could lift yer spirits and the Dawn of all places takes all kinds really.” Lumikki leaned over and clanged her bottle to his glass before returning to Benimaru. She ran her fingers along his supposed scars from his battle and leaned back over. All this drinking was stripping her of what ever grace she had.

”I was really worried ta see ye like that Benimaru. I never thought I’d see ye shattered. I figured ye could take just about any hit ya take but now I know better. I’m just glad yer good and fine again…” Lumikki rested her head on the counter. Her head felt like it was somewhat spinning and she was a bit too weak to sit up. So as she rested, she sung a song and kept by Beni. After all, it was his and her that were nearly taken by this war and so she wanted his comfort.

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Brone Heavyaxe
It was an intriguing sight, his own flame, made of pure magical darkness was pulled at, held like it was something physical, then consumed. He laughed, hearing the detailed description of it's taste and texture, "Thank you, I suppose".

The mage was surprised to hear of the offer. At first he thought it was a joke from the dwarf, but hearing confirmation from the young lady, he thought about it for a moment as much as his stupor would allow and he shrugged, "Alright then... I'll take the job" he finally shown a smile.

The kettle began to whistle to which Gnicholas removed it from the stove top and poured himself his tea, "We don't know what he'll be sentenced for, or who would actually sentence him if anything" he said matter-of-factly.

"Well... we can capture him and claim him as a prisoner of war and just sentence him ourselves, we have a dungeon don't we?" The dwarf offered the idea, possibly affected by the alcohol in his system, because the gnome found it as a weird idea.

As for Benimaru, his flame steadied itself, feeling comfortable as Lumikki spoke and laid on the counter by him. For some reason he began to favor this human; it could be the darkness within her that were a similar trait they shared, or the compassion she showed him, "I'll be here for many more centuries, little shade" he whispered, wondering if she had fallen asleep.

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”Yes. Promise me that ye’d be with me for centuries to come. I have a feeling I’ll need ya lots when all the others will finally leave me…” Lumikki went back to singing her little song and thinking things over.

Brone was talking over with the man about him actually joining and it made her giddy. She rose herself back up for the moment, although a little too fast. It disoriented her but she recovered fast enough. ”Name’s Lumikki Omena of the Paradise Dawn, what’s yer name mate?”

The drunken man chuckled at her childlike enthusiasm. Still surprised that the tables were turning around for him so quickly. Maybe the girl was right about what she said when he got here, though he could barely tell. It was all a flurry to him at this point. ”Touji Nobu.” He rose his glass and she meet him with her bottle before the two took a big swing of their drink. ”It’s settled then Nobu, yer one of us.”

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