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Gathering of the Branching Clans [Brone/Lumikki]

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#1Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Once reaching the base of the mountain, Brone Heavyaxe allowed Lumikki to guide him as they rode their flying mounts through the air. Normally traveling by mountain trail would take far too long to reach the city on foot, so cutting through the air save them days of travel. Noctus, the black pegasus whinnied due to the drop in temperature as they ascended higher up the mountain side. The dwarf comforted him the entire time, motivating him to complete his task. As for the ravens Huginn and Muninn, they would fly back and forth between the daemoness and her uncle, making sure they were alright. Lumikki of course was expected to be excited due to returning home after so long; as for Brone, he too had excitement, for it has been so long since he's been to the great Hall of the Clans.

Eventually they reached a height where the view of the city reached his line-of-sight. Carved into the side of the mountain, the sunlight from the crack of dawn bathing the city in splendor. It's beauty filled the dwarf's heart as they flew closer, his anxiety, for the moment, left him in peace"We'll stop by yer parent's home before we head to the Halls in case they didn't leave yet" Brone called out to Lumikki through the cold morning air. He then realized he referred to it as her 'parent's place' instead of 'her place'. He realized he was so use to Lumikki living with him at the Guild Hall that he didn't think to ask whether or not Lumikki planned on returning to live with her parents at some point, possibly after she became powerful enough to handle her own, or after she felt she didn't have anything else to learn from her uncle.

"Lead the way, lass" he asked her. It has been so long, he had trouble trying to find the home, as well as the fact that he never flew into town.



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” It feels like I haven’t been here for yeeeears Uncle, and at the same time, like not a day passed by that I left at all. No wonder ye forgot about me once ye left me mountain.” She jabbed him with her words as she was still wounded on his leaving. But it was all a jest as they were making up for it all now.

Asger still finicky in her care, took a more docile route. The beast wanted to rest and he would be left alone much faster if he made no trouble. He lowered his body like a snake slithering on the sand, adjusting for his size and the space around him. Lumi jumped of her mount before he even lowered himself down enough to the ground, running before his snout to begin guiding him into the stables. The People managing the place and the Dwarves in passing would all look at her as if she was ridiculous to have such a creature. Let along take that all the way here, but they laughed it off all the same. Joking that it was fitting for a lass to be so excessive in her choices of steeds. They’ve seen such a creature before, it was illusive, it not so rare. It preferences were in the sky and perhaps the sea, but the people do this mountain would rarely hover above the earth for more than what a latter would take them. The would not run into Leviats that often. So seeing one so up close and and nearly tamed was a spectacle to say the least.

Asger, fitting his head just fine into the stables, would happily coil his body to fit the stall provided. Like a snake in it’s den, it was content in the tighter space, and being tucked to the side. The stalls themselves, being built by Dwarves, were made with fitting creatures of varying types in mind. Even those to massive to usually handle. They were a hardy people that enjoyed being prepared more than regretting.

Lumikki enchanted his stall to be covered in darkness so that the creature would find it more comfortable, and to it’s dismay, it enjoyed it greatly indeed. Feed was often kept to the side to replenish mounts after a long trip, especially now with the expected clans all approaching at once. So Lumi would skipped to the side and pull out some of the meat provided, tucked away in a barrel. Pulling out the best looking slabs then and darting back to her Leviat.

Asger would sniff the meat and stare for a moment. Look at the Daemon and sniff again, finally relenting and eating her offering. He was content enough. The pieces she provided were far larger than any of the ravens were anyway.

It is almost comical watching her attend to that thing as if it were a dog. Like a pet she could request in a shop.” Lonu was talking to the raven brothers who usually accompanied Brone.

” Well its as good as a dog now. I just wish we had more time to play keep away before she cut in to tame it, but how could I be mad long after watching the show.” Gunvald was energetic as ever over the events.

” I knows best not to eat us, it knows best not to eat us, it knows best-…” Trygve would repeatedly mutter to himself as the raven needed some comfort. His attempt to self sooth was in hopes to quell the fear the beast granted him. It was only half working.

When the Dameon was done doing her part to take care of her precious new companion to turned to her Uncle as energetic as over. A smirk on her face that would not die. It was so good to be home again, she would think to herself. She missed the smells, the people, the cold!

Skipping in all delight, she would lead Brone as he had requested of her. Passing through all the familiar streets and waving off to those she’s known since before she could count. The eager Daemon would point out all the things her father too part in building, and all the little things of note he would tell her on those countless walks by they did when she was younger. Overwhelming him with information from her home he had not hope to retain. The little Daemon was brutal, but most of all she was tall. And if not tall, she was the norm. The people of her city hardly passing her by in height.

After a bit of the walk they finally approached a well worn house with a red roof. A small well kept garden greeted them as the walked toward a yellow painted door. Lumi, knowing it would not be locked, would barge right in as she always did. Minding that she didn’t track mud and dirty within the home.

” Mum! We’ve come to answer the call! I brought Uncle Brone with me too!” One could hear rustling in the kitchen but it took a moment to get an answer. ” Aye Mum, we’ve-“

” Lass, I heard ye the first time dear! Stop yer squawking or come in here and give me a hand. It’s been mighty busy since last week and really, I can’t wait to be done with it!” The head of the woman would finally poke out, looking a Brone and Lumi both. ” It’s good to see ye again Brone, hope yer doing well to keep her safe but more importantly sane.” She laughed out before tucking herself back inside. There were things to still finish up for the day. Lumi pulled her shoes and ran into the kitchen, ” Why is it hotter than Muspell in here Mum! Ye trying to recreate the inferno? Did Nan teach ya nothing in the craft?!” Lumi clapped her hands rapidly as she used her cold aura to push out the heat in the room. Cooling it past tolerable levels.

” Relax yer wings lass, just cause ye been in a guild all this time don’t mean ye could return home to sass me! Sides, if I cool this room, it’ll only drag out how much longer things take to cook!” The woman retorted. She was hardly taller than Lumikki, hair as dark as the feathers that would protrude form her arms. She was a raven Demi-Human while Lumikki took more from her Dameon father, thought her ears were pointed like her daughter. Her long slender, talon like fingers worked dexterously in the kitchen as she kept switching her tasks. She was wrapping up the last of the food being provided from the Hrútr family clan.


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Brone Heavyaxe
As Brone had expected, Lumikki's riding moved a lot of motion. They didn't fly directly to the destination, but moved between building tops, over and under foot bridges, all the while the dwarf clenched his eyes shut, hoping they eventually land. And when the full stop finally came and he opened his eyes to see they had reached the cobblestone floor, he dropped from his pegasus and fell facedown upon the floor and kissed it a few times.

The stables were as he remembered them. A few dwarves and even humans had given them a welcoming nod, whether or not they recognized them. Brone already felt at home. The cold air was so inviting and invigorating. "Need ye to stay put for a bit, get friendly with the stablemaster but be nice" he said to Noctus as he petted his mane before handing the reins over to the dwarf stablemaster who promised to take care of their mounts well. Seeing Lumikki manipulate the lighting of Asger's area had him nodding in approval; she was so skilled with her magic, she was able to manipulate it to such fine degrees.

"The young daemoness is talented in the terror she causes" Huginn chuckled as the ravens perched on the roof of the stables.

"But has such a sweet heart for those she cares for, dog or not" Muninn added as he watched Lumikki tend to her new friend. Noticing Trygve's nervousness, Huginn hopped over to him and nudged him playfully.

The streets were different than those back in Fiore; the cobblestones were gray and cold, lightly covered by snow here and there. The streets were mostly narrow, stores and buildings cluttered more closely together, but it was all comforting and the people were jolly and braving the cold as if it they had not noticed. Brone had missed visiting and figured he would take trips more often.

Once they've reached the familiar house, Brone kicked off his shoes at the door as Lumikki rushed in. Huginn and Muninn, along with Lumikki's flock had remained outside, though they would eventually perch at one of the windowsills.

"It's good te see ye, Viola" Brone smiled bashfully, though he was sure he was older than the raven woman, the air she carried about her commanded respect and she deserved respect as she herself is a woman a dwarven class, "Smells wonderful!" he called out as he stepped into the living room, making sure he didn't enter the kitchen. Though he is straightforward, he knew well to respect someone else's home, "Morgrym's here?" he wondered, figured the dwarf would be here already wanting to see his daughter return home.

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” Morgrym that blasted cousin of yers up and left me a long time ago. He says he’s sorting the leftover matters but really those blokes been sorting for months now. So I’m more likely to believe he wanted to dodge the work in the kitchen. I don’t know what for, yer like work in the heat and steams of middle earth, yet he runs from the kitchen like he’d catch fire. I’d like ta show him what he’d actually catch if he gives me the moment….” Viola was beginning to steam more than the pots in the kitchen were. Yet she continued to move around quickly and gracefully through her many tasks.

” But that’s that daft fool, not ye Brone. Did the journey treat ya well? And how’s been me lil raven out there? Has she been holding her own?” Most of the things what were cooking, were coming to an end. They were simmering until enough time to take them off came. She went to the side and pulled a bowl from out a cabinet. Fixing up a small serving and pouring a cup of water before walking over to the living space and handing it over to Brone. ” Eat lad, I know yer hungry. Lumikki took a bit for herself as well and joined them. Content to let Brone take the attention off of her while her mother was in a more combative mood.

” Ye know, I’ve only heard stories of these celebrations before. Even since I was a wee lass too. But I never thought I’d see one for meself let alone be invited. Me mum would tell me a bit of it, but only with an outsiders perspective and that old crone’s only seen one. Can’t tell ye how much it’s been a blessing to be invited to this family. To have that troublesome man as me own. And best of all, all ye’ve did for me girl.” She was strong and resolute before but you could make out her vulnerability in the moment as she shared her heart. The woman was genuinely happy and the honor of joining the clans was becoming one of her favorite events in life.

Lumikki would look at her and hide her own face while she ate, as she didn’t want to get emotional too.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone could only assume Morgrym wanted to avoid preparing the meals, though since he's the head of the Hrútr clan, which was the main branch of the entire clan, he had more responsibilities than most clanheads, but Brone dare not go against Viola's assumption. Though she wasn't dwarf by blood, she held a strong personality like one which is why many gained a respect for her.

"The journey was fine, though the flying was nerve-wrecking; Lumi found a flying wyrm and tamed it out of the sky" Brone sat upon the main couch. He sank into it, feeling the warmth and the softness of it. He felt as if he would fall asleep and lose interest in heading to the event, "She's been learning lots, training her magic, and even bested many of the men there" he chuckled, though he figured he would reframe from mentioning how she had destroyed one of the towers while they had a sparring match themselves.

Viola came into the living room and handed the dwarf his meal and drink. He thanked her gratefully before taking his first bite. As he expected, it tasted like home. The warmth and the savory taste brought back nostalgic memories to when he would visit during the coldest of nights and even when he was at home waiting for his own mother's meal. "Aye, the reunion tends to last for a while, one of the biggest celebrations since they happen every 50 years" Brone realized because of her lifespan, Viola may only get to see two reunions at best. Seeing her so excited made this celebration all the more valuable to her, "The last reunion, I kept to myself, wasn't into the festivities or talkin' te the family; I was at that age" Brone shrugged, remembering he was a bit rebellious in his forties, trying to figure out what he wanted in his life. Now, more mature and sure of his path in life, he was more appreciative of his family, and Lumikki coming to his doorstep was a big factor.

Brone made his way through the meal rather quickly, not because of his impatience to get to the halls, but because of the taste that he struggled with himself to savor. He decided then that he wouldn't want to wait another 50 years just to have a taste of Viola's cooking; he needed to visit more.

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” I often forget yer like don’t take well the the skies. Ye sink like the stone ya love so much. Really, ya’ll could hardly function if yer toes don’t touch the ground. It’s a good thing yer kin don’t need to pick up and go often but I’ll say that it has been nice that this bit of the Omena clan decided to stay here this long as well. Moving has its charms, but staying has been favorable too.” The mother raven would sigh to herself as she reminisced for a moment. Recalling all the lands of Iceberg she explore as a child. It was long before Lumikki came to be, the mother figuring being rooted for a while could do her girl some good.

And good it did, as the life she was making for her daughter was better than she could imagine ever since her and Morgrym came together. She knew nothing of what became Lumikki’s father, but it has been years since the Demi-Human woman gave it any thought.

” Bested some of yer own, ye? I always figured there was talent in the girl ever since I saw her as a wee lass learning from me Mum. That girl always seemed to take on to the spells quicker than most, even I feared I couldn’t keep up. It’s part why I sent the lass off, to make her someone else’s problem!” The woman would chuckle at her words as she dropped down on the couch.

” Natural born menace was what ye always said Mum?” Lumikki was halfway through her bowl of food. She was more focused on eating than talking.” It gave Pa a break from fixing me messes at least. Remember when he had to fix the hole I accidentally added to the back of the house when Nan was spell training with me?”

” Do I? The man was both impressed and vexed. Kept on going on about, how at this rate he’d just have to up and go build us a new and stronger house. The man was considering ironl after the brick caved in a second time. Ye really were a handful lass, but I’m happy ta hear ye didn’t carry over that habit in the guild.”

Viola was getting animated in her retelling, completely forgetting the gripes she had just before as she toiled in the kitchen. It was nice to talk about these kinds of things again. The house had become so quiet when not Nan died and Lumikki left. And though Morgrym was around and showed her much affections, if felt like they were often more at work than they were home. The noise, warmth, and life felt as though it was drained from their home. But she was reveling in the moment to reignite those feelings again for the moment.

” I really do appreciate ye putting the effort to show up for me Brone. I know these are expected gatherings, one of many but, I appreciate having ye here with me today. Morgrym is a sweetheart aye, but he’ll too busy with the preparations and leading the clans to be able to tend to me most of the time.Oh! Speaking of… the food should be just about ready, and I already arranged for Rurseck and Jomdolir to come pack the things abd bring them over. Those two owe it to me after eating half of the work I did just three days ago. Ima get dressed, won’t be a minute! We can head over right when I’m done.” She shot from her chair and ran up the stairs. Slamming the door behind her leaving the two to wait. ” Wonder how Pa would react if he knew I took out a whole tower?” Lumikki looked to Brone with a mischievous smile.

Lumikki would spend the time down waiting, recanting stories of her own from when she was a child. Just a little later, she’d switch out dresses herself. Opting to wear a long slit dress and a custom, decorative metal neck piece her Pa made her. Lumikk threw her hair in a simple braid with a raven feathered head piece, and sauntered into the living space one more to wait. Until Viola would return in a long dress herself, and an elaborate shawl that paired nicely with her raven feathers. Her hair was done in two braids that wrapped along her head. And she would dawn all her favorite rings and earrings. Twirling around in her outfit to enjoy the sensation and the shining of her jewelry. Lumikk meanwhile would fashion small wings herself so that she would look more like her mother.

” Ah, when did ye learn to do that lass?” Viola would examine the girl’s feathers and lightly tug at her wings. ” Oh yea, at some point I learned to fashion wings and fly for meself. I just often forgot to specify what I meant by fly in our letters.” Lumikki looked almost embarrassed to show this to her mother, but it became almost second nature to adorn wings now. So she hardly gave it much thought prior.

” Not baaaad love, they certainly have a nice charm and sheen to them. Always wondered how feathers would suit ye, and I have to say, it’s quite the welcomed sight indeed. Ye look lovely me lil raven. But of course ya would seeing as yer me daughter and all.” Viola broke into a soft laugh as she pinched the girl’s cheek before lightly tugging her into a hug. Viola’s feathers wrapping around Lumi as her wings would wrap around her mom.

The group would head over to the hall in which the event would be held, together. All eager for the promising festivities.


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Brone Heavyaxe
"I appreciate ye settling for me cousin, ye the best gem he ever found, and that's saying a lot" Brone laughed before he downed his drink. When he initially heard Margrym had taken on a wife who wasn't a dwarf, he was skeptical, but then again, he was still young and his beard had yet to hang. After meeting Viola, he understood how wonderful she was and was glad of his cousin's decision.

"Aye, yer daughter is a natural, no, dang gifted! Some mages say she's outpaced them in learning when it took them decades!" his voice was now more louder, the food and drink filling him as he felt more comfortable to speak freely. At points between bites, he would chuckle; how the two woman spoke to one another showed where the raven hatchling had gotten her personality. It warmed his heart to the point he was getting a little impatient, wanting to see if his mother had already arrived at the halls.

"Ye don't have te worry, Viola, if ye ever need any help at all, just let me know, ye been wonderful to Morgrym and Lumi" Brone said before Viola rushed away to get ready.

The dwarf finished his plate and went into the kitchen to wash his dish, "Probably gonna see a vain beat like his heart if ye tell him that" Brone said to Lumikki well out of earshot of Viola. The tower that had collapsed was of the raven hatcling's own doing. Luckily no one was inside at the time and it was quickly reconstructed. Though they got reprimanded, it was a good laugh for them both.

When Viola returned, they were all ready to depart. "I count me blessings that I will be accompanying fine gems as yerselves te the Great Hall" Brone gave a slight bow before they all departed the house. The dwarf didn't need to do anything, given that he didn't have such magic to change his appearance, but he was proud of his look as a warrior, for the dwarves, especially the males, your best look would be either your work uniform or your warrior garments. For Brone, he donned his breastplate made of nevermelting ice, it's blue surface glimmered and reflected the light of the day as they stepped outside. His dark brown pants were his best fit that he wore on special occasions. His boots matched his black gloves in design and color, with small light blue runes etched into them, specially tailored at his request. Lastly his brown cloak was made of faux fur, resembling a brown bear's pelt. It was large and draped the just below his ankles while the collar was puffed like a lion's mane; along the edges of the entire cloak was embroidered with gold runes.

Now they made their way to the Descent, the entrance to the main tunnel that descends below the city, to the under city that were govern by dwarven clans. The entrance was large and well crafted by stone and detailed to emphasize it's dwarvern make. It was flanked by two statues in alcoves of dwarves, a male on the left and a female on the right. Once entering the large opening, the slope would descend towards the tunnels below. Given that rarely any other than dwarves entered the Descent, there were a limited amount of torches that lit up the way. Remembering that Viola's eyes were like his nor her daughter, he picked up a lantern on a nearby hook and provided it to her.

"It's gonna be a bit of a walk, but we can enjoy the masonry work" Brone said as he pointed to the ceiling of the tunnel; it displayed mainly runic designs and every so often a depiction of a dwarven face, weaponry, or crafting tools.

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Lumikki was grateful her Pa ever bothered to tutor her in Dwarven at all. Amongst the many runes what would be engraved amongst all the structures, there was much script to look over, expressing the lore of the tools and weapons and history of the clans. Most would probably miss it now, the Dwarves themselves already well versed in their own stories, while outsiders were quite rare, and their understanding even rarer. The Dwarven people held a lot of prestige amongst their own, but to the outside world they were nearly mythical. So content to be with the earth they derived or affixed to whatever craft they choose as their profession. The Dwarven kin were content with their own but that added their boisterous charm.

As they walked the halls of the well crafted cavern, Lumikki would play and tug at the darkness. Pulling it with her fingers like one tearing apart paper or ripping petals from flowers. And as she would loftily saunter further down, her mother, would walk ahead with head held high and an elegant determination to show her grace. Lumikki would look over from time to time from reading the script quickly to admire her. Trying to do her best to burn this memory into her mind. After all, there would not be many occurrences like this, and such a thought would only leave a bitter taste in her mouth.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The walk was a bit lengthy, but the sight of the stonework was enjoyable, for the dwarves took pride in their masonry. Eventually they reached a junction where the first sign of traffic was. Dwarves from different clans walked about, trying to get to certain tunnels, or visiting shops that were imbedded in the stone walls. The cavern was so large, one of the Paradise Dawn's buildings could fit within. "Don't get lost, don't get distracted" Brone said as he made his way through the crowd, "Lass, tend te ye mother, her eyes aren't like ours" Though there were braziers, torches, and other forms of light, it wasn't enough to brighten the entire cavern.

After finally reaching a connecting tunnel to further their descent, they could finally gain arm space again; the sound of the junction started to fade as they continued down the tunnel. After for some time of crossing tunnels and even going down a spiral staircase, they finally reached the Halls of Hrútr. The ceilings were high enough that human eyes wouldn't be able to see them despite the walls were lined with blazing torches. Brone smiled brightly, too use to seeing light lacrimas lighting the human cities; he had missed seeing more natural sources of light.

"Oy! Brone! It's been a while!" the voice came from a loud dwarf with a buzz-cut. Dwayne, the younger dwarf, rushed up and met the white haired dwarf, tackling into him, but Brone held his footing, keeping himself from toppling over.

"Dwayne, ye damn lad! Ye beard gettin' long, ain't it!?" Brone laughed as he pulled the other dwarf into a headlock and rubbed his knuckles into the buzzcut haircut.

"Aye aye!" Dwayne laughed as he wrestled free. He then looked to Lumikki with a surprised face, "Bringing company?"

"Oy! Show some respect, that's ye cousin! Morgrym's lass!" Brone gave a swift punch to the other dwarf's shoulder, nearing knocking him off his feet.

"Oh! Lumikki! Sorry! I saw pictures of ye me mom brought over, but ye tall as hell!" He looked her up and down, surprised to see the young lady. Brone punched his shoulder again, warning him to be respectful.


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Lumikki, already looking after her mum before his suggestion, would simply suck her teeth. ” As if I don’t know!” But a look from her mom put her back in her place. ”…. Aye, I’m on it.” But the girl preceded to roll her eyes all the same as they kept walking.

For all the years that Lumi lived among the Dwarves, she never actually got to see much of their underground. Not for lack of wanting, there was just not many reasons for her Pa to tread down. She wasn’t always able to peek through darkness either, and so guiding a small and aimless child on the way to your task through this halls was not a pleasant one. She accepted that, but she was grateful to see them now when the wonder and intrigue mattered to her most.

The entered what felt like an endless void, even with her far reaching sight, the ceilings would feel boundless. It filled her with awe that was only shaken when a brazen Dwarf would try his strength on her Uncle. ” Oy!” She said on reaction, her daze broken by his sudden arrival. Viola, even with limited sight would note his coming before his impact. And so she would simply be unphased by the interaction, though she took it in humor all the same.

” If ye think I’m tall lad, I can assure ya there are giants about in the over lands. It’s annoying talking to ‘em.” But as Dwayne would look her over, the Daemon’s eyes would glow as she leaned forward pushed some of her frigid chill over. Brone punched his shoulder again hoping the man would get it the second time and Viola now would step in.

” Ah cara, this is indeed me daughter. But don’t let it slip from yer mind she’s also Morgrym‘s wee lass as well.” She spoke soft yet sternly. Offering a smile before she continued. ” It’s good running into ye Dwayne, care to join us on the rest of the way down? We can catch up more during our walk.”

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Brone Heavyaxe
Dwayne's eyes showed interest when Lumikki mentioned giants, but chose not to blurt out anything, trying his best to show respect. He then finally noticed Viola and gave her a bow, "Aye Ms. Omena, I'd be happy te join ye!" he replied excitedly. The young dwarf had only seen Viola a few times when his parents had interacted with her and Morgrym during certain occasions and only recalled seeing Lumikki possibly once or twice, but the attention of a child was very fleeting, his mind was always on something else.

They continued on, the great halls of the clans had emphasized the word "Great" indeed, even the doorways were large enough to allow a dragon through. Eventually they reached a great cavern, like a town center, where several names were displayed above massive doorways; each name was that of the clans that branched off from the main, but the group made their way into the main hall that belonged to the head of the branches, 'Hrútr'.

Dozens of dwarves were out and about in this area. The joy and the excitement were on their tongues as each and everyone of them were deep in tales and trying to catch up with one another. Laughter bellowed as Bender and Bonder were tossing one another across the way, testing one another's strength. Cassy and Olgen headbutted one another like they use to since they were kids. This was the oddity they were use to, this was how the clans expressed their affection for one another.

"Lad! Took ye long enough te get 'ere!" the rough accent came from a dwarf with a more thicker salt-and-pepper beard than Brone's, but the resemblance was there. It was Dordon, Brone's father.

"We got here as fast as we could!" Brone replied as he threw up his arms, not surprised he was greeted in such a way.

"Tell that te ye mother, she been demandin' ye get here a week in advance" Dordon laughed as he approached his son and slammed an open hand upon his son's shoulder, "Oh! I see ye've gotten stronger! Think ye can take on ye ol' man huh?" he then clenched his fists fell into a fighting stance but feigned it, his hands loosened when he looked upon Viola and Lumikki, "Ms. Omena and Lumichi, good te see ye again" he walked over to them and gave them a gentle hug, barely touching them before pulling away. He examined Lumikki and smiled, admiring how tall she's gotten.

"There's me boy!" the familiar voice of Frare, Brone's mother, came to their ears as she rushed in, pushing her husband to the side and pulling her son into a hug, "Ah! Ye got me worried, I thought ye would have arrived sooner! Ah look at ye, so strong! But where is ye gut? Are ye not eatin' enough? Don't matter, we'll get ye fed soon" she was speaking fast and looking over her son with an array of emotion on her face. Brone tried his best to calm his mother but she wasn't settling her excitement. She then noticed Viola and Lumikki and soon embraced them both.

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” Frare! It's been too long lass. I’ve missed ya something nasty. It's such a shame ya two live so far off 'cause I’d love ya have ya over more.”] Viola embraced Frare with much affection and vigor. She harbored much affection for Brone’s mother as she was an amazing foundation to her for a time in her life. It was also on the suggestion of Frare that Viola pushed Lumikki to join the Paradise Dawn. The Dwarven woman knew her son could use such responsibility while he was still young, hoping that from mentoring the lass, he too would grow. But she could also attest that the kinship of the guilds helped her son when he was at his most lost and ambitious. She figured Lumikki would benefit from such tidings.

In the many years the woman has lived, she also garnered much wisdom for it. The intuition of a mother only tinging it with nurturing effects. When Nan, Viola’s mother passed, it was Frare whom she sought for council. The Omena, a family that usually wanders, were not in reach for the struggling little bird when she lost her pillar of guidance. So it fell onto the Dwarves to be her rock and her foundation. A beautiful people that were lovingly intertwined with their own.

” And always such a lively one aren’t ye Dordon? Morgrym didn’t mention it, but he appreciated yer suggestion on the shield he was constructing. Isn’t always easy striking a balance between beauty and functionality. But the stubborn brute could not part with either, nor could he gleam the compromise.” Viola would have over a bag to Frare. It was a gift that she put together herself using a lot of the quality fabrics Lumikki arranged to be sent. It would contain a beautiful dress in Iceberg fashion, with the perfect measurements of its soon-to-be wearer. And for Dordon, she crafted him an apron with very durable material and a myriad of useful pockets. His initials would appear in the top corner. And they would be accompanied by a matching pair of workers gloves.

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As the women embraced one another, the men clasped hands, then squeezed their grips as they tested one another's strength. Frare was just as giddy seeing her friend, though to a dwarf, the sense of time was different to humans, she missed Viola so much she spoke of her often to the point Dordon would groan in annoyance, "Ye know the feeling is mutual, love, I've been trying to convince this stubborn rock to move closer so we can visit often, I think I eroding him".

Receiving the presented gifts, Fare was excited to return the favor. "Come! I've got ye something as well!" the strong woman locked an arm with her taller friend and began ushering her deeper into the hall. As for Dordon, he nodded his thanks to Viola, but as soon as she was ushered away, he chuckled in excitement as he looked over his gift.

"Lass, ye got tall so quickly, I almost mistaken ye for ye mother!" Dordon donned the apron and tied the laced.

"Ain't the time te forge, da" Brone mocked as they made their way deeper into the hall.

"Don't start with me, boy".

* * *

They reached a large cavernous area where several platforms were elevated throughout, resembling an underground city; several large statues of dwarves were scattered throughout the area; pillars and walls were covered in depictions of stories dating all the way back to when the first dhain dwarves had surfaced from below. The sound of laughter echoed through the air, leading the lot of them to the main platform where a large throne of stone awaited. About a dozen dwarves were in conversation around the platform, some caught sight of the new arrivals and cheered in greeting.

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” Oh, I’m hardly taller than Mum but I’m happy to be among me own height again. People in Fiore are too tall…” She picked up speed when her mother was snatched by Frare. The little Daemon did not want to be left behind. But when they began to pass the otherworldly pillars of the underground city, she could not help but slow down. Almost halting in place. She quickly walked over to them, tracing her fingers along the runes carved in the stone. Lumi quickly skimmed over some of the stories, trying to pay the names mind and see which of the ones here were already burned into memory. Her Pa never shied away from telling her the tales of his folk but there was only so many he would cycle through. He had his preferences and favorites, and so she got intimate with the ones he favored most. But it would be clear to her now that there were so much more to be seen, to be learned, to be burned within herself like all the others.

You see Morgrym would always instill in the girl the importance of the past. The Hrútr clan in particular were tasked with holding on to the burdens of the family, the tears, the pain, the hardships. They remembered it all. Engraved within them like the runes on the stone. If one forgets such things, they’re doomed to suffer them again. If one lost such knowledge, then they lose from which they’ve come. The Dwarven clans if anything, were rooted. Rooted in the ground, the earth they love so dear, the stones which hum a tune only they could perceive. But also in their foundations and lineage.

And this would be the most colorful gift her Pa could ever grant a skyfarer. One that she would hold until the end of time. For as long as she lived, none of these things would be forgotten.

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"They're all like trees, right? Their heads probably scraping the ceilings of every home they enter" Dordon laughed.

Once the group had arrived at the main platform where the festivities would take place, several dwarves stood up from a long stone table that was decorated with expensive purple cloth. The Heavyaxe clan, or atleast half a dozen, were the first to arrive and the first to fall into a fumbling brawl as they tackled Brone to the ground. Laughter sang out as they dog-piled atop of him, but within the next moment he was able to lift the entire lot of them with all four of his arms as they stood back up.

His cousins were amazed and questioned his extra arms as well as his new found strength; it wasn't long before Brone took the chance and told his story of how he fought against a horde of vampires and the God of War whispered into his ear divine power of strength.

"He's grown" an older dwarf with a salt-and-pepper beard stood beside Dordon as they looked over Brone and his cousins.

"Ye finally arrived, have ye, brother?" Dordon was surprised to see his brother. After a quick embrace, he pulled him over to Lumikki, "This is Viola's little one-"

"Lumikki" The salt-and-pepper dwarf interrupted his brother, though his voice was calm and hinted of aged wisdom. He reached out his hand to greet her, "I'm Nargbark, Brone's uncle, it's nice to finally meet you" his spoke to her in common and shown no accent, hinting his experience outside the halls.

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The sight was quite boisterous. Lumikki shouldn’t have been surprised by the ruckus and she wasn’t, but it was still a lot to take in. And their energy was mighty contagious, Lumikki almost wanted to jump among them. Pushing down the little wight she had. But with the presence of her mother just nearby, the Daemon would hold back for the moment. Only chuckling along. Bone’s strength never grew boring to witness, Lumikki would still gasp when she saw how quick he picked them all up and during the telling of his story, she was glacier quiet. Lumi listened to the telling of Brone’s tale with the same awe one would if they heard it for the first time, though it was one she had already sat through.

By the time she heard the voice of the old Dwarf, Lumi was taken aback once more. His presence almost felt ancient amongst the others, despite the impressive ages they’ve already held. The air around him was embolden by wisdom and even his words were painted by a different light than the rest.

” Greetings Nargbark ellri, I’ve heard of ye but never thought I’d see the likes of ye in person. Seems Aurilandür is still watching ye fondly as well. The frost had touched ye in all the best ways. Though…..I’d admit I never thought ye of all people would have heard about lil ol’ me.” Lumikki went in for a hug, even his scent would stand out from the others. It was almost airy and crisp compared to the other kin. As if he was still among the mountain tops mere moments before finally gracing the earth brethren his company and wisdom. And Lumikki's icy grasp would hardly bother his veteran skin.

” Yeeees, it has been some time cara. Sadly me mother is not with the rest of us to join on such a pleasant an occasion.” Viola stepped forward of her own hug just after Lumi pulled away.

” Not in body but in spirit. I could attest I still feel her from time to time, even now. As Aurilandür does, so does Nan.” Lumi chimed in. She never had the time to really speak it over with her mother, but Nan would come to her at times. Dreams, visions, words, or even the chill in the air. She was sure that Nan simply was with the primordial frost now, doing what must be done to help steer the Daemon in Aurilandür’s path.

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Nargbark returned the hug. The cold touch didn't stir him, but felt comfortable, "The Frost will always be apart of me, little one" he said as he pulled back he would show her rune sigils on the back of his hands. The rune "I" Isa on his left hand, and the rune "ᚺ" Hagalaz on his right hand. The frigid cold and winter's grasp has always felt like home to him and out of the entire Heavyaxe clan, he was known to be the only one who could live in a raging blizzard without trouble. These skills to survive in tundras he made sure to teach Brone ever since he was young, now as he looks upon Lumikki, he couldn't help but smile, for the spirit of the tundra was within her, "Aye, you have the tundra's spirit, don't you, winter maiden?"

Viola then approached and embraced him next and he returned it as well, [color=gray]"My condolences, Viola, Nan was favored by the winter herself. Hearing Lumikki mention her Nan's presence gave Nargbark a better understanding that the young Omena was spiritually connected to the Frost, "Aye, you're not wrong there" .

Horns suddenly blared, drawing the dwarves' attention to the main corridor of the hall. Dozens of new arrivals were arriving carrying several banners. The Långsiktighet Clan, the StarkMithril clan, and the Brandarbetare clan.

"And they've finally arrived!" Dordon called out as made his way to meet the new arrivals. Brone and a few other dwarves rushed to meet them and when they closed the distance, they began to wrestle one another, making the new arrivals earn their way to the main platform by pushing one another.

"That's enough! Ye gonna fall off the damn bridge!" Frare yelled from atop the platform. She looked down to see though a drop from the bridge wouldn't be too far down which would lead to the lower platforms, "With that nonsense, one of them is bound to roll off the lower platforms and fall into the old city" she sucked her teeth before she went towards the kitchen to check on the food.

Finally the clans had arrived after 50 years. Their joyful energy radiated throughout the hall as the party was beginning.

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Lumikki traced the runes a long his hangs, heavily impressed by his connection to her element. She always figured him an outlier, from the stories Brone would tell her of his upbringing with him. It was not like the rest to take to such heights or choose to brave such cold. The Dwarves, though a hardy people capable of pushing the harsh winters, they were better acclimated to the harsh heat of forges and middle earth.

” I sure do ellri, the frost is etched into me soul. Has been since the touch of Aurilandü when I was a wee lass.” Lumikki would have loved to speak with him further on such matters. Even get a proper story or two out of him if she could, but the horns blew and they all needed to heed the call. The remain clans have arrived, and it was time for the formalities to begin.

” Let’s talk much more when things are settled.” Lumikki would plea as she was skipping to her mothers side. Viola beaconed the Daemon with an out reached hand and her daughter was soon to follow. The pair would walk further along the platform with arms intertwined. Back straight and head up, the two entered with poise while the rowdy bunch were reprimanded for their tomfoolery.

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