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And so it begins as the Raven chases

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And so it begins as the Raven chases Empty Sun Sep 03, 2023 8:44 pm


Lumikki spend her morning in the Silver Cleaver helping Carla with her errands. At this point the Daemon was already tired and frustrated. But the day has only begun and she figured she could find a way to keep herself entertained.

As she walked done the streets on her way to the river, a boy she could hardly be bothered to notice ran into her. Toppling both of them to the ground. As if Lumikki wasn’t already annoyed,  the young man just got up and rand away. Barely uttering a sorry as he dashed away. There went the last of the girls patience. Trygve who was keeping his distance for the moment as he knew she was already at her wits end, silently flew off to follow the boy.

When Lumikki finally manage to stand back up and dust herself off, a toddler who had been chasing the boy, was going to pass her. Only to stop and look up at her instead. He shook his head in frustration before beginning to speak.

“That boy can be a lot of work sometimes. I didn’t think he would try so hard to get away. Look I’m sure your already annoyed he ran into you and took off, could you do me a favor though? It might even make you feel better. See, I need to get my hands on him but it doesn’t matter the state he’s in long as he’s alive. If you don’t mind chasing and pinning the slippery brat for me, I’ll let you rough him up to take some of the heat off. Now, what do you say? Do we have a deal?” The toddler extend his hand as if to make the deal. Lumikki looks at him for a moment before bednind down and shaking his hand herself.

It was an odd sight, seeing what looks like a baby talking like that to her. But in a world full of magic, and being a Daemon herself. She just shrugged it off. She was already annoyed and there was no need to show pity on this one child. Sure she was kinda curious what the deal was, but not enough to care and ask about it. And so the Daemon took off, letting her wings unfurl as she went off to see where he went. Lonu joined along with her, he already saw what went pass and hardly had anything to ask himself.

Trygve flew high enough that the Daemon could spot him in the sky. Making it easier to just find her marker. It looked like he was trying to hide in an alley, but the Daemon dropped down and her shadows pulled him out. Since he was clearly too weak to fight her back and she didn’t want to kill him either. She chose to vent in a way she never had before. Lumikki would start punching him unrelentingly. Her strength was on the low side so he didn’t suffer too much damage but it still felt so good to her that she didn’t mind going at him.

Leon must of been able to follow the ravens himself because here he was too, to collect the boy in question. “Good, good work. You saved me a lot more running. Hope that helped ya cool off, pun aside, miss Lumikki Omena. It was a pleasure running into you, pun aside.”

This baby was cheeky….Lumikki would just look at him annoyed too. “Now, now. I deserve to have fun too. Anywho, here you go. For your services.” The toddler handed her a pouch.


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And so it begins as the Raven chases Img_8011

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