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A Demon without... [Lumikki]

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Sin was one of the countries he really hadn’t been properly to; outside of hearing about the country and it’s ruling individuals he didn’t know much about it. The food, the culture, hell he knew there were spas here and that was one of the things he wanted to try out for himself. He wanted to try their cuisine and maybe even drinks. Many people wouldn’t question him twice about it even though he was barely half a year old at this point. The massive ‘demi-god’ had purchased himself a few booklets on sinnese language, landmarks and other information to make good on the experience.

He wanted to become well learned about the world he was seeking to protect and more so he wanted to protect some of the people in it. A soft smile edged around his features and his eyes were half open for once. Taking in the information of the book as he walked. One hand holding a sack over his shoulder while the other held it carefully. He had started to use his physical body a little more now since whatever happened a few weeks back had stripped him of his darkness music. Not having any idea how deep the change really went. He could hear the clicking of some of the crystals on his body and sighed as he looked at one of the wraps on his hands.

His arm had become something of a crystal; something he could use to manipulate and grab things or even attack them if he so wanted. But it wasn’t something he felt like he should use too much. So much change in such a little time was… strange to him and he had no idea what brought either to him. The ‘demi-god’ gave a curt nod to a pair of passerbyers ; a woman and a man that hurried along after returning it with a small nod of their own. Many people feared outsiders in every country and this was no different. He probably scared them a bit.

The path he took was that in the farmlands, winding trails that went between many a different rice paddies or whatever the farmers were cycling through. It’d be days maybe before he arrived at a proper town. Perfect for him to be lost with his thoughts or perhaps lost with someone else? He didn’t pay that second one much heed. Who would he know that would be out so far away from fiore? And in sin no less?

A small chuckle and sigh as the wind blew over his body; gently causing his fur to go every which way. Pausing to enjoy the sensation and watch some of the clouds move in the sky. It was hardly after breakfast now. How long had he been walking for? He didn't know but that was okay. The dawn of a new day would be enough to invigorate him into continuing on his travel...


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Lumikki arrived in Sin just a few days ago and spent her time in one of the boarding towns that proceeded to a major city. She only was in this country because she was called to do business. It was the work of her guild to slay whatever were deemed monsters. And so Lumi took the chance to witness someplace new as she practiced her hunting in another region.

At first, it was a lot to take in. She's known Joya quite dearly, and though there were whispers of it here, the song was another. She took her time taking in the architecture and dress, drinking in bits and pieces of the food and culture. All while hunting a beast that was troubling the town of Fāyá. The latest town to be struck by the misfortune of Jiutou Niao. An old deity turned Demon as their followers were struck and hunted. In its anger and dissatisfaction, the nine-headed bird would return from time to time with the help of remaining followers to bring disasters while sustaining its life on the life force of children. He was a bring one could potentially chase away, but exorcising was not as easily done. It would leave the people of Sin to find someone who could clash with the monster and free them of their current cycle of burden for the time being.

To which enters in Lumikki. One so hungry and determined to cannibalize her kin for the sake of power. But this was all a tale for another time, as that story is now over. Now all that's left for her is to enjoy life in Sin for a little while before returning to Fiore.

To which she did with much vigor as she walked up and down the shops. On the lookout for gifts to bring back home but also new beautiful dresses and accessories. The Demoness was simply chanted by the charm of the culture, much like she had been for Joya. And so she hoped to find a good haul to hold her over before she felt inclined to come again.

At the time she wore a long deep blue cheongsam dress and her hair done up in a bun with feather accessories made of bone. She presented in her human form with brown skin and two-tone eyes but Lumi wore shades to keep them hidden. And though her arms would often present black as if stained by ink, she would elegant gloves to keep them out of sight. Along with her disguise, she would adorn a veil that would obscure her features.

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Saturn wasn’t entirely sure the culture that he was getting himself into or the types of people that would be here. Some places had more folks that were animalistic, some had folks that were closer to human. There were even places that had a lot of werewolves. So imagine his surprise when he arrived at one of the boarding towns that trailed off into an actual city that the culture was wildly different than he expected.

Always the sort to be on the lookout for the new culinary act the ‘demi-god’ couldn’t help but poke around a bit. From gift shops that offered all sorts of snacks to actual booths that offered proper food. To even restaurants that well… didn’t have the seating arrangements for the large demi-deity to partake in. He wasn’t bothered by it and would instead take a seat on a bench outside of it. Taking in the passing by folks as he waited for his food.

The travel had made him hungry and he’d go about reading out of his language book; he could barely understand the people around him and the folks that spoke to him didn’t entirely seem to understand his fiorian either. Made sense since they were in sin and not… well fiore. His attention was drifting from his book, to waiting for his food and watching the crowd go by. Gently waving to people as they passed by; some waved back, some nervously smiled and hurried along while others didn’t even seem to give him any notice.

Being the size he was probably scared them a bit; demi-gods and the like weren’t exactly common or popular he learned. Especially when there were ones being problems all over. He had to wonder how his outfit also made him stand out further. His own type of culture shock to those that never even set foot outside of the city.

He’d exhale a little bit and adjust in his seat again. One leg over the other and he’d mull over what he could do here. Maybe there was a library or museum he could see to understand them better. Then maybe there was something he could do for the people here. He was a rune knight and they always needed a better reputation right…?


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Lumi just left a shop that sold dumplings in variety. A local meal she had come to favor greatly during her stay. And as she made her order and waited, a raven sat perched on her shoulder. Primed and privy to tell the Demoness all she needed.

Lumi herself could not speak the language of Sin, though one day she would like to. As she did all the languages the world had to offer so that the intricacies of stories and cultures never escaped her. And with her endless time, she was sure it would happen. It was now only a matter of when.

But for the moment, in her ignorance she would rely on her ravens as she’s come to be used to. Telling her of places of note and leading her to settings they found most entertaining. It was through a raven now the managed to walk through Sin almost undisturbed as her ravens would translate the people and provide her the response for the conversation. And with Lumi’s mimicry of voice and tone as one of her powers, she would simply repeat as her bird advised in near perfect enunciation. It would have to do until she knew more for herself, but in the mean time she was slowly learning the tongue of sin all the same.

And now with meal at hand, the disgusted Demoness would make her way out the door, heading for an open ground of nature she knew to be by. That was until another of her ravens would fly in and interject. Followed by another one moments later.

” There is another monster present my Revna. It is worth noting your attention as it’s been putting everyone at dis-ease.” It was one of the stray ravens that she’s come to know in her stay. He would often know the better places to visit and be at any given time and has taken to being called Bowen. But Lonu, one of her prominent ravens from back hope would soon chime into the report, adding more context so as not to send Lumi in a needless frenzy. ” Do not worry Lumi, it is someone you know. It would seem Saturn has found his way here as well. I wouldn’t call him a monster but there is indeed something off putting about him. He was not as he was when you last met, but from what I observed, his temperament is as it was.” Lonu was more in tune with most to know, being a spirit for a time himself before taking on the form of a bird. And with this he would diffuse the confusion before it began.

” Osmond’s here? Didn’t think I’d run into anyone I know, but suppose we could play him a visit. Now, lead me to the monster of Sin~” Lumi teased as the two ravens would appease her request.

The walk would not be very long as the visitor was not far from the shop she left, and he would still be with book at hand. A sight Lumi recognized him well enough. But Lonu would prove right that something was off, only she would have the eyes to quickly gleam it. ” Sadly it would seem I am not the only Demon to walk these lands, oh how quick the God has fallen.” She would make her dramatic entry in a language Saturn would better understand. Having the words of Fiore would cut into the air of Sin for a moment, more so driven by the winter gale of her tone and voice.

Lumi would revel a snide smirk as she tilted her shades and willed her small veil to show more of her face before promptly hiding away again. Her dress did not denote she was from here, but it did help her blend in tremendously and with her petite stature she was often overlooked by passerby. At most it would be the company of ravens that would draw over and eye or two her direction but in the hustle of this town’s life would force them moving all the same.

” Hardly took a year before ye ruined that song of yers. But at least yer playing something more me tune, though…I doubt ya know how to put a show of it.” Just a playful way of addressing the change, whether the pup had it in him to understand or care wasn’t of interest. Lumi was content with her fun and she took a seat by him so that she may now dig into her meal. With a flick of her finger, a black frost table would sprout from the ground and come up just to her knees. ” Ye should try the tea around here, there are many more variants than ye’d find back at Fiore.” She would carelessly utter while only looked to her food’s holder. She was taking care to properly unwrap her meal and prepare her chop sticks. Lonu would perk on Saturn’s knee while the other too birds would sit at the back of the bench and observe.

” Is that was it is? He’s a Demon now?” Lonu would ask for clarity. He knew something changed but it wasn’t adept to know. Lumi nodded as her answer while still looking down at the table and stuffing a dumpling in her maw. ” But how could that be?”

” Can’t say I know but I’m curious enough to look into it later……Corruption, tampering, influence, trap?-Who knows with higher beings and ambitiously but lowly humans meddling with what’s not theirs……One can’t simply purge the flesh of the abyss though. He’s practically a brother now, but I doubt Mikhail would like to hear of it. Maybe it would coax him to change his mind about being a Daemon till he perishes.” She spoke in between bouts of bites almost too hard to chew. Often taking before she was done as the topic was far too fascinating. But without more context, it would be a conversation with her and Lonu alone and to Saturn, it would only seem she was answer stray points from her bird.

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Another turn in his little book; some of the words the townfolk were using frequently enough to where he could garner how it was spelled and how it was used. The demi-god’s ears twitched as he made a little checkmark next to them. There were tons of notes in his booklets and there would be many a more made before the end of his visit here in sin. He could tell there were more eyes on him than just the townsfolk though. Maybe there were shinobi here much like there were in Joya? Was that appropriate to figure? Spies to make sure he wasn’t up to anything? They’d find themselves bored as the ‘demi-god’ was content to waiting for his food.

Perhaps his guess on the spies was a little less than accurate; the words that greeted him were in a language that he recognized instantly and the voice that spoke them twice as much. He had met Lumikki when he was still a fledgling demi-god. Ears perking up and excitement crossing his face. Though her form was very much so unknown to him; he remembered what she had looked like before. This was likely a disguise so as to not draw more attention to herself. Something that saturn himself hadn’t really figured out yet. He couldn’t help but cock his head to one side at seeing that smirk; the slight tilt of the shades answered with a slight raise of his brow.

I’m not sure what you mean by that Aurora. Did you find more of your kin here?

Did he not know? Was the change within him something that he hadn’t divined? Or was it a slow subtle change that happened over time that eventually came with the change? Something he could only see if he was more forcibly taken to? He’d adjust a little bit in his seat, setting down his booklet on his leg.

You might be picking up on my music Aurora; one of the other knights helped me figure out I had darkness as part of the sheet. But you’re right I don’t really know how to use it too well yet.

Her suggestion about the tea earned a nod of his head; he’d have to take note of that. Speaking of; he’d pop out a little notepad; there was a long list of things that he had on there that he wanted to try and they were all listed there. Some old, some crossed out, some scribbled out as though he had thought better of them.

One of the ravens that was with Lumi seemed to be more physical and the friendly sort than the others. Or at least a little more at ease around him; was this one of the ones that was with lumikki when they first had met? His smile seemed to deepen a bit and he’d reach down to give the bird a little rub on it’s head. Though if it didn’t want it he’d probably just let it be. He was a gentle soul even with the demonic change; something he didn’t seem to understand still.

I’m surprised to see you here in Sin Aurora. What brings you here?

Curiosity played across his features and his words seemed more excited to see her than anything else. He considered her a close friend and was genuinely happy to see that she was around still. Too many people he had met recently had vanished in one way or another which was frustrating to say the least.


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” It would seem I have Osmond. A seventh brother now. I’ll have to tell me other siblings not to bother ya too much but I can’t promise they won’t.” Lumi took another dumpling into her mouth promptly after responding. Wasting little time between chowing down more of her food. As she chewed, she would take notice of all his books and the little bit of notes she could see upon the open pages. It was no surprise to her that he would be decoding the language of the area much like how he did Fiore. But what would make the endeavor all the more interesting would be her current pursuit to do the same. Figuring it would only behoove to learn more of the world she was in if she meant to enact proper mischief.

And after he would heed her advice on tea, even going as far as to pull out page and scribble something down. Lumi would quickly snatch his list and give it a gander. The Demoness would only snicker at some of his interests, as any sibling might before handing back the paper. Only when he would reach to take it back as read it over, a few additions would be added as if by magic.

Written in black, what was added is as follows:
  • The Sin fire works
  • live music performance
  • art gallery
  • New Year festivals
  • Tea ceremonies

*along with a doodle of a raven off to the side.

” Work as usual. Got to make use of the particular monster sightings being posted on quest boards. I’m tryin’ to see if they garner me any extra influence and power. Did ye eve figure out what ye’d the “god” of Osmond? I think it now more important than ever to plan the power ye’d wish to have. That powers that be don’t like to entertain aimless beings that could prove to be trouble as time goes on.”

She advise so endearingly as an aimless Demon was an easy meal for another. Still, there was no need to bog him on the specifics more than he needed to know. Meanwhile, Lonu was indeed appreciating the pets and affections. Leaning further into them for al long and Saturn entertained them.

” Do ye have a single song to ya yet pup? Something gleams on ya that perhaps I could be the one to help write ya a tune now as ye use something similar to what I do.”

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I’ll be honest with you aurora that I don’t… really still understand familial bonds. What’s the reasoning to add me to that list? I thought us close anyways.

It was something that saturn had seen many a time, a youth running to their caretakers, a knight visiting his siblings for the fortieth time. Echo’s family being stolen away had more of a value attached to it rather than because they were related. Something that he could understand slightly better but it was still confusing. He’d sigh a little; he understood the infatuation and what ‘led’ to having siblings and families. Which was love; something that he… he held a lot of love for the people that he cared about.

I understand somewhat what leads to having a family just… not the part about being… part of one.

It was still an alien concept to him; something that even after all his time intermingling with people he didn’t quite develop fully. With her taking his notepad away he’d perk a little bit and then lean slightly to let her read it through; when he eventually took it back from her with no little rush the demi-god’s expression grew a little kinder; a bit more gentle.

Mmm, those are some lively events. Didn’t even know that there were half of these things here.

Hearing that she had come here for work related ventures made sense; from what he heard in the whispers of the world Lumikki was very powerful and well known. Though most of what he heard were hyped up rumours of those in the taverns so it was hard to really say what was real and what wasn’t. Her drive was something that he felt like he needed; something that he himself needed to develop further. The question regarding his choice about what he’d be the god of was something he had thought about frequently and after a moment he’d nod his head.

I know what I’d want to be the god of, I’ve been staring at it for quite some time. Justice, in a way. Not unwavering, not unforgiving, but the right Justice. At that moment. I liked the thought of peace, but after a long time, or what felt like a long time I realized that my desire for peace came from a deep seated root of right and wrong. And understanding of the grey in the middle that makes it difficult. I’ve had to make some difficult decisions since we’ve last met. I hope that helps put you at ease Aurora.

As he spoke he continued to give Lonu attention, he didn’t mind. Working with the little raven to make sure they weren’t getting overstimulated here or there. Animals both magical and not seemed to enjoy his company too. He had to wonder if it was due part to his gentle personality. Her last question had him sigh again; did he have a song? He did. It was something that he had felt building up in the pit of his heart and had worked it’s way through his core after a time.

I have… notes, tunes, things that work together well to a song. Something. I’ve...

He’d pause at her offer to help him write that song and after a few moments of staring down at the raven he’d look to her; cracking open his eyes slightly to let her see the golden hues underneath. Demon or demi-god saturn was still a kind loving individual and he seemed somewhat troubled.

I’d like that.


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Lumikki completely ignored him and his rebuttals towards family. Not even bothering to entertain them with a response or gesture to show that she listened to what he said at all. It was part because she didn’t care what he had to say, it did not quite matter in the moment. But also part because such an answer annoyed her and she didn’t really care all that much for it.

Instead she would continue to eat, finding more joy in her food than the conversation. That was until she snatched the note pad and eventually handed it back. ” To be fair, neither did I. It was me birds that let me in on some of the activities here. I am starting to wonder if I want to immerse meself in all cultures all the more.” She was almost done with her big order, and half way through her tea at this point but she would take a pause from it all once he answered he question. Showing his an utter face of dissatisfaction before stuffing another dumpling in her mouth and chew vigorously. ” Of all things…welp, I can’t be surprised really. Least it’s better than peace. Ye’d be surprise how pointless it is and more so from what me people think of it.”

It made her offer all the more imperative to take on his part, but had he said no, she wouldn’t be bothered by it. The last thing she cared to do was fight him on it or baby him on the matter. It was all on him to take his stand in the world, and more so to hold his own.

” Good, good. We’d get to it when we get to it.”

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Someone that always had something likely either didn’t know how to explain the lack of it to someone that didn’t have it. Or that perhaps it was something that he would have to learn on his own in the future. Something that maybe with lumikki calling him a sibling or brother of sorts would lead into something he couldn’t be explained to about. He’d just have to experience it firsthand.

Either way they sat there in silence for a little bit, he didn’t seem to think to say anything while she was still eating. She’d explain how she had come about the various things that she had added to his list and he felt like maybe he was missing out traveling with his own little padre. Echo was off being busy and well… the outsider was a long ways away for him to even contact still.

I think it’d be worth it. They’re so… interesting.

The differences between the various cultures he had run into so far were so many it was impossible to compare them fully. Though that thought was dashed when he saw the face she made at his answer, he felt his heart drop in his chest and something deep down stirred like the choice or the thing he said was…. Wrong. His brow furrowed slowly and he’d fold his arms thoughtfully. He looked…. Confused.

You seem. Disappointed with that answer. Or maybe you were expecting something else? I’d like to know what you might think Aurora. Or at least what you might think is fitting of me.

There was a nagging feeling in the back of his head that maybe his structured way of thinking was due to the way the rune knights had raised him and maybe someone like Lumikki would have valuable input that he wouldn’t get anywhere else. That just maybe… he’d ponder for a moment and then nod his head at what she had to say in the last bit. There was a lot they had to talk about huh?

"...I feel like I've grown but I feel like... I haven't grown enough."


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” Justice is a fine pursuit if I were to be honest in that regard. The concept in itself void all other factors is a fundamental force to keep the races going. I have no qualms with it truly. It is the beings that pursue it that often make me laugh. As if they were the bastions of order through the chaos, more vital than water or the blood running through yer veins to keep the everyday flowing. They often get loss in the entailment of it all, at times warping their views and intervention to delusional levels. Justifying all their actions as a catalyst for the greater good and often committing murders for the betterment of society. But personally, I don’t need an excuse or reason “to” murder. And though I weigh me hand at culling the useless of the lot, I do so for me pleasure and distain for the weak of the world. Ya could call it justice, I simply see it as one higher being exercising the luxury of their grandeur to do as they please. If I were to act within the opposite septrum of it all, it would be expected of me. That I do it with honor was simply a lucky happening for the lower beings involved. I callously say this with an experience of being a harbinger of chaos witnessing how me Guild Master if treated by other Seraphim. If we are the chaos and they are the order, then it is laughable that there is even a distinction. They wreck twisted chaos themselves and lie while doing so.” Albeit it was a long winded answer, but one laced with the truth and culmination of her thoughts. A God divining over something so simple as water or war would not have to be bogged by the intricacies of their being. Justice in itself was an ideal painted by too many small strokes from different hands. Even at the best of times, there would be no real way to intact it to extents that did not seem extreme. It was a worry she never entertained for herself, honor was a simple facet. But a lense to how she did her work, but nothing that required much thought or problem solving. And this is how she liked it. After all, she still enjoyed the chaos that made of her flesh and being and had no desire to discard it for mortals that no longer applied to her.

” That feeling and bitter taste in yer mouth would be one ye’d feel for the rest of yer existence. Refreshed every time ye’ve grown to learn more on how to perceive the world. I could say I’ve been tasting it for some time, despite me new found standing. But this conversation is getting boring, ye should speak on something that lightens yer spirit. What brought ye to Sin of all places Pup, doubt these people need Justice?”

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Saturn sat there, listening to Aurora as she spoke. She made many a good point; many people did things in the name of justice. In the name of order. But was he someone that truly desired it in the deepest darkest pit of his heart? His hand came to stroke his chin thoughtfully as she continued; committing murders for the betterment of society. Something that every kingdom had done no matter which you went to; she explained about why she did it, or rather some of the things that they would do in the name of it. Her mention of being a harbinger of chaos and how her guild master was treated by other seraphim. It struck him as odd that he held such a desire to enact his own brand of it.

You make some strong points Aurora and I didn’t know much of that still. I should reflect on it a bit more.

The information regarding both her and her guildmaster were… new to him. The way that seraphims acted was also something he never had thought about or had any… well information about them. There were so many he still had to meet and so much time to do it. It did make him understand his friend here a little more and he was grateful for it.

It seems I found something bitter and a sensation of feeling I’ll just have to get used to. Hm? Oh.

The reason he had come to sin? The demi-god adjusted slightly and let out a small chuckle. It was practically musical with the way that it sounded, like a clear chime bell that was dancing around ones ears. Sickly sweet was its ending and the note trailed off after a moment once the demi-god leaned forward, setting his arms on his legs.

There was a merchant that came through central selling exotic goods he claimed were from sin. So with my ‘free time’ as it were I wanted to come here and look around. Learn more about the country. I’ve only been to Joya and Fiore. Heard little things about iceberg and Caelum so they’re next.

There was a brief pause and he’d grin a little fuller, tapping at his forehead with a finger. There was one last reason that he was here, a little reason that maybe Lumikki wouldn’t expect from him.

I’m also hunting for artifacts. For… personal use. As for the people here needing Justice… well. I think they could use some music over that right now. I think most people do.


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” Go to Caelum,” Lumi sighed, ” The folk in Iceberg aren’t keen on foreigners. They’d leave ye to die out there. At best, ye’d need local to ferry ye. And with the odd appearance of yers, ye’d be mix received. Wouldn’t put it past some of the village men to think they’d need to slay ye.” Lumi finished off the rest of her tea as she made her point on the matter. The Demoness thought it best for those to not wander into Iceberg so carelessly. If he had a more warrior spirit, then perhaps things would veer otherwise; but as it stands, her cold homeland was not an endearing suggestion.

” I’ve wondered what Caelum is like though. I’ve heard stories but never been therefore meself.” She leaned far back onto the bench to better meet his gaze. Sitting down made the height difference more tolerable but no less vexing.

” Word of advice love, ye never wanna deliver justice in other countries. It’s hardly the place for an outsider to carelessly entertain. But music is an absolute joy to spread around. Let me hear yer song.” Lumi now propped a lot of her weight onto her arm and crossed her legs. Her shades that barely hid her eyes from him with his higher angle, slide further down her nose.

And as the two would sit, the people of the town continued walking by. A few turned to stare at the odd pair on the bench but many were too busy with their lives. But the soft murmuring of noises blending in would contend with the suggestion of a song. Playing its variation of the melody of Sin and the words of a tongue they knew little of would weave in with the sounds of the day-to-day. Joined with a sequence of birds chirping. It was quite the sensation to be within the sounds of somewhere so foreign, often catapulting you further from familiarity than the contrast of sights and locations. Only smell would contend with the odd sensation of being somewhere new. But the choice of this culture's design was indeed very unique among it all as well.

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Hearing lumikki’s suggestion regarding where he should go didn’t surprise him somehow; something deep inside of him knew this and further needing a local to ferry him about would make it difficult. The only other person from iceberg he knew was another rune knight and she wasn’t the usual icebergian either. The idea that they’d try to slay him due to his appearance didn’t entirely sit right with him and he’d let out a soft sigh.

I suppose I’ll save visiting iceberg for another time then. Maybe when I’m a bit older.

He knew that he didn’t have a warrior spirit, he was a peaceful individual that was slowly being turned into… something else entirely. He had a very small amount of blood on his hands because of echo and their family beng kidnapped but he felt like he made the right choice there.

I’ve heard that they treat mages very well there along with there being some extremely powerful artifacts and weapons from there.

He’d meet her gaze, cracking open his eyes. He always enjoyed his time with her; even if some of the things he was told didn’t sit right with him at first it came from a place of wisdom and caring. Her advice regarding his justice and delivering it elsewhere made him pause. Was it the right choice crossed his mind again and he’d let out a soft hum.

Maybe Justice and Music then… or perhaps… Ah. The song? Let me begin…

It was one that came from his heart, something deep and troubled, melancholy but hopeful to some degree. It had an ache to it that was hard to place and deep within the layers of the tune there was a heavy amount of love poured into it. It seemed to make things seem empty at first, but as it went it grew to fill that emptiness. Eventually it’d trail off and saturn would sit there. Noting that some of the passerbiers had become entranced by the song and further still he felt his throat ache from singing it. Not once was there a single word in it and the demi-god looked down at his hands; they were trembling a little bit and he’d close his eyes exhaling slowly. He spoke in a fairly hush tone; as his throat was still a little raw.

I hope that… explains a little bit of what I’ve been through better than my words could.

Sometimes it reminded him of Old Friends he never had… Old loves that never blossomed and places he had never been but had always seen.


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In a dreary bitter-sweet melody, her friend would pour his sad soul into a dim but hopeful song. Notes lingered somberly in the air before being sprinkled with bright, lifting strokes of tone. It was like being told a fairytale without a single word being uttered, and the passerby would note this as a few halted from their walks. They stood still in confusion and fascination, a beast who hums from the depths of humanity. Stringing together a melody would strike a heart even if they were dissociated into their own world. Some of the elder graciously bowed, dipping over just slightly as their thanks for the show. While children would pause their games and amusement and giggle at the performance instead. A passing monk would heed the song and offer in return a little prayer, speaking in a mantra that blessed one in grace. A few adults would drop small trinkets like charms and bracelets on the bench as they walked by, never breaking their pace as they continued on their path.

" Tis as I warned ye pup. Such is the world ya choose to dip yer toes in but know that there are ones far more bitter. Ye seem stronger for it, count yer blessings there, but heed me words with absolute care. There is no meaning in suffering, it doesn't make ya stronger. All ye could hope for is simply to prove stronger and move on. Though this is all a humble suggestion, tis something I just happened to observe in all me studies. Speaking of, what do ya do for studying? Believe it or not but I don't often cross mages let alone ones with pursuits in books and the like." Her disposition was that of cold bitterness before her popping thought would snap her into a more cheery curiosity. Causing her to shoot up a little bit forward.

" Oh as speaking of. Do they really favor mages in Caelum? I know they favor dragons from the stories and the might of a valiant knight. But a mage?"

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Saturn didn’t stop his tune for any of the folks that passed by. He would nod or give a gentle wave to them but the song continued. The charms and bracelets he would ponderously look over once he was done though; not sure what they represented and his eyes lay on the monk for a moment as he watched them go. His song was deep and melancholic so of course it would resonate with people that understood it in a sense. The children… likely wouldn’t understand till they were older. He sat there in abject silence for a moment; only broken by the words that Lumikki spoke.

You were right from the start Aurora; but I still needed to experience it for myself. I am… lucky. For sure.

He’d pause, suffering? No meaning in it? A way to prove that he was stronger and move on. His memories fluttered to the warehouse where he and echo had to fight off henchmen and various other people meaning the both of them ill. His expression never waivered from his usual grin and his brows would furrow slightly.

You’re right. There isn’t much meaning to it, but some people let it define them. I don’t think I want that for myself.

Then came something that he wasn’t expecting; or rather something he he figured but didn’t exactly know how to broach with her yet. The topic of studying; hearing that she did made him feel a little better about his own time spent in the library. He’d sheepishly rub the back of his head and his smile seemed to brighten considerably.

Well I studied language and history for a time, learning as much as I could about fiore and its hold on the world. But… as of recently I’ve been studying music and its application to darkness aligned elements. When I took a test in the rune knight hold with another knight we found that my music had that element to it so understanding it better and its theories, uses and applications to everyday life seemed like a good idea. Oh and I’ve been studying the various wars too. They really seem to want me to be a battle mage I think. I don’t know how I feel about that though.

He hadn’t really had any combat experience yet and the lack of equipment on his part made it painfully obvious that he likely would be in a sour place if he actually fought at the moment but given his youth they were likely taking their time. He’d perk a little bit and nod his head after a moment.

Strong mages yes, I think that’s just a thing in general for most places but they do favor dragonslayers there more. But I think someone that’s outlandishly powerful would likely be favored; at least that's what the person I talked to seemed to imply.

Saturn took a moment to ponder his experience with the various mages he had talked to about the subject. Struggling to pull their names out of the air he could only shake his head and eventually he’d note something down in his booklet.

...Do you remember what your first ‘spell’ was Aurora? The very first one that you ever cast? How it felt? What sort of song it sang to you when you did?


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" I did a fair share of reading on that meself. The intricacies of dark magic, its history, and applications. I read many books on the varying portals and significance in other cultures. Like here in Sin, people see it as an omnipresent element tied to maintaining the balance, but back in me motherland, it is but an opposing force to life. A struggle one overcomes but ultimately where we all had derived. I would tutor ya in dark magic, but I don't possess the patience needed to be a teacher. I suppose I would have ta see yer spell work and guide ye from there, but it would be odd if no one in yer knew any dark magic. Wars are a good surprise though. Yer the last I'd figure to have an interest. Suppose Rune Knights are the best fit for that lesson." There was genuine amusement in her voice as she spoke with glee. She found what he said to be so curious. Lumi though befriending those in other guilds, was hardly aware of what the environments there were like.

" I'm not one for slaying dragons but I'm sure they'd like me all the same..." Lumi uttered while giving his question some thought." Can't answer that love, been learning magic since I was a wee lass. Me nans had been teaching me for as long as I could recount but if I had to take a guess. I believe it was how to make a lil flurry with snow."

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They’re positively fascinating honestly, with so many applications of one kind of element. Practically music when cast by the right people.

He’d sigh softly and hearing that it was tied to maintaining the balance in sin but was considered a complete opposing form to life saturn pondered his choices and what led him to the use of dark magic when he was so… Different than most of the ones that used it. Even Aurora was different than him but they shared some key similarities that he was sure was the reasoning for his ‘darkness’ to say the least.

It’s not a surprise to me that different countries would have different views. Especially when one seems more war torn than the other and experiences from the past shape everything about their future.

Hearing that she wasn’t the best teacher Saturn gave a small but dismissive shake of his head. If she thought that she didn’t realize how much she had helped him just by simply talking with him about things.

Honestly if it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would have survived some of my experiences. I haven’t… cast any proper songs with this element yet. I don’t think I have the capacity to at the moment. Somethings… off I suppose.

His interest in wars and what came with them were more from strategic and logistics than actual combat but he knew that he’d eventually make the same choice of getting involved if one ever leaped forward to him. Something told him that he couldn’t stand idle if things went south.

I’m more interested in the strategic and logistic influences they have. It’s fascinating honestly. I’m not sure how to feel about the actual fights themselves but you’re not wrong. It’s interesting to watch the growth of the humans that apply every so often. Slow at first but leaps and bounds later.

He’d pause as he heard that amusement in her voice, he was better at picking up little things now but there was a lot he still didn’t understand. There were other guilds that he wasn’t aware of outside of the well known ones. He’d lean forward in his seat, his hands resting on his legs and he seemed to be mulling over her answer.

Sounds pretty fitting to me; having someone to help teach you probably helped with that development too…

Maybe there were other mages of darkness orientated elements that he could ask regarding it. But given that he felt a deep connection to the element but for whatever reason his music at the moment seemed lacking. He had to wonder what sort of person Lumikki’s nan had been. What they might think of her at the moment. He was curious but maybe it’d be best not to ask about it yet.

Maybe I can spin a song out of that element…


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Lumikki pointed at a shadow cast between them. Something that often would go unnoticed before reaching over and pulling it out like a cloth. She then grabbed Saturn's palm and placed it inside." Ye couldn't hold it then but ya should be able to now. I recommend ya try nibbling on some too." She paused to let him settle that experience for himself before making her next point. Information was best served in bite-sized pieces.

" When I noticed I had the affinity for such magic, I pulled it like ribbons from the air and slurped them as noodles while moving along. Not sure if me mother being a seamstress is what inspired the notion in me that dark could be like a fabric, but I would say thanks to me Pa and Uncle, I've also learned to will it like forged armor. But ye aren't like me, ye have different means to approach the world."

She grabbed more shadow only this time she pulled it out like string and lined it up in the air like the lines of sheet music she glanced over. From there she would dot the stanzas with notes of a song she looked up on a recording of an Iceberg song. The people of her homeland did not see the need for such scribing but admittedly Lumi found much charm in it.

When she was done, she'd let her work bob in the air for the Demon pup to observe at his leisure before willing them to dark to the ground like daggers and fade away as they were smoke. " With this example, it should become easier for yer imagination now. Though if ya still find it hard, there are books I could recommend to ye." The Demoness was still fun but she couldn't help but nibble on a stray shadow that clung to her fingers.

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Saturns eyes followed where lumikki pointed; something that was usually ignored was quickly brought attention to. Seeing her pull it out like a cloth his brows shot up. He wasn’t aware of being able to manipulate shadows like that but with it now placed in his palm he could feel the ‘mass’ behind the shadow. Lifting it up he’d inspect it and eventually do as she suggested, taking a soft nibble of the shadow. It tasted… odd to him. Cool? Smooth? Could something taste… dark? His brows furrowed slightly.

Never thought to try to taste shadow or ‘darkness’ before…

Listening to her explanation as to when she noticed her affinity to the darkness within, she treated it in a fascinating sort of way. The idea of her mother having an impact to treating the darkness like a fabric. Something he’d never consider before but it made sense to him now. He’d bring his finger up to his lips and puzzle over the information she gave him. Forging darkness like armor… treating it like cloth. This explained a lot about how she went about handling it.

Your family had quite the impact on how you handle your music Aurora. It’s fascinating.

There was more that he could say about it but when she grabbed more shadows and lined them up in lines of music the ‘demi-god’ paused to read it out loud. Following it with a playful hum. Seeing them vanish into the ground like daggers and smoke he’d let out a soft breath of air. Playful music like that was some of his favorite.

I think I get what you’re meaning, though I’m not sure I’d be as well… fluid and practiced as you.

He’d reach down, gingerly grasping at where his shadow was. Tugging at it with a pair of fingers, it wasn’t as smooth or as well practiced as lumikki’s was but he was able to pull it off of the ground by a good foot or two before it snapped back into place. He’d let out a thoughtful hum and lean down again, scooping it out like water before pondering over it again.

Mmm… maybe the way I approach it need be different, or maybe i need to have a better focus. Or something to put my focus through…

Another ponderous moment and his eyes flicked to lumikki, recalling briefly the motions of her hands and how she did the same. He'd reach down, ponderously at first before doing something on a lesser scale, practically a sheet of paper in size but definitely far more fluid than his initial take.

"...I think I see..."


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” Took me a while to get a hold of it as well and it was not concept I thought of early either. When I first explored the dark of me magic it was aimless. It only showed up in the frost work I’ve done as that was all I knew. But in time I had to make it evolve.” Lumikki sat back and observed him as he tried to make sense of it all for himself. Sure she gave him hints on what he could try but nothing would compare to what came more naturally to him.

Eventually he was able to pull his shadow up at all, but it would not last long as it shot back to the ground. Yet he kept trying, a trait that she enjoyed in him.

” Ye’ve gotten the gist, the rest now is up to ye and yer preferred execution. But that should diffuse some of the confusion in the mean time.” Lumi nodded as she spoke,” Though I’m curious how ye’d grow from here. I want to see some of yer spells one day.” She spoke with excitement but that was because she wanted to eat his magic.

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Not having any direction would make it harder and having it be a secondary element would also make sense hmm.

Saturn mulled it over as he tugged at the shadows again, he could feel them. Could taste them, but there was something… off about how he was handling it he felt. He was pretty sure there was a better way of him going about it. Furrowing his brows he’d scoop again with one hand, trying to coax the darkness up to no avail. But that didn’t stop him from considering different approaches.

When pulled it snaps taut… when scooped it simply acts the part of water.

He’d mumble a bit and scratch at his chin; ears perking when lumikki spoke again. He’d nod his head as she explained further and gave him some good ground to stand on. He’d look down at his hands; how would he grow from here and what sort of person would he be delving into darkness like this?

I’m curious too. It’s been a fascinating time here on earthland and I’ve grown in ways I could barely have dreamt of when I first arrived. I can’t wait to show you them too. I’ll make sure the first one you’ll like.

Saturn’s smile grew and he was pretty happy in the idea of getting to show her some sort of spell that she might enjoy. Whether it be how it looks, acts or perhaps how he would be able to spin it into a song. He’d look up finally, into the sky and leaned back in the bench. Making it creak a little bit with how much he weighed.

I still want to fly. I think that’d be fun if we could together.


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Lumikki would lean back to mimic his motion. Also gazing up at the sky and tracing the shapes of the clouds. The Demoness hardly needed time to mull anything over. " Technically, ye could already fly by yer own power. Yer just gonna have to make peace with the thing ya are now and find a way to channel it properly. The sooner the better I'd say. Flying makes a good way out of back situations."

She did not return her gaze to him just yet. She was far too interested in the sky above. But she was also trying to think over the more the two could do. Activities that wouldn't feel too boring or a pain to do. " I wrote things down in that notepad of yers. Pick one and let's do it. I've come to learn that experiencing the world shapes the things ye create. Art imitates life, after all, so for ye to figure such things out, ye'd have to live life first.

She would now finally gaze to those often, closed eyes of his. Curious about his answer.

Curtain Call

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He felt like he could stare at the sky forever, seeing the bliss in the clouds and the sun somewhere off in the distance. Hearing that he could fly on his own power… but that he needed to make peace with how things were made… sense in a way. He wasn’t sure what she meant entirely yet but. If she thought that he could do it, that was good enough for him.

I can imagine it being useful in a pinch especially if they aren’t expecting it.

He’d muse over the varied uses of being able to fly and would have to ask echo if he knew how that went. He’d look down to the notepad, easily picking out what she had written down. There were a few things that stood out to him, the fire works, the art gallery… but he felt like the both of them would enjoy the music performance a lot.

I think I have a good idea Aurora.

Smiling wide he’d stand up and figure that the both of them could head out sooner rather than later…


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