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When Then Wind Travels North, A Flowing Ink Shortly Follows.(Open Social.)

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When Then Wind Travels North, A Flowing Ink Shortly Follows.(Open Social.) Empty Sat Aug 05, 2023 9:28 am

When it was revealed that the next stop for Blue Pegasus' air ship was Orchidia Miriko did not waste the chance to travel some where else. Miriko still however was nervous and scared of riding upon that air ship. She had not adjusted herself to flying in it. She had for most of the trip been grasping firmly on rails during take off to hopefully not fall any manner.

But the here she had been before and over all it might have been a while so she would just merely go to the markets and set up to do some painting again. Hopefully she had a few new faces to meet.

After gathering a enough supplies for creating a fair amount of pictures Miriko head off to a good spot in Orchidia's markets and starting setting up a sport where she could start drawing things, at least until some one came her way that she viewed important to draw.


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Considering Blue Pegasus was at the big flying ship taking a lil ride over to the north, the joyan thought to himself 'why not'. He never got to see more of Fiore aside from Hargeon, so he was curious to see what the other area of the country was like.

He glanced over at his guild mate who looked like she was having an anxiety attack. He approached her and with a sweet smile offered her some help by trying to make her feel secure or try to distract her from the traumatic event she was facing.

Upon safe landing, he was glad to be on the firm ground
"Have you ever been here?" he asked her as well as "Do you mind if I tag along?"
He might as well explore the town with a guild mate. Maybe she was more familiar with this place considering she has been in this guild far longer than him

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Kazz stood in awe, his eyes scanning the colorful chaos of the Orchidia Markets. It had taken him days to reach this bustling city, through treacherous forests and winding rivers. Now, his journey had led him to the heart of the known world, a place where treasures and wonders awaited those with the audacity to seek them. The market street stretched before him, a cacophony of scents and sounds that assaulted his senses.

The air was heavy with the aroma of exotic spices, mingling with the sweet scent of blooming flowers. The hum of chatter, combined with the melodious songs of street performers, created a symphony of noise that thrilled his adventurous spirit. Of each grassy street, merchant stalls lined either side, bursting with exotic goods. Jars of shimmering dust said to grant eternal youth, glittered in the sunlight.

Artisans displayed intricately carved figurines, their eyes alive with mischief. A fire-breathing vendor twirled balls of flame with expert precision, drawing a crowd of wide-eyed onlookers. Lost in the sea of bustling bodies, Kazz failed to notice the two strangers standing in his path. With a clumsy misstep, he collided with them. One of them was a girl around his age, The other stranger, a man who appeared to be of Joyan descent like himself Clad in simple yet stylish garments, he stood with an air of quiet confidence,  "Apologies, miss," he stammered, offering a sheepish smile as he took a step back to assess the damage.


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Lumikki was prowling the markets for new hair accessories. It was just something to kill time until the night came and she could look for mischief. She enjoyed walking around the markets or along the river when she found she had free time but didn't want to shut herself away in her guild's library.

She was out and about in a short blue dress with stars and black combat boots. Her hair was in two right buns and adorned with raven feathers. Her Paradise Tattoo is on full display on her left thigh. She walked around carrying a fairly large bag in case she found something she liked and a book on old myths to read in case she found herself settling by the river in the end.

As she passed by she could make out a man with her keen eyes that looked out of place. He was already dragging her attention before another would collide with them. She giggled to herself as she figured they could be new around these parts. Her world's eyes already tipping her off that they belong to a guild much farther away than the Sleeping Calamity nearby.

She already found that of Blue Pegasus before, so this was starting to feel common. It was the stray lad that make her curious. She could hardly hold herself back to see if she could find a moment for mischief within their interactions. Until then she settled with just observing the guest of her nearby city while still checking the stalls for anything of note.

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It was a good question to ask Miriko. She had been here before just got here differently, normally on the back on Alistair. So she would explain it as such as they started "I have been here before, Just...not by air ship."Miriko said getting over her slightly nervous nature. But since she had not really gotten to talk to Dae seong yet she did not see any reason to refuse him coming along."I am not doing anything too special, I do not mind you come along." Alistair seemed okay with it too for now even if he was unsure hot to feel about the new guild member. Then again Miriko had only really had a chance to get to them too much.

Alistair was still gauging how to think of them, it was something that had not came to mind for him only because he most of the time was napping or doing something else when he was around."It is a pretty peaceful place everyone generally pretty respectful. In some manner at times they aren't super interested in my artistic wears."With that Miriko did eventually ride on Alistair to go into Orchidia, It did not make the already rather tell Miriko seem taller, riding on the back of a giant cat.

Even with being bumped into group wise slightly Miriko did not seem to think about it too much."Do feel free to explore, I am just setting up a shop to see if anyone is interested to getting a painting done for them."Miriko was pretty simple that way, she was not gonna hold anyone back from what they would want to do.

When the right spot was found over all it did not take much time for Miriko to set up her wears, She had a stool set up for herself to sit in, Another for some one else to sit in. An array of a least 15 blank canvas' on frames. She had a table set up with various pencil sketches that Miriko felt where perfect for examples for future art work that people might be able to look at to know what they could be getting into in the future, some where people Miriko had met in the past. Other where various views she had seen in her life as she travelled the lands.

She also had a clothing rack where Miriko showed off various outfits she had made, it was not common she peddled her dresses for sale but she had a lot of unused one so it was best to sell them off, not realizing that most people would not be able to fit a dress for a woman who was 6'3". But also the common supplies needed for hair dressing. Miriko seemed to be pulling out all of the stops just to see what people where interested at the time.

Then she would pull out her massive umbrella, stand in the centre of her set up and waited under her umbrella hoping that she did not overheat herself, As well hoping she did not get a tan as well.


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She would answer that she has been here, just not via Christina. That seemed fair. Dae-seong nodded when she spoke. "Even so. You have been here, so you at least know your way around" even if she wasnt doing anything special, at least she wouldnt wander aimlessly. So with it being decided. He'd be her escort.

As they'd walk to the markets, a man would bump into them and apologize. Dae-seong would just check to see if Mimi was ok. He glared a bit at the guy that bumped into them. Not caring if the guy was a fellow joyan. But he did relent and ease up when he saw Mimi was ok. He'd be a crappy escort buddy if he didnt look after his guild mates. One could see he was a blue pegasus member. He wore the emblem on the black stylish suit, right near shoulder area on upper sleeve.

When she found the right spot, it did not take much time for Miriko to set up her wears. She had everything for arting. Dae-seong took a seat and playfully said "May I be your first customer?" he then winks "To draw in all the people with your beautiful art?"

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Kazz brushed off the glared the man gave it and turned to be on his way. Nansh would appear Perched on his shoulder She glanced at the man for a few seconds her sharp eyes catching sight of the guild mark of the Blue Pegasus on his upper sleeve. Nensh's curiosity sparked, wondering what members of the renowned guild were doing in this small town. Drawing closer to Kazz's ear, Nensh whispered, her voice audible only to him. "Kazz, do you see that guild mark? He member of the Blue Pegasus. I wonder what brings him here."

This prompted Kazz to stop and look back her voice now tinged with caution. "Could both of them be members or is he on a job?" Nensh cocked her head to the side, her ears twitching. " This seems rather peculiar. We should keep an eye on them, Kazz." Kazz watched as the woman set up her wears from a nearby weapon merchants' stand. an odd sensation prickled at the back of his neck as if someone were watching him. He glanced around, but the crowded street made it difficult to pinpoint the source. But Kazz shrugged off the unease, brushing aside his own instincts Think it nothing more than boredom from wanting the pair set in.


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Lumikki looked to the three with her keen eyes. She easily saw the glare of the man to the one that had only accidentally bumped into them. Noting that he would hardly be fun to tease if he would so visibly be nasty. She continued glancing at the stands near her, feeling around the wares presented. She was inspecting a red dress in a style she never heard of when she could notice the woman setting up a stall of her own.

An impressive array she thought to herself as she handed some jewels to the merchant. Her eyes followed the other stylish man, noticing he too was still looking over the odd pair. It piqued her curiosity, even more, to wonder what he thought of them. Lumikki could make out the cat-like being speaking, but their lips were hard for her to read. She could only assume they found the pair odd as she did.

Lumi stuffed her new dress in her back as she walked closer in their direction. Since she knew the couple would more than likely be in that spot for a while, she wondered if the lone man would entertain her. She didn't approach with any malice, only curiously and playfully. It was not often she would see them close to home and she wondered what the members of other guilds may be like. The lone man looked around as if looking for someone in the crowd. She doubt he was waiting on a friend and so she minded her moments. Treating it like a game to see how close she could approach him unnoticed. It would make a fine challenge since he already proved perceptive of someone watching.

And as she would approach the lone man, she would glance that the other had sat down to be the first painted. She hoped she could get one herself when the artist was done. The art already displayed fascinated her. She was used to making sculptures and figures with ice, but painting was its own battle.

Lumikki would keep looking over the stalls and picking the items she liked as she made her way near. Eyeing a hair comb in her hand last.

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It seemed Miriko was already gather takers to her wears, It was over all a delightful thing to see. It just meant as long as everyone tried to get along waiting their turned there might not be much to worry about in the end. To Miriko it was a perfect situation. People starting to gather meant more people in the future she just needed to be working the best and most effect way possible. The slower part of this was the options she offered."It does depends are you looking for a normal painting or pencil...one's quicker the details are about the same with just less colour for one of them."Miriko mentioned merely because it was the way she went about her work.

There was other things she could always do add a bit of flare to or have personal meaning but Miriko would have to hold back on for other time for the last thing she wanted to do is start reflecting the past upon images again right out a person agreeing to it. Whichever it was Miriko would start shortly after she got her answer. For she did not enjoy keeping people waiting for long.

But Alistair even had settling into a spot close by and laying about like a lazy cat had a box to rest in. Still seemed to look around at the people in the area every once and a while. He seemed content with the matter but could not help but ask."Do you think when we have the time today Mimi, We could get some fish?"It was always his default wanting because he really liked fish, But that simple enjoyment was easy for Miriko to keep track of. Thus while Miriko was working away she would answer her giant fluffy companion."Yes it is with in my plan today to get you some fish."

Miriko would be sure to look upon who else was around, Even under the shade of her umbrella and working away. She would gave a wave to Lumikki in greeting to just be sure they knew Miriko did not ignore them. Being sure in some manner she knew what she was getting into Miriko would ask."Do you know what you are wanting from me?"She asked Lumikki because Miriko had laid out all of these options for people with all that was displayed. Because of how busy it was. Alistair watched out incase some one tried to take something or looked out of place.


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Miriko had asked him if he wanted to be painted or drawn with pencil. With a little consideration, he would say "Pencil drawing~" it allows for more detail. And he would rather have precise art of him that is monochrome, rather than a colourful one but imperfect of all his dazzling features.

He would smile sweetly and stay steady for her to draw. After all, he'd be a bad model if he moved. He only asked her to tell him when she's ready to start the drawing so he knows when to stop moving too much. Truthfully the one thing he would move as he was drawn were his eyeballs as he'd look around and listen to what was up. Such as the conversation between Miriko and her feline companion seeking fish. And the young girl who seemed interested in Miriko's craft.
Either way, whenever Miriko would be done with him and his art, he'd approach her to curiously see how it turned out

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As Kazz perused the various displays, his eyes were drawn to a magnificent sword. Its hilt was intricately adorned with silver engravings, catching the sunlight and reflecting it back in a dazzling display. An eager smile tugged at Kazz's lips as he approached the merchant's stand. "How much for the sword?" Kazz inquired, his voice filled with genuine curiosity. The merchant, a stout man with a bushy white beard, scratched his chin thoughtfully.

"Ah, that's a fine blade ye got yer eye on, lad. I'd be willing to part with it for three thousand Jewels." Kazz raised an eyebrow and glanced around, pretending to search for an invisible wallet. "Three thousand, huh? That's a bit steep, don't you think?" The merchant frowned, clearly unamused by Kazz's flippant remark. "This blade is worth every Jewel, boy. It's been forged by the best blacksmith in all of Orchidia." Kazz shrugged, pretending to be uninterested. "Well, it better be able to slice through steel like butter then."

As the conversation continued, Kazz's attention was momentarily diverted by a woman standing a few stalls away. There was something about her that piqued his curiosity. She seemed out of place amidst the bustling market.


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Lumikki was surprised to be approached by Miriko , she figured she'd be more focused on her companion. She smiled sweetly as she answered, Lumikki was very excited to meet another artist. "I love a painting if ye would, after yer done with the mate there. I'm in no rush as I have all day." She nodded as she pulled away to inspect more things. She was too hyper to stay in one place. Glancing back to the woman at work from time to time as she made her strokes for the portrait of DaeSeong.

She still kept her eyes on Kazz as well, noticing him eyeing a sword. She started walking over since there was still time before she could be painted and over heard what the old man said. Glancing at the sword, she broke into a roar of laughter.

"Ye sure think yeself cunning don't cha Bodach. Though I never particularly trusted the metal wares in Orchidia meself, this is quite the insult." Lumikki walked over to the stall and lifted the blade, checking from the weight to the feel of it as she swung the sword. See then looked into the detail of hilt, the most interesting part about it.

"Aye lad, ye'd be the fool to listen to this Bodach. He's really pulling yer leg. This looks like a practice made sword of an aprentice. They prob bought it of the lad for cheap and retouched it so they could sell it fer more. The silver etchings," Lumi began to trace along them with her finger, " are absolute nonsense. Meant to imitate the work of Dwarves cause their wares garner more trust." She placed the sword back in his hand if he was willing to humor her.

"Wha makes a green lass like ye think ye know what's worth buyin!" Lumikki just ignored him.

"The weight is off, and the balance off kilter. It's how I know the lack of skill without having to look at it, but if ye do glance, ye can see the poor edge and form. They added a coating to it more like to give it this kinda shine, but over all the base is poor."

"Hmpt," the man stucked his teeth as now he was brazen, "I would not stand for this insult or slander, even if ye are apart of Paradise Dawn!"

"Hush now Bodach, yer only embarrassing yerself more than need be. I was raised by a Dwarven blacksmith and I know what I speak on. But if ye like mate, I could by this sword off ye anyway and just show it to the smiths of Orchidia. Tell em how a Bodach insisted this was made from the best so that we could all get a laugh."

The man went silent and Lumikki rolled her eyes. Looking back as Kazz and winking his way before walking back to Miriko's stall. She would be done with the pencil sketch by now.

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This was going better then she thought it was going to go at this moment. While some things where just the normal of her Miriko was having a good ramp up to what she normally did for work in this area, She almost thought she might have to head off some where else."It will be a few minutes then."This was to the pencil drawing. It seemed she would get a fairly decent size book and a fresh pencil and started drawing away. Anyone paying attention to Miriko would see the smile of joy and delight on her face while she was drawing her follow guild member at this time.

It would not be long where in term of work for her, Pencil drawings where the quickest for how many years she had spend doing them, After all she started with them when she was the size of most people's knees in height. It is just over all expanded into other things. The stranger part was Miriko while she was drawing was not looking at DaeSeong almost like she was in trance while she was working. But she was still paying attention to everything around her. That was just the worker Miriko was.

For she had some one else to answer. Some one wanted a painting. Just what she had to ponder. As Miriko's creative mind."What kind of painting are you looking for dear customer? One of yourself? or something?"There was a starting point that she wanted to know of. The creative flow was going for Miriko and she was feeling it.

She was getting the final details of the shading of him done, there was pauses and small moments while she was seemingly double checking. if she was happy with it. Not just him being happy with it but she herself was happy with it. Then she seemed to set the pencil aside for a moment looking between DaeSeong and the picture. Seemingly finding her work fitting, She would offer him the sheet of paper with was a perfectly shaded and in depth image of the moment DaeSeong had sweetly smiled at Miriko. "Is that, what you wanted?" It was almost looking at a merely black and white pencil drawn of him.

Then Miriko got up from her chair, to collected the things she normally got to paint. The plate the various colours all from one of the bags from Alistair the Cattian who was asking about fish earlier, finally collecting just one brush she was waiting for what was next to happen. By that what she would be asked to paint. While she was also setting up even if she what kind of painting Miriko would not be the busy business woman she was if she also did not ask."Was it just the painting you wanted?"After all there was still various other things around that she could request. Still clueless that in fact no one would buy her dresses because they for a woman made to be a giant compared to most people. But Miriko would learn later.


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He was a good and still and patient model, not moving much as to not disrupt Miriko's work, opting to give her the most precise picture. Eventually she would finish and he would walk over to her and look at the picture. He'd smile happily and say "It is perfect" he would carefully take the picture as to not ruin it. Already thinking how he could frame it and place it in his room. Or where to place it.

He was so happy with his art at how wonderful it was that he wanted to kiss Miriko for a job well done. But he knew better than to make such grandiose gestures, even if he was so happy with this.

He would move and let Miriko talk with the other person, who was seemingly a member of Paradise Dawn. He curiously looked at the girl, his eyes scanning her.

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Kazz's curiosity was  had heard about the guild Paradise Dawn, piqued as he watched Lumikki confidently handle the cheap sword. The fact that he had encountered one of them here, made him wonder just how interesting this encounter could be. "Paradise Dawn, huh?" Kazz spoke with a wry smile, sauntering over to Lumikki. "You're a member of that guild?"

In his travels, Kazz hadn't run into members of other guilds and to run into two members of different guilds simultaneously put him on edge and bit. Kazz made his way over to the stand run by the woman he ran into earlier he looked over her wears for a few minutes Kazz couldn't resist asking about why it seemed so many Mages were interested in her stand  "So, Ms. Is it usual to have this many mages gathering around your stall?" Kazz inquired, his eyes scanning her wears


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Lumikki heard the man behind her begin to speak and so she turned over to acknowledge him. "Yes mate, I'm of Paradises Dawn, though I already sense ye are in a guild yerself. It is quite interesting yet rare to see those from other guilds isn't it. Though I could never guess wha brought ya here." Lumi giggled as she said that. From the stories she would hear of the other locations, this city hardly warranted any reason to visit.

"Though I am happier for it to meet ye. I am Lumikki Omena."

When she returned to a proper talking distance of Miriko, she would finally answer the lady as well.

"Aye, I'd love a painting of meself if ye don't mind. It is nice seeing more artist in these parts from places unknown. Just can't wait to hang the work on the wall of me room." The whole time she spoke to anyone, she looked right at them. Though not once did she bother to look toward DaeSeong, maintaining and essence of disregard. Something she could not yet peg about him sets her off, putting her in a near hostile kind of mood. The enjoyment she found from the other two in her encounter would mostly wash away his presence from her mind, and so she actively aided in keeping him out of her view as she enjoyed this moment.

Lumikki would take to the chair now that it was free as the artist would get her tools. She would eye the beautiful dresses though they were quite tall. Lumikki herself only managing to be four feet and eleven inches. Her mother, a masterful seamstress could easily solve that for her, and so when Miriko would return, she would inquire. "Quite the lovely selection of dresses Dove, when the painting is over could ye show me the purple one over there?" She pointed to the one she had in mind before freezing into a pose to make the painting easier. "If ye have suggestions on how to pose for the painting, I'd love ta hear it."

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It seemed the first customer was happy. Thus Miriko was happy as well for these things where her life's dream, At least at this time it was.Much like how Alistair loved fish Miriko was enjoying her time working."Good good, I do not mind if you stick around, You could even sit by Alistair if you want too."Miriko said about the matter because well who wouldn't want to sit next to Alistair? she was a giant fluffy friendly cat. He could sit on him and look at his picture in delight.

There was a few question she had to answer now, But as Miriko was already use to answering question while working she would manage it with a fair amount of ease."Not just mages, anyone who is looking for some of the varying things I offer. Between the pictures, clothing, hair styling and all I offer i do get a fair amount of common people as well."Miriko went on about as she would move on to the next person who was waiting setting everything up."As long as you do not sell it, Then you can do it as you wish."Miriko pointed out as she set up everything again and preparing to start over."I can show you them at any point, I do plan to be here along as my fellow Blue Pegasus members are here."she did not know how long that is so she would make due for now.

As for how she wanted to pose Miriko always left entirely up to them."It all matter how and what you want for your picture...it doesn't need to just be sure, you can choose yourself, you could describe something of important in your life you wish to remember, A scene you saw at point in nature, A vision you want to try and enact into picture."Miriko did have other services she was a mage too and flowing images was useful she just did not show it off.

Then she got reminded of the dresses."Oh...right the dresses are made my size...I would have to alter them,unless i find a place to settle in for a few days to work away at it, that would also require measurements."She forgot that where made for her to wear but she was not against making more, It was just smart to show examples.

Then she waited for what would be considered. Would she take her own pose or did she even know what she wanted? Miriko was good at giving options while hoping everyone else was comfortable and happy. Then well a while she thought about it. She took her paint brush away from the canvas, and painted a chair into reality, Much like she could with ink. Then leaving a connecting line slide it over to her guild member to sit on. Looking at it. it was just merely a painted looked chair did not look like it was still wait. It was the casual effect of Miriko making things from Flowing Images.


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The joyan pegasi was happy with the artwork he got. He would make sure to keep it safe so it doesnt crumple and such. He wanted to save this in pristine condition. He noticed Miriko speak to him and he nodded in reply and went to her feline mount friend. He sat beside Alistair and just enjoyed looking over his art.

Although his yellow eyes would gaze towards the Paradise Dawn lass, Lumikki Omena. Whom he noticed was the first one to introduce themselves. She was a tiny one. Petite too boot. Did he have any opinions of her? No. She didnt grab his attention, nor did she interact with him, so he didnt bother interacting with her. Plus she was interested in dresses and such. So he would let her interact with Miriko. At least no one is stirring trouble.
The other person tho? He was less interested in him. Again, he mostly cared for himself and the safety of his guild mate.

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Kazz raised an eyebrow at Lumikki's boldness, his lips curving into a smirk. He had expected her to be a bit more secretive, but her openness caught him off guard. He quickly shook off his surprise and leaned against a nearby wall, crossing his arms nonchalantly. "Well, Lumikki Omena, Im Kazz Saito, and  I have no reason in particular to come to this city," he admitted, his voice carrying a hint of amusement. "I've just never been here before, and I have to say, it's much different than I thought it would be."

Kazz shrugged nonchalantly, his demeanor was still aloof. "Figured it was about time I stepped out of my comfort zone," he replied casually, a coy grin tugging at the corners of his lips. "Besides, you never know what interesting characters you might run into when you wander into unfamiliar territory." As Lumikki returned back over to Miriko's stand, curiosity got the better of Kazz. He found himself unable to resist following her, his steps light and quiet. His eyes gleamed with hidden intrigue as he silently observed the enigmatic gremlin, unable to shake off the feeling that there was more to her than met the eye.


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Ravens collected around the market. They have been for a while now, they were just easy to overlook and not notice. Yet there they were, watching.

Lumikki looked over to Kazz for the moment while Miriko was getting her things set up. ”Suppose yer right. I mean ta do some traveling meself when the time comes. What do ye recommend?”

Something caught the corner of her eye and she quickly shifted her gaze to see the girl before her fixing up a chair in mid air like it was just one of her paintings. Lumikki suppose it was her magic, and then it just clicked for her.

“Oh that’s right! Yer a guild mate of Michael aren’t ye lass? So it was a bunch of ye that came all at once. Now isn’t that odd, here of all places. Hope ye like it all the same.” She would also look back to Kazz as she said this. ”If ye are wanting for recommendations of pubs, shops, nd restaurants. Just let me know. Might as well make the trip up North worth the travel. All I ask is when ye find me in yer towns ya do the same.”

Lumikki saw Trygve one of her loyal ravens and finally figured what she wanted for the pose. ”Come dear.” She said looking to him, he came toward her and perched her shoulder. Lumikki posed with him best she could figure and he knew enough to try to do the same, with reason. “We’re ready for yer magic lass.”

“Could most people make chairs from nothing like that?” The raven had asked her.  

”Nah, that’s her magic. When I do it it’s just cause me frost magic makes it easy. Should I do frost in my picture?”

”I hear simplicity is best with these things.” Lumi would nod in agreement. ”That guy with her, I can’t put a feather on it but he feels off.”

”Aye, I feel it. Make sure ye and the rest of the flock keep an eye on him” The raven would nod, the others that would hear her would Croak in agreement. Though to all those around her, they could only understand the girl as the ravens would only sound like normal birds to them.

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Over all Miriko did not mind the gathering of people it meant good things where to come, Surely even if she was in some manner doing the more mild manner things of giving these things away to some it did mean for other people the better they saw value in her word would be sure to make sure she charged a fair amount, the reasons some times well known mages got things for free was Miriko was sucker to her own feelings of wanting to have people smile."Some people never really need a reason to travel, A few months back while I was trying to capture a drawing of the moon, I saw a very angry and bitter looking nun roaming about, When I did ask why she was around she never gave me a straight answer."Miriko hiding the part she was actually scared to know the answer why that nun was out at night walking alone. She had not seen them since.

But she seemed to know one of her guild members."Oh? Michael has been this way. Well we aren't all require to stick to the south of fiore. I travel fairly often for my pieces of work. Sometimes the pictures I see are ones who can not afford to travel looking the world."Miriko mentioned because it was a decent market one she did tap into from time to time."If they pay me a decent amount of jewel with magic, I make them almost feel like they have been to the area."That was the power of what magic did after all. It was one of the many uses.

But suppose if she knew michael."I am one Michael's guild members. I am Miriko, some call me Mimi. Sometimes people just refer to me as that painter from Blue Pegasus."But they now knew Miriko by name. well just first name mostly. She was happy being know for her first name and her art. Anything else was on a more of need to know basis as Miriko's connections where vast.

Even if vast, they where also not vastly not important right now."My magic does work a bit differently, compared to most maker magics. I can make some images pop about and exist from the things i paint on."It was just a small random fact. It allowed for a lot of creative things to happen aside from making normal objects from paint.

But Miriko seemed to start painting Lumikki's request. While asking."Where you still interested in one of my dresses? For I may have to adjust it to your size. After all I am a fairly tall woman."she was being nice about it. Miriko if you really did look at her almost seemed like a giant to some women around her.

Alistair seemed to not mind DaeSeong in fact if ever asked the more people watching Mimi the better, no one to try and take things or hurt her, less work for him to do.


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After Lumikki, the male introduced himself as Kazz Saito. Saito eh? Joyan. Wasnt like the Saito clan a highly regarded clan of Mages. The idea popped into his mind, but he disregarded it. No way he can not be related to them. They are no more as far as he remembers. He wasnt really keeping up with the news at the time. Still an interesting tidbit about this fella indeed. Another thing was, he didnt say he was from a guild. So he could be a weird passerby.

His gaze curiously wandered over to Lumikki when she mentioned their other and less refined guild mate. Michael. Ah the brute that he disliked. The feeling was mutual between him and Michael, its just they couldnt really fight in the guild. Since it was all about love and peace. The ruffian had a certain something to him that he disliked. He felt like a threat perhaps.

When he noticed the two locked eyes, he would smile politely to her and wave as she was posing to Miriko for her picture. He turned his gaze to Miriko who spoke of her interaction with Michael. He was surprised the guy was popular? Like how did he do that?
When Miriko introduced herself, so did he. Mostly just first name just like she introduced herself "And my name is Dae-Seong, I too am from Blue Pegasus, but that much was obvious. My my, it seems our newest member is already making quite the impression."
He was a bit taken aback for Blue Pegasus was being refered to as 'guild mate of Michael' and 'one of Michaels guild members'. But he didnt let it show. Still it was odd that the newest member was making that much of an impression on the people. What was his secret?

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The revelation that Miriko was not only an artist but also a member of the renowned Blue Pegasus Guild. This whole situation was getting stranger by the minute. He thought he was signing up for some thrilling adventure, not an odd guild outing.  With his hunger for adventure left unsatisfied, Kazz reluctantly decided to give Miriko's art a look. He wasn't particularly into art, but since he had already invested time into this peculiar situation, he might as well see what she had to sell.

Rubbing the back of his head, Kazz muttered to himself, "Well, this just keeps getting weirder and weirder. But hey, I've already wasted enough time on this, might as well see what kind of art she has to offer." Kazz watched as Miriko waved her hand dramatically over her paintings, showcasing a range of styles and themes. The whimsical portraits and abstract masterpieces seemed to defy logic. Kazz found himself surprisingly captivated by Miriko's art. Each stroke seemed to carry a little piece of her soul, and he couldn't help but feel a strange connection to it. Kazz found himself oddly moved by the painting. It stirred something deep within his soul, a longing for something more than just petty fights and fleeting adventures. "That's... incredible," Kazz muttered, unable to tear his gaze away.


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More curious ravens joined in the scene.

”If by impression he means the man looked like a fool, then I could agree.” Lumi flicked the head of the raven on her shoulder. “But Luuuuuumi! At least let him earn entry. Or could we ravens get a vote on it‽ You know, I heard there was a beast in the outskirts as of late. How about if he slayed it and brought back his head, THEN he could join? I think it’s only fair. You didn’t even invite your own guild within your flock.” She begrudgingly mulled over his words, that only she understood. Trygve could be so testy sometimes. But he was right she should let her guild in further too, then what she already had managed so far. At least her Uncle Brone should be allowed in.

After the squabble she finally turned to look at Dae-Seong to answer him properly herself. ”Aye, ye could say he’s the first of his kind I’ve met. Yet it seems we got along fine enough. Hope the same carries over here, I could use more friends around the lands.”

More of her ravens mumbling from behind. “The boy looks mesmerized!

”But could ye blame him. Some of the pictures look like they move!”

“Do they now?!” two of her more brave and curious ravens came closer to stare at them up close. “Hey Lumi, is this some weird spell?”

“Aye loves.” She uttered out loud. “Behave and I might ask her to include ye in me picture.” Lumi looked back to Miriko for a moment. “They like yer work it seems. Could ye dabble more ravens in if ye got the space for it. Lil buggers would appreciate it.” Trygve ruffled his feathers in annoyance on her shoulder, sulking to no longer to be the only raven in the image. Lumi softly flicked him for the second time. “Play nice with yer kin ya selfish bird!”

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Even if Miriko seemed stuck in the in the task of hard focus of painting, Miriko managing the conversation at hand. Hearing that the more she allowed herself to sit here and work it gathered the attention of many. This was normal of her in the south.

But as serious, collected and working Miriko was. She had a sense of humour as well. These crow thought the pictures could move they where entirely correct, Miriko just needed to make them move. She over all made it look like she was pondering something while waiting for a moment for the crows."I could add them in. If they find an area they choose to feel comfortable in."Then her paint brush was away from the the piece of work she was working on, while one would think drops of paint would just start dripping it started gathering into a small ball.

Enough had gather and it turned into a multi-coloured raven made of all of the colour she was using at this time, it then flew on top of the stand she was working on at this time. Merely looking like a shadow of the animal. it had not define details that would outline the animal. But it was there Miriko casually made a raven from paint and it moved much like the others around her, it was a silly thing to do in the moment.

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