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Open for Business in Orchidia [Lumikki | Open to 1 more]

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#1Mysterious Merchant 

Open for Business in Orchidia [Lumikki | Open to 1 more] Empty Sat Jul 22, 2023 1:59 am

Mysterious Merchant

The Mysterious Merchant had only just finished setting up his shopping in Orchidia's outskirts when the bell rung at the entrance to his shop, drawing his attention:

"Oh, welcome!" greeted the merchant, turning around to greet his first customer of the day. Though his heavy coat and wide brimmed had mostly obscured the view of his face, he had a palpable, vibrant glimmer in his eyes as he waved his hand, causing an assortment of items to appear next to his customer, "It seems news travels fast in Earthland hmm? Come in, come in, and have a look at my wares. Since you're my first customer, i'll even give you a discount on the item of your choosing!"

Lumikki is eligible for a 20% discount on the item of her choice.

#2Tamás Horvath 

Open for Business in Orchidia [Lumikki | Open to 1 more] Empty Sat Jul 22, 2023 2:05 am

Tamás Horvath
He was trying to spend time with Lumikki and be cordial about it. Just typical socializing, or a vague attempt of it. But to his and her surprise they found a Mysterious Merchant

"Show me your wares?" he'd curiously say, not knowing what to expect, he has some jewels on him. Hopefully it would be enough for whatever he has in store. Pun intended. Tamas really needed some weapons, swords preferably and armour. Though he was open to seeing anything else that was not on his mind. Like some accessory. Or a cape. Basically he was open ro anything. He looked at Lumikki to see what she would like to get or if something caught her eye. Who knows maybe he might do the same. Though since he was here, weapons were his first browsing options and anything after that was merely secondary. A good offense was a good defence

Although seeing the wares, a sword of all things got his eye
"I shall purchase your 'Excalibur'"

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Open for Business in Orchidia [Lumikki | Open to 1 more] Empty Sat Jul 22, 2023 7:18 am


Lumikki was doing a favor for her teacher Gnicolas. He needed help sorting through all his things and organizing them properly. Said it has been a few months since he fixed his hoard over on account of all the massive events to have passed. After bringing back some relics and items from Joya, he thought what a better time to sort his precious collections. Lumikki was here for the extra hands and the opportunity to learn, every item was an opportunity for a lesson. Brone cared not for the intricacies of the relics and the lore behind them, not like Gnicolas cared for the brute of a Dwarf to touch his things anyway. Least he’d break them. Lumikki on the other hand, Gnicolas saw potential in understanding and appreciating the rarity of his things.

He wouldn't be far off, Lumikki was a very curious being. Looking through all the statues and relics were quite fascinating, like wandering a museum within the home. On her way to the room Tamas has found her. He seemed bored so she dragged him along. It was better than nothing and her could learn along.

As she was showing him some items she grabbed a figure of a cloaked man and in just that very instant, everything flashed before her. When she looked around, she quickly found she was no longer at her guild. Instead a new assortment of items were before her. Tamas being close most of been dragged along with her.

She turned around to focus on the man before her, very much the spitting image of the figure within her hands. She held it up to compare the two, one eye squinted to help her sight focus. Much like him indeed she thought, but enough of that. She hungrily looked at all the items before her, soon stopping when she faced an eye that floated within a veil. She looked at it long and hard until she felt sure in her choice. It was calling to her as if it needed a new home. She pointed at it adamantly, “This one! Can I get this one?!” she asked as she pointed at the hawk eye.

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