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The Raven and the cat who cried Wolf

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The Raven and the cat who cried Wolf Empty Fri Sep 22, 2023 12:07 am


One of Lumikki’s ravens flew to her all plump and fat. It was a wonder the bird could still soar in the air. Begrudgingly, she humored the bird, taking the quest the little one insisted she should. But the Daemon was sure it was only because the sender must of paid in full and some.

When Lumikki got to the location, she was met with what seemed to her a slick man. Slick as in, he’s was the kinda that was willing to get things his way. It was no wonder her bird pestered her in his favor.

The coward of a man Zimnur pleaded for her help, she was annoyed to be bothered but would comply. That was until she heard what he requested and she wasn’t having it.

“What is the big deal, wolves would be no match to your magic. I heard of you already by the rumors. You can do this for me can’t you? I’ll make it worth your while when I get the gig!”

”Ye magairlean! Yer coward enough to keep asking til someone does as ya want aren’t cha. Look, I’ll do yere quest but Ima do it me way. Got it?”

“Yea babe, if it means I’ll get the title.”

Lumikki rolled her eyes as she took off. Heading to the location get gave her for the wolves.

Lumikki looked down into the wood. Focusing on any movement of note. She was looking for some game, some deer to offer to the wolves.

It didn’t take her long to find them. She found a herd grazing along a river. None the wiser as she sent out two talons toward them to snatch two by the neck. Snapping them swiftly and bringing them toward themselves before flying the rest of the way.

She sent the ravens before her. To tell the wolves of her arrival and the gift she held. By the time she got there, the wolves were mostly docile. They too heard of her before, she had a tendency feed the wolves and most within the woods had come to know her and her ravens. As it always was, the kin ship the two.

Lumikki told them of the danger of staying there. It would be pointless to stay. If it was not her, the cat would find another to slay them. Ùlfr was right, cats really weren’t worth knowing.

The wolves were reluctant to leave, but she convinced them otherwise and told her ravens to guild them. The Alpha approached her before taking off with the rest, pushing her gently with his muzzle as a gesture of endearment and then running off.

Lumikki watched them go with a smile before returning to the cat she didn’t care for. Caring with her blood and a heart. She splattered the man to make a mess of him so he looked the part. Though he would fight her on it. And she pushed the heart in his hands so she could claim his reward.
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