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In Your Heart Shall Burn (Event)

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#1Brone Heavyaxe 

In Your Heart Shall Burn (Event) Empty Wed Jun 28, 2023 3:39 am

Brone Heavyaxe
It was finally time. The captains and the generals of each squadron was informed that everyone will be marching towards the War Zone. Everyone had packed up their equipment and supplies and by the time first light came, the army had began to make their way inland. Brone Heavyaxe, as one of the generals, was one of the first to awaken and prompt everyone to be ready.

As the dwarf had finished fastening his body armor, one of his mercenaries, Jacob, had returned, jogging. "The forgery equipment have been properly secured and is ready to be rolled out onto the wagon" The bearded man said as he stood at attention.

"Good, make sure it is transported along side the other wagons far behind the main troops" Brone slung his axes onto his back, not slowing, knowing that every second counted, "Go retrieve my niece, I had sent Ericson to wake her earlier, but he never returned" he then whistled to his white cloak which moved on its own as if the wind stirred it. Then it flew onto his back and fastened itself.

Jacob hesitated for a moment, looking worried. Brone noticed this and finally turned to face him, an eyebrow raised, wondering why his trooper was wasting time, "Spit it out" it was obvious he had something to say, for the dwarf's sake, it better be a good reason to why he was risking holding up the platoon.

"It's just... Ms. Lumikki tends to... get overly aggressive and can have a bite" Jacob rubbed the back of his neck, as if he knew how silly the statement was, but his concern was more from fear since he's heard and witnessed the terror that Brone's niece had caused to the other mercenaries by simply training.

"Lad" Brone turned to face Jacob, his tone stern; he didn't have time to straighten out any soldiers that had trouble with young lady when the whole army is expected to face intense danger, "I can get overly aggressive and I have a bite as well; do ye want to test which is worse?" his tone had a bit of an irritated growl as he bent down to pick up his blue helmet. The moment he touched it, an aura of cold emanated, causing his breath become visible.

Jacob mulled over the question, thinking about which was worse, but as he saw Brone's eyes narrow at him, he nodded and without another word, he ran towards Lumikki's tent.

"Seem like actual fear on his face" Gnicholas walked up to the dwarf, managing to pick up enough of the conversation to know what it was about.

"If he's scared of a young lady who still has her stuffed animals, then he should fall on his sword" Brone began walking towards the large boulder that was marked as the front of the encampment.

"You know well as I do that that 'young lady' is a monster in her own right" Gnicholas said this, though not as an insult, but as to give reason to why some of the mercenaries tend to fear her. The gnome followed beside the dwarf.

Brone couldn't help but smile, his irritation lessened at the comment, "Ah, it's in our blood; some people back home whisper that we have yeti in our bloodline" he chuckled. He then caught a glance from a passerby mercenary and immediately dropped his smile, exchanging it for a stern glare. The merc rushed off to get to his position.

Gnicholas wanted to point out that technically Lumiiki and him aren't truly related by blood, since the gnome had studied the dwarf's family lineage, but he dropped the comment, realizing his pride would argue with the gnome.

Brone picked up the gnome and placed him on his shoulder as they made their way onto the top of the boulder. He looked about and watched as his squadron gathered, awaiting his first orders this morning.



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Lumikki was curled up in her pile of blankets and pillows. Her favorite stuffed owl Howlett was snagged in her vice grip of an embrace as she lightly snored. Her tent interior was pitch black as she would prefer it.

As Lumikki kept sleeping, practically out cold, a man approached her sanctum with the unfortunate mission of waking her up. He knew better than to carelessly meet her, let alone drag her out of bed. Even as he walked he shivered, the anxiety of the encounter was boiling over. Yet he wasn't given many choices, it was face the little Miss or the general. How could such small people be so aggressive and powerful he thought to himself exasperatedly. Absolute handfuls the both of them. His temper was rising as he was forced to soon face the reality of his position. He hoped he could ride the feeling long enough to get the job done, getting more angry with each encroaching step; but when he saw the body of Ericson being nursed on the floor. Man rendered unconscious with severe areas of frostbite, Jacob's pace simply halted. He could no longer bare taking a single step forward.

Pacing only six meters for the sleeping demons tent, Jacob was at a stand still. There just wasn't a way for him to face the threat with anything less than Spell Cleaver itself. Sure she was a young lass still fresh on her spells but he supposed that was what made it worse. Little Miss simply lacked the skill and care to hold back, unleashing a lot of her magic in every blow. Jacob began biting his nails, if he goes in alone he would only end up like Ericson. Sure enough he conclude, his only option was to pull in his favors and call for back up. Of the top of his head he could think of four fools that owed him money from losing bets. Suppose his body intact would suffice for the pay out. Off he went to track them down. A raven who was observing the whole time, watched as he left and patiently waited for him to return.

When the man returned, he practically had to drag the others. Two pleading they would rather pay and that they were good for it, but Jacob was not having it. He insisted they all took their sweet time and that this would just have to be the price they paid. He pointed to the one who owed the most and told him, he could go first. The man begrudging stepped forward pleading to buy more time. Two of the other losing men pushed him forward. The noisy commotion outside was already stirring the contents of the tent. Black tendrils leaking out as cold air slip through the flaps. The men approaching only grew more apprehensive, but they also grew more silent. Then finally, the sacrificial man pulled back the flap further only to reveal pitch black. His darted all around but he could make out nothing. Before he turned his head to tell the others what he saw, two brightly shining purple eyes appeared, piercing the darkness as well as the little bit of nerve he had left. Before he could slam the flap shut and attempt an escape, a tendril quickly wrapped around his ankle and dragged him inside. Another coiled his mouth and throat so he couldn't even scream. The man was weak and defenseless as the cold he suffered sapped all his strength.

The men outside were left startled for their lives, quietly weeping among themselves. They began an attempt of playing rock, paper, scissors; loser would be next to enter, but the smartest of them pointed out they'll simply suffer the same fate. Dragged alone into her dean to die of frost if they tried her one after the other. They all nodded in agreement. One the count of three, one began. The men readied themselves to raid forward. One, two, three...they all had dashed. Honor in their soul and hope in their hearts they'd live. As they ripped the flap, the eyes met them all. A low guttural growl followed soon after. Before they completely lost all nerve they entered, determine to conquer the beast. The battle of war yet started but their lives already on the line.

The rushed in all at once, the cold air hitting them like bricks. Their movement and strength draining rapidly before they could react. For a second they thought they saw a flash of light. The scene before them, clear for just a second; but they realized soon after it wasn't light they saw but the young Miss warping the every bit of darkness in the tent at once. Tendrils grew from every surface and fast approaching....

Huginn aware Lumikki long needed to rise from bed, perched himself just outside. Observing the happenings of preparations but more importantly the fools that attempted to wake the niece. Ericson was the first idiot to try. He was briming full of life as he approached her. Unaware of Lumikki's tendencies he yelled for her to wake. Before the poor lad could finish one sentence of his wake up call, he was nearly froze where he stood. A disk of darkness flew out the tent and struck him, sending the man flying back.

Huginn laughed at the lads expense, thoroughly amused. He clearly picked the best spot for his morning. Knowing Lumikki must be woken at all cost had him watch eager and as he thought, the pay off was worth it; but the time to leave was near. As much fun as he had, it must end. Though he owns Brone nothing, he would give him this. There was more to important things to observe soon enough.

Huginn croaked once and followed it with three more as he flew down and into the tent. Perching on a victim before adding three short croaks. Lumikki slowly opened her eyes, rising just enough to stretch before greeting Huginn for the morning.

"Aaaaaaaaaaah," she yawned, "morning Huginn..." Lumikki finally waking enough to register, her eyes needing no time to adjust to the dark. "What are you lot doing in here?!" Lumikki screeched loud enough half the camp could hear her before her tendrils, crushing the men once more, toss them out the tent.

Huginn both laughing and sighing


#3Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Several lieutenants had called out their confirmation to Brone, informing him that their platoons were all accounted for. He nodded as he scanned the immediate area, mentally checking off his troops, but then he noticed there was a squadron missing, "Oy! Where's Jacob's squad!?" the dwarf called. Most of the troops weren't aware, but a few nervously looked at one another, hesitant to speak up.

"I saw them heading to Ms. Lumikki's tent, but they never returned" one of the men called out. A chill passed over the rest of them, for they knew the risk of being near the demoness.

"Ah crap" Brone gave a heavy sigh. He was aware that his niece was causing trouble amongst the mercenaries; several of them being sent to the hospital wing, but he had assumed at least two of them would have been somewhat successful in at least sending word to Lumikki without getting harmed, "If ye want something done right..." The dwarf grumbled as he stepped down from the boulder and began heading toward the direction of the tent.

As for Gnicholas, he decided to instruct the present soldiers of the marching order.

Once Lumikki's tent was in sight, he spotted a handful of his men being carried away by field medics. He gave another heavy sigh. Muninn had then flown down and perched himself onto the dwarf's shoulder, "The trail is clear" he said.

"Where's Huginn?" Brone brushed off the statement, focusing more on his initial concern.

"He said he'd watch over Lumikki's tent" Muninn answered, though he was sure there was a lot more to the question than simply asking of his location. When they finally reached the tent, Brone called out to his niece in a steady tone, trying to rid of any annoyance; he wanted to make sure she was in the best mood, especially on the first day of the war effort. He could only imagine what she was probably thinking with all the preparations for battle and terror, "Lass, I hope yer awake, it's about time for us to head on out".

Hearing Brone's voice, Huginn turned to Lumikki and sounded a long deep croak before flying through the crease in the tent's flap. He then perched on Brone's other shoulder, "She's nearly ready" Huginn said, though the dwarf gave him a stern look, waiting for him to provide more information. They were both aware that the dwarf was inquiring about something else that was obvious, but Huginn chose to play dumb.

"What happened to my men?" Brone whispered, nearly forgetting that any conversation he has with his ravens could cost him his pact with them if overheard.

"They got hurt while attempting to wake Lumikki" He said nonchalantly and not surprised since he was expected the question.

"Why did you inform me of this? Or wake her earlier? Or ask her to stop hurting my men?" Brone was finding it difficult to keep his tone low as his frustration was rising.

"You didn't ask me to do neither of those" Huginn replied as he flew off into the sky, escaping the dwarf's hand that quickly tried to reach for his neck. The raven cawed a laugh. Muninn fluffed his feathers slightly embarrassed by his brother.

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Lumikki couldn't stop yawing as she got ready. Still in a daze as to what happened. She was slipping the last bits of her outfit on when she heard her Uncle calling out to her. It woke her up more. She grabbed her bag already packed since the day before and slipped it on. Being sure to secure her staff just fine. Grumbling to herself as she was wrapping up getting ready and begrudgingly leaving her dark, dark tent. "uuugh I still don't know why sooo many guys got in here....wish I could ask Huginn."

She wasn't afforded the timed to fix her hair. Her braids undone and her horns weren't adorned. She felt almost naked without them, crippling even. Her horns were a way to tie herself with her Pa. A clan of rams they were. When she set out on her own, she kept the horns to give her comfort and remind her of home. Any other time she would get it done regardless the plan but this was a different time. She could not afford to be stubborn or selfish. She placed a hand over her lower stomach and clutched the piece of her dress. Underneath was her tattoo of a ram's head, a mark of her clan. "Suppose I'll have to learn to make do with ya," Lumikki said solemnly.

She grabbed a ribbon and two clips as she finally head out of her tent. Consuming mouths full of darkness as she walked to her flap. Bracing for the pain of the light and wincing when it finally greeted her. She could not longer be blinded after being bestowed her gift of sight, yet this never ceased being painful.

She combed the knots out of her hair with her hands as she walked over to Uncle Brone. His face a mix of frustration, stern, annoyed, and forced calm. Lumikki barely wanted to approach him but she did anyway. "Mornin Uncle. ye look all properly armored...like usual. Are we ready to head out?" Then she zeroed in on Muninn perched on his shoulder, keeping her eyes on him instead. "Mornin Muninn!" This greeting more chipper than the last.

Her bangs have grown much since she's entered Paradise Dawn. Unsure if she wants to keep them. Her hair was always long, her Pa showing her how to treat and maintain it. She only cut a portion to leave a big piece of herself back home, something for her parents to hold onto, an act of her love. So she was at a pass of what she wanted now, opting to part her bangs and clip them back until she knew. She finished the remainder of her knots as put her hair in a ponytail. Feeling relief when the strands left her face.


#5Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
"Damn bird" Brone grumbled as he watched Huginn fly off in the direction of where the front-line infantry was to meet. He sighed, trying to release his anger through his breath as he looked towards his left, watching as his men were being carried off. He was sure they'll make a full recovery, but it meant that they'll be down a squad, at least for the travel time.

"Are you going to yell at Lumikki?" Muninn asked, his tone concerned. He had grown a liking to the young lady, so he wouldn't enjoy watching the young miss be reprimanded, though he doubted it since the dwarf was usually biased towards his niece, favoring her.

"No" He answered between his teeth, stilling releasing his fumes, "She's young and acting out; like molten rock, it takes a while to cool down and enough pressure to find it's true shape" A bit a smile came to his face as he thought back to when he was a kid, so wild and trying to find his way, "Me pa always had a problem getting a hold of me when my beard started to curl" he chuckled.

Lumikki's greeting drew his attention from his memories. Brone would turn to her, trying to hide his smile, since he needed to make sure to present a serious tone. He didn't want to give his niece the wrong impression; this was war and it was dangerous, but he didn't want to scare her. He remembered when they first inspected the temple together, she hinted of the stress she dealt with, so the dwarf never pressed her. "Aye, lass, we're ready to start marching, so let's head to the front and join the rest of the soldiers" he was quick to turn on his feet and began heading back to where he left his men. Muninn gave a quick, excited croak in greeting Lumikki. Once the ice mage finished tending to her hair, Muninn would fly off Brone's shoulder and perch on Lumikki's.

"I owe yer dad a keg of Dragon Fire" Brone took a look at Lumikki's hair and smirked as he remembered back  nearly twenty years ago, "He betted me that yer hair would outdo my own" he then stroked his white beard, well groomed and tied at it's lowest part. A good number of the dwarfs in several of the immediate clans kept their beards well groomed, and boasted about them from time to time. Rarely would a female dwarf enter such competitions, referring to the males as 'conceited brick-heads'; but this day, Brone had to admit that his niece had made him proud, showing her dwarven spirit once again. He was sure she'll continue to outdo him in any competitions.

They would soon reach the front; several soldiers saluted the General and Brone would give them a nod of acknowledgment, "We shall move out!" he called to them and the rest of his platoon answered in unison with a call. Within minutes he got confirmation that the other squadrons were ready. With that, Brone mounted the black winged pegasus, Noctus, and began the march towards inland, where the trees thickened.

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Muninn croaked a happy greeting and flew to her shoulder, shifting her thoughts. She nuzzled him fondly and with much love. Reaching into her bag to retrieve nuts she had prepared for later and fed some to her friend. He ate up her offering eagerly and she stroked his head as he did.

Lumikki blushed at his compliment, she valued her hair greatly as she was raised to. She always kept it maintained as her Pa had shown her. Though she was uncomfortable without her horns, being as she was out and about, her Uncle made her comfortable once more.Ye really know how to cheer a lass up ya know that?" Lumikki responded, "Suppose I need to make sure my hair can still beat out yours for years to come." She didn't mind the change as much anymore and embraced her new style, deciding perhaps it was the time to start forming who she was. Maybe, she finally thought to herself, it was time to stop clinging to things from the clan. Maybe it was time to form her own style and being.

Thinking back to who she wanted to be, looking at Muninn made her feel so foolish. So desperate to cling to the things of her Pa, she fashioned herself solely like him and his ilk. It was like she abandon her Ma's side to do so. Absentmindedly being a raven and proud of her Nan's teachings, she didn't realize how deeply it had meant to her core. How much it shaped it, though it was obvious to see it was still missed by her. Perhaps she was running away from Ma's side after Nan had died, not ready to fully embrace it though it was who she was. Lumikki was greatly taken aback by the realization as she walked along with her Uncle to the front where the squadrons waited.

"Yeeees," the voice in Lumikki's head chimed in, happy for the revelation. "It has been long time that you embrace who you are." Lumikki nodded in response as she was lost in her thoughts. Perhaps it was time to adorn herself differently she thought as she joined her Uncle in mounting Noctus. Muninn flew off her shoulder, she watched him as he glided into the sky, thinking about what she would wish to do next. How she would let the raven in her show once more.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone laughed in response to Lumikki's statement. "Tending to yer hair is a commitment, don't forget that; like sharpening yer blade or waxing yer armor, or honing yer skills in yer case".

The army had moved inland at the same hour, though once they've reached the trees, the mass of people broke into squadrons. They would routinely communicate with one another by sending messengers, to which Brone found tedious and annoying, so he appointed Sasha, one of his squad members from the night patrol, to handle receiving and forwarding messages as they would come in.

"Uh, Sir Brone" Sasha had just returned from meeting up with one of the neighboring on-foot messengers, "Several of the troops and platoons have been confirmed there position."

Brone groaned. For the last couple of hours, this was all he was hearing. But he knew this was important to make sure everyone was accounted for, in order to make sure the army didn't accidently deviate from their location or trail. Though they were walking for several hours already, Brone didn't fall into boredom, for he was use to patrolling for entire nights without activity, but being the reasoning for his irritation was mainly due to the change in time. He was not use to patrolling during day light.

"Is there anything else, soldier?" Gnicholas, who sat on the dwarf's shoulder, had noticed Sasha had a concerned expression on her face, but had yet to say what was on her mind. Brone heard the gnome's question and had looked over to Sasha. The young woman had blushed with worry now that the General was looking at her.

Not wanting to bother Brone further, she blurted out her request, "Sir, I was hoping if I could be transferred to the day patrol." There was a moment of silence. Sasha's face blushed and sweaty while Brone was confused. The dwarf didn't expect to have to answer guild requests when they were dealing with a war.

"And ye reason, lass?"

Sasha, who was riding her own pinto horse along side Noctus, had hesitated with her answer.

Suddenly, Raphael, another of the night patrol, had arrived, rushing up beside Noctus' other side. Sasha, pulled up her hood, trying to hide her face from her teammate.

"General, one of Captain Yang's squads aren't accounted for; they were sent through a narrow path east of us" Raphael sat upon his gray horse, tall and intimidating. He had not noticed Sasha. Gnicholas looked back and forth between Raphael and the hiding Sasha, then he looked at Lumikki with a raised eyebrow.

"Head back to your platoon" Brone nodded and Raphael quickly took off.

Brone whistled, which caused Huginn to fly down from above the tree-line. He then perched on the dwarf's other shoulder and whispered into his ear, "Yang's squad is in an overgrowth, too dark for me to scout" Hearing that, the dwarf clicked his teeth. His ravens were great at scouting, but what they don't have is darkvision like his kin does. Like his kin! Brone looked back to Lumikki with wide eyes.

"Lass, yer with me, we're going to find that squad" He then looked over to Sasha, "Stay here and keep the rest of my platoon heading forward" when Sasha saluted him, Brone snapped the reigns, and Noctus kicked off, running off the path, heading east through the thick of the trees.

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Lumikki was keen enough to pack a book for her trip. Knowing something like this had a tendency to take long, she didn't want to be careless on how she would pass the time. Without her read, Lumikki surmised she would of nodded herself to sleep thrice now, and humiliate herself by falling of Noctus on a march of all things. Who would of thought her Enchiridion of the Dark Arts would of posed a more amusing pass time. All the messages from the squadrons only adding to her annoyance. At least she knew she wasn't the only one since her Uncle would grumble to himself as soon as Sasha would approach. Lumikki found her response to yet another road call was rolling her eyes.

Though something was off with this check in, Sasha was more flustered than need be. Sure dealing with Uncle Brone can prove intimidating but this was beyond that, and Lumikki couldn't put her finger on it. She eyed Sasha to see if there were any tells to her distress and it was a hopeless endeavor. At least it was hopeless until one Raphael rode up and made things more obviously clear. Clear that he was the problem. She happened to peek at Gnicolas who gave her a discerning look and matched it with an angelic face of her own. He didn't buy it of course but he could read enough to know she didn't have a hand in things, yet.

She put her book in her bag and started to formulate a plan for his suffering but before she could act on any interesting ideas her Uncle began to pull to another direction. Making Sasha hold the formation for the meanwhile. Lumikki pinched the bridge of her nose in absolute annoyance. The first sign of any entertaining fun and she is being carted to a vast forsaken wilderness. She groaned and sighed at the turn of events but was preparing herself to aide the cause. Allowing herself to drop from the side of Noctus, a sight like exploding into a flurry of feathers and getting left behind, before darting forward like an arrow in the sky.

"Aye you know well as I you'd get farther if you fly." Lumikki chimed before leaving her Uncle behind for the moment. Raphael mentioned east and Huginn seems to comply, so that was where she darted to. She wanted to scout ahead and save some time. Huginn matched her pace as they danced in the sky like they had scouting before. Syncing their movements in the sky.

When Huginn began to lower his glide in the sky, Lumikki assumed they must be close. All she could see form where she was were overgrown trees. Their foliage impenetrable even from bird's eye view. She was starting to put two and two together. Before she thought it was weird to lose all those men haphazardly but they probably cane make out the path. At least this warranted her involvement she thought before beginning to lower her glide as well. Before she pierced through the trees she called out to Huginn to wait for her Uncle. Didn't want to chance him getting lost himself.

And so down she dove in search for the missing squadron. Her eyes needing no time to adjust to the immense darkness. If Lumikki wasn't blinking away the sun just a moment ago, she would of swore it set ages ago. Now she was wondering if these men were idiots since they continued a path near inaccessible for them. Suppose that's just how dedicated to the cause they are.

Lumikki darted back and forth through the trees. Tracing the path she would take in flight with her keen eyes before passing through the narrow gaps within the branches. She would hate to collide now of all times. Every once and a while calling out the squadron's name. For a long while there had not been an answer until finally she heard a measly call back. She angled downward quickly and pulled her wings back just into now to slam into the ground.

There it was, one of the mercenaries huddled by a tree. Lumikki hoped over inquiring the situation, where were the others she asked to the man. Only for him to inform her that they were fighting an attack. A beast must of been hunting them shortly after they entered the overgrowth. The squadron leader to proud and hasty to change their route had insisted they pushed through and keep the pace with the rest, but it proved to be a folly a short way in. Nonetheless he doubled down and here we are. The rest of his mates are still fighting the beast now, just 8 meters to the south. Lumikki took the moment to tune her hearing toward their battle. It was a bit muffled from here but she could grasp what was happening. "Stay for the moment. Brone is headed here as we speak." Lumikki managed to muster before darting to the fight.

Lumikki stayed high up on by the trees to observe the opponent before making hasty choices. It looked to her like a massive feline slashing at the forced. A small number of the men were down while the rest trying defend. The cat had ink black fur and emerald green eyes. Their claws the size of daggers and their teeth was hardly lagging behind. Lumikki dropped behind the beast and shifted her form. The feathers didn't have the time to fall all around her before she clasped her hand. Black dark frost vines wrapped around the beast holding them down. The dark in her environment giving her strength. Though her spell was strong, so was the beast. Lashing and fighting Lumikki's hold and almost making her lose her grip. She snapped her fingers and frost raced around the cat. Encasing it in her ice and draining it of some of its ferocious strength. This made her bind so much easier to hold, and consuming the dark around her helped her keep at full power.

"Collect your men now!" She yelled to the squabbling men. "Brone makes his way here as we speak. Tend to the injured and collect yourselves. I want you in proper form before he gets here. You have a man just 8 meters off, grab him as well. Oh and the one who lead this squadron. I need you in front of me now!"


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#9Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone wasn't surprised when Lumikki shifted into her raven form. With her eyes and her wings, she would be the best scout out of the entire platoon. Her quick statement before she took off had made the dwarf click his teeth in annoyance, for he knew she was right. With the thickness of the trees and the branches overhead getting more clustered, it was going to prove difficult for Noctus to traverse down the narrow path. He had no choice but to order the pegasus to fly.

They burst through the top of the tree line, flying after the two ravens that had already gain distance on them. Brone's heart raced as he held onto the reigns, but like a horse with blinders, he kept his focus forward and did his best not to look down. It wasn't long before he had caught up to the ravens... or actually just one raven.

"Huginn! Where's Lumikki!?" Brone's worried voice was expected as the black pegasus got near, so Huginn was ready to answer.

"She already headed down below" The bird said before diving down through the mess of branches. Brone snapped the reigns and Noctus followed, diving beneath the tree line.

Huginn perched on a high branch, but Noctus landed upon the ground. He galloped for a bit, but came to a stop just a few meters away from Lumikki. Brone dropped down onto the floor, glad that he felt the ground. Seeing the frozen black feline touched upon the dwarf's instinct and the next second had him drawing his golden axe and black axe in the other main hand.

Several of the men from the squad helped the others who were wounded, quickly getting them out of the way so that it was just Lumikki and Brone facing the large feline.

"Sir, what are your orders?" Tamashii, the appointed leader asked as he nervously readied his sword.

"Fall back; take yer men back to your main platoon, we'll handle it from here" the dwarf was stern with his orders and Tamashii didn't hesitate, so once the rest of his men managed to get a good hold on their wounded, the leader led them back towards Yang's group.

The feline's muscles flex, finally getting a few cracks in the ice that bound it, "Good work, lass, ye kept it on ice long enough to get the men out" Brone chuckled happily. One of his secondary hands slipped out from beneath the waist sash and grabbed his helm that was hooked at his side, then slipped it onto his head, causing the entire to drop in temperature, "If we had more time, I'd let you handle this as training, but the army won't stop for such a thing, we have things to tend to, so I'll finish this in one hit" The dwarf said as he raised his golden axe in the air. He wanted to yell and activate the spell, but he remembered that he was in enemy territory, so he held back his war cry and decided to use the strength he already had.

The ice shattered and the feline darted towards him. The dwarf didn't expect the beast to be so fast. He now understood how one creature could have downed so many men. Hopefully as the feline closed the gap, Brone would be fast enough to slam the axe down upon it.

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As Lumikki held her binding, she could feel it slipping. The beast was pushing at her magic with every once of it's strength. She grit her teeth in annoyance. This wasn't her mess to clean but the useless man before her. She nibbled at the darkness to renew her power and hold her spell. For a time it worked fine, that was until her Uncle burst into the fray.

Her focus soon shattered, probably from the comfort that she knew her Uncle would resolve the fight. Still it annoyed her to no end to feel the breaking of her bind, so she simply let it go, but not without beginning the cast of her Moonlit Lasher so that it would strike the beast in mid stride. The cat was too focused on fresh meat that it didn't notice the darkness warping before it. Striking the feline hard so that it was sent to the ground.

Lumikki quickly forsted the floor before her to create a pedestal. She wanted higher ground to cast her next spell in a better angle. Raising her hand before her warped the darkness nearby, mixing with frost to create her Bitter Frost Nebula. The dark frost spun around before becoming a disk in her hand and flying toward the beast in rapid motion. As the cat finally recovered from being downed from the slam of the tendril it was hit by Lumikki's second attack. The panther was dazed from all the damage it took in succession, it made it easy for Lumikki to wrap it in her chilling night. Cutting into the panthers speed.

"The fur is rather nice on the cat isn't it Uncle. Wouldn't hurt to have meat for the night either. If ye wanna finish it, its up to you. I want to find this Tamashii and cut into him for being so careless before we go." Lumikki said as she hopped off her platform. She was pleased with herself for having enough sense to know how to help the men in need. The beast was no easy opponent to fight, and the darkness that clung to the air was thick. She didn't doubt the reason for struggle but she was still annoyed the marched there in the first place.

As green as Lumikki is, she was very well read to compensate for her lack of experience and skill. Forging herself to this dangerous world was not easy or overlooked by her. So what sense she lacked, even she knew better than to bite off more than you could chew. Especially now of all times, during a war? She managed to count a good four men down when she entered. Though she didn't have a lot of time to mark all the factors when she came. She didn't get to double check. She sigh deeply as she looked back to her Uncle."Honestly I don't understand how ya have the patience for this. Overlooking myself is pain enough, but gun-ho morons is beyond me. I can handle a fool getting himself killed, but dragging others into it makes me want to fill his lungs of ice and call it a day."


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Brone Heavyaxe
The speed of the black feline was worrisome to the dwarf, even though the cold chill of his helmet didn't slow the beast enough as Brone held his axe up high. Two spells struck the feline in a whirl of beautiful cold blackness, managing to slow the feline long enough for the dwarf to bring his golden axe down upon the beast and ending it's life in one powerful blow.

The feline lay still as Brone checked to make sure it's life was truly at it's end, "Aye lass, this'll feed the troops well, so we got ye to thank for this" he said as he lifted the large feline onto his shoulders, "Keep in mind that Tamashii is part of Yang's platoon, not ours, but I'll be sending Yang a message of the situation; the lad should be reprimanded" Brone made sure to be within ear shot to Lumikki. Last thing the dwarf wanted was for his niece to bring down a nightmare onto a soldier and have the commander start complaining in the middle of a war.

"Good work either way" Brone winked at Lumikki as he would carry the corpse of the feline and leading Noctus back to his platoon so they could continue forward.


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It was as she thought, her Uncle wasted no time in smiting the beast. The panther quickly fell to the ground for good. A sense of pride swelled in her as her competence showed. She grew a lot and so fast from that time she first entered a cave with the company of her Uncle and his companions. She could even see that to an extent she could indeed hold her own. Her Uncle's praised washed over she and ran deep. She was never happier than making her family proud.

"Suppose you are right Uncle, sides I have other men to terrorize. Too much things to think on than one soldier. I call dibs on the fur! I should send it back to Ma as soon as I get the chance so she could fix me up new clothes. Especially if this war tears the set I have...."

She shifted into a raven and followed her Uncle back to the front of the platoon.



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