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Erebus Gresham




Erebus’s Voice:

Primary Social Links:
- Odin
The Original Guildmaster, Erebus was made the 2nd Guildmaster after Alisa slayed him in Hargeon. Erebus saw Odin as more than a leader, and quite possibly the model warrior..
- Jin Tatsumi
A fellow Nightmare who proved his dedication and power through multiple high stake confrontations. Namely, he was Odin's true successor, and the Fourth Official Eternal Nightmare Guildmaster
- Nana
Erebus' pupil and disciple of his wrath. She was the only living witness aside from Alisa herself there when Odin died, voted & appointed the 3rd official Eternal Nightmare Guildmaster in Erebus' absence.
- Yumi
An old friend of Odin, and linked to Erebus in a strange way. She was responsible for his soul being imprisoned in the Abyss, potentially a parallel Universe to our own that Erebus is from.
- Jikan
Sleeping Calamity's Guildmaster, a powerful adversary and a sophisticated Dark Mage. Erebus faced off against her in Joya, even without magic, she drew out the complete agility needed to survive against her mighty fists.

Team: ???





Decreased Acceleration Time

Accurate Shot


Equipment Expert

Weapon Expert

Melee Penetration



Topics Completed:

Topics Ongoing:

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