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Erebus Gresham

Music :

Erebus Gresham

> Information
Age: 23
Rank: X
Aura: Judgement +160 END
Title: Nightmare's Guildmaster
Guild Rank: 5

> Devastation
Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
Class: Phantom
Race: Human

Weapon Mastery: Grand Master of Daggers
  • Weapon Durability: +2xS-rank (per dagger)
  • +30% DMG w/ Daggers
  • +1.5x [Strike Speed]

Statistic Spreadsheet:

Armor is considered worn underneath the Courpsemorun, when paired with the Assassin’s Covet this casts the image of a hooded assassin. The Assassin’s Covet’s abilities are active even when the hood is down. Erebus can freely draw out his hidden arms at a whim without issue, opening the cape up and showing a foe the Legendary Armor that is hidden there, dropping his second arms however, hides the armor from view again. Shadowguile takes damage where damage is landed upon the torso, however Courpsemourn doesn’t. Direct damage landed to the head against the user’s helmet durability merely blows the hood off the top (Assassin’s Covet) from the cape’s nape— at which point the effects of the headpiece will be rendered unusable as it flies away; dispersing from it’s armor and adapting back to it’s primal beige tint as it lands against the soft dirt (or hard gravel).

Tech List

Name: Bone Purge
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: The user must be a non-mage
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: -
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user emits smog across their body which purifies them and removes all Debuffs being used on them.

Name: Nihlatak's Limbo Lingering
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 100-500
Requirements: Nihlatak's Corpsemourn
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: Self
Cooldown: -
Duration: Instant
Effect: Even though the user cannot directly enter limbo, they can do it temporarily. This allows the user to let moves phase through them. It costs a certain amount of mana to let a certain amount of damage phase through. The cooldown applies in general. This means that during the cooldown, the user cannot use this spell at all.
D - 100MP to let it phase through, 0 cooldown.
C - 200MP to let it phase through, 1 cooldown.
B - 300MP to let it phase through, 2 cooldown.
A - 400MP to let it phase through, 3 cooldown.
S - 500MP to let it phase through, 4 cooldown.

Name: Nihlatak's Limbo Overdrive
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 200-1000
Requirements: Nihlatak's Corpsemourn
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: Self
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Should the cooldown be ongoing, the user can still let something phase through if they pay double the amount of mana that is required to let something phase through. This always resets the cooldown to 2 posts. Using this double-mana method harms the user and causes them to cough up blood and places their Speed and Endurance at 1 for the next 2 posts.
D - 200MP to let it phase through
C - 400MP to let it phase through
B - 600MP to let it phase through
A - 800MP to let it phase through
S - 1000MP to let it phase through

Name: Smogwalker
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 1000
Requirements: Shadowguile
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user swipes their finger across their chest causing the armor to release more smog than usual. The smog extends from the user up to 15 meters around themselves. In addition, the smog follows the user as they move around. In this smog, everyone except the user is fully blinded. Even after leaving the smog, the targets are blinded for 2 more turns due to the irritation to their eyes. This does not stack, however, it does reset whenever the target has been placed inside the smog again. The user, on the other hand, can see normally through the smog. The smog also causes B-rank direct damage per turn to the Constitution of anyone within it. Furthermore, the smog applies a B-rank debuff (Speed) to anyone within the smog as well.

Name: Shaka Zulu's Kingly Manifestation
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 10% of Total Base Mana
Requirements: Shaka Zuku's Assagai
Type: Transformation
Element: Wind
Range: ~
Cooldown: Once Per Topic
Duration: Sustain
Effect: When using Shaka Zulu's Kingly Manifestation, the user grows two meters in height while becoming more muscular. The appearance of the user shifts into that of a muscular, bipedal, humanoid lion. The transformation increases the base Strength, Speed, Endurance, and Constitution of the user by 100% as long as it is sustained. The user also receives Minor Magical Resistance and Minor Physical Resistance while using this transformation. Though, the user cannot use magic while using Shaka Zulu's Kingly Manifestation except for spells attached to items. This transformation cannot be canceled by items or magics that can cancel spells.

Name: Shaka Zulu's Kingly Heave
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Shaka Zuku's Assagai
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 25 Meters
Cooldown: -
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user throws Shaka Zulu's Assegai at a specific destination. The weapon will not change course till it hits that specific destination. This does not mean that Shaka Zulu's Assegai follows a target. Instead, it directly travels from the user towards a specific stationary spot. Upon impact, the weapon immediately propels itself back into the hand of the user.

Name: Execution
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 1,000
Requirements: Zabimaru
Type: Offensive
Element: Arcane
Range: 25 meters
Cooldown: 5 posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user disconnects the segments of Zabimaru and levitates them into the air with their mana. The 6 split segments then each chase the target up to the range of the spell at 20 m/s and attack a different part of the target's body (head, left arm, right arm, torso, left leg, right leg). Upon impact, each segment deals A-rank damage to the specific body part individually (which can rack up more than S-rank damage if everything lands). The user cannot reform or use Zabimaru again in the same post. This spell leaves the sword vulnerable and useless until the next post in which the sword will become whole again. This damage cannot be increased by external modifiers, and the spell cannot be used while Zabimaru's Awakening is active.

Name: Zabimaru's Awakening
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Zabimaru
Type: Offensive
Element: Arcane
Range: 25 meters
Cooldown: Once per thread
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Upon using this spell, Zabimaru turns into a long, bony tail composed of vertebra-like structures protruding from the user's hilt which trails behind the user and hangs around their waist like a loose sash. It no longer consists out of 6 segments but 20 segments. The end of the tail has a huge skeletal serpent's head which can bite targets. The vertebra-like structures have a width of 1 meter and a length of 22 meters. The final 3 meters of the blade is the serpent's skeletal skull. The skeletal serpent can be manipulated with each swing to move as the user desires. Zabimaru in this form moves at its users running speed or 20 m/s, whichever is lower. The vertebra-like structures can be used to slam down on targets to cause bludgeoning. The head can be used to slam onto a target to cause bludgeoning damage as well, or it could be used to bite and cause piercing damage.

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Erebus Gresham

The Legendary Tale of Erebus Gresham (Summarized):

Erebus began as a thief in Oak Town. Where his parents were, and who they are, were lost to time and legend however he’s assumed to have raised himself amid the alleyways, his surname was known Gresham to the locals who watched him grow up. It was a “Great Sham” for, He “The Point of Darkness,” to not be anything short of a hero. For whatever reason or another, this was the name they invented to go hand in hand with the epics that followed as he came to be wanted as a malicious Outlaw.

Erebus never had a skill for magic in the beginning, merely his wits and a knack for daggers. He was recruited by Steel and Ko Lesalt when the freeing of Zagan jumpstarted the Era of today. Erebus was recruited on mention from Zane, who’d noted his skills at sleight of hand on a venture through Oak Town, in the early days of both their stories. Using his penchant for acrobatics and silent steps, Erebus stole a magic tome from the King’s Library, narrowly escaping a Kingsguard to bring the Grimoire back for Odin to give to Zagan. On the deal he would be paid, and lacking the sum of money promised, he approached Zagan with a demand for his favor repaid.

In the span of only a moment real world time, Zagan sent Erebus through a mental trip that separated soul and body and trapped Erebus in a horrifying world known as the Abyss for ten years, however— to all others in that room and reality as it stands, Erebus was only gone for a second and collapsed against the floor. His mind broken and his youth washed from his system, he decided against vindication. He knew Zagan was an omnipresent Demon, and he was just a man. But the feeling that came with that pain, shaped ambition.

Erebus became the most wanted Criminal in all of Fiore. He first sought to stay moving, running and avoiding. However, at the ambush of a Captain in the Rune Knights, who would later become the Captain Commander Kingsguard, Erebus spent only a day in prison, and his days waiting for capture were over. He simply had to get stronger, and due to the Dimensional Dragon Slayer Esperia at the time, Erebus was catapulted through portals and his lack of magic was erased.

His soul element appeared to be Water, and he learned how to harness encapsulating Bubbles that trapped his targets, he adopted the use of a Spirit within called Bach, something of a Guardian that existed in the trenches of his mind. Two years passed and Erebus became one of the most lethal Nightmare Mages, and Dark Mages of his riding era.

Erebus spent his time covertly aiding the Wizard Lord— Odin Morningstar, who’d become his Guild Master. Special Op missions to assassinate entities known only to him as ‘Bishops’, for the rescue of an even more mysterious entity, one Erebus only knows as HER to this day. For whatever reason, it seems to drive Odin’s motivation; and spawn Erebus’ dedication. He believes in Odin’s dream of having HER return, who would be the ultimate weapon in taking out the monarchy and creating a free future where his reputation and glory is cleared. Erebus seeks to be remembered not for his crimes, but his risks and sacrifices he took when there was no right decisions to make.

Fast forward within time and the mage was met by a Mysterious Merchant, one that you wouldn’t dare consider mortal. He offered a deal that seemed unrealistic to Erebus, who had personally sought the Merchant out after hearing about his many items and deals that created Heroes and Villains of parameters unheard. Enter his deal: The Pact of a War God.

Erebus was given a vial of gold, and drinking it triggered three nightmarish episodes, where finally, he found himself attacking a God in his prophetic visions. He awoke on the third night, his body tatted face to toe, and his body had grown appendages that made him seem inhuman, the first signs of his mortality leaving him. However, he was still just a man. For how long, was to be determined.

Seika, the King’s second chosen Kingsguard behind the late Shichiro Uchida responsible for taking down Sleeping Calamity in it’s founding, and to later be followed by the same Jove Augustus who’d brought Erebus in before; lead a band of three powerful warriors against The Spiral of Eternal Nightmare. The two in addition to Seika himself were Konyo Sokolov: legendary Holy Knight and scarred terrorist of the Sentinel Syndicate, and Lucretia Wolfenstein, a prodigal Werewolf that was capable of strength never felt to the Rogue before, the physically strongest entity in terms of raw power...

Odin first assumed he would stand alone against the invaders, to defend his guild and his allies. However, the charisma of the Lich called upon Achlyss, Hitomi, Jin, and then finally Erebus himself— to aide by him at his side. The power was in their favor until Odin’s own— Hitomi betrayed them and dashed away, but Eternal Nightmare took no time in recovering from the upset. In a moment of crisis, Erebus called Bach one final time and fought down Seika, whilst at the same time held Lucretia’s attention from Odin and Jin. Odin was a mighty juggernaut, able to turn spells into dust. Jin was a Healer, and anti-Paladin, who would suck life from his foes. Without Jin, Erebus would have died that day and it brought a level of respect for the Healer that was foreign to Erebus— who had only ever been able to fight on his own. The final puzzle piece was Achlyss the unique Bomber-type Sorceress that kept Kon at bay long enough for them to pick their numbers off one by one.

They succeeded that day without a single Nightmare going down. Bach said his last goodbyes to Erebus, internally felt. He never again felt that he would put his spirit in danger, as Bach had become a good friend and console. However, that was to be seen whether it could be true or not— in the meantime he decided he would go back to his roots. Erebus returned to his old fighting style and became a Rogue once more (labeled Spymaster), shelving his magical attention all but completely in return for his physical. From here on, Erebus met the next generation which he would see to succession from his role as Eternal Nightmare’s Ace, the lot of them would go on to found Utopian Demise. He shared in his personal scandals with Valeria Hildegard— Vampire Huntress, instilled the motivation in Ikanbi and her friends (later CM, albeit unaffiliated), and promised Za the aide needed in a situation dire enough to call an emergency.

Erebus reinvented many of the strategies he witnessed in the past, and obtained the Spellslasher; an item that mimicked Odin’s old powers of the Yata no Kagami. The Master of Daggers obtained an armor that truly befit his name and infamy, as the ‘Walker through Smog’, the Shadowguile changed everything when witnessed in War... Erebus is currently known by the nation to be a Devastation to Mankind if left unhinged. Though, in a bid to create a world more judicial, he might never need to run from his bounty again. Erebus exists as a weapon, a warrior, and a tragedy of time immemorial. Always chasing the next stage and the freedom he rightfully deserves.


Additional Information:

  • Scavenger: You are used to performing agility based feats such as flips or rolls/somersaults mid-combat. You’re training to end the fight as quickly as possible allows you to push yourself farther than normally possible, allowing you to reach maximum acceleration one second sooner than normal.

  • Assassin (Rogue): Your weapon damage, excluding your Strength, with Dagger and Fist-type weapons is considered doubled versus equipment.

  • Shadowdancer (Rogue): You don't make any sound (Full-Soundless) when moving on your feet on land. This allows you to remain undetected from those you're hunting.

  • Spymaster (Rogue): You deal one rank higher damage when attacking someone from behind with Dagger and Fist-type weapons.
    - Minor Magic Resistance to Erebus

  • Phantom (Rogue): You receive a cooldown reduction of 1 post on all spells attached to Daggers and Fists.

  • Boosted Steel: Erebus gains +2x S durability from his necklace to all weapon types, he also gains another +2x S durability to his Daggers from his status as a Grand Master.

  • Ghost Speech: Erebus’s cape allows him communion with death, spirits, and ghostly apparitions. He is naturally set between life and death and can see spirits where others cannot.

Erebus’s Voice:

250 Posts:

Template for PvP organization here:

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Erebus Gresham

♫ Erebus Gresham's Tracker E682-F3-C0-3698-4-CB3-ABB9-FCB9-A749-F798
Equip Gear is on the user at the start of every thread and decorates the user, stored items are kept within a magical ring on the finger, and require a previously equipped weapon to be swapped out for them should the user already have four weapons out at the time.

STR: 503
  • SPELLSLASHER 667 [Equipped]
  • SHAKA ZULU’S ASSEGAI: 713 [Equipped]
  • ZABIMARU: 713 [Equipped]
  • MACUIHUITL: 683 [Stored]
  • 2x4: 663 [Stored]

SPE: 359
CON: 141
END: 261
Main-Hand (R1): 131
Main-Hand (R2): 131
Off-Hand (L1): 131
Off-Hand (L2): 131

+ Equipped Modifers:

Undead Reflex: Debuffs applied on the user are decreased by two ranks.

Weapon Durability: The user receives an additional 2x S-rank durability to their weapon.

Knock-Back Immunity: The user is immune to knock-back effects.

Bind Immunity: The user is immune to bind-type effects.

Purifed: The user is no longer affected by RP induced vitality-drains coming from their gear.

Seven Stalker's Resilience: Spellslasher has a Minor Magical Resistance.

Seven Stalker's Spellstopper: Spellslasher can disintegrate spells upon hitting them. The wielder must pay the same amount of mana as the spell they are hitting to disintegrate it.

In Tune With The Lands: The harsh savannah of their homeland offered Shaka little refuge from the elements. Constant prolonged exposure to the sun and landscape had toughened Shaka's skin to the resilience of natural reflection. Thus, whenever the user receives damage to their Constitution via Physical Damage, the damage is returned to the source as well for 3 ranks lower than the equivalent received.

Roar: Zabimaru has a menacing aura, striking fear in its opponents and causing them to think twice before facing the user. Because of this, the target's attributes are lowered by 10% if the target is ranked equal to the user or lower and can only be used on one target.

Howl: The segments of Zabimaru can grow in length tremendously. The segments are connected by a stretchable thread, making Zabimaru more useful as a whip than an actual sword, however, it can serve as a regular sword just as easily. Upon swinging the sword, the user can extend the blade and make it serve as a cutting whip. It takes two seconds for the weapon to reach its maximum size. The cooldown and mana cost applied to this effect is based on the selected length increase. The user must clearly describe the selected length when using this spell.

Up to 2 Meters: 0 Post Cooldown (100 Mana)
Up to 4 Meters: 1 Post Cooldown (200 Mana)
Up to 6 Meters: 2 Post Cooldown (300 Mana)
Up to 7 or 8 Meters: 3 Post Cooldown (400 Mana)
Up to 9 or 10 Meters: 4 Post Cooldown (500 Mana)

The user always has a passive +10% buff to speed from Shadowguile.

+ Stored Item Modifiers

Splinters: Targets strike by the 2x4 will receive a speed debuff equal to the amount of damage that they deal with a single strike up to 640 from a strike with 1001+ strength, this lasts for the remainder of the topic unless the target is healed for the same amount and does not stack.

Split Armor Piercing: Upon dealing damage to a target with Macuahuitl, the damage is split between the armor and the target.

Resistance Ignore: Macuahuitl ignores any resistances that a target may have when dealing damage to them.

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