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Down to a Level [Ren]

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#1Erebus Gresham 

Down to a Level [Ren] Empty Sun Jul 18, 2021 1:15 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus was on the lay low for a few months after his run-ins with Esperia. Allowing the air to calm and the flow of time to dampen his reputation meant he could walk the roads again now, only six months later. Erebus had meant to test his dagger at the Tournament Grounds. Seeing if he were yet fit to call himself a Master.

The area was a cool temperature, not too hot or humid. The stray breeze moved his cloak with the wind. In recent, his Passion Daggers snapped to Esperia’s Dimensional spells, so the rogue opted to go to a simple enchanted kris. Bariumbas. Not for his own fear of traps, but to eventually walk through the ones he would place.

Magic was a tricky aspect, and it seemed to mature very late in his youth. Nonetheless, he had to make sure his skills were perfected before he dared step into a new realm of battle.

Erebus was just around six foot, with a coat that flowed down like a trench, faint glow decorated its fabric. His helmet displayed a jutting heart, the type one would see on a valentine card. The rest of his gear was small but there, a pipe was pressed to his lips, as he spun and awaited challengers.

Erebus hopes things would pick up here, he had a job later and he needed to get to that. Ninjas or some rats like that near the gates out the city. Maybe he could meet someone here and then take them along. That made for a good thought, eagering Erebus to make a change back into the active lifestyle.

Erebus scanned the zone, 100 meters, with himself at the center. Then he waited for someone to draw near.

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#2Ren Aikawa 

Down to a Level [Ren] Empty Sun Jul 18, 2021 10:38 pm

Ren Aikawa
The wandering samurai noticed how his sword skills had been lacklustre through recent events. After discovering how he could harness the winds to aid him in combat, he did not require much effort to take on mercenaries and such. He was relying too much on his magic that his memory muscles had forgotten the techniques and ways of how a samurai wields their blade.

Not only that, he could not help but to notice how old and rusty his katana had gotten. He would need to get a new one if he were to catch up on others, as he was sure that one powerful swing was all it take to break the blade. To top it all off, Ren did not have any form of gear, not even a simple shoulder cap. He noticed how everybody he duelled against had at least one form of armour on them.

Ren had a lot to do to catch up, if he wish not to be beaten or mugged in the streets he would need to get better in his skills and some gears. The Great Baska Rock had been a great place for him to hone his sword skills. He was a frequent there.

A man that looked around his age stepped into the centre of the ring, after a while of waiting the young ronin decided to step in as nobody else did. It was obvious that Ren was shorter than the other, but that was a fact that he had excepted long ago, he was always shorter than most of his colleagues, so this was not a surprise at all.

He lifted a cloth away from his waist, revealing the handle of a katana sheathed beside the white-haired man. ”A quick spar?” he asked the other with a slight smile forming at the corners of his lips.

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#3Erebus Gresham 

Down to a Level [Ren] Empty Tue Jul 20, 2021 10:06 am

Erebus Gresham

Erebus stretches his arms, limbered up his legs, and kept eyes on a young swordsman penetrating the fight area. Erebus remained still-faces, though under his helmet you wouldn’t notice regardless. His weapon, while already in his hand, was a twenty-five centimeter dagger.

Dagger against Katana?

Erebus complied with interest. “I’d like that, sure. My name is Erebus.” He offered, no longer afraid to give away who he was to other. Those days came and went long ago, to be impulsive was a lot more fun, even if he really wasn’t the type. Getting to know others could sometimes be beneficial. Erebus nodded, before speaking again. “Ready whenever you are...” He shouted, his legs bending and his frame postering. His speed would easily lift him to great distances, so he felt no reason to charge right away. Rather— if he let Ren make the first move, Erebus would be able to determine the pace of the fight. Doubting that he was going to need his new magic, Erebus may well opt for a casual blade duel. Besides, he still had at least one lesson ahead before he could call himself a ‘Master’.




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