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Tournament Arc: S-rank (Valeria)

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Two red eyes peeled across the town of Baska, he had just grabbed himself a meal and was now preparing for his challenge. He’d scarfed down eggs, bacon, biscuits & gravy. When he felt he was ready and had digested everything well enough. He set out towards a large rock that stood out on the mountain-side. It was the Great Baska Rock, home of the coliseum and the place he’d taken an S-rank quest.

An older gentleman who posted fighters here loved seeing match-ups in his day, but he hated how little hand-to-hand combat was ever seen in them recently. So, as a highly promoted fight. Two mystery challengers would be fighting without the use of weapons, though they were obviously permitted to wear any gear they had on their body.

Erebus was donning a caped robe, the Courpsemourn, slung over his chest was a iron vest, the Warrior Armor. His arms were litered with black runic markings, and his face etched to the design in black ink. His hair was spiked, and slick. One could almost mistake it for blonde, but a subtle pink hue made Erebus stand out from the traditional, a red scarf cling to his neck, green earrings dangled, and a large skeleton ring was on his middle finger.

A spare pair of arms were hidden behind the veil of the Courpsemourn, which was always held closed until combat would reveal his true form. As of right now, Valeria would see Erebus as a regular foe no different than the traditional, with two daggers sheathed and unlikely to be used from his waist belt. Only his hands were necessary today— and Erebus was in the mood to use them.

His canines flashed the crowd a fervent smile, when he took his place finally coming into the arena. Erebus laughed and waved, holding himself together like a celebrity despite the occasional boo-ing from old challengers watching in the bleachers. Erebus has no idea who his challenger is, but stands confidently. Stretching his ligaments around, and preparing to unhinge when provoked— Erebus takes his place ten meters from the edge of the ring.

Ring outs would also count for victories.

The use of weapons or magic, would result in disqualification.

The arena is 50 meters in length. From where Valeria will enter, she is 40 meters from Erebus at the furthest edge of the map.


167 STR
111 SPE
109 CON
269 END
121 INT

(+60 STR) - Earrings
(+10 STR, -10 SPE) - Armor
Daggers not in use, but being equipped +40 SPE

#2Valeria Hildegard 

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Valeria Hildegard

well, i'm taking my time
i'm just moving along
you'll forget about me after i've been gone

The delicate sound of humming escaped her lips as the silver-haired woman sauntered closer to the coliseum from which she could hear the roars of avid fans of fights. The recent days of peace had found a way to become monotonous and boring, causing Valeria to search for some entertainment. She had heard whispers and cheers from attendees of the tournament, where each time, the victor was paid to defeat the previous titleholder. For someone who thoroughly enjoyed watching battles of various kinds, it was almost as if her silent cries of boredom had been heard, particularly with the circulating rumors that this was going to be a fight without using weapons or magic.

As she etched closer to the location, the cheers and occasional boos of disapproval, grew loud. She could feel the excitement seeping into her heart as was vividly portrayed by her expression. Once she had reached the building, a man guided her into a dark tunnel towards, what she had hoped would be the stands. However, with each passing second, she could feel her excitement dying down as the awareness of her lack of fortune and luck dawned on her. The gates before her opened, temporarily blinding her vision as she walked forth. Once Valeria stood on the sturdy ground, underneath the blaring sun, it took almost no time for her to sigh at her own misfortune while the sound of the gates closing behind her drowned within the screams of cheer that echoed in the vicinity.

She had sauntered this far, brimming with anticipation to enjoy one of the few hobbies she had, only to be thrown right into the middle. What she hadn't realized was that they mistook her for the opponent. While the vampire did fight, more often than she'd like to, she wasn't someone who enjoyed doing things that would be detrimental to her, and yet, here she was. She brushed her hand through her hair and walked forward, given that it was the only direction available to her.

In her own disapproval of her luck, she had failed to notice the man who would be opposing her. He stood quite tall, dawned in a cape and scarf with accessories elevating his look. The markings on his face and the slightly pink hue that tinted his hair gave away his identity but there wasn't much that the vampire knew about the man, aside from his appearance and his allegiance to the dark guild.

However, what truly grasped her attention were those red eyes that looked at her with confidence. At that moment, Valeria suddenly found herself not entirely opposed to the idea of fighting him. While red eyes were a feature that went beyond belonging to just vampires, the color itself irked her. It was unpleasant to look at as it, more often than not, reminded her of those of her own race. She hated it. Perhaps it was that hatred that pushed her steps forward until she was roughly thirty meters away from her opponent. Compared to him, she was dressed rather simply, in a turtle neck and a pair of high-waisted pants. She had not come prepared to fight but she found herself wanting to. All because of those goddamn eyes.
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Tournament Arc: S-rank (Valeria) R.0e086d0cfaa35a09a6d3b34f3f689ce1?rik=FkTw0F%2futQa6jA&riu=http%3a%2f%2fclipart-library.com%2fnew_gallery%2f675699_red-divider-png


STR 237
SPD 161
CON 176
END 160
INT 122

Tournament Arc: S-rank (Valeria) R.0e086d0cfaa35a09a6d3b34f3f689ce1?rik=FkTw0F%2futQa6jA&riu=http%3a%2f%2fclipart-library.com%2fnew_gallery%2f675699_red-divider-png

Tournament Arc: S-rank (Valeria) HWpjwHq

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Erebus watched her arrival with a curious facial expression, clearly able to tell when was being sized up himself. Perhaps mixed with his usual condescending stare of intrigue— his lips would curl as the man gets right to work— truly embracing his new nature for War, He wastes no time making his opening line to the Vampyr. “Oh look at you.” He would say, as if delighted by her hungry eyes. “You don’t look half bad.” The summoner’s body sailed through the air quickly— lunging him 15 meters to face her in the time it took her to walk to her starting place.

Erebus moves with the wind itself, becoming a pink flicker between lunges, the sign of his status as a past Rogue. “You know—“ In a flash Erebus was lunging towards the girl on her right, his arm reared back before he’d came close, it aimed to sail out and send a shot to her body on the upper region of her abdominal cavity, in a one precise motion. Whether it had landed or not, Erebus kept his body aligned so that his left arm could check any strike or retaliate on the next post with it. Erebus kept his chin tucked, there was a rhythm to the way he positions himself that is always notable. For should anything go wrong, his movements would keep up a pace that was superhuman to the average person, able to counter strike with her if she was able to go the distance.

After all this was an S-rank Quest; to assume she was a pushover, was nothing short of an early death— and Erebus wasn’t a complete fool. But his own display of speed may have came as a shocker in itself.

“I really gotta make this money, by any means.” He would say amidst his all his actions and/or reaction, either during his follow up, or after he’d popped the girl with the magnitude of 237 STR in his right hand (Erebus’ fist is balled, traveling upward in an arc at her gut upon getting within arm distance unless she avoids or escapes). Finding time to say things as he moved was important otherwise the fight could bore his audience, instead of pausing to break for the dialogue, Erebus hoped the speed at which they competed was something for the ages.

So basically, 2 lunges jumped 15m to put a 15m gap, then again for 15m placing Erebus on Valeria’s right of her body. Erebus sends out a liver shot, Mike Tyson style from this post, all done in the course it took to speak his dialogue, 4 perhaps 5 seconds passing, with movements made at high speeds. I’m positioned in a way that I can strike you with my left after the strike is to land if you are there or I block with it, hopefully.


#4Valeria Hildegard 

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Valeria Hildegard

well, i'm taking my time
i'm just moving along
you'll forget about me after i've been gone

While she was sauntering over to her starting position within the arena, it seemed as if her opponent was in quite a hurry to get the show on the road. "Well, I wouldn't know." It was a slightly humorous reply to his words on her part considering that she didn't actually know what she looked like. Being a vampire meant she wasn't able to see her own reflection. Before she had even reached the spot, he had lunged forward in her direction and upon landing, lunged yet again but slightly to her right. He was quite fast and nimble on his feet, with the speed of his movement almost similar to her own. Therefore, the two seconds that it had taken him to reach her that would prove to be a challenge for others, provided her with ample time to react. Yet, she stopped for a second to wait for his move.

Once he had started his second lunge towards her right, she quickly jumped a few steps to left, swiftly dodging the arm that aimed to attack her before it even got close to her. "Well, someone's in a hurry." Valeria couldn't afford to be hit just yet. While she didn't know how strong this man truly was, his face was something that was relatively known although she couldn't put a familiar name to it. If anything, his reputation was enough of an indication that he would be a formidable opponent. She wasn't in a position where she could take a hit simply to test his strength. Her best bet was to dodge and attack where he wasn't expecting.

The vampire couldn't help but internally sigh. She had been in the arena for mere seconds and was already exhausted. It would've been so much easier if she could just treat him like a vampire but she wasn't quite sure if he even was one. After all, she wasn't a madwoman who would go around attacking anyone other than her own species. Once his arm that had reached out to hit her swung with unstoppable momentum away from her actual body, she wasted no time in lowering her center of gravity. She used her left foot to propel her body to turn toward her right before raising it to kick the man at the back of his right knee.

It seemed as if he was anticipating some sort of retaliation as he had his left arm ready to block and retaliate against any incoming attacks. However, that seemed quite useless to her. Given that he was aiming toward her right and she had hustled to her left, she was far from the left of his body. Once her left leg had collided against the back of his right knee, she would use her hands to push herself off the ground and a few meters in the direction where her opponent had come from. Even if he had somehow managed to dodge, she would do the same in a way that kept the front of her body constantly facing him while replying to the words he somehow managed to utter in this duration. "Trust me, I want this to be over too." Once she raised her whole body and readied herself in a prepared stance, ready for his next move, she continued. "I just need to know one thing. Are you a vampire?"
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Tournament Arc: S-rank (Valeria) HWpjwHq

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Erebus watched the girl slip his speed just in time, even if momentarily there, she already demonstrated a fine quality to her game. Thankfully the fact she extended herself just a little much having to pivot around. Gave Erebus the window in time to apply the fight IQ he needed, her body was shifting its center of gravity and she was lowering to the ground. Erebus has an advantage in the fact he has to do less actions than she does whilst she avoids.

When his fist had fully missed it’s mark, he raises his knee and her own kick strikes the shin. It was checked all in rapid motion and high speed.

By checking the kick, her collision was forced off it’s necessary trajectory course. With its potential magnitude reduced against him, the Summoner directed the pain to the force of his calf, rather than the joint of his knee. In doing so, Erebus follows— eye to eye with Valeria, perhaps separated by a few feet if anything. Valeria as she herself speaks, would realize there was not a sliver of space wide enough to break him from his stride after her. They were nearly completely matched in all statistical parameters.

Her words are heard over the wind and he responds intuitively. “How peculiar.” Erebus indicates a subtle confusion. His fist fully coming up in an uppercut arc towards the solar plexus, if it landed into the pocket between her breasts, it would knock the air from the lungs. This area was the central hub of the nervous system— something notable in respect even to her seemingly perfect fit form. His other hand was again balled and raised defensively allowing him to position it for it’s own use. It was clear Erebus had full intentions to make her sweat and work out here.

His own vitality drain was beginning to suckle away life-force. The vitality would transition into Courpsemourn, so it would be some time, but he knew too much laborous physical activity was not ideal for today— if not for too long, he could pass out of heat exhaustion.

Erebus was already looking pale from the cape alone... Valid he reckoned on the comment of being an Undead, it was no surprise she mistook him for one, a creature of the night. Then again, this was an opportunity to be something new and play with a cute girl. At the finalization of his upward arc, whilst defending or closing up, simultaneously. Erebus would push the agenda a bit further, and test the girl’s patience for deceit. “Am I a vampire?” He started on a coy game against her clear interrogation, pausing for only the briefest interceptions and continuing whatever physical actions were permitted while speaking during his dialogue.

Note his speed would rapidly pick up to meet Valeria’s chain reactions as they’re made during dialogue, after all— Erebus was a master of the dagger and his hands were something of a weapon themselves.

“— Why does it matter what race I fall into. Are you a vampire?— why would you care what I am?” he pardons himself the expense of needing an answer. “... If you’re asking if I’ll bite. Well,” two red eyes met hers with a charm that invigorated the body, but also ignited the rage of others. He met her with the eyes of War— so alike to hers, and yet so different as well. “That depends on whether you’ll live or die—” He finally reasoned an intrusive thought— albeit he was just flirting, he wasn’t sure how well Valeria was going to respond it. The Summoner was not making introductions hey for a reason. His identity was a useful asset against anyone facing him, she might’ve put two-and-two together if he made pleasantries too early— that would be no fun.

He was as much a mystery, as she was. Erebus made sure to defend while talking, if a counter revealed itself, he would adjust to the given offense.



-1 A-rank Leg DMG against Erebus

#6Valeria Hildegard 

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Valeria Hildegard

well, i'm taking my time
i'm just moving along
you'll forget about me after i've been gone

It seemed that her little trick had worked and landed a hit on her opponent, albeit not where she had wanted to hit him as he evaded just in time to void his knee giving out. Although Valeria didn't quite like the man for he seemed to border on the trait of arrogance that she often associated with those of her own kind, she did find herself admiring him as an opponent. It seemed that he was quite well-matched to herself which, in a way, also irked her. She didn't enjoy fighting but she didn't enjoy the feeling of helplessness that always accompanied a lack of strength. The vampire had vowed to herself to never feel that way again and she sure wasn't about to let that hateful feeling creep up to her this time around.

The pink-haired man had picked himself up quite early. As soon as she had stepped away from him, he was back on her trail with the exception of the few feet of distance between them. As he moved forward, she matched his actions and moved backward, leaving them at somewhat of a stalemate considering that they were matched eye to eye. There was nothing she could do to stop him from coming after her. Momentarily, she found herself back to considering this whole fight to be pointless. The even playing field of their power acted as a looming cloud that foresaw signs of a storm, one that would simply last for a while.

Her initial impression of him with his interactive words seemed to be that he enjoyed elongating the fight. However, noticing that he was aiming directly for important organs went to show that he, too, predicted that this fight would last far too long if something wasn't done. His fist aimed upwards, targetting the center of her torse, right underneath her breasts. Given that she was already in motion, she took a quick but wide step back, continuing to maintain the distance between the two as he came at her. "Aiming for the goods already?" She spoke through breaths, "What happened to taking me out to dinner first?"

Once his fist, aimed upwards, would slide past her, she would take a quick step in the direction opposite his arm that he was defending himself with and ball her hand into a fist. Given the difference in their height, so long as she bent down slightly and acted fast enough, his torso would be directly within her line of sight. Pulling her arm back, she would send a punch his way. While she did usually enjoy using her nails as claws, she wasn't quite sure if she wanted to see the man bleed in this situation. She couldn't help but notice that her hunger wasn't being satisfied in the past few days. Perhaps she needed to go out and find a few individuals who would willingly offer her blood upon slight seduction.

However, that seemed a little unnecessary. It appeared that she had someone who might be able to satisfy her right in front of her. Granted, the fight seemed to be wearing him out given the drainage of color on his face but he didn't look half bad. His tone and following words, which seemed to be said to extract a reaction from her, held a flirtatious tone. Although his personality didn't seem to be what she looked for in a blood bag as it appeared to be far more ambitious and in control than she liked, it did seem like an interesting challenge. Valeria made sure to stay in her stance throughout, keeping up with any movements on the man's part.

His words were enough to provide her with an answer. After all, she had never met a vampire who didn't arrogantly show off their superiority. Though in some aspects, he did fit the criteria. His tone, however, made her want to return his remarks. "Why would I care? I guess you could say I'm interested in you." A smile etched her face as she made sure to keep up with his actions, ensuring to avoid any hits because she was sure that would hurt quite a lot. His remark about biting almost got a chuckle out of her. "I guess I should try to live then." Valeria was much more interested in having that man as a meal so she didn't really hold back.
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Tournament Arc: S-rank (Valeria) HWpjwHq

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Erebus had a finesse to the way he would move, clearly at home in the heat of battle. He was driving forth damage at such blazing speeds that her movements were surprising to him. He was impressed, exceptionally, at her own battle technique, but realized he might want to double down his efforts now before the vitality drain started interfering early. 

“Oh yeah? You don’t consider this a first date. I was just about to hit.” he made the disarming comment in lieu of hers. Erebus always had a taunt to his smirk, but now more than ever. “I don’t suppose you could stop me if you wanted too, could you?” He threatened, but for some reason his words sucked in the attention as he moved in grace with her about the battlefield. 

Watching her body line up to the side of his suddenly, threatened him with caution. Erebus realized he had the chance to flip her at this moment, and moved to do so when a sudden tug was felt on his lungs that forced him back to mortality— even if for a split second— and instantly the most intense body cramp forced him to break into a sudden belligerent cough. The interruption is unrefutable and Val uses the perfect moment to engage, in just the right timing her fist seems to force the rest of the air from his chest like that of an avalanche; for in just one sharp hook, she made him feel her power. Valeria’s fist collided with Erebus, clear wind thrust around their forms, cracks in the concrete appearing from no where, impact at it’s most unlimited scales. 

Coming at no surprise, the punch forcibly draws up blood from Erebus’ mouth, it disturbingly appears in such a pool out of his mouth. One might think the Rogue has been shot in the mouth, or beat with a bat.—

With the mightiest Endurance he had to offer, Erebus quickly engages the critical hit. It still hasn’t taken him off his feet, a token to make recollection of when fighting the Summoner again. His endurance was otherworldly perhaps, and like a spider, he was already moving in the same time allotment she would be pulling her arm away from him. 

His body was not a husk. As his own vision quickly came together amidst their parallel head movement. 

“But I guess.. even if I can’t hit that.. I can certainly still dig out your heart.” He managed to mutter with his irises so hollow it was like the devil himself stood behind them, spirting the words out through blood. Val was likely able to hear the comment so close, Erebus wasn’t the type to really care, but he was running low on his exertion. 

She was a vampire so he had to give her the win through cardio, but if he fought her again, she would deserve special treatment.

In simultaneous action rather— it started as nothing but a wrist grab, however closer inspection would reveal his deliberation. Locking his body to her, he quickly maneuvers to her back from under her arm, taking her back— Erebus closes any distance separating them, with his pelvis pressed against her and his arms quickly securing her under. His attempt was quite human, and in fact, was all human by design. He moved another hand to a point and gripped her into a dagestani handcuff, her legs would feel his sweep under her inner thighs as they dropped to the ground and the dagestani handcuff allowed Erebus to roll them both over to his bidding. 

With both arms locked, and her body positioned over his aimedup at the sky, Erebus and Valeria would be at a stalemate for strength but Erebus has a hidden advantage. 

He has enough arms to do more than she can, a spare hand quickly grabs her throat and chokes her, and her fourth and very last hand attempted to close the battle with malicious fashion.

Should Val have jerked around, squirmed. or gotten into an aggressive fit, under the strength of the Rogue man stretching ontop of himself, she’d find complete mobility at risk, this also kept her from any slamming she might try, or worse. He could always force her away and off of him, if he needed too. Erebus took this quest under the rule, the assumption rather, that he would not use his weapons to defeat his target. But he was hired off a third party here, simply make the match look crazy, and his ticket to the next stage was paid off. 

Erebus took this seriously, having always dreamed of better. 

He knew he’d have to work fast, and in his desperation as a War God— within the root of his inherited sadism, Erebus finds the gusto to use a last arm, hidden (concealed rather) to grasp the weapon at his waist. From this, his dagger is drawn and spins across his fingers in a quick, masterful way. Erebus instantly gets to it, slicing a gash that impales her deep at the stomach. Erebus slowly eased her against the ground off his lap, as the gash was no small rip against flesh—anyone else surely would’ve died, assuming this was all successful, a bell ring would be heard across the Coliseum. As the girl’s name would be announced winner and the immediate arrest of Erebus was about to start. 

If he could, he’d have stayed to at least check on her condition. However, it was mental illness that got him here. So it was mental illness that made him run, and just like that Erebus prepares to take off. His contact is waiting outside of Town, so his role was of no importance here any longer. 

Erebus wonders if he might meet her again, she was… Unique.


#8Valeria Hildegard 

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Valeria Hildegard

well, i'm taking my time
i'm just moving along
you'll forget about me after i've been gone

While the fight in itself wasn't something that had lasted a long while, in the vampire's mind, they had been waltzing in this battle for quite some time. Their movements were in sync with each other, almost akin to a violent dance in which two evenly matched individuals tried to best one another. His comments that entered her ears amidst their movements were met with a small smile. His arrogance was truly on display with those taunting words but unfortunately, they were futile against her. There was only one thing that could truly bring her to the brink of rage and after carefully examining him, Valeria was so close to concluding that the man before her was not it. Nevertheless, that did not mean she appreciated his comments but merely found herself wanting to make him swallow that arrogance of his.

"I don't know, could I?" She simply shot back a vague reply to the man. While she would love to admit that she could totally stop him if she had set her mind to it, she knew that wasn't true. From what she had observed so far, this man was on par with her and unable to have felt his strength yet, she was unsure if she could endure it. On the other hand, he seemed to be doing relatively fine even after being hit on the leg and eventually, his chest. With the hope that the hit would've hindered him to some extent, she drew her arm back as her crimson gaze moved upward to land on his face just in time to see him cough. The red liquid gushed out of his mouth as a result of her attack and while that would be considered a successful hit, it wasn't for the vampire. She had purposefully attempted to cause blunt damage so she could avoid seeing his blood but failed to take into account the impact of her strength against his body. Therefore, she was visibly caught by surprise.

Her eyes were immediately glued to his lips from where the blood escaped as her body tensed up. Valeria didn't like to admit it but the crimson liquid, its almost metallic scent, and the pleasure that came with consuming it had become almost addictive to her. She always stood so arrogantly, considering herself to be superior to other vampires who were no more than monsters but if she ever had the guts to closely examine her own constitution, she would know that she too was just like them. However, it was a subconscious part of her that drowned these rational examinations of her own behavior deep in her mind, in a place where she would never reach. Looking at the blood didn't make her think anything besides how much she found herself wanting and craving it. It made her feel almost disgusting, appalled at her own inability to control her urge. At what point in time had she truly become addicted to this drug called blood, she did not know. What she did, however, know was that it had come to bite her.

At the moment that her body froze, her opponent, whose endurance she was quite shocked at even in her state of trance, recovered. His words waltzed their way into her ears but her eyes and mind were far too focused on the appealing visual before her. Therefore, she was caught off guard when she felt him grab her wrist. The following moments passed by as a blur as he had taken advantage of her hesitation to move behind her. Valeria could only see the empty area before her and the ground that was stained with droplets of blood but she could feel his entire body behind her, the warmth of it sinking into her back. In her attempt to recover herself from this monstrous urge to turn around and sink her teeth into his skin, she found herself biting into her own lower lip.

The next thing she knew, she was on the ground with her arms and legs restrained in close proximity. Her senses were slowly returning, focusing on things other than the slightly lingering scent of his blood and the warmth of his body on her skin; the warmth that she would attribute to the gushing blood in his body. Unfortunately, their evenly matched strength proved to be disadvantageous for the silver-haired woman. Valeria was rolled over at the man's bidding until she was somewhat upright, facing him. As she tried to squirm out of the hold, his hand wrapped around her throat. She was overcome by shock, mainly at the revelation of his third arm but more so at the understanding of how truly disadvantageous her position was at that moment.

She felt his grip tighten around his neck as her eyes wandered, wondering what she should do. She could not move excessively, not when he was restraining her hands and had the possibility of doing lasting damage. Valeria felt herself panicking, realizing that she had to escape soon. Her legs squirmed as she attempted to push herself up, slamming him in the face in the process. However, before she could do so, she felt the sting of a blade gliding across her stomach. It seemed as if she had failed to notice his fourth arm gripping the dagger in her state of panic. The pain hit her a moment later, earning a disgruntled cough followed by a groan from her parted lips.

The bell rang and the overwhelming sounds of booing seeped into her ears but her blurry vision was focused on her opponent. The moment his hand loosened, she found herself gasping for air, taking quick heavy breaths until the pain of her wound hit her. As Erebus got up to leave, her hand clutched her stomach, attempting to reduce the blood loss while his figure disappeared.

She was wrong. It turned out that the man truly did have what it took to make her angry. She was filled with rage, pain, desperation, and that wretched feeling of helplessness that she vowed to never feel again. One day, she promised herself, that she was going to bring that man down to his knees before her. She was going to find him and repay him for making her go through this hassle. However, before that, she had to get out of there alive is what she thought as people dressed in medical garments hurriedly approached her.
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Tournament Arc: S-rank (Valeria) HWpjwHq

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