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Sloth [MB SQ #3 | Erebus]

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Sloth [MB SQ #3 | Erebus] Empty Tue Jan 04, 2022 11:28 am

Dahlia City. Here Odin was once more. The city that had seen his death many years before. Where he had plunged a dagger deep into his heart and brought out the powers of the Lich that he still called his own to this day. Despite never being part of Eternal Nightmare's jurisdiction, it had always been somewhere Odin had felt strongly around, and wished to see thrive. He had been there during Dahlia's dark years of being a desolate town, before Daeva Eye had settled there and turned the town into an, albeit still dark, bustling city. It had flourished, and it had grown a lot since Odin's last visit.

But he wasn't here to reminisce. He had work to do, and he had help to assist him. The Wizard Lord had sent word to Erebus, as they stayed apart so as not to draw too much attention to themselves, to meet him at the city limits. The great forest of Aldenwald stretched in all directions out from the city, cutting it off from much of the world, and making it easy pickings for the wolves and vampires that called the area home. Deep inside the forest held exactly what they were looking for. An ancient story that Odin had heard many times before but had never actually considered as being anything of value until very recently. The story of the slow man. An apparition few had ever actually seen, but one who moved through the forests at the pace of a snail. However, any attempt to approach the spirit would cause it to move away at imperceptible speeds, while the unlucky searcher would begin to lose all speed themselves, left to be picked off by whatever was lurking nearby. And there was always something lurking nearby in the Aldenwald.

Impatience was never a feeling associated with Odin: he had waited many years for his desires to come to fruition. But here, now, with the chance to kill a Bishop edging ever closer, even he had to admit he was getting anxious. He had to move, had to push forward. He was getting excited, and then could only mean great things. Great, or terrible things.


#2Erebus Gresham 

Sloth [MB SQ #3 | Erebus] Empty Sat Jan 08, 2022 8:24 am

Erebus Gresham

Erebus kept a distance from Odin, who moved through town. Since he was in charge of watching the Many Faced Queen, Erebus decidedly plunged straight through the outskirts and into Aldenwald itself. Using the sheer negative force of the Many Faced Queen's presence, few monsters would come near Erebus, but he could see them-- feel them-- stalking his person. His face displayed little doubt, but a drop of sweat surely did edge from his brow. His mana was taking a fair bit of energy from him, having to hold up such a prison for a monster like this. Hopefully he would hold up, after all. Letting this thing out, would prove more trouble than anything else he'd faced in the last few years. After fighting it once, Erebus was sure the illusions would get to him in the second attempt. Especially without Odin in the near vicinity.

Whispers, like a snake in his ear, filled the Rogue's head. Nastasya attempting to lull him to some sort of fear, she would tell him about his fate, and his creed. How little he mattered, and how unfortunate it must be to fight the Bishop. But Erebus stayed mute, simply squeezing her prison around her until she told him which way to walk.

He had a track on his person, allowing Odin to know where he was going, whilst holding a fair distance away. When Erebus pushed further and further into the dangerous unknown, a large mountainous cliff came before him, almost hidden away under the many thick and purple mist of the woods.

A few meters above, this large, gaping cavern entrance was in the cliffside. Large webs hid whatever the tunnel led too, but Erebus assumed that was for good reason. He shot a ball of water through the hole, causing an explosion that made rocks bust and fall on their way down to the bottom.

He awaited Odin's arrival, seeing in how he had no other details pertaining to the quest, merely, he was to find the location and follow Nastasya's direction. Erebus, drank from a small blue vial, reinvigorating his energy for the coming endeavors.



Sloth [MB SQ #3 | Erebus] Empty Sun Jan 09, 2022 4:47 am

The tracker allowed Odin to follow Erebus' location even if he couldn't see him, making it much easier to begin the mission. The Many-Faced Queen would tell its holder, in this case the Bubble mage, where to go to fight the next Bishop. Although this time it was something different. Not quite a full bishop, but the power was definitely there, otherwise Nastasya would not be leading them towards it. The creature was intelligent, but it couldn't avoid its primary function. It reacted to the powers of the Bishops, and something in Dahlia was causing a reaction. That was enough for Odin and Erebus to journey into the dark woods of the Aldenwald.

An explosion came from the direction of Erebus, which caused Odin to pick up his pace and rush towards his guildmate's location. Unfortunately for the two, Nastasya was only able to give them rough locations for the Bishops. Their powers were still completely unknown, beyond being incredibly unique and unfathomably powerful, which didn't inspire much confidence. Joining his partner would reveal that there wasn't an ambush occurring, which was a relief. Odin would never admit it, but he felt much more at ease doing this with a partner, even if that person didn't truly know why they were doing it. That was something Odin intended to explain, but right now was a tricky time. Perhaps once this bishop was defeated, then the truth could be revealed.

However, the moment Odin met with Erebus, the moment they were ready to hunt the Bishop, their foe came before them. A cloaked figure, appearing seemingly out of thin air, moving so slowly his individual motions could be deemed imperceptible to the human eye. He radiated an aura of power, releasing a feeling of uneasiness into the forest that would cause even the most fearsome of beasts in Dahlia to think twice about attacking this unarmed, defenceless man.

Odin wasted no time, eager to complete the first stage of his mission and not thinking about the consequences. he dashed directly towards the man, able to close the distance between them in mere moments.

Except, he didn't. Odin's movements became sluggish, his entire motion was neutered before he even came close to the being. He couldn't understand it: his brain told him that he was moving, but his eyes had no way to prove it. He felt locked in place and, in the exact same moment, he watched the Bishop blink away at breakneck speed, so fast he almost looked to be teleporting. Once he could no longer be seen, Odin's movements returned to normal. He collected himself, pushing down the feeling that he had experienced this before. He didn't want to go there again. Instead, he would look to Erebus, having just witnessed the Bishop's power first-hand.

"This is going to be a lot harder than I thought."


#4Erebus Gresham 

Sloth [MB SQ #3 | Erebus] Empty Tue Jan 11, 2022 4:48 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus shielded his eyes from the destruction. Feeling an uncertainly odd energy nearby, as he turned, he watched Odin nearly catch, and then, miss a shadow. He couldn’t trace its movements even at his speeds. This was hard. There was no guarantee he would be on the same level as that but he was relieved at least that it didn’t outright start attacking them, since he had only barely caught witness of it as Odin came into the clearing chasing it.

Moving Nasty higher into the air, out of the way with his hand gestures. Erebus clenched his weapon, he wasn’t too sure where he was suppose to start. But his attention was focused, he had to be swearing, everything around his body felt like cold sweat. He wondered when this all night end, seeing is how they flew here for days and hadn’t stopped even to rest as they hunted this damn thing. Would Erebus be hunting phantoms or was he going to be the next one?

He didn’t quite like to think of it that way, but fighting these things definitely reminded him why we was not yet an S-rank threat. He may be a catastrophe, but he was a human and that meant there was hard limits. Erebus was just about to lower his weapon, when a knife stuck through shoulder. Coming at a blinding 60m/s, with enough force to force his right side downward and nearly push him off balance.

The next one would fly in and fraze his ankle as his kicked off the location. Had it landed, he leg would have been hindered and all hell would be on top of him. Sliding to his knee five meters away, he turned and saw at the holes entrance atop a now hitting rock, was a ghostly apparition, with white locks. His face was under a coal of black shade, matching his garments.

He has a bag, Erebus noticed, full to the brim with projectiles, he’s imagine. Not dropping eye contact, with very little visible distress despite an anxiety of being too slow. He broke the knife and yank the handle off, letting the blood soaked blade fall to the ground.

Were they poisoned?

He hoped not.

Aiming a hand upward Erebus prepared to launch another spell, though, he awaited Odin’s minute movements too. Decidedly doing the same strategy as last time, allowing himself risk for reward. If he synergized just perfectly with Odin, this speed would mean nothing.

He only needed to catch the guy.

Just... once.

In a blink, the movements of Erebus body began to reverse, and he watched himself shank his shoulder again. Gripping his mental, be relived the agony.


He started, though his words were slower.

“You got me fucked me up with this one.”


361+476= 837


Sloth [MB SQ #3 | Erebus] Empty Sat Jan 15, 2022 4:27 am

A master of controlling speed, moving at an incredible rate while being able to stop his opponent's movements almost entirely. It was the power of Sloth, a phantom of the Bishop power Odin had once been promised. The power had called to him and, when he had been denied its rite, it had found a vessel of its own, devoid of thought or purpose other than to wander and destroy. The use of daggers was intelligent, and likely not something that anyone would ever consider in a world of magic. Erebus caught one in the shoulder, but was able to avoid the second before he, too, felt the powers of the Bishop first-hand. Reversal of time, as Odin's partner plunged the dagger back into his shoulder. Looking up at the location of Sloth, Odin found he had vanished completely, clearly finished with them for now but leaving a trail that was easy to follow. Moving at incredible speeds in a short time left marks on the ground. He could be followed.

"Just so you know, this is probably half of the power of a fully realised Bishop. I never said it would be easy." Odin's words to Erebus weren't meant to console him, as he knew that wasn't required. Erebus enjoyed a foe worthy of his strength, and Odin was about to bring him a gauntlet of them. Call it a test if you wish, to see if he was ready. If he could face down the Bishops and win, there was no foe that could ever stop him.

Speed was pointless, so Odin simply began to walk in the direction left available to him, knowing Erebus would follow as they stalked their target. With no knowledge of how long it would take them to find Sloth again, the Lich began to speak to his friend, and explain more about some of the powers he had seen. "The magic of the bishops is unlike anything else. My eye doesn't register it as magic, so it must be something different. Perhaps it comes from some of the other abilities that merchant was peddling." Odin would then pass the next few minutes by telling Erebus of what he saw that day in Hargeon: the eyes, the weapons, the capes. Each of their appearances and what they could do, pausing a moment for respect as he spoke of Damocles. It would be worthwhile for Erebus to know this, who could know who owned them all now.


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