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Fishin' for a Mission[Vivi]

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#26Vivi Ramstein 

Fishin' for a Mission[Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 20, 2020 11:05 am

Vivi Ramstein
Vivi couldn't feel much of her leg anymore. It felt dead compared to the rest of her body. While she likely only needed a bit of ointment and a bandage or two, the damage had been perfectly placed to drop her down one limb. That made things difficult. Especially considering Erebus' overwhelming speed and fine motor control. Even if she could move with both legs she doubted she'd be able to make it more than a meter before he was on her. So, she remained still, letting herself recover both her breath and her mental faculties. Such as they were anyway.

Eventually, after catching her breath, she raised her arm again. "I call that one my Drive Blast," She called to him. "But I have one more trick up my sleeve. Even if I can't move, you'd better be able to dodge this one. Because it's the real deal." She leaned and contorted her body, finding her target steadily and doing her best to focus. She'd get one shot and no other, and that would be her last. She wasn't sure she could keep up with him for any more time, and he could finish the fight when he felt like it. So, it was time for her finisher. Hooking her fingers, she pulls back her arm before swinging it forward and unleashing her two pronged blast. "Take this. My Arcana Fangs!"

Mana 100/200::

#27Erebus Gresham 

Fishin' for a Mission[Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 20, 2020 1:36 pm

Erebus Gresham

"Arcana Blast, catchy." So she was an Arcane Mage. Erebus was unfamiliar with a facet of how magic operated. He normally could only guess their element based on seal colors, though even then he got some of them wrong. He nodded with a chipper smile as she prepared herself and taunted the mighty Rogue. Erebus liked a good surprise, so he wanted to see how she would fair against his as well.

Lunging forward, Erebus hadn't thought about her having already started her spell, when he had arrived within her close vicinity, the Fangs uppercut him, the force was weak against his constitution, but the push-back was fair. Erebus would have been knocked on his back if he were a normal mage, thankfully his acrobatics were kicking in.

Instead of meeting the ground with his back, the Rogue's hands met the dirt first, from there his nimble body backflipped and disappeared into an invisible state. Another one of his tricks.

Near Invisible -200MP:

Erebus lunged to her right-side, leaving a small and foreboding two meters between them. However, on his next attack. He would not hold back his power. She would have to learn one way or another, strong foes weren't as generous as he. Often, they would try to kill her relentlessly every second a fight progressed. Erebus, would rather dance with his enemies, making him a special case.

800/1400 MANA
233 words

  • Phantom Rush - CD: 3
  • 1x C-rank suffered against Great Stealth Cloak.
  • Lunged Twice
  • Near Invisible Sustaining.


#28Vivi Ramstein 

Fishin' for a Mission[Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 20, 2020 2:06 pm

Vivi Ramstein
She was certainly glad to see she'd hit. That spell had taken up a lot of her reserves, she wasn't quite sure she could cast it again in such a short time. It was meant to be more of a theoretical last resort at this stage, but when push came to shove she was more than happy to see that she was at least capable of casting it for the first time. However, Vivi knew that she had no chance at winning. She knew it before Erebus disappeared, and she knew it even as she waited for his next blow. She sat up while she waited, expecting something to come from some unforeseen angle at any moment. She'd lost before the battle even began, but she knew that really just came with the territory. At the very least her pride would not be ruined as a result of this bout. For one, she hadn't been the one to make the challenge. For the other, she had managed to get in a few licks of her own before she went down for the count. That made a difference in terms of how she felt about the whole thing. She would hold her head high despite the defeat, and that was what mattered in the end.

"Come on," She goaded. "Don't keep me in suspense. You're going to win anyway so let's just make it quick and clean so we can eat."

#29Erebus Gresham 

Fishin' for a Mission[Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 20, 2020 2:22 pm

Erebus Gresham

And just like that, Erebus would be behind her, inches from her body, he allowed her to finish her sentence before the infamous critical hit would be placed. Phantom Dancer would be thrust with all the strength in Erebus' body, no mercy; as to live by the thief's code was to deny that for anyone in this world, irregardless of any pre-existing feelings. He hated that he was as strong as he was, because it did make the fight a little one-sided, but this was all hard earned, and he could contest that to his whole life, and the one before it.

Erebus was on his way. That mountain was so close, and the peak was in his field of vision. The shot would be placed in her lower back, where he knew how to draw the most of his power. After it was successful, he would relinquish it's blade from her skin, and catch her fainting body in his hands as his form came back from invisibility. Now, the girl would be knocked out, but Erebus would mend her wounds with some special vials he'd picked up along his travels. She would be alright, and after her nap, he'd wake her up to a hot meal of catfish.

The scene was dusk, and the stars were finding their way on the lilac horizon. Erebus would rock her shoulder, holding the seasoned, fried, food out to her. "Rise and shine!"

151+150%=378 (2x S-rank damage)

222 words

  • Erebus attacks with his critical blow
  • Phantom Rush - CD: 2
  • Near Invisible - CD: 4


#30Vivi Ramstein 

Fishin' for a Mission[Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 20, 2020 3:58 pm

Vivi Ramstein
Vivi awoke rather violently. Literally coming out swinging, she took an inadvertent swipe at Erebus as she came to. One might excuse her sudden outburst of violence. It isn't every day that it feels like you might have just been killed moments before. She could still feel where the knife had slid into her, piercing muscle and bone as if it was nothing but warm butter. She had no idea that she could be so fragile on the inside. The one place she could never train to be tougher. The thought made her visibly gag as she sat up straight and tried to recollect her thoughts through the haze of what she would only describe as a near fatal experience. At least, that's what it had felt like.

"What happened?" She asked. "Ugh, my head hurts like it's been beaten on by a blacksmith for the last half hour." She made a quick check of all her extremities and gave a sigh of relief when she realized that all her body parts were still in the correct place. Even her leg felt better which at that point just felt like a miracle above all others. "I feel like I should have bitten it right then and there."

#31Erebus Gresham 

Fishin' for a Mission[Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 20, 2020 4:19 pm

Erebus Gresham

Vivi was still mid fight in her dreams it seemed because upon waking her, he bit the blow roughly. Falling onto his back leg, but retaining the plate unharmed. "Eh?! You almost knocked your food onto the ground Ram Lady!" He bit his now bleeding lip and fell backwards, he broke into a short laughter with her finding herself lost and questioning to follow up. "I hit you with a brutal shot, I apologize." He added response to her next comment. "Normally someone would have dropped on the first strike to their legs. You're tougher than the average person though. I see you becoming a powerful warrioress, in time you'll find your bearings, and all of it comes with experience... I was very impressed." He reminded her, noting her previously well placed tactics and his ignorance to think about where she might counter-produce spells. A hint he would not let cross him in the future. Thanks to her, Erebus had learned something too. They'd trained each other, however she was a smart girl. He reckoned she knew that he was looking to test himself with her just as she was to grow alongside him.

It was a challenge of respect. Therefore, in a silly way, it brought Erebus a feeling they were bonded now. In the heart of the fight, warriors truly understand each other. "Your Arcana Fangs spell wasn't bad, if you get to a point you can enhance your magic, I recommend finding a way to make it sting for just a little more damage, it's a good spell to use in a crisis situation, I was lucky to see your magecraft in person."


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#32Vivi Ramstein 

Fishin' for a Mission[Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 20, 2020 6:03 pm

Vivi Ramstein
Vivi shook out the fist that had struck Erebus. "Sorry," She muttered. "Didn't mean to do that. I just went down so quick I'm not sure I had the time to register what happened before I woke up again. I should have put a bit more thought into it." She took a deep breath. The experience had definitely been very jarring, and she more or less just felt lucky to still be breathing. The threat of death may not have been real, but her fear had been. Fear kept her strong by keeping her alive, so she was glad to still be able to experience that particular emotion. She gave Erebus a smile when he started to compliment her spellcraft. "I appreciate that. To be honest, I'm not very good. I'm not even sure I'm supposed to be a mage. Some part of me thinks it would just be easier to get good with a weapon like you have. But, I suppose since I already have the talent it would just be a waste not to use it to make sure I can reach my goals. That's one thing I hate doing, wasting a good thing."

#33Erebus Gresham 

Fishin' for a Mission[Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 20, 2020 9:57 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus tilted his head to listen to her, it donned on him she was really afraid, and it wasn't long ago he was the same way. He placed his hand on her and smiled, shaking his head in disapproval. "Just because your spells aren't dismounting houses just yet, doesn't mean you aren't strong. Strength comes from inside, and if you work hard, it'll always be a hand's reach away." He released the warm of his touch from her, and sat her plate near for her to grab. He then began to feed himself, listening to her continue, he quite enjoyed her talk and her company.

Erebus liked her frame of mind, and where she chose to keep it. "Agreed. I also don't like to waste, the difference between us I guess... Where you are capable of something, I truly was never blessed with the same understanding. The physical strength just kind of... Well, for me. It never felt like I was getting strong at all. I guess it's the product of hardship, and having to run, paw at, and fight for what I did get in this life. I'm just the product of adaptation. Nothing really special about me. I just keep getting up," He paused. "I guess in irony, that in itself is special too isn't it? We're alike you know. I recognized it when I saw you," He hinted at something he was unsure if she could feel. But to Erebus, powerful souls were always meant for encounters; sometimes it wasn't just chance, but expedition alone, that brought these types together. The adventure... The Hunt.


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#34Vivi Ramstein 

Fishin' for a Mission[Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Tue Jul 21, 2020 6:19 pm

Vivi Ramstein
"Maybe," Vivi replied. "Maybe we're a bit alike. But you've come a lot further than I have. I think at the end of the day, I may be a bit slower on the uptake. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've always had the drive to get stronger and to make something of myself. But I've never really been in too much of a rush to get to it. Life has so much opportunity in it, and I try to take advantage of everything that's available to me. Sometimes I even take advantage of things that others say I can't." She looked at Erebus. "I suppose that may be why I stuck around here. I could have probably left after you fished me out of the river, but when I saw you I saw a chance to maybe experience something a bit different from the usual."

She shrugged her shoulders. "Or maybe I'm just lazy. I don't know. There's still a lot to this that I'm figuring out. Everything always seems to get a little more confusing each day that I wake up to a new sunrise. But, I guess that's part of the reason why I keep getting up at all. To find the answers to the questions that I keep bringing up." She picked up a slice of fish from her plate and practically swallowed it whole. "Though, you did show me today that I need to stay serious about getting stronger if I'm going to stay alive long enough to actually find those answers."

#35Erebus Gresham 

Fishin' for a Mission[Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Tue Jul 21, 2020 6:40 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus listened to her speak, nodding and following her story. After all was said and done, he was fond of this Ram. She had dreams, and he was lucky to have met her. He finished his plate, serving himself some more before speaking up to her again. "I'm grateful to have left an impact on your journey," Erebus added, matter of factly, though he stopped to swallow his food fully. "Maybe you're right though, we have our entire lives," he shrugged. In reality, his was probably cue to end much earlier than hers due to the fact he was at a deeper level; any further than he was now and the enemies entered otherworldly territory. "Let's enjoy the little things before we're gone right? I think you've taught me that, you're my friend now of course."

The Rogue stood up and walked to his tent, he stretched his arms out along the way. When he arrived, he removed a thin cloth from inside and brought it to her, it was a blanket. "You can stay here at my camp for tonight, but you may not see me again after today, I have a quest to get too; in the heart of the city with Konstantin Sokolov apparently." He removed his quest paper from his cloak pocket, to reveal to her the S-rank case he was asked to partake in tonight. He would give wave to his new Ram Lady friend,  "I'll be back before sunrise, but gone before Daybreak. If you need to pick up any work for yourself there's a job board in the center of town. There you should be able to take some missions."

Erebus smiled, but couldn't help a sad feeling washing over himself, knowing that in Fiore. You often don't see people for months at a time after you tell them goodbye. His new friend, and yet... The Journey of a Lifetime was the contract they'd voluntarily signed. One day for sure he would reconnect with her, but things must go back to normal now. It was time for the Rogue to set off and return to his wayward lonely sacrifice. One life on the line with the hope it brought protection to countless others.


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#36Vivi Ramstein 

Fishin' for a Mission[Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Tue Jul 21, 2020 7:10 pm

Vivi Ramstein
Vivi let him speak while she worked on her meal. It was good, which surprised her given how horrid the fish it was made from had looked. If she never had to look another catfish in the eye it would be too soon for her tastes. So slimy. But, even if it had been bad, she wouldn't have said anything. It was free food, and she was just lucky that Erebus was kind enough to share it with her. When she finished with her plate, she returned it with a nod of thanks. "Best meal I've had in almost a week," She said. Only to be surprised when he suddenly ducked away and returned with a blanket. She accepted it tentatively, unsure if it was proper to take something off his hands. Again, she bowed her head in thanks. "You're too kind, Erebus. I won't forget that."

She wrapped the blanket around herself before taking the offered slip of paper. It took her a moment to read it over, some of the concepts therein just sort of flying over her head. But, she could grasp the general gist of the posting. This was beyond anything she knew she could handle, and the fact that Erebus would be pursuing it in just a few hours almost surprised her. But she had seen his strength and skill. She had no doubt that he would be just fine even if the odds were against him.

"I hope it goes well for you," She said encouragingly. "And I hope you make it back in one piece. I won't hold you up for anything, I've got to get to my own work soon enough if I'm going to not starve. But I'll make you a promise that I'll pay you back for the meal someday, yeah?" She smiled at him. "That way we'll have a reason to see each other again."

#37Erebus Gresham 

Fishin' for a Mission[Vivi] - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 29, 2020 6:07 pm

Erebus Gresham

(Weapon Training conclusion: Erebus wins.)

Erebus nodded at Vivi, he felt she and him would have a lasting friendship, and so he took his leave. First getting everything packed and ready to go, though, he left the tent up for her in case she would rather rest away from the bugs, later he would have a mission ahead of him and he knew that. Vivi showed Erebus that sometimes, it is better to not underestimate an opponent, irregardless of the damage they have received. In a case by case scenario, she might have been able to lure him into more traps.

Keener intellect was learned, now he just needed to learn how to hold and perhaps grip his weapons while moving at higher velocity. If Erebus would swing faster, then no swordsman would dare fell his hand. As of the moment, swordsmen were not the issue however, the wizards were; and Vivi enlightened the rogue to this fact. He could feel an eagerness growing inside himself, to defeat all mages who dared a chance against his strike. Yes, Erebus would take this knowledge with him forever, and have a debt to pay to his demi-human friend. her wisdom was beyond her young fighting age, perhaps she would reach the top of the mountain as well.





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