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Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank)

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#1Erebus Gresham 

Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank) Empty Mon May 25, 2020 10:24 am

Erebus Gresham

The afternoon air was soaked in fear, the shop owner knew he was going to be assassinated tonight. As he sat back in his chair he thumbed through the last few bills and crystals of jewels he possessed. It just wasn't enough, his body smelled of salt, odor, and anguish, and... His mind was entangled with goodbyes he couldn't even mutter to his family. For this was the last night he would be on this world and so, no doubt the Shop Keeper was mulling over reality. In this time of dying, most humans allowed their lives to flash before them, to remind them they were kindred; truly good creatures at one time.

There was a single saving grace for this man. He had taken it upon himself to mention this to a few of his closest business partners. Now, in most case scenarios this job would have been too widely dangerous to be taken. However, at least in this case, two people had answered the call to arms. Bravery shining through in such dire times, it would seem.

The first of these two souls, wandering with never a permanent home, Erebus Gresham. A respected Rogue who quelled a powerful Lich in the city he grew up. Without Magic, Erebus had long been overlooked, but closer speculation proved to show he was agile, intelligent, and super-humanly powerful compared to the next person. Even if he had to protect this shop alone, he would.

He arrived before the man, his cowl pulled over his head. Covering green hair locks and any genuine ability to recognize him from beneath the shadows. He opened up smoothly, revealing his business firm, regardless if the cause was just. Erebus worked from his heart-- always truly passionate about seeing someone to the end of their missions. To elaborate while remaining simple to the point, Erebus never surrendered, he carried a lust for death on his back and never looked backwards. This would be his most difficult mission yet, according to it's job rating. Closer inspection on Erebus however, and one could see him dripping with excitement and adrenaline. To finally be at the grandest stage of them all. He was truly honored.



Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank) Empty Wed May 27, 2020 3:23 am

Raquel was as late as usual. After having done the same job over and over again for quite a many times, she was already used to it. Almost all of the shop keepers including the one she was about to meet already knew her as well as her aloof temperament. So while climbing up the rickety old wooden stairs and crossing the dark hallway, no one she met on the way said a thing to her. Some of them, the ones that still hoped to be friendlier, greeted her with welcoming smiles but got nothing in return but a curt nod in their general direction.

“Good day, Ms Raquel,” one of the shop owner’s assistants beamed as soon as her big, doll-like eyes landed on the familiar water mage. She skipped to her side with a bunch of papers on hand and leaning towards her, continued to say, “The director has been in distress ever since the last attack. You know what could have happened if you had arrived a little more la-“

The tiny assistant clasped a hand over her lips as soon as she felt Raquel’s intense stare on her. “Uhm I mean…things haven’t been easy lately and he seems to have gotten a death threat. So, uh we called someone else in to be your partner for today’s mission…” With her eyes cast down on her sweaty palms, the girl didn’t dare look back at Raquel.

Indeed, it wasn’t wrong to think that the young vampire was somewhat annoyed. But, she didn’t care enough to actually snap at other people for it. Besides, when she took the same mission last time, although she would never admit it, it was quite difficult to fight against the large number of enemies all alone. So despite the assistant’s fear of her displeasure, Raquel was actually quite pleased and secretly thankful that someone else would be joining her today. It’s just that she wouldn’t show it.

“Whatever,” she dismissed the assistant over her shoulders as she opened the door. Inside, Raquel quickly noticed the shop owner’s pale countenance behind his desk and then the tall and sturdy looking man dressed in all black. Her eyes stayed fixed on him for a while as if she was internally assessing the man’s strength. She quietly shifted over to where he stood. “Nice to meet you, I’m Raquel. I’ll be joining you in today’s mission,” she greeted, not wanting to appear rude on their very first meeting. Usually, she wouldn’t have bothered but this was someone who would be fighting by her side. She needed to see what kind of person she is trusting her back with today.


Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank) Y4RU1BP
#3Erebus Gresham 

Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank) Empty Wed May 27, 2020 12:09 pm

Erebus Gresham

The sound of a door opening, alerted the cloaked one to tilt his head; as if to signify he was aware of the eyes trained on him these very moments. He took a back step and turned, as said, his features would be concealed under the cowl, but he could always bring it down later. "Hey there." He started up rather normally, obviously unsure how to come off as formal to other 'mages', possibly due in part because he wasn't one himself. His eyes first traced her figure, with his green pupils stopping to lock eye contact... Her's were, red. How interesting, he decided. "I like your hair, Raquel. My name's Erebus. It's great to have you." He paused before anything else happened he then paid attention to her being, letting her stroll up next to him. "Huh... Soundless." He finally commented, as if to let her know he was fully aware that they shared the same feat. If he weren't a rogue, a normal man would easily overlook such a thing, but it was precisely due to him being one that made the silence so loud. Metaphorically at least. At first he would have thought her a rogue too, she very well could be, however, her irises painted a much different story. Where Erebus was skilled, Raquel was simply enhanced. But he was already ahead of it all now. Her chance of being a human, Erebus bet it was about twenty-five percent. This girl was either special, or cursed.

He hoped it wasn't the later, but being that Fiore was darker than it appeared, he had to swallow those sympathies. Erebus turned attention back to the pale quest-giver, allowing him to sit over his debt a little longer, the man would leave within a few pages being pushed into filing cabinets, his last prayers chanted all the more. His assistant probably wouldn't stay here for the bandit attack either, meaning the two were going to be alone soon. After they were left, the lights would flicker off, and cast a dim lighting to the building.

Erebus figured they had some time before the attack would commence. Irregardless, the rogue would be fine. He wasn't nearly as worried as he would have been before the Lich attack. His ability was in full highlight to him now, and with this strikingly attractive dark mage, there was little chance of failure on his part here and now. "So where do you come from? What's your story, killer?" Erebus said, stinging the air. The dramatic sentences he pressed for, always brought a seriousness to the exchanges he had between people. Maybe that's why he was the outcast society had made him into. Or maybe it was just up to interpretation.

The room was comfortable in temperature, and up ahead of this one, the room ahead showcased wide-frame windows which revealed the items ahead, line in glass casings. Pretty soon, Erebus would probably go in there, the tables acted as cover, his speed was far too high, and the half-darkness coupled with his innate talents, made this setting the perfect fighting board for an encounter. Erebus was simply sitting on his chips, because he knew he could get off with at least a few cheaper items taken, meaning...

The better he did his job, the better his chance to profit would be, solely because he could pocket himself.

Erebus refused to let Raquel know this however, that he had a habit of kleptomania, if he told her, then he became the bad guy. He wasn't a bad guy, not even remotely close. But he was still fighting those inner demons to take what he wanted. It happens from time to time.



Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank) Empty Sat May 30, 2020 5:32 am

“Thank you,” Raquel wanted to smile. Compliments were always a nice way to start a conversation. She couldn’t see the man’s features but his voice was quite soft and it almost put her at ease. That is until the next words he whispered made her go stiff with shock. ‘How…’ she wondered. To think a complete stranger had picked up on this unique ability. She didn’t want to believe it. ‘This is surprising,’ Her head ached. Raquel wasn’t fond of letting others figure out her little secret. In the beginning, she even went to great lengths in order to hide them. Back then, her steps were purposefully made louder and she stayed near the shadows. But after noticing the fact that people around her paid little to no attention towards such a thing, she ignorantly let her guard down. She was so sure no ordinary person would ever discover it. And now she regretted it.

Out of all the people she has ever interacted with, how did this person even notice her trait so quickly? The consequences that could come out of it somewhat scared her. She did not want others to see her as some blood sucking creature of the night. No matter the perks they came with, or even if she was starting to accept it, it was impossible to like being viewed as a monster. Since that is exactly what she was. It was a relief that vampires weren’t the only ones with this trait. At least that’s what the books told her. So, although he must have figured out that she isn’t completely human, she hoped he hadn’t figured out that she is a vampire.

She pretended as if she hadn’t heard him when the merchant and his assistant left the room. Quietly stalking over to a corner of the room, she was ready to completely melt into the darkness, to just place an invisible wall between them, when she heard him talk. ‘Killer’ It was difficult to know on what context he used that word but that uncanny ability of hers to think the worst had already left her quite infuriated with him. That word just hit a sore spot. Perhaps if it wasn’t for the fact that they were working together, she would have snapped at him already. She sneered, revealing a pair of sharp fangs. But, luckily her back was turned towards him and he wouldn’t see it. He wouldn’t even know she was upset with him unless the stifling silence gave it away.

So she swallowed her ire to an acceptable degree before answering. “I don’t quite know, there isn’t much to tell,” She shrugged, turning back only after schooling her expression back into a poker face. Her eyes, fully functional within the darkness, locked on to his figure as he stood there. If he went into the other room, Raquel would most likely notice because her attention was completely on the dark clothed man. He became stranger and stranger to her as time slipped by. Who was he? How did he figure out her trait so quickly? And was he perhaps also something like her? She was suspicious but also instinctually knew the last one was impossible.

“What about you?” She finally asked, bringing her arms up to her chest. She stared at him as if he was a century old puzzle that had dropped right in front of her from the sky. Now that he had her full attention, there was no way she was going to let him out of her sight. It didn’t help her curiosity at all that he was fully covered from head to toe in a way that she couldn’t see his features at all. Nevertheless, Raquel wasn’t in a hurry. They had quite a bit of time left before the bandits came –if their past behavior was something to go by- and neither of them were going anywhere. “Did you just recently arrive in Magnolia?” She probed, knowing very well that he was likely to be a traveler. She had not seen him around the town before, after all.


Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank) Y4RU1BP
#5Erebus Gresham 

Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank) Empty Sat May 30, 2020 6:37 am

Erebus Gresham

Erebus remained vigilant through the obvious avoidance of background. He wasn't new to women and their way of running around conversations, he didn't really get why they cared, but since he too liked to keep his identity something along that of a guarded vigilante, he respected her decision to remain invulnerable to his analysis. "Cheers, I'm not the ambitious type myself, but you have the looks for it. Maybe you should join a guild Raquel." He teased her, conveying that with his tone. She rebuttal'd to force info out of him too, sly as she was, there were ways of giving the truth without compensating the exchange, it was called mirroring in psychology. To match someone's attitude all the while thinking a step ahead just in case they might seek to abuse such a thing. Before Erebus was passed judgement; and forced to see his darkest traits, he wasn't so paranoid of everyone else's. Time changes people, when ignorance dies, intelligence is born.

But now he was clear on one of innumerable things about himself, that he was a master rogue, adept at giving the right answer, but not the whole truth. "Homeless, trying to make ends meet." He answered with neutral tone, soft and warm as always. In reality, what he sold her was true, it was the most genuine truth actually. It didn't give any indication he was special or infamous, talented or ignorant. It was humble, despite being a flawed hero, Erebus was still just a person trying to survive. His best intentions were everyone's intentions mind you, however, it's critical to look out for one's self before anything else. He knew that now, there were times for keeping your strength to yourself, and times to be selfless when you knew and understood that it was justified.

Besides, to open up and tell someone you're just naturally on par with respected and renown wizards... Well, that created tense vibes, and Erebus performed best when people didn't expect anything remarkable out of him. The power he possessed lied in chance and surprise. But due to one red flag going off with this female, he wasn't in the mind to give her an edge over him. After all, this could be a dark mage, another rogue or.. Worse. Something he was hoping wasn't the case.

"Yes actually, from the West. Cowboy, lone ranger," He joked. "Or an outlaw." Erebus then straightened himself, he wanted to be more friendly. He didn't have many friends, actually this was the longest conversation he'd had up til now for the last few weeks. He approached her, awkward as to how you actually talk strategy with women. He didn't want to be misogynistic. "So if the Bandits come, you'll protect me right?" Erebus would create gaslight. By showing kindred and pure resolve, he hoped to weaken any prejudice about him being so strange and mysterious.



Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank) Empty Mon Jun 08, 2020 1:26 pm

Her ruby red eyes narrowed at his obvious teasing. ‘I still can’t tell what he is thinking,’ yet somehow he seemed to be making some accurate guesses about her. “Haha yeah, you don’t have to worry about that,” she smiled, taking her eyes away from him for a second to look at the still locked room. Was she the one on guard against him or was it the other way around? It seemed as if both of them were just running in circles trying to figure each other out. Raquel didn’t mind as long as she wouldn’t be the one giving things away. They could have their verbal tug of war as long as they want. Besides, the previous uneasiness was giving away to speckles of excitement that she had no idea came from where.

“Hm, sounds like you are the one who should join a guild,” she shrugged. Homeless, on the surface it sounded as if he was living the life of a vagrant. But Raquel wondered all the possibilities of that one word. It wasn’t a lie. She could tell that much for some reason. “I can’t tell if you have the looks of an ambitious sort though.” Her head tilted to the side a bit with a curious look on her face. She moved as if she was trying to see through the hood of his robe. “You’re covered from head to toe, after all.”

She didn’t know when but at some point during their conversation Raquel started getting this urge to see his face. It was probably a combination of natural curiosity and apprehension from the fact that he could spot her anytime in the street but she wouldn’t be able to. He had an advantage that she didn’t and it was making her feel strangely anxious. In the beginning it didn’t matter, he was just another mage or person trying to earn his living by doing odd jobs just like her. It didn’t matter if she could recognize him or not. But now that wasn’t enough. Raquel was truly curious.

“If you’re an outlaw, you must have a story you can’t tell.” Her eyes dropped down to his approaching feet. Light and quiet, watching them almost put her in a daze. With her back leaning on the wall and arms locked under her chest, she smiled at his next question. “Do you have any reason to doubt me? I’m not the one hiding her face behind a piece of clothing,” She said so with a light and harmless voice. For sure, Raquel may have a problem controlling her temper and jumping to conclusions but she would never betray someone who trusts her unless that border was breached first. If they had any distance between them, she would step forward just near enough to reach him but far enough to not feel uncomfortable. With her hands stopping shortly away from the hood of his robe, Raquel would ask with another charming smile blooming on her lips, “May I?”


Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank) Y4RU1BP
#7Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Raquel was of interest to the green-haired rogue, for one of multiple reasons. Clearly, she was just as careful as he was, maybe slightly less as he did hold an advantage. Which, based on the judgement of her next few questions, would incite exactly what he was hoping she'd overlook. His veil. "Men of ambition have trouble joining other men of ambition, because real ambition is made full only through the transition into competition." Erebus chimed with a fun hint of sarcasm.

"Besides, men with ego, who tread waters with sharks, unafraid of the horrors that dwell unseen, is a much more courageous man in the long run. I would rather trust myself and the fact I have less responsibility; to having allies and a responsibility to help them. Like right now." He said flatly, motioning to the vampire. "Right now, my life is your responsibility."

Erebus allowed her to approach, if under different context, he were sure this would have ended with them on the table, in a much more sexually captivating turn of events, but Erebus had trouble trusting others, and this obviously, was a charm of seduction. "Sorry Raquel, if you mean to remove my hood then no, I was born so hideously malformed in my face, that a curse is over me for life, and you're too beautiful to gaze upon it. My apologies." He would step-back as if pull off for an exit from the situation, if she were to reach for his hood, he would catch her hand, otherwise Erebus would probably enter the room ahead and wait up to defend it, after all the bandits still hadn't shown themselves... The time to act was growing increasingly hot and short.



Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank) Empty Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:47 pm

A corner of her mouth lifted as she listed to the rogue. They were truly battling with words now. He reminded Raquel of a rather strange but endearing character from one of the books she likes to read. He had her beat in eloquence, and that was a fact she was ready to admit. At least she wouldn’t have thought of putting together such a longwinded speech for his reluctance, or perhaps apprehension, in joining a guild.

“Fine,” she stepped back from him with both hands up in air. She wasn’t interested in going against someone’s will in order to satisfy her curiosity. More so when this was a guy she would have to put her trust on, at least for the next few hours. This disadvantage will just have to be swallowed, she sighed. “I understand, Sir Mysterious.” She obviously didn’t believe anything about his face being deformed, but he had wanted to protect his identity even if it meant lying to someone he just met. Then, so be it.

If Erebus was starting to feel a shift in atmosphere between them, then Raquel who initiated it was just as quick in breaking it. Her figure slowly backed away towards the wall and leaned back on it once more. This time they would have no more chance for exchanging puzzling words because the vampire had sensed the presence of numerous people behind the door.

“They’re here,” was the only thing she said as Raquel quickly moved towards a blind spot to hide herself between the shadows. Stealth was her only advantage, especially when her magic was still malfunctioning and she had no spells to aid her cause. She would look back at Erebus to see what he would do and tell him to hide if he hadn’t already done so.


Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank) Y4RU1BP
#9Erebus Gresham 

Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank) Empty Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:58 am

Erebus Gresham

Erebus was successful in keeping the mage at bay, a feat he decided warranted a sudden exhale of pressure. He simply didn't like trusting every waking chance he had on others, it's call for assassinations were not uncommon in this world and that's specifically why Erebus would choose only those who get close to know him. His gift for a friend in the end. On the subject of her pulling her body back, the pull of gravity against him seemed to linger, and as she stepped backwards, he stepped forward, catching her waist in his hand. Though, the natural instinct was impulsive, he removed it quickly switching his attention off her person as she spoke.

"Good analysis."

Her hearing was a bit keener than his, and on her call, she was right. The bandits were here, as matter of factly. Being the rogue he was, at the single best moment Erebus would begin the storm. If Raquel misguided her sights for even a millisecond she would find herself alone in the room. Whereas Erebus was blanketed in disguise magic. Using talents unique to his skill-tree he exited the room, moving at max speed, he emitted no sound whatsoever.

The men busted through the glass door and stepped in, holding bags, swords, and other cheap weaponry, nothing so dangerous as a gun. However, enough to certainly hurt someone else. They began to litter into the room, Erebus counted eight men, all larger than six foot, and a definition higher in muscle structure than he. Likely, these were ex mages who became mercenaries. Meaning, they were once at the pedigree he was, but instead of helping, they turned their powers towards personal gain. Their souls were ugly. Dancing from wall to another. Erebus would pop two men in the back of their necks, strength high enough to force large dents through thick metal; this simple attack would put his targets out of misery before their bodies could even register the pain. One drop of the hat later, and a third would go down. Fifteen feet from the target location of the first two thieves and due to how notably quick things woud be taking off for the intruders their attention would be locked on the growing panic in their hearts.

The bandits would and should be considerably shocked after all, anyone would find it hard to gather how three men, one of which was far away from the others just fell into the ground after they'd planned this operation all night and day.

But that was the kicker, wasn't it? The element of unpredictability. Erebus was the black angel in this play, looming over these sinners like an angered God, invisible as the ghosts in the graveyard, able to stop any at the raise of just his hand. He wondered if Raquel would show herself now too, or if she'd notice his invisible presence silencing their foes unseen. Regardless the men would likely assume his power was hers and further keep him shrouded with an air of mystery.


#10Erebus Gresham 

Shopping Crisis ft. Raquel (S-rank) Empty Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:17 am

Erebus Gresham

Moments passed and his colleague had yet to come out... Erebus instantly felt a dread, the sting of a unexpected betrayal. He simply swallowed hard and began to shuffle across the room pinning these disgusting bandits to the walls with speed, flared by aggravation. He was not mad, but rather, found it odd to not receive help. It caused him suspicion, mostly due to her being more interested in him than the mission ideally to begin with. Whatever be the case, the Rogue quickened pace...

After all the men were knocked out, rather easy for someone of his skills mind you. He phased back to normal, this S-rank quest had been easier than some of his past A-rank quests'. Guided solely upon the claim to his new gear. Allowing him a transparent form in the dark. He dusted himself off, looking to the other room before anything. When he could not find Raquel where he'd left her, he pulled his hood down. The chilly A/C giving him a breeze that cooled his body and dried his sweat. He walked back to the outside room, and shoveled a handful of jewelry to his pocket before leaving. Clearly, he was not going to be stopped here tonight.

The reward was his to take.



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