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A Life Worth Living {Open}

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#1Destin E 

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Destin E
Destin stretched lazily across the thick blanket, one foot knocking into a discarded shoe while his left hand knocked against the base of the tree trunk. Some time during his nap, his friend had tidied up the mess of stray clothing articles and the occasional candy wrapper. Remaining pastries had been carefully tucked away in a basket and Destin was pleased to note that a handful of cookies had made their way home with the boy. The mage fell back, staring at glimpses of the sky through shifting branches. It was a shame that Colson hadn't woken him up before he left. He would have enjoyed the chance to taunt and tempt him a little more. Not that it mattered, when he knew exactly where he could find him later.

Destin sighed heavily, rolling to his feet and lifting the bundle of clothes to sort through it. Within moments he was fully dressed and impeccably well kept, as though the proverbial roll through the hay had never happened. Internally, Destin wondered if Colson would allow him into the hay loft for an afternoon.

The quiet rural edges of Baska were quaint and certainly had their own charm, but he missed the distractions of the city, where it wasn't so lonely and the mischief never ended. Of course, the mischief was why he was out here... Strangely Fiorians didn't take too kindly to a foreigner seducing his way through the entire eligible population. It wasn't like it was his fault the baker's son and the smith's daughter loved him more than they loved each other. It wasn't a functional relationship to begin with, they should be thanking him for fixing it.

Or perhaps it was her new toy the smith had objected to.

The baker's son had enjoyed it, so Destin didn't see the problem.

The locals like Colson were fun and all, but Destin craved the exhilarating threats of city danger. Anything to keep his mind in the present and not the past. Although the past two hours had been plenty nice to think about. Destin folded his picnic blanket and tied it to the top of the wicker basket of goodies. He carried the bundle to the crumbling stone wall at the edge of the orchard where he set up to lounge across the top. One leg dangling off the street side of the wall, Destin whistled a peppy, bawdry tune as he waited for night fall, or something exciting to happen. Which ever one came first.

#2Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

Gunter and Isabella would be walking down the road taking point, They knew Erebus was close by scouting out the perimeter. The others where laging behind, as Isabella suddenly giggled, this caused Gunter too look at her just as she grabs his hand. 

Gunter would say to her "is something the matter" Isabella would respond by saying "I want to see if your girlfriend gets Jealous." Gunter would chuckle a little at the comment she made. Thinking too himself lets see what happens after a minute passes by They notice someone walkinh toward the road from a nearby tree as they got closer.

Gunter would say too the passerbyer "good afternoon, you might want to get home, theres been reports of bandits in the area, out of curiosity have you seen any bandits by chance." Gunter would find this young man to be more attractive then most he has seen. He feels a slight urge to feed, though he thinks to himself It would be a waste. Isabella would wait for gunter to finish and the young man to respond before saying "we should probably go if you crave adventure your more then welcome to join us. At this point its a party.


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A Life Worth Living {Open} Npc_sd16

Tempris ran down the road trying to reach the meeting spot. Tempris had on a black cloak which covered her red veil with a yellow band on over her forehead. She wore a more combat friendly red shirt with a battle skirt and black bike shorts. Lastly, she had on brown boots and black socks and her sword rested on her back, tilted to the side. All of this was under her gear with the exception of her cloak. Originally they were suppose to meet up somewhere else, but the heathen had a weird request. Tempris only offered to "assist" if she would be allowed to set him on fire with her magic. He actually agreed... so Tempris brought with her some handcuffs. It might not be so bad. In case someone like Erebrus were to get taken out, she could bring him in and get another promotion. A wide grin grew on her face before she noticed 3 people behind the hill.

The heathen vampire, the sinner woman, and some new heretic? Tempris was unsure who this person was but she was sure they weren't a Rune Knight. This was great as she did not want to share any of the credit for this Raid. However, she was sure to keep her pendant hidden on a gold chain underneath her shirt.
"Good Afternoon... umm. Who is this guy? I don't recall you saying you would invite more of your kind Hea... Vampire..."


Str: 2+20 C-Rank (172) S-Rank
Spd: 6 +20 7.5/15m/s
Con: 59 S-Rank 5 post run. 1 lunge a post
End: 7+60 S-Rank
Int: 10
Mana: 1700

1. Mana Burn - Debuffs
Debuffs removes mana from their target equal to one rank lower than the spell.

Magic Element: Light

Magic Name Holy Flame of Illumin

Bless with Illumin's will, The Holy Flame of Illumin smites foes and heal allies under the white and blue purifying flames. Victims of these flames will be burn to ash. Those outside of the flame's wrath will be privilege to bask in its warmth. Let all sin be purified from this world and all heretics feel the wrath of Illumin so that their souls may be freed.

Weapon: Jeanne D'arc's Sword

Head: None

Body: Magical Phasing Cloak

Earrings: Zameen Earrings

Necklace:  Amulet of Magical Resistance

Ring: Gheed's Greed

Relic: Rune Knight Pendant

Mount: White Wyvern

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Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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Aku walked along the beaten path of the old dust road that lay before him, with a peculiar smirk donned upon his calm demeanor. He carried a dress coat within his left arm that appeared to be draped over his shoulder, which confidently was woven with chain link within its interior for combat purposes; however, the young man hoped not to need it on such a warm nice day. Aku much preferred the comfort of his thin white tank top, accompanied by the signature blue plaid hat and dress pants.

Although the man appeared to be walking in every sense of the term, his prowess easily propelled him with great speeds along the road, and had since lead him within eyeshot of the likely allies he sought within the distance. It wasn’t as if it took much observation to confirm the identity of someone such as Gunter though, especially when wielding such a noteworthy weapon alongside a newcomer of sorts. Overcome with curiosity, Aku could feel the energy surging throughout his body while a small amount of electricity collected beneath his feet. He moved in a burst of speed to close the gap between himself and the group, while leaving behind him a collection of dust and static lightning trails.

The young sorcerer came to grinding halt several feet from both Gunter and his gathered friends of sorts, as his jacket made a small flutter from the prior burst. He lets out a sly grin while using his gauntlet to wave at the group. “Sorry if I startled anyone, I hate running late.” He momentarily glanced at the inevitability approaching sunset during this afternoon. “It was a longer travel than I thought after all.” He would then take a gander at the group amongst him, namely the apparent child amongst them. “Quite the group for a group on bandits, no?” He couldn’t help but notice they were clearly missing at least one person thus far, so he wasn’t running as late as expected.

Note: I will edit in color and such, posted from phone.

#5Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Since Erebus had decided to scout ahead for any forthcoming danger (or perhaps it was an excuse to abandon the group after the events earlier that morning) Rinni had decided to trail behind to ensure no one is following them while leaving Gunter to escort Isabella on his own. At least she could say with confidence that the Vampire wouldn't feed on the woman, as his mission was to protect her. Though, lagging behind a bit was just an excuse to avoid Erebus as long as possible as Rinni was still embarrassed over the naked incident that occurred earlier. As it was a beautiful, comfortably warm, spring day Rinni was currently wearing a blue tank top, her bra straps visible beneath the shoulder straps, a pair of black cut-off shorts, and black sneakers with ankle socks.

As she caught up to the group, she noticed that Tempris had finally caught up to them. She also caught the scent of two strangers in the air. The first she noticed was someone feminine with short-cut hair, and from a distance, she had mistaken them for a young woman. As she grew closer, scent and sight revealed the stranger to be a male. He was tall and attractive, causing the teen to blush slightly for a split moment.

She then noticed Isabella hanging off of Gunter. She rushed over to them ready to say something but managed to stop herself at the last second. Her heart was racing wildly in her chest, and she was certain the Vampire would notice this and take absolute glee in her obvious discomfort. Oh, to admit that she has any sort of feelings at all toward the man would be to admit he had won. She felt the blood rushing to her face, her cheeks reddening as a result. 'Stop it, Rinni. He's not your friend, much less anything else to you. He's just a blood-sucking leech. All you are to him is a food source. He doesn't care about you.' She reminded herself mentally, only for her thoughts to wander to the night when he first bit her... and the kiss that followed. 'Ah! No! He was just messing with you! All these feelings of attraction must be a side effect from the bite! Stay focused, girl!'

She folded her arms across her breasts and opened her mouth, however before she could speak another stranger approached at relatively high speeds and Rinni could smell lightning in the air. Was a storm coming? No. It was a demi-human. She let out a tiny squeal of surprise at his sudden appearance. What was with the sudden influx of strangers? Had Gunter and Isabella recruited more people without telling her?

She looked toward Tempris, who technically wasn't recruited but chose for whatever reason to tag along. She worried for that child's safety. Was taking a kid with them to fight bandits truly a good idea? Ah well, too late now. She was already part of their group now. Still, it was getting pretty crowded and Rinni's phobia of large groups of people was starting to give her mild anxiety. She had hoped no more surprises show up.

When the Demi-human apologized for startling anyone, Rinni was quick to interrupt. "Y-you didn't startle me! You just... surprised me a little." She protested, though her voice stated otherwise.

Behind her hovered an adorable Moogle. The creature flew over to investigate the two strangers in turn. "Hi! my name's Candy! Who are you? Are you new friends? Are you coming with us?"

The Werewolf quickly grabbed the Moogle in her arms and held the creature against her chest. "Candy, hush. Sorry about that. She uh... gets excited meeting new people. I'm... I'm Rinni." The teen stated, attempting to remain calm and put on a brave face. Though on the inside, her heart was drumming in her chest from meeting so many strangers today. Her amber eyes looked toward the sky.

At least it would be night soon. She wondered where they were planning on the group staying tonight. Unlike Gunter, some people still needed their beauty rest.

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#6Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus landed at the foothills, he’d been sitting on a Winged Dhuilin high over the air, his trusted accomplice since a few weeks back when he rescued it from people kidnapping the luxury stead. It’s hair was ignited by a cool temperate flame, that ran from mane to wings. The creatures costed well over two million, The Rogue ordained his free of charge though. He named it Benny, Benny the Jet.

Back to the subject of bandits, Erebus could for sure say he’d seen suspicious activity near the Farmlands. But closer inspection was needed, and entirely up to the large group in whole. When he landed, he simply hopped off his mount, and the creature thrusted off into the sky, only to return if Erebus whistled.

He approached calmly, donned in all the same gear and clothing. His body shape and face would be noticeably different though. Erebus had took it upon himself to change his appearance after his Hostile Takeover. Better to leave ‘Erebus’ the character, up to mere whisper and not let everyone follow his face around town like some kind of Paparazzi out to witness his attack somewhere. Speaking of ambush, Erebus was a lot more careless nowadays, perhaps... He was bored. He actually wanted to meet and socialize, though the fear of a lifetime in the dungeon kept him biting his tongue. At least until he met these strange people. Rinni, Tempris, Gunter, Isabella and the rest. They kept things nostalgic for him, as if he were still just a kid out to have an adventure.

Pulling into the scene, Erebus would be wearing his helmet and cloak, he came in post-Rinni’s conversation and already spotted two new faces. Paranoia gripped the Rogue, a shared anxiety that Rinni also seemed to be feeling. Perhaps he was just feeling her vibe, he thought. Instead of letting it coax him out of a good time— the Outlaw entered the conversation without haste.

He addressed Tempeis first, now seeing the sword she wore on his back, he became enlightened to something. That was Venus’ sword... Er, it was. Had this brat defeated a legend? Or maybe the Church took repossession of it, but then... How did a kid get it? So many questions. So little time.

“How do you even hold that thing up,” he pushed out a tease at the Knight. Erebus meant no harm or foul, though. He was actually curious. He then drifted his attention back to Gunter, eyes looking about the others momentarily. “Who’re these guys?” He predicted they were skilled, Erebus simply didn’t have a bone in his body that could trust someone before he’d even spoken to them clearly.


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He had been approached privately by an interesting individual shortly after returning to Baska and offered a request representing a Mob Boss. The proxy of Mob Boss known as Mr. Vivadichi made it clear that the daughter of his boss would be targeting a particular bandit hideout and alongside a few other locations. To put it simply, he was requested as a bodyguard for the daughter of a man know as Mr. Vivadichi. It was more complicated than that, but that was the key point for Ikazuchi. The request was simply enough, so he naturally accepted. It was at that point that he learned that he would be working with quite a few others and where he could meet them as well as the time.

Ikazuchi made his way towards the meeting location as the agreed upon time drew close. He made most of the journey from Baska by mount, but eventually chose to dismount and proceed on foot in order to not draw any attention to the specified location. He couldn’t be sure of the exact circumstances until he actually met up with the group. Little did he know, he would be in for a surprise when he finally arrived.

There were seven people present at the location, but he found himself shocked by the sheer amount of diversity in the group. A vast assortment of information appeared in his mind as his gaze swept over everyone present, so he was immediately able to recognize his current employer. “Am I late?” Ikazuchi was sure that Isabella would be aware of who he was, so he hadn’t introduced himself immediately. After speaking he let his gaze wander back over the group again while listening for a response.

First and foremost, he greeted Akushitsuna with a smile and nod after their long separation. He did the same towards the teenage werewolf girl known as Rinni secondly. The third person that he found his gaze on was a rather interesting fellow known as Destin. It was surprising to see someone like that among a group like this, but Ikazuchi didn’t question it much as he nodded once more. ‘Another one?’ Ikazuchi had his gaze linger on the vampire known as Gunter, and more specifically the man’s ring. The fact that he had encountered another wielder of a mythical weapon shortly after arriving in Baska. ‘Are these things just laying around? Why does everyone have a better sword than me?! ...Am I not a good enough swordsman?’

Ikazuchi eventually tore his gaze away and moved to the next individual, the one who he believed was the most misplaced. It was the young girl known as Tempris, and the first owner of a mythical weapon that he had met. He was perplexed by her presence considering the party had an evil alignment. He could only sigh slightly and shake his head before nodding to the girl that he met previously. ‘I hope nothing bad happens…’

The final person was the most surprising for Ikazuchi as it was someone that was more surprising than any of the others. It was a man known as Erebus, someone with an extremely high bounty and strength to match. Gunter was a major threat with his sword, but Ikazuchi was more wary of Erebus. He seriously assessed the man for a moment before eventually nodding to him as well. After greeting everyone his gaze would move to whoever spoke at the moment.

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Constitution: 123 [Base: 63| Equipment Bonus: 60]

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Equipment Stats and Durability

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Armor: Great Warrior Armor: Durability: 1x S-Rank - Bonus: +20 STR

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Earring: Jaan Earring: Bonus: +60 CON - Durability: Indestructible

#8Destin E 

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Destin E
Destin sat up on the wall as he heard voices approach, the bawdry song he whistled tapering off. He gave the two a charming grin as he slid off the wall; there was no mistaking the look in the man's eyes as the stranger greeted him. Hopefully not a stranger for long, Destin thought to himself, this might be an interesting night after all. His curiosity was drawn to the rushed appearance of a small child with a sword.

"Good Afternoon... umm. Who is this guy? I don't recall you saying you would invite more of your kind Heat... Vampire..."

Well now that was something.

The man seemed mildly annoyed, but Destin couldn't say for certain that he was a vampire as claimed the small child in cloak and veil.... a nun's veil? Destin's brow furrowed, glancing between the man and his... child nun. It was hard for Destin to decide whether this was a turn-off or not, but the blushing brunette that rushed to the unclaimed side of the man certainly more eye-catching. Clearly she was after the possibly-not-a-vampire but Destin didn't think it would be too hard to seduce her away... or seduce them both.

Things started happening in quick sequence after that, three more men popping up one-by-one, and a strange floating creature that belonged to the girl named Rinni. As the last one drew close Destin gave them all a bright, boyishly charming smile as he introduced himself.

"Looks like a hunting party to me. Bandits must be a very serious problem if it needs so many.." Destin eyed the last man to arrive {Ikazuchi}, very clearly and obviously checking him out, "strong men to come see them out."

He stepped forward with a flourish, very gently taking one of Rinni's hands in his and kissing the back of her palm like a gentleman in a romance novel. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mademoiselle Rinni. I'm honoured to be in your presence." Destin lowered her hand, giving her a sly wink as he stepped away. "And yours too, Candy."

He turned to the group at hand with his cocksure grin and another vague gesture of greeting, before finally revealing his name. "Destin Eaves, travelling mage and and patissier. It's a delight to meet you all however," he turned to Gunter and his woman with an amused glint in his eyes, "I'm afraid I didn't prepare myself for assaulting unsuspecting street thugs when I left the house today. I'm afraid I might just be a hindrance to you seven valiant warriors."

#9Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

Just as Gunter was about to introduce himself tempris interrupted him by saying "Good Afternoon... umm. Who is this guy? I don't recall you saying you would invite more of your kind Hea... Vampire..." this caused Gunter to become slightly annoyed, however he let it go quickly for tempris was young. He would look at tempris, then say "I know i dont hide it, However that dosen't mean everyone needs too know Im a Vampire."

Suddenly out of nowhere a mage appeared it was Aku, Gunter had sent this man a letter requesting his assistance, even though Gunter had never met this man before, his friend Ezekiel said he was a strong combatant. Gunter would wave to the mage and say "Glad too have you with us." As he waved and gave plesentries he watched as the beautiful man, walked over too Rinni and kissed her hand. Gunter couldn't help but smile with fangs showing to Rinni, a cheeky grin formed on his face just as he began to speak. He would say too her "Hey Little one, glad too see you made it."

As Erebus arrived Gunter would wave too his new friend, as he listened too Erebus say “Who’re these guys?” Gunter would respond too his question by saying "They are here to help us out with the bandits, My buddy Ezekiel Recommended them, I told my boss about them  so here they are."

As the final man arrived Gunter woul notice that he was sizing everyone up, Gunter would smile at the man and say "At ease soldier we dont bite." Isabella would look at the beautiful man they first met, then say "If you want you can come regardless, while the boys do the work you can keep me entertained."

Isabella Vivadichi:

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Temrpis rolled her eyes after Gunter comment about not revealing his race to everyone. "You all are the same in my eyes... but okay. Gunther." She exaggerated his name in protest but it was the her last bit of protest. Despite all things, it still wasn't mostly his fault she was knocked out. Maybe she would ease up a little bit. However, another look at the vampire and his weird behavior with the new guy changed her. After he lets her set him on fire. Then they could talk about being nicer.

Speaking of the new guy, their name was Destin. He was in... interesting person. He spoke weirdly to the other people and even kiss the werewolf. Tempris didn't understand at all what he was trying to do but now wasn't the time to reveal her naivety. It was already clear people thought she was a child. Last thing she needed was them judging her for silly questions. At least the man was honest, as he revealed how useless he was. Tempris couldn't see any sign of power on the person. If they were alone, she was sure she could purge the man but at last, this was not the right time. Plus, she didn't need a bunch of heretics telling on her and making her lose her promotion.

"Another Vam... no." the glow from the man's magic was more than a tip off. Vampires didn't cast shadows and she could see a glimpse of his. Also, now it was clear that Destin wasn't a vampire either. A small mistake for sure but how could she have guessed. Gunther was around weird people before. Today was no different. When the man mentioned the party, Tempris couldn't help but add her piece. "I agree. Thought I didn't agree to it..." Tempris folded her arms while lowering her head to better hide her face.

When Rinni arrived Tempris's edge soften up. The events of the bar after she drunk that strange liquid were still vivid in her head. While she couldn't remember everything said, she knew she revealed something or other. This, added with getting slammed in a wall, was embarrassing and made her feel weak. She clenched her fist but didn't say or acknowledge the girl's arrival. After all, it wasn't like she greeted her. Disrespectful sinner.

Next came the man, the myth, the prize himself. Erebus Gresham. Once again, Tempris held back her urge to enact her knightly duties to purge the heretic from this world. There were smaller much easier fish to fry and she was not into getting blood on her clothes for attacking the biggest shark in the sea. This was not the tail of David and Golaith. Illumin would forgive her.

Interesting enough, Erebus actually acknowledge her and it was a nice feeling. She knew she didn't fit in with these group of heretics but that didn't mean they couldn't be polite and proper with her. She had been more than merciful in not striking them down so that they could help her purge other heretics. Then again, maybe that's why they ignored her. Maybe they were upset that she showed any mercy at all. She could recall a story about people feeling upset at being denied things that were rightfully theirs, but it wasn't time for that.

Tempris fought a smile and pulled out her sword. Bright blue and white flames engulfed the weapon hungry for the souls of the sinners around it. "Because of Illumin's will. He gives me the strength to fight." Her own mention of Illumin's name broke her own mask and revealed her wide dark smile which was followed by a soft giggle. Oh how she loved her blade. unfortunately she had to put it away. It was too iconic for her to just walk around with while reveal her full identity to anyone who seen her at work.

The last person to arrive was a guy she met in the fields. He was a powerful fighter but Tempris didn't want to acknowledge knowing him. Not unless he volunteered knowing her first.

"Can we go now? I think we have enough people..." Tempris was growing impatient and would prefer to continue before something ridiculous happened that could distract them like a lich appearing or someone else turning into so dog monster.

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It would’ve appeared that Aku did indeed startle one of the travelers, although the one known as Rinni manage to half heartedly claim the opposite. He would taken an interest in the pet accompanying her as well, mostly due to its ability to communicate openly. The spellsword’s attention would begrudgingly be swayed yet again though, as his head turns to yet another approaching the group. It would seem the newcomer was immediately intrigued with the same child that Aku couldn’t help but notice, likely the norm for this girl. It wouldn’t be long after the newest addition had a question answered by Gunter himself, and the last arrival would soon make their appearance.

“Of course you’re late, but I can’t say I’m surprised.” His tone of voice was a clear indicator of sarcasm, as he pokes fun at the most familiar ally amongst the group. He couldn’t help but notice Ikazuchi’s stance and expression while staring at the mysterious cloaked individual. Aku would unknowingly give him a glare before returning his attention to Gunter addressing Ika’s pondering expressions.

It was becoming clear now that this ‘Destin’ was an addition of happenstance, but Aku disregarded the fact as it were none of his business. Instead, his attention was once again drawn to the girl known as Tempris. While her comment certainly fell under the expected for someone her age, he couldn’t help but let out a slight chuckle. “Leave it to the youngest to be impatient, but she certainly has a point. Either this group is overly qualified.” His gaze turns to Gunter, his uplifting happy demeanor seeming to fade a bit. “Or I’ve been heavily misinformed about our mission today.” The young man meant no ill intent in his words, but he couldn’t help but feel like the one bringing this all together had additional intentions for today’s events. It was still unclear whether it may be ill or not however.

#12Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Rinni had to agree with Tempris on this. They had enough people. Perhaps too many people. Her and Gunter could take down a group of bandits on their own easily. How and when did the group grow so large? It was obvious that at least two of the people present were summoned by Gunter and/or Isabella themselves. But the rest? Just happenstance. They had run into Erebus and Tempris at a pub. And Destin just happened to be here when they arrived. Rinni cast a glare at Gunter and Isabella, wondering what other surprises they had in store.

Rinni struggled to keep up with all the introductions and names. She knew Gunter, Tempris, and Erebus. Of course, she knew Isabella. The new arrivals were... she hadn't caught their names yet. She noticed the speedy one that had startled her previously was eying her and her companion with curiosity before turning his attention toward Tempris. She wasn't too concerned with the glance, it wasn't every day you saw someone with such a talkative companion.

Gunter was the first to acknowledge her.

"Hey Little one, glad to see you made it."

She blushed intensely at the way he greeted her, feeling completely embarrassed and belittled. "Could... could you please not call me that, Gunter. I'm not a child..." It was fine when it was just them because she was smaller than him. But in front of all these strangers? It felt a bit more degrading.

The first of the newcomers to interact with her was the beautifully attractive man that she had, at first, mistaken for a woman. As he approached, she looked up at him nervously. Why was he coming over to her? There was plenty of people... why... oh.

The man took Rinni's hand in his, lifting it to his mouth where he proceeded to plant a kiss on her palm. Looking up at him, she couldn't hide the pink forming as the blood rushed to her cheeks from embarrassment. She held Candy in her free arm as the Moogle wiggled and squirmed while the two conversed. He seemed to be quite a gentleman with old-fashioned manners that were refreshing and rare. Or maybe that was how everyone behaved where he was from?

"Uh ah... the pleasure's all mine." it slipped out before she could stop herself, causing her to blush even more fervently. As he turned his attention away from her, he gave her a wink that caused her to quickly look away from him. She heard him introduce himself as Destin Eaves. So, at least she knew another name. That was one less to learn.

Candy slipped out of her grasp while she was distracted and made her way to Destin's abandoned picnic basket where she began to snoop inside of it, her plump little body sticking out of the trap door as she dug around looking for snacks. She preferred nuts and vines but she also loved a good sweet now and then. Rinni hurried after her. "Candy, no! That's not ours!"

"Look, Rinni! Lookie lookie! Juice boxes!" before the Ranger could protest, her companion had drunk half the contents of the box. She turned every shade of green and began to hack and gag.

"Candy?! Are you okay? What the heck is in this thing?" Rinni asked, as she gingerly put it to her nose and began to sniff the contents. Instantly revolted, her nose crinkled and she sneezed throwing the juice box aside.

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#13Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus wasn’t at all appalled by half of the gang and their personalities, but with the arrival of Aku and Ika, something in all of this gave Erebus a chill. Firstly, he was the baddest ‘rogue’ in Fiore.... these were all heroes in a half shell by some means, So then it dons on him. This could be a total setup. He instead tends to make eye contact with anyone who passes a glance at him. First catching Ika, and then Aku after, to which the other he narrows his eyes in return. A dog in the schoolyard, he thought.

Erebus was a firm believer in egos, and asserting statements with eyes or body language told him right away who was allowed his trust, and how much of it he was willing to have. Unfortunately, his person was gave away. Much the same as Gunter’s, as there was a very slim chance a vampire was a hero of respectable nature. Then again, Erebus considered himself a hero when even Demons had made it known to him, he was all but pure. He wondered what could have given anyone the thought he was so bad though... Probably all the killing, in hindsight though. You make waaaaay more money killing humans along with monsters, and even more so, who was to truly say a human wasn’t a monster in and of itself.

He shrugged the whole shabang off, his daggers were in his hands, and his gear fitted to his body. Regardless of what happened, Erebus gave his word, he’d help on this Quest. If a man was anything, it was his words. He obliged to commence in a situation he otherwisely would cut loose ends of early and simply backed up. To open the circle to the oncomers. Destin Eaves was everything Erebus would assume out of a guy his age, young flirt, a fuckboy: what have it. Then again, the springs of youth didn’t last long, who was he to comment on the guy’s fun. Erebus simply blinked a few times and answered Gunter, since he was addressed a moment or so beforehand.

”I know Ezekiel actually... Alright. I’ll put my faith in his judge of character on the line.“ Erebus briefly paused, looking around again, it was clear he was trying to overthink what this was. “But I wasn’t born yesterday. At least one person here will play a traitor.” He said, quite bluntly. His vibe beginning to show evident that he wasn’t going to slip any corners. Erebus was a lot of things, but he played fair. Should those principles fall apart, then he’d carry no mercy in the manhunt that followed.

”I could suggest every person partner up, then there’s less inclination for a trap to be sprung on anyone here, but from what I know about some of you. This squad is an overkill, why so many?” he asked, his curiosity causing his expression to almost grin. What could surprise him, if he wasnt being targeted? Who above him was out there stealing? What bandits were there as known as he? Because, to Erebus... He was the only person making noise that could attract so many. His adrenaline was beginning to pump. Perhaps this was all a shit show, and there was real blood coming. His intrusive thoughts were racing.  


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‘Why are so many guys like this?’ That was all Ikazuchi would think as he was completely flabbergasted by this development from Destin. He couldn’t help but recall the other two individuals who had similar intentions. This made the third person to do so, which wasn’t a lot. It just felt odd for it to have happened so many times since he left behind his life in Magnolia. It was all Ikazuchi could do to respond with a slightly awkward smile.

The next person to speak was Gunter. It was a simple sentence, but it was extremely ironic considering who said it. ‘Excuse me, you’re a fucking Vampire. Did I miss something, or are you vegan?!’ Ikazuchi couldn’t bring himself to say this at this moment, so he just nodded casually.

Tempris didn’t particularly acknowledge him, and he wasn’t intent on doing so himself. He met her previously, but he couldn’t exactly explain himself considering that it turned into a fight. ‘She’s still a crazy brat…’

He found himself walking over towards Akushitsuna at this point. This was his longtime companion and someone he trusted. He would naturally feel more comfortable in a position closer to his friend. “Hey, I’m not that bad am I?” He couldn’t help asking this in response to what Akushitsuna had to say.

Ikazuchi glanced towards the girl named Rinni who was dealing with Destin at this point. ‘I guess he gets around?’ This thought crossed Ikazuchi’s mind as he turned his attention elsewhere. He was entirely unconcerned about whether the girl acknowledged him in return. It was around this time that Tempris cut in to try and hurry things along.

This brought Ikazuchi back to Erebus. The man mentioned a familiar name at this point, one that he knew quite well. It was the name of someone who had recruited him, and eventually led him into joining the Sentinel Syndicate. In hindsight, that person was actually the first vampire that he had ever met. ‘I haven’t heard any news about him since the news of the merger…’ Ikazuchi couldn’t prevent his thoughts from wandering, but he managed to still listen to the rogue.

When Ikazuchi heard what Erebus had to say, he was at least slightly curious about why the man was so doubtful. At the same time, he found himself in agreeance with the suggestion that was offered. “For those of you who don’t know, my name is Ikazuchi. It’s nice to meet you all.” Ikazuchi paused for a moment and looked around properly before speaking again. “As for partnering up, it would be easiest for me to work with my friend if we do that.” As Ikazuchi spoke he motioned towards Akushitsuna to make his opinion known.

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Destin E

Destin pretended he hadn't heard Gunter's side comment directed to Tempris, but it was hard to ignore. At the very least, the hunter hadn't displayed any reaction to it publicly, hiding behind his mask of smiles and charm. It was only a short moment after greeting Rinni that he heard the flying cat's excitement over finding the juice boxes hidden in the picnic basket. Destin cleared his throat uncomfortably and excused himself from the group to go help the girl and her pet.

"Those aren't exactly..."

Destin watched as the juice box got flung to the side and began dripping into the grass. He gave a soft sigh, shaking his head. What a waste.

"Those juice boxes aren't child friendly."

The hunter picked up the cat, placing her on Rinni's shoulder. He dug through the basket for a moment, then with a faint 'aha' pulled out two perfectly decorated tiny cupcakes, handing one to the cat and the other to the girl.

"You'll like these much better. Feel free to snack, they're just leftovers."

Destin sorted through the basket to make sure there was no other mishaps Candy could get into. There were three juice boxes left, kept chilled by a small ice pouch. He grabbed one and tossed it to Isabella as he returned to the group with the basket on his arm.

"You'll appreciate the taste, unless, of course," he gave the voluptuous woman a cheeky grin, "you don't drink on the job?"

Destin was pleased he had returned at just the right time for a little more fun. Destin didn't know if this man's expression would be anywhere near as precious as Ikuzuchi's had been, but a man was allowed to dream. The hunter crossed to where Erebus stood and slung his empty arm around the man's shoulders, blowing him a tiny kiss with a wink.

"I'll be on your team, cheri. I promise, traps are the last thing I'd like to spring on you."

Destin was not so quick to forget his first target though, blowing another kiss to Ikazuchi.

"There's enough of us here to make two groups of four, not including the cat. I wouldn't mind joining three attractive men participating in vigorous activities that end in the spilling of fluids in the grass."

The hunter took advantage of the men's discomfort to start guiding them down the road in the opposite direction they had all come from. He winked at Isabella and Gunter as he passed them, hand slipping from Erebus's shoulders to gently caress his
derrière before slipping away to walk alongside who seemed to be the group leader. And vampire.

This was a lot more excitement than he had planned for the day, but Destin didn't have one single regret.


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Tempris was getting annoyed now. She wanted to defeat these bandits for her honor but nobody was moving and she got this feeling that other people were joining but not joining. Like She did not see anyone else joining but she felt like 2 people did join. It was a weird feeling, weird and cold. She did not like it.
"Argh... you all are taking too long. I'm leaving." She walked over to Gunter, and took back the item she gave him, "I'm returning these as well." She was not going to entertain any more of this idiocy with these heathen.

With that, Tempris left. She ventured off to go murder bandits, however she never found any. It was a waste of time. It was irritating. A rune knight such as herself did all this work to try and look good so she could get that promotion, that respect. However, she really did needed the help of those sinners. Still, she would not go back now. She would just keep to herself and returned back to her place of residence.

Maybe in another time, in another mission, Tempris could work with a group of people to destroy a heretical group. However, for now, she would have to wait like a puppy until she is giving the order by her commanders. Though, that did not mean she would not bite if a bone was presented in front of her. Should she get the opportunity, she would strike and purge the sin.
(48 hour) (exit)

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The sound of something cutting through the wind could be heard moments after he approached. A magical bird of some sort dove down with Ikazuchi as its target. He was quick to respond as he offered his arm for the bird to perch on. ‘What’s this about?’

He took the letter tied to the bird’s letter and read over it quickly due to how abnormal the situation was. It didn’t have a sender, but it was an urgent request for him to return to Baska. He quickly glanced at everyone present before looking back at the letter. ‘Do I go?’

‘...Well, it looks like everyone here should be able to complete the job…’ Ikazuchi couldn’t help but sigh at this point. He hated the fact that he would be missing a fight, but he knew that he shouldn’t delay a request like this. “I need to leave, I’m sorry about that. I will make it up to you all if I have the chance in the future.

He didn’t delay after he spoke and quickly returned to where his wyvern would be waiting for him. ‘This better be worth it.’ He was also upset by the fact that the chance to catch up with Akushitsuna was missed in this manner. It was in this manner that Ikazuchi quickly made his way back to Baska.

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