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Fortune: Erebus [Solo]

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#1Erebus Gresham 

Fortune: Erebus [Solo] Empty Mon Sep 07, 2020 8:55 pm

Erebus Gresham

It occurred to Erebus, he really fucking liked gambling. Like, more than the next guy if you really thought about it. There was few things as nice as gambling in the grander scheme of the world, what Erebus did steal along his quests always ended up back in his pot that he threw to the games, which begged a big question? Was he actually any good?

So for the next few days, Erebus decided to take it upon himself to play a few merry games and see what the deal was. You know, really get gritty with the game and play a high stakes table. How much did he bring? All whopping three million, his entire current savings was on the table, and he'd play his damn heart out if that's what it took by God.

Sitting across from his was the dealer, and then to his left, a woman who looked like Cruella DeVille and to his right, a man with the look of Jafar. He was playing with some clowns. Truthful, as it was annoying, they were actually wealthy enough to play his game, and what's more? Actually pretty good opponents too. The next few days would be interesting.


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