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The People of this town? Belong to me. [Conquest]

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#1Erebus Gresham 

The People of this town? Belong to me. [Conquest] Empty Thu Apr 29, 2021 7:00 pm

Erebus Gresham

Within the City Center is the most important area of Baska. It has all the shops and wares, and for protection, they rely on the Rune Knights. There have been reports though that there is a group of Rune Knights that abuse this fact as they take food from the people without paying and even mess with the women there during their shift. Maybe there are better options than the Rune Knights to protect the shoppers and hard workers that work these parts. Even more so, to protect them from the Rune Knights themselves.

Erebus had done his research, spent days in Baska even. Watching, waiting, and deciding. A king perched on throne couldn't stop the Knights from raping mothers... The King couldn't feed it's people? Blasphemy, Erebus would think. He smirked in remembrance that he robbed that fucking clown. His second consciousness would grow an aggravation for this 'darkness' in others, and to be evil, made this even more bittersweet. A natural hypocrite Erebus poached he was, he pondered that in amusement. Erebus was a man out for money all the same. Strength meant he could set his own rules, and they could be just all the same.

After all, to be the necessary evil was the fate of a hero, Erebus sacrificed his well-being for the poor, for the undeserving, only to turn his cheek and watch a gang of knights follow a woman he'd shared his bread with only an hour past ago to the darkened corridors.

Having set this up in full perspective, almost as bait. Erebus could be seen as purely out to test the goodness of other men. Playing the role of a natural 'dark worker'. Now back to the subject, really..

Erebus kept tabs on the Knightly guards spitting at him so he'd awaited their day-- not straying far fro the hungered woman, and just when he was away, they made their attack on the poor lady. What they didn't know was that the Rogue had never left, he simply took to the ladder on the next building and watched from above. Like Batman or some shit, except, more Ninja for sure.

It was then he dropped down and made his entrance.

"You knights are the pathetic lot terrorizing the poor. My people, and I have come to reclaim them, for Eternal Nightmare, I'll hang your heads up for the town to see. I declare war on this region. Starting with you." without post haste, they attempted to fasten their britches.

"Yagh lad! The fuck are ya talking about?" The gruffest Knight of the group echoed across the wet dampened alley way. (These these things are funny to me haha). They all grabbed for their spears, however, much faster than they could thrust them upward, the Rogue fell to the ground with brutal intention against their soul, knocking the lousy weapons aside as he fell through, he motioned his body into a rapid spin, to which the episode ended; he'd taken two heads from the assaulters, leaving only one to fall on his feet alive. This guard was shaking of sweat an unease, though. Since he had not sated his lust on the woman, Erebus reacted with mercy and sentiment on this ny betrayer to be.

"Parade around town with their heads, declare the challenge and surrender to me. That's your opportunity to live." The man nodded through tears, like a savage animal he grabbed the heads. "Your name my Lord?" The Rogue basked in triumph-- true heroism.

"Erebus Gresham."

Erebus made off towards the shopping district, where he found more Rune Knights refusing to pay for their meals. They desired free food, staking their “protection” as payment. Erebus would make a boom heard across Fiore. When he swept the up in a bloody bath of sadistic blades and dance. Should there not be anyone to challenge him. Then he’d take the City center and make his exit after dealing with the ‘bad cops.’

Edit: After hearing Erebus and his warning, Rune Knight sightings have reportedly went down. The area is considered ‘protected by Eternal Nightmare’. Erebus exits any tradable location and returns to his own endeavors.

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