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Giorgio and the Dragon (Closed) [Ko, Steel, Erebus]

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Giorgio and the Dragon (Closed) [Ko, Steel, Erebus] - Page 2 Empty Sat Oct 17, 2020 1:20 pm



Erebus managed to run down another hallway with stairs, he took many flights until he was on a fourth, maybe fifth floor. All the while Steel was beheading the poor guard outside. Finally, Erebus moved until he was cornered in his path at at by a window, he turned around from which he had came... The invisibility wearing off now as a warrior clad head-to-toe in legendary equipment walked from 80 meters down the long hall from the same stairs Erebus had dashed up at astounding speed, Erebus was face to face with a warrior of renown. The Kingsguard it was after all, but for the Unavoidable Rogue, today he would also become the Uncatchable Thief. As pillars again began blowing up, Erebus figured everything out lickety split. It was simply the effect of this man's colossal pressure, such a power that kept opponents' away until he lunged into them. Erebus wouldn't entertain this fact, he was intelligent enough to realize his own limitations as a stealth unit. When the man stared the Rogue down, Erebus stuck his tongue out and raised a middle-finger. Erebus laughed in the heat of his conceit, like he was actually going to play some kind of losing game that kept him in here longer, pft imagine.

Lesser Guards stood behind the colossal warrior calling out foul names to Eternal Nightmare's rogue, and pleading the Kingsguard to execute the treasonous one here and now. "Ayy. Perhaps another time there guy, I got places to be, bitches to fuck, and a whole lot of money and fame, that for you ole' boy... I just cannot let cuck." Waving his fingers like a lover's boy tauntingly, the rogue took steps backwards and propelled over the wall. "Toodle-doo!" Erebus would step back & fall ten meters, before acrobatically clinging to a jutting pole with a flag, he ripped the flag off and jumped onto a window-seal, then another, and another. Until he was on the ground, he thrusted himself outward toward the bridge, stabbing guards as they drew near. Fighting his way out and to Steel and Ko. "Time to go!!" He shouted, awaiting Nantosuelta or the Red Wyvern and officially exiting the area with the book in hand.

The three could discuss things later, for now. Getting the hell out of here, was of prime importance.


1050/1450 MANA


Giorgio and the Dragon (Closed) [Ko, Steel, Erebus] - Page 2 Empty Sun Oct 18, 2020 1:06 pm


Steel was staring down guardsmen who started crowding the outside of the castle. Guard after guard after guard until he was looking at what seemed to be around thirty or more guards. Steel was however not discouraged by this because he knew that he could win. These were simply guardsmen. They were not part of the esteemed group known to the people of the lands as the Kingsguard.

Steel knew he could fight them all but he did not have time to do so. Spotting Erebus Steel brought one of his gauntlets up to his mouth and put the index finger and thumb into his mouth, folding back the tongue and pushing the thumb and index finger against the underside of the tongue. This would create a tight path of air in the mouth. Steel then blew air out of his mouth with all his power. The extremely loud whistling would make even nearby guards cover their ears from the frankly deafening sound.

Out of the skies a cry could be heard as a giant red lizard dove into the area behind Steel. It was a Wyvern. Steel slowly got on the Wyvern and signaled for Ko to do the same. They then flew away from the area together with Erebus.

Strength: 79+ 60 from Earrings +20 from Armor +120 from Mjolnir = 279
Speed: 31 +40 from Ring -10 from Armor -50 from Mjolnir = 11
Constitution: 61
Endurance: 34
Intelligence: 31
Mana: 1635 -200
Minor Armored Movement & Wielding: Half speed penalty on all heavy equipment except shields.

Weapon: Mjolnir
Armor: Vanguards Haste
Earrings: Pyaar Earrings
Ring: Haste Ring

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