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III. Vanguard's Haste 🔹

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III. Vanguard's Haste 🔹 Empty on Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:54 am


Name: Vanguard's Haste

Slot: Armor

Type: Plate Mail

Class: Rare

Weight: Heavy

Quantity: Limited

Element: Arcane

Durability: 1x S-Rank

Description: Worn by the Vanguard of a long-forgotten army, this armour is painted with vibrant reds and golds representing the owner's commitment of being in the forefront of battle.

Requirements: None


  • Strength: +20


  • Speed: -20


  • Name: Charge!
    Rank: A
    Mana Cost: 200
    Requirements: Vanguard's Haste
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Arcane
    Range: 20 meters
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The user digs in deep with both their feet and then may thrust themselves forward at their running speed without any acceleration period, up to the maximum range of the spell. The user may not make sharp or sudden turns while charging.

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III. Vanguard's Haste 🔹 Empty on Sun May 19, 2019 3:24 pm

Vali Onfroy


III. Vanguard's Haste 🔹 Empty on Mon May 20, 2019 5:25 am

Vali has purchased the Vanguard's Haste for 500,000J.

III. Vanguard's Haste 🔹 KHvJeW6
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III. Vanguard's Haste 🔹 Empty

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