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I'm Back Home for Now [Lumikki]

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I'm Back Home for Now [Lumikki] - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 03, 2024 10:38 am


Lumikki broke into a giggle that had her feathers fluttering, she never thought she’d hear someone point that out. ”Yuurei and I are an odd pair, as time went on I’ve come to see him as me inverse. Two winged beings, though he uses both, one of dark and light. We hunt our kind and lead the guild, but it’s sometimes a wonder whose dusk and whose dawn. But hearing him in the notion of a demon, well, can’t say some aspects doesn’t suit him. But me? An angel? How odd….” Lumikki would take a heavy sip of wine a if to conclude that thought, but she’d simmer on just notion of how she was perceived by others. Simply wondering if it was more complex than she initially thought. The liquor in her system already was tingling in her body to the point she felt like she was humming.

Drakkon would elaborate further on his thoughts, and Lumikki would carefully listen on. Letting his words sink in before continuing on herself. ”I like that about him. I think it’s what he does best….He always had this strange charisma to him that shown bright enough that people followed, but he was hard enough on ‘em so they could walk for themselves. If in me compassion for the Dawn and seeing them as a family etches me toward being considered the ‘mother’, then comparatively, Yuurei is quite the stern father who watches over his own.”

Lumikki would lax her posture to the point that she was now laying atop the table comfortably. Her wings acting like cushions so that she was still propped up enough to drink and talk. ”Color me flattered dear friend, but I do sympathized. I do know the feeling of being a shackled bird.” She’d speak with gusto as a smirk crept her lips. It was always pleasing being around more chaotic beings, even if for a moment. ”Unless need for otherwise, yer always welcome among the Dawn. But tell me Dragon of Chaos, anything in mind for yer visit? Should we find ourselves a game to pass the time now?”

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#27Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard her words and it seemed like she thought about that about the two of them. The comparison between the two of them was there, and they were so different. He enjoyed hearing this, and he drank his alcohol while listening to her. She was right on that, Yuurei was the stern father of this guild, the man had always made sure that everybody had done right, and did not go astray. He never thought about it, but did he become strong like this because of that man? It was interesting, to say the least, and he would drink to that.

“Yes, an angel. You may have darkness all around you, but you seem to shine brightly. As for that comparison, it's right on the nose. With Yuurei around, I don’t think any of the guild members will get out of line unless they want him to come knocking on their bedroom.” He said to her as he watched her lay on her back on the table.

“As for being a shackled bird, I figured you would understand. I honestly, feel like I’m close to breaking my shackles, but it all depends on what happens in the future. I expect some drastic changes in our future.” He said to her as he looked at her wondering what kind of game she had in mind.

“I appreciate your invitation. I will consider it, but I think the path I’m going will only continue to bring darkness, chaos, and violence around me, so I don’t know if that would be good for the environment.” He said as he downed his drink, and then poured himself another.

“I’m down to play a game to pass the time, what do you suggest?” He asked her waiting to see what she would come up with.



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”That he would indeed, I believe him to be one to do it!” Her eyes narrowed as if somewhat annoyed by the depiction of his thoughts on the matter. ”Ye know, when I first met him I played a little mischief. I darkened the pages of the book in hand and he was quite relentless in his chase for me. Somehow always knowing where I’d turn, though I better understand the trick now. Yet it was quite frightful for a jest. I pity those that incur his wrath to commit something more. I doubt they could ever escape his talons, but that’s a fate ye know well.”

From atop the table sat a bucket of ice, a pleasantry to keep the drinks cool but Lumikki would instead pull it toward her. Snacking on the chunks within with hard monstrous chomps and using her fangs to easily break into them. She could practically inhale them but gnawing on something brought her the most satisfaction in the moment. Our future? What could possibly affect us both I wonder, and enough to get a chaotic one like ya to think of the unfolding events with such care. Thought freedom behooves all in most scenarios, I wish ye total freedom.”

Lumikki sat up and gave it some hard thought, though her stupor would inhibit her from coming up with an entertaining suggestion. ”Something with stakes….” She began to mumble. One of her talons were being lightly chewed between her teeth. ”Suppose we could have a race? Or play a new game I’ve learned called truth or dare? I’m not sure how well a drinking contest would hold, but something of skill could be pleasing. A test of accuracy? Well I don’t quite know, what do ye think Drakkon? Hide and sneak could be fun, or tag even.”

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon would laugh when he heard her story about their first meeting. That would have been scary and honestly, he would have croaked and passed out allowing Yuurei to do whatever he had planned on doing to him.

“That must have been scary, and to think that he has gotten stronger since. I met him because I tried to pick a fight with him, and he knocked me out without trying. I woke up on a beach chair alone soon after.” He laughed a bit as that was dreadful to think about, but funny at the same time.

“I have no idea, but when I do find out I will come to tell you about it. I think you would love to hear the stories of my adventures.” He said giving an excuse to see her again after today.

Drakkon heard her words and he liked how this was going. He had his alcohol and he would drink some more ready to see if she would bring something up, or he would have to suggest something. She had brought up a lot of things for the two of them to do. It brought him to wonder and then think a bit. the sound of truth or dare sounded pleasing and he would like to know more about her and see what she would do when he picked dare.

“I’m going to be honest I think I’m as fast as Yuurei now, and I don’t think I’ve reached my limit, so we should start by playing this truth or dare first and then move on to others. How about you start us off, so I can see how it’s play.” He said to her waiting to see what she would do.



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”Heh, stronger? Whats a few more drops in the ocean, no increase makes a difference now. He’s already in his own realm, now all that’s left if to climb up for the sake of pestering him.” Lumikki spoke so cheekily that the sass was clear, but nonetheless the words were also sincere. She more wanted to disrupt his peace than actually oppose him. Just to make sure he could not enjoy something all alone forever. ”Truly a kindness on his part to leave ya on a chair though. To think he spent the extra time to pick ye up. Must of seen promise ye.” Her jest was drenched in giggles as she took enjoyment in her words and his recanted story. It was very pleasing hearing stories about people she actually knew and picturing how it must of went.

All of Lumikki’s wings twitched at his offer, subtly flapping from her glee soon after. She’d try to play it off as she picked herself up and leaned his direction, her ice now entirely forgotten as she inched toward him. ”Ye’d tell me about yer adventures?” Her head tilted slightly to the side like a curious owl, ”I’d very much like that Drakkon. I very much like stories.”

Her wings pulled apart and unfolded in all its entirety, stretched hard while she listed all her thoughts and let him mull over his choices. But the first part of his answer deflated her she’d muster a pout from her irritation. ”Hmpt, no fair…..I really need to get so much faster….I feel like I could be so much more. Hel, I got so close but something made me fall back to being so slow. It’s only now I was able to reclaim that lost swiftness and some but, I hate how much faster he is than me. And now ye too….” Her wings folded over her, covering the harpy from the pseudo dragon’s gaze. She’d slight pull a wing to reveal a sliver of his face as she finally answered him. ”It’s some odd game I was told had been played in Joya. Ye either choose to tell the truth to the question they ask, or do the dare requested of ya if that was the one ye’ve chosen. Supposedly it helps with bonding, but I think it’s entertaining in a nosy way as well. Since I’ll start, I’ll pick truth first. What does the Dragon of Chaos want to know?” Her wing slid back over sealing her in.

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard her voice, and he laughed; it was true, Yuurei was a man who had reached the pinnacle of where every mage or human in the world thrived to be. Still, not a lot of people could do it or have that drive, however. He also figured the man had good intentions when he wasn’t covered in sand by the time he woke up.

“You are right, looking at him makes me feel that I also need to become stronger so that I can pester him and show he’s not the only one who is that strong. Maybe that is why he is how he is. Maybe it’s to spark people to reach the realm he’s in, so he’s not alone.” He said to Lumikki as he figured he could hopefully do that too.

“Of course, I will tell you all the stories I experienced. When the time comes I’ll come visit you or you can come visit me.” He leaned forward to her as well as he looked at her with a smile on his face.

Drakkon heard her comment, and it seemed like she had done something to become weaker. He didn’t know what that was, and he was sure one day he might find out. He nodded though as it sucked that she had lost the power that she once had.

“I see, sorry to hear that, but I’m sure you will be stronger and faster than before.” He said to her as she would speak again, this time about the game they were going to be playing.

Drakkon Draconic stared at her as she explained the rules of the game. It was something that she had learned in Joya. This was interesting and he figured that he would play the game. He rubbed his chin when she asked him what he wanted to know about her. He had a smirk on his face as he was a man who knew only how to startle people and get their reaction.

“What pleasure you the most Lumi? I’ve pleasured you, but learning what makes you tick might be that enjoyable in the future.” He said to her with a smirk on his face waiting for her to say something.



I'm Back Home for Now [Lumikki] - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 14, 2024 4:16 pm


”Huh, ye think so? I just wanted to annoy him eventually but be harder to swat or escape. But now that ye mention it….it must be lonely huh. All the more reason to annoy him I guess.” The Demoness was quite pleased with her line of thought, swaying about as she settled them. ”I sense ye aren’t far off. But what would ye do when ya enter a realm like his?”

Lumikki lips pulled back in a smirk, her eyes with mischievous playful, glee. ”I suppose I could visit ya, can’t I. I even found a trinket to make the travel easier. Of course, I would need to see where ye reside for once to have a place wander to. But all in time. Make more legends for me to store away in the archives oh Dragon of unyielding chaos, but I suppose that isn’t quite the title I’ve heard ye go by.” She could not yet her finger on it, her “eye” was hazy. Could be his chaotic nature, could be that his coming tale was explode with excitement soon. All she could tell was that he was indeed on the path to greatness. One that she could observe from afar given time.

”Oh I will, I feel faster already. Perhaps so fast that I hardly make a sound anymore.” Lumikki opened her higher wings and flapped them to emphasize this, and in their quick but power sweep, the air was pushed by no sound was made. She slide them over herself once more as she awaited his response to choosing truth.

Drakkon took but a moment to think of his question, the price Lumikki paid for choosing what she did, yet if it were dare on the first go, then perhaps it would have been harsher. All of Lumi’s wings pulled back as the slits of her shiny purple eyes receded to the point they looked sharper. As if like a cat soon to pounce. But the smirk on her month only deepened as she accepted the man for the chaos he was. “Just as I expected. Right for the jugular with ye. Indeed a man of great danger to keep in me company, if ye had stuck by me side perhaps things would have been different.” Her wings shook like one shaking dust off their shirt as the Demoness repositioned themselves. Now leaning toward Drakkon she continued. ”The future as it stands won’t be that interesting for ye, me hearts been claimed. But as the game stands, it won’t be fun if ye don’t play along. Even if it gets a wee bit hard to do so.” The grin she had now waned as she would have to commit to what she thought to be hard. Her upper wings shielding her face once more so that she could at least have the relief of not being seen as she disclosed a weakness.

She pulled back and sighed deeply, a hand now patting the table to find and pull the ice bucket back toward her. ”How vexing….disclosing a weakness…..I’ll ask the same of ya too. The answer to yer infernal request, is that very thing. I’d need a partner to render me weak against them for me to feel more. Else me mind is lost in the desires to tear and freeze away. To which yer boon proved quite pleasing then. Now, truth or dare?” She crunched particular hard on the piece of ice the popped into her mouth.

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon’s ear twitched when she asked him that question. He knew what he would do, and it was something that a lot of problems would occur. It didn’t matter to him though as he figured it would be fun.

“Well, when I enter a realm like his, then I might just cause bigger chaos than I do normally. I think it would be fun to see people distraught, confused, and hopeless at the same time. I think it would be fun.” He paused for a second as he had to make sure that she knew people like her were safe.

He stretched a bit before finishing everything he was saying.

“Of course, I won’t bother you, or Yuurei, or anything I know would bring Paradise Dawn to launch a strike on me.” He said to her as he leaned forward again to stare at her.

Still, he was glad to see that she was interested in anything he had to say. It also seemed like she was indeed faster than she was before, but that meant she could have been faster right? It was interesting to see how her future would result in, and he couldn’t wait to see it.

His smile revealed itself though when he heard her words. He couldn’t help it, she asked for it, but she was probably right in not choosing dare first. Still, with the question asked it seemed like she would answer him.

He listened to her words and he nodded understanding that he could have had a future with her. It was the one thing Drakkon didn’t want to do. He figured if he had stood by her side then he would have had to settle, one thing that he feared the most. He had to be on the move and make sure that his heart didn’t become a liability due to those he cared for. When he heard that she had been claimed by another he nodded. He would be conscious about this if she were anybody else, he wouldn’t care, and messing with her love life would have been a priority.

Still, she had explained to him what she needed in her life, and he found that interesting. He was someone who could have done that for her, and he knew that. His incapability of death and his constant healing through damage made him someone she could have chosen. Still, it was too late and he would her ask a question.

“I choose Dare.” He said waiting to see what she would make him do.



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"More chaos in the world would be lovely. Shame, I've been too busy to conjure it. Been playing far too nice too, but gotta keep the guild in mind now. Can't very well destroy villages for fun like I used to. Guess I'll bother Yuurei to ask 'em where ta find the fun now...." Lumikki had given him the benefit of the doubt. It would be needless to cross the Dawn's ire. Truth be told, they all had bad tempers here. It was just a matter of finding what could cause them to trigger, and usually one could assume it was through pointless trouble. Lumikki didn't like the idea of hunting down one of her own, Drakkon may have left, but it's clear he still had ties to the guild. But even if she wanted to cut him some slack, long as she was upholding the Warden's decree, there was no peace left here when you cross the few narrow lines drawn.

All of Lumikki’s wings pulled apart at once, revealing her with a smirk. ”Yer so daring, I could only be so brazen. How does it feel to be that fearless at this proposition. Well, can’t say yer now chaos to the core.” Lumikki leaned back, her smile softened into a a more thoughtful expression as she really tried to mull over his dare. She was just not sure what she could get away with.

”Ye have countless tattoos, no? What’s one more? Get a tiny raven to remember me by. That’s me dare for ye.” She’d giggle as she spoke, as the implications were amusing. Two of her talons were pinched close in demonstrations of how tiny the it could be. Whether he ever made good on it, would be for him to prove on his own. This dare was more of a tease than anything else.

”But I’m a good birdie, I’ll have ye know. I’ll choose dare this time as well so it’s fair and proper. Can’t hide behind truth too many times, I’ll fall to behind with ye. So what is it ye’ll have me do, and keep it mostly fair.” She looked over to him eagerly. Her glowing eyes were blazing brightly, brimming with curiosity.

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard her words and it seemed like this guild had restrained her. That was not good, and he wondered if that would affect her in the future. Still, he wondered if he would ask her that; it seemed like being a Guild Master and being a part of the Guild were two different things. He didn’t experience that, so he wouldn’t know exactly how that was.

He didn’t speak about it yet as he was waiting to see what she would have him do. He had a smirk on his face due to what she had said. It was true, he knew that she had to be careful about what she dared him to do. He wouldn’t hold back and he wouldn’t hesitate to do anything, that would be chaotic or mischievous in any way. He leaned forward while she leaned back as he was waiting for her command. He had given her the chance to have him do anything that she would like.

He would nod at her dare and he figured one more tattoo wouldn’t hurt him. He had seen what she had requested and a smirk on his face would appear.

“I don’t see why not. I will get a tattoo on my right leg with a Dragon and a Raven. The dragon moving around and the Raven.” He said to her as she would move on in the game and then told him to be fair with her.

Drakkon knew that she was a taken woman now, but oh how he wanted to be so devilish in this moment. The smirk on his face had become even bigger as he had moved toward her as his face had gotten quite close to his. Of course, he didn’t do anything crazy, but he just wanted to intimidate her with what he was going to say.

“I dare you to, tattoo Chaos anywhere on your body and show me it when you get it done.” He said to her with a smirk on his face.

He wanted to tell her to get one that says I love Chaos, but he wanted to be fair with her. Still, he waited to see her reaction to what he said. Chaos could have meant anything to anybody else, but to the two of them, they knew it was him.


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