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I'm Back Home for Now [Lumikki]

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#1Go D. Drakkon 

I'm Back Home for Now [Lumikki] Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 6:51 am

Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon had been doing a lot of soul-searching; he knew about Yuurei’s departure, but honestly who in this world didn’t? He was the strongest Wizard in the world, and to step down from being the Guild Master was a big thing. Still, when he heard who had stepped up to take the mantle, he knew that Paradise Dawn was in safe hands.

Lumikki was dependable and she was also strong, and it wasn’t like they didn’t have Yuurei still right? From what he heard, the man just stepped away from his duties and needed someone to look after the guild right?

This is what brought him back to the North, he wanted to check up on her, and what better way than to come to their front door. This wasn’t an invasion of privacy and he was a part of the guild before. Their location wasn’t hard for him to find because of that. He, of course, had no quarrels with this guild. His best friend was a part of this guild, even though he had suddenly disappeared without a trace.

The moss head approached the mountains with his two swords on his side, and his black kimono with his red sash. His yellow eye looking around to see if he could spot her from the distance. He was also making sure that nobody attacked him either. Of course, danger wasn’t a problem to him and it was because of who he was.

Once he got to his old home, he could see that not much had changed. This was a good thing and honestly, it was a fresh of good air here. There were people who were on guard duty and noticed Drakkon entered. This brought them to alert Lumikki of their guest. They figured he wasn’t a problem due to his history with the guild, but they could never be certain. Some of them would follow him making sure to track him and keep Lumikki in the know of his location.

Drakkon sniffed people around him, one of them moving around in the same direction as he was. It brought him to bring out a smirk.

“I guess this is Paradise Dawn, you can never be too free on who you let enter your home.” He said to himself.

“That is true, and you can’t blame them. They don’t know your intentions.” He said to Drakkon even though nobody could see him.

Drakkon nodded accepting that as his jugs of alcohol were on his left side. As for Bai Long, the horse was not too far from Drakkon. It was as if he was stalking him, but it seemed like he was trying to see what he was doing and when he could try and attack this monstrosity again.


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The ravens that perched all throughout the guild would note Drakkon’s arrival before her patrol would. This was often the case as her birds simply had the advantage. It was a simple added measure in case she needed to work fast; but thankfully it would seem an old friend was on the trail to enter the guild hall. To that, she’d ignore any measures for the moment. Simply waiting for the patrol to handle the matters as they would until she went down there. She had a few more pages of her report to thumb through and make note of before she wanted to depart.

Within a half an hour or so, there was a knock on her door. “There’s a visitor, we believe a previous member of the guild.” It was Sasha, one of the members from the day patrol reporting the sudden guest. She didn’t know exactly what to do but her chipper tone didn’t waver for it. ”Aye, an old friend is all. Haven’t seen him since he went on his way but word from the West tells me he was keeping Tamas company. Ye could direct him to the room to meet guest, I’ll have me servants to fix something up.” Lumikki was somewhat slumped on her desk, resting on her arm as she accepted the news. And with one good stretch, she got up. Alvis only entering a short moment after. ”Good timing love, per usual I need the meeting room prepared with some refreshments and….wine I suppose. Actually having some tea ready wouldn’t hurt either, least I could use a cup or two meself.” She’d sigh as rubbed her eyes and made her way out the office. Lumikki was hidden in human form, her hair tied back in buns, and wearing a long dark blue dress.

She’d end up in the room before Sasha could find Drakkon and bring him over. With a short minutes after, a few sandwiches and tea could be brought into the room, with a few more things to eat on the way as Lumikki hadn’t eaten lunch yet.

” Greetings old friend, what lured ye back to yer old stomping ground? Was it news of the Angel roaming around in the wild? Doesn’t mean they’d be much chaos to enjoy in his absence~ if that was yer intention.” She’d lean over and grab a small sandwich as another came to pour her a cup of tea. ”We’ve got tea and wine, if ye want something else, they’d have to scramble for it a tad.” Her yellow gaze locking on his own at last.

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#3Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon moved along the area; he figured he could see what had been done since Yuurei’s departure. While doing this, he did notice some of the ravens. They were well hidden, and he figured he should have expected them since it was Lumikki. The son of Chaos had forgotten how big this place was, but before he knew it he had gotten to the Guild Hall. When he entered the place, he noticed that there was a woman waiting for him.

He had a smirk on his face as he brought out his jug of alcohol and consumed some of it as he walked over to her.

“Do you want to party with me?” He said to Sasha.

She looked at him and even though he was handsome, she had a job to do.

“I’m here to take you to Lumikki. We don’t have time for that.” She said to him.

Drakkon laughed a bit as he put the jug back on his sash.

“Well maybe after I see the lovely Raven.” He said to Sasha as she looked away from Drakkon and directed her to follow him.

The Devourer followed behind her, checking her out from behind as the two of them moved to his destination. When they got there, Sasha opened the door, revealing the meeting room that Lumikki and Alvis were in. Alvis had just put down everything and was leaving them to their own agenda.

“Drakkon you can enter.” She said to him and he would do that before winking at Sasha.

He looked over to Lumikki with a smile on his face as she greeted him. It was nice of her to welcome him like this, and he enjoyed that about her.

“Thank you for the greeting. Didn’t think you would treat me this nicely. But yes, it was definitely the fact that He wasn’t around. I was just roaming around Fiore, figuring out what to do next. With Yuurei not the Guild Master anymore, I’m not tied to Tamas guild anymore.” He said to her as he moved to the wine and he poured himself some.

It was then his eyes would lock onto hers. He always forgot that she had the same eye as him.

“How’s the Guild Master's life? I came to visit you, and see how you were doing.” He said to her as he could see she was much stronger than he was now.


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Lumikki pulled one of the few bottles of wine prepared, knowing quite well his nature and deciding to just fall into hers. She’d use a little magic to rip out the cork and take a swig, sighing deeply as she pulled away and returned to the conversation.

”Can’t say I’m aware of the arrangement ya two had, nor that it wasn’t of the kindness in yer heart to help poor ol’ Tamas. There weren’t any paper trails of yer contract left in the open to hold ya to the task either. So I guess ye could consider yerself a free man to roam as ye please. Maybe ye’ll even stumble past the Angel once or twice and ye could pass me regards, but I warn ya, he’s somewhat feral for the moment. For reasons I won’t disclose to those not still waving our banners, so step with care.” Lumikki paused to take a longer swig than before. Relishing in the moment to drink in peace.

”It never occurs to me that the son of Chaos would remember a lil raven to the North. Seems this place left more of an impression than I thought.” She’d smile as the words pour from her lips, setting the bottle down to nibble on a sandwich now instead. “It treats me how ye’d imagine. There were a lot of things to look over and sort out but things are almost complete. I’ll say this, ye find more company knocking on yer door when ya take on the role. To that, I think I’m getting more skilled in welcoming guest. Privy to these kinda things or not. We could wander the grounds if that’s what ye prefer, but I assumed a snack from travels would start ya fine.”

With her sandwich done, she’d reach for her drink, bringing the bottle to her lips before taking a pause. ”Did ye ever find that friend of yers? Sadly, me ravens never had a crumb to report back. Ye could cross the North from yer list of choices, I’d of noticed him by now.” Frost formed subtly on the nozzle to the bottle, the Demoness was never a fan of losing one of her own. Even if she hardly knew him.

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#5Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard her words, he figured he was free to do what he wanted now. Still, what surprised him was the word feral. It seemed like that man had another screw loose, added to whatever was going on in there. She couldn’t give the reason behind him, and hearing her words he understood why. He wouldn’t pry on the matter as he wasn’t there for Yuurei. He moved into drink some more before the next thing she said to him.

This brought him to swallow his drink whole before chuckling a bit. This place did leave him the impression; there were monsters walking around this entire guild. He wanted to devour them for it, so he could become more of a monster himself. It seemed like the life of a Guild Master was boring; he wouldn’t do any paperwork if he was one, which would plunge his guild into chaos, which he wouldn’t mind that.

Drakkon would move in to get a sandwich after hearing her suggestion. He took a bite out of it and he would close his eyes to the taste of it. His eyes turned to Lumikki and his ears twitched to hearing her ask about Toge.

“We can stay here if you’d like I’m fine with the wine and dine for the time being.” He paused for a second.

“I will make sure to stay away from him then. That last thing I need him to do is drag me back to Tamas.” He said to her as he took another sip.

“Of course, I would remember the demonic woman that excited me to see what she would do in the future.” He said to her as he had a smirk on his face.

“I plan on heading to Joya one of these days and see if I can find him there. The Yakuza might know where he is, Toge always had a flare of ending within the claws of a gang. It was how we met.” He shook his head hoping to find him.

“I also thought about joining a new guild that has formed, but it seems like things are proving difficult due to my powers.” He said to her as he shook his head.


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Lumikki chuckled, “Do ye always think so far into the future? I always just assumed ye’d be chaotic through and through. Didn’t think I incur more thought when I was out of sight, figured I’d be out of mind. Shame we only met once or twice but tis the life of a wanderer, aye. Though yer tethered to Tamas~ I’m curious of all the other girlies that afforded such an honor~” Lumikki flashed a smirk to match his and took another swig from her bottle, lingering on the sip and nodding along to the point he made about his lost friend. If that was the pattern, she wouldn’t question it. Her knowledge of Toge was less than all the other remaining members, regardless of how few she’d met a number of them; but there was still new things to learn about them, where as Toge hardly existed anywhere anymore.

”Powers?” Lumikki asked bewildered as she pulled away from her drink. It took her a moment to think up just what he could possibly mean, but it all came rushing in soon enough, coaxing a mischievous smile out of her. ”Ye never did play nice with the other dragons did ya? It’s no wonder that they don’t really like ya. Alex mentioned something of it himself, lad had a whole rant prepared for yer betrayal. Exclaiming not to trust ye if given the chance. Didn’t mean much to me at the time, less now as I know it’s not slayers who yer after. But a las, I’m sure the stalemate is painful~ Her fangs poked out as she made her jests, the drink lulled her to a merry mood and she was content enough to show it.

”How is Tamas? Haven’t heard from him in ages and sometimes I worry. Lad had gotten his dream but, well knowing him, he’s not the sociable type is he. Suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised. What’s life like in the west?”

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#7Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard her words; he wasn’t really looking into the future for everything, but there were indeed certain things he wanted to see unravel. This happened to be one of them and that was all. He did wish that had spent more time with her, maybe things would have been different. Still, this was the life he lived and she was right about that.

“No, only when it comes to certain things I think about the future. Like destroying my father, finding what happened to Toge, and what will happen to me in the future due to my abilities as the Devourer of Dragons.” He said to her as he rubbed the back of his head.

It was then he took another bit of his sandwich as it was as good as could be. When he heard about Alex he could only rub the back of his head. The old man still couldn’t forgive him, which sucked, but it was in the past. He had left Paradise Dawn, so if he didn’t want to reconcile the situation that was up to him.

“Yeah, I mean I told him afterward, but it seems like the old man can’t let it go. I thought I was the childish one, but I guess that’s how life is. Still, hopefully, they see me as an asset to their guild and not a problem.” He said to her as he moved to his wine and he would drink some of that now.

“Still, the other Dragon Slayer power is what makes me stronger. If I could find more, then I become stronger. I need to be if I want to face my father. He is a God, and I’m not, so the power of an Ancient would hopefully tip the scale.” He added more to the situation.

When she asked about Tamas, he would only shove the rest of the sandwich in his mouth. He hadn’t interacted with the man the entire time since he transferred there.

“That man is weird. I had never seen a Guild Master be so introverted like him. It made me wonder why and how he became a Guild Master, but the West is fine. They had a lot of vampires around, but the guild got that sorted out.” He said to her as thought about what to ask her.

“Anything new with you though? Besides you being the new Guild Master?” He asked the young Demon.


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”People usually hold grudges for less, and life wasn’t exactly kind to him.” Lumikki was half-way through her bottle, and she’d take a few more sips as he caught her up on Tamas. Rounding the conversations out before throwing anymore thoughts in just yet as her focus was on the wine for the moment.

”I forgot ye had a gripe with yer father. Fells like decades since we spoke of it. I’m sure ye’ll line the pieces together to succeed in yer goal.” The way he spoke of it, told her this was a solo matter, one he’d resolve alone. Whether true or not, it’s what she’d assume and Lumi would leave him to it. Figuring the man had a game plan all settled out.

”Yea Tamas was always an odd one, but there was charm to him. I kinda miss his company sometimes, it almost feels like we’re worlds apart…but a las, I’ve become forever trapped in the North. I’ve hardly the chance to travel the rest of Fiore.”

Lumikki adjusted herself in her seat as she pondered the answer to his question. Ultimately so figured a simplification suited the moment best, but the struggle of figuring out what was best to note stunted her reply. ”Last I remember seeing ye, we were workin in Talaz Lagaar. Hmmmm I think that means the two off us have met twice in total…..Between the first encounter and now, suppose ye could consider me a different person. Me family keeps growing, and I’ve been visiting kin often back at Iceberg. Found love, found heart break, and it looks like I’ll be settling down. But it’s odd remembering the moments I’ve seen ye last. I don’t feel like the same person at all….are ye? Granted, I can assume ye’ve been growing yer power all that time. Just curious what a man of chaos like ya gets along doing~”

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#9Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard her words, and as that was true, nobody's life was exactly kind to them. It was just how things went. He knew not even Yuurei lived a happy life, there was something that had caused that man to stumble.

He would drink more, actually finishing whatever he had in his cup. When he did this he looked at her as he chuckled a bit as a smile escaped his lip. He would move over to pour more wine as that was something he enjoyed. It was then before he drank the wine, the son of chaos would put something in his mouth. A little pill to give him a good journey today. There, he drank that alcohol that he had in his hand now.

Drakkon heard her words and the sadness that came with being the Guild Master of the North. He understood the pain of it, and he shook his head.

“If you don’t want to be stuck why not just smack Yuurei in the face and tell to take it back or give it to your uncle? That man never travels to any other part of Fiore, that is for sure.” He said to her as that was always a suggestion but not final.

Drakkon heard her and everything that she had gone through. That was a lot, but it seemed like she had found happiness. That was different, but good at least someone in Paradise Dawn found it. She asked him what he had done since Talaz Lagaar and he just put his free hand into a fist.

“I have just been becoming stronger, walking through chaos and hoping to find what I’m looking for. My life feels like I’m missing something. What that is, I don’t know just yet. But I’m happy you found happiness. I think this is the first time I heard someone basically enjoying that.” He said that as he cracked his neck and took in more alcohol.


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Lumikki chuckled as his comment, mulling it over. “I love Brone, but this work won’t suit him sadly. I could very well drop the crown back into the Angel’s hands though. Least I know he could do it fine.” She’d take another sip of wine as she’d eye him carefully. The Demoness was not sure what he mixed with his drink but kept mindful of his potential chaotic nature.

“Happiness is rarely afforded to me kind huh? Almost an anomaly isn’t it? There are still gripes that even I can’t avoid, but I’m content with the blessings I’ve been given. Maybe ye’d find yer share on the road to that goal of yers. Hmmm….I wonder what ye feel like yer missing. How does one walk through chaos?”

The long dress Lumikki wore shifted to something a bit more casual. Becoming a short but oversized dress. She still maintained human form but for now she was more comfortable. And she lean forward, lifting on leg to sit on the other. The wine chilling in her hand as she held it out. “I finally visited Hosenka, the place was lovely. If I remember right, ye said that was from where ye came. The dresses of Joya have come to be some of me favorite but I’m not well traveled enough to declare more than that. I wonder how ye’d take to Iceberg and its customs.”

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#11Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard her comment about Brone, and he laughed; the dwarf was a leader, but he wouldn’t be able to handle everything. He commanded right, but to do all the paperwork and stuff that the Guild had wasn’t for him.

He heard her words and her question. He just knew everywhere he had gone around, there was chaos around him.

“When I mean by walking through chaos, I mean everywhere I go Chaos follows. It is something I guess happens because of who I am. It doesn’t bother me though, I have been finding it normal these days.” He said to her as he didn’t what he was missing, but hopefully he would find it.

It was then she mentioned that she visited Hosenka, his ears twitched as he told her that he lived the majority of his life there with his mom. It seemed like she enjoyed it and he was glad to hear this from her.

“That is good to hear, I liked what you dressed into now though. It makes you as beautiful as the day we met.” He said to her as he thought about how he would look.

“You mean you want to see how I would look at a Viking? That would be interesting to wear the attire of your people.” He said to her as he thought about it some more.

He would drink a bit more, and then he looked at her once again.

“So, Lumi, how does it feel to be in a Guild that is feared by the people, rather than loved? Besides the people in the North, I don’t think anybody within Fiore feels love for you all.” He said to her.


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Lumikki looked herself over by the mention of the day they met. There were things that were clear in her memory and other things somewhat hazy, but after some more thought and another sip of wine, Lumikki finally understood his point. ”Aye, remember what ye mean now. That dress stood no chance and it was the beginning of using me shadows to replace clothes. Comes in handy, I’ll say that, but if I remember….hmmm, it was more like something like this.” She’d shift the dress to fit tighter and almost replicate the dress of before exactly. The changes mostly coming from the design of the lace that covered her chest. But such details Lumikki doubted Drakkon would care for let alone notice.

”Not Viking per se, but among the culture would be curious. I just like the variations of different places is all. A passing fancy.” She played with her hair, twirling some of the locks still loose from the buns in her fingers. Thinking over the places she has yet to see while Drakkon goes on.

”They don’t know me, and if they do it’s probably in name alone. Whatever love and hate they harbor is hardly me problem, cause if ye feel anything toward me then it should be from meeting me and what came of it. I mean, do ya hate me Drakkon? Though meself aside, there is little reason I see to hate most of us besides envy. Not too many members from the reports I’ve skimmed over, do anything of note to warrant the disdain. Unless of course, there are things I don’t know. Yer one of Yuurei’s men if he sent ye to Tamas, no? So did he leave us hated as oppose, loved? Hmmm relations with Blue Pegasus, Fairytail, and Guardia Compodia should be fine. Rune Knights like us well enough from what I could gather as well, never had any trouble with ‘em. So I’m curious love, who should I note hates us so that I could send the ravens to keep and eye on?” Her eyes were set ablaze from the implication. Something like this was better sorted faster than not to save the trouble of cleaning the festering mess later. But more than anything, she was curious about what brought this on, or was the son of Chaos sowing seeds of discord himself. Either way, it should but a simple thing to resolve. And she had the means to investigate it.

But in her agitation, the room would dim from her temper, and the chill to a noticeable degree. The frost the crept along her bottle now took up most of the glass. She’d take a deep sip to sate her frustration, politics were always a headache to sort. Perhaps the best she could do is crave lines and set new boundaries over time. Though that was for when the time comes. For now, she was trying to get comfortable in the company of her guest.

”Did ye come to test me in his absence? Hardly worth the trip up North. Or if ye miss him so, ye’ve come a bit short, the Angel last I saw, was further North from here. Ye’d probably even enjoy that setting more.”

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#13Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon looked at her as her outfit changed once again. that was the outfit or at least a similar outfit that she had worn when they had met. He did chuckle when he heard the comment about her dress. It wasn’t that day, it was a unique event and day. He figured he would make his way to the Iceberg one day. He was pretty sure he’d have to dress up properly as the name itself had told him it would be cold.

She had asked him if he hated her, it wasn’t just that, but she had also indicated he was one of Yuurei’s men. This caused him to laugh; there was no way he was one of his. Still, he did fear that man, not because of how he was, but the power that walked with it. It made his hair spike up on his back and he didn’t like that. He thought about the final questions that she had asked and crunched his lips together as he was thinking about it.

The Son of Chaos would drink more of the wine than he had. While doing this, he heard her, and it made him laugh a bit more. He could see she didn’t like his words with what changes were happening around the room.

“I don’t hate you, Lumi, so I’m not the one to worry about. As for Yuurei’s men, that is not the case. I followed Yuurei through fear and not love. I also was here because Toge was here, but now that he isn’t and the Warden is not the Guild Master anymore I have nothing to stop me from doing what I want.” He said to her on that matter.

“Yes, every guild you just said is fine with Paradise Dawn, and even the Rune Knights. That doesn’t mean they don’t fear Paradise Dawn is all I’m saying.” He paused as he could tell she just didn’t like his words.

“I’m just wondering what your two cents are on the matter, but if you feel they are fine with the Guild then that is all that matters.” He said as he moved to grab another sandwich.

“Nope, didn’t come to test you at all. I came to see you, and I missed you. Still, it seems I have angered you.” He said as he drank more of the wine that he had obtained.


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”Hmmm, weren’t ye always free? Hard to believe the son of Chaos could be tethered so easily. But I do admit the Angel drives a certain point making it hard to say no….Suppose it’s a personal contract among ye, so I wish ye luck on that venture. Yuurei may not have the reach I do to observe, but he has a way of knowing things all the same.”

Lumikki listened closely to what he said, there was no reason to spill over needlessly. ”Aye, to that regard I understand. We’ve always sat in such contention since before I’ve entered these halls. The point I tried to spread inversely in me short time, is ye could fear us but we aren’t all bad. See I think it’s boring when no one wants to play with ye cause they’re too scared. Who wants to sit in the quite?” Barely any wine left in the bottle, so she’d finally polish the rest off, pointing to another so that one of her servants could pass it toward her. ”Thanks she sighed,” Leaning forward and enjoying the warmth in her belly. She’d finally look back up to Drakkon with a less intense gaze.

”Huh, ye missed lil ol’ me?” Her eyes glowed once more in a playful manner, and her lower most wings would unfurl. Picking her up into the air so that she could lean into Drakkon while at eye level. A cheeky smile on her face as she playfully bobbed before him.”Figures Chaos fosters so many surprises.” She’d circle around him before touching ground again. ”The wee bit of time I had with ye was enjoyable. Shame ye couldn’t stick around. Didn’t even know where to send a raven~ be here we are all the same.” Lumikki walked back toward the end of the table, fluttering her wings to pick her up and drop her atop the table’s surface. She’d grab her wine again, “Any good drinks out there? Oh speaking with, there was a gathering in Hosenka. Did ye enjoy the Hot springs there?”

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#15Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon nodded as he wished that were the case. Yuurei made him nervous, and he figured that if he had done something that the Angel didn’t like, then something bad might happen to him. Still, he was never bound to Yuurei, and leaving the country to pursue things there was the smartest thing he could do.

“I was always free, and then I joined Paradise Dawn. From there, things got a little weird. Right now I’m trying to correct that and I plan to leave Fiore. Still, like you said that man always finds a way of learning things.” He said to Lumikki.

He decided to take a seat now. He moved over to a free spot and sat down, so he could look at Lumikki. Listening to her words as he adjusted himself to feel comfortable.

“Yeah, I think this guild is very welcoming. It's just that Paradise Dawn is the household of a bunch of powerhouses, so I think people fear stepping out of line. I have been in here for a bit and even I think nobody would fight people due to a difference in opinion. Unless someone slanders Paradise Dawn, then that’s different.” He said taking in his drink.

He smiled at her next words and kept his smile with her action. He was glad to know that she did have fun with him. He was sad that their time together was short and it was due to the fact that he was always on the move.

“Of course, I did. What is not to miss from someone like you Lumi? As for drinks, yes there are a lot of good ones and bad ones out there. I actually have a strong alcoholic beverage in one of my jugs. It tastes sweet, but it packs quite a punch if you aren’t careful. I enjoy it a lot, to be honest, would you like to try it?” He said to her.

He would lift the jug from his sash and he would offer it to her, so she could open it and have a taste of it herself.

“As for the Hot Springs in Hosenka. I heard about that event, and I plan on attending it soon. It is only fitting for a drinker like me to participate if I say so myself. Did you take part in that gathering?” He said to her with a big grin on his face excited to see what that was about.


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”Heh, what’s there to expect….Look as a Demon, I know how that makes me seem. But me ire ain’t for this realm, its toward others. It’s like we always say….if ye leave us alone, we’d do the same. We’re a mercenary guild first and foremost, we owe nothing to the King, to the Magic Council….if ye want us, ye should pay for our services. It’s just easier that way. Easier if we’re just left alone….I don’t want to be feared until I give them a reason, but I can’t fault ‘em for being caution. Ye’ve met Yuurei, he’s not cruel per se but intimidating. I’ve felt me fear, I’ve paid me price. Perhaps if they paid as well, we could move on? But suppose it’s me now that’s the face to debt.” Lumikki sighed, ”It’s their gripe now mine, not ours.” She’d join him in sharing a drink, taking comfort at the thought of getting tipsy.

Upon his offer, her face would betray her interest. His invitation piqued her interests and desires, so she’d plunge for it. Lumikki leaned forward from her seat toward him, ”Sweet drink ye say? Enough to fell a Demon maybe?” Lumikki managed to rest the bottle that was in her hands onto the table. Sliding off to get closer but halting when she realized she’d need a glass. One cup sat waiting for her to entertain drinking, but with the choice of the drinking straight from the tap had rendered it useless until now. Lumikki wandered over to grab it, “What’s there to miss Drakkon? Me touch is still as cold as then. Did the girlies not suit yer fancies? Hmpt, admittedly I hope to see more when I finally wander meself. No need for playmates, I just need to surmise what this world has to offer. But from what I gather, I like every other country more than Fiore thus far. Makes me wonder how long I’d plan to stay here, ye know?”

With silent steps, she’d wander back over. Holding out her glass to let Drakkon bless her with his offer. Her eyes locked to his. ”I’m curious Drakkon. Do ye have fear toward me?” It was like her eyes were electrified for a moment, but it settled when she smiled more warmly. Her curiosity didn’t trump the desire for the new liquor.

”Hmmm, ye didn’t go? I’ve had me share of visits, perhaps a few more. It’s where I go to run away from the office while there are moments to muster it. I won’t join ye in the baths, but we can knock back as many drinks as the pub has to offer.”

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard her words and he understood where she had come from. He figured that he would drop it and decide to celebrate the fact that she was the Guild Master of this guild. It seemed like she was intrigued by his offer, one that made him pleased to see.

He waited for her to get a glass to drink and while that had happened she spoke. He smiled at her as her touch was different from others. That was for sure, so he would use that, but it also seemed like her enjoyment of Fiore had come to an end. He understood that very much as he felt like his calling wasn’t in this country either.

When she brought the glass to him, he’d pour the drink in her cup, so she could enjoy herself. When he heard her question, his smile got bigger. He didn’t fear her, but that was because she never gave him anything to fear. He did know he was weak, and that would hopefully change soon.

“I want to say that drink may have an addictive to it, but it’s really good trust me on that. As for what was missed about you…” He paused as he took a sip of his drink.

“Your cold touch is different from everyone’s touch, but the darkness you have looming over you is another thing I miss. It was as if I could feed off that energy to make me thrive even more than I am.” He said as he sealed his jug and placed it on his sash.

He moved the drink in his hand around as he was playing with his drink and glass.

“I do not fear you. If anything, I’m pleased to know what you are, and I hope to see what you can do. But joining you for drinks is never a bad thing Lumikki. I will hold you to that.” He said to her as he thought about her leaving.

“I think my journey will be me leaving Fiore as well. There is a guild I heard be made in one of the countries that are housing Dragon Slayers. It would be interesting to see what kind of Chaos I can bring forth there.” He laughed a bit excited about what the future may hold.

“What about you Lumikki, am I something you fear?” He asked her returning the question back to her.


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”Addictive?” She’d ponder while eagerly pulling back her glass. She was not well verse in anything beyond plain drinking. Anything more were simply never things that occurred to cross her mind. So she simply accepted the gift blindly despite how naive that could be seen when sharing company with a Demi-God of chaos.

”Ooooh, I know that kinda hunger well.” She’d drink the contents of the glass rather quick, chugging it and enjoying the taste as it rushed passed her tongue. Her greediness was showing, though the irony alluded her. As all she could really think about was chasing the desire to drink more. Was it him? Lumikki mulled it over but concluded it was not that simple, it was not even stress or that change of life. She simply wanted to consume and it was that simple. Like a comfort response she’d never notice.

She’d notice him playing with his glass, it ebbed her curiosity and she’d place her empty back on the table. Leaning in toward Drakkon once more. ”Ye’ve only really experienced me darkness when I was mortal. An even the job we did, ye were strong enough to clear it without me. All to say if yer liked the darkness then, ye’d be more intrigued now.” It was as she spoke that Lumikki was also shifting form. Releasing her human vestige for one more truer to who she was. All the shadows beneath and around them would warp and pull toward her, coating her skin and quickly shedding away to unveil her nightly form. As such occurred, the light of the room slightly dimmed with her transformation. Her change would be somewhat more demonic than usual despite how much she used this appearance, as the Obscura that made up her being poured out from her like a black mist. She’d reach over Drakkon’s shoulders and pull out from the darkened air, a blanket fitted from excess shadows.

”When I met ye that first time, ya had the same affect. Could hardly hold back me hunger or darkness. Guess it isn’t a habit I could shake even now as it’s just as hard as it was before to stay….normal.” She’d pulled back and move toward toward the table again. Now he’d have a better view of the being she became. Her blue tattoos shimmering in the dark fog that was slowly receding back into her. ”Glad ye don’t. Would be boring if ya did. But now drinking, who better to keep me company, I don’t assume I know many people that drink harder thanks than ye.”

Lumikki fit herself in a boyish posture, more focused on the comfort and freedom than her status and usual desire to be posed. With him, it felt meaningless to do anything “needless”. Wild was all she surmised in his presence. Another thought to mull over, the influence of gods or even their children.

”Dragons slayers ye said?…..Hmmm are ye referring to the one settling in Pregrande? I wouldn’t recommend ye stir up too much trouble there. There a Dragon among ‘em that bites. I would know, met her meself.”

Drakkon’s question brought a devilish smirk to her face. ”Ye’d have to instill the fear into me yerself love, but I could incur yer worthy of being feared indeed. Though I think it’s time ye learned how to play nice with other dragons. Chaos works better when layered and ye won’t find that from the many villages and bridges yer burning up all at once now.” Lumikki let gravity pull her back, leaning deep before a black tendril held her up and comforted her. ”There’s a particular burn and blur from the spirits ye offered me. How entertaining, should have figured a regenerative god like ye would carry a drink to put ye down enough to enjoy it. Can’t say they burn for me the same since I turned Demon.”

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#19Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon had told her the honest truth. He wasn’t trying to make her do something and then warn her about it after the deed was done. He was trying to learn from his mistakes, and that was true. Still, he watched her drink knowing what he said and that was good. As long as she didn’t have it all the time she shouldn’t worry. While she drank she spoke, she explained that her darkness was much more than it was now than back then. He watched her shift forms, and his smile only got bigger. This was the beauty that he wanted to see.

The mortal coil she hid behind wasn’t something that he cared about. He knew she was more, and he could see that she was more. The woman had revealed herself and it did nothing to the man in terms of fear or any of that sort. He would drink what was in his glass now as she spoke to him and moved away from him. The son of chaos would laugh when he heard her words about drinking. He couldn’t help him; he was a Demi-God, and then on top of that he was immortal, so alcohol just didn’t harm him the way it did others.

He heard her warning, and he took it into consideration. He would tread lightly, assess that situation, and work from there. Drakkon would hear her finish off the things she had said. He nodded as he poured himself another before adjusting himself in his seat.

“You are beautiful like this, why do you hide yourself? It’s exquisite to see you like this; my form is a bit tougher, but my skin becomes rough, and sometimes I become bigger, and my color changes.” He explained to her.

“I only allow you to be you and let yourself be free without hindering you from biting your tongue. That is all I want from a Beautiful being like yourself. As for a Dragon that bites, I will keep that in mind, and tread carefully then. Still, I do not fear a dragon as I’m known as the Devourer of Dragons. My power belonged to one of the strongest Ancient Dragons, that fought against three other Ancient Dragons without an equal on his side.” He paused for a second.

“How he became powerful was pitiful, but how he thrived to become stronger wasn’t bad. He attacked before being attacked and that I commend. As for bridges to burn, as long as I don’t build them then there is no need to worry about that. Joking aside, I keep those I want as my friends, and those I don’t I walk on them.” He said to her as he looked at his drink and back to her.

“Yes, the power to regenerate was granted from the Void, and I feel as if my father had something to do with it. I also have a different form, one that I think is less pretty and rougher around the edges. My skin gets rougher, I become more dragon-like, the problem is sometimes it gets worse, and I become bigger, my color changes and it just doesn’t feel like me.” He said wondering if she would like to see it.



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The wings that adorned her head would twitch with pleasure from his compliments, they took her by surprise. Almost as much as his proceeding words at the mention of a transformation of his own. Head tilting from utter curiosity, she’d lean back toward him. ”Not often I get to see others shift~ I should of known by yer nature but I surprised all the same. Ye always have so many interesting tricks, even with me eyes, ye’d have more tucked away and hidden.” Lumi would chuckle while tilting to the side. Her eyes with gleeful squint, and dancing lights. ”I shift in all me forms freely save for me true one. The Human facade helps keep people calm in me presence as its easy to forget what I am when it’s out of sight.” But on his reaction, she’d play along with his praise. Letting all her feathers and wings emerge until she was the harpy that she’s known to be. Her four wings, tucked carefully behind her and her talons on display. ”Admittedly I enjoy the company of dark kin the best. It’s always easier to feel at peace in me more comfortable forms. Though I’m curious of how it feels for ya as well.”

Lumikki would chuckle at his conviction, but because she found it humorous but because he took it differently to what she’d mean. ”Oh rest assured, I know well they should be fearing ye. Me words were not to say she’d beat ya. To that I do not know, but as I had expressed, she’d protect what’s hers. A sentiment I know ye could understand, so there’s no need to ruffle a dragon in her nest. I want the best for ye and her both. Draconian allies are not a surplus to come by and she means to be ambitious. But if ye do join the order, know I’ve aligned with ‘em meself. So all the same, we work together once more. Suppose if I’m here, then ye indeed know when to build or walk when ye like.”

Lumi grasped the bottle once more, bring it to her lips but stopping short. She was toying with the idea of another swig but his words entertained her more. ”Doesn’t feel like ye? Hmmm if it’s from the “void” it’s hard to say. Beings of are like barely follow any rules but we hold consistency. The void cares not for sadly. How big do ye get, oh well what is this form? I’ve shown ye mine, mind offering me yers?” After her plea, she tipped the bottle toward her for another large gulp. The Demoness felt the beginnings of a tingling sensation from the drink before, enough to make her feel like she was vibrating.. but she’d invite such feelings and press on for more.

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard her and at the same time, he could see that she was pleased with what he had said. He was always honest with her, things might come out in a different order than normal, but truth was always there. He shook his head at the explanation as to why she was in the human form more than anything. He felt like she shouldn’t have to, but he understood. It was probably the same reason why Yuurei did it too.

Still, she had revealed herself to him, and honestly, he was happy about it. He stared at her, but not with disgust but with admiration of her truest form. She wondered how he felt around his kin, and to be honest he felt so out of place, he didn’t think he was naturally comfortable anywhere. He made it so for himself and enjoyed his time even though nobody wanted him around.

It was then she had asked him how big he became when transforming. Drakkon was seven feet tall, so he would be a bit over ten feet tall when transformed.

“Oh I won’t start any trouble. I plan to go there in peace now that you brought the guild up. But I do like when people squirm and struggle to protect their own.” He jest when he said that.

“I enjoy those who have darkness within them and bring darkness into this world. If I can find someone like that, then I can thoroughly enjoy them. As for kin, like other Dragon Slayers, and even Demi-Gods, I don’t think they take kindly to my presence. On one end, I’m a traitorous bastard who has the power of a dragon that consumed other dragons. And then the second, well they have not shown a gesture of goodwill toward me, others have been quiet.” He said to her.

He would drink more as he would put the glass on the table and he would stand up tall. He looked at her as if she had asked for a demonstration.

“I’m seven feet tall now, so I say about an extra three feet.” He said this to her as he had begun.

It was then Drakkon would remove the top portion of his kimono as it dropped to his waist. His body well built, but showing his body wasn’t the reason for doing this. His eyes were normal at first, but shifted to that were possessed by reptilian creatures. The color of his eyes still the same as always though. He was using the transformation of his cape, which was his true form.

His body started to contort from the shifting as his body was becoming longer, and broader. Drakkon’s ears stretched out and arched in the end as his ears had become a violet color. His forehead was possessed with a gold tip of the spear-like sigil on it. His body tuning in with his dragon abilities, had been replaced with dragon scales. His nails had shaped longer like talons and his skin color had turned purple glistening like there was a purple fire in his scales.

On top of all of that his eyes had become shiner with an aura and a green aura would appear all around Drakkon as he looked at Lumikki.

“This is how what I can become, and it allows me to use my powers to their greatest abilities.” He said to her as he waited to see her reaction and what she would say.

Reference of his Transformation:


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Lumikki nodded along to his jest. ”Aye, it’s usually cute and endearing. Brings me back to when I was starting off even.” She’d halt as he spoke on. Head tilting to the side as she slowly brought the drink back to her lips. ”I’m starting to think I’ve only known or met the outcasts. Me included, suppose ye could count the Angel, even that Guild Master yer about to meet knows her share. Hardly wanted by yer own, isn’t that how it always sounds. But it does me just fine, as I could scope ye all to me company and be better for it with less alliances to mind. All else fails Drakkon, ye have a place by me. Not how much it holds to one as chaotic as ya though~”

With her peace made, she’d take another deep swig. Drakkon still visible from the corner of her eye but when he mentioned his height she almost choked on her wine. ” Caaah—Se-seven feet lad?! All ye tall folk are the same and I don’t care for ye but hearing the number sometimes put the perspective that yer all monstrously towering normal folk like me….and to hear ye still have a meter left to ya….” Lumikki sighed with the little breath that she had. Leaning back onto her wings to prop her up and try again with her wine. She was in a better angle to entertain him and still do so.

As his body shifted and contorted in the oddest ways, Lumikki observed with a mix of fascination and intrigue. Her bottle almost slipping through her fingers as now she focus was elsewhere. He truly appeared like an otherworldly being, an existence he always had but hardly became apparent to her. Now, well, he was a hulking beast with, no…dragon, with intricate adornments and celestial decal. It was breath taking how regal he appeared, and almost a cause of vexation for how dazzling he truly was.

”So this is the Drakkon I know…” Her voice came out almost breathless like. She flap her wings to embrace vestige and feel his scales. Her eyes shifting about his body to note all the little intricacies like the purple scales and running flames. His green aura only a contrasting element to make notice of.

”Agreed, I see yer reaction to me now. Yer far more beautiful like this…There is comfort from the mortals not knowing me true form. I could admit that. Most have rarely seen me true form either as I too could go further than this. A proper raven in opposition to yer full dragon…Oh I wonder if Ryuko would be pleased to see ye among ‘em.”

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon heard her words and he laughed at the fact that the people she were friends with were all damaged in their own way. That made sense, but he started to feel like that was how everyone was in this world. Still, it seemed like she was surprised that he was able to get taller than what he was already.

He looked at her, and it seemed like she was surprised at how he looked. It was how he was because of how strong he had gotten. The abilities of the Dragon powers he had taken for himself, but at the same time, the things he had made him this way.

He had a smirk on his face when hearing her words. He was a Dragon-like man indeed, and his powers from being Chaos made him like this.

“I don’t think she will be happy to see me. Still, I will do my best to convince her to let me join their ranks. I mean, honestly, they wouldn’t have anything to lose and have everything to gain by allowing me to join them.” He paused for a second as he didn’t want to take a seat.

He didn’t want to break her chair with everything that happened during the transformation.

[colo=green]“I join because being around other Dragon Slayers will only allow me to get stronger. Other than that, I will help the guild out to the best of my ability. I hope that is enough for her to take me in, or else I might just be annoying to them in the future.”[/color] He laughed when he said those words.

Drakkon would take his drink and he would consume it as he figured he could stay in this form while they chatted.

“I hope by joining this guild, I can transform into a Dragon. If that happens, then I will show you that form. I wondered if that is even a thing in this guild.” He said to her as chuckled.

He thought about it and then wondered what she was going to do to the guild now that she was running the show.

“Now that you’re Guild Master Lumi, what are your plans for the Guild? What are you going to do differently than what Yuurei has done in the past?’ He asked, curious to hear her words.



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”Yea, yea, the Dragon wants to be with their fellow dragons. Very well makes sense to me~ And I really with ye the best. It’s looking like a war will be happening there soon enough, and she’d be better off with ya there when it happens.” Her glowing eyes were still looking him over with such curiosity. It was fascinating being beside another oddity.

”Hmmm are ye not a Dragon like this? Does it require that much more? I’m starting to wonder if only the Demons have a knack for interesting transformations, but I’d have to confirm it after I happen upon Yuurei’s true form.” Pulling back Lumikki gave that notion much thought, but she just as well knew it to be a pointless endeavor. He was a Seraphim, but it never was the source that bolstered him. He garnered that with his strength and power alone and his items were mere flavor in which he dished out said power.

”I didn’t think ye so sentimental of the guild, or perhaps I misunderstand ya and really yer just curious of me. What I’d do different? Hard to say really. Yuurei put down a good precipice for the members to grow strong and it has worked fine enough. I guess what I would focus on is trying to unify the members a bit more. Often are we heading different directions that it almost feels we aren’t a family at all. But how ye ask? Hard to say….perhaps we need a common enemy to help them focus….”

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Go D. Drakkon
Drakkon’s ears twitched when he heard the word war. A small smirk appeared on his face, and he was glad to hear that. This was going to be fun if there was indeed going to be a war. He was the Son of Chaos, and honestly, he felt like he was one of the strongest Dragon Slayers out there. He didn’t know why, but it just felt that way. He felt like he had to hone his strength more and work on other aspects as well.

“I think a Dragon Slayer can eventually become a Dragon themselves, but it is something that rarely happens. I’m not sure if I will ever see one in my life.” He said this to her as that was the truth, but he would meet one when he bumped into Ryuko.

“I don’t know what to expect from that Angel. I sometimes feel as if he is the Demon and you’re the Angel.” He laughed when he said that.

He thought about what she said as he rubbed his chin. That was an interesting take on how Yuurei ran things and how she wanted to run things. He didn’t know what to say, but he took a second to think about it.

“I see, I mean, yeah I think he always allowed us to do things on our own. He didn’t want us to be forced to stop what we were doing to help others. Still, if one thing I know is that he made sure we got stronger so that you guys could help each other whenever something dire abrupted within the guild.” He said to her as he would take another chug of his jug.

When he took that in, he would look at her and he smiled though because he didn’t care about the guild like they did.

“When it comes to this guild, I don’t mind it. I joined because of Toge and stood here hoping to get answers, but that never happened. So, yes, I’m interested in you Lumi. Why wouldn’t I be; where I know I cannot be stuck in one place, I did and do enjoy your company.” He said to her as he looked at the harpy.


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