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Finding a Purpose [w/ Erebus]

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Finding a Purpose [w/ Erebus] Empty Thu Jul 22, 2021 6:03 pm

Sterling, Akihiko
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❝A man who takes away another man's freedom is a prisoner of hatred, he is locked behind the bars of prejudice and narrow-mindedness❞ — Nelson Mandela

Aki gazed at the endless plains and hills before him – a beautiful sight unlike any other he had seen. It was nice to see something other than rocks or tundras for once. Since his departure from Sieghart Mountains, he was in search of a purpose – something to fill that empty void inside. That is why he has ventured out to the city of merchants, Baska, intending to reinvent himself. More importantly, it was the nearest city and the warrior needed to rest his aching feet and a hot bath did not sound bad.

As his stomach grumbled Akihiko looked into his pockets. “Damn.” He managed to go through a third of his rations but unfortunately, he still had some way to go. It wasn’t much, but Aki quenched his hunger by feeding off of the berries he found in bushes. He preceded in this fashion until there quite literally were no berries to be picked. “It’s already getting dark, maybe I should set up camp soon.”

The young Encan followed the riverside hoping to find a suitable spot to camp down. Instead, he was met by a group of bandits eager to kill. One by one they formed a circle around Akihiko, entrapping him. “You wouldn’t happen to have any food?”

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#2Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus traced lines around every target with his dagger extended. From his perch twenty meters away he couldn’t be seen. The shade of the trees blended Erebus and his clothes into the dark, whilst the occasional glimmer of light from the backdrop was too bright to reveal his glowing cloak to the enemy.
Quite literally, Erebus would enter the picture from absolutely no where. Something he seemed to do on a more occasional routine lately.

Erebus was a member of Eternal Nightmare and despite being a protector of a different region, he was here in Baska. His presence ran the Rune Knights off which helped the town get back to normal, but it also brought back the presence of Bandits. So Erebus stayed to play predator.


Now Akihiko, being surrounded was tasked with dealing battle to the bandits or he may very well find himself beaten and robbed. Potentially killed.

Rather than wait around for the guy to fend for himself. Erebus cocked his dagger back and threw with the mightiest strength. His arm let the weapon fly at a pace that emitted a buzz-saw appearance, and when it came towards the bandits, it would collide to send one of the men a couple of meters. High impact damage feat, Erebus would plop down from the tree; Surely Akihiko would take this opportunity to fight.

If he didn’t,

At least two of the Bandits would rush him, one throwing its body to the ground to stab his ankles and legs. The other bandit lifted its wrist and channeled a fireball at the man.


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Sterling, Akihiko
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❝A man who takes away another man's freedom is a prisoner of hatred, he is locked behind the bars of prejudice and narrow-mindedness❞ — Nelson Mandela

Dumbfounded, the bandits stared at Aki. The smallest of the trio stepped forth and began to laugh. ”Ya hear that, fellas? This bastard has a death wish.” Aki wasn’t amused by their theatrics, so instead, he gave them something to laugh about. As he turned around, he pulled his pants down to his ankles – giving the bandits a free show.

”You fuckin-“

Immediately, the bandit that had stepped forward came rushing towards Akihiko. With no time to react, he was in a bit of a pickle. Luckily, a razor-sharp object thrown from his left had struck the bandit dead before he could get his hands on Aki. The warrior used this moment of confusion to gather himself together and assume a fighting stance. Enraged, the bandits began their pursuit.

One of them decided to stay low to aim for the legs and cut off Akihiko’s mobility while the other began chanting. ”A mage and a brute.” he thought to himself. The problem wasn’t the target in front of him but the mage charging a fireball in the backline. He needed to think of a plan and fast. Aki ran towards the brute using their momentum to strengthen the impact of his knee to his chin. He then promptly disarmed the bandit and put him in a tight constraint. The next step was to use the constricted bandit’s body as cover as he pressed the mage.

Barely conscious the bandit yelled, ”W-wait! Don’t do it!”

The mage fired the fireball – burning his own ally while Aki sustained minimal damage. With haste, Akihiko used the knife that he acquired from disarming the bandit to stab the mage in his neck. ”Down you go.” He let out a relieved sigh as he walked back to the first bandit’s body. Aki removed the dagger from the bandit’s head and looked to his left where a shady figure could be seen from a distance. ”I believe this belongs to you.”

#4Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus plopped to the ground below the branches, his hands swiped at the dust on his cloak. He walked towards Akihiko, extending his hand. “Yeah. It is mine.” He’d say, not hesitating to take the dagger back, arching his brow. “Who are you?” Erebus questioned, although a little pushy, he did feel obligated to make sure Akihiko wasn’t a threat and rather a friend.

“My name is Erebus. I’m from Eternal Nightmare. I keep the bandits away from Town the best I can, just doing God’s work.” Erebus was a ‘bad guy’ yes, but on a personal level was just like any other person. Questing first strength, then choosing how he wanted to be seen later; in the eyes of a King, he was invisible as a subject. To become someone who challenged the authority or agenda at-hand, well... That made you very, very, visible.

Maybe that’s what Eternal Nightmare was to him. A fair chance to be visible. He liked that thought, but quickly dialed back into the conversation at hand. “Are you in a guild?” Erebus wanted to know if he was someone to be trusted or not. If he wasn’t in a guild, Aki’s skills could be resourceful for EN’s goals. Curious, Erebus decided to wager an offer. Not without further figuring this cat out though, as he could very much be a danger at this time.

“... Where you headed anyways?”


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Sterling, Akihiko
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❝A man who takes away another man's freedom is a prisoner of hatred, he is locked behind the bars of prejudice and narrow-mindedness❞ — Nelson Mandela

Although he didn’t sense any hostility from the approaching man, Aki remained cautious. The feeling was likely mutual since he grabbed his weapon with haste. Every fiber in his body told him that this man was dangerous, someone far beyond his level. In his current state, he probably wouldn’t have gotten far anyway, but hopefully, it wouldn’t come down to that. “I am Akihiko. Where I come from isn’t all that important.” He started to loot the mage’s corpse. “Eternal Nightmare, huh? How exactly does a member of a dark guild benefit from protecting a town almost overrun by bandits?” he continued.

Aki managed to scavenge a few coins and used candy wrappers, but unfortunately, that was about it. It was already dark out, so he wasn’t fond of the idea of traveling at night. The optimal plan would be to set up camp somewhere and leave first thing in the morning. “The least you can do is make yourself useful if you’re going to continue bombarding me with questions. How about you loot the other corpses and see if you can find anything to start a fire.” Akihiko dragged the mage’s corpse by the legs and rested him up against a tree. “I’ll be more than willing to answer your questions then.”

#6Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus listened to Aki, to which he remained silent, his head followed Akihiko to the tree where he threw the slumped foe against the tree's bark. He finally moved after being told to dispose of the corpses. Frankly, he was just use to leaving pools of blood and bodies. But hey, different people got different methods.

"The days where I was afraid of bodies against my name are long gone I'd say." Erebus jested, he took from his side pouch, a box of matches, which normally would light his pipe when he was alone or about to rest. Scratching the match against it's box ignited a flame. He held it in one hand, spinning his dagger around, he pushed it back through the sheathe at the back of his waist. the Rogue checked both target's pants pockets, and their leather jackets.


He chortled as he stood up, grabbing one corpse by the neck and then, rather brutishly, heaved it through the air towards Aki's feet and the other corpse that was dragged that way, Erebus yanked the third up by the ankle and pulled it with little respect. Ten feet or so, and dropped it, stomach to stomach with his thrown guy. He then dropped the lit match on the top man's back. Allowing them to burn atop each other. He lit another match and passed it to Akihiko. "They're just petty bounty hunters and thugs. They don't carry money, they want ours." He said, as if to explain the low return from the bodies. "I defend people because they can't do it themselves. I don't put up a face for the law, if you want to get strong, you pave your own path." Erebus shrugged.

"I'm a criminal with empathy." Erebus would wait for Akihiko's next move. He respected the mage for saying what he meant, in the face of a dark mage. "If you've heard of my guild, then I reckon you're in one. I gave you some info, now give me some."


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Aki watched as Erebus effortlessly tossed the corpses into a pile. Although his method was a bit morbid for his liking, it did solve the problem at hand. As Erebus threw the match onto the pile of corpses, Akihiko's eyes lowered. The bandits got what they deserved but were burning their corpses necessary? Like him, they probably had a family and dreams of becoming something else entirely.

Aki took hold of the match Erebus handed him as he listened to his words of wisdom. "If you want to get strong, you pave your own path." These words resonated with Aki because of everything he's endured up till this point. And as someone who spent a majority of his life doing just that, no one understood it better than him. Maybe he and Erebus aren't so different. Aki tossed the second match onto the pile of corpses. "Cheers to that."

"There isn't much to say. I was in a guild, but it disbanded some time ago. I traveled here in search of work." Aki said as he made himself a comfortable spot on the ground.

"Scratch that. I honestly don't know what I'm doing here. I've been aimlessly going around learning new things for the past year or two. I feel so out of touch with the world." he joked.

#8Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus


Jove was not this type of man usually. He wasn't the type to go for someone's bounty without getting to know them. He hadn't done so prior, after all. He had met those who were wanted by the Council, but he had been allowed to take his own direction when it came to dealing with them. So long as he was around to prevent a catastrophe of some magnitude, it didn't matter how he dealt with the situation. However, that was for most individuals. This case was different.

Jove had been contacted due to being one of the only knights in the region to deal with a massive threat that lingered. He was a walking Calamity, a wizard who had drawn the full ire of the Council, and therefore the knights.

Erebus the Unavoidable.

Jove walked through the outskirts, where he had only just recently gotten a tip that the Eternal Nightmare wizard was located. He had come to Baska due to the other, weaker knights fleeing. It seemed like it was no fools errand after all. "We saw him heading towards the river!" He hoped they were right.

As Jove walked the riverside, he spotted the man who was without a doubt his target from behind, as well as another. The angle would make it difficult for the other person to see him as well, as they were both dealing with what looked like corpses. For his own protection, both were immediately identified as enemies.

Jove had simultaneously finished approaching from his ideal angle from the trees. Due to the roaring sound of the river, the beginning of the fire, the work of moving the bodies, and the conversation the two were having, it seemed as though they hadn't noticed him, even as he stopped ten meters away. At least it had seemed that way; as he stopped, Erebus and the stranger were still locked in conversation with one another.

"Erebus the Unavoidable. I am Jove Augustus of the Rune Knights. I implore you to turn yourself in, otherwise I am authorized to use force to arrest you." The pendant on his neck activated as he spoke, and each of the individuals would immediately feel their physical and magical capabilities dwindling. It would make sense of they turned around and addressed him, but Jove was smart enough to avoid dropping his guard.

He also meant what he said. He didn't want to have to fight someone he didn't know.

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#9Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

—- Prior to Jove’s interest.
Akihiko’s answer to Erebus seemed genuine and the assassin wondered which guild it was but didn’t push it, he had his own offer for the mage before anything crazier could happen. Erebus had a certain nature and personality about himself that left him alone and paranoid usually. However, Akihiko seemed like a personality Erebus wouldn’t mind helping and questing with. Akihiko lived by his own book and that was something both relatable and obvious in the mage, EN needed fighters like that. Erebus decided to get to the question then, before anything else, and anyone else officially.

“You should meet Odin Morningstar.”


Erebus was under his gear, so the arrival of a challenger meant he could at least defend himself. When approached and at the start of the invader’s sentence, Erebus adjusted his body around and his dagger was in his hand before the first word had left the human/devil’s tongue, the rogue maintained an awareness that they were ten meters apart. They were now facing each other, so Erebus was able to discern the situation better. He could see from Jove Augustus’ magic, he wasn’t to be trifled with, he was a monster. It seemed the Rune Knights would take in whatever kind of mage they could get their hands on, even evil magic. Erebus didn’t panic, he chose his side wisely with Eternal Nightmare, and had made it this long without capture. Erebus had two options. He made no hostile action towards Jove as he let the Knight finish the warning shot. If Jove moved, Erebus would move. There would be no moment he left himself standing there in the face of a high powerful Knight.

He doubted he was allowed to speak, so he’d simply wait for those openings while defending. But Erebus wouldn’t make a peep when his person was stagnant, the right to stay silent was taken to a different level when you’re nothing but a bounty to someone. Erebus couldn’t be bothered by that thought, he wasn’t particularly interested in talking to anyone who chose to be a Rune Knight and arrest him at the same time either.

Erebus had to vouch, Jove carried a menacing vibe in his devil mode, but it wasn’t enough to make someone else just fork themselves over to the law. Erebus had his dagger in icepick, and his pipe at his waist in a pouch. It suddenly made sense to him why the Takeover mage had creeped up silently. The Pendant made Erebus feel his strength wane, but it wasn’t something he particularly feared yet, he held his ground, and forced the effect down until he might see what else this foe had to fight with.  

Erebus wondered about Akihiko and what he might do, he didn’t want the guy getting caught up and arrested with him. Then again, Erebus had no intentions of being arrested either. Again, he’d think, better to see what happens next. If and when The RK would launch at him.

Stats: STR || 241 MH(281) (171)
SPE || 193 (123)
CON || 121
END || 162 (121)
INT || 8

After Debuff:

STR || (171) —> 136 MH(246) Off-Hand(206)
SPE || (123) —> 98 (168)
CON || (121) —> 97
END || (121) —> 97 (137)
INT || 8 —> 6


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"Morningstar? Like the biblical reference? Talk about ominous." Aki replied. Unfortunately, their conversation was cut short by the introduction of a third party. As expected, Erebus reacted quickly to the presence of the unidentified stranger. His current demeanor alone told Akihiko all he needed to know - shit was about to get real. In response, Aki lifted himself off the ground in a natural fashion to get a good like at the guy.

Honestly, he didn't know what to make of the situation. In front of Akihiko stood a monster of sorts with a menacing aura about him. And it was clear that Erebus did not plan on making any foolish moves. After hearing the man speak, Aki started to put the pieces together and debated his next course of action. "Erebus the Unavoidable? Do you know anyone by that name, Berney?" he said as he glanced at Erebus beside him. Immediately, he continued, "Ah, since you're here, Mr. Knight, maybe you can be of assistance. A group of bandits attacked my cousin and me. Out of self-defense, we barely managed to handle it, but surely we are the victims in this situation."

It was a baseless lie, but Aki planned to use this opportunity to put distance between himself and the others. "Look, the first bandit is by that tree over there." he said as he made his way to it. The tree was about 10 meters behind the fire they had made.

"Hopefully, this is enough space."


#11Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Jove had hoped to avoid combat completely, but it would be impossible to do. Erebus has turned in silence as he spoke, and allowed Jove to finish. A dagger was in his hands, though Jove did not focus on it. Instead, he made sure to keep both within his vision. As soon as he had stopped speaking, Akihiko began. He asked a question about what Jove had stated, and then called the other individual Barney.

Sadly for him, Jove already knew who Erebus was well. He had seen pictures, had gotten descriptions, everything needed to positively ID the man. Considering the other individual tried to immediately play it off, and considering the massive threat that Erebus posed, Jove was in the position to where he would have to assume that the other person was an accomplice.

That made this next part quite regrettable.

As he continued with the "Ah," Jove's mouth opened. A small orb would be seen in his mouth, a black magic circle in front of him, and then a flaming ball two meters in diameter shot towards them, with its center directed on Erebus.

This ball had formed in front of Jove before firing off, maintaining a distance that ensured it would not contact and harm him. This was important, for as the spell formed and shot forward, Jove had been raising his hand up towards his mouth. Immediately after the attack shot forward, which was instantly after forming, Jove would put his finger up to his lips as his mouth closed, turning himself invisible.

Not only would the two have not seen him turn invisible, due to the fireball, but he was entirely invisible. He was also half soundless, making determining where he was or the direction he was now approaching impossible to discern. Combine that with the roaring flames of the attack, the nearby river, the natural wind, and it wouldn't be shocking if they could not hear him at all.

As his invisibility took hold, Jove would begin jogging forward without delay. His feet were rather quiet on the now scorched earth, and he was keeping an eye out to see if they dodged in any specific direction. Still, his movement was slow, only warming himself up to break into a sprint at a moments notice. This meant he'd likely have only just begun moving forward by the time the spells center reached them.

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#12Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Akihiko’s actions were respected by Erebus.

But it was evident this Takeover Mage had other ideas, Erebus could see that while Aki attempted to persuade a different situation, Jove had started charging a blast. When Jove opens his mouth wide, he revealed a ball of energy, a red orb at the center of his open mouth. This was more than enough, coupled with the seal to force Erebus to grab the pipe from his pocket and place it on his lips. As the ball was small in diameter and fast at close range, Erebus had a narrow time limit to act. He decidedly thrusted his dagger forward, and used his offhand to inhale from the Hermit’s Pipe, at simultaneous moment and will. This was done to not spare a droplet if time between his chance of survival. In level with his daggers as he slashed against Sinful Breath’s small condensed form, the steel fared against the force of the attack— sending sparks of crimson energy that didn’t harm him. The weapon successfully defended, something he was thankful for. The blast ended quickly and was likely another warning shot. Baruimbas took a loss to weapon durability but overall nothing too serious, Erebus pushed himself to the right side a short bit in case the spell had added diameter or frame beyond its small form. But Erebus in the same action let his ranged ability fire off too.

Forwarded the very instant Sinful Breath fizzled at the destruction against Bariumbas, and the moment a still visible Jove would be removing a finger from his lips, Erebus would see him start to turn invisible and start propelling forward in a jog, to which Erebus could still visibly see him, for only a short moment before he was camouflage. This wouldn’t be enough time to do much however as Jove would be going forward just as Erebus spell headed the same direction.

’As his invisibility took hold, Jove would begin jogging forward without delay.’

Erebus is ignited by the fumes of the smoke. Eclipsing his state, the magic was a good suppressant. The same could not be said for his opponent however, surely Jove would find this out soon. A only mass of shadows and fogs encircles. Erebus doesn’t move or lunge away but rather steps and strides as if he too is closing forward, with the spell finally stopping its exhale from his lungs. Jove would receive damage in the form of black smoke if he further remained in the the area Erebus covered.

- -1x A-rank durability (Bariumbas)
-  Smoke Garden of Usurpation (active)

Erebus watched for any further spell activity or movement after the spell was active, he needed to know when his next action needed to be placed. Which might be difficult after this new invisibility spell.

Talk about officers discretion right? Sheesh.

Name: Smoke Garden of Usurpation
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 300
Requirements: Hermit's Pipe
Type: Offensive
Element: Arcane
Range: 20 Meters, 8 Meters Diameter
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Sustain (Sustaining)
Effect: The user deeply inhales from their pipe and blows out a large quantity of black smoke towards a target. The black smoke lingers around the designated target with a diameter of 8 meters and a height of 3 meters. It irritates the lungs of anyone standing inside it causing damage. The user, however, is not affected by the damaging effect of the smoke should they stand inside the Smoke Garden of Usurpation. This is because they are used to the black smoke by inhaling it daily. The spell is particularly weak against Wind-type spells and can be blown away by a B-rank Wind-type spell.


2x S-rank durability remaining on Bariumbas (-1x A-rank durability for WM)

STR || (171) —> 136 MH(246) Off-Hand(206)
SPE || (123) —> 98 (168)
CON || (121) —> 97
END || (121) —> 97 (137)
INT || 8 —> 6


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Now at the tree used to sit the first bandit upright, Aki secretly went behind the tree to observe the ongoing fight. Unfortunately, he couldn't make out much under the ginormous cloud of black smoke surrounding both Erebus and the knight. "Just my luck. All I wanted was to find work, not get caught up in some bullshit." he thought to himself. Akihiko was concerned about Erebus.  His opponent was a freak of nature and didn't seem like the type to give up easily. Whose spell created that black smoke anyway? There were so many uncertainties at the moment, and the adrenaline rushing through Aki's body was not helping him make sense of things.

If there's one sure thing, it's that he needed to prioritize his safety. The black smoke was the perfect smokescreen and created a  moment of opportunity for him to escape, possibly his only. Akihiko was no idiot - he knew that he wouldn't pose a challenge to an opponent of the knight's caliber. And considering how underprepared he was, he felt as if his involvement would only hinder Erebus. The knight would undoubtedly have his hands tied dealing with Erebus, so to hell with it.

With haste, Akihiko fled the scene, clinging onto the last words Erebus had uttered. "Odin Morningstar. Maybe it might be worth meeting him."


#14Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Calling Hits:

As Jove's attack passed through Erebus, Jove saw Erebus in a position that he had not been in before. One arm, seemingly the one holding the dagger, was pushed forward, and the other arm was lifted towards his face. Jove didn't take the time to process what exactly was going on, instead allowing the instinct engrained into his body take over.

Jove would push off the ground, lunging forward just before Erebus pushed himself slightly to the right. As he pushed off, his arms would raise up in front of his face in a boxers position. Due to the fact that he was lunging, there would already be nearly no sound emitting, as he wasn't touching the ground or doing anything to cause it. Considering he was also fully invisible and half soundless, well, it was anyone's luck to try and detect his approach. As Jove's body moved forward at ridiculous speeds, Erebus would begin to exhale. This would block Jove's site, but as the smoke came from his lungs and began to expand he already saw his opponent landing from his little scoot. Besides, at the time of the attack, Jove had already closed a massive gap.

This meant that not only did Erebus not see Jove at all, he didn't know whether the attack hit. In less than a second, while the attack was still expanding from his lungs and heading in the direction he had come from, he landed half a meter from Erebus on his left.

The moment Jove landed, Jove was to Erebus' left. From here, Jove would do two things simultaneously. He would through a right jab, and simultaneously, clench his left fist. As his right fist landed square on the side of Erebus' head, Jove would be knocked out of invisibility, but that was alright. As Jove's fist was pulling back, his body was already twisting as his left arm rocketed forward. His left fist opened as it went forward, aiming a palm strike at the side of Erebus' head, specifically at his temple.

This would be his Hellfire Rail Gun. This meant that as Jove's palm connected, dealing more than enough damage to shatter the helmet, his palm would carry through and deal the rest of its physical damage, while the explosion of his attack continued forward and would engulf the side of Erebus' face, starting at his temple.

The one two would come from invisibility, a mere millisecond after he had finished sending an attack to an opponent whom he had assumed to be in front of him. The concept of him reacting in any parts to this would only be plausible after the first blow landed, and by then, the boxer one-two ensured that it was too late. Should this land, it would ensure that Erebus would be knocked unconscious, thus ending their encounter.

Jove's Equipment and Statistics:

Techniques Used || Mana: 1450/2150:

#15Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Erebus Defeat

Jove shot through the incoming smoke, and though the substance swirled around him and did damage, it offered no visual indication of his presence. Jove exited the attack as it finished forming, and as he positioned himself next to Erebus, it was time for him to launch his attack.

The two blows went out in quick succession, a perfectly placed boxers one two combo. The first attack left deep cracks within the helmet. It was indication of what Jove had already assumed, and that was that this defensive equipment had a set amount that it could defend against. There were very few cases of defensive items that were impervious to destruction, and so with that considered a negligible statistic, Jove was comfortable assuming the more realistic worst case scenario. This realistic worst case was that this was a piece of equipment that was forged to near perfection, achieving legendary status. He did not recognize it, of course, and had no way of knowing if that was true.

However, in conflicts such as these with an opponent so well known for their versatility and prowess, it was better safe than sorry.

Besides, had he been wrong, it would have only meant that his attack would have caused even more damage than originally intended. Had that been the case, then the outcome would have remained the same.

Still, there was a sense of pride that welled up inside of him. He could not tell if it was a feeling that had been brought about due to his own execution of this high stakes encounter, to the fact that he had take effective precaution for this sort of unfurling of events, or if it was the effects of Lucifer causing him to find a reason for self obsession through that rather greedy feeling.

Yet none of that mattered now. None of that formed congruent thought, and instead as the left overhand was thrown out and landed flush upon the temple of Erebus, the execution was completed.

His fist impacted, causing an explosion of mana simultaneously. As his fist carried through, landing onto Erebus' temple, the explosion went flush against the side of his face. The combined damage would smash into the cluster of nerves that ran along that fragile section of bone, rocking the enemy mages brain in his skull. It would ensure not only immediate concussion, but also as his body went limp, he would literally turn sideways into the air, before falling to the ground unconscious.

Jove did not merely stand over the body, instead moving as if to continue to attack his enemy. However, he stopped, breath catching in his throat.

Below him, unconscious on the ground, was not a malicious murderer. Not in this moment. He was not an enemy of the state, nor a monster. He was just a young man, barely any older than Bryson, who now lay unconscious on the ground. Jove stared at the unconscious form, and as he saw the non-rhythmic breathing of the fighter, he let out a sigh of relaxation. There was no fight to continue, and brutalizing someone after defeat would be truly cruel.

Jove would lean down and roll the young man to his belly, putting on the magic restrictive handcuffs around the Eternal Nightmare mage's wrists, and then a second pair around his ankles. This would not only completely prevent him from utilizing his magic, but would ensure that when he woke up during transfer that he wouldn't be able to immediately lash out.

Standing up, Jove sighed heavily and looked around. There was no certainty that he was out of the woods yet. For all he knew, other Eternal Nightmare guild members were laying in wait, or were currently on their way to this location. It meant that dropping his transformation right now could very well lead to his own demise. He didn't exactly want to reenter town like this, but there was no other option.

Leaning down over the unconscious boy, Jove would link one arm under his knees, and the other on his upper-mid back. Lifting him this way, he noticed how light the young man was.

I was never suppose to have to do things like this.

That is how humans are, Jove. You will not be able to resist getting your hands dirty. Why do you refuse to consider what I have told you?

Jove walked towards the town, but he didn't bother responding to Lucifer. He understood the demons game well. The reason he never demanded equal control over the body wasn't because he was kind. It was not due to him taking a liking to Jove, or that the demon had started to change. It was a sick game of his. To see whether or not he could change a human, corrupt someone with a mind of which he had not seen before, with just his own provocations and elicitation.

Truth be told, though it was a moment of morose, it was not as though Jove regretted his actions. That simply wasn't who he was. He would notice it, observe it, make note of how he felt about it, and then move on. After all, this was the life he chose. At the end of the day, things never went according to plan. That would assume one was acting within a bubble.

This was the real world. There were other actors, all of them main stage. So long as individuals had will, and dreams continued to be strove for, nothing would ever go completely according to plan.

So to stagnate because of that would be the same as giving up. To lock in on the past would be the same as refusing to move forward. One needed to learn, to grow, and to continue onwards into the realm of self improvement and self growth.

As Jove approached the town, the guards and Rune Knights ran out to confront him. Jove would call out to them, as soon as they were within range to hear his voice. "I'm Jove Augustus, Lieutenant of the Rune Knights. I have here Erebus the Unavoidable. I have defeated him in combat, and need a team of knights to accompany me in transferring him to the cells for incarceration. Stand down."

As the knights slowly stood down, they all stared in dumbfounded surprise while staring at the man in his arms. They knew of Erebus, and feared him. Their eyes would glance between the enemy of the state and the Rune Knight carrying him, bouncing back and forth in absolute shock, before they would drop their weapons to the ground and cheer. Two ran off to bring about a carriage, while Jove stood at the gates.

Several of the lower ranking knights surrounded him in order to ask question about how it happened, a mix of being impressed by this unknown knight and needing to take down notes for records. Jove answered them all, his level of enthusiasm (or in this case, lack thereof) being one of the most surprising things about this whole situation.

Once the cart was brought around, Jove would load him up and prepare for the transport to incarceration.

I hope you're okay, kid.

As he made his way through the gates, one final realization hit the rune knight. He glanced up at the clock, seeing that it was just past 5PM. Sighing, and relaxing his body, he turned away from the carriage and decided to walk away from it. After all, he didn't get paid to work overtime.

[4,300,000 Bounty Collected]
[S-Rank Fighting Rewards Collected]

#16Erebus Gresham 

Finding a Purpose [w/ Erebus] Empty Tue Sep 14, 2021 6:50 pm

Erebus Gresham

Hits landed. // Erebus defeat.

“And here it comes...”

Erebus was appalled by the lightning speed of his opponent. Rather everything was moving at a level he’d grown use too in time, to say it was a surprise that he’d be unable to avoid would only be half true. He knew his time was coming and the sudden flush of his physical strengths were enough to stun him about just how much force was coming in at once. Erebus realized quickly he was no longer on a higher level— but an equal one with a force as aggressive as the form it took. Erebus was a face for the rebellion, his loss wouldn’t go without bothering his guild kin. Regardless, Erebus knew this was always the result of his chaos. His luck was usually not the most consistent, and he’d not lost before now. A test for the times, he’d later think.

Prison was in store, to face another lonely experience because of this King was a sore spot to a Erebus, someone who lived by the natural world. This time in the hands of the federal armada of Rune Knights, he realized he had capital offenses and trials charging. Such a story, when he stole from the royal family for the Demon Lord.

Erebus Gresham, a name for fame.

But all names are lackluster under that of the universe’s urge. Some force makes warriors, and it chooses them well, clearly Erebus wouldn’t deny he was bested. He just hoped he would have the strength to redeem himself someday.

Now with the control of his body rocked, he could find a bit of peace away from his thoughts. The force hit him faster than the pain, for that he was thankful. In his stunned stasis, away from this criminal image he had to put on, he could smile at this loss, and use it for motivation. In a odd way, he felt to cheer for the attacker, congratulate them.

Erebus was half conscious as Jove clamped ankle braces over his leg. Blood pooled at the shredded hole in his helmet as he was lifted up, and he could definitely feel himself coming in and out, until eventually he was at rest again and fully KO. His story would pick up again another day, but the story of this episode would be very mainstream.

For now, he was the news of the world and the bad guy heel of the Eternal Nightmare. Erebus would have an all new world of identity to create in confinement. Completely aloof to the bigger battle which would pass on from whisper to whisper. Fiore was afraid of the growing weary its titans might start warring, to this? A solemn new fear grows in the hearts of mankind...

End. & Exit.

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