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What Lies Beneath (S-rank; Shichiro, Erebus)

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#1Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (S-rank; Shichiro, Erebus) Empty Tue Oct 27, 2020 12:25 pm

Erebus Gresham

The morning light shown out over Oak today, as Erebus ventured toward his destination. After that disgusting demon Zagan trapped him in a psyche lock, Erebus had been regaining himself slowly and thoroughly, his maturity having taken a leap forward in the mix of it all. Despite that, the experience was enough to make you sick, and Erebus certainly felt the effects. He scratched his neck, there was a tune on his mind; a simple one. Some things you didn't lose, and Erebus wouldn't trade his soul to Zagan, he would merely pretend the entity didn't exist until a reason beyond that arises. Making heed towards the Church, his mission was clear to him. Pair up with another mage, today that mage's name was Shichiro, and get into the catacombs under the church. Expose some ghostly apparitions, and slaughter some Caspars' if given the chance.

Donning the usual get-up, Erebus had a cloak thrown over an orange shirt, belts and a satchel were always fastened around his person, he had green eyes, with a turquoise hair color. Red facial tattoos, and bruising around his wrists and neck, from constant high-risk situations and fights alike. The area was pretty simple, green grass lined the cemetery which lied ahead of the white chapel, the boy took towards the inside of the building. Ahead of the podium, a secret entrance Erebus found a few missions' back would undoubtedly lead to the Undergrounds. However, for now it may be best to wait for Shichiro, and not be so rude as to jump on ahead of the Mage.

In all, Erebus had his pipe in his lips, occasional black smoke, which looked like thick soot would shoot from his nasals, the imagery akin to a bull or a devil. At his waist was a dagger, it was the Phantom Dancer, his ace item in combat. Erebus managed to pick-up a chain for a few hundred thousand, with a Lazuli embedded in the pendant. Officially decked out in his Rogue garments, Erebus was ready for whatever was thrown at him.

Inside there was white walls, and a tan flooring. It was more rug than a hard-top flooring. Though towards the steps at the head of the church the rug cut off. A colorful glass depicting a man of sacrifice hung over the church, and under it a cross for Illumin. In the corner, a piano with the ritualistic candles sitting on a table beside the base of the wall not far away. For such a rundown city, the Church was oddly nice. However, to be caught here after dark often left a shocker on the minds of the civilians. They were not as equipped as others for dealings in the Undead...

Taking a seat in a chair, Erebus relaxed until his party member arrived, looking about the room, his hand moved towards his pipe, and he inhaled deeply, letting the smoke travel from his lungs to air out the place.


#2Shichiro Uchida 

What Lies Beneath (S-rank; Shichiro, Erebus) Empty Tue Oct 27, 2020 4:30 pm

Shichiro Uchida

The sun rose over the town of Oak, as the sound of birds and insects alike began their morning song. Somewhere in an old inn, Shichiro was rising from his slumber due to the natural alarm outside causing him a ruckus. Even though he had something he had to do today, it was still quite annoying to be woken up that way but he supposed it was better than oversleeping. Getting out of a wooden creaky bed, the dark skinned male went to the bathroom to wash up, get dressed in his normal attire. This consisted of his yellow button down shirt, navy blue pants and black shoes he was often seen wearing. He had a pair of magical earrings fastened to his earlobes and a heavy, chainmail helmet that was covered by hard leather, decorated in gray and white fur that he wore on his head. It was a little tacky but he wasn’t using it to set a fashion statement so he ignored the weird glances he got every once in a while. Leaving his room, he went down a flight of steps to where the inn was serving free breakfast for their paying guests.

He assumed it would double as a kind of diner since the food wasn’t bad. Grabbing a quick bite to eat of eggs, sausage and toast, he hurried out towards the church where his next mission would take place. It only took him a few minutes from where he was staying to reach his destination. At first glance from the outside, all he could see was a normal church next to a cemetery. Scanning the area, he would try and see if he could spot anybody nearby that would look like a mage or an adventurer that would resemble his partner but alas, he found nothing. He can definitely tell somebody was around the area though as he can smell their distinct scent. As he could currently see nothing of interest outside, his next course of action was to enter the church to see if his partner happened to be there. Taking a step inside, he could immediately see the church podium and two rows of long, wooden church chairs. Placing his hands into his pockets, he turned his to look from left to right, spotting a person just sitting in one of them at the very front of the podium.

Ths was definitely the same scent he had picked up from outside of the church and figured this must be the person he was supposed to meet, or potential competition for the job he and another was given. Traversing through the room of whtie walls and tan floors, shichiro made his way to the stranger until he stood beside him, continuing to eye the area the podium was standing. Glancing over the decorations of the church and whatever deity they were worshipping, Shichiro decided he’d speak to the stranger. “Mm, hey. Are the one I’m supposed to be paired up with today, the one called Erebus? I’m shichiro,” he said rather quietly. Waiting for a response, shichiro continued to scan the room in order to determine if there are any other people around for them to be worried about or talk too. Sniffing the air, he masked the action as if he was constantly sniffing the air as he didn’t feel like discerning his true nature to strangers right away. Although finding them was a common occurrence, he still didn’t like the negativity that followed after the discovery. For now, he’d just play along as a common mage looking for work to get by.


#3Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (S-rank; Shichiro, Erebus) Empty Tue Oct 27, 2020 6:06 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus moved his hand in front of his to wave the smokey trail out of the open air. He then looked up to right side, "Oh Shichiro, Yeah." Erebus responded, his hand pulling the pipe from his lips before he spoke. He then bent his head towards back, as if to crack it and stood up. "Erebus Gresham. Good to meet you." Formalities weren't normally the Rogue's thing, but most people knew his face on sight, and he no longer really cared to hide his distinguishment. Plus, they were mission partners, the danger wasn't exactly imposing if the two were here to aide one another.

Erebus, though much different after his upsetting encounter with Zagan. Remembered his manners, he extended a hand to shake with the Werewolf. "Have you done this job before? I can explain the details of what you might need to expect if you haven't But if you have, it's probably better if we just go on ahead and get this done." Short and sweet. The Rogue wouldn't hold the Magma Mage up further, instead he just offered a nod of his head towards the podium. Erebus walked off in that direction a moment after.

When he arrived, Erebus slid a hand against a carpet rug on the hard-top flooring, this rug was unlike the one that took over most of the room's area ahead. it was simply here to hide the entry into the underbelly of the Chapel. Where the Catacombs lied beneath. Erebus gripped his hand against the metal and forced the cellar door up. He stepped to the side, letting Shichiro examine or go ahead if he'd like. If he wished to wait until after Erebus as a proof of trust or some kind of nervousness. The Rogue would just dive on forth, stepping against the stairs leading below into the darkness.


#4Shichiro Uchida 

What Lies Beneath (S-rank; Shichiro, Erebus) Empty Tue Oct 27, 2020 7:45 pm

Shichiro Uchida

Now turning his head towards the person sitting next to him, shichiro noticed he was smoking inside the church as if it was a casual hangout spot. Normal people would have probably taken offense to this but for shichiro here, this didn't bother him at all and he thought it was amusing for somebody to nonchalantly do so. Returning his mind to the task at hand, the person next to him was indeed his partner for the request they were about to perform. He was now being asked if he had done this job in particular before and he briefly pondered on how to answer that. It was complicated as he's never exorcised spirits before only stood guard while they were being performed. He decided he'd just tell his partner for the time being he's never done this before. "Nope, never done it myself before. This would be the first time, give me the run down real quick and I guess we can head on out to our destination, wherever that might be. All I know is, something smells funny in here," shichiro retorted, his facial expression twisting with a tinge of disgust from a certain stench, as he waited for an explanation.

He wasn't sure how hard this task would be but he's heard the payout for doing so would be worth his while. The adventurer then began to walk towards the podium as if he had already scooped out the area. He probably did a far better and more efficiently than shichiro did in the last few seconds. Following his lead, he decided to also walk towards the podium in hopes of seeing what shenanigans entail. When shichiro arrived a few moments after Erebus, he had watched him squat down to slide a hand against a carpet rug on the hard-top flooring. Shichiro then noticed the carpet here didn't match the carpet that was currently sprawled out through the rest of the church building. Continuing to take note of his actions, he watched as he uncovered a cellar door from underneath the rug, forcing it open revealing a large set of stairs and stepping inside of it. Well, that's one way of getting things done, shichiro thought to himself. Deciding not to waste any more time himself, he also decided to climb into the underbelly of the church so they could hurry and proceed with their request. He had hoped this wouldn't take too long but things never went the way he'd like to hope.


#5Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (S-rank; Shichiro, Erebus) Empty Wed Oct 28, 2020 11:13 am

Erebus Gresham

After Shi's response, Erebus decided he'd plunge into Ghost Hunting 101. Since Oak was his home all his life, he knew quite a deal about the demons, the darkness, and the Undead that haunted the underbellies. He started up, after inhaling from his pipe once more, stepping down into the open hole in the ground. "Ah, first time then; alright. Well basically, we're taking a tour down below, this entrance is special and was shown to me by others when I first took the S-rank version of this mission. I guess you could say there's a little bit of ghostly history to the town outside, moreso than the next place. People who have died in wars through the ages, ancient civilizations which settled this region, all of that jazz. Those guys were buried here; even before our Oak Town was even founded. So... We're standing on one of the largest mass graves in all Earthland, possibly of all time,  and most don't even give it a passing thought." He smiled instantly, showing a hint of mania in his otherwise normally skittish face. "If you've never been to the Catacombs, whoa boy, are you in for a good treat."

Getting into the basement of the church was the easy part, upon taking about ten feet, the two would reach the ground, and Erebus would light a torch, he went left down a hallway, about twenty meters. The door was old and wooden, and led below the graveyard that was outside of this chapel. Once opened, a few rows of corpses could be seen, with yet another stairwell at the epicenter of the room, with a large sarcophagus pushed over to reveal an even deeper stairwell.

As you might guess, a descent is exactly what the two had signed up for, and exactly what Erebus had done five different occasions now. He was so well adjusted to this mission, he wasted no time in leading his consort to the spirits of hate and animosity. The further the two dived, the more you could whispers, early whispers. The further and deeper one traversed, the louder whaling grew, angry barking, screams. You name it. The ground eventually turned into rocks, and the walls which were cave-like stopped revealing slots for one to place torches. Leaving it to Erebus to hold the fire ahead and show Shichiro the way to the Underworld.

"Once upon a time, there were many religions that believed in something called the tree of life. Three worlds. A heavenly realm in the leaves, looked after by a bird. Said to be a God, a watcher and protector. The middle realm of Earthland, in the bark, the root of reality. The roots however, grew under the ground, and became a world of it's own. A recycle bin of souls that the Angel Lailah had cared for, and Gabriel had plucked from the fruit of the World Tree." Erebus spoke, telling just one story that described the Universe. "Around these roots, a knowledgable Serpent. This Underworld is that entities realm, and he is associated with keeping things that do not deserve a place in Earthland down." Erebus was describing the warden, the devil. "In order to make safe passage to Heaven or Hell, a soul needs a proper burial. The problem is... When you stuff thousands upon thousands of corpses into the walls and build a city on it. You can't consider that proper burial. These souls are lost on their way to the Afterlife, and like anyone lost in the dark. Are driven insane by their own longing to stay in the world they once knew." Erebus finished, allowing Shichiro to digest what he was being told.


#6Shichiro Uchida 

What Lies Beneath (S-rank; Shichiro, Erebus) Empty Wed Oct 28, 2020 2:15 pm

Shichiro Uchida

Following behind Erebus, shichiro continued to leave his hands tucked into his pockets as he walked down the deep stairwell they had entered. It was pretty dark, or would be for most people. Luckily for shichiro, his night vision worked just fine and he could determine at what point of the stairwell he was at all times. As they walked, it seems like Erebus was beginning to give him the run down to hunting ghosts and the history of this crypt. According to him, people who have died in wars through the ages and ancient civilizations which settled this region were buried here, even before our Oak Town was even founded. The history lesson was nice and all but that's not the part he was really looking forward to. He more or less wanted to know how to take down evil spirits, possibly without the use of magic, trying to find whatever item it was tied to or fulfilling its last rites. Well, maybe he was being a bit too hopeful so he just continued to listen to the drivel coming from his partner's mouth. This was apparently one of the biggest graveyards in all of Fiore, or speculated to be.

Which drives another question, why would anybody want to settle over a massive graveyard anyway? Maybe it was just a town secret only the highest of officials and mages could know about in Oak town. Well, he probably meets one of those requirements considering he was sent on this mission as one of the participants. Thinking back, shichiro remembers an area in the sieghart mountains called No Man's Land which was basically an arid, desert-like region. The desert consists of red sand and large chunks of wine red earth. Not only was the terrain difficult to traverse, but it also gave the feeling of exhaustion. The real truth behind the lands however was where werewolf and werewolf kin buried their fallen after a hunt goes wrong or when skirmishes with humans went wayward. He sort of feels for them but alas, now wasn't the time to think of such thoughts. Around ten in depth, the pair had reached solid ground to which Erebus had pulled out a torch to light their way. shichiro was almost convinced the man might have been a creature himself with how long they've been walking in the dark. Either way, they now both can see better with the aid of light from the torch.

There was an old, wooden door in front of the two and they proceeded to open it, peering inside of what could possibly be lying in wait. A few rows of corpses could be seen, with yet another stairwell at the epicenter of the room, with a large sarcophagus pushed over to reveal an even deeper stairwell. Shrugging his shoulders, Shichiro let out a, 'Meh' sounding sigh as the two of them walked further into the graveyard. Being led by Erebus, he could now pick up on the sounds of whispering. As they traversed further and further, the whispering had soon quickly become wailing of sorts, angry shouting and screaming. At first it was off putting but later on it just became mildly annoying as they continued to travel downward. The surroundings had also begun to change as they walked, no longer being a flat, dirt path but now a more rocky and cavernous like appearance had begun to take form. This wouldn't be a bad place to hang out if it wasn't for the stench of rot and the fact this was a graveyard.

Around this point in time, Erebus had begun to tell a story. A story about something called the tree life. Listening to it, he was told about three worlds, one guarded by a bird which was presumably a god. The earth land which he assumed was the realm the pair are currently inhabiting and the underworld where a serpent had managed entities that do not belong in the earth land. According to him, souls needed proper burial and stuffing people into walls or lumping them with other corpses isn't considered proper burial, getting lost on their way to the after life. Pondering on the story, shichiro had formed a neutral opinion of it seeing as he didn't exactly relish in needless suffering so he could be coerced or paid to help people out, even if it was cheap. Without these 'lost souls', he probably has less opportunities to get paid for dealing with it. After listening to the story, all shichiro could do was respond with, "Interesting," before they continued on their way.


#7Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (S-rank; Shichiro, Erebus) Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 10:16 am

Erebus Gresham

Erebus didn't speak much after that point, having kept the conversation running the whole time, he felt with Shichiro's simple response, it was clear that not much left could be added. Instead he kept walking through the Underworld, when you'd think there should be nothing but corpse and rock, you'd be surprised to start seeing objects from the upper realm. Stuffed animals, rocking chairs could be pushed into dense corners. The span of the cave opening to become a open path underfoot. Ever falling into a drop off. The deeper they traversed into the infinite abyss, the more they could see and uncover. This world was for the dead. As above, so below. The oldest rule of the world, it still stood to reason that this applied to the realms as well.

"What's there to know about you Shichiro. If I can press you for information." Erebus offered a more direct conversation, something to pass as much time as he could. Descending until a ghost attack occurred was getting quite boring, it could simply be because Erebus was down here so often the spirits feared him, or Shichiro too? Whatever the case or reason, he was up to calm the storm in his head, albeit a distraction from the dangers surrounding them.


#8Shichiro Uchida 

What Lies Beneath (S-rank; Shichiro, Erebus) Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 11:49 am

Shichiro Uchida

Continuing to follow behind Erebus, shichiro couldn't help but ponder on what Erebus had told him. He was much of a history man but getting to know about details most other common folk aren't privy always came with a sense of superiority. He couldn't help but think about it himself. It was quite a petty thought but, it was his honest feeling. Continuing his walk behind Erebus, he had noticed there was just more than rock and corpses. They started to see things that would resemble being in a child's bedroom such as little rocking chairs, stuff animals and kid's toys. Witnessing the sight of these things made shichiro's face twist in disgust once more as if he was still smelling something foul. He began to hope whatever they were suppose to be dealing with didn't have a taste for small children or babies. After making an audible grunt at this site, Erebus had began to ask him about his person. He wasn't sure what to say to be honest to be honest. Nobody's been interested in him before so he guess he'd be as blunt about it as possible in a twisted form of sincerity.

"Let's see, my name is Shichiro Uchida, I'm five feet, eleven inches tall of Sevese and Fiorian descent. For a short period of time in my life, I've worked as a blacksmith's apprentice. I'd like to say I've gotten good at the craft, even if others don't think so. I like quiet, scenic areas and routes. My mind often sometimes wanders to pass the time, like currently when you were telling your story. I don't like large crowds as it gives me anxiety and I feel trapped. I also don't like being glued to a book for long periods of time, it's why I decided to be an adventure mage in the first place. I learn better by doing than reading about it in a book. I aspire to be the best mercenary in the lands no matter where that takes me so I'll frequently move form guild to guild. Currently I'm back in Blue Pegasus after my last guild fell through and I took a 'vacation' but hopefully, I get to move onto somethin better. That about sums me up in a nutshell. As you can probably tell, I specialize in magma magic though it first started out that I could only move fire rocks. That's all there is to it, I guess."

After shichiro was done with his response, he wondered if that would suffice as an answer to his question. Though he wasn't very good at using his words, he still knew there were times he would need to, even if just to pass the time. Continuing on their path, shichiro felt as if this journey was long enough to travel to an entirely different region itself. He knew that much time hadn't passed but he still couldn't help but feel that way. Wondering why, he couldn't discern the nature of the place they happened to be in but nonetheless, he couldn't to press on until the job was done. He had only hoped there was an easier way of getting out of here after all was said and done.


#9Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (S-rank; Shichiro, Erebus) Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 12:50 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus took his turn in silence listening to Shichiro, unlike Shichiro's self as he described that wandered; Erebus was usually listening in on things, or eavesdropping. He was the cautious type, never wanting to miss details. It was possible that Shichiro was the same, Erebus finally thought. He had grown so paranoid in his time, that much he just hoped wasn't true for others. It plagued Erebus, and gave him a feeling that resembled distrust for all people. "I got you. That's interesting stuff. I'm a little shorter than you I think. I'm a rogue, so I don't really understand spellcraft." Erebus decided to fork over some info to Shichiro too, just so not to seem rude. Most of Fiore knew Erebus anyways, hiding things wasn't of utmost importance to him anymore.

When the two finally entered an exit to a chamber, the room was notably wide. Like a living room. With spiked rocks lining the edges of the room. Erebus awaited any scary situation to unravel there before them. The air was unsettling, and as Shichiro's nose had picked up, there was a sign of another entity within the room. Erebus of course couldn't see the face onShichiro, and before taking another breath to speak, was forcing back by an invisible force. Still clinging the torch when his back hits the rocks, Erebus releases a spurt of blood. The force behind the movements takes shapes, to describe the creature would be to detail a triad entity. The head of three men dangling at the top, with a body that resembled human flesh limbs in a wicked disgusting way. Eight multiple jointed appendages stretching with human feet and flesh that seemed to be what they took on. It's torso an amalgamation of horror, with a ribcage that opened up into metal hooks. The rattles and way it moved, looked like a centipedes legs.

The monster roared, booming a deep turret of vibrations that also sounded like a womanly scream under-toning it. Erebus quickly regathered himself, inhaling a wild amount of smoke that he leapt forward and released towards the infernal monstrosity. The smoke would lock it's legs for Erebus and Shichiro to attack at least once without getting fatally impacted. the last thing Erebus wanted was to be a casualty.


#10Shichiro Uchida 

What Lies Beneath (S-rank; Shichiro, Erebus) Empty Fri Oct 30, 2020 2:44 pm

Shichiro Uchida

It seems as if the response to the question Erebus had presented was sufficient enough to sate his curiosity, in which case, shichiro was also satisfied. Erebus had given him a tidbit about himself which was also nice. Now that the verbal exchange was out of the way, he decided it was best to focus on the task at hand. Exiting into a spacious chamber, shichiro had seen Erebus being repelled backwards by an unknown force. This caused him to instinctively shield his face with his arms as he was also within range of whatever the force was. Being pushed back slightly, shichiro found himself out of breath briefly before scanning the room of the cause of all of that force. In front of him, seemed to be a creature of unimaginable horrors as one would normally describe it. He's heard about these beings before but only thought them to be in people's wild stories. Jibbering mouths, he think they were called. Well, whatever it was, he knew what he had to do as his presumed target happened to be right in front of him. He would have liked to check on Erebus to see if he was alright but he wouldn't have the time to do so.

Connecting his hands together, shichiro clapped coating his arms in flowing mana from the pores of his skin. He needed some cover before charging in mindless so he can deliver a powerful blow, despite its legs being locked up. He was more confident in his physical strength than his magical prowess but a little boost didn't hurt. Stomping the ground in front of him, shichiro created and shot an earthen spike of magma towards the creature before running towards it in order to deliver a powerful blow with his right hand.


#11Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (S-rank; Shichiro, Erebus) Empty Sat Oct 31, 2020 12:20 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus decided to roll, throwing himself into a somersault for just the flare he guessed, he was nimble enough for it, and made him a hard target all the same. Raising his slim long pipe to his lips again; Erebus awaited a moment that could help him better adjust to the fiend in question. He figured his AoE spell would be a decent way to fight a decent ranged fight. However, Shichiro was a melee contender as well, and the spell would hard his quest partner. Erebus wasn't the type to turn on people, at least not people who yet to reveal themselves as hostile to his mission. He instead allows a break and rushes his target down with Phantom Rush after Shichiro's magma spikes were created, Erebus would have dodged and took off after the spells lit the room in heat; around those to come in at the opposing side. Just as Shi's magma spike dealt damage the Werewolf would charge in. Erebus would catch the beast from the side it would be forced into from Shichiro's strength.

Having gutted the beast and sliding around it's body. The sight was in brutish form, with rivers of blood spraying outward. Erebus bounced at his halt a second later later lunging it to the creatures back to icepick it's back for critical damage. He assumed Shichiro's would keep beating on the creature as well. The creature would yet again forced them back, but this time, Erebus too wouldn't budge, his endurance was high for a reason, and exactly this situation would prove his resolve. Now the test was commencing.

The creature fought back, and blade and blood seemed to create a poetic story there out of the destruction. Alll entities which came out at night, all three of these things, a creature of darkness-- in their own way of course, and so Erebus pulled no punches and massacred the beast. After it fell, and sparkles of mana erupted from the foliage, Erebus was sure this dark spirit passed onto it's afterlife, hell. Then, as if to act like a kid out for candy. Erebus strolled over to the ashen piles and removed an amulet, worth a plenty he supposed. Most ghosts dropped loot, something from their life that held great sentiments to them. This amulet, of unknown background, was probably that. Erebus stole it, and the family would place out a bounty for his crimes.

Nothing out of the ordinary, stealing heirlooms was just part of the business, and Shichiro likely didn't care so who was stopping the fiendish rogue? Not a single soul, the route back took a long while. But eventually it was over. Erebus would ask Shichiro for another crawl tomorrow, for more money.

Not a lot was on Erebus mind as he closed out the day, deciding to get a good rest for the days coming. A lot was on his mind, like-- the importance of a short closing statement of words or so, but, none the less, he pressed them out.



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#12Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida

After delivering the blow towards the abomination of a creature, Erebus had followed up with a blow of his own in order to finish the creature off. The battle had raged on for a little while but eventually, they had both come out on top. After a job well, Erebus had invited shichiro out for another adventure to which shichiro had obliged. Afterwards, they had began their long trek back through the crypt where the baby toys were. The place was still a bit eerie but regardless, they had to make it through. He doesn't know what horrors would await them in the next adventure but shichiro would deal with that when the time comes. Parting ways with Erebus, he went back to his room to clean himself up, check himself for wounds and grab a bite to eat from the diner right under the inn he was staying in. He decided to get something cheap but filling so he can feel full without breaking his wallet. He would also liked to have something along the lines of soup with a lot of meat in it. He knew what he wanted now, he decided to order a large pork cutlet bowl of ramen with extra cutlets in it and enjoy it.


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