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What Lies Beneath (A-rank)

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#1Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (A-rank) Empty on Sat Sep 26, 2020 11:34 am

Erebus Gresham

Erebus was no newbie to this area, this was home, and ghosts and goblins were something Erebus knew more about than most people. He had been robbing people's pockets on these streets for twenty one years, and counting! It seems that fate had brought him back and the first thing his partner wanted was to pick up another dangerous job, so off on another S-rank quest they go. Equipping Phantom Dancer, pun intended, no ghost was going to fuck with this rogue. Matter of fact, Erebus didn't fear the dead, he felt at peace beside them. After all, the Lich who terrorized these parts on Halloween met a grissly defeat to him, and the souls of the Underworld thanked Erebus for freeing them of the manipulator's control.

You can't fear spirits, if naturally they draw themselves to you, so why even stress it? However, one such spirit, as there always was a few exceptions, was a dark and illicit monster. A mongrel of the church, a scorn on the backs of the town. Erebus approached the Church, noticing his partner standing outside the black gate. The church had an eerie vibe at night, kind of like a haunting on hill house or something. The graveyards in Oak were further west, but the entrance to the holy catacombs were beneath this sanctuary. The catacombs were from past wars in Fiore between Demons, Seraphim, Humans, and Elves. Humans were primarily the specters down there, but every now and then you'd come across a sealed demonic spirit-- or so the folk tales say.

Erebus wouldn't let it distract his idea of a good time, and rather loved slaying monsters, so regardless. He was seen strutting up with a parted smile, somewhat happy to be back into a job less... Royally dangerous. If anything, Erebus feared a life in some dungeon to ghost whispering in holy burial grounds. He was just different in that way. His blonde quest-mate, an npc, was dressed in his adventurer gear, his companion yet again absent, the companion of which was beginning to cross Erebus as quite the flaky type; but he wouldn't make that comment out loud. It was a safe guarded thought for himself, first and foremost. For even if she was, his partner had a glimmer of bravery not common in other mortals to run about without it. Erebus was drawn to that light in other people, which perhaps was hidden in the world's darkness for purpose of finding it.

He raised his hand to wave at his partner, unaware he was a good ten minutes late. Erebus was normally early, but having been home, there was just a few people he needed to catch up with. "I reckon it's time we went on ahead and got this over with, this will be my... third time?" He asked simply grinning. "So let's get at it ey?" Erebus skipped around the mage with a stride to his step, seeming to glide even without trying. Rogues had a skill for nimble and quick spins and rotations. Almost as if they truly were dancers. The Unavoidable One would go up a small flight of five stairs, and push his body weight against a door, letting himself into the chapel. Underneath an alter at the epicenter of the room, there was a chamber door. It was detailed in papers itself, though there was a few other entrances, this was the one Erebus had been peaked off to investigate. So he approached in with a flair of interest.


#2Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (A-rank) Empty on Sat Sep 26, 2020 11:41 am

Erebus Gresham

Erebus watched his partner respond... Bravely. The man walked up, and ripped the music box from the banshee child, it's black eyes empty tunnels that were it's own form of catacombs. The winds that picked up, caused Erebus to be pushed forward, which he reacted too by rolling from his shoulders back to his feet in one solid movement. Though a single blink later, a pale corpse with mutilation on it's form festered itself into reality, with no head or arms, it resembled a dulahan. An old spirit said to be the dark counterpart to a Celtic pixie. With it's form popped into existence, the sudden arrival of the corpse monster shocked Erebus to fall backwards on his back. Maggots quickly filled in between the meat zippers at it's holes, which showed a graphic look into the anatomy of a recently slaughtered body. Straight from Silent Hill this monster's stomach slit open, and blood ran like water. Another ghost, the form of a crying mother could be seen. Swimming out of the blood pouring. It swiped forward at Erebus with it's knife. To which he responded by parrying Phantom Dancer off the attack.

Whatever was going on over with his pal, Erebus was only half conscious for, as his own monster was very active in attempting to murder him now itself. Due to purely having not expected it at all, his reaction time was delayed and a bony arm, practically sticking to the bone with flesh pulled him from his place at the ground, by his neck's backside. Ramming his head against the stone wall. More arms seemed to phase through the wall, trying to pin Erebus too it, as the headless corpse fell backward for the psychotic she-demon to crawl out the other 'dying' entity and approach him.

All the while, the music box would begin to play it's song backwards, and the child's limbs would crack and bend, whilst it turned into an eerie beast. More like a hellish monster than a toddler after only a few seconds. With sharpened stub-like appendages, it attempted stabbing it's stubs into his partner's chest. Where it could drink various organs and liquefy the guts for ingestion, much as it had Ko's earlier that week, starting and coming out through the holes it wants to make, and using the appendages as suction tubes.


#3Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (A-rank) Empty on Sat Sep 26, 2020 11:49 am

Erebus Gresham

To most of the cries pled out by his new and likely to die partner's answers, Erebus didn't need to add further dialogue. He was sure the blonde would understand quickly that nothing could be done but too fight on, Erebus wasn't much afraid of the dark, but he was arguably at a disadvantage to spirits. Even more, he didn't truly have an idea of what kind they'd come across. His accomplice seemed rather forward and just yelled into the endless abyss, meanwhile, the rogue was sure they needed to force their necks a little deeper, after all the engravings on the wall were in his native latin and he read them there for the fioran to understand, perhaps just a little, that their descent was going to be much longer than just five minutes.

"Gates of the Underworld." Erebus gave note, as his warm fingers slid against the cold stone, the hauntingly real images of screaming skulls, and the idea that angry invisible entities were probably there hadn't occurred yet. The deeper they descended, the more shocking and horrific the venture would grow. "We go further we enter hell, partner. We won't find anything conscious until we go at last as far as we would to find people above ground. No going back now." The air was colder down here, and within the small light they had illuminating from the torch, fogged breath could be seen escaping the Rogue's lungs. Signifying that with every step, the light would be ever so much more distant.

Erebus wasn't a though quitter. He awoke like a madman, slicing the spirit's neck, a spewing fountain of red hemoglobin showered him underneath. With red paint over his body, and gaping wounds to boot, Erebus called over to his aide. Unsure about how to help him fight that thing, regardless. He made it known, he had no plans to die just yet. "The only one who can kill me is me. Unlucky for you, I'm not suicidal at all, just fucking wicked!" He gloated with a snicker and smirk; the lust of battle returning to his snout a desire for vindication, pointing his dagger at the beast, if push came to shove, Erebus would help the man fight it off. If the aide could handle it, Erebus knew many could not; as Ko could, this guy probably couldn't, then Erebus would merely cough blood a little, slowing his own breathing so that he didn't suffocate himself in blood.


#4Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (A-rank) Empty on Sat Sep 26, 2020 12:05 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus stayed upright, but occasionally had to lean back and fight for his consciousness, watching as his vision broke into threes', he could tell there were a few banshee monsters, but his sights were failing him. Due to the loss of blood in his body the walk back was going to be a massive bitch of a task, and yet Erebus could only love it, being so close to death was comforting and perhaps this why a restful sleep was so admired by the suicidal. It was real, a perfect quiet... Until you turn into these things, snapping out of the warm darkness, Erebus watched his teammate drop, then a crushing tail severed him in two. What the Rogue could understand to be a pretty decent spell from the looks of it, so he'd need to develop a strategy to counteract. Eventually Erebus was able to dodge enough of the coming tail, to get a reach in close. His quest partner relished on what to do with the other ghosts, Erebus responded simply. "Sometimes it's in the speed of the thrust, not the power." Said the Rogue as his dagger glowed and flashed with mana, sending him forward at sonic speed.

Erebus drifted his attention to the soul squirming and crying in the corner, Erebus hated to see a bitch cry. They were nice if they cried in joy but if he was killing something he didn't like to hear it's agony, and she had failed to guard her child from the men before her, but in her defense. She was dead, and they made the choice to remain here... As beasts of darkness. He had no mercy in the fiber of his being for a monster that would rip and murder people, especially these two guys who had merely came here to talk to them, apart. He simply kept it short and bittersweet. "Goodbye and good riddance you fucking depraved bastard.." Without really knowing the background on the murder of this family, the whole ordeal told Erebus enough. The mother was the cause for the child not crossing, and the father well... He wasn't in sight. So that meant the damage belonged to the mom. Not only that but these things were responsible with the death of his aide. The poor guy wasn't like Erebus and couldn't stand to defend himself. Erebus would steal his wallet, leaving his aide's corpse below.

The reason her family suffered, was just the vividness, the image of her suffering, it was not getting to see her daughter grow up. For not living out to old age and failing her family a legacy she felt she deserved. Erebus approached the crying ghost without humanity in his eyes, real and latent fear on her face could be seen. Erebus was a being that while alive, truly commanded the dead... He would demand his enemies die, and that metaphor was without just figure behind speech. This was no difference, dead or not, the dead die for Erebus. He shoved his foot forward so fast and hard the skull of the ghost exploded into the blood behind his superhuman strength. Erebus was use to making the hard decisions in life. Even if he wasn't the evilest guy in this dark guild, he was a merciless and, quite ruthless opponent. To find yourself on the opposite end of his rage, would be to know certain death.

Laying there with her, was a diamond ring, as her corpse caught on fire. Erebus shot his hand through and snipped it from her. The pain hurt, but he imagined this relic would fetch a penny on the black market. Erebus would leave, stolen ghost ring in hand. He turned to Ko, and nodded for them to head back up. One ghost fight was enough down here, these things were gravely dangerous.



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