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Tournament Arc S-rank [Erebus]

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Why had she even agreed to this? The demon couldn't help but ponder that question in amusement as she stood at the path leading up to the Great Baska Rock. It seemed that according to Caius one of his guild members was in dire need of some money, and considering said person had been doing research in a topic of personal interest to her, Esperia had decided to entertain the idea to help the dark mage in his efforts to earn some cash.

Fortunately, it appeared that there was work aplenty to be found. In particular in Baska an upcoming tournament had led to one of the participants to seek a combatant to hire in order to defeat the current champion.

The idea itself seemed simple, and the payment was good so all things considered it would likely be a mission with little to no complications. Even as her hooded robe obstructed most of her features, the white-robed maiden still earned her fair share of curious glances. Her robe seemed to be a part of interest to the onlookers, no doubt because it was incredibly rare to find a robe woven from such refined spider silk, even if said silk was created by herself, but that was a story for another time, for now the young demon waited for the arrival of the Eternal Nightmare mage...

WC: 200
Total WC: 200/2500


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Erebus donned his attire as he normally would, in the regalia of a rogue. From neck to toe Erebus was geared for speed, as opposed to strength or outright endurance. Firstly, he was lined with an iron chest plate that protected the torso from damage, and a cloak that danced about his shins like a cardigan, becoming a cowl at the nape of his neck and reverberating with a ghostly vibration. 

Nothing covered his head these days, instead, his pink hair spiked, with the sides buzzed and clean cut. Dark crimson eyes contrasted black tattoos littering his face and arms with design. Visible on the surface, two arms, hidden beneath his cloaked cape, two more. Two dagger sheaths were at Erebus’ hip, and the final piece that set him apart was the pipe tucked between his lips. 

He strode into the town on Benny’s back, a flaming blue Pegasus that he’d saved from a near fatal accident. Erebus came down upon Esperia’s place, at about twenty meters, dipping over his steed’s back and falling a short twelve feet to a landing squat. 

Something familiar was in his sights amidst so much recent confusion. “Well if you don’t say, Esperia!” He replied sarcastically. Reserving all too well as she follied his efforts in this town years back. “Isn’t it nostalgic to be questing after three years, in the same city we nearly fought?” He marveled the irony in a way a jerk would, having always seen the woman as too powerful to care for the poor as he had. Erebus would continue to stab at her, but quickly noticed a few changes in this version of the girl.

For starters, she looked… differently. Then again; so did he. “What happened to you Esperia?” He spoke with a smoothness to his voice, like silk. One could even almost hear concern.



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Noticing the arrival of Erebus and his surprisingly clever insight in recognizing her despite her different appearance the white-clad maiden lifted her head slightly, her eyes still closed yet the slight curve of her lips suggested she was amused, or happy?

"Ah Erebus..." She paused for a bit, her voice carried a certain softness to it after which she continued. "I am surprised you recognized me in this disguise so quickly. Then again, you did always have that honed insight of a man who seen a lot. Or perhaps you grew familiar to my mana, after all even like this I still contain some of the mana I had when I was a human."

The girl went quiet again, the question making her decide to go for honesty in respect of who she was talking to. "If you mean the difference in appearance, I apologize if using a disguise might seem as dishonest to you, unfortunately I do not wish to upset the people of Baska by revealing my real form."

She lifted her head so she could finally gaze properly at the man, and as she slowly opened her eyes the various prisms of her spider eyes that were embodied in the form of her mysterious irises led to the mysterious lass to look at her companion. "To answer your question... I ended up dying, and in the aftermath was reborn as a demon. The body you see before you is a disguise to allow me to blend in with the people of Earthland a bit easier."

Her smile still remained as she finished her explanation. "You... look different as well, Compared to our last encounter you seem more refined, or perhaps experienced might be the right term? It seems we had both our fair share of experiences."


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Esperia was for certain, darker. She had a pale complexion, reminiscent of a white chapel wedding. However the vibe she brought with her to Baska, her home and his second home, reminded Erebus all too well of a lonely funeral.
Revealing to the Nightmare her multiple eyes, the sight would have sickened most, but Erebus was cultured on different races across Earthland and quickly found within his person, the answer he was looking for.

She was a Spider. Or more accurately, a Demonic Drider. How Esperia had done this to herself was beyond the Rogue-Summoner’s understanding until she openly admitted Death. There was an indistinct yearn inside of him to either duel her now or force himself upon her without her womanly consent and see what they’d reproduce as one monster. Then again, that was the God Blood speaking for his thoughts, bending his being to make off choices that conflicted with more than just his philosophy of Good and Evil. It remained to be seen, if he was going to slowly descend into his own form of terror before long.

Erebus thought about the context of the short verse she recited about her new form and disguise, a little bit of scripture in her long origin story. If this was merely the pretty exterior, then it could be ascertained she was a hideous monster beneath it. “I see, and so what did you need me for? As you can see I’m on a quest, but I did get a letter telling me you’d be here.” Erebus said, straighting up from the ground and relinquishing a folded paper from his pocket.

Brown drops of blood had dried into it’s papyrus. From where or who, no one but Esperia or Erebus knew. Erebus watched her with a squint of intent, he was always more macho then most but her compliments at his progression were noted. “I had to get tough after I realized people like you knew my face.” He treated her threat as a stepping stone. “You could say I’m on a different level now.”



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Esperia smiled briefly at Erebus as he inquired to her about the reason for her presence, to which the Demon decided to reveal the reasoning behind her presence. "I know, you are on a quest to gain funding for your personal endeavors, right?" She paused, her eyes closing for a moment after which she continued. "Let us say your personal research could possibly prove of interest to me, and as such I volunteered to help you in your endeavors, even if it is unlikely one of your skills would need help with a request of this caliber."

She gestured toward the path up ahead, as if to suggest for him to start walking beside her, after which she continued. "A smart decision: Whether Earthland, Asgard or the Abyss, there will always be those that could become a threat to you. There are always these who are further ahead. In that regard the search for knowledge and power are similar in regards to the fact they are journeys without an ending. It simply depends on how stubborn and determined you are to progress further than others."

As she spoke the demon's voice clearly hinted she was happy, suggesting she was approving of Erebus his mindset. "I look forward to seeing the growth you made, and fortunately it seems our quest might be one that will help us do just that."

As they climbed along the path Esperia hummed softly. "Baska is known for its frequent tournaments of power, a combat event where those testing their skills challenge each other for a variety of reasons. From prestige to wealth, to settling personal grudges. And at the end of such an event the last one remaining is crowned champion. This time it seems there will be a tag-team based tournament instead, and the commissioner of our quest is requesting we fight in their name, in exchange for the price money. Seems they want to topple the champion off their throne~"

It might had been a mysterious sight to watch the maiden navigate so easily despite having her eyes closed, and yet, a detailed look would suggest just why she had no issue at all, for seated on her shoulder was a minuscule spider.

"I believe our client will be waiting near the outskirts of the tournament grounds. If you wish to cover the specifics with him."

WC: 395


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Esperia by design was a seductress, she always had been and always would be. Erebus couldn’t help but feel his body move on it’s own as he took a spot beside her, as aggravating as it felt, he must agree to her words as they slipped her tongue, he did need all the money he could get and crucially.

Erebus was on a unique path at his current state, despite the bulk of his intelligence deriving directly off battle IQ. The Summoner was working with technology in recent times, using his own money to create the first machines capable of extracting mana. That in it’s entirety, was already possible by spell design, however… Pulling the mana open into a portal by stretching it, was the premise of the research and was very difficult synthesis— of which his connections still hadn’t figured out, although currently it seemed as if a Dragon Slayer might be the key, using their mana to directly target their dragon as a Gate, of course, this also meant the Portal would lead directly to the Slayer’s Dragon first.

Which was a bit of a risk, there would’ve been no way of predicting where the dragon is and where the portal goes. Or if you can go back out the way you came, all in all. He was still very early on with the whole plan.

Now, while this was Erebus’ personal interest, the whole project was capable of much, much more so it didn’t surprise him that it also interested this Demon. The potential was there to open a Pathos to Hell and/or the Abyss, but further deliberation and patience would be in requity to see any of that plot reach fruition. Erebus glances at the Spider Silk Maiden to his left, and speaks up. “My research is for Hunting Dragons, Items, and opening Gates of Worlds.”

He spoke it there openly to her, admitting his plans and actions up to now to the first person to catch the drift of his madness. That was all she was getting for now though, at the case of thievery or stopping his chaotic chase was all too possible. “Given that… What could a Demon like you want with a Human like me I wonder,” He answered again with that piercing sarcasm that he showed only to her, obviously not rude but demanding of her own information.

“Agh, so they want us to fight together.” Erebus laughed. “They really want us to kill these guys.” He measured the weight of Esperia and Erebus. The most wanted man in the country, and a Demon that was known to travel dimensional wormholes. There wasn’t much holding back one could expect them to do. “Don’t be upset when I do it.” He’d mutter coldly, clearly the trauma of being evil so long was truly setting in on the mentally ill Erebus. One thing was on point though, Espy was right. Stubborn, determined, and disturbed. These were the chemical ingredients that got him here, and would only take him beyond.

“You help me, and I’ll help you.” He finally spoke again, as they walked quietly towards the Coliseum. He knew he was of valuable information now— apparently, only Esperia beside his place knew the same, so around her he could trust he’d be protected. How she came to know anything preemptively was beyond his understanding though, as he wasn’t even sure Caius knew he existed, so this briefing was a bit fascinating to the Summoner.



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Esperia nodded her head in affirmation to the revelation Erebus made. "Fascinating... Dragons are known to usually conceal themselves, most of them skew the idea of interacting with the people of Earthland, and beyond those who been terrorizing Earthland it is unlikely to stumble upon one by accident."

A short pause followed, her gaze lifting upwards as she hummed softly. "Although the theory behind dimensional traveling is known to me, the means to put them to practice is quite a different tale. One could consider using the wielder of a Dimensional Dragon's lacrima as a catalyst, but that comes with complications of its own. Ever since that power faded from my body I have had no idea who became the successor to it."

Esperia smiled briefly as Erebus questioned her intentions, after which she lowered her gaze. "I might have become a Demon, but from origin I am still a human being, and part of that remains even now. Your research into traversing into other realms is of personal interest to me. I wish to obtain the means to keep a promise I made, no matter the cost or effort it would take me, therefore aiding you in your research would be of mutual interest..."

She went quiet as Erebus laughed, a moment of consideration following as she lifted her head up once more and hummed softly. "I won't try to stop you, your actions are your own, and they know the risk by entering this tournament."

A light shake of her head followed after which she replied. "An agreeable deal, beside your endeavors for the most part align with my own so I don't see any reason to hinder you." She smiled at the man. "Beside, I am no longer naive enough to think one can save everyone. The path of a hero is one of ideals, naivety and disappointment, and I had enough of that."

Her gaze lowered as she finally opened her eyes. "It is for that reason my only concern is to protect those dear to me, if my actions indirectly aid people, then that is a pleasant bonus I guess? It is for that reason that I oppose the endeavors of your leader, should Odin succeed and bring an end to Earthland for the sake of his secretive mistress, all the fighting I did would had been in vain. So I can admit that should you seek to use your research to release Morrigan, I will consider what stance to take."

She paused, and smiled at him once more. "Besides, as long as I can grow further, experience more mysteries to uncover and solve, I see little reason to see Earthland end. Not to mention, I have grown quite fond of my family."

WC: 461


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Erebus listened to the white spider set him in her web, clearly turning the point of alliance against Odin as she had done years ago. It festered in him, an unrequited rage but he held it down. “Firstly, Odin is more than my leader. He is my friend.” Erebus said, a saddened almost tired time behind those words. He’d been loyal for a long time, shelling through multiple people trying to turn him ‘Good’ or manipulate his powers in the meantime. What everyone missed was that Erebus was under no manipulation, he’d already been sent to the Abyss by Zagan, he had already been addressed for his views, and manipulation was far from what was keeping him here now.

Erebus resolved an epiphany in the Abyss, one no one else would ever quite understand. If he were always going to be disrespected, then he would make sure to leave this world a Menace. That was his resolve, and so it had been for almost three years now. He grew, but his vices did too. His heroism was still felt, but the rumors were beyond check. Slowly, and surely, the world turned against the Guildless Rogue, to give life to the Nightmare Summoner they all feared today.

Turning against Odin was turning on himself, betrayal was a guilt Erebus just refused to feel. It was to be a complete weakling by contrast to this entity he had shaped up to be. Then again, Erebus was just as much the deceiver as he was the fighter.

“Odin isn’t aware of my personal work, and it isn’t explicitly for bringing Morrigan to life, but should it work and if he wants to take it from me... That’s a headache for another day.” Erebus said, keeping things negligible of his guild ties for the moment. Upon coming to a table at the Coliseum entrance, Erebus signed his name on a paper in red ink. He puts the pen back into the Quil so that Espy might sign up as well, and examines the champions from afar. They were sitting in the bleachers, staring his person down. Two men, both in shorts and hoodies, they were twins. but didn’t quite appear to use weapons, meaning their style was likely magic heavy.

Erebus was not impressed. Giving Esperia a light elbow and pointing up to them, his tongue sliding against his bottom lip. “I could go for some violence, how say you?”



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Esperia nodded her head curtly. "I respect that, which is why I am honest in my revelation that I will attempt to intervene, I do not intend to try to change your ways or allegiance, it would be a futile endeavor and I like you the way you are."

Her explanation following Erebus words made it clear that despite Esperia's intentions were opposing Odin's personal ambitions, rather than those of the guild so she saw no reason to be at odds with him.

"But like you said, that will be a concern for another day."

As she took a hold of the pen and wrote down her name on the parchment, Erebus his attempt to draw her attention made her shrug her shoulders lightly, her eyes already closed as she hummed softly. "And here I thought 'I' was the demon~"

A chuckle followed after which she turned her attention back toward Erebus. "I just hope... they won't bore you too much."

And with those words she decided to observe the interactions that would follow for sure. So far she was amused, but for now it was up to Erebus to take the lead in the shenanigans. As she raised a hand the spider on her shoulder crawled down, making her hum softly under her breath, clearly not considering the champions a threat in the slightest.

WC: 220


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Perhaps it was something about the way she said it, but Esperia totally pumped Erebus up. His ego igniting there in the moment, like a bat out of hell he began to take a sprint, as numerous security attempted to stop him.

“Wait your turn! There’s a system to this!” — Men shouted, as the half filled coliseum stood up on it’s feet. Thrusting themselves into the air, and landing on the battle floor, both oppositions channeled mana through their body. The first heating up flame, and letting it lick his body, as he stood guard. The other cackled with a bolt of thunder in the background leading Erebus to assume this was a lightning mage.

He stopped his run at the floor, and awaited to see if Esperia would follow or stay, regardless. He was ready for a game now.

The Lightning user sent a bolt on Erebus’ location— he was primed to dodge, while the other Twin Champion would dash to his right 10m, that on Erebus’ left by 10m. The first user would blast an s-rank cone of fire on Esperia upon entry, if not he’d direct it wherever Erebus was dodging next.



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Esperia couldn't help but hum in amusement. "Like a child visiting a carnival~" Walking toward the arena at a calm and casual pace the demon approach was briefly paused by the nearby guards, yet at the same time they tried to stop her Esperia opened her eyes, the gaze in them enough making the men hesitatingly step to the side. As the bolt of lightning surged onto Erebus' location, the moment he dashed toward the right Esperia stepped onto the edge of the arena, causing the second champion to launch their cone of fiery flames. For a moment it looked like the flames had engulfed her, but instead they turned into gold dust, a light sway of her hand following as the dust scattered into the air.

Meanwhile she tapped her torso lightly, a sigh of melancholy following. "You desire both of them? If so I don't mind joining the spectators... I fear... they provide little entertainment beyond a quick snack."

And with that she lowered her gaze, closing her eyes as she turned away from Erebus and faced the champion. "Although do not be too hard on yourself, You did a good job casting that spell... for a child's performance."


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As the dust settled from the bolt of lightning, the audience would be in shock to see Erebus, dangling the boy over the ground by the neck, sharpened black fingers dig into his esophagus. Erebus analyazed the damage, as red ooze casually rolled down his exposed forearm. He hadn’t yet discovered how immensely his strength had become, releasing the boy from his hand he felt a limb body fall to it’s place at his feet.


The crowd was silent, but Erebus was chortling. The humanity in him, had run very dry. He wasn’t enough to call a freak show or anything, but he had changed from that adventurous boy so long ago. Turning around to the fire user, the kid nearly tripped on his own feet. The intimidating presence of Esperia and the Twin Killer now stood in front of him, no mage in this region stronger than them with enough time to spring a rescue.

“Esperia, we came to do a job.” He reminded her, although casual tone— sadistic toxin was felt dripping from the man’s venomous meaning.

It became clear to Erebus he’d won, he broke the kid’s spirit. But that wasn’t enough, you see there was a tension inside of the Summoner now. An unequivocal energy that desires to be fed by blood, it was the nature of War in the presence of a God. He began to walk, then jog, then sprint in Esperia’s direction. If she didn’t put the boy out of his misery, Erebus was nigh moments from stomping him through concrete brutally, leaving the image of both of them there. No doubt, equating a worthy bounty atop both of their names.


Name: Nihlatak's Limbo Lingering
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 100-500
Requirements: Nihlatak's Corpsemourn
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: Self
Cooldown: -
Duration: Instant
Effect: Even though the user cannot directly enter limbo, they can do it temporarily. This allows the user to let moves phase through them. It costs a certain amount of mana to let a certain amount of damage phase through. The cooldown applies in general. This means that during the cooldown, the user cannot use this spell at all.
D - 100MP to let it phase through, 0 cooldown.
C - 200MP to let it phase through, 1 cooldown.
B - 300MP to let it phase through, 2 cooldown.
A - 400MP to let it phase through, 3 cooldown.
S - 500MP to let it phase through, 4 cooldown.

-10% Item Spell Reduction


S-rank damage phased through,
Dealt instant S-rank on NPC vital.


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A deep sigh escaped from Esperia's lips as she was aware of the fate of Erebus' foe. She should have expected this to happen, yet for some curious reason she did not stop him. Rather, Esperia felt not even a sense of sorrow or regret at the death of the champion. Rather, it felt like the murdering of the person didn't exactly make her feel anything at all.

Was it the feeling of detachment that came from her turning demon? Seeing Erebus jog toward her opponent with the intention of giving him a equally brutal fate Esperia made a jabbing gesture with her hand toward the man's torso, her golden fingers resting on the man's chest as she whispered softly. "Good... night~"

The champion's eyes widened in disbelief, yet soon turned into sheer horror as Erebus would likely understand why. From the man's stomach his body started to turn gold, the man staggered backwards, turning around and raising his hand toward the crowd in the hope of find a savior, but in the end by the time he took another step his entire body had turned entirely into gold.

One could only question what destiny was worse... Esperia turned toward Erebus and spoke softly. "You... can sell the statue if you'd like?"

WC: 200


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Erebus slowed his job down at a brief pause upon the glimmer of gold, soothing the unrestful beast inside of him. The beauty of Esperia’s kill, was the value of life she invaded forever. Erebus turned to view the audience, in shock and terror, awe and wonder. Perhaps it was too early to say, but the actions they’d made today had definitely been witnessed. He wondered how this would bode for his future, openly defeating foes to death for sport— spelled a different chaos than the quiet assassin his legacy had revealed in time past.

Alongside colossal enigmas like Esperia; Erebus was beginning to take his leap. His eventual grab, at the world and everything it hoped to stand for truly. He approached her with a curious expression— examining her art head to toe and circling it like a hungry hyena. Gold. It was the power of King Midas, a minor detail in Espy’s full power. Yet another talent of her’s that reaped such a large and valuable reward. He spoke up, his tone devoid of tension to address her polite offer. “Thank you Esperia,” he paused. Almost wanting to refuse it, however the same shiesty rogue he’d always been shined through and he found himself lifting the gold stature onto his shoulder. “I won’t forget your aide, you’ve been generous with my situation. Shall we turn this in and see ourselves our separate ways then?” He offered her, almost assuming entirely this visit wouldn’t be the last time he saw Esperia. However, you never did know, anyone could be gone tomorrow.

The summoner listened for the sound of a slap, but nothing came. Awe... Fear.. Whatever. It was real for the moment, and the show was served just like it would be in War. The darkness behind his eyes seemed to smile and gleam like the first starlight at dusk; the road forward a lecherous omen for anyone who vowed to break his trust. Evidently, Esperia wa coming out of her passive shell too, Erebus would keep his promise to keep her in close contact. His only real obstacle was trusting her, after all. She was no Nightmare, merely a buisness associate. He addressed that to himself as he exited. Surely, it had been a fun day although frighteningly morbid for the viewing audience witnessing the spectacle of their power.

-Turned in and Exited-

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