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A trip down nostalgia lane [Gunter]

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A trip down nostalgia lane [Gunter] Empty Tue May 04, 2021 4:43 pm


On the outskirts of Baska, amidst the grassy fields and plains that surrounded the city a sudden disturbance unfolded. It came rather suddenly, and with no signs that had heralded its arrival. The air started to distort, a gaping hole stretching outwards as it shifted and formed into a gateway of sorts, and amidst the myriad of paths one could see forming inside the gap, a lone figure emerged.

It was clear that she was the source of this outlandish spell, the path seemingly growing solid underneath her feet as she calmly approached the exit of the Dimensional Gateway, and finally as she stepped onto the grass, the path started to close behind her.

The silver-haired witch's gaze drifted around the landscape, a soft smile upon her lips as she mused softly. "How long has it been since I last visited Baska?"

A soft idle musing, yet one that didn't prevent her from walking toward the direction of the city. So much time had passed, and yet Baska was a place where plenty of memories were made. In a way one could even say that to Esperia Baska was the place where it had all began.

And yet, at the same time it was also the place where some things reached their ending. Perhaps that was the reason she felt so bittersweet when it came to this place. Lightly stretching her arms into the air, the dragon-like scales that covered her arms made it clear they were not ordinary limbs, and at the same time they resembled a regular arm in shape. Perhaps some type of prosthethic? Quietly the witch wandered amidst the field and hills, still blissfully unaware of the events that had transpired into Baska, for if she did her mannerisms might had been much less joyful. But for now she simply basked in the tranquil peace that she had known Baska for.

In the distance she could even see the church of Baska, the sight of it making her snicker softly as memories of innocent days filled her mind once more. How long had she longed to experience those feelings, those memories? For a moment she came to a halt near the entrance to the city and closed her eyes, simply allowing her mind to enjoy the nostalgia a bit longer.

"I'm home... Fia."

-Dimensional Gate hopping into Baska-

A trip down nostalgia lane [Gunter] MHKs2Uu
#2Günter Von Wolf 

A trip down nostalgia lane [Gunter] Empty Wed May 05, 2021 2:56 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter was walking down the main road, he was out gathering various alchemical components for his experiments. He had the demonic book made of human skin in his hand, as a grocery list. After gathering all the required components he would put them into his ring along with the democratic book, and make his way to the front gate.

On his way he noticed a group of thugs grinding up against a woman who was clearly in distress. He was about to walk away when he herd one of the thugs say "listen Bitch, no one is going to save you, we are frome Eternal Nightmare, we own this town, So shut up and get on your knees its been awile since ive been with a bitch as fine with you. Normally me and the boys just jerk one out too the an image of Genevieve."

Gunter would walk over to the thugs, grab the woman by her arm pulling her behind him. He would then look at the thugs and smile. One of the thugs would say to Gunter "Who the Fuc..." before Gunter tears his throat out with his hand. The other two thugs would draw there swords as the woman behind Gunter screams and runs away. Gunter would quickly knock out one of the thugs with a quick jab to the face, as he grabs the sword hand of the other. With one quick thrust of his arm, Gunter would plunge his hand into the chest of the thug, up through the ribcage, and rip his heart out.

The thug would drop to the ground as Gunter crushes the heart in his hand above his mouth. As the last few drops of life trickled down his throat, he would wipe the blood away with the back of his hand before hearing footsteps behind him.


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She had only just arrived within the city itself when Esperia already became aware of the fact something was different. While Baska in general was a more peaceful city, there had usually been some form of Rune Knight presence, whether it was patrolling knights or those off-duty just spending their time outside the barracks. However, right now she saw not a single trace of those proclaimed 'defenders of the people.

Raising a hand to her chin the silver-haired witch pondered what could have been going on when all of a sudden something drew her interest. A familiar presence of sorts was noticed in a nearby alleyway by her Millennium Eye, the thick twisted source of mana earning a curious hum from her. "Gunter?"

Quietly she pulled up the hood of her cloak and started to wander deeper into the city, soon disappearing into a nearby alleyway...

It was just at the time she had arrived that she saw that deeper in the alleyway the same powerful presence she had seen earlier had pulled a woman to safety behind him, yet the words the thugs had spoken made it clear what would have happened if he had not intervened.


The sudden display of brutality seemed typical for the man's reputation and yet felt almost... foreign compared to the stylish approach he had chosen for his formal gathering the last time.

The woman obviously ran, too horrified at the display, and too panicking too even give her a glance as Gunter continued to tear down the second cultist.

The third thug seemingly took the momentary pause of Gunter's assault to raise his sword, ready to swing it down in an arching swing. It oddly reminded her of a wise lesson her old mentor had taught her:

"Quick jabs are usually better for you Espy, going for big wide swings might make your attacks stronger, but it gives the opponent much more time to react, dodge or counter you..."

Perhaps it was for that reason that all the witch did was raise a hand from under her cloak, a single finger pointing toward the thug as she whispered something under her breath.

A blue colored ray of energy was fired straight from her fingertip, not a sign of a magic circle visible as the beam rushed past Gunter and went straight for the crotch-area of the thug.

Of course, the end result was just as painful and horrifying that neither words or descriptive explanations of the end result were needed, but in the end, the beam that had burnt through his entire body, leaving only a gaping hole in the area that was pierced and caused the man to collapse onto the ground with a heavy thud, inhumane screaming that could match a banshee's wail coming from him... Well, most men might have done the same.

It must have been a surprise that he was still alive, but it soon was revealed it had been by design as she walked up to Gunter, her healthy eye glancing with disgust at the thug on the ground as if he was mere vermin.

"Guess I got my answers to my earlier pondering..." She whispered under her breath as she finally raised a foot and with enough force crushed the man's skull onto the pavement of the alleyway.

"It's been a while, Gunter~" Her voice changing to a more cheerful tone she took a step backward and turned to face the shadowless gentleman.

A trip down nostalgia lane [Gunter] MHKs2Uu
#4Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus stood hidden at the gates of the town, a pipe in his lips. A few blocks away, he could hear a slaughter. Granted, he never intentionally made the town worse but was doing his best el dolo to prohibit malicious behavior on the citizens. However, in-use to such a role, many were using his name in a blasphemous presentation. Using his guild, his brand, to sow chaos. Odin was right, perhaps the world did need order. Otherwise, shitty individuals would cause his castle to fall from its heavens.

He watched as the Witch neared the gates and rather than let her address him, he chuckled. ”Fuck... here come the supers.” He said, twisting his tone to annoyance.

“I have this handled bitch.” Erebus pushes a whisper with hostility. He hadn’t actually expected a challenge so soon, neither from a person with another bounty ranging in the millions. Erebus kneW the witch from stories of another time, but this was his era. His time was approaching, though he should knock on wood. Espy was a dimensional being; way different from anything he’d faced in his life thus far. He resolved to show he already walked around fully geared up, as did she. So he was certain a fight was happening, on a building not far a steed with glowing flames trotted uneasily. It felt the danger it’s master was passing into.

“X-rank or not, you can’t help these people from the Kingdom. They’re abused, get out of here!” He spoke even louder this time, the pressure seeming to rise as red static began to eclipse his body. The power of a living nightmare was tinting his skin in a warm scarlet light. “If you have some kind of beef, then where have you been? I stand beside the people, eat with them. You live in a tower watching people die...” A toxic air of anger surrounded the rogue. Ten years in hell, due to Zagan, made Erebus a much more grittier version of himself than he was only months prior. His entire demeanor was even more fascinating. He just wasn’t in the mood to wait around anymore, she wanted to inspire people? Most of them praised his efforts, you can’t silence every punk from the shadows, but if this was anything like Oak, it was Ere’s new Gotham. Erebus would keep his antics up, til the fear of karma held even the most egotistical down like dogs.

“If these are my last words. Then let it be. I will never give these souls back. They aren’t apart of Fiore, they’re apart of me. I’ll show you .” Erebus was not evil, he kept saying to himself. A reminder... he was a hero. A dying light perhaps, but he spoke through darkness. Change in this world was immediate. So let his will be the catalyst.

Erebus was a soundless entity, so actually being able to know he stalked from a distance was out of the question. The further Esperia delved into Baska, the more weary she should be. He traced her movements a few streets down to ‘memory lane’. Where Erebus could view a recent quest partner killing some less than good-looking men.

Esperia didn’t appear to be aware of Erebus. So he began to quicken his pace. Just before she would fully be able to finish her thought.

”Quick jabs are usually better for you Espy, going for big wide swings might make your attacks stronger, but it gives the opponent much more time to react, dodge or—“ Erebus flew like a bullet, but a pace he could master as an intermediate dagger wielder.

He would thrust a dagger forward which should slide easily into Esperia’s backside. From there, he began to continue if she hadn’t responded some how, or dodged. The game was on, the Rogue was here.

*All gear is equipped.*

#5Günter Von Wolf 

A trip down nostalgia lane [Gunter] Empty Thu May 06, 2021 2:10 pm

Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter turns around he notices a familiar face esperia but thats not all he would also see Erebus about to stab esperia in the back Gunters eyes would widen with concern for he was friends with both combatants he would be able to say a one word before combat began "Stop!!" Is all that came out of his mouth as his arm extended toward Erebus.

Gunter wanted to form an alliance with Eternal Nightmare and Sentinal Syndicate, however if they where at war then that plan goes straight down the shitter. As soon as the outcome has happened Gunter would say to erebus "At least buy her dinner befor you take her from Behind." Gunter would try to get in between Erebus and Esperia to try to dissolve the conflict he would Say "alright lets calm down i dont know whats going on here but lets all just walk away" 

Gunter would hope that espiria and erebus will listen if they dont then he will stay in between the two of them and not move regardless of if they end up hitting him

Meanwile in the baska outskirts Kratos busts a nut in a deer


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It had been unfortunate that she had been too interested in Gunter's presence to have not noticed Erebus his presence, leading the man to be able to sneak up to her.

The sudden words spoken made Esperia frown. It was true that no matter the power she wielded, she wasn't able to protect the people the way she was right now. Then again, she wasn't delusional to think that only light could prosper, after all there where there is light, so shall be darkness. One needed the order, and Esperia thought Kon's approach worked for that. 'Controlled Darkness', but it also made her wonder, what about those that suffered the consequences of that controlled darkness?

Wasn't that just a lesser form of the system that was making Baska suffer before? Corruption within the Rune Knights, the inaction of those who held seats of power... Yet was the Eternal Nightmare their answer truly the correct one?

She shook her head, the Eternal Nightmare was worse: They would be totally in control, and if you didn't bend the knee, you'd be put down like a rabid dog. There was no future or prosperity for those who didn't serve Nacht or its servants.

Then what was the right choice? The words that followed were like a specter haunting her thoughts, just barely higher than a whisper as she finally started to get slowly notice the presence of the phantom haunting her.

At the same time that Erebus lunged at her back, the scarf wrapped around her spread slightly to the side, a subtle wave when the moment it seemed that Erebus his daggers would reach her backside, they started to phase straight through her as a masculine voice exclaimed in a mocking tone: "Why are people obsessed with your ass Esperia?!"

Meanwhile, Esperia was quick to stir into motion, her Elder Sage prosthetic pulsing with mana as she watched the mysterious assailant likely slip through her, her body shifting as she casually slid sideways, her hand raised toward the thrusting dagger while her Dimensional Power started to form, a warping field coiling around the man's dagger as she attempted to pull it into her personal dimension.

Still, as her body finally turned solid behind Gunter she sighed audibly. "If people would finally acknowledge the fact that I'm as gay as you are crazy..." Esperia declared in annoyance when her body had finally turned solid again and she prepared to act should any sign of hostility be made.

"So dominating all and crushing any who don't bend the knee is your answer? If you consider that salvation then you're even more of a hypocrite than I am."

Esperia went quiet for a moment, a hand reaching for her chest to tap it lightly, feeling the power of her self-buff hardening the scales on her body.

"Just because you stand beside the people and share their bread doesn't make you their savior! Does your Eternal Nightmare save EVERYONE? Also, those that don't agree with your views? No, for that isn't Nacht's way. Either you serve or you burn."

She shook her head in frustration. "The only way to save this world is to burn down the corruption in its roots and reshape it entirely, a world where everyone is judged under the same rules, and offered the same opportunities. And yet what your prophet offers is neither a new beginning nor a utopia, he would watch the world burn merely to amuse his masters!"

She gestured at the corpses of the Eternal Nightmare thugs. "Unless those ideas become reality, that is what this will remain: Make-believe Heroism."

Her healthy eye narrowed as she eyed for Erebus to make any possible movement, seemingly not opening up an attack from her side just yet.

"So tell me... Are you truly trying to be the hero the innocent need, the judge and executioner of the guilty? Or are you merely using it as an excuse to turn a blind eye to your ignorant servitude of your true enemy?"

She sighed softly, as she spoke the last part in a softer tone. "If you don't plan to sheathe your violence for now so I can have a civilized conversation with Gunter here, I will not tolerate a second attempt to put a dagger up my backdoor."

With that said and done she couldn't help but muse softly: "First a crazy lich, now an angry cultist, you really are a magnet for interruptions Gunter."

Meanwhile, on the outskirts, Kratos would possibly be able to see a giant white wyvern perched on a nearby hill, munching on a bag of popcorn as Kratos had his adventure with the deer

Mana: 17,400-200-200-200= 16,800 Mana left

Name: Dimensional Dragon's Quick Phasing
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Dimensional Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: -
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user can quickly turn their body "intangible", automatically transferring body parts that otherwise would have been in contact with the overlapping matter into their personal dimension. Everything they are touching, including their clothes, weapons, and even other people will become intangible too. The spell can be used defensively, making all attacks pass through the user harmlessly.

Name: Dimensional Dragon's Heavy Warping Teleportation
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Dimensional Dragon Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: 25 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user aims their hand towards a target and distorts the space around it turning it into a warp field, while collapsing matter within the field through a spatial distortion into a dimensional void, instantly teleporting the target to their Personal Domain. The target can be an individual, spell, or equipment. Even the general environment within the 16-meter AoE is acceptable. The warping is limited to a spell in S-rank damage or a single piece of equipment up to Legendary rarity if the target is a non-mage and Mythic if the target is a mage. The user must sustain this spell if anything is placed within their Personal Domain. The target can, however, break out of the Personal Domain if they pay the mana cost of the spell. Should the item of a target be in the Personal Domain, they can pay double the mana cost of the spell to force their item to return.

Name: Protection of Yarghast
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Dimensional Dragon Slayer
Type: self-buff - Constitution
Element: Arcane
Range: self
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Sustain
The user raises a hand toward their torso and taps it lightly. A 4-Meter Diameter magical circle will appear underneath the user while the scales on their body seem to grow further, covering their body similar to a carapace. This provides a S-rank constitution self-buff

A trip down nostalgia lane [Gunter] MHKs2Uu
#7Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus felt a cool rush, as the air phased him through Esperia’s body, as he immediately shifted his body in a hundred and eighty degrees, he felt his intial dagger slip his grasp. Though, a natural predator, Erebus had kept his second dagger at his hip hidden. Just as Esperia solidified, and prior to her own hand reaching her chest, his second one would thrust intensely into her body. This would all occur just before her hand touched her chest, scaling the rest of her flesh up. Then, Gunter, another weapon master with a speed that could be respected to the Rogue, pushed himself within the center of both of them. Locking up any chance for him to fight her head on unless his instincts took him to a roll, though... Erebus would rip the knife from Esperia’s gear as his pressed against Gunter’s and his body would stumble back a step or two from the sheer momentum all three of them were playing at.

Not yet a master, Gunter’s speed surprised Erebus who hadn’t exactly registered the vampire would defend the witch. Erebus always assumed the Vampire liked to watch a violent approach, this was quickly noted, Erebus bit his lip and lifted his empty hand to flip the mage off behind him. Pissed she would take apart of his passion from him, as if it were hers to take! “You are a hypocrite. I don’t worship anybody, assumptions make an ass out of both of us. Mostly you, I’m doing justice here. Regardless if you’re high-and-mighty-self can’t tell the difference. You should never ever speak another man’s name out of your mouth lest you die by the same hand that would feed your neglected town’s people.” Erebus watched the mocking look on her face as she motioned to the random thugs using his name. “If you think they wouldn’t pretend to be Sentinel Syndicate all the same then you’re already beat. The only way to set these examples is to be the ‘nightmare’ that keeps them in check. Just because you think you know me, you come here to belittle my status and project your rage against me. Esperia, if there was a bigger clown in Fiore, then I’d kill my self of the amusement alone. I won’t help you. I despise people like you, who think they’re above the common folk because of Magic. I grew to be what I am, to dispose of you entitled pieces of shit. If you lived even a day in my world, Without your ‘gifted’ abilities, the dogs of these streets would tear you apart.” Erebus was blunt, snide, and of all things. Livid.

It was one thing he was forced and torture into obeying a Demon Lord. Esperia was just a witch, she may well have been the strongest witch on the planet, but that changes nothing; what has she done for the world? He was just a man with a plan surely, but he would never trade the same honor in his heart otherwise. “You came to this town because of ‘me’, not the rapist thieving Rune Knights?! You’re a joke to my people, all of you mages are!”


A trip down nostalgia lane [Gunter] Empty Sun May 16, 2021 2:58 am


Unfortunately for Erebus, the fact that Esperia had moved behind Gunter and essentially used him as a human shield made it so that the rogue would either stab air or stab Gunter himself as Esperia materialized behind Gunter.

Esperia only glared at Erebus as she replied coldly. "That is ironic coming from a member of a guild whose leader acts like he is some sort of deity."

Esperia shook her head lightly in denial to the man's attempt to disregard the thugs their names. "Lying gets you nowhere, I know those men were affiliated with your guild. Perhaps mere mooks to be used by your leader, but they still carried your banner. Doesn't change the fact that Odin would willingly watch this entire world and its people burn..."

With a light wave of her hand, she opened a dimensional gateway to her personal dimension, calmly stepping back into it. "You have been warned Erebus..." She turned her gaze toward Gunter and mused softly. "We can talk elsewhere~" And with those words as the pathway closed the vortex started to warp around Gunter, seemingly warping him away alongside her!

Once the portal closed Erebus' dagger would soon collapse on the ground while Esperia walked through her dimensional gate, soon arriving in her personal dimension as a portal opened and Gunter would emerge there.

- As requested teleported away with Gunter, topic exited -

A trip down nostalgia lane [Gunter] MHKs2Uu

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