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Oak's Dream [Conquest]

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#1Erebus Gresham 

Oak's Dream [Conquest] Empty on Sat Oct 31, 2020 12:11 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus stood atop a roof as a crowd amassed, maybe they thought he'd jump to his death. Either they did or they didn't but whatever the case; he wasn't here for that. No instead, he was here to conquest for his new family. A family that, he may not have felt very attached too or part of, but a family he'd fight with regardless.

Erebus had all his equipment with him, so he was going to fight anyone who said no. However, the hope was that they'd understand this was happening one way or another, and just accept their realities for what it was. Donning his orange get-up, hidden with a cloak, the Rogue shouted down to the people.Not willing to let them pretend this didn't go unheard.

"Listen up. I'll only say this once, Eternal Nightmare, the newest guild in the region... Now owns you, and this town." Erebus felt a pain in his chest, a lump in his heart. This had once been his home, a home unforgiving no doubt but still his home. "As we speak, the royals at Castle Phantasm are already being filled in themselves. We'll protect you, in return, you'll aide us. The facts are simple, we are the strongest in this region, and now we are taking this place away from you." Erebus spoke with a sadistic tone, after 10 years in a mental abyss, his mind had grown uglier. He was not so nice anymore.

He stood there a bit longer, waiting the silence out. If no one opposed him then he'd go back to the Pub, his declaration set in the minds of the cattle beneath his gaze. Erebus was the Nightmare's Sword, and stood upright to show their strength now, the strength of an Eternal Nightmare.

#2Erebus Gresham 

Oak's Dream [Conquest] Empty on Mon Nov 30, 2020 6:21 am

Erebus Gresham

The streets that weave their way through Oak City have changed innumerable times over the past few years alone, changing with the tide as new businesses rise and fall, and gangs try to take over land that is not theirs. The people of the streets respect one thing and one thing only: power. They will bend to whichever gang or group is the strongest, as will the gang members themselves. Anyone looking to gain control of these streets need to prove that they are the strongest, otherwise they will be ignored or, more likely, thrown to the dogs and torn apart.

Erebus watches and gets ready to turn around, as gang members with chains set in on his location. They want him to fight, so he obliges with a slight smirk, dropping his head, as a pipe is brought to his lips, the men begin to run a him, hoping to beat him down, but a wave of smoke spews from the maw of this monster. Entangling everyone in this area of effect in a blinding cage of disappearance. Those not caught in it, stop in their tracks alarmed.

Erebus, now seen as nothing but his silhouette, turns intangible within this gas, nearly invisible + half-invisible, and his speed is of an enormous tier. He begins to slide by targets, poking them with his daggers, causing them to drop. His movements more akin to a dance, with spins and dives, and rushes as if he moves at super speed. The smoke clears to reveal fifty or so local gang members bleeding out on the ground. With that message left for the town to see they begin to take kneel for the Rogue. Knowing, that his strength as well as his guilds, is the aide they'd like. Not to mention, they literally can't be stopped.

Perfect Darwinism.

Conquest complete. -Exit-


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