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What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus)

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#1Ko Lesalt 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Fri Sep 04, 2020 4:13 am

Ko Lesalt

When Ko first arrived in Oak City, he'd been looking forward to the change in scenery first and foremost.  Instead, he'd found the place to be rather on the spooky side.  There was nothing in particular about the city that set that vibe, it was just a feeling that seemed to crawl up and down Ko's spine every time he turned a corner.  It wasn't until he found a job posting requesting help exorcising a Church that he realized what had been giving him those feelings.

Naturally, Ko had accepted the job.  He'd fought a lot of things in his day, but ghosts hadn't been ticked off that particular list.  He was curious just how difficult it might be.  On the plus side, he also saw that he would be working alongside Erebus again, which was a load off his mind.  Erebus had already proven to be a pragmatic and capable sort, as well as willing to get his hands dirty if it meant extra jewels.  Ko wasn't sure how exactly they'd manage that during an exorcism, but if anyone knew how it'd be Erebus.

Thus, Ko was standing on the grounds outside the church, well after dark of course, waiting for Erebus to show himself.  One might think its madness to attempt an exorcism after dark, but it seemed like common sense to Ko.  How was he supposed to scare these ghosts off if they didn't even come out?  Surprisingly, Nantosuelta had sworn off the job altogether.  Something about not being good with ghosts, though Ko wasn't quite sure what she meant.  She had seemed awfully nervous though.  Maybe she was planning something for after the job was done.  That sounded like something she would do.  Arms crossed, Ko tapped his foot on the ground as he waited, his impatience on full display.  "Where is that guy?  I wanna get in there and see what the fuss is about."


#2Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Fri Sep 04, 2020 7:20 am

Erebus Gresham

Erebus was no newbie to this area, this was home, and ghosts and goblins were something Erebus knew more about than most people. He had been robbing people's pockets on these streets for twenty one years, and counting! It seems that fate had brought him back and the first thing Ko wanted was to pick up another dangerous job, so off on another S-rank quest they go. Equipping Phantom Dancer, pun intended, no ghost was going to fuck with this rogue. Matter of fact, Erebus didn't fear the dead, he felt at peace beside them. After all, the Lich who terrorized these parts on Halloween met a grissly defeat to him, and the souls of the Underworld thanked Erebus for freeing them of the manipulator's control.

You can't fear spirits, if naturally they draw themselves to you, so why even stress it? However, one such spirit, as there always was a few exceptions, was a dark and illicit monster. A mongrel of the church, a scorn on the backs of the town. Erebus approached the Church, noticing Ko standing outside the black gate. The church had an eerie vibe at night, kind of like a haunting on hill house or something. The graveyards in Oak were further west, but the entrance to the holy catacombs were beneath this sanctuary. The catacombs were from past wars in Fiore between Demons, Seraphim, Humans, and Elves. Humans were primarily the specters down there, but every now and then you'd come across a sealed demonic spirit-- or so the folk tales say.

Erebus wouldn't let it distract his idea of a good time, and rather loved slaying monsters, so regardless. He was seen strutting up with a parted smile, somewhat happy to be back into a job less... Royally dangerous. If anything, Erebus feared a life in some dungeon to ghost whispering in holy burial grounds. He was just different in that way. Ko was dressed his usual way, his companion yet again absent, Nancy was beginning to cross Erebus as quite the coward of a wyrm; but he wouldn't make that comment out loud. It was a safe guarded thought for himself, first and foremost. For even if she was, Ko had a glimmer of bravery not common in other mortals. Erebus was drawn to that light, which perhaps was hidden in darkness on purpose.

He raised his hand to wave at his partner, unaware he was a good ten minutes late. Erebus was normally early, but having been home, there was just a few people he needed to catch up with. "Ready to play Ghost Hunter in the catacombs?" He asked simply grinning. "Let's go?" Erebus hopped around the mage with a stride to his step, seeming to glide even without trying. Rogues had a skill for nimble and quick spins and rotations. Almost as if they truly were dancers. The Unavoidable One would go up a small flight of five stairs, and push his body weight against a door, letting himself into the chapel. Underneath an alter at the epicenter of the room, there was a chamber door. It was detailed in papers itself, though there was a few other entrances, this was the one Erebus had been peaked off to investigate. So he approached in with a flair of interest.


#3Ko Lesalt 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Fri Sep 04, 2020 11:21 pm

Ko Lesalt

Ironically, it was probably Ko's lack of education regarding Fiore's history that helped him keep a level head when faced with delving into the catacombs below Oakland Church. After all, while the war between races had been horrific and destructive, Fiore had bore the brunt of the mayhem. Being a foreigner, Ko lacked that background information, and thus often missed out on certain subtexts which a native Fioran wouldn't need to be stated outright. Of course, it wouldn't make much difference either way. Spirit might be spooky and unsettling, but Ko was a mage of Darkness before he was a Dragon Slayer. Curses, hexes, and foul magic was hardly unknown to him.

Those thoughts were far from his mind when he heard Erebus' greeting, and he turned to face the rogue as he strode past with a confident grin. "About time you showed up. I've been itching to get a look at these spirits since I read the posting. I'm curious to see if I can punch one or not." Ko was certainly a simple and straight forward thinking sort. Following along behind Erebus, it was clear just from how they moved the difference in their skillsets. Where Erebus was graceful and fluid, practically gliding through the air with ease, Ko moved like an ocean surge. His steps were even and deceptively slow, belying the great weight that traveled with him.

Erebus pushed the door of the chapel open and slipped inside, leaving Ko to follow in after him. There was certainly an otherworldly atmosphere settled over the church, an almost palpable thickness in the air that pressed down on everything. Even Ko's footsteps sounded oddly muffled, yet at the same time echoing through the empty pews. Other than Erebus' familiar smell, the entire chapel smelled stale and vaguely of ozone. Not a combination Ko had ever encountered before. "This place stinks." His nose scrunched up as if to punctuate his declaration.

Following Erebus up to the chamber door beneath the altar, Ko could sense the ozone scent increasing. It wasn't exactly like ozone; he'd been around Steel enough to know that smell rather intimately. Whatever it was, it was close enough. "Well, is they're gonna keep hiding..." More curious than cautious, Ko took hold of the chamber door and forced it open, frowning at the clouds of dust that billowed up from around the door frame. Unable to resist, he sneezed loudly. "Fuck, do they just not clean in here or what?" Straight ahead, a short passage way lead to a set of stairs leading into the catacombs below. Unfortunately, none of the sconces lining the passage walls were lit, leaving the stairs to just descend into naked darkness. Realizing his mistake, Ko turned to Erebus. "Uh, you got a light or something, right?"


#4Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Sun Sep 06, 2020 12:44 pm

Erebus Gresham

With Ko taking a leadership role and opening the chamber door, Erebus rested his hands in his cloak pockets, just as curious as he was only moments before. Seeing what lied down there was a knowledge he wished to expose himself too, but without showing much of it, there was an anxious thought about going beneath a magical ghost town. Spirited away to the Underworld. It was like... An eager journey he wished to make, a world he wished to see.

"Of course I do." Answered the green-haired speedster to his wyrm-rider friend. He graced the pocket in his cloak and removed his trademark zippo lighter with the teal and chrome trim. Extending it to his ally's hand, Ko would be ahead and could light a torch for their use, and Erebus would cover the back in case he needed to phase with the shadow's and pick a ghoul apart. He then offered a word of dialogue to his mage friend, the Darkness Dragon Slayer. "I forgot to ask you, but about your magic, it being esoteric energy compared to my knife's metal edge; well, it'll probably have you taking a bigger role than me in our offense. I'll support you from the back if that's straight by you,"

The rogue then added a message of warning. "If you hear voices, victims, you know people who you might remember from another point in your life. Best if you ignore them."


#5Ko Lesalt 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Sun Sep 06, 2020 7:06 pm

Ko Lesalt

Seeing that Erebus had pulled out a fancy looking zippo lighter, Ko quickly snatched a torch out of one of the nearest sconces and held it out for the rogue to light. The thing smelled acrid, like tar, but Ko endured for the sake of being able to see where he was going. While the torch wasn't particularly strong, it was better than just fording ahead blindly. "Alright then, into the unknown." With light source in hand, Ko forded ahead, leading the way into the dark catacombs below.

While he was keeping his eyes peeled, the featureless walls and seemingly endless stairs had little in the way of distraction, so Ko lent an ear to Erebus as he spoke from behind. Ko smirked excitedly at the prospect of Erebus' suggestion. "I don't have a problem with that. Right in the thick of it is where I prefer to be anyway, whether its ghosts or not." Just as Ko finished speaking, the stairs finally ended, and their pathway opened up into the catacombs proper. The featureless walls were now lined with macabre designs, depicting the forms of death and the nature of the afterlife. Ko held the torch up to one design in particular, the flickering light casting shadows over a skull trapped in an eternal silent scream. "Don't worry. I'm used to hearing stuff like that." The tone of Ko's voice was somewhat darker than usual as he made that admission, but he didn't dwell on it. He simply pulled the torch back and turned back towards the way forward.

After a few moments, where silence pervaded the catacombs with no change, Ko decided to try and speed things along his own way. "Alright you sorry dead fucks! You're getting served an eviction notice today, so wake up and get your deceased asses out of this mass grave!" Ko's voice echoed for a few moments in the enclosed space, before silence finally fell again. Ko grimaced in response. "Damn. That usually gets people riled up a lot better."


#6Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Sun Sep 06, 2020 7:21 pm

Erebus Gresham

To most of Ko's answers, Erebus didn't need to add further dialogue. He was sure Ko would be okay for the most part, Erebus wasn't much afraid of the dark, but he was arguably at a disadvantage to spirits. Even more, he didn't truly have an idea of what kind they'd come across. Ko seemed rather forward and just yelled into the endless abyss, meanwhile, the rogue was sure they needed to force their necks a little deeper, after all the engravings on the wall were in his native latin and he read them there for Ko to understand, perhaps just a little, that their descent was going to be much longer than just five minutes.

"Portae ex Inferis." Erebus gave note, as his warm fingers slid against the cold stone, the hauntingly real images of screaming skulls, and the idea that angry invisible entities were probably there hadn't occurred yet. The deeper they descended, the more shocking and horrific the venture would grow. "As above so below, Ko. We won't find anything conscious until we go at last as far as we would to find people above ground. Let's press further." The air was colder down here, and within the small light they had illuminating from the torch, fogged breath could be seen escaping the Rogue's lungs. Signifying that with every step, the light would be ever so much more distant.


#7Ko Lesalt 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Sun Sep 06, 2020 7:41 pm

Ko Lesalt

Ko was momentarily surprised to hear Erebus reading from the engravings on the walls, turning back to glance at the rogue. "I didn't know you could read this stuff. Guess that makes sense though. You are the native here." It still seemed odd to Ko that Fiore had such distinctly disturbing beliefs as part of their basic burial practices. The fact that they had even deeper to go didn't help either. Following Erebus' advice Ko disregarded his failure to antagonize the ghosts and continued onward. The first stretch of the catacombs was much longer than Ko expected, but it was also on a very slight incline, leading them further and further down as they progressed.

They eventually found their way to another set of stairs leading downward, these ones fashioned in a tight spiral that was much steeper than the previous ones. "Tsk. What is it with you Fiorans and putting your dead in such deep holes. Its like you're trying to keep them from getting out or something." Ko wasn't exactly familiar with how common undead or spirits like this were, especially considering most of the people in this catacomb were supposedly from a horrific point in Fioran history. They were probably outliers in the whole "rising from the grave" thing. Ko didn't waste any time, and immediately started descending the staircase. The designs on the walls were only getting worse and worse as they got deeper. "Maybe the art is why these guys are getting uppity."


#8Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Sun Sep 06, 2020 8:01 pm

Erebus Gresham

The comment about keeping the dead down, almost made Erebus cock a grin. He'd heard stories of the undead, entities known as Zombies. Being humans who strayed too far into entrances to the Underworld like this, they would accidentally find themselves in a world with demons, an Abyss you could call it, with the only chance of really surviving through means of combat. Or creating a pact with a Demon Lord, even then though, eventually every person in the Underworld loses their soul, such was law in King Yama's domain.

"Yeah, it's very possible these bodies were crammed here without proper funeral, buried one atop the other. It would explain why the images are kinda cruel, these bodies were shoved into the walls together, heaps and heaps of ancient people." Erebus elaborated. He then perked up ready to speak, only to be cut off by a light up ahead. A tiny child, a toddler sat there beneath a stick with a tiny flame. She looked to be playing with a toy, the sound a jewelry box could be heard, an old tune, like the kind your grandmother would play from hers.

The child wouldn't look up, her blonde hair shielded her face, however, due to where they were. It clicked to Erebus "Well, now's your chance to yell at them again Ko." He muttered, keeping his voice silent as Ko would hold the lead. Obviously, and quite quickly put together, this was a bad situation, and this spirit was going to force them to approach it because it's attention was on it's toy.


#9Ko Lesalt 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Sun Sep 06, 2020 8:27 pm

Ko Lesalt

Ko couldn't help but groan out loud as Erebus explained the circumstances of how these bodies came to be buried here. No wonder they needed to send exterminators in here to clean the spirits out; Ko would probably claw his way back here somehow if he'd been just dumped in a hole with hundreds of other people too. The fact that many of the designs in the walls were actual remains rather than just carvings was more than a little unsettling as well. Ko was glad he'd left Nantosuelta up top at this point; trying to squeeze her in down here would have been impossible.

"And they wonder why they've got spirits oozing out of the place. Maybe next time they shouldn't just throw their dead in here. Or better yet, just burn em."
Ko wasn't an expert, but he had a feeling if their bodies had been burned rather than left to fester in this hole they wouldn't be having this issue. Regardless, the time for speculation had ended, as he spotted the light up ahead at about the same time as Erebus. A small child with a toy music box, how utterly cliche. The problem was what the music box was playing. He recognized that tune, and it made his blood boil. "Oi, oi oi oi. Who does this little dead shit think she's toying with?"

Erebus had warned Ko that he might hear familiar voices and the like down here, but Ko hadn't expected something this poignant. Perhaps that was enough to make Ko disregard the danger, or perhaps Ko simply didn't know many ghost stories. Either way, rather than take a guarded stance like Erebus, Ko stomped directly up the ghostly young girl, clamping his gauntleted hand onto the music box and cutting the music short. "You don't get to play this song." Ko's voice was cold, but even his anger chilled somewhat when the girl looked up, her blonde hair parting to reveal a gaunt, nearly skeletal expression. Without a word, her lips parted, and an ear-piercing scream rang out, actually forcing Ko to recoil in surprise. Wincing, he was oblivious to the wispy movement starting to stir up around the walls of the catacomb.


#10Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Sun Sep 06, 2020 9:13 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus watched his partner respond... Bravely. The man walked up, and ripped the music box from the banshee child, it's black eyes empty tunnels that were it's own form of catacombs. The winds that picked up, caused Erebus to be pushed forward, which he reacted too by rolling from his shoulders back to his feet in one solid movement. Though a single blink later, a pale corpse with mutilation on it's form festered itself into reality, with no head or arms, it resembled a dullahan. An old spirit said to be the dark counterpart to a Celtic pixie. With it's form popped into existence, the sudden arrival of the corpse monster shocked Erebus to fall backwards on his back. Maggots quickly filled in between the meat zippers at it's holes, which showed a graphic look into the anatomy of a recently slaughtered body. Straight from Silent Hill this monster's stomach slit open, and blood ran like water. Another ghost, the form of a crying mother could be seen. Swimming out of the blood pouring. It swiped forward at Erebus with it's knife. To which he responded by parrying Phantom Dancer off the attack.

Whatever was going on over with Ko, Erebus was only half conscious for, as his own monster was very active in attempting to murder him now itself. Due to purely having not expected it at all, his reaction time was delayed and a bony arm, practically sticking to the bone with flesh pulled him from his place at the ground, by his neck's backside. Ramming his head against the stone wall. More arms seemed to phase through the wall, trying to pin Erebus too it, as the headless corpse fell backward for the psychotic she-demon to crawl out the other 'dying' entity and approach him.

All the while, the music box would begin to play it's song backwards, and the child's limbs would crack and bend, whilst it turned into an eerie beast. More like a hellish monster than a toddler after only a few seconds. With sharpened stub-like appendages, it attempted stabbing it's stubs into Ko's thighs. Where it could drink various organs and liquefy Ko's guts for ingestion, starting and coming out through the holes it wants to make, and using the appendages as suction tubes.


#11Ko Lesalt 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Sun Sep 06, 2020 9:40 pm

Ko Lesalt

Although Ko had released the ephemeral music box after the child spirit unleashed her scream, he could still clearly hear the damned thing pumping out twisted and eerie notes that hung in the air. The torch was still burning, thankfully, and its limited light was ensuring that they could see the disgusting creatures that manifested in response to their companion's cry. Were these things originally a family, and all that was left was these twisted mockeries after death? Ko didn't have time to think about it. Erebus was already thrown onto his back leg after being attacked by his own heinous opponents, but Ko had a problem right in front of him to deal with first.

The tiny child had seemingly transformed into some macabre conglomeration of a corpse and cracked bamboo, and Ko only barely managed to avoid having his thighs skewered by the horrifying appendages that had replaced her hands. Ko had been expecting terrifying visages in the spirits, but this level of aggression was entirely unexpected. Worse yet, everything he was seeing was dredging up his own past traumas, reminding him of the most terrible night of his life. In the past, Ko might have been turned into a paralyzed wreck. He was beyond that now.

"DON'T TOY WITH ME!!" Violet light filled the catacomb as Ko summoned a magic circle, lifting his arms towards the ceiling. Wisps of darkness streamed from all around, encircling his clasped fists and extending into a long blade that breached the stony ceiling. "Darkness Dragon's-" With a swift motion, Ko swung his clasped fists down in an overhand blow, bringing the blade of darkness down with them. It dug a furrow in the ceiling, before slamming straight down on top of the desiccated head of the banshee child. "HELMSPLITTER FANG!" The blade split the spirit's head in half, almost too easily, and the creature let out another wailing cry. It jerked around, almost confused, before lunging at Ko again with its disgusting limbs at the ready. "Shit! Get back in the dirt you little shit! Don't die Erebus, or I'll kick your ass next!"


#12Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Sun Sep 06, 2020 10:06 pm

Erebus Gresham

A mother, a mutilated father, and a child. Could be anything, from a Yakuza situation, to a case of a cheating husband. But this was certainly a family, just one out of the infinite ghost instances you could expect. Erebus normally wasn't one to worry on a mission however, being bound to the wall, he had no chance but to allow the crying psychotic ghost to stab his chest. He spewed blood from his mouth as she kept stabbing different areas of his chest.

Had he not worn his cloak he might have died, but thankfully it cushioned some blows. Erebus saw his vision getting harder to keep focused, he could feel the wall pulling him into an ectoplasmic entrance, and he could almost feel the spiritual pressure of the infinite dead in the undergrounds as his soul fought to remain in his mortal coil. Now that he recalled it, this was the closest instance to actual death he'd faced in his life. Sure enough, the living couldn't him. The dead would have too, a fitting end for the Underworld's Prince...


Erebus wasn't a quitter. He awoke like a madman, slicing the spirit's neck, a spewing fountain of red hemoglobin showered him underneath. With red paint over his body, and gaping wounds to boot, Erebus called over to Ko. Unsure about how to help him fight that thing, regardless. He made it known, he had no plans to die just yet. "Me? Die? You wish pal." He joked, pointing his dagger at the beast, if push came to shove, Erebus would help Ko fight it. If Ko could handle it, Erebus knew he could if he wanted, then Erebus would merely cough blood a little, slowing his own breathing so that he didn't suffocate himself in blood.


#13Ko Lesalt 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Sun Sep 06, 2020 10:57 pm

Ko Lesalt

Ko was swiftly coming to the conclusion that he hated ghosts. Not only had this banshee child not dropped dead after having her head bisected, she was still coming after him with a level of bloodlust Ko would expect from a rabid animal rather than something that used to be a person. A child, if its appearance before had been any indication. Ko already had a sizeable cut on his face from a near hit that would have gouged his eye out, and he simply didn't have the stamina to outpace something that was literally already dead.

Finally, Ko's luck ran out and the creature managed to sink its disgusting, tubular appendage into his abdomen. Ko let out a roar of pain and anger, grabbing hold of the banshee by its elbow. No matter how he tugged, he couldn't pull the thing free, so he did the next best thing. "Darkness Dragon's Black Claw!" Sweeping his hand down he brought a massive claw of dark magic down on the creature's arm, severing it at the shoulder. It staggered back, more in fear than pain, as the disgusting tube leaked a shimmering sludge mixed with Ko's blood and what little of his organs it had managed to dissolve. With a harsh yank, Ko pulled the tube out of his abdomen, his face twisted into an expression of pure rage.

Something about his visage must have sparked something in the banshee child, as for a moment Ko could hear a voice that sounded almost human. "No, please, leave me alone! Leave Mommy and me alone!" It didn't stop Ko at all. Like a madman he jabbed the banshee's own limb into its chest, sending it into wild convulsions. "MOMMYYYYY!" "Darkness Dragon's Crushing Mire." Ko spoke with cold vitriol, violet light filling the catacombs again as his shadow expanded, stretching under the thrashing banshee and suddenly surging upwards, covering the spirit in complete darkness before compressing downwards. Finally, silence fell over the catacombs once again. At least, for the moment.

"M...y....bab...y...." Still spewing blood from the gaping wound at its neck, the thing that must have been the Mother was still moving, blindly searching for her lost child. At least, that's what Ko imagined she must have been doing. Looking over at Erebus, Ko could see he was in rough shape, just like he was. Moving over to the rogue, Ko grunted. "I hate fucking ghosts. So what do we do with her?" Ko might have destroyed the banshee child, but seeing the Mother like this was hard even for him.


#14Erebus Gresham 

What Lies Beneath (S-Rank; Ko, Erebus) Empty on Mon Sep 07, 2020 5:19 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus stayed upright but occasionally had to lean back and fight for his consciousness, watching as his vision broke into three Kos', and a few banshee monsters, his sights were failing him. Due to the loss of blood in his body the walk back was going to be a massive bitch of a task, and yet Erebus could only love it, being so close to death was comforting and perhaps this why a restful sleep was so admired by the suicidal. It was real, a perfect quiet... Until you turn into these things, snapping out of the warm darkness, Erebus watched Ko drop a dragon's maw atop that thing, then a crushing mire. What the Rogue could understand to be a pretty decent spell from the looks of it. Ko relished on what to do with the other ghost, Erebus responded simply. "Allow me."

Erebus drited his attention to the soul squirming and crying in the corner, Erebus hated to see a mother cry. They were guardians, and she had failed to guard her child from the men before her, but in her defense. She was dead, and they made the choice to remain here... As beasts of darkness. He had no mercy in the fiber of his being for a monster that would rip and murder people, especially these two guys who had merely came here to talk to them, apart. He simply kept it short and bittersweet. "You'll see your baby in hell, where you're going, it's even worse than these catacombs." Without really knowing the background on the murder of this family, the whole ordeal told Erebus enough. The mother was the cause for the child not crossing, and the father well... He wasn't in sight. So that meant the damage belonged to the mom.

The reason her family was suffering, was just the vivid image of her suffering, for not getting to see her daughter grow up. For not living out to old age. Erebus approached the crying ghost without humanity in his eyes, real and latent fear on her face could be seen. Erebus was a being that while alive, truly commanded the dead... He would demand his enemies die, and that metaphor was without just figure behind speech. This was no difference, dead or not, the dead die for Erebus. He shoved his foot forward so fast and hard the skull of the ghost exploded into the blood behind his superhuman strength. Erebus was use to making the hard decisions in life. Even if he wasn't the evilest guy in this dark guild, he was a merciless and, quite ruthless opponent. To find yourself on the opposite end of his rage, would be to know certain death.

Laying there with her, was a diamond ring, as her corpse caught on fire. Erebus shot his hand through and snipped it from her. The pain hurt, but he imagined this relic would fetch a penny on the black market. Erebus would leave, stolen ghost ring in hand. He turned to Ko, and nodded for them to head back up. One ghost fight was enough down here, these things were gravely dangerous.


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