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Tournament Arc - Erebus

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#1Erebus Gresham 

Tournament Arc - Erebus Empty Fri Aug 20, 2021 1:21 pm

Erebus Gresham

The air whistled to the shady figure, clad in drapes of leather so dark that his form twisted in the spectacle of the downpour ahead. Under the cloak, a helmed warrior with eyes that glowed under the nocturnes. Erebus was a dark force, a newly found water mage capable of contorting Bubble Spheres of highly pressurized H20. Compiled with harmful minerals and energy his class has an immensely effective debuffing asset.

Erebus approached the applicant's table and began signing a long contract, drawing his initials on every page until the very last was thrown over.

"Give the people what they want." Erebus snarked with a devilish smile under his mask.

Today he'd show that his powers sapped the strength of other men, and decimated them under his short sword dagger. Erebus wanted to prove his dominion, eternally echoing nightmares into the countryside. What better way then, for him to do so? Carry a pen, and be diplomatic? Or take out would be fighters from all around. He felt the later, but his strength needed more grit. Erebus needed to master intelligence with magic, after that, he might be something of a Hybrid Rogue.

Erebus was here on a man hunt for the champion. He'd heard that there were two lackeys ahead though, before he could reach that pedigree. This division consisted of A-rank strength from across the West. Erebus, having never been a mage beforehand, was still in the bingo books as A-rank, so he qualified as registered dark mage. The date was set in advance, against all his challengers best wishes. Erebus was a contender.


FFC, The Fiore Fight Club is an underground network of multi-julionaires with stakes on their fighters that could make you feint from fear. In this world, fights are determined by the vey top prestige, hitting Sorcerer Weekly, the Eternal Nightmare Rogue: Erebus Gresham is in bracket for a run against #2 ranked in the land. This is a particularly rare and highly unfiltered display of combat. Tune in, a week from the date and a brawl between Magistallion Meyer and Unavoidable Erebus Gresham, will commence.

Erebus had taken his training to the gym, viewing hologram fight clips, he discerned Magistallion was a Light Mage. High Flyer, with a golden sniper of light waves. Nothing was particularly stand out to Erebus, except for the fact: evading, being all you could do, was impossible as he charged his powers, targets became blinded when he'd pull back the trigger.

Erebus wasn't too bothered, he'd fought this strategy before and it hadn't beaten him back then, what was more? Erebus was full grit now, strong-- his strength parallels S-rank wizards. Erebus used his time wisely there. When he felt personal about his training, he didn't regret a second of it. His fight was ready to begin.

Donning his cloak, he let the hood down, revealing a metal helmet, a heart etched to it's forehead jutted out at the center. His mouth had a face covering, and at his side, in a pocket was a magic pipe, this was his load out, minus the jewelry he was wearing of course.

The rain showers brought the smell of spring and flowers, but with the rogue now coming up to the Tournament Doors, those scents were replaced by those of a dining hall, roast pig, cuisine and vegetables. Inside, warriors could rest their bodies in between matches, so Erebus picked up a seat. He wasn't hungry so he'd reject the flirty waitress as she  came in.

Erebus had to fight in little over a half hour. He had three opponents, and no information that was readily manageable except for fight tapes and the first challenge. Now he had to manage this whole charade to the best of his own business, without a coach or corner. He wasn't hurt by that, his guild comprised of the strongest entities on this side of the law-- they were too busy to mess with him.

Erebus shook the loneliness away, remembering to dilute his emotions again. If he let the anxiety drive his mind to unrest, then what point was the search for power anyways? True power came over one's mind. Erebus knew this to be fact, he entered the tournament stadium, throwing both hands up as the crowd roared to his orchestration.

In the face of a challenge the inner lion comes out, a bloodlust that carries one's rage to the surface as a weapon, Erebus unsheathed his dagger, and leapt off at high speed. The fe, Magistallion would begin letting off wild error shots that nearly penetrated Erebus as he rolled out of way. Erebus tensed, knowing the closer he got, the range to roll would become more difficult.

He grabbed his pipe, inhaled, and released a volley of spoke towards Magistallion. The archer jumped out of the way, narrowly avoiding the A-rank AoE. However, his eyes had left Erebus.

The feint was bought, coming out on the other side of the smoke cloud was a fighter with speed that moved like a blur as he plunged a dagger into the enemy side.

Coughing blood, Magistallion took a wide elbow to the Rogue's jaw, sending him sprawling forward, pain coursed through the fighter's chin, as he skid, he used his BJJ to allow him a roll and was stumbling on his feet. His speed hadn't faltered and he began to charge another smoke cloud spell, at a range of 8 meters, he released an AoE that half blinded Magistallion.

Magistallion was able to blind if a target was looking in his direction as arrows would charge. But Erebus knew this, and had been smart enough to keep his head down, trusting no more than his instincts gifted along with a glance here and there to discern the target.

Now the tables turned. Erebus was blinding. He used the opportunity inhale once more and the target was bonded under a black cross. Erebus sprang forth, gutting the warriors stomach out with little interest in the life of the target. As he'd watched the tapes, this enemy didn't show mercy to his foes, so neither would he get that privilege.

Erebus finished the archer by decapitation. The crowd went ballistic. Behind Erebus another gate would open, a huge warrior with an axe came charging, nearly with the same speed Erebus had, making him jump backwards and parry the weapon.

Fifty meters in two seconds?! He's quick!

Erebus began to half to deflect attacks for over a minute thirty as the melee fighter gassed himself trying to capture the Unavoidable Rogue. Erebus yanked his collar as he finally lost his footing at these insane speeds. Allowing the axe to slam concrete instead of his chest.

Erebus threw his legs around as he materialized. Sweeping into the target's hip with his own colossal strength. As the might enemy bent to the side from sheer kinetic force, Erebus spun counter clockwise and cut through the warrior's throat. Ending the fight, that on screen, he was likely looking worse for wear against.

Finally with the top two contenders slain, Erebus would get a championship fight.

In the ring, completely making the previous monster warrior look small, a thirty foot Teddy Bear with glowing red eyes approached. A single little girl sat on it's head, an adventurer summoner who trained very hard since childhood. She was twenty with the body of a fourteen year old girl. Her skills were obviously not favorable against a speed demon like Erebus. None the less, he would pull this bear down, and dismantle it's master with sophistication.

Erebus shot of like a bullet, planting his dagger in the bear so hard it's form rippled and a Godzilla roar of pain was let out. Then, it struck him, launching him three hundred feet away and breaking his shoulder. Concussive shellshocked rocked Erebus as the beast began to trample forward. It's master, was doing her nails. Uninterested in the Rogue's demise.

The monster crushed it's foot atop his shattering his armor, which was still on cool down.

Grunting from the force, he pulled his broken body and used his phyisal strength off his knee to run. From there it would be a chase and grab game as Erebus strategized his next course of action. Clearly-- he was losing at the moment.

Nothing in his reserves would stop the bear, so Erebus found himself at an odds. He could fight and attempt evasion without full strike capacity, or try and drop critical hits and run. But eventually his stamina would dip if it didn't die soon. He was a mess.

"This is an A-rank bear. I've killed Lich, I've killed demons, but I can't beat a bogus summoner?

Ere was more than annoyed, a true test of his obsolete form since the magical structure in his body had began to change. Ere bus had to admit he wasn't particularly fond of the new brain chemistry since his magic still needed training.

He remembered that fighting was about making use of your area and he scouted the ring for anything that could help him. There was a banner held up on the wall, it was long some kind of sponsorship from a  fishing company out of Astera. Erebus rushed it. his dagger slash ripped it down his arm pulled it off the wall. Making it travel behind him. The stampeding bear was in grabbing range of the white banner.

"Let's finish our bum friend Oshenwald." The brat would finally speak. Only to her unwitting. The banner was a trap. The moment the bear grabbed it, Erebus hit the brakes, and yanked it with his S-rank strength. Pulling the giant bear to his instruments. Hitting the concrete from it's chest, Erebus blitzed with a lounge. grabbing the brat from mid-air. His hand traced her sandals body, despite not being large breasts, she squealed and turned submissive in the choke, the dagger at her neck.

"Cancel Oshen-fuck-face here and I would think to let you live." Erebus offered in whisper, her face caught red in a blush. She was his now, he owned her. The girl knew this, at his discretion murdering her, killed the bear too, he outplayed her in the simplest way. She squeezed her hand, and purple energy ignited the beast as it sank through the ground. "Okay. Okay.."

Erebus snatched by the throat and spun her around. Cutting the skimpy dress off her and leaving a blood red line on her chest, thin as it was, a scar may be left, fully nude and humiliated, she fell to her knees. She was nothing to his might. Her career was over, and she looked like nothing more than a trick next to him.

[i]He was so evil.[i]

"Whatcha gonna do when spells don't work and you fight someone like me? Don't look down on me ever. I'll eat you." In shock, the girl teared up and dropped her head. Erebus turned around and left as the silent stadium stared in shock as his brute. Confetti fell, but one would wonder if this was 'right'.

little Erebus' care, she would up his bounty, but because of the show, his payout was upped as per his true job. Humiliate the champion.

Erebus met up in a bar and collected his extra reward for taking on the bounty. Then, he'd leave Baska to goto Astera, he needed to learn magic. Pronto.

He met Akihiko yesterday, perhaps they could quest there too? Erebus had been called on by Odin, so he knew that his time to shine was just about to come.




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