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East, towards destiny [Travel: Odin]

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Erebus pulled himself from the open entry on the ground, walking beside his guild master, his clothes were bloodied. But overall, his endurance held together nicely against the Queen. Now they were going to the next venture, whatever that was, Erebus was still clueless. He hasn’t dropped the bomb about what he felt. Madly enough, waiting on Odin to share that, was part of the interest in all of it.

He looked to the clouds, whistling, just as a blue orb of water emerged behind his person. “We should take off out of here, my mana is on standby, but we might have to ride slow for me to hold it together,” Erebus said, referring to the fact that holding up a prison for such a powerful entity would eventually wear down his energy.

He brought his fingers to lips and whistled, scanning the dark forest around him. Nothing. He whistled again, and it the distance over the clouds, blue light could be seen, like a UFO of sorts. However, as it grew closer, one could see the form of a Pegasus. Magically attuned to a place of darkness and hellfire, it glowed with cold fire.

This was Benny, a creature Erebus met along a quest and saved from near death by mending its wounds. He didn’t ask for it’s companionship. But Dhuilins’ were famed for choosing their riders, and Erebus never seemed to care if it watched over him.

The rogue was curious about Odin’s means of transport, assuming he might have a steed himself or some other creature.

#2Odin † 

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Odin †

As they emerged from the underground chamber, once again surrounded by the forests of Worth Woodsea, Odin couldn't help but feel a sense of relief. He was accustomed to the darkness of the deep: he had spent far too much time to be uncomfortable with the concept. But being comfortable around something and enjoying its presence were two very different things, and the former nature mage still preferred the bright colours, soft breeze, and feeling of life that came from being outside in the fresh air. It was a shame that he doubted any of the bishops would agree to meet him in a clearing. They were all going to eventually discover his plans, so he had to be quick if he wanted to take them all out.

Erebus whistled, signalling his mount to come and aid him in their long travel East. Dahlia was their next stop, but not because their first target was there. Or, perhaps it was. Odin couldn't understand the feeling that was pulling him to the dark city, but he knew it was the two dark mage's destination. As Erebus' Dhuilin came into view, Odin also sent a signal to his own. The wind blew through his skeleton, releasing a sound of a frequency so high it was imperceptible to human ears. But not to Nemesis. Within a few moments the undead Dhuilin came into view, landing directly in front of Odin as he mounted the beautiful creature.

"Keep our guest with you at all times. We can ride together but on our own mounts to maximise speed." The drain of mana might be negligible for Odin's partner, but the consequences should the binding fall were of a much greater concern.



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Erebus understood loud and clear, deciding to channel his mana as stabile as he could with the Queen sealed in her prison. She floated, suspended, but her eyes moved and blinked, allowing one to know she was atleast conscious and aware that  she’d been bested.

When Erebus observed Odin summoning an undead Lich - Dhuilin, Erebus couldn’t help, but to wonder what kind of magic let that thing live? Then again, he assumed it was the same as his mounts fire; perhaps it was purely for style than necessarily combat prowess.

Erebus hopped on Benny’s back, pulling a finger his way back to his side. The bubble followed, Erebus picked up some speed and awaited Odin. However, with everything fresh on his mind. He was more keen on simply destroying the monsters, with little else to throw into the mix. Wondering if Odin himself was a tad bit nervous or excited for the next part of this dangerous run.

Erebus had to drop by a Blacksmith outside of Worth Woodsea to repair his gear and items, but from there, he was able to make it towards Dahlia town unscathed. Odin too, at his front, led the charge to whatever place was demanding of his attention.

- Exit


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Odin †

Erebus was proving more and more with each passing moment that he was worthy of Eternal Nightmare's power, and of Odin's favour. He was much more than the simple cultists that blindly followed every word uttered by the Lich, not only in intellect but also in power. There he was, as they soared through the skies, holding an ancient creature of unfathomable origins in a binding with next to no long term drain on his powers. He could fight, he could defend, all while the prison of water stood strong. Odin didn't know how useful bringing the Many Faced Queen with them would be, but he was willing to take every opportunity to learn more about the Bishops, whether it be the powers they wield, their names and locations, or perhaps even their weaknesses. He could dream as much as he wanted, but he severely doubted the Queen would give him the weaknesses.

It wouldn't take long for them to reach the East. Magnolia, Dahlia and Hosenka below them.



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