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The Magic Of Curousity.(Social Erebus)

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The Magic Of Curousity.(Social Erebus) Empty Sun Feb 28, 2021 4:22 am

They had arrived in Baska, the general sign of Judina and her companion arriving in Baska easily showed for Judina seemed to be unsure if she remembered this area. It had either been a few years or Baska it's self was something she barely could recall if she did anything in.

But why not see what else was entirely going on. The Landscape and lay out of Baska was something she was far more use too then her current guild's area, She did not mind the difference. This left her feeling a bit.

While placing her finger exactly if she had been here before, Then remembered a long time ago this was a city she had been too with Alice, wondering how she could almost forget.

So since she was not really talking to anyone else."I had not been to this city for many years, I am glad it is still around."Judina for once sounded rather happy, Which given how much time had spaced between her being her and the last time.

After all last time she was here, She did not have Alistair and just walked everywhere, how the time passes it seemed."They seemed to have added a few things since I was here last."

Alistair however was not exactly listening it seemed the Cattian's mind looking at other things as he always did, most likely for bodies or water to try and get Judina to catch him some fish, maybe just also busying his mind while he listen to Judina actually seem like a human being with emotions rather then saying nothing for long periods of time.

Nonetheless Judina seeming in her own nostalgic thoughts so far could enjoy the moment, while Alistair could enjoy seeing spots he could be lazy and nap in."Do you remember what the markets are like Judi?"Alistair would ask, To so far Judina having to stop her thought because entirely."I do not remember..."However she seemed to laugh about it, She would start thinking about it.

Were the markets the same since she was last here? Most likely not so an actual answer was."We will have to eventually stop there, For I do not remember." The open planes of grass were, It was a good way for Judina to map out things she could see to do, Since Baska had farmlands she had to assume there was not much growing currently, She had the wonder if the flea markets were still as active assuming the cold of winter may throw people off every once and a while.

The Magic Of Curousity.(Social Erebus) Alexss10
#2Erebus Gresham 

The Magic Of Curousity.(Social Erebus) Empty Mon Mar 01, 2021 7:42 am

Erebus Gresham

Pow Pow Pow!

"You'll have to try better than that!" shouted a certain rogue from the hill-tops not far away, he pitched himself a great distance with his strength, somersaulting right over to Judina and Alistair's location; minus about twenty feet perhaps on the dirty path ahead. Running from against the hill, about fifty yards in the direction Erebus entered from three dinged guys bounced on after him, these men pursuing Erebus stopped and gathered themselves, breathing heavily. They fired once or twice more without much aim, so the bullets would hit dirt not exactly near where the mage and the cat were, but not exactly on Erebus' location either. Some smoke from their pistols began to cover their traced silhouettes, giving the impression their weapons were cheap and obsolete to current warfare.

"Get that criminal! He's worth more than a mansion, I tell you what!!" said one man, in a gruff southern accent which had a rugged deeming quality of petty insolence laced in ignorance. There was genuine worry he may never get the reward he was after; after all he was chasing a thief with a God complex. "Well cut me some slack Ben, we only just began this Hunting thing. Ain't he a whole Nightmare, parta them cotton-picking dark mages?" The tallest man, now known as Ben put his face in his palm; evidence could tell you he was annoyed with Erebus. Based solely on the fact Erebus was an escape artist, and naturally would slide and cause them distress overtime they got close. Ben watched Erebus jog over to Judina's location.

Dread befell Ben, because his first assumption was another Eternal Nightmare, and the thought of two renowned monsters would surely end in death. However, Erebus wasn't particularly murderous unless upset or under pressure. He was just concerned with getting to Baska Town! The green-haired boy's vision quickly trained itself on the large cattian. The only clear 'ride' he'd seen since he purchased some potions at the merchant's crossroads.

Knowing well and good, there would be little to ample amount of time before the roughions on his tail began firing down on them again-- he spoke with a smoothness, an easiness that made everything seem like a big game. With the stakes only being something a child could fabricate with their imagination. "Hello there," the boy would say, thrusting both of his hands out to shake with Judina's only after a split second for her to register the conversation, obviously the rogue was oblivious to things like 'boundary' and rather instantly moved into a dialogue where his touch would force Judina's actions even a slight bit. Of course, she could always pull away, assuming she was predicting a direct approach from this stranger. "... D'uhh boss, do we get'em nowwwww?" a short and stocky, less intelligent hunter would say, half his body now leaning prone against the hill-top with a hand up to shield the signal 'yield', his other hand pressed a binocular device to his face. Though, in reality they were only a few yards away, and all three Bounty Hunters would see the rogue sooner than later.

"I'm Erebus ma'am, howdy! Is there any chance you'd give me a ride on your mount out of here? I'm being shot at by these strange freaks." Erebus pointing behind himself with his thumb extended to point. If Julian followed his thumb she'd see a pistol leveled on their location from a distance. To which, if needed, Erebus would pull the girl a few feet to his left, ready to engage this band of hunters along side her. otherwise, he was perfectly fine ignoring them, they were chasing a massacre and it wasn't like there was necessary fear in his eyes.


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Their oh so joyful and wholesome moment, would seeming turn into how life was normally for people,The casual walking pace would allow Judina to listen and take in the situation slowly coming before, After all this was not entirely normal of what she remembered of Baska. Were Alistair seemed to barely be paying attention he wanted to it down for a while and maybe nap, like the some what carefree or careless giant cat he was.

However, Judina was listening pondering what exactly seemed to be going on close by her, Then again it was easy for her to see, For the moment Alistair would not be alerted, Since it might not be needed in her mind for the moment.

Realizing now that they were coming towards them,Judina would nudge Alistair to him not really reacting much, So now she had the continuing wonder of what exactly was going on? She would take a moment to stop to listen to what was going on.

Was this person truly wanted man? Judina could most likely figure it out eventually but it was not really her worry for the current time. They were running fairly quickly and it was showing that her past experience of a Rune Knight allowing her to keep track of things going on in front of it which so far given two gun and horrible shots, Seemed like it was most likely amateur bounty hunting, But until Judina got all of the details she would hold back any judgment.

Dark Mages and Nightmare? Interesting things to hear about, She will have to learn all of this later, If she remembered anyway, At least being able to see this when she did. Bringing Alistar to a stop Judina had a chance to take in the situation and figure out what she wanted to do.

So far simple enough she did not want to get shot after all these men risked much more if they shot her or Alistair. The greeting showed that even if on the run and they seemed to reload their guns Judina could easily just mention."Greetings, Seems you have yourself in a bit of a bind."Judina's greeting was just kind of blunt and to the point, which eventually as people met Judina, it was her normal, But she did shake his one of his hands with her right hand.

She was curious and had her wonders, For now however."Alright, get on we will need to move quick, gun and bullets aren't living beings friendly."However this was not from Judina but from Alistair, Well because now this showed it was a bit on edge kind of just wanting to get somewhere quickly that he could be lazy again."Indeed, get on hold on to something, Alistair is pretty quick when we actually wants to be."Judina might seem critical about the being she was on the back on but well, it seemed the situation would just show Alistair might not need to be lazy.

Judina then offered him a hand up."Front or back choose quickly."Whichever Erebus choose, Judina would deal with it because they were trying to help and well, Bullets were not exactly something Judina wanted to eat today so to say. So when Erebus was on and settled in, Alistair would take off, at full speed. Which might be something unexpected by the three men and their guns, Judina would hold questions until they where,Hopefully it was not too long.

Alistair :

Name: Alistair

Gender: Male

Slots: Companion and Mount

Race: Cattian

Class: Legendary

Quantity: Custom

Element: None

Mana: None


   Strength: 100
   Constitution: 100
   Speed: 100

Physiology: Alistair has the same physiology as a domestic cat. Though, Alistair is two meters in height and six meters in length. It may therefore seem weird when Alistair climbs up trees and mountains with ease while leaping around gracefully.

Personality: Hating constraints and loving his freedom, Alistair does his best to avoid worries and problems, often idling about lazily in non-essential activities such as eating, and sleeping. Although intelligent, his laziness means that he refuses to use his knowledge for practical purposes unless it benefits him. Despite this, he does genuinely care for others and considers himself to be the worker when everyone else is asleep. He has particular interest in fish, but he has strong, if theoretical, knowledge about a variety of topics. As a result, he can provide advice to others about how to go about a certain task, but tends not to phsyically assist with that task.


   Mount: The user receives a 50% word reduction when they ride Alistair to travel.
   Speech: Alistair is capable of speech.

The Magic Of Curousity.(Social Erebus) Alexss10
#4Erebus Gresham 

The Magic Of Curousity.(Social Erebus) Empty Tue Mar 02, 2021 3:39 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus gave her a nod, and adjusted himself on the talking cat, to which he pet the soft cattian fur, seeming to take off just as his band of idiots arrived. Erebus turned around and held a finger back so as to mock their amateur work.

Erebus casually deflected a stray bullet, with a spinning dagger he grabbed from his waist in answer to their agitation. A few moments later and the boy as well as Julian and her mighty companion would exceed meters until they were so far catching up would take valuable time that foot travel would not prepare them for.

Then again, Erebus rarely gave these guys a shot, they followed him town to town."Thanks a ton for the help, I'm in town for a task ya see, can't be getting side-tracked by those guys." Erebus paused for a moment, then spoke again. "What's the name and story behind you two?" He proceeded, eyeing the town off in the distance, which seemed to wind a mile or two away. Huts and village houses approaching them in the near distance. He assumed they must be entering the urban areas, encountering Farms and stables would be easier from this distance.

Erebus hadn't thought about it at first, but if she didn't know his face yet, the chances of it had to be slim. So she could be trusted: for now. "The last time I spoke to someone feels like months ago, but hey. Any chance to make new friends, and we take 'em right?" Erebus didn't seem to give off a criminal vibe, more or less, the adventurous sort. He would continue to make himself  a tough warrior, though with his chaotic influence, he was a wrecking ball on society. Perhaps Judina would see this soon enough.


The Magic Of Curousity.(Social Erebus) Empty Wed Mar 03, 2021 7:39 am

At least not one to shy away from these kinds of conversation were nice, A pretty good starting basis."Always something that holds a person back when working, I would find it a bit annoying myself."Which was Judina being her normal working minded self, She was a straight to work and get it done kind of lady."I am Judina Karlinus of the guild Empyrean Divine."Petting Alistair so he would know to slow down a bit."This is my companion Alistair, Cattian, From what i gather he is the only one i have seen."It is pretty easy to find a massive cat like him so if there was another one Judina might have heard about it by now.

Their story was simple, Well for Alistair."I just kind of found Judina one day while napping under a tree, she seemed to be meditating and did not really pay attention to me."Alistair laughed about it to start with. Judina would mention."I did think he was dead at first."There first meeting seemed to be kind of uneventful.

However Judina would take her time and casually talk."I have maybe a but more in depth of a background."This could even be an interesting things for Alistair it might teach him something that he had not learned yet.

So where did she begin? Eh maybe it was simple to keep it short, don't mention family or anything unless brought up."I have been around the land of Fiore for a while, Between I was in the rune knight until they first disbanded, I fought demons during when they invaded. Before my current guild I had been in Phoenix Feather and Fairy Tail."She was short and sweet with it but it was kind of nice.

Then again Judina rarely spoke about herself often."I do not mind the thought of new friends either, So with it being mutual I would like to know your name and a bit about yourself too."It seemed blunt but so far even with Judina being that way she seemed, Harmless which was the feeling she was trying to go for.

The Magic Of Curousity.(Social Erebus) Alexss10
#6Erebus Gresham 

The Magic Of Curousity.(Social Erebus) Empty Mon Mar 22, 2021 8:17 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus listened quietly, abiding his time to speak up and converse. Though since addressed, he fell straight into dialogue. "Erebus Gresham, is the name." He said idly. There was a pause, while not too long it could be ascertained he was thinking about how to talk about his exploits. "I haven't encountered demonkin or daemons frequently, but I have defeated rich as well as other creatures throughout Fiore. Whilst I sold rare trinkets, and items to make myself wealthy enough to afford my gear." Erebus mentioned, as for what he wore could be akin to expensive loot, a glowing cloak and a granite helmet with a heart etched onto it's center. His daggers a stygian iron, jagged in the shape of the kris.

"I have had to live on the run here and there, so my strength is a derisive to survival, I'm as strong as whatever I have to be stronger than, or else I'll die or goto prison quite honestly." Erebus being a dark 'mage' to the magic council meant that everyone would know that name was on the outside of the law soon. Erebus saw no reason to hide his troubles any longer, Matter of factly, he was ready to live for something.

"Does Baska have any meaning to you, what brings a demon slayer to the Farmlands I wonder?"


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These two where on the opposite sides of the coin seemingly to take note of, Not that was overly much of her worry, For Judina was for more interested in the moment."Sometimes the struggles of the people are easily on deaf ears to the rich."It was something Judina just casually mentioned. Who all of the things she mentioned she seemed to have that view of them.

It was not anything Judina seemed nervous about, Knowing that name and what was listed under the name Erebus, To Judina it was nothing she would feel the need to throw herself into, So far Erebus was friendly and harmless if kept that way Judina would not even bat an eye, So far this seemed to be the case.

So why was she here? Well could easily be a few reasons in which she would explain. But Alistair did seem interested with what Erebus asked as well."Considering we did just show up here, That is a good question."At least Judina did not feel like she was a part of an figurative ambush.

They would still get that answer as they slowly travelled on Alistair to what would be close enough to parts of the town."Pretty simple, I check over places often when I have the free time."Which was one of the reasons another was a bit more personal.

"Another is, barely remembering areas if i have been there before or not. Thus Baska was one of the areas I wanted to be sure."She was far more curious now since she had the free time. That was the nice part of the changes in her life, The more freer time to do these things, No having to be tied down with work or other tasks, Which was normally something Judina did get use to putting off thing she wanted to do because of her work back in the rune knights.

The Magic Of Curousity.(Social Erebus) Alexss10
#8Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus was certain anything Judina offered him would be fair and honest, however he noted that she never had a definite answer for much. Rather, she seemed to live in a mindset where any thing up to perspective in her head could be true or false. The most unbiased narrative was always one which was left like such. Erebus appreciated that in a person... Something similar, he thought.

"Times' are most memorable when something amazing happens." Erebus mused. "But being as aloof as I am, I wouldn't want to inspire any hypocrite ideas, I can't think of anything interesting I've done in Baska either haha." Erebus kept his eyes on the town ahead, as it grew into picture. Atop the back of the cat, Erebus held himself near the edge, not so close he'd fall, but a measure of his nerves should he need to just dip out as he often did.

"I'm looking for something fun to do, if you're interested?" Erebus said, finally breaking his eyes off the horizon to level with the back of Judina's person. He was in the presence of a knight, so finding out how they fancied a 'good time' would be a good time, to a guy like this. The careless floater, who seemed to always have a way around one problem or the next.

What type of person was Judi then Erebus wondered. Perhaps they were more alike than they thought, and time would test that theory.


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Judina even if focused on travelling and where to go, She was still paying attention it give her time to come up with an answer for him."This one is interesting Judy."Alistair would mention like the casual cat he is. She seemed to slowly be configuring things in her mind. Which she finally would just mention in general."I am sure there are things to do, We just need to figure out what they are."These more open kind of cities seeming likely Baska was, So far she thought.

Or her mind was just overly positive thinking about a city that might not have anything super interesting for them to do.Alistair being more engaged with the conversation then Judina was just kind of mentioned."I am unsure if Judina understands what fun can be had with people."To Alistair's own humour poking some what at his master."I can be fun just sometimes my views are different, I just don't to want nap all of the time."Judina would mention back at Alistair.

When it came to the idea of being a possible things to do."I don't think I have a clear idea personally, of if i had done anything fun here starting to think in the end this is my first time here."Since Judina did not know really anything that could be done in Baska since she did not know what was here.

But it did seemed like a good idea to ask."Even before I choose, What do you consider fun?"Since she was curious and she would slowly try to learn about Erebus in a casual manner being nice about it."Depending on what it maybe, I am not doing anything else and could be interested."It was always about being a bit more open minded generally about the things people done, Most likely as long as it was not super horribly wrong or embarrassing for her, Judina would most likely be okay.

The Magic Of Curousity.(Social Erebus) Alexss10
#10Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus grinned, as he had thought, Judina wasn't the most punctual. She never really had a clear idea about where she was going and that meant Erebus was at least an unusual enigma for her. Thereby, his influence could indeed change her day, perhaps even her life if he were cool enough. He chuckled as they finished their friendly argument.

"My idea of fun is usually work. I like to make money, I use to steal but... I'm too powerful to get a kick out of stealth anymore, I'm looking to have my reputation explode on top of itself and become something even more amazing than just some rogue Outlaw. I want to become a God of War. With that said, friend. Would you want to duel me or take a quest alongside me? Or even, if you'd rather I screw off, that's fine too."

Erebus did his best to encourage some adventure, but granted she did quest alongside him, she would be fascinated by the sheer danger that would probably transpire. After all, Erebus was of the highest class of threat in Fiore-- minus the god-like X-ranks. He paled in those images, however-- he still had fight in him. Enough possibly even to run them for their moneys worth.

"So what will it be Judina." Erebus lightly pet the side of Alistair, not in a creepy way just enough to warrant the Cattian to know they were all in the same direction, Erebus wasn't up to anything bad today. He wanted to make friends ! Loneliness, was his character weakness and thus, naivety was his own death wish.


The Magic Of Curousity.(Social Erebus) Empty Tue Apr 06, 2021 6:13 pm

Their friendly argument would be the normal for them, To anyone else a giant talking lazy cat was at most oddest part for how rare they could be.What Erebus brought up however, Would only serve more in Alistair's point just even more out there."Oh work? Then maybe you two can get along greatly."It seemed Judina almost reflected that she needed to maybe learn what existing with out how having to work would be like.

The options she was given were pretty basic and too the point and Judina at least was honest enough to mention that."I am not the duelling type, I will only use what powers I have for when I need too actually use them."Which was something she seemed a bit more hard stuck on if anything it was just how Judina viewed her powers and abilities."I do however find your desire interesting,Unsure how a man reaches such a title to start with."Her pondering was just in general, Alistair however did not really seem to care.

After all he was just here and knew what he really preferred to do."Maybe something you both can do together so I can take a nap."But alas at least Judina did chose something quickly since she was good with choosing things."The questing sounds more preferred in my personal perspective."She at least did not waste time.

It was something that Judina would view more for her liking to kind of see how far she would want to go with knowing Erebus, So far they seemed to be able to stand each other and kept it polite something that was just a great relief for Judina.

With how it was in her current standing Judina found it reasonable enough to not want to make an foe out of this person, Nor what she trying too.

The Magic Of Curousity.(Social Erebus) Alexss10
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