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Oak Down to Baska [Foot Travel]

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#1Erebus Gresham 

Oak Down to Baska [Foot Travel] Empty Thu Feb 25, 2021 6:08 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus would make his way towards the event horizon. Leaving Oak and his many demons with it behind yet again, in order to go do what's been asked of him.

What's been asked of him? Well, he's been asked to conquest the Baska region alone. How he's going to do this, the Outlaw had nothing of a clue. The case for reason is that he might get to fight some strong opponents, find some new treasure, that jazz.

He managed to use his savings, from the many and I mean many stolen goods. He came out with three items, and a magical cloak.

The items were a hot pink and crimson metal, with a full helmet to match. Adorned with hearts, the krisses and head-piece symbolized for Love, but not to be misunderstood, these items were powerful and would allow Erebus to fight more wildly without fear for his enemies dying as often if the games were more innocent.

The only hard restriction on him was... To put it mildly, that he was known everywhere. Could be hunted at any time, and honestly probably would have been better off with less innocent Legendary Gear. But no matter, a Rogue of Love he had become, and spreading Eternal Nightmare's love was his next big break.

Starting with Baska! Oh what fun!

Entering the countryside it reminded him of that one loser he put to sleep, what was his name again? Dice? Something unremembering, that much was for sure. Either way, Erebus decided he'd move into the city holding his weapon in case another crazy rat like that was waiting for his call for battle.

Erebus moved like a scourge on these lands, bringing the horrors of his namesake with him. This town was for Eternal Nightmare, and him by extension.

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