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The Many-Faced Queen [MB SQ #2 | Erebus]

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#1Odin † 

The Many-Faced Queen [MB SQ #2 | Erebus] Empty Tue 30 Nov 2021, 16:05

Odin †

Odin waited for his partner at the stone ruins of Worth Woodsea. Of course, there were many stone ruins in the area: many ancient civilisations had made these forests their home for a great deal of time, but they were meeting at a special set. Unfathomably ancient stone pillars stood, their purpose long since lost to time but their arrangement a definite feature of this area of the woods. Everyone who lived in the area knew of the stone circle, and thus finding it would be extremely straightforward. After all, Odin had managed it and the people he had asked had fled in terror for the first few minutes, until he chased them and asked them politely.

He had completed the first mission on his own: a simple information collection task involving a former Informant to the cult, who was now likely living the rest of his days in the frost covered Iceberg. That, or he was dead. Both were equally possible. But this quest would require a lot more strength than just Odin could manage. Not that he doubted his own power, but he was well aware of the Bishops. He knew they were in a league well above his, and their target today had kept the knowledge of their locations hidden for centuries, over many bishops. The Many-Faced Queen would be a force to be reckoned with. With Erebus, Odin believed they would be enough.



The Many-Faced Queen [MB SQ #2 | Erebus] Empty Tue 30 Nov 2021, 19:48


Erebus wore steel-toed rain boots, a cloak hood was thrown over his onyx raven hair.

He managed to ignore the rain settling down softly against his clothes. Now it seemed, his aide was needed. Erebus extended his hand, catching light droplets that would have hit his head and popped. He approached a stone circle while the droplets siphoned into one large orb, it gathered into a bubble, and merely vibrated in his hand before splashing to the ground around his boots on entry of the sight. For the moment, Erebus peeled his environment and spotted an ominous entity that stood stone-still in the center. Erebus knew this creature to be his Master already. Appointed as a Guild Head, Erebus first heard of Odin (before that) as the only actively moving Wizard Lord in Fiore. His power was nothing to trifle with, and certainly nothing to test. Erebus viewed this Undead as if it were more, perhaps the soul of a madman that refused to die. The Rogue liked that perception, after all. Even this powerful Lich was just another human, just as curious as himself in one timeframe or another.

It was the mind of man in there, which enabled Erebus to soundly trust the monster. It was also that mind which made Odin dangerous.

So when Erebus came into seeing radius, he opted to speak. His voice having grown a level of gruff raspiness overtime with drink. “Did you hear I was arrested? Where were you?!” He started off chuckling. “But you aren’t calling me forward for that, to talk about my troubles? No. I’d assume that’s beneath you. So what could be troubling my Lord?” Erebus spoke firm without indications of disrespect, but quickly riding the chivalries to the ground so that they might discuss the real business at hand. Erebus tugged the hood down and cracked his neck to ease a tension headache. This was the first he’d shown his face from under its shadowy veil in passing days. A single scar etched above his right eye, such proved this Rogue wasn’t invincible, but he was damn near it...

Beside Odin, Erebus was a wrecking ball of destruction. Which begged the question for him to ask.

“What are we doing here exactly? Odin.”


#3Odin † 

The Many-Faced Queen [MB SQ #2 | Erebus] Empty Wed 01 Dec 2021, 14:55

Odin †

Odin welcomed the rain, as it poured down and flowed through every crack and crevice of his hollow body. It had taken him some time to get used to this feeling: water moving around inside him but he now found it relaxing, bringing a sense of tranquillity that no other being could truly understand, except him. Just one of many things no one among the living could experience, another thing that alienated Odin from the people he once counted himself among. However, even with all that change and difference, there were a few people who still understood the Lich: his motivation, his beliefs, his mission.

Erebus was one of those, as he came into view. A reminder to Odin of what it was he strove for. Midnight Cult had been a lonely place for the Lich, but it had introduced him to some of its members, including one that Erebus reminded him of. Someone he had never truly gotten to know (no one knew each other in the group) but someone he had respected. It was for that reason he had invited him along. That, and Erebus was one of the strongest people the Wizard Lord knew. Not just in raw power, as there was no doubt Venus or Caius possessed that, but in intellect. He knew battle, and wasn't afraid to fight dirty.

A chuckle escaped Odin's mouth as he gestured for Erebus to follow him, "And yet here you are, rehabilitated and ready to do good in the world I have no doubt." Of course he knew his guild member had been jailed, but that was likely to become an occupational hazard as the rune knights grew more bold. Odin himself had lost to one of their group, and he had no intentions of losing again.

"I asked you here today for your help." They approached a moss covered pillar, one that Odin had already identified as the entrance due to a strange marking placed on its side: the mark of HER. Placing his hand over it, Odin pushed all of his magical energy into the pillar, deactivating the ancient wards and revealing a staircase before the two men, leading down and into the darkness. "There is a foe we must defeat down there, one I've only heard about in stories and one who's power is unknowable. I need someone who I can trust, and someone who can adapt to whatever we encounter. I hoped that would be you." He gestured for Erebus to follow as Odin began the descent.



The Many-Faced Queen [MB SQ #2 | Erebus] Empty Fri 03 Dec 2021, 16:42


Erebus seemed to nod and convey understanding of the situation. Odin was right though, Erebus needed no help getting out of jail, so in reality, a win was nothing more than a deception for the kingdom. No one could successfully keep criminals of Eternal Nightmare’s caliber confined for real. Not when mortal men could ascend to levels of which Odin has, or even Erebus himself. Their fame alone was as infinite as it was infamous. After all, they were the most menacing dark mages the world had to offer, a lost battle was a declared war of mindsets; nothing more, only less.

More mysterious problems were at hand. Odin answered the question. Yet, it begged a larger one. Erebus didnt pry right away, he imagined asking after the fight was better. Too soon and he might come off as unequipped or even fearful, and such things were far from the truth. Erebus loved dirty work, and he was a workaholic. This could be the first step to a long line of missions with Odin directly. Erebus knew that with being arrested, finding a talented partner to keep close was mandatory. Who better than the big guy himself? It was without hesitation that he followed the Lich and watched as the Staircase emerged from a hidden sealed spell.

He tilted his head, peering with uncertainty. He wasted no time, “I see. Got it, suppose I’ll dive in first then.” He decided, unsheathing Bairumbas. He plunged one foot to the first step, noticing that the steps seemed to have some sort of magic to them and were actually steps, platforms or panels. Taking them into an empty underground, the space around them, while dark, was expansive enough to tell Erebus this was a cavern and there was an Underdwelling. Perhaps a football field in size at minimum with a step trail to the floor under the forest.

He wasn’t even ready to rule out that they had just stepped through a portal into an alternate dimension. Erebus managed to speak up as they traveled no more than fifty feet, he brought a zippo lighter from his pocket, and lit up the space around them both, assuming Odin had followed close behind. Erebus kept his dagger at the ready in his left hand. ”I feel like I’ve dungeon crawled so many times I shouldn’t be upset, but for some reason I have the chills. Damn place is a freezer.” He said, as the flames of the lighter danced weekly in the chamber. It was then that Erebus heard a scream, followed by a saw ripping, horrror mongering noise. He could hear multiple voices begin to speak out to him. Reeling in terror and pain as if they were being torutred right inside of his ears. 

“I think we’re getting closer, and I don’t like whatever the hell this thing is trying to pull on us.” Erebus said, discomforted and stunned in place holding his right ear , blood trickled from his lobe on the bottom palm. In truth, he knew every voice crying out— people he wanted to save and couldn’t, though he was curious if Odin was hearing them too or if he was affected in any way either. This was enough to vividly make Erebus scan the expansive darkness surrounding the stairwell to no where.  

= 951

#5Odin † 

The Many-Faced Queen [MB SQ #2 | Erebus] Empty Mon 06 Dec 2021, 07:58

Odin †

For the first time since becoming a Lich, Odin stepped into the darkness and the unknown and had no idea what was going to await him at the bottom. His race granted him near perfect vision in complete darkness, and it had come in handy many times as the Lich had spent many hours working in the deepest undergrounds, from Argyle's Dungeon in Sieghart: where he had claimed the Black Key for his guild to the many catacombs beneath the chapels in Fiore, all of which had some undead problem or another going on. Each time he had entered the darkness, his power had taken over and his sight had been perfect, sometimes better than it was in the light. But that was not the case today. The darkness that covered the two men, as they descended the steps, walking where no one else had walked for centuries, was magical in nature, thus stopping Odin from being able to do anything but silently relax when his comrade brought out a lighter and provided them with a source of light. It wasn't something Odin had ever though to carry.

"It seems like nothing has trespassed here in a long time, and if what I expect us to find at the bottom is indeed there, it is not a creature of warmth." Odin didn't know how much Erebus knew about Midnight Cult, likely no more than the average citizen despite knowing one of its members so personally. SHE was a concept that many had heard of, but very few actually knew what the purpose of the cult was. They didn't know that Odin wished to free HER from imprisonment, to hopefully live at HER side and gain ultimate power as HER champion. And, worse than that, was what they were about to face.

The Many-Faced Queen was a 'boogieman' for the Midnight Cult: a being many had heard of but few believed existed. Something with power to rival the bishops, the only being to know their true identities and locations. Some said it was an ancient being, trapped and forced to protect the names with its life while having no option to exert its own will. Some thought it was a fragment of HER soul, splintered and tasked with protecting those who wished to set HER free. Odin had a few ideas himself, but there would never be a time to discover their truth, especially as they got closer and clo-


The Lich couldn't help but stop in his tracks, hearing a voice that hadn't existed for many years. He pushed it to the side briefly, before it suddenly came back with screams of agony and horror, "YOU LEFT ME!? ABANDONED ME! DO NOT IGNORE MY VOICE AGAIN!!" Erebus' voice was a godsend to the Lich, who's mind was starting to wander to the words of the voice. It seemed he was hearing things too, and apparently feeling a similar pain to Odin as blood trickled from his ear.

"On that...we agree." Odin didn't like how strained his voice sounded, how difficult the words were to get out, especially in front of his subordinate, but there was no way to hide the power that was engulfing them. Clenching a fist, trying to block out the pain for a moment, Odin collected himself and spoke with the authority that was expected from him, "Let's press on."

It wouldn't take them much longer to reach the chamber at the bottom of the stairs, but those minutes felt like hours to the Lich. However, the moment they stepped from the final step to the floor of the room, the screaming stopped. Everything went silent. It seemed the creature was finished toying with the two men. Green fire began to light torches all around them, revealing the size and scale of the massive chamber. And then, directly in front of them perhaps twenty metres away, stood a figure. Once again, the creature took the shape of someone Odin had known. It was the face that matched the earlier voice. His oldest comrade. It knew how difficult he would find it to harm her. And yet he would have to nonetheless.

Nastasya Crowe.



The Many-Faced Queen [MB SQ #2 | Erebus] Empty Fri 10 Dec 2021, 21:39


Erebus watched as the entity rotated its head in a counter-clockwise direction, suddenly the dark chasm vibrates and color and light transported them to a strange pocket dimension, or rather. A strange illusion where, instead of stairs, platforms moved in odd ways, constantly changing where and how one could fight. Seeming to see the platforms as a clear advantage via the high ground. Erebus instantly rolled out to the left and sprang up to grab the edge, blue seals lit up at his heals, and water jetted him upwards fifteen feet to catch one. With the platform carrying him off the ground and away from Odin, Erebus spin Bariumbas around his fingers, ready to repeal any physical attack that might interrupt him from now to then. Suddenly, the monsters hands illuminated in pink seals, a torrent of blue and purple arcane thrusted in Odin’s direction, at a distance of (40m) or a little as a second or two between them, Odin would have to move or block in some manner.

Meanwhile, from the neck of the Queen, Nasty grew another neck-like appendage a fleshy snake mass that deformed herself (one of many of her faces), that malformed in human flesh to be long and, extended, and snakelike, it’s face resembled that of a newborn baby, and as the baby would open its mouth to cry, a beam of purple energy would blast overtop the original, as if to hit Odin again or to interrupt his actions should he dodge out of the original blast radius.

Erebus awaited his turn, speculating the battle from a distance of seventy meters above the illusion and still traveling straight upwards.

Staring at the floor for too long, would cause the Rogue a headache however. He felt his temple throb, he wondered could it be from the sounds of cries still in his head, or the rapidly changing colors projecting strobes up at him. He did come from a previous dark place, this effect had a blinding nature to it now that illuminated everything to a brighter state, and managed to penetrate the user’s mind as distracting.

It was a niche effect, but could grow more annoying if the beast grew itself more faces and fought purely from a distance...

Erebus seemed to think that he would have to watch it, analyze it against his Guildmaster, and so he watched as the beam traveled, and the snake head baby extended itself to catch and counter. Should Odin be safe from both blasts, Erebus would target the monster’s heads. He just needed to get in close, perhaps with the right distraction Erebus could get inside the Queen’s defenses...



Strength: 50
Speed: 200
Constitution: 180
Endurance: 130

Abilities granted:

Illusion World: The user can alter the battle field into different settings at her own disposal once per post.

Many Faced (1): Nastasya can cast in 360 degree and bend her (neck-like) appendage to find angles.

Necrom Blast Major: Nastasya first uses a S-rank Arcane spell from 40m

Necrom Blast Minor: Baby-faced appendage shot A-rank arcane damage in follow-up.


#7Odin † 

The Many-Faced Queen [MB SQ #2 | Erebus] Empty Mon 13 Dec 2021, 07:43

Odin †

Odin knew, in his head, that the being before him wasn't his friend. She was gone, and the Many-Faced Queen was just looking into his memories and pulling from them someone that would distract him long enough to be defeated. He knew all of that, it all made sense to him, and yet his body just refused to believe it. He was paralysed: unable to act in the face of his comrade. He hadn't seen her face for so many years, it had been far too long. Even if it wasn't true, he wanted this moment to last forever, to just be allowed to see her one more time no matter what.

A flash of light appeared and disappeared in a matter of seconds. It left a pain in Odin's torso that it took him some time to even register. Looking down, taking his eyes away from his foe for one moment, he saw his cloak charred and dissolving. He had just been attacked, something strong enough to completely ruin his coat and put him in a position where one more attack could fell him. It was the culmination of ending the eye contact, and understanding the situation, that caused Odin to snap out of it. This creature was not his friend, it was only his enemy and he would deal with it as such. Especially since they had the numbers advantage.

Shrugging off the scraps of his cloak that remained, Odin brought his shield to meet the second attack head on, nullifying its effects and revealing the Queen in her true form: a grotesque beast who had grown a second head to attack. It was a monster, but its magical attacks had no effect on Odin. Not now that he was paying attention. It had come so close to hurting him, but it had lost the only opening it would get.

Raising a hand up to the being, Odin would fire off a bullet from his fingers. The creature was fast, but maybe the speed and range of Bullet Magic would be enough to keep up with it. More importantly, even if it did decide to dodge, Odin had to keep it focussed on him. If the Many-Faced Queen only viewed Odin as the threat, then the fight would not last long at all. The damage from Odin's bullet was nothing compared to the physical damage that Erebus could unleash upon it. And, as the creature dashed to avoid Odin's attack, it also dashed towards the Lich. His Greed covered his in an instant, and he grappled with the creature. Perhaps it had incredibly powerful illusions, magical beams, and the ancient knowledge from a time long past, but in a physical battle, it would not escape from Odin. The Lich didn't even have to do anything. He held the creature in place. It was fast, but that meant nothing. It had magic, that it could not use. It was locked down in place, unable to escape from the Wizard Lord's grasp, and that meant Erebus had all the time he needed to unleash hell, and take it out.



The Many-Faced Queen [MB SQ #2 | Erebus] Empty Mon 13 Dec 2021, 08:25


When Nastasya’s spell landed against Odin, her body had began moving to react to his arm extending and a bullet launching her way, blurring the lines between speed and supernatural, her appendage would still fire in Odin’s direction, however, thus seeing the spell come her way, moved in line of it— sacrificing it’s face and mouth for casting Necromancy Blasts. Frying said Beast’s face to a meaty carcass husk, with eyeballs that dangled, the Many Faced Queen hissed in pain as the two were still one monster together, her attack hadn’t slowed in onslaught though, as she spanned forward at forty meters nigh instantly, and swung upward with claws that grew in length to 15 centimeters; yellow electrical claws. They first did magical damage, then physical.

Erebus had taken to the skies, so when he came down like a raging bullet, his feet, skating him across his platforms, it could be assumed he would make a dashing interruption. Hitting the ground just as she extended her claws, Erebus dashed forward to place his dagger through her back.

What happened next completely jerked him backwards off his feet, as the snake-appendage launched directly through his chest in a blink, draping S-rank physical damage to his cloak now as well. It was so physically strong, that Odin would watch as Erebus was lifted fifteen feet over the ground behind him, coughing blood profusely. Depending on Odin’s next move, things could get tricky.
Erebus tugged against his collar, and his form went translucent, falling to his back at the ground.

If Odin took his eyes off the Many Faced Queen, she’d follow up her barrage by applying pressure to him. Sending out a rough sidekick to his face. The monster roared in annoyance; finding the skull to have been coated in metal; a movement she could not have foreseen if she tried. She had a last ditch effort now, to bring out her true power... The monster crossed its arms in a X-pattern, which would also work as a deterrent and block, but such a move was actually her spell motion.

The entire room would turn blood red, and a wall would erupt from the floor 100 meters to the ceiling, trapping Odin on one side of the first wall, and Erebus on the other-side of the other as he picked himself off the ground and rubbed blood from his lips, with the Many Faced Queen in the center; all hell would soon break loose. She began to charge mana particles around her being. Her next illusion would surely be the last thing these dark mages ever saw.

Everything that happened was done in rapid time, a burst was heard as something busted a wall on Erebus side. He would roll backwards, struggling, but otherwisely successful in avoiding environmental disaster. From the hole, what he saw seemed to slither, though he couldn’t quite place a shape to whatever form was in there yet. Only that through the clouds of dust, something was coming out, possibly to try and finish him alone so that it could move onto Odin with more focus. He awaited another chance to leap into action.


- Nastasya’s appendage can no longer cast spells.
- Erebus to receive S-rank against his armor, as well as feel armor pierce.
- Illusion World recasted, note the walls are Illusions, but these walls are still solid currently.

Erebus casted:
- Phase -200MP
- Skate 3 -25MP

2550-225= 2225MP

#9Odin † 

The Many-Faced Queen [MB SQ #2 | Erebus] Empty Tue 14 Dec 2021, 15:23

Odin †

There were problems associated with trying to lock down ancient, non-human, creatures that didn't often persist when trying to subdue the average man. Odin had used his arms, his legs and his strength to lock down the opposite appendages of the Many Faced Queen. What he didn't, and physically couldn't, account for was her ability to grow other methods of attacking. A creature borne of pure magic, with perhaps something even more powerful lurking deep within. Erebus was able to get some damage in before the beast attacked, but the blood that erupted from his wound was not something that could just be shrugged off. Things were starting to get dangerous for the both of them. And they were about to get much worse.

Odin took a hit from the creature, luckily able to nullify the damage with his Greed coating, but that did nothing but piss her (it?) off. He was pushed back as a giant wall formed between Odin and Erebus. He was blocked off from his partner, blocked off from the creature as well, and he had to think quickly if he wanted to end this fight soon. Something told him the Many Faced Queen wasn't finished yet.

Odin still had his shield, and he was starting to become accustomed to what the creature was capable of. Illusions, speed, and nightmares. Her speciality was attacking the mind, she hadn't shown a specific ability to affect the ground around her. That meant the wall was likely another illusion, albeit a solid one which gave Odin an opportunity. He approached the wall, keeping his eyes scanning the area in case any sneak attacks came his way. Nothing came, apparently Erebus was the target for the moment, giving Odin a chance to lay his hands, and more importantly his shield, upon the wall. In an instant, it evaporated, revealing the creature that was hiding within. It no longer had any legs, opting instead for the body of a snake. Perhaps this was its true form, that of a Lamia, which meant it was going to be much more difficult to defeat it. Instead of dashing towards Odin, the creature wasted no time in moving at incredible speeds towards Erebus, its claws once again reared in an attempt to take him out.

Odin would waste no time in sending wind magic to his feet, moving faster than even the creature to catch it before it made connection. In the same motion, Odin had drawn his axe, and in one fell strike he severed the monster's hands and caused a great deal of damage. More important than that, it was now wide open.



The Many-Faced Queen [MB SQ #2 | Erebus] Empty Wed 15 Dec 2021, 13:56


Erebus spun his hips, whirling his body around with finesse as the lamia beast coiled over the hole. It’s head neared up and from behind, Erebus saw a crimson flash. Surely, Odin has already began to work, so with the rear of the beast covered, Erebus too entered assault state.

His eyes lit up in electric blue, and his body emitted it’s own form of steam. His nightmare mode had triggered, and his powers seemed to upgrade to a stage even further than seen prior. He darted forward. Water splashing forth from his heels. Erebus would spin like a bullet. Hitting the creatures lower section as he pierced the hole. When the dagger was 15 centimeters deep, his other arm latched onto the thick anaconda tail. Erebus, instantly hit the reverse, and a torrent of water would run the monster up the wall and heave it through the air. But it seemed unphased as it whipped the air around it to come back to its senses immediately, even if wounded. The beast grew another face on the back of its head, two further arms sprouted from its digesting chest. The beast launched for Odin, Erebus took to pause against the wall from the inside. When Odin would out speed the beast, Erebus navigated the area, lunging twice to center on the flank of Odin from the walls area, but still able to penetrate the side of the monster.

When Odin and the monster entered fray, powerful wind ignited around them, godlike torrents, that shuttered Erebus’ cloak with the force of it.

He lunged once more when the axe took out the arms, moving into sidestep as it came down on the opposing side and the inner side of the beast itself, Erebus placed his feet open, and his spell seals ignited with blue light. Now within the radius of the monsters opened abdomen, Erebus enacted ruthless abaddon upon this felspawn.

He forced a huge knee upward into the Queen’s gut, as water decorated and coated his appendage. It then sprang forth a trap.

Forcing the monster to levitate into the air.
With a strength stat as low as hers, she would be unable to escape her bubble prison, hovering at ten meters above air. Erebus let out a deep breath, breathing in the moment.

“Up to you now, the monsters’ permanently binded. Should I kill it?

2000+ Quest completed

Enemy stats:
Strength: 50
Speed: 200
Constitution: 180
Endurance: 130

Erebus uses his spell after a dash, casting quickly into his spell, the seals igniting in the process of his appendage covering itself in water.

The bind is 1 rank higher than A, being S. Without enough physical strength to escape, and no mana threshold to really gauge how much power is left. Erebus energy seems to hold it in place, leaving it to the whim of his master and friend what to do next.

Spells casted:
Bubble Make: Alpha
-200MP / 4 Post CD


#11Odin † 

The Many-Faced Queen [MB SQ #2 | Erebus] Empty Sat 18 Dec 2021, 06:16

Odin †

With the grace and finesse of trained dancers, Odin and Erebus dispatched the creature. But it was more than that. Initially, Odin had figured destroying the creature was the only way to gain her knowledge, as if it would be passed down through the obliteration of the previous host of the information. However, as Erebus delivered the final blow in the form of a knee kick into the creature's stomach, his magic activated. Odin didn't know much about the power of Bubble Magic, but witnessing it in action definitely gave him cause to add it to his collection of spells, Rhaeduil's Eye storing the ability deep in its confines for Odin to call upon should he wish. The creature was defeated, but not destroyed. Held within a bubble, bound to the whims of the one who had trapped it. In this case, that was Erebus, who then inquired as to what their next steps were to be. His rigid skull gave no indication of the smile he was feeling as he realised that they had won. They now had access to the names and locations of every Bishop. The creature could give them that information, no doubt through some form of telepathy due to its mastery of the mind.

"Keep it bound, and bring it with us. It has the information we can use, and perhaps we can learn more about what it is, and how it as created." Deep inside Odin's mind, the theory of the Many-Faced Queen being a part of HER began to glow brighter. If that was true, Odin could fuse with this fragment, become one with HER, and perhaps become even closer to releasing HER.

Odin would then begin to make his way out of the tomb and ascend to the surface once more, likely with Erebus in tow. It was time, finally, to start the hunt for the Bishops in all its glory.




The Many-Faced Queen [MB SQ #2 | Erebus] Empty Sat 18 Dec 2021, 08:29


Erebus looked from Odin’s skull back up to the ball of water, understanding then that capturing it would be more beneficial. Good thing he asked, he thought to himself with a provoking smirk that matched his infamous ego. He almost finished it all in sequence but with the monster in tow, Erebus made the bubble prison float behind him, carrying it through the darkness and up the platforms they descended from, which without realizing, had went completely back to its original black room. Likely due to their solid victory over the beast itself.

Erebus wasn’t surprised. Lighting himself a warm pipe bowl in the chilly darkness, after he placed his dagger in its sheathe at the waist.

”You got it.” Erebus answered back.

He recounted everything that transpired in the fight. Making sure his memory retained this experience for their next bout, wherever it might be, Erebus was sure of only one thing. This was just one, of many battles, separating Odin from whatever the hell he brought Erebus here for. Maybe the Rogue would ask Odin that at some point, for now it just seemed irrelevant. Nothing they were up too, could be good. But the test of willpower, and the growth he was acquiring in the meantime? It made the game a bit sweeter. So he’d mind his time, and simply wait for the next chapter. The Many Faced Queen, was a new pawn of Eternal Nightmare’s whim. Mission complete.


Quest Complete


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